BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
crazy-horseInitial nouveau 16 + wrapper hackupDave Airlie11 years
drvmodeladd stop tracking supportDave Airlie9 years
drvmodelv3dirty pixmap trackingDave Airlie9 years
masterRemove leftover in man page and nv_const.hXavier Chantry11 years
ngkms: fix build with 1.6 pre-releasesBen Skeggs12 years
nv-branch-1Replace panel message + MODE_BAD with MODE_PANEL.Adam Jackson15 years
nv50-branchMerge branch 'randr-1.2' into nv50-branchBen Skeggs14 years
pcopynva3: initial support for using the copy engine for copiesBen Skeggs9 years
primenouveau: enable provider/capabilitiesDave Airlie9 years
randr-1.2Merge branch 'upstream-master' into upstream-randr-1.2Ben Skeggs14 years
rev-optimusnouveau: hack reverse optimus upDave Airlie8 years