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+ DRI User Guide
+ VA Linux Systems, Inc. Professional Services - Graphics.
+ 15 June 2001
+1. Preamble
+1.1 Copyright
+Copyright © 2000-2001 by VA Linux Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
+Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this document
+provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all
+1.2 Trademarks
+OpenGL is a registered trademark and SGI is a trademark of Silicon Graphics,
+Inc. Unix is a registered trademark of The Open Group. The `X' device and X
+Window System are trademarks of The Open Group. XFree86 is a trademark of
+The XFree86 Project. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
+Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. 3Dlabs, GLINT, and
+Oxygen are either registered trademarks or trademarks of 3Dlabs Inc. Ltd.
+3dfx, Voodoo3, Voodoo4, and Voodoo5 are registered trademarks of 3dfx Inter-
+active, Incorporated. Matrox is a registered trademark of Matrox Electronic
+Systems Ltd. ATI Rage and Radeon are registered trademarks of ATI Technolo-
+gies, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respec-
+tive owners.
+2. Introduction
+With XFree86 4.x and the Direct Rendering Interface (DRI), hardware acceler-
+ated 3D graphics can be considered a standard feature on Linux workstations.
+Support for other operating systems, such as FreeBSD, is underway.
+This document describes how to use the DRI system and troubleshoot problems
+which may occur. Readers should have a basic understanding of Linux, X and
+OpenGL. See the resources section at the end for more documentation and
+software downloads.
+This document does not cover compilation or installation of XFree86 4.x. It
+is assumed that you've already installed a Linux distribution which includes
+XFree86 4.x or that you're an experienced Linux developer who has compiled
+the DRI for himself. DRI download, compilation and installation instructions
+can be found at
+Edits, corrections and updates to this document may be mailed to <brian@tung->.
+3. Supported Architectures & Hardware
+3.1 CPU Architectures
+The architectures currently supported by the DRI have grown from the initial
+Intel i386 systems to now include the Alpha Processor and the Sun SPARC
+Intel's SSE (a.k.a. Katmai) instructions are used in optimized vertex trans-
+formation functions in Mesa-based drivers. This requires a recent Linux ker-
+nel both at compile and runtime. See the DRI Compile Guide for compile-time
+requirements. At runtime a check is made to determine if the CPU can execute
+SSE instructions. They're disabled otherwise.
+AMD's 3DNow! instructions are also used in optimized vertex transformation
+functions in the Mesa-based DRI drivers. 3DNow! is supported in most ver-
+sions of Linux. Like the SSE optimizations, a runtime check is made to
+determine if the CPU can execute 3DNow! instructions.
+Alpha-based systems can use Compaq's optimized math library for improved 3D
+performance. See the DRI Compilation Guide for details.
+3.2 Graphics Hardware
+XFree86 4.2 (or later versions) includes 3D acceleration for the following
+graphics hardware:
+ o 3dfx, supported on Intel x86, AMD and Alpha:
+ o Voodoo5 5500
+ o Voodoo4 4500
+ o Voodoo3 3500 TV
+ o Voodoo3 3000 AGP
+ o Voodoo3 3000 PCI
+ o Voodoo3 2000 AGP
+ o Voodoo3 2000 PCI
+ o Voodoo Banshee
+ o Velocity 100/200
+ There are many configurations of 3dfx cards on the market. Not all have
+ been tested.
+ o Matrox, supported on Intel x86 and AMD:
+ o Matrox G200
+ o Matrox G400
+ o Intel i810/i815/i830 (motherboard chipsets)
+ o i810
+ o i810-dc100
+ o i810e
+ o i815
+ o i830
+ o ATI Rage 128, supported on Intel x86, AMD and Alpha:
+ o Rage Fury
+ o Rage Magnum
+ o XPERT 2000
+ o XPERT 128
+ o XPERT 99
+ o All-in-Wonder 128
+ o Rage 128 PCI (Alpha-based systems)
+ Note that both PCI and AGP versions of Rage 128 based cards are sup-
+ ported at this time.
+ o ATI Radeon, supported on Intel x86, AMD and Alpha:
+ o Radeon SDR AGP
+ o Radeon DDR AGP
+ o Radeon 32MB SDR PCI (Alpha-based systems)
+ o Radeon 7000, M6 (RV100)
+ o Radeon 7200 (R100)
+ o Radeon 7500, M7 (RV200)
+ o Radeon 8500, 9100 (R200)
+ o Radeon 9000, M9 (RV250)
+ o 3Dlabs, supported on Intel x86 and AMD:
+ o Oxygen GMX 2000 (MX/Gamma based). Note: this driver is no longer
+ being actively developed.
+Support for other hardware is underway. Most of the DRI development work is
+funded by contracts with IHVs. These contracts often prevent us from
+announcing drivers before they're released. Queries about upcoming drivers
+may not be answerable.
+4. Prerequisite Software
+ o The DRI is available in XFree86 4.0 and later.
+ o Some hardware drivers require specific versions of the Linux kernel for
+ AGP support, etc. See section 10 for specifics.
+ o You DO NOT need to install Mesa separately. The parts of Mesa needed
+ for hardware acceleration are already in the XFree86/DRI project.
+5. Kernel Modules
+3D hardware acceleration requires a DRI kernel module that's specific to your
+graphics hardware.
+The DRI kernel module version must exactly match your running kernel version.
+Since there are so many versions of the kernel, it's difficult to provide
+precompiled kernel modules.
+While the Linux source tree includes the DRI kernel module sources, the lat-
+est DRI kernel sources will be found in the DRI source tree.
+See the DRI Compilation Guide for information on compiling the DRI kernel
+XFree86 4.0.1 added automatic kernel module loading to the X server. On
+Linux, the X server uses modprobe to load kernel modules. In Linux 2.4.x the
+DRM kernel modules should be kept in /lib/modules/2.4.x/ker-
+nel/drivers/char/drm/ for automatic loading to work.
+Optionally, DRM kernel modules can be loaded manually with insmod prior to
+starting the X server.
+You can verify that the kernel module was installed with lsmod, checking the
+X server startup log, and checking that /proc/dri/0 exists.
+6. XF86Config file
+The XFree86 configuration file is usually found in /etc/X11/XF86Config. This
+section describes the parts which must be specially set for the DRI.
+First, the XF86Config file must load the GLX and DRI modules:
+ Section "Module"
+ ...
+ # This loads the GLX module
+ Load "glx"
+ # This loads the DRI module
+ Load "dri"
+ EndSection
+Next, the DRI section can be used to restrict access to direct rendering. A
+client can only use direct rendering if it has permission to open the
+/dev/dri/card? file(s). The permissions on these DRI device files is con-
+trolled by the "DRI" section in the XF86Config file.
+If you want all of the users on your system to be able to use direct-render-
+ing, then use a simple DRI section like this:
+ Section "DRI"
+ Mode 0666
+ EndSection
+This section will allow any user with a current connection to the X server to
+use direct rendering.
+If you want to restrict the use of direct-rendering to a certain group of
+users, then create a group for those users by editing the /etc/group file on
+your system. For example, you may want to create a group called xf86dri and
+place two users (e.g., fred and jane) in that group. To do that, you might
+add the following line to /etc/group:
+ xf86dri:x:8000:fred,jane
+You have to be careful that the group id (8000 in this example) is unique.
+Then you would use the following DRI section:
+ Section "DRI"
+ Group "xf86dri"
+ Mode 0660
+ EndSection
+This would limit access to direct-rendering to those users in the xf86dri
+group (fred and jane in this example). When other users tried to use direct
+rendering, they would fall back to unaccelerated indirect rendering.
+[Note that there is a known bug in XFree86 4.0 that prevents some changes to
+the DRI section from taking effect. Until this bug is fixed, if you change
+the DRI section, please also remove the /dev/dri directory with the rm -rf
+/dev/dri command.]
+Finally, the XF86Config file needs Device and Screen sections specific to
+your hardware. Look in section 10: Hardware-Specific Information and Trou-
+bleshooting for details.
+7. Memory usage
+Using the 3D features of a graphics card requires more memory than when it's
+just used as a 2D device. Double buffering, depth buffering, stencil
+buffers, textures, etc. all require extra graphics memory. These features
+may require four times the memory used for a simple 2D display.
+If your graphics card doesn't have a lot of memory (less than 16MB, for exam-
+ple), you may have to reduce your screen size and/or color depth in order to
+use 3D features. Reducing the screen resolution will also leave more space
+for texture images, possibly improving 3D performance. If, for example, you
+play Quake3 at 1024x768 but start your display at 1600x1200 you might con-
+sider restarting X at 1024x768 in order to maximize your texture memory
+The documentation included with your card should have information about maxi-
+mum screen size when using 3D.
+8. Using 3D Acceleration
+This section describes how to link your application with and verify
+that you are in fact using 3D acceleration.
+Your OpenGL program must link with the library provided by
+XFree86. The library contains a GLX protocol encoder for indi-
+rect/remote rendering and DRI code for accessing hardware drivers. In par-
+ticular, be sure you're not using from another source such as Mesa
+or the Utah GLX project.
+Unless it was built in a special way, the library does not contain
+any 3D hardware driver code. Instead, dynamically loads the appro-
+priate 3D driver during initialization.
+Most simple OpenGL programs also use the GLUT and GLU libraries. A source
+for these libraries is listed in the Resources section below.
+8.2 Compiling and linking an OpenGL program
+A simple GLUT/OpenGL program may be compiled and linked as follows:
+ gcc program.c -I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lglut -lGLU -lGL -o program
+The -I option is used to specify where the GL/glut.h (and possibly the
+GL/gl.h and GL/glu.h) header file may be found.
+The -L options specify where the and the X libraries are located. and should be in /usr/lib, as specified by the
+Linux/OpenGL ABI standard.
+The -lglut -lGLU -lGL arguments specify that the application should link with
+the GLUT, GLU and GL libraries, in that order.
+8.3 Running your OpenGL program
+Simply typing ./program in your shell should execute the program.
+If you get an error message such as
+ gears: error in loading shared libraries: cannot
+ open shared object file: No such file or directory
+if means that the file is not the right location. Proceed to the
+trouble shooting section.
