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o In the future there may be IHV and Linux vendor support resources for
the DRI.
- Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DRI.sgml,v 1.29 2003/02/17 03:57:29 dawes Exp $
+ Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DRI.sgml,v 1.29 dawes Exp $
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Juliusz Chroboczek, <>
- 17 January 2003
+ 17 November 2003
1. Introduction
@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@ this document for background information.
1.1 Two font systems
-XFree86 includes two font systems: the core X11 fonts system, which is pre-
-sent in all implementations of X11, and the Xft fonts system, which is not
+XFree86 includes two font systems: the core X11 fonts system, which is
+present in all implementations of X11, and the Xft fonts system, which is not
currently distributed with implementations of X11 that are not based on
XFree86 but will hopefully be included by them in the future
@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ Please note: the X-TrueType (X-TT) backend does not use the fontenc layer,
but instead uses its own method for font reencoding. If you are only inter-
ested in X-TT you may want to skip to Using Symbol Fonts (section 4.1.5, page
1), as the intervening information does not apply to X-TT. X-TT itself is
-described in more detail in X-TrueType (section 4.2.3, page 1).
+described in more detail in X-TrueType (section 4.2.2, page 1).
In the fontenc layer, an encoding is defined by a name (such as iso8859-1),
possibly a number of aliases (alternate names), and an ordered collection of
@@ -926,75 +926,111 @@ more precisely described in the mkfontdir(1) manual page.
4.2 Additional notes about scalable core fonts
-The FreeType backend (module `freetype', formerly known as xfsft) is able to
-deal with both TrueType and Type 1 fonts. This puts it in conflict with the
-X-TT and Type 1 backends respectively.
+The FreeType (libfreetype-xtt2) backend (module `freetype', formerly known as
+xfsft) is able to deal with both TrueType and Type 1 fonts. This puts it in
+conflict with the X-TT and Type 1 backends respectively.
If both the FreeType and the Type 1 backends are loaded, the FreeType backend
will be used for Type 1 fonts. If both the FreeType and X-TT backends are
loaded, X-TT will be used for TrueType fonts.
-4.2.1 Delayed glyph rasterisation
+4.2.1 About the FreeType backend
-Both FreeType and X-TT delay glyph rasterisation up to the time at which a
-glyph is first used. For this reason, they only provide an approximate value
-for the ``average width'' font property.
+The FreeType (libfreetype-xtt2) backend (formerly xfsft) is a backend based
+on version 2 of the FreeType library (see the FreeType web site
+<URL:>) and has the X-TT functionalities for CJKV
+support provided by the After X-TT Project (see the After X-TT Project web
+site <URL:>). The FreeType module has support for
+the ``fontenc'' style of internationalisation (see The fontenc layer (section
+4.1.1, page 1)). This backend supports TrueType font files (`*.ttf'), Open-
+Type font files (`*.otf'), TrueType Collections (`*.ttc'), OpenType Collec-
+tions (`*.otc') and Type 1 font files (`*.pfa' and `*.pfb').
-Both backends also support an optimisation for character-cell fonts (fonts
-with all glyph metrics equal, or terminal fonts). A font with an XLFD speci-
-fying a character-cell spacing `c', as in
+In order to access the faces in a TrueType Collection file, the face number
+must be specified in the fonts.dir file before the filename, within a pair of
+colons, or by setting the 'fn' TTCap option. For example,
- -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ :1:mincho.ttc -misc-pmincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-jisx0208.1990-0
-will not rasterise glyphs at metrics computation time, but instead trust the
-font really to be a character-cell font. You are encouraged to make use of
-this optimisation when useful, but be warned that not all monospaced fonts
-are character-cell fonts.
+refers to face 1 in the `mincho.ttc' TrueType Collection file.
-4.2.2 About the FreeType backend
+The new FreeType backend supports the extended `fonts.dir' syntax introduced
+by X-TrueType with a number of options, collectively known as `TTCap'. A
+`TTCap' entry follows the general syntax
-The FreeType backend (formerly xfsft) is a backend based on version 2 of the
-FreeType library (see the FreeType web site <URL:>)
-and has support for the ``fontenc'' style of internationalisation (see The
-fontenc layer (section 4.1.1, page 1)). This backend supports TrueType font
-files (`*.ttf'), OpenType font files (`*.otf'), TrueType Collections
-(`*.ttc'), OpenType Collections (`*.otc') and Type 1 font files (`*.pfa' and
+ option=value:
-In order to access the faces in a TrueType Collection file, the face number
-must be specified in the fonts.dir file before the filename within colons.
-For example,
+and should be specified before the filename. The new FreeType almost per-
+fectly supports TTCap options that are compatible with X-TT 1.4. The Auto-
+matic Italic (`ai'), Double Strike (`ds') and Bounding box Width (`bw')
+options are indispensable in CJKV. For example,
- :2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ ds=y:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-bold-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ ai=0.2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-i-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ ds=y:ai=0.2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-bold-i-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ bw=0.5:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0201.1976-0
+ bw=0.5:ds=y:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-bold-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0201.1976-0
+ bw=0.5:ai=0.2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-i-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0201.1976-0
+ bw=0.5:ds=y:ai=0.2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-bold-i-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0201.1976-0
-refers to face 2 in the `mincho.ttc' TrueType Collection file.
+setup the complete combination of jisx0208 and jisx0201 using mincho.ttc
+only. More information on the TTCap syntax is found on the After X-TT
+Project page <URL:>.
The FreeType backend uses the fontenc layer in order to support recoding of
fonts; this was described in The fontenc layer (section 4.1.1, page 1) and
especially FreeType-specific notes about fontenc (section, page 1)
earlier in this document.
-4.2.3 About the X-TrueType TrueType backend
+4.2.2 About the X-TrueType TrueType backend
The `X-TrueType' backend is a backend based on version 1 of the FreeType
library. X-TrueType doesn't use the `fontenc' layer for managing font encod-
-ings, but instead uses its own database of encodings.
-X-TrueType extends the `fonts.dir' syntax with a number of options, collec-
-tively known as `TTCap'. A `TTCap' entry follows the general syntax
+ings, but instead uses its own database of encodings. Since the functionali-
+ties for CJKV support introduced by X-TT have been merged into the new
+FreeType backend, the X-TT backend will be removed from XFree86's tree near
+the future. Therefore, the use of FreeType backend is preferred over the X-
+TT backend. General information on X-TrueType may be found at ."
+4.2.3 Delayed glyph rasterisation
+When loading a large character set, the old FreeType delayed glyph rasterisa-
+tion until the time at which the glyph was first used. The new FreeType
+(libfreetype-xtt2) has an improved `very lazy' metric calculation method to
+speed up the process when loading TrueType or OpenType fonts. Although the
+X-TT module also has this method, the "vl=y" TTCap option must be set if you
+want to use it. This is the default method for FreeType when it loads multi-
+byte fonts. Even if you use a unicode font which has tens of thousands of
+glyphs, this delay will not be worrisome as long as you use the new FreeType
+backend -- its `very lazy' method is super-fast.
+The maximum error of bitmap position using `very lazy' method is 1 pixel, and
+is the same as that of a character-cell spacing. When the X-TT backend is
+used with the `vl=y' option, a chipped bitmap is displayed with certain
+fonts. However, the new FreeType backend has minimal problem with this,
+since it corrects left- and right-side bearings using `italicAngle' in the
+TrueType/OpenType post table, and does automatic correction of bitmap posi-
+tions when rasterisation so that chipped bitmaps are not displayed. Never-
+theless if you don't want to use the `very lazy' method when using multi-
+bytes fonts, set `vl=n' in the TTCap option to disable it:
+ vl=n:luxirr.ttf -b&h-Luxi Serif-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso10646-1
+Of course, both backends also support an optimisation for character-cell
+fonts (fonts with all glyph metrics equal, or terminal fonts). A font with
+an XLFD specifying a character-cell spacing `c', as in
- :option=value:
-and should be specified before the filename.
+ -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
-The most useful TTCap option is used to specify the face number to use with
-TTCs; this is the `fn' TTCap option. For example, face 2 of font file `min-
-cho.ttc' is specified using:
- :fn=2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+ fs=c:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-jisx0208.1990-0
-More information on the TTCap syntax, and on X-TrueType in general, may be
-found on the X-TrueType home page <URL:>.
+will not compute the metric for each glyph, but instead trust the font to be
+a character-cell font. You are encouraged to make use of this optimisation
+when useful, but be warned that not all monospaced fonts are character-cell
5. Appendix: background and terminology
@@ -1126,8 +1162,8 @@ The author's software pages <URL:>
might or might not contain related scribbles and development versions of
-The documentation of X-TrueType is available from the X-TrueType home page
+The documentation of X-TrueType is available from the After X-TT Project page
A number of East-Asian CIDFonts are available from O'Reilly's FTP site
@@ -1140,7 +1176,7 @@ The IANA RFC documents, available from a number of sites throughout the
world, often provide interesting information about character set issues; see
for example RFC 373.
- Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/fonts.sgml,v 1.20 2003/01/20 03:43:07 dawes Exp $
+ Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/fonts.sgml,v 1.22 dawes Exp $
-$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/README.fonts,v 1.22 2003/01/20 04:10:01 dawes Exp $
+$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/README.fonts,v 1.26 2003/11/19 01:44:58 dawes Exp $
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@@ -1,46 +1,1696 @@
-XFree86 (xx May 2003)
+XFree86 (xx November 2003)
+XFree86 (20 November 2003)
+ 609. Fix 'constype' for modern framebuffers on Solaris (Bugzilla #890,
+ Alan Coopersmith).
+ 608. Fix a thread deadlock problem in libXp (Bugzilla #887, Roland Mainz).
+ 607. Fix event buffer overrun in the wacom driver (Bugzilla #882, David Dawes,
+ reported by Jonathan Hough).
+ 606. Add unmapping code to DGAUnmapPhysical() for most systems that use
+ mmap(). Without this lots of map/unmap calls would result in running
+ out of address space and/or file handles (Bugzilla #880, David Dawes,
+ reported by Eckhard Neber).
+ 605. Restore the Windows keycodes in the 'xfree86' XKB keycodes map,
+ and add the Solaris-compatible tokens as aliases (reported by
+ Panagiotis Papadakos).
+ 604. Fix some problems building against external installations of
+ freetype2 (David Dawes).
+ 603. Add font bounds checking to the X server side of the font server
+ interface (Chisato Yamauchi, David Dawes).
+ 602. Fix ForcePCIMode option to work as advertised in Radeon driver
+ (Bugzilla #850, Kevin Martin).
+ 601. Update the fonts document for the FreeType backend changes
+ (Chisato Yamauchi, Reiko Nakajima, After X-TT Project).
+ 600. Don't allow the lack of "SUPERSCRIPT TWO" to prevent Adobe Standard
+ Cyrillic encoded fonts from being accepted as "koi8" capable
+ (Michail Vidiassov).
+ 599. Xvfb didn't have enough pixmap formats for Render (David Dawes).
+ 598. Fix the processing of xdm/config/Xres.cpp, which is broken with
+ gcc 3.3.2 (reported by Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 597. Fix two problems with Xvfb:
+ - Too much memory was allocated because of a confusion between
+ bytes and pixels.
+ - The XWD header was corrupted at server reset.
+ (David Dawes).
+ 596. Fix several problems xwud has displaying TrueColor dumps (extreme
+ slowness displaying on TrueColor visuals, and incorrectness displaying
+ on DirectColor visuals) (David Dawes).
+ 595. Rank TrueColor above DirectColor in xwud. This avoids colourmap flashing
+ by default when running on a server with both visuals available
+ (David Dawes).
+ 594. Build with Xplugin support by default on Panther (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 593. On Mac OS X, allow "X -version" to work without connecting to
+ CoreGraphics (Torrey T. Lyons, reported by Benjamin Reed).
+ 592. Don't optimize away window restacks in rootless mode (John Harper).
+ 591. Fix problems preventing mesa-based GLX from working with Xnest, even
+ though it is linked in and advertised (David Dawes).
+ 590. Fix typing in XDarwin Preference panel going to X11 (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 589. Fix rootless build after REGION_* macro rework (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 588. Fix broken GLX indirect rendering (David Dawes).
+ 587. Fix the XKB definitions for the "Hiragana_Katakana" key, and fix
+ some incorrect definitions in symbols/jp (Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 586. Change the mkfontdir wrapper script to invoke mkfontscale via its full
+ path name (Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 585. Modify xf86config and xf86cfg to enable loading the "freetype" module
+ (Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 584. Wrap ucs2any with ProgramTargetName in dependencies, as needed for
+ OS/2, and note that OS/2 doesn't have basename(3) (Bugzilla #871,
+ Frank Giessler).
+ 583. Fix atimisc's decoding of the mode on input for large panels
+ (Marc La France).
+ 582. Fix SEGV when ATIPreinit() fails (Marc La France).
+ 581. In rootless XDarwin, don't send ButtonPress events when clicking in
+ non-X11 windows (Torrey T. Lyons, John Harper).
+ 580. AppleWM compatibility fixes:
+ - Disable XDarwin handling cut and paste if AppleWM-aware cut and
+ paste manager is available.
+ - Set _NATIVE_SCREEN_ORIGIN property on root window.
+ (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 579. Change ProjectRoot from /XFree86 to /usr/X11R6 on OS/2 (Bugzilla #865,
+ Frank Giessler).
+ 578. Fix building of new Mesa on OS/2 (Bugzilla #865, Frank Giessler).
+ 577. Change the way how libraries with long file names are handed on
+ OS/2 (Bugzilla #865, Frank Giessler).
+ 576. Force screen blanking when entering DPMS states (Bugzilla #866,
+ David Dawes, reported by Ed Fardos).
+ 575. XDarwin fixes/cleanups:
+ - Handle X11 executables opened from the Finder.
+ - Use xcodebuild instead of pbxbuild on Panther.
+ - Clean up Darwin specific imake #defines.
+ - Fix compiler warnings on Panther.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 574. A workaround for platforms (like *BSD) where IPv6 sockets don't accept
+ IPv4 connections: disable IPv6 XDMCP code by default. This allows IPv4
+ XDMCP to work on such platforms (David Dawes).
+ 573. Rework REGION_* macros to eliminate NEED_SCREEN_REGIONS build failures
+ (Marc La France).
+ 572. Fix an old bug in the X server and xfs related to usage of
+ c->savedName (Bugzilla #818, Owen Taylor).
+ 571. Fix FontFileListOneFontWithInfo() so that it handles aliases in the
+ same was as FontFileOpenFont() (Bugzilla #818, Owen Taylor).
+ 570. Respect USE_SSE_ASM for the .S files in the r200 and radeon 3D drivers.
+ This should fix the reported OpenBSD build problem (David Dawes).
