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2013-09-21final stateHEADmasterAlan Coopersmith31-31/+31
1995-09-13xbugs 7518, 7438, 7162. SVR4 (or any system with TIOCSWINSZ) should not setkaleb1-2/+3
1995-08-24no bug report, make popup menus work even when Num_Lock is on.kaleb1-21/+27
1995-06-09change #if __STDC__ to #ifdef __STDC__gildea1-2/+2
1995-06-08change #if __STDC__ to #ifdef __STDC__gildea1-2/+2
1995-06-08Do tty setting correctly on SVR4-like machines. XBUGs #7051, #7085.gildea1-76/+216
1995-05-24Renamed timeout() to resize_timeout() because Irix 6 betagildea1-5/+5
1995-05-24Solaris 2.3 sets errno to EINVAL on /dev/tty open. Close XBUG #6876.gildea1-3/+3
1995-05-05fix typo introduced in rev 1.73: "more(3x)" -> "more(1)"gildea1-2/+2
1995-04-07XBUG 7335, IRIX 6 supportkaleb1-1/+3
1995-04-05XBUG 7324, nice selectkaleb5-67/+82
1995-03-01XBUG 7257, AIX 4.1.1 changeskaleb1-2/+4
1995-01-16XBUG 7256, sync with SGI's sourceskaleb1-1/+6
1995-01-13XBUG 7256, sync with SGI's sourceskaleb1-43/+127
1994-12-12XFree86 3.1+kaleb1-3/+12
1994-12-06More XFree86 3.1kaleb1-13/+13
1994-11-30More XFree86 3.1kaleb1-4/+4
1994-11-28replace sys_errlist and sys_nerr with call to strerror(). See XBUGgildea1-5/+3
1994-11-21XFree86 3.1kaleb2-4/+31
1994-10-13add entry xterm-boldso, which uses bold instead of reverse videogildea2-2/+6
1994-08-10reject 0-width font. more XBUG #6932.gildea1-5/+5
1994-08-10reject 0-height fonts so we don't core dump later. XBUG #6932.gildea1-5/+16
1994-08-02Change the type of the selection_time field in the Tscreen dataconverse1-2/+2
1994-05-14recognize keypad keysyms such as KP_Up and KP_Prior. XBUG #6742.gildea1-10/+19
1994-04-17new X Consortium copyright/permissionhersh1-2/+27
1994-04-17new X Consortium copyright/permissionjim2-3/+0
1994-04-17new X Consortium copyright/permissionrws2-2/+26
1994-04-17new X Consortium copyright/permissiongildea4-33/+85
1994-04-17new XC copyright/permissionrws1-13/+27
1994-04-14"curses" -> "more"gildea1-3/+3
1994-04-13"Xterm Control Sequences" no longer in xterm source directorygildea1-3/+2
1994-04-13fix formating of previous changegildea1-6/+4
1994-04-12fix copyrightgildea1-5/+12
1994-04-12typos. XBUG #6142gildea1-15/+14
1994-04-12add enacs, smacs, rmacs (alt charset). XBUG #6111.gildea1-7/+15
1994-04-12add eA, as, ae (alt charset). XBUG #6111.gildea1-5/+13
1994-04-11"Release 5" -> "Release 6"gildea2-4/+4
1994-04-10don't need setuid hack on SunOS 5rws1-4/+4
1994-04-02ScreenWrite: save LINEWRAPPED bit as ScrnInsertChar does. XBUG #6442.gildea1-3/+7
1994-04-02"xterm" is 24x80, "xterm-65" is 65x80.gildea1-5/+5
1994-04-02add LE (left N) and RI (right N). XBUG #6520.gildea1-5/+6
1994-04-02pty_search: on Sun, check that slave pty not in use. XBUG #5220.gildea1-5/+13
1994-04-02ScrollSelection: Don't let selection scroll off top or bottom of memory.gildea2-55/+34
1994-03-29work around missing getutid func proto in cray utmp.h on older os revsrws1-1/+4
1994-03-28GETTIMEOFDAY -> X_GETTIMEOFDAYgildea1-2/+2
1994-03-28use GETTIMEOFDAY macro from Xos.hgildea1-6/+2
1994-03-18use LinkRule when re-linking for install. XBUG #6594.gildea1-4/+4
1994-02-09session participation off by default; doesn't use Xt's select call.converse1-0/+2
1994-02-05use $(<mumble>) macros instead of hard coded library names.kaleb1-2/+2