+OSMesa (Off-Screen Mesa) is an interface and driver for rendering 3D images
+into a user-allocated block of memory rather than an on-screen window. It
+was originally developed for Mesa before Mesa became part of the XFree86/DRI
+project. It can now be used with the XFree86/DRI as well.
+ implements the OSMesa interface and it must be linked with your
+application if you want to use the OSMesa functions. You must also link with For example:
+ gcc osdemo.c -lOSMesa -lGLU -lGL -o osdemo
+In stand-alone Mesa this interface was compiled into the monolithic
+(formerly library. In XFree86 4.0.1 and later this interface
+is implemented in a separate library.
+8.5 glxinfo
+glxinfo is a useful program for checking which version of libGL you're using
+as well as which DRI-based driver. Simply type glxinfo and examine the
+OpenGL vendor, renderer, and version lines. Among the output you should see
+something like this:
+ OpenGL vendor string: VA Linux Systems, Inc.
+ OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Voodoo3 20000224
+ OpenGL version string: 1.2 Mesa 3.4
+or this:
+ OpenGL vendor string: VA Linux Systems, Inc.
+ OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect
+ OpenGL version string: 1.2 Mesa 3.4
+The first example indicates that the 3dfx driver is using Voodoo3 hardware.
+The second example indicates that no hardware driver was found and indirect,
+unaccelerated rendering is being used.
+If you see that indirect rendering is being used when direct rendering was
+expected, proceed to the troubleshooting section.
+glxinfo also lists all of the GLX-enhanced visuals available so you can
+determine which visuals are double-bufferd, have depth (Z) buffers, stencil
+buffers, accumulation buffers, etc.
+8.6 Environment Variables
+The library recognizes three environment variables. Normally, none
+of them need to be defined. If you're using the csh or tcsh shells, type
+setenv VARNAME value to set the variable. Otherwise, if you're using sh or
+bash, type export VARNAME=value.
+ 1. LIBGL_DEBUG, if defined will cause to print error and diagnos-
+ tic messages. This can help to solve problems. Setting LIBGL_DEBUG to
+ verbose may provide additional information.
+ 2. LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT, if defined this will force to always
+ use indirect rendering instead of hardware acceleration. This can be
+ useful to isolate rendering errors.
+ 3. LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH can be used to override the default directories
+ which are searched for 3D drivers. The value is one or more paths sep-
+ arated by colons. In a typical XFree86 installation, the 3D drivers
+ should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/ and LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH need
+ not be defined. Note that this feature is disabled for set-uid pro-
+ grams. This variable replaces the LIBGL_DRIVERS_DIR env var used in
+ XFree86 4.0.
+ 4. MESA_DEBUG, if defined, will cause Mesa-based 3D drivers to print user
+ error messages to stderr. These are errors that you'd otherwise detect
+ by calling glGetError.
+Mesa-based drivers (this includes most of the drivers listed above) also
+observe many of the existing Mesa environment variables. These include the
+MESA_DEBUG and MESA_INFO variables.
+9. General Trouble Shooting
+This section contains information to help you diagnose general problems. See
+below for additional information for specific hardware.
+9.1 Bus Mastering
+DMA-based DRI drivers (that's most DRI drivers) cannot function unless bus
+mastering is enabled for your graphics card. By default, some systems don't
+having bus mastering on. You should enable it in your BIOS.
+Alternately, you can check the status of bus mastering and change the setting
+from within Linux. There may be similar procedures for other operating sys-
+Run lspci (as root) and find the information describing your graphics
+adapter. For example:
+ 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX - 82443BX/ZX Host bridge (rev 03)
+ 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX - 82443BX/ZX AGP bridge (rev 03)
+ 00:07.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 ISA (rev 02)
+ 00:07.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 IDE (rev 01)
+ 00:07.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 USB (rev 01)
+ 00:07.3 Bridge: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 ACPI (rev 02)
+ 00:11.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82557 [Ethernet Pro 100] (rev 08)
+ 00:12.0 SCSI storage controller: Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly NCR) 53c895 (rev 02)
+ 00:14.0 Multimedia audio controller: Ensoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97] (rev 08)
+ 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.: Unknown device 0009 (rev 01)
+The bus, device, and function number comprise the device id, which is conven-
+tionally written in the form bus:dev.func, or in this case 01:00.0.
+Use the setpci command to examine bit two of register 4 for your graphics
+card. This will indicate whether or not bus mastering is enabled.
+ setpci -s 01:00.0 4.w
+A hexadecimal value will be printed. Convert the least significant digit to
+binary. For example, if you see 3, that's 0011 in binary (bit two is 0). If
+you see 7, that's 0111 in binary (bit two is 1). In the first example, bus
+mastering is disabled. It's enabled in the second example.
+The following shell script will enabled bus mastering for your graphics card
+and host bridge. Run it as root.
+ #!/bin/bash
+ dev=01:00.0 # change as appropriate
+ echo Enabling bus mastering on device $dev
+ setpci -s $dev 4.w=$(printf %x $((0x$(setpci -s $dev 4.w)|4)))
+ dev=00:00.0
+ echo Enabling bus mastering on host bridge $dev
+ setpci -s $dev 4.w=$(printf %x $((0x$(setpci -s $dev 4.w)|4)))
+You can check if this worked by running the first setpci command again.
+9.2 The X Server
+ 1. Before you start the X server, verify the appropriate 3D kernel module
+ is installed. Type lsmod and look for the appropriate kernel module.
+ For 3dfx hardware you should see tdfx, for example.
+ 2. Verify you're running XFree86 4.0 (or newer) and not an older version.
+ If you run xdpyinfo and look for the following line near the top:
+ vendor release number: 4000
+ 3. Verify that your XF86Config file (usually found at /etc/X11/XF86Config)
+ loads the glx and dri modules and has a DRI section.
+ See the Software Resources section below for sample XF86Config files.
+ 4. Examine the messages printed during X server startup and check that the
+ DRM module loaded. Using the Voodoo3 as an example:
+ (==) TDFX(0): Write-combining range (0xf0000000,0x2000000)
+ (II) TDFX(0): Textures Memory 7.93 MB
+ (0): [drm] created "tdfx" driver at busid "PCI:1:0:0"
+ (0): [drm] added 4096 byte SAREA at 0xc65dd000
+ (0): [drm] mapped SAREA 0xc65dd000 to 0x40013000
+ (0): [drm] framebuffer handle = 0xf0000000
+ (0): [drm] added 1 reserved context for kernel
+ (II) TDFX(0): [drm] Registers = 0xfc000000
+ (II) TDFX(0): visual configs initialized
+ (II) TDFX(0): Using XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA)
+ Screen to screen bit blits
+ Solid filled rectangles
+ 8x8 mono pattern filled rectangles
+ Indirect CPU to Screen color expansion
+ Solid Lines
+ Dashed Lines
+ Offscreen Pixmaps
+ Driver provided NonTEGlyphRenderer replacement
+ Setting up tile and stipple cache:
+ 10 128x128 slots
+ (==) TDFX(0): Backing store disabled
+ (==) TDFX(0): Silken mouse enabled
+ (0): X context handle = 0x00000001
+ (0): [drm] installed DRM signal handler
+ (0): [DRI] installation complete
+ (II) TDFX(0): direct rendering enabled
+ 5. After the X server has started, verify that the required X server
+ extensions are loaded. Run xdpyinfo and look for the following entries
+ in the extensions list:
+ XFree86-DRI
+9.3 Linking, running and verifying 3D acceleration
+After you've verified that the X server and DRI have started correctly it's
+time to verify that the GL library and hardware drivers are working cor-
+ 1. Verify that you're using the correct library with ldd. The
+ /usr/lib and /usr/X11R6/lib directories are expected locations for
+ Example:
+ % ldd /usr/local/bin/glxinfo
+ => /usr/local/lib/ (0x40019000)
+ => /usr/local/lib/ (0x40051000)
+ => /usr/lib/ (0x40076000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x402ee000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x40301000)
+ => /lib/ (0x40309000)
+ => /lib/ (0x40325000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x40419000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x404bd000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x40509000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x40512000)
+ => /usr/X11R6/lib/ (0x40529000)
+ => /usr/lib/ (0x40537000)
+ => /lib/ (0x4057d000)
+ /lib/ => /lib/ (0x40000000)
+ 2. You may also double check that is in fact DRI-capable. Run
+ strings | grep DRI and look for symbols prefixed with
+ "XF86DRI", such as "XF86DRIQueryExtension".
+ 3. To be safe one should run ldconfig after installing to be sure
+ the runtime loader will find the proper library.
+ 4. Verify that the appropriate 3D driver is in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/
+ For example, the 3dfx driver will be named
+ 5. Set the LIBGL_DEBUG environment variable. This will cause to
+ print an error message if it fails to load a DRI driver. Any error
+ message printed should be self-explanatory.
+ 6. Run glxinfo. Note the line labeled "OpenGL renderer string". It
+ should have a value which starts with "Mesa DRI" followed by the name
+ of your hardware.
+ 7. Older Linux OpenGL applications may have been linked against Mesa's GL
+ library and will not automatically use In some cases, making
+ symbolic links from the Mesa GL library to will solve the
+ problem:
+ ln -s
+ In other cases, the application will have to be relinked against the
+ new XFree86
+ It is reported that part of the problem is that running ldconfig will
+ silently rewrite symbolic links based on the SONAME field in libraries.
+If you're still having trouble, look in the next section for information spe-
+cific to your graphics card.
+10. Hardware-Specific Information and Troubleshooting
+This section presents hardware-specific information for normal use and trou-
+10.1 3dfx Banshee, Voodoo3, Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 Series
+10.1.1 Requirements
+The 3dfx DRI driver requires special versions of the 3dfx Glide library.
+Different versions of Glide are needed for Banshee/Voodoo3 than for
+Voodoo4/5. The Glide libraries can be downloaded from the DRI website.
+10.1.2 Configuration
+Your XF86Config file's device section must specify the tdfx device. For
+ Section "Device"
+ Identifier "Voodoo3"
+ VendorName "3dfx"
+ Driver "tdfx"
+ EndSection
+ Section "Device"
+ Identifier "Voodoo5"
+ VendorName "3dfx"
+ Driver "tdfx"
+ EndSection
+The Screen section should then reference the Voodoo device:
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "Voodoo3"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 16
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 16
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "Voodoo5"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 24
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 16
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 24
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+The kernel module for 3dfx hardware is named tdfx.o and should be installed
+in /lib/modules/2.4.x/kernel/drivers/char/drm/. It will be automatically
+loaded by the Xserver if needed.