+ 569. Some missing FreeBSD AMD64/Sparc64 patches (Bugzilla #786, Eric Anholt).
+ 568. The call to xf86RandRSetMode() from xf86RandRCreateScreenResources()
+ doesn't appear to be necessary. Removing it restores the documented
+ ViewPort behaviour when RandR is enabled (David Dawes).
+ 567. Make the vesa driver blank the screen during initialisation for
+ cosmetic reasons (David Dawes).
+ 566. Make the cirrus driver blank the screen during initialisation for
+ cosmetic reaons (most other drivers do this) (Bugzilla #781,
+ Nicholas Miell).
+ 565. The vesa driver wasn't setting the viewport correctly either at
+ ScreenInit or EnterVT (David Dawes).
+ 564. Fix the viewport initialisation. The ViewPort parameters from the
+ XF86Config file were being ignored, and the default was a 0,0 viewport
+ rather than centred on the virtual screen as documented. When RandR
+ is enabled, it undoes all of this though... (David Dawes).
+ 563. Fix an off-by-one bug in libXcursor that can result in segfaulting
+ applications (David Dawes, reported by Agustin Gianni).
+ 562. Fix RandR initialization problem when default screen resolution is
+ different from the virtual resolution. (Bugzilla #853, Bob Paauwe).
+ 561. Fix an Xv problem with the via driver where updating a portion of the
+ overlay causes excessive CPU usage (Bugzilla #821, Neil Terry).
+ 560. Fix an Xnest hang on OS/2 (Bugzilla #852, Frank Giessler).
+ 559. OS/2 update for the recent move to building most libraries shared,
+ and add some functions to the export lists for freetype and Xt for
+ compatibility with older applications (Bugzilla #852, Frank Giessler).
+ 558. Fix the installation location of the XRes and Xss manpage aliases
+ (Bugzilla #848, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 557. Include backwards compatibility API for renamed stream functions in
+ Freetype2 library (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 556. Fix acecad driver to call xf86DeleteInput() (Bugzilla #855, S. Voltz).
+ 555. Register to handle X11 executables on Panther (John Harper).
+ 554. Fixes for GLX on Mac OS X:
+ - Make libGL not export libGLU symbols.
+ - Fix uninitialized mutex for threaded direct GLX.
+ (John Harper).
+ 553. Fix "Non-aligned pointer being freed" warnings on XDarwin startup
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 552. Miscellaneous fixes for Panther:
+ - Fix spurious #pragma getting inserted by cpp (Martin Costabel).
+ - Fix startup failure due to bad keymapping file (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ - Fix startup warning about missing semicolons (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 551. Mesa X86 asm build fix for Solaris (David Dawes).
+ 550. Fix building libOSMesa on Darwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 549. Get backlight working on Apple's GeForce4 powerbooks (Guido Guenther).
+XFree86 ( 1 November 2003)
+ 548. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.1:
+ - Improved the very lazy method. To prevent displaying chipped bitmap
+ when having italic angle, the lsb and rsb are adjusted by using
+ italicAngle in post table.
+ - Added automatic correction of bitmap position for preventing
+ displaying chipped bitmap when using charcell or very lazy method.
+ - Set DEFAULT_VERY_LAZY macro. If post table is available, the very
+ lazy method is used as default when handling multi-bytes fonts.
+ - Added additional glyphs(0x2d21-0x2d7c) to jisx0208.1990-0.enc.
+ (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
+ 547. Set the pixel clock limit above which hzoom is enabled for the video
+ overlay for G450 and G550 cards to 234MHz. This fixes a problem with
+ the Xv support having half horizontal resolution (Michel Lespinasse).
+ 546. Add support on Mac OS X for building keymap using Carbon Keyboard
+ Layout API (John Harper).
+ 545. Map holes in kdrive VESA driver (#5436, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 544. Add option to Radeon driver to allow minimum dot clock to be
+ overridden (Bugzilla #831, Nils Philippsen).
+ 543. Add shared libraries run-path information to pkg-config datafiles
+ provided for some libraries. (Bugzilla #832, Frederick Bruckman,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 542. Fix buglets detected by SGI compiler in neomagic, sis and tseng drivers
+ (Marc La France).
+ 541. Fix I/O alignment in mga and via drivers (Marc La France).
+ 540. Improve xkbcomp's key types auto-recognition (Ivan Pascal).
+ 539. Add support for multi-threaded direct GLX rendering with AppleDRI
+ (John Harper).
+ 538. Fix a problem in Xlib that was cause by the ANSI prototype cleanups
+ (Bugzilla #839, Owen Taylor).
+ 537. Limit the rate of duplicate audit messages in the X server. (Matthieu
+ Herrb, David Dawes).
+ 536. Fix ChipValidMode() return type (Marc La France).
+ 535. Fix for AGP8x support on HP zx1-based systems (Marc La France).
+ 534. Workaround for mysterious segfault related to mkfontscale's use of
+ memcmp() (Marc La France).
+ 533. Support the new Linear allocator in the trident driver and make the
+ hardware cursor use it. Xv automagically uses it. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 532. Fix acecad input driver build and re-enable it
+ (Bugzilla #816, Alan Hourihane).
+ 531. Fix DRM_CAS on ia64 as used by the DRI (Bugzilla #778, John Dennis).
+ 530. Call OsCleanup() at the end of each server generation, and add an
+ argument to indicate when the server is terminating. This allows
+ misc end-of-generation cleanups to be added to OsCleanup() (David Dawes).
+ 529. Explicitly free the DPMS and ScreenSaver timer resources at the end
+ of each server generation (David Dawes).
+ 528. Cygwin configuration updates and install script updates (Bugzilla #799,
+ 805, Harold L Hunt II, Alexander Gottwald)
+ 527. Build shared libraries for Xt and Xaw on Cygwin. (Bugzilla #804,
+ Ralf Habacker).
+ 526. Xterm patches #180, 181 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 525. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.0d:
+ - Fixed server crash caused by loading fonts for which encoding file
+ does not exist.
+ - Some fixes for minor bugs when handling errors.
+ - Some minor cleanups.
+ (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
+ 524. Export strl{cat,cpy} functions to the server modules and provide
+ an implementation for the systems that don't have them. (Matthieu
+ Herrb).
+ 523. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Update Serbian layouts (Bugzilla #92, Danilo Segan).
+ - Add 'MS Windows like' US International variant for 'us' keymap (Ivan
+ Pascal).
+ - Change CapsLock default behavior to 'Caps acts as locking Shift,
+ Shift cancels Caps'. Add new type for four-level keys (Ivan Pascal).
+ 522. Fix generic rootless code bug which tests CopyWindow instead of CopyBytes
+ (Kensuke Matsuzaki).
+ 521. Update libfreetype-xtt2 to version 1.0c. This consists of some minor
+ fixes and cleanups (Chisato Yamauchi, After X-TT Project).
+ 520. Add accelerated rootless drawing support and fix bug in rootless
+ FillSpans (Torrey T. Lyons and John Harper).
+ 519. Update SiS driver:
+ - Merge 661/741/760 support
+ - Clean up
+ - Fix Xv problems after swsuspend
+ - Fix LCD-via-CRT1 on various machines
+ 518. Prevent some compilers from optimising out Mesa's X11 error interface
+ (Marc La France).
+ 517. Add rules to generate post-processed and assembler source from C++ files
+ (Marc La France).
+ 516. Change `make World` so that well it interrupts itself to build a utility
+ (makedepend, pswrap, etc), it only builds that utility. Some things were
+ being built too early (Marc La France).
+ 515. When the i830 driver's checks for sufficient memory for tiled mode
+ fail, don't later try to allocate with tiling enabled (David Dawes).
+ 514. Enable I845G_VBE_WORKAROUND in the i830 driver for all platforms, since
+ this reportedly fixes VT switching problems on hardware other than the
+ 845G.
+ 513. Updated README.SiS (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 512. Add the After X-TT Project's libfreetype-xtt2 1.0b fixes and
+ enhancements to the "freetype" module (Chisato Yamauchi,
+ After X-TT Project). This should make it possible to deprecate the
+ "xtt" module in a future release. Fixes and enhancements include:
+ - Fixed crash caused by using fonts which have OS2 sfnt table.
+ - Corrected metrics calculation error. Although the original code uses
+ size->metrics, the FT_Size_Metrics does not have exact values when
+ handling the outline. So the codes for metrics calculation were
+ drastically rewritten.
+ - Fixed some problems with FreeTypeRasteriseGlyph():
+ + Made "only metrics is required" distinct from "both metrics and
+ rasterised bitmap are required" to improve performance when
+ loading large charset.
+ + Fixed the erroneous usage of freetype2 API. To get valid metrics,
+ FT_Outline_Get_BBox() or FT_Outline_Get_CBox() is used for outline.
+ + Took the strange code for raster copying and rewrote it.
+ - Fixed UNDERLINE_POSITION so that it counts downwards.
+ - Fixed a risky calculational method for info->maxbound and
+ info->minbound when spacing is not charcell. All glyphs' metrics are
+ calculated and valid info->maxbounds and info->minbounds are set
+ without cutting any corners.
+ - Added TTCap option "fn","ai","ds","fs","vl","cr","bw","eb","hi",
+ "fc" and "fm" which are compatible with X-TT 1.4.
+ - Supported character width for vertical layouts.
+ 511. Encoding file updates (After X-TT Project):
+ - Removed jisx0208.1983-0.enc and added 'ALIAS jisx0208.1983-0' to
+ jisx0208.1990-0.enc.
+ - Added Windows ucs2 cmap(3,1) to jisx0208.1990-0.enc and
+ jisx0201.1976-0.enc.
+ - Added files for GB18030-0 and GB18030-1 (James Su).
+ 510. Update X-TrueType (X-TT) to version 1.4.2 (Chisato Yamauchi,
+ After X-TT Project):
+ - Fixed several bugs of make_up_italic_bitmap() function.
+ - Changed the order of priority of mapIDRelations in JISX0208 and
+ JISX0201 code converter. The windows ucs2 is given the highest
+ priority for kochi-substitute Japanese fonts.
+ - Fixed code relation in cc_jisx0208_to_std_ucs2() function
+ (not 0x215d -> 0x00b1 but 0x215d -> 0x2212)
+ - Added minor improvements.
+ 509. Fixes and updates for HTML and PDF versions of spec docs for
+ installation and inclusion in the online docs (David Dawes).
+ 508. Implement SharedLibtoolLibraryTarget, etc for bsdLib/ELF, including
+ creating links for older but compatible revisions of such
+ libraries (David Dawes).
+ 507. Allow a simple form of option name aliasing for options handled
+ via OptionInfoRec (David Dawes).
+ 506. Add optimized code for RENDER with rootless XDarwin (John Harper,
+ Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 505. Declare LoadPalette, SetOverscan and DPMSSet as public functions through
+ the XFree86's ScrnInfoRec, so these functions can be wrapped.
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 504. XDarwin improvements:
+ - Add complete server side support for AppleWM with xpr.
+ - Allow Aqua and X11 windows to interleave when AppleWM-aware window
+ manager is present.
+ - Fix hang on server reset.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons, John Harper).
+ 503. Fix double-free at server regeneration in the screensave/DPMS timer
+ code (David Dawes).
+ 502. Build most libraries as shared by default. (Matthieu Herrb,
+ David Dawes).
+ 501. Add missing symbol definition files for libraries (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 500. Add 'inet' keymaps for two Logitec keyboard models (Bugzilla #762,
+ Eric Mountain; Bugzilla #766, Chris Hornbaker) and cleanup Logitec
+ keymaps (Ivan Pascal).
+ 499. Add missing SetScreenSaverTimer() to ProcSetScreenSaver (Ivan Pascal).
+ 498. Fix building on Mac OS X after DRI merge (Torrey T. Lyons).
+XFree86 (10 October 2003)
+ 497. Add an xf86InitFBManagerLinear() function and implement the Linear
+ allocation routines. These still fallback to XY area allocation if
+ no (or the lack of) linear space is available. It assumes the driver
+ has already called one of the init routines to the FBManager for Areas
+ before this new setup can be used (Alan Hourihane).
+ 496. Added USB keyboard support for Solaris/x86 platform (Bugzilla #352,
+ Daniel Rock).
+ 495. i830/i810 driver:
+ * Added Christian Ziez's code to tweak BIOS image to convince chipset of
+ resized video RAM.
+ * Fixed viewport/video overlay window alignment issues.
+ * Fixed calculation of video overlay memory size.
+ * Fixed video overlay on TV out (Bugzilla #213). (Egbert Eich).
+ 494. Fixed mode setting in trident driver: use mode passed in function
+ argument, not value in currentMode (Bugzilla #197, Egbert Eich).
+ 493. Added delay when writing to Glint PM2 ramdac to avoid lockups
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 492. Fixed bug in Glint Bresenham line fallback code that caused line be drawn
+ beyond framebuffer boundaries (Bugzilla #624, Egbert Eich).
+ 490. Force sane pallette when entering DGA mode in Matrox driver
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 489. ATI Rage128: Wait with modifying FP video mode according to BIOS values
+ until final call of ValidMode() to prevent modes from being rejected
+ (Bugzilla #661, Egbert Eich).
+ 488. Some Savage BIOSes turn on clock doubling on non-doubled modes.
+ Added code that catches and fixes this situation (Egbert Eich).
+ 487. Tdfx driver: Fixed order of initialization/deinitialization in
+ ScreenInit()/ CloseScreen().
+ Fixed texture video support, removed artefacts in last line of overlay
+ video support (Bugzilla #299). (Egbert Eich).
+ 486. Add "automatic configuration" support for the XFree86 server, allowing
+ it to be started in a useful way without an XF86Config file.
+ - Add support to the config file parser for processing internally
+ supplied configuration data.
+ - Modify the algorithm for finding core input devices to maximise the
+ likelihood that they will be found.
+ - Add a FindDevice function to the OSMouse interface, allowing
+ an OS-specific function to be called to find the mouse device when
+ none is specified in the configuration. Implementations included for
+ Linux and FreeBSD.
+ - Add a GuessProtocol function to the OSMouse interface, allowing
+ an OS-specific function to be called as a fallback when the mouse
+ protocol can't otherwise be detected. Implementation included for
+ Linux.
+ - Bump the OSMouse interface version to 1.1 with the addition of the
+ above two functions.
+ - An interface for calling an external utility "getconfig" to generate
+ some configuration data. Implementation of getconfig included.
+ - Generate a default internal configuration, autodetecting as much
+ as possible, with reasonable fallbacks.
+ - Recognise "DefaultDepth" and "DefaultFbbpp" options in the Device
+ section.
+ - Add a "TargetRefreshRate" option to help prevent modes with too
+ high a resolution (and poor refresh rate) being used as the default.
