AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-04-20Fix for Mainz11-11/+81
2004-04-17Fix for Mainz1-2/+9
2004-04-13Fix for Mainz88-904/+4362
2004-04-12Resync to 2004-04-12 XORG-RELEASE-1 branch)XPRINT_BEGINRoland Mainz0-0/+0
2004-04-10Resync to 2004-04-10 XORG-RELEASE-1 branch (step 2: Adding missing filesRoland Mainz10-0/+8241
2004-04-10Resync to 2004-04-10 XORG-RELEASE-1 branchRoland Mainz109-1134/+6191
2004-03-19MFC (merge from -current). Restore edits to the hw/darwin Credits.rtf filesXPRINT_BASEKaleb Keithley9-9/+99
2004-03-19no bug report. Merge down from -RELEASE-1-TM working left and right Meta,Kaleb Keithley3-21/+36
2004-03-1850. Protect removeOverlapsWithBrides() from NULL pointer in target (EgbertEgbert Eich2-6/+11
2004-03-1849. Merge fixes required to build and run on Solaris x86 with Sun compilersAlan Coopersmith2-1/+76
2004-03-1745. Readding Monitor information obtained by DDC to the config file inEgbert Eich2-2/+14
2004-03-1743. Incorporate ServerInterpreted address family authentication from IPv6Alan Coopersmith3-30/+454
2004-03-1539. Preparing branch for TMc (Egbert Eich).XORG-RELEASE-1-TM-BASEEgbert Eich1-11/+10
2004-03-1538. Backing out patch 27 as it was inappropriate for the RELEASE branch andEgbert Eich3-3/+1
2004-03-1234. Added a hack to fc-lang and fc-list to prevent installation if defineIPv6-REVIEW-BASEEgbert Eich1-5/+11
2004-03-11Added initial support for PowerPC 64 (ppc64) architecture. (Mike A. Harris,Mike A. Harris3-1/+3
2004-03-0824. X server crashes when X-Resource has to byte-swap. Sun bug #5007488.Alan Coopersmith1-10/+13
2004-03-0822. Update license for Xinerama code from DEC to the version requested byAlan Coopersmith11-166/+307
2004-03-05- removing ': ' from lines which broke the build. These were added by aEgbert Eich1-1/+1
2004-03-04no bug report, see prior version. Fix bad editKaleb Keithley33-33/+33
2004-03-0418. Merged in XFree86 code up to 4.4.0 including changes to files that hadEgbert Eich1333-1765/+1833
2004-03-04reverted some OS2 related glitches that where missed during a merge withEgbert Eich4-15/+18
2004-03-02Replace a handful of calls to ErrorF and exit(1) with a single call toHarold L Hunt II2-36/+20
2004-03-02Removing last bits of kdrive.Egbert Eich14-29/+28
2004-02-275. Reversed Xinerama changes (Egbert Eich).Egbert Eich47-381/+749
2004-02-25bug #230 Revert to Xinerama 1.1 In order to make a "quick" release it hasXORG-RELEASE-1-BASEXEVIE-MERGEKaleb Keithley37-447/+445
2004-02-24bug #214. Merge most of 4.4RC3Kaleb Keithley1-2/+2
2004-02-24bug #188, #214, see versions and of this file. fix badKaleb Keithley1-1/+1
2004-02-23merge most of XFree86 RC3 ( from vendor branch. bug #214Kaleb Keithley69-520/+1792
2004-02-23bug #188 report bugs to bugzilla, not XFree86Kaleb Keithley1-10/+11
2004-02-18Additional fixes to allow building with Sun compilers on Solaris x86Alan Coopersmith2-4/+10
2004-02-18Sun cc on Solaris x86 defines __i386 but not __i386__ so the x86Alan Coopersmith1-1/+2
2004-02-16[fd.o bugzilla #189] _XOPEN_SOURCE defines break builds on Solaris ExpressAlan Coopersmith2-3/+6
2004-02-112. Fixing segfaults that may happen in some corner cases when VT switchingEgbert Eich2-4/+8
2004-02-08revert to RC1 version of file with the license we likeKaleb Keithley1-32/+15
2004-02-08revert to RC1 version of the file with the license we likeKaleb Keithley2-64/+30
2003-12-21Use a different iconXEVIE-BASEKaleb Keithley1-0/+0
2003-12-20merge XFree86 RC2 ( from vendor branchKaleb Keithley46-345/+3583
2003-12-18First pass at "Standard" Xinerama. The sources for this came from HeatherKaleb Keithley48-1102/+777
2003-12-06merge XFree86 (RC1) from vendor branchKaleb Keithley27-101/+316
2003-11-30xfree86 mergeKaleb Keithley14-225/+49
2003-11-29xfree86 mergeKaleb Keithley8-381/+1
2003-11-29xfree86 mergeKaleb Keithley1-6/+0
2003-11-26merge latest ( from XFree86 (vendor) branchKaleb Keithley796-26484/+57972
2003-11-17merge XFree86 to -CURRENTKaleb Keithley615-100702/+42560
2003-11-14Initial revisionKaleb Keithley982-0/+479777
2003-11-14R6.6 is the Xorg base-lineXORG-MAINKaleb Keithley609-0/+262690
2003-11-14Accelerated image text code drew glyphs at wrong location when compositingKeith Packard1-2/+2
2003-11-13Have the composite extension tell the damage extension about clients whichKeith Packard2-7/+7
2003-11-11Fix's to include header files needed for distcheck. RemoveEric Anholt5-8/+21