+The DRI 3D driver for 3dfx hardware should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/mod-
+ules/dri/ This will be automatically loaded by
+The Voodoo5 supports 3D rendering in 16 and 32 bpp modes. When running in
+32bpp mode an 8-bit stencil buffer and 24-bit Z (depth) buffer are offered.
+When running in 16bpp mode only a 16-bit Z (depth) buffer is offered and
+stencil is implemented in software.
+A software-based accumulation buffer is available in both 16 and 32bpp modes.
+10.1.3 Troubleshooting
+ o If you try to run an OpenGL application and see an error message similar
+ to
+ gd error (glide): gd error (glide): grSstSelect: non-existent SSTgd error (glide): grSstSelect: non-existent SSTS
+ it means that you have the wrong version of the Glide library for your
+ hardware.
+ o 3D acceleration for Banshee and Voodoo3 is only supported in the 16
+ bit/pixel screen mode. Use xdpyinfo to verify that all your visuals are
+ depth 16. Edit your XF86Config file if needed.
+ o The /dev/3dfx device is not used for DRI; it's only for Glide on older
+ 3dfx hardware.
+ o Different versions of Glide are needed for Voodoo3 and Voodoo5. See the
+ DRI website's resources page to download the right version of Glide.
+ o Voodoo4/5 may be run at 24bpp (instead of 32bpp, the default) but 3D
+ acceleration is not supported in that mode. 32bpp mode is fully 3D
+ accelerated.
+10.1.4 Performance and Features
+ o Normally, buffer swapping in double-buffered applications is synchro-
+ nized to your monitor's refresh rate. This may be overridden by setting
+ the FX_GLIDE_SWAPINTERVAL environment variable. The value of this vari-
+ able indicates the maximum number of swap buffer commands can be
+ buffered. Zero allows maximum frame rate.
+ o On Voodoo4/5, rendering with 16-bits/texel textures is faster than using
+ 32-bit per texel textures. The internalFormat parameter to glTexImage2D
+ can be used to control texel size. Quake3 and other games let you con-
+ trol this as well.
+ o The glTexEnv mode GL_BLEND is not directly supported by the Voodoo3
+ hardware. It can be accomplished with a multipass algorithm but it's
+ not implemented at this time. Applications which use that mode, such as
+ the Performer Town demo, may become sluggish when falling back to soft-
+ ware rendering to render in that mode.
+ o The Voodoo3/Banshee driver reverts to software rendering under the fol-
+ lowing conditions:
+ o Enabling line stippling or polygon stippling.
+ o Enabling point smoothing or polygon smoothing.
+ o Enabling line smoothing when line width is not 1.0. That is,
+ antialiased lines are done in hardware only when the line width is
+ 1.0.
+ o Using 1-D or 3-D texture maps.
+ o Using the GL_BLEND texture environment.
+ o Using stencil operations.
+ o Using the accumulation buffer.
+ o Using glBlendEquation(GL_LOGIC_OP).
+ o Using glDrawBuffer(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK).
+ o Using glPolygonMode(face, GL_POINT) or glPolygonMode(face,
+ o Using point size attenuation (i.e. GL_DISTANCE_ATTENUATION_EXT).
+ o Using glColorMask(r, g, b, a) when r!=g or g!=b.
+ o The Voodoo5 driver reverts to software rendering under the same condi-
+ tions Voodoo3 with three exceptions. First, stencil operations are
+ implemented in hardware when the screen is configured for 32 bits/pixel.
+ Second, the GL_BLEND texture env mode is fully supported in hardware.
+ Third, glColorMask is fully supported in hardware when the screen is
+ configured for 32 bits/pixel.
+ o As of January, 2001 the second VSA-100 chip on the Voodoo5 is not yet
+ operational. Therefore, the board isn't being used to its full capac-
+ ity. The second VSA-100 chip will allow Scan-Line Interleave (SLI) mode
+ for full-screen applications and games, potentially doubling the sys-
+ tem's fill rate. When the second VSA-100 chip is activated glGet-
+ String(GL_RENDERER) will report Voodoo5 instead of Voodoo4.
+ o The lowest mipmap level is sometimes miscolored in trilinear- sampled
+ polygons.
+ o The GL_EXT_texture_env_combine extension is supported on the Voodoo4 and
+ Voodoo5.
+10.1.5 Known Problems
+ o The lowest mipmap level is sometimes miscolored in trilinear- sampled
+ polygons (Voodoo3/Banshee).
+ o Fog doesn't work with orthographic projections.
+ o The accuracy of blending operations on Voodoo4/5 isn't always very good.
+ If you run Glean, you'll find some test failures.
+ o The Glide library cannot be used directly; it's only meant to be used
+ via the tdfx DRI driver.
+ o SSystem has problems because of poorly set near and far clipping planes.
+ The office.unc Performer model also suffers from this problem.
+10.2 Intel i810
+10.2.1 Requirements
+A kernel with AGP GART support (such as Linux 2.4.x) is needed.
+10.2.2 Configuration
+Your XF86Config file's device section must specify the i810 device, and spec-
+ify a usable amount of video ram to reserve.
+ Section "Device"
+ Identifier "i810"
+ VendorName "Intel"
+ Driver "i810"
+ Option "AGPMode" "1"
+ VideoRam 10000
+ EndSection
+The Screen section should then reference the i810 device:
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "i810"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 16
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 16
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+The kernel module for the i810 is named i810.o and should be installed in
+/lib/modules/2.4.x/kernel/drivers/char/drm/. It will be automatically loaded
+by the Xserver if needed.
+The DRI 3D driver for the i810 should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/mod-
+ules/dri/ This will be automatically loaded by
+10.2.3 Troubleshooting
+ o 3D acceleration for the i810 is only available in the 16 bit/pixel
+ screen mode at this time. 32bpp acceleration is not supported by this
+ hardware. Use xdpyinfo to verify that all your visuals are depth 16.
+ Edit your XF86Config file if needed.
+ o The i810 uses system ram for video and 3d graphics. The X server will
+ ordinarily reserve 4mb of ram for graphics, which is too little for an
+ effective 3d setup. To tell the driver to use a larger amount, specify
+ a VideoRam option in the Device section of your XF86Config file. A num-
+ ber between 10000 and 16384 seems adequate for most requirements. If
+ too little memory is available for DMA buffers, back and depth buffers
+ and textures, direct rendering will be disabled.
+10.2.4 Performance and Features
+Basically all of the i810 features which can be exposed through OpenGL 1.2
+are implemented. However, the following OpenGL features are implemented in
+software and will be slow:
+ o Stencil buffer and accumulation buffer operations
+ o Blend subtract, min/max and logic op blend modes
+ o glColorMask when any mask is set to false
+ o glDrawBuffer(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK)
+ o Using 1D or 3D textures
+ o Using texture borders
+10.3 Matrox G200 and G400
+10.3.1 Requirements
+A kernel with AGP GART support (such as Linux 2.4.x) is needed.
+10.3.2 Configuration
+Your XF86Config file's device section must specify the mga device:
+ Section "Device"
+ Identifier "MGA"
+ VendorName "Matrox"
+ Driver "mga"
+ Option "AGPMode" "1"
+ VideoRam 32768
+ EndSection
+The Screen section should then reference the MGA device:
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "MGA"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 16
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 16
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+To use a 32bpp screen mode, use this Screen section instead:
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "MGA"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 24
+ DefaultFbBpp 32
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 24
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+The kernel module for the G200/G400 is named mga.o and should be installed in
+/lib/modules/2.4.x/kernel/drivers/char/drm/. It will be automatically loaded
+by the Xserver if needed.
+The DRI 3D driver for the G200/G400 should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/mod-
+ules/dri/ This will be automatically loaded by
+10.3.3 Performance and Features
+Software rendering will be used under any of the following conditions:
+ o Using glDrawBuffer(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK).
+ o Using point, line, or triangle smoothing.
+ o Using glLogicOp.
+ o Using glPolygonStipple or glLineStipple.
+ o Using 1D or 3D textures.
+ o Using texture borders.
+ o Using glDepthFunc(GL_NEVER).
+ o Using the accumulation buffer.
+The AGP mode may be set to 1, 2, or 4. One is used by default. Higher AGP
+speeds may result in unreliable performance depending on your motherboard.
+Compaq has funded the implementation of AGP accelerated ReadPixels and Draw-
+Pixels in this driver. With this implementation, on a G400 drawing directly
+from AGP memory (exported to the client), throughput of up to 1 GB/sec has
+been measured.
+Additionally Compaq's funding has produced several new extensions in Mesa,
+including one (packed_depth_stencil_MESA) which enables Read/DrawPixels func-
+tionality to operate directly on the packed 24/8 depth/stencil buffers of
+this hardware.
+In order to access this functionality, the application must ensure that all
+pixel processing operations are disabled. There are in addition a fairly
+complex set of rules regarding which packing/unpacking modes must be used,
+and which data formats are supported, and alignment constraints. See the
+files in lib/GL/mesa/src/drv/mga/DOCS for a summary of these. The extension
+definitions are included in the Mesa 3.4 source distribution.
+10.3.4 IRQ Assignment
+There have been problems in the past with the MGA driver being very sluggish
+when the DRI is enabled (to the point of being unusable.) This is caused by
+the graphics card not having an interrupt assigned to it. The current DRI
+trunk will attempt to detect this condition and bail out gracefully.
+The solution to the above problem is to assign an interrupt to your graphics
+card. This is something you must turn on in your system BIOS configuration.
+Please consult your system BIOS manual for instructions on how to enable an
+interrupt for your graphics card.
+10.3.5 MGA HAL lib
+MGAHALlib.a is a binary library Matrox has provided for use under Linux to
+expose functionality for which they can not provide documentation. (For
+example TV-Out requires MacroVision be enabled on the output.) This binary
+library also sets the pixel/memory clocks to the optimal settings for your
+Matrox card.