+ - Use DDC-probed mode timings to estimate the monitor parameters when
+ the DDC-probed information doesn't include a DS_RANGES property.
+ This should improve the reliability of monitor auto-detection.
+ (David Dawes, X-Oz Technologies).
+ 485. Add functions for checking option values without marking them as "used"
+ (David Dawes).
+ 484. Add missing xf86ReplaceRealOption() function (David Dawes).
+ 483. Added support for Siliconmotion Cougar3DR chip (Bugzilla #754,
+ Chris Edgington).
+ 482. Cygwin:
+ * Added another German keyboard layout.
+ * Added Japanese keyboard layout to the list of defaults as jp.
+ * Added a new default keyboard layout for Portuguese (Brazil, ABNT2).
+ * Print the layout number in hexadecimal.
+ * Display the argument to the -query option in the window title.
+ (Bugzilla #763, Alexander Gottwald)
+ 481. Add processing for WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED to cause window to repaint when
+ using TweakUI's focus-follows-mouse behavior. (Bugzilla #763,
+ Harold L Hunt II)
+ 480. Added runtime detection of SHM support by checking the return value of
+ shmget to the SHM and xf86BIGFONT extension to support SHM on Cygwin
+ (Bugzilla #764, Harold L Hunt II).
+ 479. Adding O_BINARY flag when opening an xkm file if this flag is defined
+ (Bugzilla #768, Alexander Gottwald).
+ 478. Radeon driver fixes (Hui Yu@ATI)
+ - 9200 DVI fix and TMDS_PLL initialization for all chips
+ - New chips support (9800XT/SE, 9600XT/SE, M11, T2/X2 etc.)
+ - Cleanup unused/secondary chip ids
+ - Autodetect PCI cards
+ - Add BusType to override PCI card autodetect
+ - Add display bandwidth calculation routine to fix flickering/tearing
+ display problem
+ - Workaround for corrupted BIOS image causing incorrect panel size
+ - Fix the LCD table reading loop
+ - Various small changes (including improving DDC reliability and
+ CRTC_MORE_CNTL initialization)
+ 477. Fix XAA Color8x8 cache bug:
+ Pattern was expanded from source instead of destination
+ (Thomas Winischhofer)
+ 476. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Add 'United Kingdom w/deadkeys' gb(intl) keymap (Bugzilla #744,
+ Phil Jones).
+ - Add multi_layout compliant 'us_intl' keymap (Ivan Pascal).
+ - Fix 'macintosh' geometry file (Bugzilla #753, Simon Vallet).
+ 475. APM driver:
+ . improved clock parameter calculation.
+ . Fixed order of initialization of cursor.
+ . Fixed restauration of graphical text mode.
+ . Added YUY2 video format.
+ . Corrected accel framebuffer pitches and max screen height
+ (Bugzilla #528, Egbert Eich).
+ 474. Moved DisableMMIO() out of the unmap() function, added call to
+ EnableMMIO() to EnterVT() to work around lockup problems when
+ switching between two Xserver (Bugzilla #748, Egbert Eich).
+ 473. Fixed problem with text widget in Xaw when widget has a different
+ depth than the default visual (Bugzilla #745, Wolfram Gloger).
+ 472. Fixed Sig11 when calling X -query with no ipv6 support in kernel
+ (Bugzilla #737, Egbert Eich).
+ 471. Added support for Sparc64 and AMD64 on FreeBSD.
+ This patch also disables warnings from system headers, fixes some elf
+ relocations also relevant for other platforms and disables translation of
+ KEY_SysReqest and KEY_Break on sparc64. (Bugzilla #739, Eric Anholt).
+ 470. Switched VIA video driver to fillkey helper function (Bugzilla #525,
+ Alan Cox).
+ 469. Fixed CRT modes > FP panel size for siliconmotion (Bugzilla #727,
+ Hugues Fournier).
+ 468. Fixed xedit coredumps: update counter of free objects when getting an
+ object from the list (Bugzilla #722, Egbert Eich).
+ 467. Fixed definition of UseInstalledOnCrossCompile so that it never is
+ undefined (Harlod L. Hunt II).
+ 466. Add the 'b' flag to fopen() when opening binary xkm files. This is
+ irrelevant for *nix OSes, but required for Cygwin. (Bugzilla #689,
+ Harold L Hunt II).
+ 465. Cygwin:
+ * MultiWindow Mode: Automatically validate the size of windows that are
+ being resized. (Earle F. Philhower III)
+ * Safely shutdown the MultiWindow Mode and Clipboard Manager threads on
+ server shutdown. (Earle F. Philhower III)
+ * MultiWindow Mode - Fix a crash from a string copy bug.
+ (Earle F. Philhower III)
+ * Add lots of defaults for keyboardlayout. (Alexander Gottwald)
+ * Add a system tha allows arbitrary commands to be added to the tray menu
+ icon. (Earle F. Philhower III)
+ * Print the name of the keyboardlayout to aid in adding more layouts.
+ (Alexander Gottwald)
+ * Stop printing the IDirectDrawSurface4_Blt() failure messages after 10
+ times. (Harold L Hunt II)
+ * Disable check for pc105 keyboard and just assume that it is present.
+ This check was causing problems with certain keyboard drivers that
+ failed to report that a pc105 keyboard was present.
+ (Alexander Gottwald)
+ * MultiWindow Mode - Add handling for WM_CHANGE_STATE IconicState
+ messages;
+ minimize the associated Windows window when these messages are
+ received. (Harold L Hunt II).
+ Submitted: (Bugzilla #704, Harold L. Hunt).
+ 464.
+ * removed BuildDPS flag.
+ * Changed Alloca flag as Cygwin 1.5.x supports alloca, now.
+ * Use external expat package by default.
+ * Changed XawI18nDefines to utilize improved wide char support in
+ Cygwin 1.5.x. (Bugzilla #699, Harold L. Hunt II).
+ 463. Fixed C&T panel register setting (Akira Taniguchi, Egbert Eich).
+ 462. Fixing crash on ia64 because of wrong setjmp buffer alignment (Bugzilla
+ #596, John Dennis).
+ 461. Changing ImPS/2 mouse Z-axis range to -8 to 7 (Bugzilla #691,
+ Matthew W. S. Bell, Egbert Eich).
+ 460. Making sure the compiled xkb config file is found by Xnest if
+ ProjectRoot is modified (Bugzilla #688, Frank Giessler).
+ 459. Fixing build of machine code .S files on OS/2 (Bugzilla #689,
+ Frank Giessler).
+ 458. Import Mesa 5.0.2 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 457. DRI merge (DRI Project)
+ * details to follow..........
+ 456. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Update xkb geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda).
+ - Fix German-Romanian maps (Manfred Pohler).
+ - Cleanup Hungarian layout (Bugzilla #730, Egmont Koblinger).
+ 455. Change the order of the timeouts processing and the input devices
+ reading in WaitForSomething() which caused unneeded keyboard autorepat
+ events (Ivan Pascal).
+XFree86 (25 September 2003)
+ 454. Add support for chip ID 5964 (Radeon 9200 SE) to the radeon driver, and
+ fix detection of IDs 5962 and 5963 with Driver "ati" (Bugzilla #732,
+ Michel Daenzer)
+ 453. Add gcc format checking for the X server's message and logging
+ functions, and fix lots of associated warnings (David Dawes).
+ 452. Replace the perl version of ucs2any with a C version ( Ben Collver and
+ other NetBSD developers, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 451. For drivers that support 'Option "dri"' have the driver request
+ loading the dri module when this option is true. This brings
+ it in to line with how other things are handled. Other drivers
+ that have DRI support need to have the "dri" option added (David Dawes).
+ 450. Fix libGL bug that could cause deadlock when switching contexts
+ (John Harper).
+ 449. Improve the contrast of the whiteglass xterm cursor, and fix the
+ hotspot of the whiteglass right_ptr cursor and add transparency
+ to it (#5867, René Rebe).
+ 448. Fix a problem with the "pl2" (Polish qwertz) map where the order in
+ which the Alt_R and Shift keys are pressed affects the results
+ (Tom Pala).
+ 447. In xdm, use better pseudo-random number generators to generate
+ magic cookies. Add support for EGD and other compatible entropy
+ gathering daemons. (Oswald Buddenhagen from KDE, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 446. Fix IMPS/2 mouse wheel on platforms where char defaults to unsigned
+ (Rene Rebe).
+ 445. Fix rare xterm crash on Darwin due to dyld deadlock when a signal comes
+ in while dyld is looking up a symbol (Rob Braun).
+ 444. XDarwin cleanup and improvements:
+ - Load bundle at runtime for chosen Quartz mode: xpr, cr, or fullscreen.
+ - AppleWM extension has been generalized to work with any Quartz mode.
+ Currently only the xpr implementation is complete.
+ - Wrote a man page for AppleWM.
+ - Moved hw/darwin/quartz/aqua* files that contained code to protect
+ the alpha channel to miext/rootless/safeAlpha.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 443. Remove lots of redundant redeclarations (David Dawes).
+ 442. VIA driver:
+ Fixed video memory detection. (Bugzilla #525, Alan Cox).
+ Fixed TV and FP initialization problems (Bugzilla #525, Frederic Crozat,
+ Alan Cox).
+ Removed remaining globals (Egbert Eich).
+ 441. Fixed memory leaks in the loader (Bugzilla #682 and #683, Juergen Keil).
+ 440. Fixed erroneous freeing of DisplayModeRec in xf86DeleteMode() when
+ deleting the modePool in xf86PruneDriverModes() the 'prev' member has
+ a different meaning for modePool modes than for ScrnInfoPtr->modes modes
+ where it creates a doubly linked list (Bugzilla #678, Juergen Keil).
+ 439. Fixed SDK for VIA driver (Bugzilla #674, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer).
+ 438. Extended list of monitor ranges and modes in xf86cfg (Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 (10 September 2003)
+ 437. Move the X server log file handling from the XFree86 DDX to the DIX,
+ allowing the more descriptive logging to be used throughout the server,
+ and the log messages to be more uniform in formatting (David Dawes).
+ 436. Added support for the Compaq Evo keyboard (Stanislav Brabec).
+ 435. Fixed writes past end of array in via_bios.c (Bugzilla #662,
+ Egbert Eich).
+ 434. Let luit copy the termios settings from the calling terminal (Bugzilla
+ #641, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 433. Add _ADOBE_POSTSCRIPT_FONTNAME to the list of font properties xlsfonts
+ that are atoms and should be converted to strings when run with the
+ -ll flag. Also fixed the lenght problems that may arise (Bugzilla # 659,
+ Alan Coopersmith).
+ 432. Backing out 321.: sysMem gets initialized once during server lifetime
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 431. Fixing X11.tmpl to set XFTINCLUDES after defining a non-standard path
+ to fontconfig, adding FONTCONFIGINCLUDES to the build rules for fontconfig
+ (Kevin P. Fleming).
+ 430. Added support for the hp5181 inet keyboard (Bugzilla #648, Alan Strohm).
+ 429. Added support for Apple Laptop keyboards, added level3/group switching to
+ KP_Enter, modified layout so keyboards acts the same way as under Mac OS
+ (Bugzilla #642, Frank Murphy).
+ 428. Adding ANGKHANKHU (U+0E5A) character to level 3 of keycode <AD09> on
+ th_tis keymap (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 427. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Add 'Romanian keymap for German keyboard' and 'Romanian keymap with
+ access to German umlauts' (Manfred Pohler).
+ - Update xfree86.dtd file (Sergey V. Oudaltsov).
+ - Add an XkbOption that makes a keyboard map without special keysyms
+ on Ctrl+Alt+smth for those who use such combinations for another
+ purposes (Ivan Pascal).
+ 426. Reverse patch #423 because it causes compile problems (Ivan Pascal).
+ 425. Disable the bytecode interpreter by default in FreeType 1, bringing it
+ into line with the default for FreeType 2. Document how to enable
+ it in xf86site.def for those with no legal impediment to doing so
+ (David Dawes).
+ 424. Improvement of Xlib's keysym compose module:
+ - Allow to figure out a mulibyte string if it is omitted in Compose file.
+ - Add 'include' instruction with some substitutions.
+ - Add a searching of Compose file as a value of XCOMPOSEFILE environment
+ variable and as a $HOME/.XCompose file. (Ivan Pascal).
+ 423. Add a writing of some Xserver XKB module error messages into a servers
+ log file (Ivan Pascal).
+ 422. Add Trident CyberBladeXP4 support, but acceleration is currently
+ disabled. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 421. updates to reduce its reliance on external utilities and
+ provide better diagnostics when required external utilities don't exist.
+ (David Dawes).
+ 420. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Fix unneeded BKSL redefinition in Ukrainian 'winkeys' keyboard map
+ (Andriy Rysin).
+ - Fix some keycodes for jp106 keyboard model (Bugzilla #657,
+ Stephen J. Turnbull).
+ - Update xfree86.xml registry file (Andriy Rysin, Sergey V. Oudaltsov).
+ 419. Add a missing xf86UnblockSIGIO() call to xf86InstallSIGIOHandler()
+ (#5839, NetBSD PR xsrc/22668, Yorick Hardy).
+ 418. Fix a problem with the "pl" map where the order in which the Alt_R and
+ Shift keys are pressed affects the results (#5832, Tom Pala).
+ 417. Fix the warning generated by the ONE_LEVEL <RALT> definition in
+ the "level3" map (#5832, Tom Pala).
+ 416. Remove the unnecessary dependence of RandR on RENDER (David Dawes).
+ 415. Remove some static variables that should be per-screen (David Dawes).
+ 414. SiS driver update:
+ - Add 8x8 Color Pattern Fill (315/330 series)
+ - Add transparency support for 8x8 Mono Pattern (300/315/330 series)
+ - Fix Xv "insufficency" triggered by MPlayer (315 series)
+ 413. Add missing REQUEST_SIZE_MATCH() to xSyncSetCounter protocol request
+ (noticed by Ruben Nunez Francisco).
+ 412. Allow building libOSMesa during non-XFree86 builds (Marc La France).
+ 411. Rip out incorrect limits on the number of PCI buses an ix86 chipset can
+ handle and implement an improved solution for avoiding "phantom" PCI
+ buses (Marc La France, Bugzilla #604).
+ 410. Fixes for potential integer overflows in font libraries. (blexim,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 409. SiS driver: Add RENDER hardware acceleration
+ 408. Add a Fopen() function to open the Xauthority file without spawning
+ a shell (Bugzilla #255, Aidan Kehoe, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 407. Fix a bug introduced with #397 that results in the core pointer and
+ keyboard devices specified in a ServerLayout section being ignored
+ (David Dawes).
