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authorEric Anholt <>2003-10-17 05:13:48 +0000
committerEric Anholt <>2003-10-17 05:13:48 +0000
commit2950f9e6823d43abae151966ae808d1a63e6659c (patch)
treeb7fbcbc101da31d02c5f3748568bc9caf54b13fa /linux/i830.h
parentff58476011ba8fe72d65e884380d3d86710bfdd4 (diff)
- Move IRQ functions from drm_dma.h to new drm_irq.h and disentangle them
from __HAVE_DMA. This will be useful for adding vblank sync support to sis and tdfx. Rename dma_service to irq_handler, which is more accurately what it is. - Fix the #if _HAVE_DMA_IRQ in radeon, r128, mga, i810, i830, gamma to have the right number of underscores. This may have been a problem in the case that the server died without doing its DRM_IOCTL_CONTROL to uninit.
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diff --git a/linux/i830.h b/linux/i830.h
index cd770bb5..c0f092ed 100644
--- a/linux/i830.h
+++ b/linux/i830.h
@@ -120,10 +120,10 @@
#define USE_IRQS 0
-#define __HAVE_DMA_IRQ 1
+#define __HAVE_IRQ 1
#define __HAVE_SHARED_IRQ 1
-#define __HAVE_DMA_IRQ 0
+#define __HAVE_IRQ 0