+Currently the MGAHAL library is required for the G450 to work. You can down-
+load this from the driver section on Matrox's website:
+Here modifications to the DRI build instructions which make the mga ddx
+driver use the MGAHAL library:
+ 1.Put the following define in your host.def file
+ #define UseMatroxHal YES
+ 2. Place mgaHALlib.a in the following directory
+ xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/mga/HALlib/
+You can use DualHead on the G400/G450 DH cards by creating two device sec-
+tions which both point to the same BusID. For most AGP devices the BusID
+will be "PCI:1:0:0". Configure your screen section as you would normally
+configure XFree86 4.x Multihead. It should be noted that currently the sec-
+ond head does not support direct rendering.
+10.3.6 Known Problems
+10.4 ATI Rage 128
+10.4.1 Requirements
+A kernel with AGP GART support (such as Linux 2.4.x) is needed.
+10.4.2 Configuration
+Your XF86Config file's device section must specify the ati device:
+ Section "Device"
+ Identifier "Rage128"
+ VendorName "ATI"
+ Driver "ati"
+ Option "AGPMode" "1"
+ Option "UseCCEFor2D" "false"
+ EndSection
+The Screen section should then reference the Rage 128 device:
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "Rage128"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 16
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 16
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 32
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+The kernel module for the Rage 128 is named r128.o and should be installed in
+/lib/modules/2.4.x/kernel/drivers/char/drm/. It will be automatically loaded
+by the Xserver if needed.
+The DRI 3D driver for the Rage 128 should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/mod-
+ules/dri/ This will be automatically loaded by
+You may also set your screen depth to 32 for 32bpp mode.
+10.4.3 Performance and Features
+While PCI Rage 128 based cards are supported, they do not yet support PCI
+GART, so they will not perform as well as their AGP counterparts.
+For AGP cards, the AGP mode may be set to 1, 2, or 4. One is used by
+default. Higher AGP speeds may result in unreliable performance depending on
+your motherboard.
+Note that even at 32bpp there is no alpha channel.
+The following OpenGL features are implemented in software and will be slow:
+ o accumulation buffer operations
+ o stencil, when using a 16bpp screen
+ o Blend subtract, min/max and logic op blend modes
+ o glDrawBuffer(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK)
+ o Using 1D or 3D textures
+ o Using texture borders
+10.4.4 Known Problems
+If you experience stability problems you may try setting the UseCCEFor2D
+option to true. This will effectively disable 2D hardware acceleration.
+Performance will be degraded, of course.
+10.5 ATI Radeon
+10.5.1 Requirements
+A kernel with AGP GART support (such as Linux 2.4.x) is needed.
+10.5.2 Configuration
+Your XF86Config file's device section must specify the ati device:
+ Section "Device"
+ Identifier "Radeon"
+ VendorName "ATI"
+ Driver "ati"
+ Option "AGPMode" "1"
+ EndSection
+The Screen section should then reference the Radeon device:
+ Section "Screen"
+ Identifier "Screen 1"
+ Device "Radeon"
+ Monitor "High Res Monitor"
+ DefaultDepth 16
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 16
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ Subsection "Display"
+ Depth 32
+ Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
+ ViewPort 0 0
+ EndSubsection
+ EndSection
+The kernel module for the Radeon is named radeon.o and should be installed in
+/lib/modules/2.4.x/kernel/drivers/char/drm/. It will be automatically loaded
+by the Xserver if needed.
+The DRI 3D driver for the Radeon should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/mod-
+ules/dri/ This will be automatically loaded by
+You may also set your screen depth to 32 for 32bpp mode.
+10.5.3 Performance and Features
+While this driver supports many of the features of ATI Radeon cards, we do
+not yet fully support the card's TCL features. This work is progressing, but
+is not yet ready.
+The AGP mode may be set to 1, 2, or 4. One is used by default. Higher AGP
+speeds may result in unreliable performance depending on your motherboard.
+The following OpenGL features are implemented in software and will be slow:
+ o Blend subtract, blend min/max and blend logicops
+ o Stencil and accumulation operations
+ o 1D and 3D textures
+ o Texture borders
+The GL_EXT_texture_env_combine, GL_EXT_texture_env_add and GL_EXT_tex-
+ture_env_dot3 extensions are supported (or will be soon supported in the new
+driver based on Mesa 3.5).
+We hope to implement support for the following features in the future:
+ o Vertex transformation, clipping and lighting (TCL)
+ o Hardware stencil buffer
+ o Cube map textures
+ o 3D textures
+ o Three texture units
+10.5.4 Known Problems
+Certain (early?) revisions of the AMD Irongate chipset have AGPGART problems
+which effect Radeon, and other graphics cards. The card may work unreliably,
+or not work at all. If the DRM kernel module is not loaded, the 2D Xserver
+may work. There's hope that this can be fixed in the future.
+10.6 3DLabs Oxygen GMX 2000
+The driver for this hardware was experimental and is no longer being devel-
+oped or supported.
+11. General Limitations and Known Bugs
+11.1 OpenGL
+The following OpenGL features are not supported at this time: overlays,
+stereo, hardware-accelerated indirect rendering.
+OpenGL-like functionality is provided with the Mesa library. XFree86 4.1.0
+uses Mesa 3.4.2. Subsequent releases of XFree86 will use newer versions of
+Mesa. When newer versions of Mesa are available, the 3D drivers can be
+updated without reinstalling XFree86 or
+11.2 GLX
+The GLX 1.3 API is exported but none of the new 1.3 functions are opera-
+The new glXGetProcAddressARB function is fully supported.
+GLXPixmap rendering is only supported for indirect rendering contexts. This
+is a common OpenGL limitation. Attempting to use a direct rendering context
+with a GLXPixmap will result in an X protocol error.
+11.3 Debugging
+Debugging DRI drivers with gdb can be difficult because of the locking
+involved. When debugging OpenGL applications, you should avoid stepping
+inside the GL functions. If you're trying to debug a DRI driver it's recom-
+mended that you do so remotely, from a second system.
+11.4 Scheduling
+When you run multiple GL applications at once you may notice poor time slic-
+ing. This is due to an interaction problem with the Linux scheduler which
+will be addressed in the future.
+11.5 and dlopen()
+A number of popular OpenGL applications on Linux (such as Quake3, HereticII,
+Heavy Gear 2, etc) dynamically open the library at runtime with
+dlopen(), rather than linking with -lGL at compile/link time.
+If dynamic loading of is not implemented carefully, there can be a
+number of serious problems. Here are the things to be careful of in your
+ o Specify the RTLD_GLOBAL flag to dlopen(). If you don't do this then
+ you'll likely see a runtime error message complaining that _glapi_Con-
+ text is undefined when tries to open a hardware-specific
+ driver. Without this flag, nested opening of dynamic libraries does not
+ work.
+ o Do not close the library with dlclose() until after XCloseDisplay() has
+ been called. When initializes itself it registers several
+ callbacks functions with Xlib. When XCloseDisplay() is called those
+ callback functions are called. If has already been unloaded
+ with dlclose() this will cause a segmentation fault.
+ o Your application should link with -lpthread. On Linux, uses
+ the pthreads library in order to provide thread safety. There is appar-
+ ently a bug in the dlopen()/dlclose() code which causes crashes if the
+ library uses pthreads but the parent application doesn't. The only
+ known work-around is to link the application with -lpthread.
+Some applications don't yet incorporate these procedures and may fail. For
+example, changing the graphics settings in some video games will expose this
+problem. The DRI developers are working with game vendors to prevent this
+problem in the future.
+11.6 Bug Database
+The DRI bug database which includes bugs related to specific drivers is at
+the SourceForge DRI Bug Database
+Please scan both the open and closed bug lists to determine if your problem
+has already been reported and perhaps fixed.
+12. Resources
+12.1 Software
+A collection of useful configuration files, libraries, headers, utilities and
+demo programs is available from
+12.2 Documentation
+ o General OpenGL information is available at the OpenGL Home Page
+ o XFree86 information is available at the XFree86 Home Page
+ o Information about the design of the DRI is available from Precision
+ Insight, Inc.
+ o Visit the DRI project on for the latest development news
+ about the DRI and 3D drivers.
+ o The DRI Compilation Guide explains how to download, compile and install
+ the DRI for yourself.
+12.3 Support
+ o The DRI-users mailing list at SourceForge is a forum for people to dis-
+ cuss DRI problems.
+ o In the future there may be IHV and Linux vendor support resources for
+ the DRI.
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+ Fonts in XFree86
+ Juliusz Chroboczek, <>
+ 17 January 2003
+1. Introduction
+This document describes the support for fonts in XFree86. Installing fonts
+(section 2., page 1) is aimed at the casual user wishing to install fonts in
+XFree86; the rest of the document describes the font support in more detail.
+We assume some familiarity with digital fonts. If anything is not clear to
+you, please consult Appendix: Background (section 5., page 1) at the end of
+this document for background information.
+1.1 Two font systems
+XFree86 includes two font systems: the core X11 fonts system, which is pre-
+sent in all implementations of X11, and the Xft fonts system, which is not
+currently distributed with implementations of X11 that are not based on
+XFree86 but will hopefully be included by them in the future
+The core X11 fonts system is directly derived from the fonts system included
+with X11R1 in 1987, which could only use monochrome bitmap fonts. Over the
+years, it has been more or less happily coerced into dealing with scalable
+fonts and rotated glyphs.
+Xft was designed from the start to provide good support for scalable fonts,
+and do so efficiently. Unlike the core fonts system, it supports features
+such as anti-aliasing and sub-pixel rasterisation. Perhaps more importantly,
+it gives applications full control over the way glyphs are rendered, making
+fine typesetting and WYSIWIG display possible. Finally, it allows applica-
+tions to use fonts that are not installed system-wide for displaying docu-
+ments with embedded fonts.
+Xft is not compatible with the core fonts system: usage of Xft requires mak-
+ing fairly extensive changes to toolkits (user-interface libraries). While
+XFree86 will continue to maintain the core fonts system, toolkit authors are
+encouraged to switch to Xft as soon as possible.
+2. Installing fonts
+This section explains how to configure both Xft and the core fonts system to
+access newly-installed fonts.
+2.1 Configuring Xft
+Xft has no configuration mechanism itself, rather it relies upon the fontcon-
+fig library to configure and customize fonts. That library is not specific
+to XFree86 or indeed on any particular font output mechanism. This discus-
+sion describes how fontconfig, rather than Xft, works.