+ 406. Added big5hkscs encoding to font encoding files (Bugzilla #575,
+ Jungshik Shin).
+ 405. Don't call FBIOPAN_DISPLAY ioctl with arguments that will cause a
+ confusing if harmless error; make an fbdevhw internal function static to
+ fix a warning. (Michel Dänzer)
+ 404. Passing correct virtual screen size to xf86ValidateModes() in VIA driver
+ (Luc Verhaegen).
+ 403. Added RGB overlays to i810 driver (Bugzilla# 625, Alastair M. Robinson).
+ 402. Fixed mode switching and mode comparison for xf86VidMode extension for S3
+ driver (Bugzilla #613, Alexey Baj, Egbert Eich).
+ 401. Via driver: Fixed remaining globals, some formatting issues, out of
+ memory handling in Xv overlay code and a couple of small glitches caused
+ by the fixes (Bugzilla# 525, Alan Cox)
+ Fixed some missing globals and static build (Egbert Eich).
+ A handful globals still remain.
+ 400. Update the Xserver(1), XFree86(1) and XF86Config(5) man pages to
+ clarify how XFree86 configuration/run-time parameters are specified
+ and their order of precedence (David Dawes).
+XFree86 (25 August 2003)
+ 399. Try to make the state of libXfont more consistent. It shouldn't depend
+ on whether a static or loadable XFree86 server is being built, so it
+ now always has a dependency on the FreeType2 library (when FreeType
+ support is enabled) (David Dawes).
+ 398. Make the specification of a Monitor in the Screen sections of the
+ XF86Config file optional. Some drivers may need changes (coming later)
+ to maximise the utility of this (David Dawes).
+ 397. When a core keyboard or core pointer cannot be found in the
+ configuration, create default ones. The pointer part of this
+ requires some changes to the mouse driver (coming later) before
+ the default core pointer configuration will be useful on most
+ platforms (David Dawes).
+ 396. Add a facility for assigning version numbers to builtin XFree86 server
+ interfaces and allowing modules to query them. Assign versions for
+ the os-mouse and os-kbd interfaces (David Dawes).
+ 395. Include uname(2) information in the server's banner messages
+ (Marc La France).
+ 394. Fix bug in detection of multi-function PCI devices (Marc La France, in
+ partial resolution of Bugzilla #574).
+ 393. Change the XFree86 server's global default depth to 16, and change most
+ drivers that support the three common depths (8, 16, 24) to defer to
+ the global default rather than specifying their own (David Dawes).
+ 392. Fixed a crash when _XIMProtoOpenIM(), hich is called through XOpenIM()
+ API when protocol IM is being set up, fails (Bugzilla #618,
+ Hisashi MIYASHITA).
+ 391. Fixed a possible source of Sig11 in Jamstudio driver (Bugzilla #617,
+ Jonathan Hough, Egbert Eich).
+ 390. Fixed building without RENDER support (Bugzilla #306, Matthieu Herrb,
+ Egbert Eich).
+ 389. Pass pointer obtained by Xalloc() to Xfree() not the one that may be
+ manipulated in the mean time (Bugzilla #614, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 388. Added reverse mapping of keysyms to keycodes (XKeysymToKeycode())
+ to xev to detect situations where this maps to a different keycode than
+ the one of the key pressed (Egbert Eich).
+ 387. Made xauth called by startx quiet (Bugzilla #597, Stas Sergeev).
+ 386. Added missing operand size override handling to PUSH imm8 in x86emu
+ (Bugzilla #590, Boris Weissman).
+ 385. Fixed compile glitch with NetBSD in xdm/genauth.c (Bugzilla #587,
+ Nicolas JOLY)
+ 384. Fix bugs in Xlib's EUC string converters that cause incorrect work of
+ _Xmblen. Fix _Xmblen usage in imCallbk.c when Xlib is built with
+ X_LOCALE (Etsushi Kato).
+ 383. Update xev program for print the result of XmbLookupString call
+ (Bugzilla #582, Noah Levitt, Ivan Pascal)
+ 382. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Fix for Uzbek keyboard map (Bugzilla #595, Mashrab Kuvatov).
+ - Fix for the problem with Alt+Tab combinations in some window mangers
+ (Bugzilla #580,616): window chooser menu doesn't disappear after
+ Alt key release (Egbert Eich, Ivan Pascal).
+ 381. Allow a Display subsection with no depth or fbbpp specified to match
+ any depth/fbbpp, and make Display subsections optional, creating one
+ with default parameters when no suitable one can be found (David Dawes).
+ 380. Include <sys/param.h> to get the BSD macro for luit (ITO Tsuyoshi).
+ 379. DRM resync from the DRI trunk...
+ - Lots of misc fixes/cleanups, and some resyncs with 2.4 and 2.6
+ kernels.
+ - Fix maplist entries being used after they were freed; thanks to
+ Benjamin Herrenschmidt for tracking this down (Michel Daenzer).
+ - FreeBSD updates (Eric Anholt).
+ - Fail in DRM(agp_acquire) if the AGP aperture can't be used, such
+ that the X server falls back to PCI GART or disables the DRI
+ gracefully (Michel Daenzer).
+ - Possibly fix stanford checker complaints about sarea for radeon
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Restore i830 texture age waiting when swapping in new textures
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Fix texture rectangle support for r100 (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Add i810 add page flipping support to the DRM (Dave Airlie).
+ - Merged DRM documentation (Jose Fonseca).
+ - r128 MESA_ycbcr_texture (Ian Romanick, Leif Delgass).
+ 378. Linux drm module build fixes for newish kernels from the DRI
+ repository (Michel Daenzer, Linus Torvalds, Leif Delgass). This
+ addresses Bugzilla #603, 605 (Calum Mackay).
+ 377. Fix the test for 2.5.x with x < 52 Linux kernels for the drm module
+ build (Bugzilla #601, Callum Mackay).
+ 376. Fix an XAA pixmap cache server crash that can happen in some cases
+ when the off-screen memory is heavily fragmented (David Dawes, based
+ on #5752, Koike Kazuhiko, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 375. Fix for the Brazilian ABNT2 keyboard extra key that now translates to
+ a different keycode value. Patch suggested by Ivan Pascal.
+ 374. Fixed XDarwin fullscreen crash in some screen sizes (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 373. Be a little more precise about differentiating between active and
+ inactive non-video PCI resources (Marc La France).
+ 372. Added Apple-WM extension and library (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 371. Fixed indirect GLX on Mac OS X when the client can not make a
+ connection to the CoreGraphics window server (John Harper).
+ 370. Fixed support for 64bit PCI bus on 32bit systems (Egbert Eich).
+ 369. Added support for using aliases in the -nolisten option. '-nolisten tcp'
+ aliases to IPv4 and IPv6 (Matthieu Herrb, Egbert Eich).
+ 368. Added fallback Xlib transport layer if IPv6 socket cannot be openend
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 367. Added missing symbol to the vbeSymbols table in i740 driver (Bugzilla
+ #583, Egbert Eich).
+ 366. Changed scripts containing 'head -1' which is not supported by
+ POSIX 1003.1-2001 any more (Bugzilla #570, #569, Paul Eggert,
+ Egbert Eich).
+ 365. Changed POSIX 1003.1-2001 non-conformant 'sort +2' to 'sort -k 3' with
+ backward compatibility (Bugzilla #568, Paul Eggert).
+ 364. Add Microsoft Pro OEM model to XKB inet map (Bugzilla #458,
+ 363. Extract the CHANGELOG's commit date and include it in the XFree86
+ server log/version information (David Dawes).
+ 362. Change the way xf86Build.h is created so that it doesn't cause its
+ dependencies to be rebuilt when its contents are not changed
+ (David Dawes).
-XFree86 (9 May 2003)
- 987. Fix a FreeBSD/alpha build problem (#5679, Fred Clift).
- 986. Fix SiliconMotion driver for mode switching and SEGV problem when
- initializing Xv functionality (Bugzilla #50, Alan Hourihane).
- 985. Fix a SEGV that can happen with Riva128 cards (Mark Vojkovich).
- 984. Prevent a SIGFPE with the glint/pm3 driver when attempting to display
+XFree86 (10 August 2003)
+ 361. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - Added numpad:microsoft XKB option (Bugzilla #558, Will Styles).
+ - Fixed inconsistence in indicator names (Bugzilla #577, Noah Levitt).
+ - Added type6 model of Sun keyboard (Warren Turkal).
+ 360. Add UK (gb) layout to the dvorak XKB map (#5739, Mike Sulivan).
+ 359. More work on the NativeGDI server for Cygwin/XFree86. The span routines
+ are nearing completion (albeit they run slowly until the higher
+ level X primitive functions are implemented). The obvious issue with
+ the current code is the problems surrounding 1-bit DIBsections which
+ have msb/lsb issues compared to the other types of DIBsections.
+ This work was done quite some time ago in the Cygwin/XFree86 CVS.
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 358. SiS driver update:
+ - Added pseudo-Xinerama extension for MergedFB mode
+ - Fixes for Clevo L285/L287 (1024x768)
+ 357. Include Xmd.h in Xpm/lib/XpmI.h to get definitions of LONG64
+ (Bugzilla #562, John Dennis).
+ 356. Moved Meta_L/R keys and added Super_L/R keys on macintosh keyboard.
+ This makes the layout more compatible to the PC keyboard layout
+ (Bugzilla #565, Frank Murphy).
+ 355. Add check for Xmalloc() return value in XGetErrorDatabaseText() to avoid
+ Sig11 (Bugzilla #563, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 354. Separated build of libglx.a module and normal libglx.a library
+ (Bugzilla #541, Frank Giessler).
+ 353. Fixed build of Xnest, Xprt and Xvfb for OS/2 by linking with the linker
+ definition files (Bugzilla #541, Frank Giessler).
+ 352. Fixed freeing of properties form xkb_geomerty block (Bugzilla #550,
+ Alexander Pohoyda).
+ 351. Fixed string octal number parsing and string to int conversion for "\00"
+ in xkbcomp (Bugzilla #553, Egbert Eich).
+ 350. Removed stale definition from XftCompat.h (Bugzilla #543, Egbert Eich).
+ 349. Added XLC_LOCALE file for zh_CN.UTF-8, moved iso10646 encoding to the end
+ in ja_JP, ko_KR and zh_TW UTF-8 XLC_LOCALE files
+ (Bugzilla #544, Akira TAGOH).
+ 348. Fixed typo in #if conditional in cfb code (Bugzilla #556, Dave Love).
+ 347. Fixed ValidMode() in C&T driver to work with option 'FixPanelSize'
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 346. Fixed Meta_R key on us layout Macintosh keyboard (Bugzilla #539,
+ Frank Murphy).
+ 345. Add new charset sequence for CText at the end of list. This way the
+ sequence of a charsets that were added earlier will be picked if two
+ sequences for the same charset are registered (Bugzilla #228,
+ Egbert Eich).
+ 344. Use return value sysconf (_SC_OPEN_MAX) instead of the fixed number 256
+ for allowed number of open files on POSIX.1 conformant systems
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 343. Added missing exported functions in libfreetype to compile mkfontscale,
+ made mkfontsdir script install on platforms that use extensions (Bugzilla
+ 536, Frank Giessler).
+ 342, Fixed a sig11 in Xaw that may appear on the rare condition that no font
+ can be found (Bugzilla #482, Egbert Eich).
+ 341. Added KP_Separator to symbols that can generate decimal() in xcalc
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 340. Disabled Color8x8PatternFill() in savage driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 339. Fixed a sig11 in twm when used with a session manager (Egbert Eich).
+ 338. Fixed rounding of refresh rate in RandR, updated Xrandr man page
+ (Bugzilla #527, Egbert Eich).
+ 337. Added MenuBorderWidth and MenuBorderColor options to twm (Bugzilla #529,
+ Alexander Pohoyda)
+ 336. Update for VIA driver:
+ - DGA no longer hangs (eg freedroidRPG now runs reliably)
+ - Starting two copies of Xine no longer aborts the X server
+ - Added support for KM400/K8M400
+ - Improved video overlay support.
+ - Fixed video overlay clipping when the image cliprects change but
+ not the size.
+ - TV tuner support via XV interface for two overlay ports.
+ - DRI support (the client side library is not yet fully ported to 4.3).
+ - Disable Xv in modes with insufficient bandwidth (1600c1200x16).
+ - Updated documentation
+ It differs from the base VIA codedrop.
+ - Several of the fixes were done by me on top of it (the dual Xine fix,
+ and bandwidth)
+ - Various system types have been turned to CARD32 to make the code
+ portable
+ - The hybrid Video4Linux/XV glue was racy and has been removed
+ (the XV layer is more than sufficient anyway)
+ - DRI library client code is not included (porting not yet finished)
+ - Additional debugging
+ (Bugzilla #525, VIA, Alan Cox) .
+ - Cleaning up namespace pollution, removing dependency on via_drm.h
+ removing some global symbols from driver (Egbert Eich).
+ Please note: there are more global symbols yet to be removed.
+ 335. Remove the 'xc/xkbcomp/geometry/HP' directory from the CVS repository.
+ 334. Substantial rewrite of the "nv" driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 333. Resync with Cygwin/XFree86 changes up to Test92 (#5721, Harold Hunt and
+ the Cygwin/XFree86 project).
+ 332. Add a clean target for Cygwin's ResourceObjectRule() rule (#5720,
+ Harold Hunt).
+ 331. Fix xman's formatting/displaying of manual pages on Darwin, where
+ 'groff' defaults to PostScript formatting (#5719, T. M. Pederson).
+ 330. SiS driver update:
+ - Fixed SiS 620 support
+ - Added interface for sisctrl utility
+ (Thomas Winischhofer)
+ 329. Fixes for regressions in xauth and xhost with IPv6 code
+ (Matthieu Herrb, Hideki ONO).
+ 328. Update X-TrueType (X-TT) to version 1.4.1 (Chisato Yamauchi,
+ After X-TT Project):
+ - Extension of code converter modules for ARABIC, ARMSCII8,
+ BIG5HKSCS, GB18030, ISO8859.*, etc. (Pablo Saratxaga, James Su)
+ - Try to use TT_Load_Glyph_Bitmap() in get_metrics() when `bs'
+ option is not set.
+ - Use Embedded Bitmap with the option `eb=y' when Auto Italic is set.
+ - Enhancements for `ds', `eb' and `bw' options.
+ - New options for TTCap, `fc' and `fm': they enable the *extremely*
+ fast loading of big Japanese or unicode fonts with `-p-' in the XLFD.
+ - Performance improvement of FreeTypeGetMetrics() function.
+ - Improved performance based on the solution to the buffer
+ overflow problem, caused by exceeding the range of
+ maxbounds.ascent/maxbounds.descent. This problem occurred only
+ when `-m-' spacing was used.
