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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
1989-10-24added GwmDir and GWMDIR for gwm.converse2-2/+7
1989-10-20use -O -g on server with gccrws1-1/+5
1989-10-20added support for ServerCcCmdjim1-6/+13
1989-10-20added EXT_DEFINESjim1-1/+3
1989-10-20had PassCDebugFlags in wrong placejim2-4/+4
1989-10-20Initial revisionjim2-0/+25
1989-10-20added ServerCcCmd and LibraryCcCmdjim1-1/+7
1989-10-20Initial revisionjim2-0/+75
1989-10-20suggestion from Mark Moraes to use other installed programsjim1-3/+7
1989-10-19added support for building library separatelyjim2-3/+9
1989-10-18put in ifdef for nfs bug found by Ralphjim1-2/+10
1989-10-17added DoInstallExtensionsIntoXlib for ATHENAjim1-1/+6
1989-10-17added support for merging libXext.a into libX11.ajim2-3/+16
1989-10-17use macros for command names to make portablejim1-3/+3
1989-10-17added commentsjim1-0/+99
1989-10-17added convenience for folks on the rtjim1-1/+9
1989-10-17added temporary BuildExamples of nojim1-1/+6
1989-10-17added BuildExamplesjim1-2/+5
1989-10-16need default for CURDIRjim1-0/+3
1989-10-16simplified arg processingjim1-10/+4
1989-10-16added support for CURDIRjim1-3/+8
1989-10-16added smarts for using with tree or withoutjim1-4/+13
1989-10-16add check for -argjim1-2/+8
1989-10-16make easier to usejim1-2/+8
1989-10-16put in hack for having TOP be an absolute pathjim1-8/+14
1989-10-16took out old directoriesjim1-1/+1
1989-10-16split LDFLAGS into LDOPTIONS and LDLIBSjim2-9/+10
1989-10-16added ibm and aixjim1-1/+7
1989-10-16get machine-dependent constants from imake in configjim2-49/+5
1989-10-16added new config stuffjim6-106/+112
1989-10-16Initial revisionjim1-0/+126
1989-10-15alpha -> betarws1-1/+1
1989-10-11added -DMITMISCjim9-19/+19
1989-10-11only have a single type of displayjim1-6/+8
1989-10-11preprocessor is stupidjim1-32/+54
1989-10-10works on rt againjim1-3/+10
1989-10-10added MITSHM to SYSV definesjim1-1/+5
1989-10-10added ibm definesjim2-2/+12
1989-10-10took out extra SERVER_XDMCPjim1-2/+2
1989-10-10changed SERVER_XDMCP to XDMCPjim5-18/+14
1989-10-10added MULTIBUFFERjim1-2/+2
1989-10-106.5 has void signalrws1-2/+2
1989-10-09added LoaderLibPrefix for crayjim3-11/+19
1989-10-09new version from Cray, fix 2025jim1-26/+13
1989-10-09make defaults for DEPLIBS easier to cope withjim1-30/+34
1989-10-09fixed up the SHAREDCODEDEF stuffjim2-6/+14
1989-10-08took out -DBUFFER now that -DMULTIBUFFER worksjim4-8/+8
1989-10-08avoid apollo compiler warningrws1-2/+2
1989-10-08don't share libXextrws1-1/+5
1989-10-08enable serverkeith1-6/+11