+2.1.1 Installing fonts in Xft
+Fontconfig looks for fonts in a set of well-known directories that include
+all of XFree86's standard font directories (`/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/lib/fonts/*')
+by default) as well as a directory called `.fonts/' in the user's home direc-
+tory. Installing a font for use by Xft applications is as simple as copying
+a font file into one of these directories.
+ $ cp lucbr.ttf ~/.fonts/
+Fontconfig will notice the new font at the next opportunity and rebuild its
+list of fonts. If you want to trigger this update from the command line (for
+example in order to globally update the system-wide Fontconfig information),
+you may run the command `fc-cache'.
+ $ fc-cache
+2.1.2 Fine-tuning Xft
+Fontconfig's behaviour is controlled by a set of configuration files: a sys-
+tem-wide configuration file, `/etc/fonts/fonts.conf', and a user-specific
+file called `.fonts.conf' in the user's home directory (this can be overrid-
+den with the `FONTCONFIG_FILE' environment variable).
+Every Fontconfig configuration file must start with the following boiler-
+ <?xml version="1.0"?>
+ <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
+ <fontconfig>
+In addition, every Fontconfig configuration file must end with the following
+ </fontconfig>
+The default Fontconfig configuration file includes the directory `~/.fonts/'
+in the list of directories searched for font files, and this is where user-
+specific font files should be installed. In the unlikely case that a new
+font directory needs to be added, this can be done with the following syntax:
+ <dir>/usr/local/share/fonts/</dir>
+Another useful option is the ability to disable anti-aliasing (font smooth-
+ing) for selected fonts. This can be done with the following syntax:
+ <match target="font">
+ <test qual="any" name="family">
+ <string>Lucida Console</string>
+ </test>
+ <edit name="antialias" mode="assign">
+ <bool>false</bool>
+ </edit>
+ </match>
+Anti-aliasing can be disabled for all fonts by the following incantation:
+ <match target="font">
+ <edit name="antialias" mode="assign">
+ <bool>false</bool>
+ </edit>
+ </match>
+Xft supports sub-pixel rasterisation on LCD displays. XFree86 should auto-
+matically enable this feature on laptops and when using an LCD monitor con-
+nected with a DVI cable; you can check whether this was done by typing
+ $ xdpyinfo -ext RENDER | grep sub-pixel
+If this doesn't print anything, you will need to configure Render for your
+particular LCD hardware manually; this is done with the following syntax:
+ <match target="font">
+ <edit name="rgba" mode="assign">
+ <const>rgb</const>
+ </edit>
+ </match>
+The string `rgb' within the `<const>'...`</const>' specifies the order of
+pixel components on your display, and should be changed to match your hard-
+ware; it can be one of `rgb (normal LCD screen), `bgr' (backwards LCD
+screen), `vrgb' (LCD screen rotated clockwise) or `vbgr' (LCD screen rotated
+2.1.3 Configuring applications
+Because most current applications use the core fonts system by default, it is
+necessary to explicitly configure them to use Xft. How this is done depends
+on the application.
+XTerm can be set to use Xft by using the `-fa' command line option or by set-
+ting the `XTerm*faceName' resource:
+ XTerm*faceName: Courier
+ $ xterm -fa "Courier"
+For applications based on GTK+ 2.0 (including GNOME 2 applications), the
+environment variable `GDK_USE_XFT' should be set to `1':
+ $ export GDK_USE_XFT=1
+GTK+ 2.2 uses Xft by default.
+For KDE applications, you should select ``Anti-alias fonts'' in the ``Fonts''
+panel of KDE's ``Control Center''. Note that this option is misnamed: it
+switches KDE to using Xft but doesn't enable anti-aliasing in case it was
+disabled by your Xft configuration file.
+(What about Mozilla?)
+2.1.4 Troubleshooting
+If some Xft-based applications don't seem to notice the changes you are mak-
+ing to your configuration files, they may be linked against the XFree86 4.2
+version of Xft. In order to fix the problem, you should relink them against
+a current version of Xft; on most systems, it is enough to install the cur-
+rent version of the Xft and Fontconfig libraries.
+If, for some reason, you cannot upgrade the shared libraries, please check
+the Xft(3) manual page included with XFree86 4.2 for the configuration mecha-
+nisms of the previous version of Xft.
+2.2 Configuring the core X11 fonts system
+Installing fonts in the core system is a two step process. First, you need
+to create a font directory that contains all the relevant font files as well
+as some index files. You then need to inform the X server of the existence
+of this new directory by including it in the font path.
+2.2.1 Installing bitmap fonts
+The XFree86 server can use bitmap fonts in both the cross-platform BDF format
+and the somewhat more efficient binary PCF format. (XFree86 also supports
+the obsolete SNF format.)
+Bitmap fonts are normally distributed in the BDF format. Before installing
+such fonts, it is desirable (but not absolutely necessary) to convert the
+font files to the PCF format. This is done by using the command `bdftopcf',
+ $ bdftopcf courier12.bdf
+You will then want to compress the resulting PCF font files:
+ $ gzip courier12.pcf
+After the fonts have been converted, you should copy all the font files that
+you wish to make available into a arbitrary directory, say
+`/usr/local/share/fonts/bitmap/'. You should then create the index file
+`fonts.dir' by running the command `mkfontdir' (please see the mkfontdir(1)
+manual page for more information):
+ $ mkdir /usr/local/share/fonts/bitmap/
+ $ cp *.pcf.gz /usr/local/share/fonts/bitmap/
+ $ mkfontdir /usr/local/share/fonts/bitmap/
+All that remains is to tell the X server about the existence of the new font
+directory; see Setting the server font path (section 2.2.4, page 1) below.
+2.2.2 Installing scalable fonts
+The XFree86 server supports scalable fonts in four formats: Type 1, Speedo,
+TrueType and CIDFont. This section only applies to the former three; for
+information on CIDFonts, please see Installing CIDFonts (section 2.2.3, page
+1) later in this document.
+Installing scalable fonts is very similar to installing bitmap fonts: you
+create a directory with the font files, and run `mkfontdir' to create an
+index file called `fonts.dir'.
+There is, however, a big difference: `mkfontdir' cannot automatically recog-
+nise scalable font files. For that reason, you must first index all the font
+files in a file called `fonts.scale'. While this can be done by hand, it is
+best done by using the `mkfontscale' utility.
+ $ mkfontscale /usr/local/share/fonts/Type1/
+ $ mkfontdir /usr/local/share/fonts/Type1/
+Under some circumstances, it may be necessary to modify the `fonts.scale'
+file generated by mkfontscale; for more information, please see the mkfont-
+dir(1) and mkfontscale(1) manual pages and Core fonts and internationalisa-
+tion (section 4.1, page 1) later in this document.
+2.2.3 Installing CID-keyed fonts
+The CID-keyed font format was designed by Adobe Systems for fonts with large
+character sets. A CID-keyed font, or CIDFont for short, contains a collec-
+tion of glyphs indexed by character ID (CID).
+In order to map such glyphs to meaningful indices, Adobe provide a set of
+CMap files. The PostScript name of a font generated from a CIDFont consists
+of the name of the CIDFont and the name of the CMap separated by two dashes.
+For example, the font generated from the CIDFont `Munhwa-Regular' using the
+CMap `UniKS-UCS2-H' is called
+ Munhwa-Regular--UniKS-UCS2-H
+The CIDFont code in XFree86 requires a very rigid directory structure. The
+main directory must be called `CID' (its location defaults to
+`/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CID' but it may be located anywhere), and it should
+contain a subdirectory for every CID collection. Every subdirectory must
+contain subdirectories called CIDFont (containing the actual CIDFont files),
+CMap (containing all the needed CMaps), AFM (containing the font metric
+files) and CFM (initially empty). For example, in the case of the font
+Munhwa-Regular that uses the CID collection Adobe-Korea1-0, the directory
+structure should be as follows:
+ CID/Adobe-Korea1/CIDFont/Munhwa-Regular
+ CID/Adobe-Korea1/CMap/UniKS-UCS2-H
+ CID/Adobe-Korea1/AFM/Munhwa-Regular.afm
+ CID/Adobe-Korea1/CFM/
+ CID/fonts.dir
+ CID/fonts.scale
+After creating this directory structure and copying the relevant files, you
+should create a <`tt/fonts.scale/' file. This file has the same format as in
+the case of (non-CID) scalable fonts, except that its first column contains
+PostScript font names with the extension `.cid' appended rather than actual
+ 1
+ Adobe-Korea1/Munhwa-Regular--UniKS-UCS2-H.cid \
+ -adobe-munhwa-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso10646-1
+(both names on the same line). Running `mkfontdir' creates the `fonts.dir'
+ $ cd /usr/local/share/fonts/CID
+ $ mkfontdir
+Finally, you should create the font metrics summary files in the directory
+`CFM' by running the command `mkcfm':
+ $ mkcfm /usr/local/share/fonts/CID
+If no CFM files are available, the server will still be able to use the CID
+fonts but querying them will take a long time. You should run `mkcfm' again
+whenever a change is made to any of the CID-keyed fonts, or when the CID-
+keyed fonts are copied to a machine with a different architecture.
+2.2.4 Setting the server's font path
+The list of directories where the server looks for fonts is known as the font
+path. Informing the server of the existence of a new font directory consists
+of putting it on the font path.
+The font path is an ordered list; if a client's request matches multiple
+fonts, the first one in the font path is the one that gets used. When match-
+ing fonts, the server makes two passes over the font path: during the first
+pass, it searches for an exact match; during the second, it searches for
+fonts suitable for scaling.
+For best results, scalable fonts should appear in the font path before the
+bitmap fonts; this way, the server will prefer bitmap fonts to scalable fonts
+when an exact match is possible, but will avoid scaling bitmap fonts when a
+scalable font can be used. (The `:unscaled' hack, while still supported,
+should no longer be necessary in XFree86 4.0 and later.)
