tag namexorg-server-1_1_0 (2ad6879f2ed3598d5bc52d8866b8a69cca8e55b1)
tag date2006-07-07 16:09:01 -0700
tagged byEric Anholt <>
tagged objectcommit 5c2560d47f...
xserver 1.1.0 release tag (commit missing from CVS history)
This is a relocation of the original tag in the git repository, which was placed at the right commit along the wrong branch. The difference between the contents at this tag and the 1.1.0 tarball is the updating of the version in and the ChangeLog message for that change. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (FreeBSD) iD8DBQBErumaHUdvYGzw6vcRAi6+AJ4xR/G6oClcCF3joHrb6oeQvHr3TACgkLCA EcSLCzH+VCx3j9i8HJAn6yU= =5giM -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----