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xkb: fix key type index check in _XkbSetMapChecks
This code block was moved from a function that returns 0 for failure to a function that returns 0 for Success in commit 649293f6b634e6305b6737a841d6e9d0f0065d6c. Change the return value to BadValue to match the other checks in _XkbSetMapChecks. Set nTypes to xkb->map->num_types when XkbKeyTypesMask is not set, to allow requests with the XkbKeyTypesMask flag unset in stuff->present to succeed. Fixes a potential heap smash when client->swapped is true, because the remainder of the request will not be swapped after "return 0", but _XkbSetMap will be called anyway (because 0 is Success). Signed-off-by: Peter Harris <>
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