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2005-08-01GLX fix for loadable servers: indirect_size.c goes in libglx, not libGLcoreAdam Jackson3-7/+12
2005-07-28Fix distcheck for serverKevin E Martin11-11/+11
2005-07-23Add the symlink script for the Mesa source.Adam Jackson1-0/+618
2005-07-23glapi build (forgot this one somehow)Adam Jackson1-0/+15
2005-07-23Fix the build system to reflect the rest of the Mesa core. Almost links,Adam Jackson5-5/+54
2005-07-21GLX needs gl.h from Mesa tooAdam Jackson1-1/+1
2005-07-16Switch to MESA_SOURCE which we're already AC_SUBSTingAdam Jackson8-8/+8
2005-07-16Hook in the GLcore buildAdam Jackson1-1/+3
2005-07-16Hey look, GLcore linksAdam Jackson10-1/+111
2005-07-16start the GLcore build systemAdam Jackson9-0/+165
2005-07-12Pull libdri out of the build for now until I get something better workedAdam Jackson1-6/+1
2005-07-12build fixAdam Jackson1-0/+2
2005-07-12GLX server supportAdam Jackson1-0/+56
2005-07-12Forgot to add these for some reasonAdam Jackson2-0/+9
2005-07-06Put the correct value in the length field of the reply. Previously, theIan Romanick1-5/+5
2005-07-03Add missing include paths.Daniel Stone2-2/+4
2005-07-03Add Xtrans definitions (FONT_t, TRANS_CLIENT) to clean up warnings.Daniel Stone57-29/+320
2005-07-02Continuing Makefile cleanup; add DIX_CFLAGS and XORG_CFLAGS everywhere.Daniel Stone2-0/+6
2005-06-19Build workaround. Add glcontextmodes.[ch] from Mesa.Adam Jackson2-0/+548
2005-06-09Re-enable GL_HP_occlusion_test. The problems in Mesa that caused this bugIan Romanick1-6/+0
2005-05-30Bug #3407: Clean out ancient #ifdef X11R5 conditionals.Adam Jackson2-10/+0
2005-04-20Fix includes right throughout the Xserver tree:Alexander Gottwald2-2/+2
2005-04-09Fix passing of non-RGB visuals. The old code did not initialize theXORG-6_8_99_2Alexander Gottwald2-4/+28
2005-03-01If a context is already attached copy it instead of reattaching to keepAlexander Gottwald3-289/+429
2005-02-02Bugzilla #1866 ( Gottwald1-0/+7
2005-02-02Bugzilla #1866 ( Gottwald3-7/+11
2005-01-27Functions like glGenTextures and glBindTexture are in OpenGL 1.1 and can beAlexander Gottwald2-13/+13
2005-01-13Thu Jan 13 17:45:13 2005 Søren Sandmann <>Søren Sandmann Pedersen1-0/+4
2004-11-15Bufzilla #1802, AddedAlexander Gottwald2-1/+8
2004-09-21Add offscreen GLX direct rendering with XDarwin's xpr backend (JohnTorrey Lyons1-49/+45
2004-09-02Fix AGL display problems (Bug #1210, Torrey T. Lyons).Kevin E Martin1-51/+214
2004-08-13Added $(MESASRCDIR)/src/mesa/glapi to INCLUDES. Removed $(SERVERSRC)/miAlexander Gottwald2-2/+8
2004-08-12Fix after Mesa 20040812 merge: revert glxext.h to vendor branch, and fixEric Anholt1-1/+1
2004-08-09Fix install problem on platforms not using (Bug #339,Kevin E Martin1-1/+2
2004-07-31Fix compiler warningKevin E Martin1-4/+0
2004-07-30Fix "DoLoadableServer NO" buildKevin E Martin1-3/+3
2004-07-27Fix XDarwin's broken build of libGL and server side GLX. GL library is onlyTorrey Lyons3-651/+775
2004-07-26Bug #377: Make lib{glx,GLcore,dri} work when compiled as dlloader modules.Adam Jackson7-18/+52
2004-06-21Bug 782: Merge native OpenGL for Windows from CYGWIN branchAlexander Gottwald5-0/+2124
2004-06-16Merge DRI-trunk-20040613 changes in programs/Xserver/GL.Eric Anholt13-22/+65
2004-06-16DRI trunk-20040613 importDRI-trunk-20040721DRI-trunk-20040613Eric Anholt25-482/+1064
2004-06-16Initial revisionEric Anholt4-0/+1295
2004-06-16DRI XFree86-4_3_99_12-merge importDRI-XFree86-4_3_99_12-mergeEric Anholt42-750/+184
2004-04-23Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich50-68/+234
2004-03-14Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_99_1 on Sun Mar 14 00:26:39 PST 2004xf86-4_4_99_1Egbert Eich50-235/+69
2004-03-03Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_0 on Wed Mar 3 04:09:24 PST 2004xf86-4_4_0Egbert Eich50-50/+50
2004-02-26readding XFree86's cvs IDsxf86-4_3_99_903Egbert Eich50-50/+50
2004-02-26Importing vendor version xf86-4_3_99_903 on Wed Feb 26 01:21:00 PST 2004Egbert Eich50-50/+50
2004-02-23Import most of XFree86 4.4RC3. This import excludes files which have thexf86-4_3_99_903_specialKaleb Keithley20-150/+704
2003-11-25XFree86 Bring the tree up to date for the Cygwin folksxf86-4_3_99_16Kaleb Keithley24-2589/+3123