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authorEric Anholt <>2008-12-17 13:55:53 -0800
committerEric Anholt <>2008-12-22 16:03:35 -0800
commitdfd7fdafd8a2bad0d63ced4a969b6278c221c000 (patch)
parent28771e06dfe45027be6618f87335c19e8e88e3f6 (diff)
intel: Rename plane[AB]* back to pipe[AB]*.libdrm-2.4.3
The values are really going to continue meaning pipe, not plane, and that's what they're called in the kernel copy of the header. Userland hasn't ever made the switch to pipe!=plane, since userland checks are based on DRM version, which is still stuck at 1.6. However, Mesa did start using plane[AB] names, so provide a compat define.
1 files changed, 19 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/shared-core/i915_drm.h b/shared-core/i915_drm.h
index 628f7f86..04ab4cf5 100644
--- a/shared-core/i915_drm.h
+++ b/shared-core/i915_drm.h
@@ -111,14 +111,25 @@ typedef struct drm_i915_sarea {
unsigned int rotated_tiled;
unsigned int rotated2_tiled;
- int planeA_x;
- int planeA_y;
- int planeA_w;
- int planeA_h;
- int planeB_x;
- int planeB_y;
- int planeB_w;
- int planeB_h;
+ /* compat defines for the period of time when pipeA_* got renamed
+ * to planeA_*. They mean pipe, really.
+ */
+#define planeA_x pipeA_x
+#define planeA_y pipeA_y
+#define planeA_w pipeA_w
+#define planeA_h pipeA_h
+#define planeB_x pipeB_x
+#define planeB_y pipeB_y
+#define planeB_w pipeB_w
+#define planeB_h pipeB_h
+ int pipeA_x;
+ int pipeA_y;
+ int pipeA_w;
+ int pipeA_h;
+ int pipeB_x;
+ int pipeB_y;
+ int pipeB_w;
+ int pipeB_h;
/* Triple buffering */
drm_handle_t third_handle;