+ - Improved fix to crashes caused when certain fonts (e.g. verdana.ttf)
+ are used; solution based on investigating the true nature of the
+ problem.
+ - Added patch for mktcapdir-0.5.4 and some ttfconf files suitable for
+ X-TT 1.4.0.
+ - Preparation for extending the encoding field of XLFD. X-TT permits
+ the following additional XLFD format:
+ "-foo-foo-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-foo.2000-0.0"
+ "-foo-foo-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-foo.2000-0.1"
+ The last number can be used to indicate the plane number of a huge
+ character set.
+ - Support for reverse `fc' specification. `fc=0xaa00-0xa0ff' means
+ specifying the ranges 0x0000-0xa0ff and 0xaa00-0xffff. This is
+ useful for GB18030 proportional fonts.
+ - Improved fix for server crash that appears on Linux/PPC.
+ - Added ksc5601.*-3 and ksx1001.*-3 to KSCJOHAB/main.c (Jungshik Shin).
+ - Added U+20AC and U+00AE characters to KSCJOHABtoUCS2.c and
+ KSC5601toUCS2.c (Jungshik Shin).
+ - Fixed an X server crash when using LucidaSansRegular.ttf
+ (reported by Koike Kazuhiko).
+ - Improved fix to prevent NULL dereference when the font cache
+ becomes full; solution by allocation of a dummy area for bitmap.
+ - Fixed an X server crash because of an inconsistency problem between
+ XFree86 and X-TT (reported by Koike Kazuhiko).
+ - Numerous minor improvements.
+XFree86 (25 July 2003)
+ 327. Add Mach64 I2C framework. Derived from GATOS project (Marc La France).
+ 326. Removed ru_yawerty xkb symbols file as it is misleading as suggested
+ by Ivan Pasacal (Bugzilla #516, Ivan Pascal).
+ 325. Fixed two bounds errors in rman
+ (Bugzilla #505, Dan Nelson, Bugzilla #506, Eric Anholt).
+ 324. Cleaned up MMIO map/unmap in RADEONPreInit(), unmapped MMIO in
+ CloseScreen() even when server is switched away (Bugzilla #504,
+ Hui Yu, Egbert Eich).
+ 323. Modified transport code so that a bind to an IPv4 socket fails silently
+ when the bind to an IPv6 socket for the same port was successful.
+ This works around a problem in theIPv6 implementation on some OSes
+ that also handle IPv4 calls over IPv6 sockets (Egbert Eich).
+ 322. Simplified handling of the -nolisten option as suggested by
+ Alan Coopersmith. This option can now be issued multiple times.
+ 321. Added code to unmap sysMem when freeing int10 (Bugzilla #504,
+ Frank Giessler).
+ 320. Fix generic rootless crash while resizing when CopyBytes is not defined
+ by the implementation (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 319. Fix XDarwin Cocoa rootless crash when unshaping a shaped window
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 318. More IPv6 changes from Alan Coopersmith as follows:
+ - Add support for IPv6 bracketed numeric addresses, similar to RFC 2732
+ syntax to a number of areas.
+ - Fix some issues with colon parsing and determining which addresses are
+ DECnet (two colons between hostname and display number) and which are
+ non-bracketed IPv6 numeric addresses ending in two colons, followed by
+ another colon and the display number (three colons in a row).
+ - Fix additional places Fabio forgot to change the string length when
+ switching "inetv6" to "inet6".
+ - Use MAXHOSTNAMELEN if it is defined for MAXHOSTNAME in xrdb. (Perhaps
+ NI_MAXHOST should be used as well on platforms that support it.)
+ - Make #include <sys/socket.h> in Xtrans.h look like the other places
+ it's included in the tree, with checks for Lynx & Win32
+ 317. IPv6: 2003.07.11 update to X.Org's response to comment #13; i.e.
+ s/FamilyInternetV6/FamilyInternet6/g (Marc La France).
+ 316. IPv6 build fixes for older Linux systems; Many of these are derived from
+ a suggestion by Alan Coopersmith (Marc La France).
+ 315. Change DEVID macro to work around glitch in SCO's C compiler
+ (Marc La France).
+ 314. Fixed Radeon driver so that clone modes survive server reset
+ (Bugzilla #487, Egbert Eich).
+ 313. Changed behavior of FreeType and Type1 renderer: when no encoding file
+ is found fail with BadFontName instead of using an iso8859-1 encoding
+ (Bugzilla #479, Roland Mainz, Juliusz Chroboczek, Egbert Eich).
+ 312. Fixed screen switching problem on SCO where VT was off by one
+ (Bugzilla #470, Kean Johnston).
+ 311. S3 driver:
+ . allow only specific displayWidths when acceleration is enabled
+ . added double_scan support (Egbert Eich).
+ 310. Removed build rules for hp Xserver that was recently removed from
+ Xserver/Imakefile (Egbert Eich).
+ 309. Fixes for C&T driver:
+ . switch to SW mouse in doublescan modes.
+ . centered video correctly for all interlaced modes (docs were
+ misleading).
+ . fixed README (Egbert Eich).
+ 308. Fixed a typo in mkfontscale (Bugzilla #491, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 307. A lot of X server prototype cleanups, including fixing an
+ inconsistency between the cfbBitBlt and CopyPlane functions
+ exposed by the prototyping (#A.1859, Alexander Stohr).
+ 306. Fix missing newline in Message -> MessageF transition in dri_glx.c
+ (#A.1833, Alexander Stohr).
+ 305. Fill out the sunleo man page (#A.1783, Arnaud Quette).
+ 304. Fix a typo in the XSetWMProtocols(3) man page (#5697, Alexander Pohoyda).
+ 303. Fix for a few Xlib charset converters (Bruno Haible).
+ 302. Fix calculation of CRTC2 frame offset with page flipping in radeon driver
+ (Michel Daenzer)
+ 301. Xinerama-fy the XTest extension (Rik Faith).
+XFree86 (10 July 2003)
+ 300. X.Org IPv6 changes (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith, Marc La France).
+ See for details. This has
+ been further modified as follows.
+ - Deal with small memory leaks in xdm & xauth.
+ - Fix a number of compilation issues.
+ - Where supported, use SIOCGLIFCONF to query network interfaces on more
+ than only Solaris.
+ - Incorporate X.Org responses to comments #'s 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12,
+ 13, 14 and 15 (taken from an X.Org-internal document dated 2003.06.17).
+ - Replace HasIPv6 imake symbol with BuildIPv6, defaulting it to YES, and
+ build in IPv6 support whenever BuildIPv6 is asserted _and_ the OS
+ #define's AF_INET6. This is to maximise IPv6 code exposure and
+ eliminate <OS>.cf file changes to support IPv6.
+ 299. On Solaris, don't allow remote root xdm logins if CONSOLE is set in
+ /etc/default/login (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 298. Fix SEGV in fstobdf when font server is not specified and FSServerName()
+ returns NULL (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 297. Fix XDMCP bug that could cause local host entries in /etc/X0.hosts to be
+ lost (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 296. Make certain xtrans static variable volatile to avoid optimisation issues
+ that occur when they are modified by SIGALRM handlers
+ (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 295. Use %p instead of %x to print pointer values in xtrans debug messages to
+ avoid overflow on platforms with 32-bit ints & 64-bit pointers
+ (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 294. Change SUN-RPC code to use authdes_seccreate() call rather than the
+ deprecated authdes_create() (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 293. Add xdm /dev/random handling for Solaris
+ (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 292. Solaris compile fixes (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 291. Update X.Org version numbers to X11R6.6 or X11R6.7 and replace old
+ references to X Consortium with X.Org (Bugzilla #227, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 290. Update the usage of DRM AGP handles so that valid handles aren't
+ mis-interpreted as invalid handles (based on Bugzilla #484, Dave Airlie).
+ 289. Twisting fontfile.c and fontdir.c to be able to pass all fonts (bitmap
+ and scaleable) to the scalable renderer as this one can deal with
+ XLFD names (Bugzilla #475, Juliusz Chroboczek). PLEASE TEST!
+ 288. Changing PS/2 mouse resolution to 8 counts/mm as some broken mice have
+ problems with other values (W. uses 8) (Egbert Eich).
+ 287. Fixing mode setting by BIOS. Wrong clock selection in MiscOut register
+ caused screen to stay blank (Egbert Eich).
+ 286. Added description for -dumpSched and -schedInterval to the usage
+ message (Egbert Eich)
+ 285. Update the SCO OpenServer port, fixing these specific problems:
+ . Fixed the Imake template so i[3456]86 and friends arent defined
+ . Fixed bad preprocessor stuff in X11.tmpl that was producing warnings
+ . Updated default GCC flags to more aggresively optimize
+ . Fixed keyboard LED handling
+ . Enable SCO function keys in xterm
+ . Make Delete key send DEL by default on SCO in xterm
+ . Fix to make fonttosfnt compile (Bugzilla #470, Kean Johnston).
+ 284. Added missing ro2 symbols file to list of files to install
+ (Bugzilla #476, Egbert Eich).
+ 283. Corrected precedence problem in test in xc/lib/X11/XKBUse.c:
+ XkbUseExtension(). This avoids an extra round trip during application
+ startup (Bugzilla #473, Owen Taylor).
+ 282. Fixing deadlock in libXi - when is called _XLockDisplay() twice - when
+ calling a Xi function that calls XGetExtensionVersion() (Bugzilla #260,
+ Bastien Nocera, Owen Taylor).
+ 281. Adding support for video modes <320x240 to S3 driver by changing the
+ minimal clock frequency to 15.6 MHz (Bugzilla #472, Alexey Baj).
+ 280. Made mkfontscale behavior and options compatible to mkfontdir, fixed
+ bugs in output format (Bugzilla #425, Juliusz Chroboczek, Kean Johnston).
+ 279. Changed xclock hands back to black (antialiased) , created
+ to set colored hands instead, added missing documentation for missing
+ resources. This follows the behavior of the other X applications more
+ closely (Bugzilla #437, Joerg Wunsch).
+ 278. Added support for Trio64UV+ and Trio64V2/DX/GX to S3 driver (backport
+ from 3.x) (Bugzilla #465, Alexej Baj).
+ 277. Increased Xlib default buffer size to 16k (was 2048), made size
+ configurable thru environment variable XLIBBUFFERSIZE (minimum 2048)
+ (Bugzilla #466, Roland Mainz).
+ 276. Increased maximum BIGREQUEST size to 4Mb and made it configurable thru
+ a command line option. This increases performance of certain
+ applications considerably (Bugzilla #460, Roland Mainz).
+ 275. VIA driver: initialized screen parameters in PreInit() instead of
+ AccelInit() so that they are set even when acceleration is disabled
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 274. Do not drop H&V sync during screen blanking for Radeon
+ (Bugzilla #320, Michael Breuer, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 273. Let out-of-limit pixel clocks only use the frequency below pll output
+ lower limit for Radeons (Bugzilla #262, John Vickers, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 272. Add support for Radeon cards with DAC/TMDS wire up in different ways
+ from what the driver was originally programmed to; includes support
+ for dual DVI cards (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 271. Add Radeon DPMS handling for flat panels (Bugzilla #26, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 270. Decreased the retry loops in DDC probing so that Radeon startup
+ time won't be too long in the worst case (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 269. Fix Radeon Asic bug in RMX unit of IGP chips (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 268. Fix Radeon register initialization for RGB offset to fix the
+ "milky-screen" problem (Bugzilla #351, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 267. Add support for new Radeon chips: R350(9800), RV350(9600,M10),
+ RS250(IGP7000), RS300(IGP9000), RV280(9200) (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 266. Fix a lockup with the trident driver when stopping/starting Xv
+ applications (Alan Hourihane).
+ 265. Fix initialisation in xauth (Martin Birgmeier).
+ 264. Calling RADEONSaveFPRegisters() regardless of display type to catch
+ register restauration problems (Bugzilla #193, Hui Yu).
+ 263. Fixed order of name and filename in encodings.dir files generated by
+ mkfontscale (Roland Mainz).
+ 262. Changed resource registration in TDFX driver: VGA mem resources
+ are unused during OPERATING state, RAC isn't required for memory
+ resources (Bugzilla #357, Egbert Eich).
+ 261. Attempt to fix VIA driver lockups when moving windows:
+ assumed bug compatibility to previous S3 products
+ (Bugzilla #435, Egbert Eich).
+ 260. Disabled mode writeback to client program from MGA driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 259. #ifdef'ed variables in os-support/bsd in cases they are not needed
+ (Bugzilla #430, Jason L. Wright).
+ 258. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - add Faroese keyboard map (Bugzilla #401, Roi a Torkilsheyggi)
+ - add missing KPPT key to ABNT2 keycodes list (Bugzilla #431, Christian
+ Tosta)
+ - fix geometry/pc file (Alexander Pohoyda).
+ 257. Don't sleep on Darwin for directory owner/mode problems (John Harper).
+ 256. Limit 430TX and 430VX to 128 and 32 PCI buses respectively
+ (Marc La France).
+ 255. Add direct GLX rendering on Mac OS X and Apple-DRI extension
+ (John Harper).
+ 254. Replaced inline asms with compier intrinsics for Intel compiler
+ (Bugzilla #427, Slava Sysoltsev).
+ 253. Partly fixed build problems caused by mkfontdir replacement
+ (Bugzilla #425, Egbert Eich).
+ 252. SiS driver update:
+ Fixed Xabre support
+ (Final) fix for Compaq 3045US
+ Customized timing for 848x480 parallel panels
+ 251. Replaced mkfontdir by simple shell script that calls mkfontscale
+ (see #233) (Bugzilla #388, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 250. Added encoding files for Arabic (iso8859-6.16 and iso8859-6.8x)
+ (Bugzilla #420, Roland Mainz).
+ 249. Removed O_SYNC from open call for /dev/mem for all Linux platforms.
+ This hopefully takes care of the speed problem
+ (Bugzilla #419, #414, Egbert Eich).
+ 248. Fixed fontstosfnt to build on OS/2 (Bugzilla #415, Frank Giessler
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 247. Fixed DMC touchscreen driver: button press events are properly
+ recognized now, made sure device is still recognized after a restart,
+ fixed misleading error messages (Bugzilla #418, Andreas Kies).
+ 246. Added PanoramiX supprt for the RENDER requests: Trapezoids, Triangles,
+ TriStrip, TriFan, SetPictureTransform and SetPictureFilter
+ (Bugzilla #138, Egbert Eich).
+ 245. Fixed SW/Theme cursor drawing glitches in i740 driver (Bugzilla #21,
+ Egbert Eich).
+ 244. Added input driver for Aiptek tablet (Bugzilla: #393, (list #5686),
+ Bryan W. Headley).
