AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2008-11-24Require randrproto 1.3 for GetScreenResourcesCurrentgsr-currentAdam Jackson1-1/+1
2008-11-24randr: Add GetScreenResourcesCurrentAdam Jackson3-1/+4
2008-11-24DGA: silence compiler warning.Peter Hutterer1-2/+2
2008-11-24xfree86: Split the working code of NIDR into new xf86NewInputDevice.Peter Hutterer3-95/+83
2008-11-24dix: Enable core devices in InitCoreDevices already.Peter Hutterer3-24/+10
2008-11-24dix: fix false comment.Peter Hutterer1-2/+0
2008-11-23Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Herrb14-60/+251
2008-11-23missing action in if statement.Matthieu Herrb1-0/+1
2008-11-23Added '-showopts' option to print available driver options (#5564).Stefan Dirsch6-2/+147
2008-11-22XQuartz: More 1.6 server API updatesJeremy Huddleston1-11/+23
2008-11-22XQuartz: Fixed --disable-glxJeremy Huddleston1-2/+2
2008-11-22XQuartz: Updated some code to use newer server APIJeremy Huddleston5-16/+16
2008-11-22XQuartz: GL: Remove the inclusion of glcontextmodes.h.George Staplin1-7/+28
2008-11-22XQuartz: GL: Add a branch to prevent a NULL DrawablePtr structure access.George Staplin1-22/+35
2008-11-22Remove the old libusbhid copy from os-support/bsd.Matthieu Herrb9-2167/+1
2008-11-21XQuartz: GLX: sync up indirect.c to match George's updates in the xorg-server...Jeremy Huddleston1-66/+237
2008-11-21XQuartz: GL: remove glcontextmodes.* from the It has been repla...George Staplin1-2/+0
2008-11-21Xephyr man page typo fixes.Alan Coopersmith1-21/+21
2008-11-21XQuartz: Don't use LS to find on Tiger.Jeremy Huddleston1-0/+8
2008-11-21XQuartz: Update applewm depsJeremy Huddleston1-1/+2
2008-11-21XQuartz: spewCallStack is noop on Tiger now...Jeremy Huddleston1-2/+10
2008-11-21XQuartz: pbproxy: Added some typedefs for types not available on TigerJeremy Huddleston1-0/+11
2008-11-21XQuartz: More Tiger ifdefsJeremy Huddleston4-8/+19
2008-11-21XQuartz: Resurrect the old audio path for TigerJeremy Huddleston1-0/+5
2008-11-21XQuartz: pbproxy: Push the pbproxy Xevent processing into its own threadJeremy Huddleston2-3/+32
2008-11-21int10: Do an mprotect(..,PROT_EXEC) on shmat()ed memory ranges.Egbert Eich1-2/+10
2008-11-21xfree86: don't reset Auto(Add|Enable)Devices, use defaults from xf86GlobalsRémi Cardona1-2/+0
2008-11-21Add a man page for Xephyr, with information from the README file.Matthieu Herrb2-1/+99
2008-11-21Support for BSD apmMatthieu Herrb2-1/+22
2008-11-21dix: memset DeviceVelocityPtr to zero.Peter Hutterer1-9/+2
2008-11-21dix: fix typos in comments, one formatting fix.Simon Thum2-3/+4
2008-11-21gitignore: ignore .patch filesPeter Hutterer1-0/+1
2008-11-21xfree86: without CONFIG_HAL, Auto{Add|Enable}Devices and AEI is false.Peter Hutterer1-0/+6
2008-11-20Always use server-<display>.xkm to avoid races when multiple servers startAlan Coopersmith1-10/+2
2008-11-20drop unused HAVE_LIBDRM_2_2Rémi Cardona2-6/+0
2008-11-19XQuartz: pbproxy: nuke RCS Id, update header license/copyrightJeremy Huddleston6-13/+110
2008-11-19XQuartz: pbproxy: Remove thread-main.mJeremy Huddleston1-42/+0
2008-11-19mi: Push screen-saver/DPMS handling to after the EQ pop operation.Jeremy Huddleston1-10/+10
2008-11-19mi: Only increment tail (push) when the event data is actually in the queueJeremy Huddleston1-4/+3
2008-11-19Use bsd_pci stub routines on Solaris too, since we use pciaccess for real workAlan Coopersmith2-2/+5
2008-11-18Xinput: use floats for ConstantDeceleration and AdaptiveDecelerationKeith Packard1-2/+2
2008-11-17exa: avoid doing prepare/done without intervening copies in exaFillRegionTiledDave Airlie1-22/+39
2008-11-17EXA: avoid copy operations if no boxes in useDave Airlie1-0/+4
2008-11-15XQuartz: Don't use TIS on Tiger...Jeremy Huddleston2-12/+31
2008-11-15XQuartz: Integrated xpbproxy into the server.Jeremy Huddleston12-144/+217
2008-11-15DRI2: Don't crash in DRI2ClipNotify when DRI2DrawablePtr is NULL.Michel Dänzer1-1/+1
2008-11-15Set libdrm flags correctly even when only DRI2 is enabled.Michel Dänzer1-6/+9
2008-11-14XQuartz: Actually add glcontextmodes.[hc]Jeremy Huddleston2-0/+604
2008-11-14fix compilation on systems that don't haveBen Byer1-2/+6
2008-11-14XQuartz: Initial work on readding GLX to the 1.5 serverJeremy Huddleston4-5/+19