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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
1989-10-17added BuildExamples and fixed R4beta to R4jim1-5/+8
1989-10-15alpha -> betarws1-2/+2
1989-10-11took out BOOTSTRAPCFLAGS so as not to override configjim1-1/+0
1989-10-11add reminder about BOOTSTRAPCFLAGS to Everythingjim1-0/+15
1989-08-28removed special config Imakefile crudjim1-17/+2
1989-07-26oops, forgot to set release numberjim1-1/+1
1989-07-23have includes remove the old X11 directoryjim1-7/+11
1989-07-23simplify the number of extraneous definitionsjim1-9/+7
1989-07-23use explicit references in top leveljim1-2/+3
1989-07-23put make of includes into mastermakefiles rulerws1-0/+1
1989-07-17redid to use new make includesjim1-28/+21
1989-03-14added support for bootstrapping imake or actually building therejim1-3/+3
1989-03-14put support for Makefile in configjim1-12/+16
1989-03-03fix from John Interrante at Stanfordjim1-1/+1
1989-01-17added stuff for installing config filesjim1-2/+14
1988-10-23use MakeDirectoriesjim1-2/+1
1988-10-23do not create UWMDIR since there is nothing in itjim1-2/+1
1988-10-22took out findjim1-1/+0
1988-10-22change XMANSRC and add mastermakefilesjim1-1/+14
1988-10-22make util as welljim1-1/+1
1988-10-21fix from keithjim1-1/+1
1988-10-18moved rgb from util to top leveljim1-2/+3
1988-10-17missing paranjim1-1/+1
1988-10-17slight change to CHECKFN stuffjim1-3/+4
1988-10-15added flushlinksjim1-0/+5
1988-10-11changed ClientSideOnly to BuildServerjim1-2/+2
1988-10-10restructure echo linesjim1-1/+4
1988-10-10found the missing double quotejim1-1/+1
1988-10-10ripped out date and extra commentsjim1-9/+1
1988-10-10mac does not like asterisk linesjim1-4/+4
1988-10-10restructured man installjim1-4/+2
1988-10-08make sure we get all of the directoriesjim1-3/+19
1988-10-08DirectoriesToBuild is no longer needed since MakeDirectories will do itjim1-8/+3
1988-10-08added CHANGES.ALLjim1-0/+7
1988-10-05collect all of the directories to build into one placejim1-5/+7
1988-10-05create directoriesjim1-18/+20
1988-09-28added more garbage explanations to make Worldjim1-6/+20
1988-09-26need to put bootstrapcflags on Everythingjim1-1/+1
1988-09-26forgot to make fontdir for servers instead of clientsjim1-1/+1
1988-09-14added comments about checkfilenamesjim1-1/+6
1988-09-14took out CONTRIBDIRS since it will only make people losejim1-6/+1
1988-09-07put @ before find in checkfilenamesjim1-1/+1
1988-09-06added date to Worldjim1-0/+6
1988-09-01added checkfilenamesjim1-1/+6
1988-08-30redo lint lib installrws1-3/+8
1988-08-29force make of LIBMANDIRrws1-0/+1
1988-08-21mkdir MANPATHrws1-0/+1
1988-08-19put in ClientSideOnly stuffjim1-4/+17
1988-07-19added BOOTSTRAPCFLAGSjim1-1/+2