tag nameamd-drm-next-5.9-2020-07-17 (a0a26f187ac9dd5c54b6eeef9173f87c1babd82e)
tag date2020-07-17 09:16:25 -0400
tagged byAlex Deucher <>
tagged objectcommit 6e14adea0a...
amdgpu: - SI UVD/VCE clock support - Updates for Sienna Cichlid - Expose drm rotation property - Atomfirmware updates for renoir - updates to GPUVM hub handling for different register layouts - swSMU restructuring and cleanups - RAS fixes - DC fixes - mode1 reset support for Sienna Cichlid - Add support for Navy Flounder GPUs amdkfd: - Add SMI events watch interface UAPI: - Add amdkfd SMI events watch interface Userspace which uses this interface: