tag nameamd-drm-next-5.9-2020-07-01 (85584dcdd88997cc740671cc9ce9631b0b2fc7f5)
tag date2020-07-01 11:41:29 -0400
tagged byAlex Deucher <>
tagged objectcommit 7808363154...
amdgpu: - DC DMUB updates - HDCP fixes - Thermal interrupt fixes - Add initial support for Sienna Cichlid GPU - Add support for unique id on Arcturus - Major swSMU code cleanup - Skip BAR resizing if the bios already did id - Fixes for DCN bandwidth calculations - Runtime PM reference count fixes - Add initial UVD support for SI - Add support for ASSR on eDP links - Lots of misc fixes and cleanups - Enable runtime PM on vega10 boards that support BACO - RAS fixes - SR-IOV fixes - Use IP discovery table on renoir - DC stream synchronization fixes amdkfd: - Track SDMA usage per process - Fix GCC10 compiler warnings - Locking fix radeon: - Default to on chip GART for AGP boards on all arches - Runtime PM reference count fixes UAPI: - Update comments to clarify MTYPE