+You may check the font path of the running server by typing the command
+ $ xset q
+ Temporary modification of the font path
+The `xset' utility may be used to modify the font path for the current ses-
+sion. The font path is set with the command xset fp; a new element is added
+to the front with xset +fp, and added to the end with xset fp+. For example,
+ $ xset +fp /usr/local/fonts/Type1
+ $ xset fp+ /usr/local/fonts/bitmap
+Conversely, an element may be removed from the front of the font path with
+`xset -fp', and removed from the end with `xset fp-'. You may reset the font
+path to its default value with `xset fp default'.
+For more information, please consult the xset(1) manual page.
+ Permanent modification of the font path
+The default font path (the one used just after server startup or after `xset
+fp default') is specified in the X server's `XF86Config' file. It is com-
+puted by appending all the directories mentioned in the `FontPath' entries of
+the `Files' section in the order in which they appear.
+ FontPath "/usr/local/fonts/Type1"
+ ...
+ FontPath "/usr/local/fonts/bitmap"
+For more information, please consult the XF86Config(5) manual page.
+2.2.5 Troubleshooting
+If you seem to be unable to use some of the fonts you have installed, the
+first thing to check is that the `fonts.dir' files are correct and that they
+are readable by the server (the X server usually runs as root, beware of NFS-
+mounted font directories). If this doesn't help, it is quite possible that
+you are trying to use a font in a format that is not supported by your
+XFree86 supports the BDF, PCF, SNF, Type 1, Speedo, TrueType, OpenType and
+CIDFont font formats. However, not all XFree86 servers come with all the
+font backends configured in.
+On most platforms, the XFree86 servers are modular: the font backends are
+included in modules that are loaded at runtime. The modules to be loaded are
+specified in the `XF86Config' file using the `Load' directive:
+ Load "type1"
+If you have trouble installing fonts in a specific format, you may want to
+check the server's log file in order to see whether the relevant modules are
+properly loaded. The list of font modules distributed with XFree86 is as
+ o "bitmap": bitmap fonts (`*.bdf', `*.pcf' and `*.snf');
+ o "freetype": TrueType fonts (`*.ttf' and `*.ttc'), OpenType fonts
+ (`*.otf' and `*.otc') and Type 1 fonts (`*.pfa' and `*.pfb');
+ o "type1": alternate Type 1 backend (`*.pfa' and `*.pfb') and CIDFont
+ backend;
+ o "xtt": alternate TrueType backend (`*.ttf' and `*.ttc');
+ o "speedo": Bitstream Speedo fonts (`*.spd').
+Please note that the argument of the `Load' directive is case-sensitive.
+3. Fonts included with XFree86
+3.1 Standard bitmap fonts
+The Sample Implementation of X11 (SI) comes with a large number of bitmap
+fonts, including the `fixed' family, and bitmap versions of Courier, Times,
+Helvetica and some members of the Lucida family. In the SI, these fonts are
+provided in the ISO 8859-1 encoding (ISO Latin Western-European).
+In XFree86, a number of these fonts are provided in Unicode-encoded font
+files instead. At build time, these fonts are split into font files encoded
+according to legacy encodings, a process which allows us to provide the stan-
+dard fonts in a number of regional encodings with no duplication of work.
+For example, the font file
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/6x13.bdf
+with XLFD
+ -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso10646-1
+is a Unicode-encoded version of the standard `fixed' font with added support
+for the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Georgian, Armenian, IPA and other scripts
+plus numerous technical symbols. It contains over 2800 glyphs, covering all
+characters of ISO 8859 parts 1-5, 7-10, 13-15, as well as all European IBM
+and Microsoft code pages, KOI8, WGL4, and the repertoires of many other char-
+acter sets.
+This font is used at build time for generating the font files
+ 6x13-ISO8859-1.bdf
+ 6x13-ISO8859-2.bdf
+ ...
+ 6x13-ISO8859-15.bdf
+ 6x13-KOI8-R.bdf
+with respective XLFDs
+ -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso8859-1
+ ...
+ -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso8859-15
+ -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-c-60-koi8-r
+The standard short name `fixed' is normally an alias for
+ -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso8859-1
+3.2 The ClearlyU Unicode font family
+The ClearlyU family of fonts provides a set of 12 pt, 100 dpi proportional
+fonts with many of the glyphs needed for Unicode text. Together, the fonts
+contain approximately 7500 glyphs.
+The main ClearlyU font has the XLFD
+ -mutt-clearlyu-medium-r-normal--17-120-100-100-p-101-iso10646-1
+and resides in the font file
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/cu12.pcf.gz
+Additional ClearlyU fonts include
+ -mutt-clearlyu alternate glyphs-medium-r-normal--17-120-100-100-p-91-iso10646-1
+ -mutt-clearlyu pua-medium-r-normal--17-120-100-100-p-111-iso10646-1
+ -mutt-clearlyu arabic extra-medium-r-normal--17-120-100-100-p-103-fontspecific-0
+ -mutt-clearlyu ligature-medium-r-normal--17-120-100-100-p-141-fontspecific-0
+The Alternate Glyphs font contains additional glyph shapes that are needed
+for certain languages. A second alternate glyph font will be provided later
+for cases where a character has more than one commonly used alternate shape
+(e.g. the Urdu heh).
+The PUA font contains extra glyphs that are useful for certain rendering pur-
+The Arabic Extra font contains the glyphs necessary for characters that don't
+have all of their possible shapes encoded in ISO 10646. The glyphs are
+roughly ordered according to the order of the characters in the ISO 10646
+The Ligature font contains ligatures for various scripts that may be useful
+for improved presentation of text.
+3.3 Standard scalable fonts
+XFree86 includes all the scalable fonts distributed with X11R6.
+3.3.1 Standard Type 1 fonts
+The IBM Courier set of fonts cover ISO 8859-1 and ISO 8859-2 as well as Adobe
+Standard Encoding. These fonts have XLFD
+ -adobe-courier-medium-*-*--0-0-0-0-m-0-*-*
+and reside in the font files
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/cour*.pfa
+The Adobe Utopia set of fonts only cover ISO 8859-1 as well as Adobe Standard
+Encoding. These fonts have XLFD
+ -adobe-utopia-*-*-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1
+and reside in the font files
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/UT*.pfa
+Finally, XFree86 also comes with Type 1 versions of Bitstream Courier and
+Charter. These fonts have XLFD
+ -bitstream-courier-*-*-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-iso8859-1
+ -bitstream-charter-*-*-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1
+and reside in the font files
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/c*bt_.pfb
+3.3.2 Standard Speedo fonts
+XFree86 includes Speedo versions of the Bitstream Courier and Charter fonts.
+In order to use these fonts, you should ensure that your X server is loading
+the `Speedo' font backend; see Troubleshooting (section 2.2.5, page 1).
+These fonts cover all of ISO 8859-1 and almost all of ISO 8859-2. They have
+XLFD name
+ -bitstream-courier-*-*-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-*-*
+ -bitstream-charter-*-*-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-*-*
+and reside in the font files
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Speedo/font*.spd
+3.4 The Bigelow & Holmes Luxi family
+XFree86 includes the Luxi family of scalable fonts, in both TrueType and
+Type 1 format. This family consists of the fonts Luxi Serif, with XLFD
+ -b&h-luxi serif-medium-*-normal--*-*-*-*-p-*-*-*
+Luxi Sans, with XLFD
+ -b&h-luxi sans-medium-*-normal--*-*-*-*-p-*-*-*
+and Luxi Mono, with XLFD
+ -b&h-luxi mono-medium-*-normal--*-*-*-*-m-*-*-*
+Each of these fonts comes Roman, oblique, bold and bold oblique variants The
+TrueType version have glyphs covering the basic ASCII Unicode range, the
+Latin 1 range, as well as the Extended Latin range and some additional punc-
+tuation characters. In particular, these fonts include all the glyphs needed
+for ISO 8859 parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 13 and 15, as well as all the glyphs in the
+Adobe Standard encoding and the Windows 3.1 character set.
+The glyph coverage of the Type 1 versions is somewhat reduced, and only cov-
+ers ISO 8859 parts 1, 2 and 15 as well as the Adobe Standard encoding.
+The Luxi fonts are original designs by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow. Luxi
+fonts include seriffed, sans serif, and monospaced styles, in roman and
+oblique, and normal and bold weights. The fonts share stem weight, x-height,
+capital height, ascent and descent, for graphical harmony.
+The character width metrics of Luxi roman and bold fonts match those of core
+fonts bundled with popular operating and window systems.
+The license terms for the Luxi fonts are included in the file `COPYRIGHT.BH',
+as well as in the License document.
+Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes from Bigelow and Holmes Inc. developed the
+Luxi typeface designs in Ikarus digital format.
+URW++ Design and Development GmbH converted the Ikarus format fonts to True-
+Type and Type1 font programs and implemented the grid-fitting "hints" and
+kerning tables in the Luxi fonts.
+For more information, please contact <> or
+<>, or consult the URW++ web site <URL:>.
+An earlier version of the Luxi fonts was made available under the name
+Lucidux. This name should no longer be used due to trademark uncertainties,
+and all traces of the Lucidux name have been removed from XFree86.
+4. More about core fonts
+This section describes XFree86-specific enhancements to the core X11 fonts
+4.1 Core fonts and internationalisation
+The scalable font backends (Type 1, Speedo and TrueType) can automatically
+re-encode fonts to the encoding specified in the XLFD in `fonts.dir'. For
+example, a `fonts.dir' file can contain entries for the Type 1 Courier font
+such as
+ cour.pfa -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-iso8859-1
+ cour.pfa -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-iso8859-2
+which will lead to the font being recoded to ISO 8859-1 and ISO 8859-2
+4.1.1 The fontenc layer
+Three of the scalable backends (Type 1, Speedo, and the FreeType TrueType
+backend) use a common fontenc layer for font re-encoding. This allows these
+backends to share their encoding data, and allows simple configuration of new
+locales independently of font type.
+Please note: the X-TrueType (X-TT) backend does not use the fontenc layer,
+but instead uses its own method for font reencoding. If you are only inter-
+ested in X-TT you may want to skip to Using Symbol Fonts (section 4.1.5, page
+1), as the intervening information does not apply to X-TT. X-TT itself is
+described in more detail in X-TrueType (section 4.2.3, page 1).
+In the fontenc layer, an encoding is defined by a name (such as iso8859-1),
+possibly a number of aliases (alternate names), and an ordered collection of
+mappings. A mapping defines the way the encoding can be mapped into one of
+the target encodings known to fontenc; currently, these consist of Unicode,
+Adobe glyph names, and arbitrary TrueType ``cmap''s.
