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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
1989-10-18added clean fontsjim1-2/+47
1989-10-18added nil2jim1-2/+3
1989-10-18Initial revisionjim31-0/+72757
1989-10-09move hotspot in watch cursor to upper right corner of stemkeith1-2/+2
1989-09-19added fonts.aliasjim2-0/+2
1989-09-19moved lucida aliases to 75dpi and 100dpijim1-36/+0
1989-09-19Initial revisionjim3-0/+122
1989-09-19added Lucida aliases for OpenLook appsjim1-0/+37
1989-09-06fix minor width nitkeith1-2/+2
1989-09-06removed space from Lucida Typewriter and Lucida Brightjim72-144/+144
1989-09-06changed Demibold to DemiBoldjim24-48/+48
1989-09-06ADD_STYLE_NAME was brokenjim24-24/+24
1989-09-06ADD_STYLE_NAME was brokenjim24-24/+24
1989-09-06fixed capitalization of spacing Mjim12-12/+12
1989-09-06added explanation sentencejim2-0/+4
1989-09-06added FONTNAME_REGISTRY, COPYRIGHT, fixed capitalization and resolutionsjim60-540/+660
1989-09-06added FONTNAME_REGISTRY, COPYRIGHT, fixed capitalization and resolutionsjim60-660/+780
1989-09-05added AVERAGE_WIDTHjim120-240/+360
1989-09-05Initial revisionjim2-0/+112
1989-09-05added Lucida fonts from Sun and B&Hjim2-4/+170
1989-09-05capitalize, space, and ADD_STYLE font namejim120-120/+120
1989-09-05Initial revisionjim120-0/+499778
1989-08-16added 6x13bold and 9x15boldjim2-4/+10
1989-08-16new bits from pcsjim8-126/+5557
1989-08-11added 6x9jim2-3/+6
1989-08-11Initial revisionjim1-0/+2100
1989-08-11cleaned up version from Thomas Bagli of PCSjim1-586/+588
1989-08-11added 7x13 medium and boldjim2-2/+10
1989-08-11fixed version from Thomas Bagli of PCSjim2-0/+5178
1989-07-24renmaed olglyph fontsjim1-6/+6
1989-07-23took out unneeded echosjim1-1/+0
1989-07-14added olfontsjim1-2/+9
1989-07-14Initial revisionjim5-0/+3154
1989-07-12bad DWIDTH in space character; found by Dave Lemkejim1-1/+1
1989-07-07added 10x20jim3-4/+6
1989-07-07Initial revisionjim1-0/+3507
1989-07-03fixes from mikulski for bad baseline/underlinejim8-6010/+6055
1989-06-06use the old fixed fontjim1-1/+1
1989-06-06fixed definitions of fixed and variablejim1-2/+2
1989-06-06forgot to set resolution on 100dpi aliasesjim1-6/+6
1989-06-06added aliases for 100dpi screensjim1-0/+9
1989-06-06tweak things to be nicer point sizesjim5-14/+15
1989-06-06added xlfd propertiesjim7-7/+113
1989-06-06xlfdify font name; still need to add propertiesjim7-7/+7
1989-06-06fixed misc fonts to have xlfd font names; added aliases for old namesjim1-1/+8
1989-06-02wrong year in copyright propertyjim1-1/+1
1989-06-02added copyright, permission given by Dale Galagherjim1-2/+22
1989-06-01added 5x8 that jim designed at cognition and got from themjim2-4/+1936
1989-05-05fixed bogus FULL_NAMEjim3-3/+3
1989-05-03dec cursor and session fontsjim3-2/+1610