+XFree86 (25 June 2003)
+ 243. Added 'BitKeeper' to the directories that get excluded by lndir
+ (Bugzilla #408, H.J.Lu).
+ 242. Fixed gcc warnings in xdmauth.c (Bugzilla #410, Jason L. Wright).
+ 241. Updated Citron touchscreen driver: set 'block duration time'
+ to one second to avoid timeouts, added user strings to inform about
+ HW version (Peter Kunzmann).
+ 240. Fixed wraparound bug in TimerSet() (Peter Osterlund).
+ 239. Fixed X*LookupString() in imDevLkup.c to return status
+ XBufferOverflow and the required size as required
+ (Bugzilla #397, Kusanagi Kouichi).
+ Dto. for imLcLkup.c (Egbert Eich).
+ 238. Removed unused function QualifyName, Exit() from Xprint
+ and CountBits(), matchVisuals() from GLX
+ (Bugzilla #395, #400, #394 Jason L. Wright).
+ 237. Fixed type warning when building sunffb driver on 64bit
+ (Bugzilla #404, Jason L. Wright).
+ 236. Fixed warnings when building Palmex touchscreen driver statically
+ (Bugzilla #405, Jason L. Wright).
+ 235. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - add programmers variant to the Turkish keyboard map (Nilgün Belma
+ Bugüner)
+ - add a variant of the Romanian keyboard map for German keyboard
+ (Manfred Pohler)
+ - add layout for BTC 9001AH keyboard (Nick Kurshev)
+ - add Uzbek keymap description (Bugzilla #391, Mashrab Kuvatov)
+ - update geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda)
+ 234. Added fonttosfnt, a utility that generates bitmap-only TTFs. It is
+ capable of reading most font formats (Bugzilla #389,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 233. Added functionalities to mkfontscale so mkfontscale performs every
+ functionality mkfontdir does (Bugzilla #387, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 232. Removed absolute path from cpp for Linux as /usr/bin/ should be
+ in the default search patch (Egbert Eich).
+ 231. Fix regression of Xvideo not working with some videos on the
+ CyberBladeXP/Ai1 chips (Bugzilla #251, Stephane Voltz).
+ 230. Added early failure and warning message when not sufficient memory
+ available for DRI in i8xx driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 229. Fix bug in original patch which added support for two new relocation
+ types for IA64 (Bugzilla #195, John Dennis).
+ 228. Fix scaling calculus in savage driver (Bugzilla #274, Emmanuel).
+ 227. Clarifying if conditions, fixing memory leaks in error path, removing
+ useless code in savage driver (Bugzilla #278+279, Emmanuel).
+ 226. Adding message to R128 driver which informs about modified modes for LCD
+ according to VBIOS (Bugzilla #23, Egbert Eich).
+ 225. Fixed chipset ID for v2100/v2200 for overrides (Egbert Eich).
+ 224. Added interlaced support for Voodoo 3,4,5 to TDFX driver (Bugzilla #383,
+ Jakub Bogusz).
+ 223. Fixed typo in getPciBiosTypes() (Bugzilla #382, Jakub Bogusz).
+ 222. Restore previous mode if mode switch fails (Bugzilla #381, Jakub Bogusz).
+ 221. Fixed typo that prevented lubB19 fonts with different maps from being
+ generated (Bugzilla #380, Jakub Bogusz).
+ 220. Sync entrypoints for OS/2 with recent changes in fontconfig and Xft
+ (Bugzilla #374, Frank Giessler).
+ 219. Added detection of 2Mb memory for CLGD7548, fixed a possible memory
+ leak and did minor cleanups (Bugzilla #369, Lucas Correia Villa Real).
+ 218. Recode single-byte keyboard scancodes that clash with recoded
+ double-byte scancodes (David Dawes).
+ 217. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - add more EuroSign to "us_intl" keyboard map (Paul Bolle)
+ - update geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda)
+ - add AudioMute key to inet(hpxe3gc) (Bugzilla #350, Paul Pacheco)
+ - add option for replacing RCtrl key with Right Alt (Bugzilla #343,
+ Adam Tlalka)
+ - add Uzbek keyboard map (Bugzilla #372, Mashrab Kuvatov)
+ 216. (Re-)fix portability of gccmakedep and generate ccmakedep on all
+ platforms (Marc La France).
+ 215. Fix i810/i815 problem with interlaced modes where only the top half
+ of the screen gets displayed (Paul Stewart).
+ 214. Changed any occurance of x86_64 to AMD64, the official name of the
+ architecture (Egbert Eich).
+ 213. Removed Copyright sign from man pages as this causes some formatters
+ to choke (Egbert Eich).
+ 212. Export SysV IPC functions to modules in Net and OpenBSD
+ (Bugzilla #355, Quentin Garnier).
+ 211. Fix rootless bug when reordering windows behind others (Torrey T Lyons).
+ 210. Fix page size issues that prevented the mmap()'ing of SBUS devices
+ (Marc La France).
+ 209. Fixes for the following problems on OS/2:
+ - long startup delay of xinit
+ - recovery from hard-error popups
+ - text-mode version of xf86cfg
+ - xf86cfg unable to find default config file
+ - installation of static libraries
+ - missing exported functions in X11.dll
+ - typo in xf86pathIsAbsolute()
+ (Bugzilla #267, Frank Giessler).
+ 208. SiS driver update:
+ Fixed 1280x960 and 1280x1024 LCD support (SiS 30x)
+ Added Chroma-Keying support to Xv part
+ Added support for Barco iQ R and G series projectors
+XFree86 (10 June 2003)
+ 207. Add support for the Mac's KP_Equal key (untested) (David Dawes).
+ 206. Import fontconfig 2.1.0 as an external package, and update the build
+ to use this version (David Dawes).
+ 205. New version of the FreeType backend. (Bugzilla #325, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 204. Rework XDarwin's Cocoa rootless implementation to use new generic
+ rootless code in miext/rootless (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 203. Fix repeated image problem when using a vesa video mode before starting
+ the Xserver on the S3 Trio3D cards (Alan Hourihane).
+ 202. Import zlib 1.1.4 for systems that don't provide it (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 201. Improve fonts width and weight detection (Bugzilla #265-266,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 200. Fix library dependencies for xlibi18n modules (Bugzilla #82, Joe Kelsey,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 199. Fix manual pages typos (Bugzilla #316, Jens Schweikhardt).
+ 198. Fix bug (Bugzilla #315) in _XTextPropertyToTextList() that causes
+ an application crash in some circumstances (Ivan Pascal).
+ 197. Fixes and updates for XKB keyboard maps:
+ - add asciitilde to Swedish 'nodeadkeys' map (Bugzilla #291).
+ - add map for true Romanian keyboard (Bugzilla #300, Manfred Pohler).
+ - add EuroSign to "us_intl" keyboard map (Bugzilla #309, Paul Bolle).
+ - fix some keys in Armenian 'phonetic' layout (Bugzilla #313, Ani).
+ - add some geometry files (Alexander Pohoyda).
+ - some cosmetic changes.
+ 196. Import FreeType 2.1.4, and do initial merge for config/build
+ (David Dawes).
+ 195. Remove unnecessary links of libm (Marc La France).
+ 194. IRIX 6.5 build fixes and noise reductions (Marc La France).
+ 193. Clean up confusion in Imakefiles between XONLYLIB and XLIBONLY (and
+ between DEPXONLYLIB and the previously non-existent DEPXLIBONLY)
+ (Marc La France).
+ 192. Do not unnecessarily link libXmu, libXt and/or libXext into executables
+ (Marc La France).
+ 191. Fix makedepend for IRIX 6.5 (Marc La France).
+ 190. Make the handling of X_BYTE_ORDER in Imakefiles more portable
+ (Marc La France).
+ 189. Allow building of a libXfont without font cache support (Marc La France).
+ 188. When using cpp to generate scripts and data files, change XCOMM to pound
+ signs even when preceeded by only whitespace, and provide a means to
+ generate output lines with trailing backslashes. Change `startx` script
+ accordingly (Marc La France).
+XFree86 (25 May 2003)
+ 187. Fix XDMCP queries in xdm on systems using getifaddrs().
+ (Bugzilla #277, Joel Ray Holveck).
+ 186. Initial imake/config support for more closely (and more
+ automatically) emulating how libtool handles shared library revisions.
+ Implmemented for Linux only so far (David Dawes).
+ 185. Fix libexpat shared lib revision on platforms that use minor version
+ numbers (David Dawes).
+ 184. Update Tamil keyboard map (Thuraiappah Vaseeharan).
+ 183. Add missing xfs reply to GetEventMask requests (Marc La France).
+ 182. Change the ELF loader to ignore .debug* sections (Marc La France).
+ 181. Simplify internal interfaces in the PCI code and remove the Xserver's
+ interference with normal PCMCIA operation (Marc La France).
+ 180. i810/815 depth buffer needs to be a multiple of the tile size. This
+ fixes 3D corruption near the bottom of the screen at 800x600@16bpp
+ (Bugzilla #283, Dave Airlie).
+ 179. SiS driver update
+ - Allow Modelines for LCD and secondary VGA on 301B
+ - Support plasma panels natively (including a small
+ database for some known panels since some panels
+ report wrong timing data via DDC)
+ 178. DRM resync from the DRI trunk...
+ - Lots of fixes/cleanups/resyncs for the BSD DRM drivers (Eric Anholt).
+ - Fix potential oops and memory leaks when allocations fail in
+ addbufs_agp/pci (Leif Delgass).
+ - Add support for buffer private structs with PCI DMA buffers
+ (Leif Delgass).
+ - Disable MTRRS on FreeBSD-stable (Eric Anholt).
+ - Remove some unused code (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Move prototypes for gamma functions to gamma_drv.h (Keith Whitwell).
+ - 2.5.x resync (Linus Torvalds).
+ - Ensure driver has been initialized before installing irq handler,
+ and modify all drivers to ensure irq handler is removed before
+ cleanup, and cleanup is called at takedown (Leif Delgass).
+ - Check for lock on init/cleanup in all drivers except i810/i830
+ (Leif Delgass).
+ - Put back __HAVE_KERNEL_CTX_SWITCH for the sparc drm driver
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Only free original pagelist in addbufs_pci if one already exists
+ (fixes oops) (Leif Delgass).
+ - texmem-0-0-1 branch merge (Ian Romanick).
+ - Fix warning on machines where sizeof(drm_addr_t) != 4 (Randy Dunlap).
+ - Support AGP bridges where the AGP aperture can't be accessed directly
+ by the CPU (David Mosberger, Benjamin Herrenschmidt, Michel Daenzer,
+ Paul Mackerras, Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 177. Fix another xedit compile problem (Marc La France).
+ 176. Small fix for Italian keyboard map (Sebastiano Vigna).
+ 175. Don't ship xf86Bus.h and xf86pciBus.h with the SDK (Marc La France).
+ 174. Restore VGA driver's checking for depths 1, 4 & 8 (Marc La France).
+ 173. Fix a problem with savage driver when UseBIOS is off, such that the
+ performance drops dramatically. Now the performance matches or
+ exceeds that of the option UseBIOS (Alan Hourihane).
+ 172. Add workaround for problems that arise when in multi-layout map
+ different modifier keysyms share the same key (Ivan Pascal).
+ 171. Fix bug that causes XGetKeyboardMapping produce incorrect map when keys
+ have more then two keysyms. Also add a map columns duplication for better
+ compatibility with core protocol keyboard maps (Ivan Pascal).
+ 170. Fix XKB bug (Bugzilla #253) that causes an Xserver crash when XKB action
+ RedirectKey is used (Ivan Pascal).
+ 169. Add missing letters to Ukrainian phonetic keyboard map (Andriy Rysin).
+XFree86 (10 May 2003)
+ 168. Prevent a SIGFPE with the glint/pm3 driver when attempting to display
an XVideo image less than 8 pixels wide (Måns Rullgård).
- 983. Fix double free bug when a Mac-specific font fails to load with
+ 167. Support for building a DRI enabled server on OpenBSD (Wilbern Cobb,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 166. Fix double free bug when a Mac-specific font fails to load with
Freetype (Torrey T. Lyons).
- 982. Check for NULL tObj in the i830 3D driver's TexEnv function. This
+ 165. Check for NULL tObj in the i830 3D driver's TexEnv function. This
fixes a FlightGear crash (Keith Whitwell).
- 981. Fix lockup on server reset in radeon driver
- (Michel Dänzer, Keith Whitwell).
- 980. Set Mesa hooks to flush vertices on state changes in Radeon 3D drivers
+ 164. Set Mesa hooks to flush vertices on state changes in Radeon 3D drivers
(Keith Whitwell).
- 979. Fix to prevent PCI and CardBus resets when switching out of the server's
+ 163. Add an entry to the i2c module that drivers can call to retrieve an array
+ of all I2C buses associated with a screen (Marc La France).
+ 162. Fix to prevent PCI and CardBus resets when switching out of the server's
virtual console (Marc La France).
- 978. Fix infinite loop that occurs on systems whose PCI configuration space
+ 161. Change the /dev/ file used on some *BSD's to mmap the framebuffer in DGA
+ clients to match the /dev/ file used by the server (Marc La France).
+ 160. SiS driver fixes:
+ - Added MergedFB mode (including HWCursor and Xv)
+ - Xv enhancements and fixes for all chipsets
+ - New Xv properties (SWITCHCRT, TVPOSITION, etc)
+ - Added support for custom LCD resolutions (via DDC)
+ - Fixed DVI output (DVI-D and DVI-A), automatic detection
+ - Numerous bugfixes and enhancements
+ (Thomas Winischhofer)
+ 159. Make freetype-config more useful on NetBSD (#5693, Thomas Klausner).
+ 158. Small fixes in keyboard maps:
+ - add an explicit type declaration in level3(ralt_switch)
+ (Bugzilla #225, Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin);
+ - fix wrong group number in Russian keyboard map (Ivan Pascal).
+ 157. Add rootless implementation for XDarwin using Apple's Xplugin API
+ (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 156. Fix precision problems in xf86XVClipVideoHelper and in Mach64 XVideo
+ support (Marc La France).
+ 155. Add missing symbols when DRI is disabled to glint driver
+ (Bugzilla #203, Mike Harris).
+ 154. Fix a memory leak caused by the data allocated in XGetDefault() never
+ being freed (Jim Radford).
+ 153. Update keysym capitalization rules in XConvertCase() with unicode
+ keysyms and some missed charsets (Bugzilla #209, Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
+ 152. Use C89 style function prototypes in manual pages (Bugzilla #208,
+ Aidan Kehoe).
+ 151. Fix small memory leaks in XvQueryAdaptors() and __driUtilCreateScreen()
+ (Jim Radford).