+A number of encodings are hardwired into fontenc, and are therefore always
+available; the hardcoded encodings cannot easily be redefined. These
+ o iso10646-1: Unicode;
+ o iso8859-1: ISO Latin-1 (Western Europe);
+ o iso8859-2: ISO Latin-2 (Eastern Europe);
+ o iso8859-3: ISO Latin-3 (Southern Europe);
+ o iso8859-4: ISO Latin-4 (Northern Europe);
+ o iso8859-5: ISO Cyrillic;
+ o iso8859-6: ISO Arabic;
+ o iso8859-7: ISO Greek;
+ o iso8859-8: ISO Hebrew;
+ o iso8859-9: ISO Latin-5 (Turkish);
+ o iso8859-10: ISO Latin-6 (Nordic);
+ o iso8859-15: ISO Latin-9, or Latin-0 (Revised Western-European);
+ o koi8-r: KOI8 Russian;
+ o koi8-u: KOI8 Ukrainian (see RFC 2319);
+ o koi8-ru: KOI8 Russian/Ukrainian;
+ o koi8-uni: KOI8 ``Unified'' (Russian, Ukrainian, and Byelorussian);
+ o koi8-e: KOI8 ``European,'' ISO-IR-111, or ECMA-Cyrillic;
+ o microsoft-symbol and apple-roman: these are only likely to be useful
+ with TrueType symbol fonts.
+Additional encodings can be added by defining encoding files. When a font
+encoding is requested that the fontenc layer doesn't know about, the backend
+checks the directory in which the font file resides (not necessarily the
+directory with fonts.dir!) for a file named `encodings.dir'. If found, this
+file is scanned for the requested encoding, and the relevant encoding defini-
+tion file is read in. The `mkfontdir' utility, when invoked with the `-e'
+option followed by the name of a directory containing encoding files, can be
+used to automatically build `encodings.dir' files. Please see the mkfont-
+dir(1) manual page for more details.
+A number of encoding files for common encodings are included with XFree86.
+Information on writing new encoding files can be found in Format of encodings
+directory files (section 4.1.3, page 1) and Format of encoding files (section
+4.1.4, page 1) later in this document.
+4.1.2 Backend-specific notes about fontenc
+ The FreeType backend
+For TrueType and OpenType fonts, the FreeType backend scans the mappings in
+order. Mappings with a target of PostScript are ignored; mappings with a
+TrueType or Unicode target are checked against all the cmaps in the file.
+The first applicable mapping is used.
+For Type 1 fonts, the FreeType backend first searches for a mapping with a
+target of PostScript. If one is found, it is used. Otherwise, the backend
+searches for a mapping with target Unicode, which is then composed with a
+built-in table mapping codes to glyph names. Note that this table only cov-
+ers part of the Unicode code points that have been assigned names by Adobe.
+Specifying an encoding value of adobe-fontspecific for a Type 1 font disables
+the encoding mechanism. This is useful with symbol and incorrectly encoded
+fonts (see Incorrectly encoded fonts (section 4.1.6, page 1) below).
+If a suitable mapping is not found, the FreeType backend defaults to
+ISO 8859-1.
+ Type 1
+The Type 1 backend behaves similarly to the FreeType backend with Type 1
+fonts, except that it limits all encodings to 8-bit codes.
+ Speedo
+The Speedo backend searches for a mapping with a target of Unicode, and uses
+it if found. If none is found, the backend defaults to ISO 8859-1.
+The Speedo backend limits all encodings to 8-bit codes.
+4.1.3 Format of encoding directory files
+In order to use a font in an encoding that the font backend does not know
+about, you need to have an `encodings.dir' file either in the same directory
+as the font file used or in a system-wide location
+(`/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/encodings/' by default).
+The `encodings.dir' file has a similar format to `fonts.dir'. Its first line
+specifies the number of encodings, while every successive line has two
+columns, the name of the encoding, and the name of the encoding file; this
+can be relative to the current directory, or absolute. Every encoding name
+should agree with the encoding name defined in the encoding file. For exam-
+ 3
+ mulearabic-0 /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/encodings/mulearabic-0.enc
+ mulearabic-1 /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/encodings/mulearabic-1.enc
+ mulearabic-2 /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/encodings/mulearabic-2.enc
+The name of an encoding must be specified in the encoding file's `STARTENCOD-
+ING' or `ALIAS' line. It is not enough to create an `encodings.dir' entry.
+If your platform supports it (it probably does), encoding files may be com-
+pressed or gzipped.
+The `encoding.dir' files are best maintained by the `mkfontdir' utility.
+Please see the mkfontdir(1) manual page for more information.
+4.1.4 Format of encoding files
+The encoding files are ``free form,'' i.e. any string of whitespace is equiv-
+alent to a single space. Keywords are parsed in a non-case-sensitive manner,
+meaning that `size', `SIZE', and `SiZE' all parse as the same keyword; on the
+other hand, case is significant in glyph names.
+Numbers can be written in decimal, as in `256', in hexadecimal, as in
+`0x100', or in octal, as in `0400'.
+Comments are introduced by a hash sign `#'. A `#' may appear at any point in
+a line, and all characters following the `#' are ignored, up to the end of
+the line.
+The encoding file starts with the definition of the name of the encoding, and
+possibly its alternate names (aliases):
+ STARTENCODING mulearabic-0
+ ALIAS arabic-0
+The name of the encoding and its aliases should be suitable for use in an
+XLFD font name, and therefore contain exactly one dash `-'.
+The encoding file may then optionally declare the size of the encoding. For
+a linear encoding (such as ISO 8859-1), the SIZE line specifies the maximum
+code plus one:
+ SIZE 0x2B
+For a matrix encoding, it should specify two numbers. The first is the num-
+ber of the last row plus one, the other, the highest column number plus one.
+In the case of `jisx0208.1990-0' (JIS X 0208(1990), double-byte encoding,
+high bit clear), it should be
+ SIZE 0x75 0x80
+In the case of a matrix encoding, a `FIRSTINDEX' line may be included to
+specify the minimum glyph index in an encoding. The keyword `FIRSTINDEX' is
+followed by two integers, the minimum row number followed by the minimum col-
+umn number:
+ FIRSTINDEX 0x20 0x20
+In the case of a linear encoding, a `FIRSTINDEX' line is not very useful. If
+for some reason however you chose to include on, it should be followed by a
+single integer.
+Note that in most font backends inclusion of a `FIRSTINDEX' line has the side
+effect of disabling default glyph generation, and this keyword should there-
+fore be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
+Codes outside the region defined by the `SIZE' and `FIRSTINDEX' lines are
+understood to be undefined. Encodings default to linear encoding with a size
+of 256 (0x100). This means that you must declare the size of all 16 bit
+What follows is one or more mapping sections. A mapping section starts with
+a `STARTMAPPING' line stating the target of the mapping. The target may be
+one of:
+ o Unicode (ISO 10646):
+ o a given TrueType ``cmap'':
+ o PostScript glyph names:
+ STARTMAPPING postscript
+Every line in a mapping section maps one from the encoding being defined to
+the target of the mapping. In mappings with a Unicode or TrueType mapping,
+codes are mapped to codes:
+ 0x21 0x0660
+ 0x22 0x0661
+ ...
+As an abbreviation, it is possible to map a contiguous range of codes in a
+single line. A line consisting of three integers
+ <it/start/ <it/end/ <it/target/
+is an abbreviation for the range of lines
+ start target
+ start+1 target+1
+ ...
+ end target+end-start
+For example, the line
+ 0x2121 0x215F 0x8140
+is an abbreviation for
+ 0x2121 0x8140
+ 0x2122 0x8141
+ ...
+ 0x215F 0x817E
+Codes not listed are assumed to map through the identity (i.e. to the same
+numerical value). In order to override this default mapping, you may specify
+a range of codes to be undefined by using an `UNDEFINE' line:
+ UNDEFINE 0x00 0x2A
+or, for a single code,
+ UNDEFINE 0x1234
+PostScript mappings are different. Every line in a PostScript mapping maps a
+code to a glyph name
+ 0x41 A
+ 0x42 B
+ ...
+and codes not explicitly listed are undefined.
+A mapping section ends with an ENDMAPPING line
+After all the mappings have been defined, the file ends with an ENDENCODING
+In order to make future extensions to the format possible, lines starting
+with an unknown keyword are silently ignored, as are mapping sections with an
+unknown target.
+4.1.5 Using symbol fonts
+Type 1 symbol fonts should be installed using the adobe-fontspecific encod-
+In an ideal world, all TrueType symbol fonts would be installed using one of
+the microsoft-symbol and apple-roman encodings. A number of symbol fonts,
+however, are not marked as such; such fonts should be installed using
+microsoft-cp1252, or, for older fonts, microsoft-win3.1.
+In order to guarantee consistent results (especially between Type 1 and True-
+Type versions of the same font), it is possible to define a special encoding
+for a given font. This has already been done for the ZapfDingbats font; see
+the file `encodings/adobe-dingbats.enc'.
+4.1.6 Hints about using badly encoded fonts
+A number of text fonts are incorrectly encoded. Incorrect encoding is some-
+times done by design, in order to make a font for an exotic script appear
+like an ordinary Western text font on systems which are not easily extended
+with new locale data. It is often the result of the font designer's laziness
+or incompetence; for some reason, most people seem to find it easier to
+invent idiosyncratic glyph names rather than follow the Adobe glyph list.
+There are two ways of dealing with such fonts: using them with the encoding
+they were designed for, and creating an ad hoc encoding file.
+ Using fonts with the designer's encoding
+In the case of Type 1 fonts, the font designer can specify a default encod-
+ing; this encoding is requested by using the `adobe-fontspecific' encoding in
+the XLFD name. Sometimes, the font designer omitted to specify a reasonable
+default encoding, in which case you should experiment with `adobe-standard',
+`iso8859-1', `microsoft-cp1252', and `microsoft-win3.1'. (The encoding
+`microsoft-symbol' doesn't make sense for Type 1 fonts).
