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+D-BUS Configuration API v0.1
+The X server will register the bus name org.x.config.displayN, and the
+object /org/x/config/N, where N is the display number.
+Currently only hotplugging of input devices is supported.
+ org.x.config.input.add:
+ Takes an argument of key/value option pairs in arrays, e.g.:
+ [ss][ss][ss][ss]
+ is the signature for four options. These options will be passed
+ to the input driver as with any others.
+ Option names beginning with _ are not allowed; they are reserved
+ for internal use.
+ Returns one int32, which is an X Status, as defined in X.h. If
+ everything is successful, Success will be returned. BadMatch will
+ be returned if the options given do not match any device. BadValue
+ is returned for a malformed message.
+ Notably, BadAlloc is never returned: the server internally signals
+ to D-BUS that the attempt failed for lack of memory.
+ The return does not notify the client of which devices were created
+ or modified as a result of this request: clients are encouraged to
+ listen for the XInput DevicePresenceNotify event to monitor changes
+ in the device list.
+ org.x.config.input.remove:
+ Takes one int32 argument, which is the device ID to remove, i.e.:
+ i
+ is the signature.
+ Same return values as org.x.config.input.add.