+ 150. Updated Wacom driver to support ntuos 2 2D mouse and a few styli,
+ TabletPC with ISD V4 protocol, intiq 15X and Cintiq 18SX
+ (Wacom).
+ 149. Fix programming error in ix86 motherboard chipset determination
+ (Marc La France).
+ 148. Ansi prototypes cleanup in Xserver/include and Xserver/os
+ (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 147. Fix shared libXp dependencies on *BSD and Darwin (Dale Rahn).
+ 146. Fix infinite loop that occurs on systems whose PCI configuration space
doesn't advertise a host bridge (Marc La France).
- 977. Workaround for broken devices that don't implement the header type field
+ 145. Workaround for broken devices that don't implement the header type field
in their PCI configuration space (Marc La France).
- 976. Fix programming error in ix86 motherboard chipset determination
+ 144. Portability changes for older Sun compilers (Alan Coopersmith).
+XFree86 (25 April 2003)
+ 143. Fix building of the dristat and drmstat utilities (David Dawes).
+ 142. From the DRI trunk...
+ - Remove more dead code from the BSD DRM (Eric Anholt).
+ - Remove some #if 0'd code and unused string functions from the Linux
+ DRM (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Move debug versions of the DRM memory functions to a new file
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - drm_memory cleanup (Leif Delgass).
+ - dristat and drmstat cleanups (Leif Delgass).
+ - Remove unused dev->map_count (Leif Delgass).
+ - For the i830 DRM driver, pass the dma handle from pci_alloc_consistent
+ to the card for status page rather than using virt_to_bus on
+ the virtual address (Leif Delgass).
+ - Cleanup the style of the linux-compat code in the BSD DRM, and use
+ ioctl directly rather than reimplementing it (Eric Anholt).
+ 141. Remove old XF86Setup source code. (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 140. Only add all default modes to mode list when RandR is enabled and
+ active (Egbert Eich).
+ 139. MGA driver: vertical blanking can generate interrupt (2D driver part)
+ (Ville Syrjala Bugz.: 199).
+ 138. Fix mmapw SEGV (Marc La France).
+ 137. From the DRI trunk...
+ - Install dummy/noop read & poll fops unless the driver has
+ replacements (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Remove gamma-specific stuff from the BSD DRM (Eric Anholt).
+ - Remove DRM_DMA_HISTOGRAM and associated code from the BSD DRM
+ (Eric Anholt).
+ - Remove BSD DRM's unused drm_init.h (Eric Anholt).
+ - Handle read() failures in the drm X server module (Michel Daenzer).
+ - Set DRM device major for NetBSD.
+ 136. Fix bug that prevented fbman from using the last partial scanline of a
+ Mach64 framebuffer (Marc La France).
+ 135. Make ATI Mach64 FIFO cache integrity testing optional (Marc La France).
+ 134. Export ATI Mach64 hardware overlay as an XVideo adaptor (derived from
+ GATOS project, Egbert Eich, Marc La France).
+ 133. Reorganise ATI Mach64 support into separate source files
(Marc La France).
- 975. Fix bug in mode validation that occurs when the XF86Config doesn't
+ 132. Refine atimisc's decoding of the panel mode on server entry in an attempt
+ to reduce the effect of atyfb bugs (Marc La France).
+ 131. Make Rage128 and Radeon XVideo available even when 2D acceleration is
+ disabled (Marc La France).
+ 130. There is no longer any need to require hardware cursors during Rage128
+ and Radeon XVideo displays (Marc La France).
+ 129. Initialise v4l's XVideo adaptors last (Marc La France).
+ 128. Reduce cut&paste effects by adding more helpers to Xv
+ (derived from #5645, Björn Augustsson, Marc La France).
+ 127. Centralise a region comparison primitive into 'mi' and use it instead of
+ local definitions throughout the server (Marc La France).
+ 126. DPMSExtension & XvExtension driver cleanups (Marc La France).
+ 125. Add missing tests for vtSema to xaa 'Picture' functions.
+ These missing checks caused strange behavior with some drivers
+ when RENDER extension requests were made while X was switched away.
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 124. i810 driver: call drmCtlUninstHandler() on CloseScreen()
+ (David Airlie).
+ 123. Savage driver updated to several fixes for video glitches
+ (Tim Roberts).
+ 122. Put back the DRM part of Charl Botha's Radeon suspend/resume support
+ that was inadvertently backed out in the DRI resync last week.
+ 121. Resync the Linux drm modules with the DRI trunk. Includes:
+ - Check for NULL map before calling DRM(ioremapfree) on cleanup
+ (Leif Delgass).
+ - Remove DRM read, poll and write_string (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Add more get_param queries for embedded project (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Move a bunch of gamma-specific code into a gamma-specific file,
+ and restore the kooky DRM(write_string) code for gamma
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Remove unused DMA histogram code (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Remove unused 'DRM_FLAG_NOCTX' option (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Remove unused __HAVE_KERNEL_CTX_SWITCH code (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Fix templates so the i8x0 drivers don't have to define
+ __HAVE_DMA_WAITLIST (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Gamma drm updates (Alan Hourihane).
+ - Only mga, i810, i830 require AGP (Leif Delgass).
+ - Remove PCIGART_ENABLED define for radeon, pcigart support now
+ included for any arch (Leif Delgass).
+ - Get rid of superfluous fields in struct drm_radeon_ring_buffer
+ (Michel Daenzer).
+ - Use correct address for radeon ring read pointer writeback
+ (Michel Daenzer).
+ 120. Fix a potential bug in ZX1 support (Marc La France).
+ 119. Fix a buffer overflow in xkbprint (Ivan Pascal).
+ 118. Fix a bug in Xlib that prevents a vertical text drawing with
+ X[mb|wc]DrawString (bugzilla #178, OSAME Ken-ichiro).
+ 117. Added missing files to the SDK so it can actually be used (Sven Luther).
+ 116. mkfontscale enhancements (bugzilla #166, Julius Chroboczek).
+ 115. Fix handling of local host names in /etc/X<n>.hosts (bugzilla #156,
+ Alan Coopersmith).
+ 114. Add to XLookupString an automatic search of the layout which keysym can
+ be converted to a control-code when Control modifier is set (Ivan Pascal).
+ 113. Fix xkbcomp crash with some combinations of layouts in a multi-layout
+ keyboard map (Ivan Pascal).
+ 112. Keyboard maps cleanups, including:
+ - fix incorrect aliases in a keycodes file.
+ - remove unneeded type declarations.
+ - remove ThirdLevel modifier key descriptions in maps and replace them
+ with references to a common one in 'level3' file.
+ - some cosmetic changes.
+ (Ivan Pascal).
+ 111. Fix some function definition conflicts from Xlib cleanup when X_LOCALE
+ or NeedWidePrototypes is set (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 110. Resync the BSD drm modules with the DRI trunk (Eric Anholt).
+ 109. Resync the Linux drm modules with the DRI trunk. Includes:
+ - Add 2nd arg for DRM_FREE (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Use file pointers instead of pids for resource and lock tracking
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Add 'SG' map type identifier string ((pci scatter/gather) to /proc vm
+ info (Leif Delgass).
+ - Use list_entry() to get container struct from struct list_head
+ pointers. Build fix for RedHat 9 kernel (5 args to
+ remap_page_range()) (Leif Delgass).
+ 108. Fix a server crash with shadowfb and render when refreshing outside the
+ visible screen (Sven Luther).
+ 107. Fix a potential infinite loop during server generation when in
+ Xinerama (Rik Faith).
+ 106. Fix DRM module build on 2.5.41 and later kernels (tqueue -> workqueue)
+ (David Dawes).
+ 105. Fix lockup when using Xv in the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 104. Add support for TV chipsets VT1621 and CH7005 to the trident driver
+ (VIA, Alan Hourihane).
+ 103. Add VIA CLE266 driver (Bugzilla #154, VIA/S3)
+ 102. Remove non-functioning glxStub, and remove external GlxStaticServerLib
+ support (David Dawes).
+ 101. Change the WORLDOPTS default to empty. This means that 'make World'
+ will now stop on the first error. To get the old behaviour, run
+ 'make WORLDOPTS=-k World' (David Dawes).
+ 100. Add preliminary version of generic rootless code based on XDarwin's
+ rootless mode (Torrey T. Lyons, John Harper).
+ 99. Remove PEX and XIE source code (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 98. The XKB version of XRefreshKeyboardMapping() had an UnlockDisplay()
+ call without a preceding LockDisplay() call (Yoel Perl).
+ 97. Xlib cleanups and fixes, including:
+ - Fixed up any old style function defintions that raised warnings.
+ - Fixed functions with no parameter or return value.
+ - Moved any external prototype in a c-files to h-files.
+ - Set unreferenced and unmentioned functions to static.
+ - Completed any forward declartion with its calling parameters.
+ - Established function typedefs where might be helpful.
+ - Fixed bogus XIM callback function to XID type, fixed XPointer* -
+ XPointer mismatch on some callback.
+ - Added explicit FIXME XXX statement on locations for the work around
+ macro XCMS_CONVERSION_HARDWARE where the compiler was unsatisfied
+ about a known problem with the currently inconsistent src_to_CIEXYZ
+ table types.
+ - Split _XcmsSetGetColor and *Colors handling routine in order
+ to avoid any type conflicts there, fixed a memory leak for
+ error case in that area. Used stack based Buffer for single-color
+ version (should be simpler and faster).
+ - Fixed _XAsyncReply where a "register variable pend" was passed
+ and returned with the & operator. This location is further
+ suspect of variable size problems on anything else but 32 bit
+ platforms, with the new code it might more likely raise a type
+ mismatch warning for those specific location.
+ (#A.1729, Alexander Stohr).
+ 96. Fix the <KPDL> mapping for the hr XKB map, and add an hr_US map (#A.1726,
+ Vlatko Kosturjak).
+ 95. Fix vmware driver crash when running two X servers concurrently (#5688,
+ Nolan Leake).
+ 94. Rework the Linux drm kernel module build to leverage off the standard
+ kernel build system. This is based on suggestions and examples from
+ David Woodhouse. This approach has the advantage that the build
+ requirements of a wider range of standard kernels are now supported
+ transparently, but the disadvantage of some extra complexity to handle
+ building against clean vendor-distributed kernel source trees.
+ This has been tested with some recent Red Hat and SuSE distributions
+ (David Dawes).
+ 93. Update Italian keyboard map (Bugzilla #109, Sebastiano Vigna).
+ 92. Add keys missed in multi-layout keyboard maps: LSGT key in Belgian map
+ and 'old','phonetic' variants in Armenian map (Ivan Pascal).
+ 91. More reliable workaround for handling the I830Sync() function being
+ called while VT switched away (David Dawes).
+ 90. Fix references to DRI functions in non-DRI i810_driver.c build
+ (David Dawes).
+ 89. Import expat 1.95.4 (Matthieu Herrb).
+XFree86 (10 April 2003)
+ 88. Fix file descriptor leaks in xman (Ted Unangst, OpenBSD PR#3186).
+ 87. Fix bug in mode validation that occurs when the XF86Config doesn't
specify any mode or virtual resolution information (Marc La France).
- 974. Another int10 fix. This time for adapters found at PCI:0:0:0. This
+ 86. Resetting 'bound' flag for an agp entry after undbind succeeded in
+ drm_agpsupport.h (Egbert Eich).
+ 85. Ignoring hw_lock for drm device if lock was set by a different instance
+ (ie Xserver) to prevent second server to spin in driver release function
+ (currently only relevant for i8xx drm drivers) (David Dawes).
+ 84. Adding extra delay before doing a slowBcopy in ia64 to prevent a MC
+ when saving/restoring VGA fonts (Egbert Eich).
+ 83. Turn off needToSync in LeaveVT() in i830 driver to prevent server
+ crashes because xaa tries to sync blitter while switched away
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 82. Added the O_SYNC flag when opening /dev/mem to work around a kernel bug
+ which causes conflits between WC settings in MTRR registers and cacheable
+ attribute in page table (Egbert Eich).
+ 81. Reduced retry count for mouse configuration to 4. This should speed
+ up server start for people who use a mouse repeater like gpm
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 80. Fixed xf86cfg to duplicate font names before they get freed when
+ unloading the module (Egbert Eich).
+ 79. Added missing functions to xf86cfg (Egbert Eich).
+ 78. Added missing ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE to Savage driver;
+ now all 2D accel functions should use this flag (Egbert Eich).
+ 77. Reduced flicker with video playback in Savage driver (Tim Roberts).
+ 76. Load vgahw submodule in RENDITION driver before using it
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 75. Magically speed up video playback on Neomagic (Egbert Eich).
+ 74. Added drmAgpUnbind()/drmAgpBind() functionality on Leave/Enter for i810
+ cards to allow a second Xserver to be started if the first one has
+ DRI enabled (Egbert Eich).
+ 73. Set NeedRingBufferLow for i855/i865 to avoid lockups on vt switches
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 72. Check for vtSema before accessing registers in I830BIOSSaveScreen()
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 71. Some sanity fixes for atiprobe to work better with xf86cfg: Handle
+ situation gracefully if the PCI config pointer doesn't exist
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 70. Changed behavior of fontfile: don't drop the entire directory if some
+ fonts cannot be rendered (Egbert Eich).
+ 69. Fixed B&H bdf fonts: AVERAGE_WIDTH is not a string but an int (Mike Fabian).
+ 68. Fixed type in radeon driver which caused display to go into
+ powersaving mode when Xcursor is disabled (Bugz: 90, Michel Dänzer).
+ 67. Fixed typo in XKB-Config.sgml (Bugz: 53, Hiroyuki Bessho).
+ 66. Fix SiliconMotion driver for mode switching and SEGV problem when
+ initializing Xv functionality (Bugzilla #50, Alan Hourihane).
+ 65. Add Radeon DRI suspend/resume support (Charl Botha, #A.1431).
+ 64. Rage 128 Xv fix for high resolution displays (Rik Faith).
+ 63. PPC updates for Radeon (Michel Dänzer, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 62. Radeon patch from ATI (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ - IGP320/330/340 support (2D only)
+ - RV280 (9200/M9+) support
+ - Fix for some M9 laptop panels
+ - Improved version of monitor detection code previously submitted
+ - Fixed bug for two or more radeon cards
+ - Man page updates
+ - Workaround for double scan modes problem at high resolutions
+ - Overlay scaling problem when RMX is used
+ 61. Fix xprop to get all windows (not only the first) in a property holding
+ a window list printed (#A.1676, Kim Woelders).
+ 60. Fix for spontaneous repeated keyboard events during sync grab (#A.1713,
+ Michal Maruska).
+ 59. Fixed DPMS problem on C&T 69000 due to incorrect LCD flag
+ (Bugzilla #101, Egbert Eich).
+ 58. Added xkb symbols layout for BTC 5090 internet keyboard
+ (Bugzilla #57, Jack Angel).
+ 57. Fix the script so that it can handle being run from a
+ directory with white space in its path name (#A.1690, Eric Branlund).
+ 56. Allow AGPGART support to be enabled for OpenBSD (#A.1684, Brian Feldman).
+ 55. Make the mouse driver check the SendDragEvents option (based on #A.1682,
+ Juuso Åberg).
+ 54. Fix a double allocation in _XTextPropertyToTextList() (#A.1681,
+ Lubos Lunak).
+ 53. Fix a typo that causes the 'yu' keymap to emit a lower case 'L' in
+ both shift states (#A.1675, Nikola Smolenski).
+ 52. Allow the remote shell command for xon to be specified from the
+ command line. This allows ssh to be used (for example) (#A.1657,
+ Mike Urban).
+ 51. Fix segfaults that can happen when using composition of RENDER and
+ non-RENDER fonts (#A.1656, Wu Jian Feng).
+ 50. Add convenient ways to enter "double quote" and "cedilla" with the
+ en_US.UTF-8 compose rules (Alexandre Oliva).
+ 49. Improve support for Wacom Cintiq boards (#A.1547, Sebastian Rittau).
+ 48. Add support for Kensington's "ValuMouse" to the mouse driver (#A.1494,
+ Roy Wood).
+ 47. Workaround for a crash that happens if a scalable font has a bitmap
+ entry in fonts.dir (#5687, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 46. Single/dual rasterizer quiescence patch for the glint/gamma DRI driver
+ (#5685, Sven Luther).
+ 45. Fix a FreeBSD/alpha build problem (#5679, Fred Clift).
+ 44. Fix a bug in the GLU/project.3gl man page (#5676, Thomas Klausner).
+ 43. Luit fixes:
+ - Fix a buffer overflow.
+ - Allow for holes in the pty space, and use the union of the pty
+ names in 4.4BSD and recent FreeBSD.
+ - Allow luit to be set-uid on all BSD releases, and introduce an
+ additional security fix on POSIX saved-id systems.
+ (#5672, 5674, ITO Tsuyoshi, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 42. Fix memory leaks in ProcXF86VidModeModModeLine and
+ ProcXF86VidModeValidateModeLine, and unintialized fields of the mode
+ structure in ProcXF86VidModeAddModeLine, VidModeCreateMode, and
+ VidModeAddModeline (#5671, Miguel Freitas).
+ 41. Fix SEGV in fbdev's mode validation (Alexandr Andreev).
+ 40. Add two more variations of Thai XKB maps (#5658,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Visanu Euarchukiati,
+ Supphachoke Santiwichaya).
+ 39. Fix a twm crash when the window menu is used and no windows are open
+ (#5667, Matthias Scheler).
+ 38. Restore the sign of UNDERLINE_POSITION in the FreeType backend (#5665,
+ Roman Kagan).
+ 37. Check the return value of fclose() in xauth to prevent losing the
+ existing contents of an Xauthority file when there is insufficient
+ space to write the new one (#5663, Owen Taylor).
+ 36. Fix case in xmag which would cause a BadMatch during a X_GetImage for
+ single child of root class InputOnly. Also do some null pointer
+ protection (#5657, Kevin Brosius).
+ 35. Allow an arbitary message to be sent to the DDX by pressing a key
+ which has the appropriate action definition (#5519, Joe Moss).
+ 34. Add a new request to the XF86Misc extension that allows a client
+ to send an arbitrary message to the DDX, which in turn can send the
+ message to the driver. The driver may also send a string back.
+ An example of this is implemented for the radeon driver (#5518,
+ Joe Moss).
+ 33. Remove duplicate XShmGetEventBase() declaration (#5656,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 32. Fix drag lock when using a mouse button greater than 4
+ (Bugzilla #51, Paul Elliott)
+ 31. Fix lockup on server shutdown/restart with the radeon driver
+ (Bugzilla #94, Michel Dänzer).
+ 30. Add missing symbols to reference list that show up when DRI is not
+ loaded in r128 driver (Bugzilla #83, Leif Delgass).
+ 29. Add missing symbols to reference list that show up when DRI is not
+ loaded in mga driver (Bugzilla #84, Leif Delgass).
+ 28. Various build and warning fixes (#A.1703, Peter Breitenlohner).
+ 27. Avoid overlapping strcpy() in imake.c (Dan Nelson).
+ 26. Updates for building on OS/2 (#5650, Frank Giessler).
+XFree86 (23 March 2003)
+ 25. Xterm patch #176 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 24. Another int10 fix. This time for adapters found at PCI:0:0:0. This
fix is particularly important for ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
- 973. int10 fix for all ix86 non-Linux systems (Marc La France).
- 972. Fix compatibility problem between modules generated without the recent
+ 23. int10 fix for all ix86 non-Linux systems (Marc La France).
+ 22. Add preliminary support for generating HTML and PDF versions of most
+ spec documents (David Dawes).
+ 21. Use lower-case extensions uniformly for text and PostScript documents
+ (based on #4876, Branden Robinson).
+ 20. Disable cuase of SEGV's in rendition driver (Marc La France).
+ 18. Limit 440EX & 440LX based systems to 32 PCI buses (Marc La France).
+ 18. Fix typo that caused incorrect initialization of xkb memory
+ (John Heasley).
+ 17. Fix bug in trident driver that caused old Cyber 9382/9385 chipsets
+ to display half a jittered screen (Alan Hourihane).
+ 16. Add shadowfb support to XDarwin IOKit mode (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 15. Change most of os-support/ to respect VIDMEM_READONLY (Marc La France).
+ 14. Fix compatibility problem between modules generated without the recent
setjmp/longjmp work and a server generated using glibc <= 2.2.*
(Marc La France).
- 971. setjmp/longjmp related fixes for Linux/libc5 systems (Marc La France).
- 970. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
+ 13. setjmp/longjmp related fixes for Linux/libc5 systems (Marc La France).
+ 12. Fix possible overflow in _XlcLocaleDirName. (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 11. Various NetBSD fixes for non-i386 (#5662, #5666 Aymeric Vincent,
+ Matthew Green, Chris Gilbert, Thomas Klausner).
+ 10. Enable native thread support on NetBSD 1.6M and later (#5597, #5660,
+ Matthias Scheler).
+ 9. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
libc5 & glibc systems (Marc La France).
- 969. Fix setjmp/longjmp emulation for glibc 2.2.[01] systems and remove
+ 8. Fix for non-PC keyboard bug introduced by changes to make SysRq
+ generate the same keycode as PrtScrn (Ivan Pascal).
+ 7. Workaround for problems linking C programs against libGLU on FreeBSD 3.x
+ (David Dawes).
+ 6. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
+ 5. Fix setjmp/longjmp emulation for glibc 2.2.[01] systems and remove
HasGlibc21Sigsetjmp override (Marc La France).
- 968. setjmp/longjmp-related compilation fixes for libc5 systems
+ 4. setjmp/longjmp-related compilation fixes for libc5 systems
(Marc La France).
- 967. Fix possible overflow in _XlcLocaleDirName. (Matthieu Herrb).
- 966. Fix XDarwin build broken by #960 (Shantonu Sen).
- 965. Fix StaticColor colormap on Darwin/x86 6.x (Rob Braun).
+ 3. Fix minor glitch in the generation of Makefiles for libraries that don't
+ need threads support (Marc La France).
+ 2. Fix XDarwin build broken by #960 (Shantonu Sen).
+ 1. Fix StaticColor colormap on Darwin/x86 6.x (Rob Braun).
XFree86 4.3.0 (27 February 2003)
964. Add an imake option to allow the glibc21-style setjmp() behaviour
@@ -91,7 +1741,7 @@ XFree86 4.3.0 (27 February 2003)
ARGB cursors by always using the ARGB mode (#A.1639, Michel Dänzer and
Fredrik Höglund).
944. Fix rootless XDarwin crash when trying to GetImage with a rectangle
- bigger then the associated top level window (Apple).
+ bigger then the associated top level window (John Harper).
943. Add support for multi-head on ZX1-based Itanium2 systems (Marc La France
with documentation and assistance from Hewlett-Packard).
942. Correctly initialize the RE_LINE_PATTERN register in the radeon
@@ -443,14 +2093,14 @@ XFree86 (4 February 2003)
797. Fix for memory fences on PowerPC (Marc La France).
796. Work-around for Radeon int10 problems (Marc La France).
795. Fix XDarwin crash in rootless mode with 16-bit color by ensuring that
- window pixmap pointers are 32-bit aligned (Apple, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ window pixmap pointers are 32-bit aligned (John Harper, Torrey T. Lyons).
794. Update the i810 2D driver and i830 3D drivers to recognise and handle
the Intel 852GM/855GM integrated graphics chipsets (David Dawes,
Keith Whitwell).
793. Force extension-generated mode switches always occur (Marc La France).
792. Fix OS/2 library build problem (Frank Giessler).
791. Fix bug that at times prevented recognition of resources decoded on PCI
- root busses (Marc La France).
+ root buses (Marc La France).
790. Fix XDarwin's spurious transparent regions in rootless windows
(Torrey T. Lyons).
789. Fix bug in recognition of certain ix86 Host-to-PCI bridges
@@ -483,7 +2133,7 @@ XFree86 (4 February 2003)
(#A.1539, Juergen Keil).
773. Fix artifacts left by XDarwin when reshaping a shaped window (reported
by Adrian Umpleby).
- 772. Fix XDarwin rootless crash when resizing a window (Apple).
+ 772. Fix XDarwin rootless crash when resizing a window (John Harper).
771. Fix vbe module to not assume BIOS call results are zero-extended
(Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
770. Fix improper initialisation of pciConfigRec's. Reported by Marcel
@@ -495,7 +2145,7 @@ XFree86 (4 February 2003)
(reported by Alexis Vartanian).
XFree86 (20 January 2003)
- 766. Fix XDarwin's rootless mode with 16-bit color (Apple).
+ 766. Fix XDarwin's rootless mode with 16-bit color (John Harper).
765. Allow UTF8 conversion to work for Japanese locales (#A.1527,
Etsushi Kato).
764. Add a method for working around a problem that can show up when
@@ -16580,7 +18230,7 @@ XFree86 3.0a (28 April 1994)
XFree86 3.0 (26 April 1994)
-$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG,v 3.2588.2.13 2003/05/10 01:12:56 dawes Exp $
+$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG,v 3.2982 2003/11/21 06:01:42 dawes Exp $
diff --git a/hw/xfree86/doc/devel/README.DRIcomp b/hw/xfree86/doc/devel/README.DRIcomp
index 1e9773ccc..0f1bd1b69 100644
--- a/hw/xfree86/doc/devel/README.DRIcomp
+++ b/hw/xfree86/doc/devel/README.DRIcomp
@@ -374,6 +374,13 @@ a 2.4.x kernel, you should add the following:
#define MesaUseSSE YES
+If you want to build the DRM kernel modules as part of the full build pro-
+cess, add the following:
+ #define BuildXF86DRM YES
+Otherwise, you'll need to build them separately as described below.
8.3 Compilation
To compile the complete DRI tree:
@@ -401,11 +408,21 @@ work with XFree86/DRI.
Using your text editor, examine world.log for errors by searching for the
pattern ***.
-Verify that the DRI kernel module(s) for your system were built:
+After fixing the errors, run make World again. Later, you might just compile
+parts of the source tree but it's important that the whole tree will build
+If you edited your host.def file to enable automatic building of the DRI ker-
+nel module(s), verify that they were built:
cd ~/DRI-CVS/build/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/os-support/linux/drm/kernel
+Otherwise, build them now by running
+ cd ~/DRI-CVS/build/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/os-support/linux/drm/kernel
+ make -f Makefile.linux
For the 3dfx Voodoo, you should see tdfx.o. For the Matrox G200/G400, you
should see mga.o. For the ATI Rage 128, you should see r128.o. For the ATI
Radeon, you should see radeon.o. For the Intel i810, you should see i810.o.
@@ -416,17 +433,14 @@ always supported.
If your build machine is running a different version of the kernel than your
target machine (i.e. 2.2.x vs. 2.4.x), make will select the wrong kernel
-headers. This can be fixed by explicitly setting the value of TREE. If the
-path to your kernel source is /usr/src/linux-2.4.x,
+source tree. This can be fixed by explicitly setting the value of LINUXDIR.
+If the path to your kernel source is /usr/src/linux-2.4.x,
cd ~/DRI-CVS/build/xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/os-support/linux/drm/kernel
- make TREE=/usr/src/linux-2.4.x/include
-or alternatively, edit Makefile to include this change.
+ make -f Makefile.linux LINUXDIR=/usr/src/linux-2.4.x
-After fixing the errors, run make World again. Later, you might just compile
-parts of the source tree but it's important that the whole tree will build
+or alternatively, edit Makefile.linux to set LINUXDIR before the ifndef LIN-
+UXDIR line.
8.5 DRI kernel module installation
@@ -537,7 +551,7 @@ At this point your X server should be up and running with hardware-acceler-
ated direct rendering. Please read the DRI User Guide for information about
trouble shooting and how to use the DRI-enabled X server for 3D applications.
- Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DRIcomp.sgml,v 1.19 2002/11/26 01:05:50 dawes Exp $
+ Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DRIcomp.sgml,v 1.20 dawes Exp $
-$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/README.DRIcomp,v 3.16 2002/11/26 02:24:01 dawes Exp $
+$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/README.DRIcomp,v 3.17 2003/07/15 02:28:28 dawes Exp $
diff --git a/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DESIGN.sgml b/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DESIGN.sgml
index 322ab00e0..365acaf1a 100644
--- a/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DESIGN.sgml
+++ b/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DESIGN.sgml
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
-$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DESIGN.sgml,v 1.52 2003/02/25 19:31:00 dawes Exp $
+$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/DESIGN.sgml,v 1.53 2003/08/23 14:10:14 dawes Exp $
@@ -6784,11 +6784,13 @@ ZZZPreInit(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int flags)
- * Set the depth/bpp. Our preferred default depth/bpp is 8, and
- * we support both 24bpp and 32bpp framebuffer layouts.
+ * Set the depth/bpp. Use the globally preferred depth/bpp. If the
+ * driver has special default depth/bpp requirements, the defaults should
+ * be specified here explicitly.
+ * We support both 24bpp and 32bpp framebuffer layouts.
* This sets pScrn->display also.
- if (!xf86SetDepthBpp(pScrn, 8, 8, 8,
+ if (!xf86SetDepthBpp(pScrn, 0, 0, 0,
Support24bppFb | Support32bppFb)) {
return FALSE;
} else {