+TrueType fonts do not have a default encoding. However, most TrueType fonts
+are designed with either Microsoft or Apple platforms in mind, so one of
+`microsoft-symbol', `microsoft-cp1252', `microsoft-win3.1', or `apple-roman'
+should yield reasonable results.
+ Specifying an ad hoc encoding file
+It is always possible to define an encoding file to put the glyphs in a font
+in any desired order. Again, see the `encodings/adobe-dingbats.enc' file to
+see how this is done.
+ Specifying font aliases
+By following the directions above, you will find yourself with a number of
+fonts with unusual names --- with encodings such as `adobe-fontspecific',
+`microsoft-win3.1' etc. In order to use these fonts with standard applica-
+tions, it may be useful to remap them to their proper names.
+This is done by writing a `fonts.alias' file. The format of this file is very
+simple: it consists of a series of lines each mapping an alias name to a font
+name. A `fonts.alias' file might look as follows:
+ "-ogonki-alamakota-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-2" \
+ "-ogonki-alamakota-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-adobe-fontspecific"
+(both XLFD names on a single line). The syntax of the `fonts.alias' file is
+more precisely described in the mkfontdir(1) manual page.
+4.2 Additional notes about scalable core fonts
+The FreeType backend (module `freetype', formerly known as xfsft) is able to
+deal with both TrueType and Type 1 fonts. This puts it in conflict with the
+X-TT and Type 1 backends respectively.
+If both the FreeType and the Type 1 backends are loaded, the FreeType backend
+will be used for Type 1 fonts. If both the FreeType and X-TT backends are
+loaded, X-TT will be used for TrueType fonts.
+4.2.1 Delayed glyph rasterisation
+Both FreeType and X-TT delay glyph rasterisation up to the time at which a
+glyph is first used. For this reason, they only provide an approximate value
+for the ``average width'' font property.
+Both backends also support an optimisation for character-cell fonts (fonts
+with all glyph metrics equal, or terminal fonts). A font with an XLFD speci-
+fying a character-cell spacing `c', as in
+ -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+will not rasterise glyphs at metrics computation time, but instead trust the
+font really to be a character-cell font. You are encouraged to make use of
+this optimisation when useful, but be warned that not all monospaced fonts
+are character-cell fonts.
+4.2.2 About the FreeType backend
+The FreeType backend (formerly xfsft) is a backend based on version 2 of the
+FreeType library (see the FreeType web site <URL:>)
+and has support for the ``fontenc'' style of internationalisation (see The
+fontenc layer (section 4.1.1, page 1)). This backend supports TrueType font
+files (`*.ttf'), OpenType font files (`*.otf'), TrueType Collections
+(`*.ttc'), OpenType Collections (`*.otc') and Type 1 font files (`*.pfa' and
+In order to access the faces in a TrueType Collection file, the face number
+must be specified in the fonts.dir file before the filename within colons.
+For example,
+ :2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+refers to face 2 in the `mincho.ttc' TrueType Collection file.
+The FreeType backend uses the fontenc layer in order to support recoding of
+fonts; this was described in The fontenc layer (section 4.1.1, page 1) and
+especially FreeType-specific notes about fontenc (section, page 1)
+earlier in this document.
+4.2.3 About the X-TrueType TrueType backend
+The `X-TrueType' backend is a backend based on version 1 of the FreeType
+library. X-TrueType doesn't use the `fontenc' layer for managing font encod-
+ings, but instead uses its own database of encodings.
+X-TrueType extends the `fonts.dir' syntax with a number of options, collec-
+tively known as `TTCap'. A `TTCap' entry follows the general syntax
+ :option=value:
+and should be specified before the filename.
+The most useful TTCap option is used to specify the face number to use with
+TTCs; this is the `fn' TTCap option. For example, face 2 of font file `min-
+cho.ttc' is specified using:
+ :fn=2:mincho.ttc -misc-mincho-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-c-0-jisx0208.1990-0
+More information on the TTCap syntax, and on X-TrueType in general, may be
+found on the X-TrueType home page <URL:>.
+5. Appendix: background and terminology
+5.1 Characters and glyphs
+A computer text-processing system inputs keystrokes and outputs glyphs, small
+pictures that are assembled on paper or on a computer screen. Keystrokes and
+glyphs do not, in general, coincide: for example, if the system does generate
+ligatures, then to the sequence of two keystrokes <f><i> will typically cor-
+respond a single glyph. Similarly, if the system shapes Arabic glyphs in a
+vaguely reasonable manner, then multiple different glyphs may correspond to a
+single keystroke.
+The complex transformation rules from keystrokes to glyphs are usually fac-
+tored into two simpler transformations, from keystrokes to characters and
+from characters to glyphs. You may want to think of characters as the basic
+unit of text that is stored e.g. in the buffer of your text editor. While
+the definition of a character is intrinsically application-specific, a number
+of standardised collections of characters have been defined.
+A coded character set is a set of characters together with a mapping from
+integer codes --- known as codepoints --- to characters. Examples of coded
+character sets include US-ASCII, ISO 8859-1, KOI8-R, and JIS X 0208(1990).
+A coded character set need not use 8 bit integers to index characters. Many
+early systems used 6 bit character sets, while 16 bit (or more) character
+sets are necessary for ideographic writing systems.
+5.2 Font files, fonts, and XLFD
+Traditionally, typographers speak about typefaces and founts. A typeface is
+a particular style or design, such as Times Italic, while a fount is a
+molten-lead incarnation of a given typeface at a given size.
+Digital fonts come in font files. A font file contains the information nec-
+essary for generating glyphs of a given typeface, and applications using font
+files may access glyph information in an arbitrary order.
+Digital fonts may consist of bitmap data, in which case they are said to be
+bitmap fonts. They may also consist of a mathematical description of glyph
+shapes, in which case they are said to be scalable fonts. Common formats for
+scalable font files are Type 1 (sometimes incorrectly called ATM fonts or
+PostScript fonts), TrueType and Speedo.
+The glyph data in a digital font needs to be indexed somehow. How this is
+done depends on the font file format. In the case of Type 1 fonts, glyphs
+are identified by glyph names. In the case of TrueType fonts, glyphs are
+indexed by integers corresponding to one of a number of indexing schemes
+(usually Unicode --- see below).
+The X11 core fonts system uses the data in a font file to generate font
+instances, which are collections of glyphs at a given size indexed according
+to a given encoding.
+X11 core font instances are usually specified using a notation known as the X
+Logical Font Description (XLFD). An XLFD starts with a dash `-', and con-
+sists of fourteen fields separated by dashes, for example:
+ -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--12-120-75-75-m-70-iso8859-1
+Or particular interest are the last two fields `iso8859-1', which specify the
+font instance's encoding.
+A scalable font is specified by an XLFD which contains zeroes instead of some
+ -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-iso8859-1
+X11 font instances may also be specified by short name. Unlike an XLFD, a
+short name has no structure and is simply a conventional name for a font
+instance. Two short names are of particular interest, as the server will not
+start if font instances with these names cannot be opened. These are
+`fixed', which specifies the fallback font to use when the requested font
+cannot be opened, and `cursor', which specifies the set of glyphs to be used
+by the mouse pointer.
+Short names are usually implemented as aliases to XLFDs; the standard `fixed'
+and `cursor' aliases are defined in
+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/font/misc/fonts.alias
+5.3 Unicode
+Unicode (<URL:>) is a coded character set with the goal
+of uniquely identifying all characters for all scripts, current and histori-
+cal. While Unicode was explicitly not designed as a glyph encoding scheme,
+it is often possible to use it as such.
+Unicode is an open character set, meaning that codepoint assignments may be
+added to Unicode at any time (once specified, though, an assignment can never
+be changed). For this reason, a Unicode font will be sparse, meaning that it
+only defines glyphs for a subset of the character registry of Unicode.
+The Unicode standard is defined in parallel with the international standard
+ISO 10646. Assignments in the two standards are always equivalent, and we
+often use the terms Unicode and ISO 10646 interchangeably.
+When used in the X11 core fonts system, Unicode-encoded fonts should have the
+last two fields of their XLFD set to `iso10646-1'.
+6. References
+XFree86 comes with extensive documentation in the form of manual pages and
+typeset documents. Before installing fonts, you really should read the font-
+config(3) and mkfontdir(1) manual pages; other manual pages of interest
+include X(7), Xserver(1), xset(1), Xft(3), xlsfonts(1) and showfont(1). In
+addition, you may want to read the X Logical Font Description document, by
+Jim Flowers, which is provided in the file `xc/doc/xlfd.PS.Z'.
+The latest released version of the XFree86 documentation (including this doc-
+ument and all manual pages) is available as current XFree86 documentation
+The comp.fonts FAQ <URL:>, which is
+unfortunately no longer being maintained, contains a wealth of information
+about digital fonts.
+Xft and Fontconfig are described on Keith Packard's Fontconfig site
+The xfsft home page <URL:>
+has been superseded by this document, and is now obsolete; you may however
+still find some of the information that it contains useful. Joerg Pommnitz'
+xfsft page <URL:> is the
+canonical source for the `ttmkfdir' utility, which is the ancestor of
+The author's software pages <URL:>
+might or might not contain related scribbles and development versions of
+The documentation of X-TrueType is available from the X-TrueType home page
+A number of East-Asian CIDFonts are available from O'Reilly's FTP site
+While the Unicode consortium site <URL:> may be of
+interest, you are more likely to find what you need in Markus Kuhn's UTF-8
+and Unicode FAQ <URL:>.
+The IANA RFC documents, available from a number of sites throughout the
+world, often provide interesting information about character set issues; see
+for example RFC 373.
+ Generated from XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/sgml/fonts.sgml,v 1.20 2003/01/20 03:43:07 dawes Exp $
+$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/README.fonts,v 1.22 2003/01/20 04:10:01 dawes Exp $
diff --git a/hw/xfree86/doc/README.rapidaccess b/hw/xfree86/doc/README.rapidaccess
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..a78dfb9bc
--- /dev/null
+++ b/hw/xfree86/doc/README.rapidaccess
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+The IBM Rapid Access keyboard have some extra buttons
+on it to launch programs, control a cd-player and so on.
+These buttons is not functional when the computer is turned
+on but have to be activated by sending the codes 0xea 0x71
+to it.
+I've written the following hack to send codes to the keyboard:
+/* gcc -O2 -s -Wall -osend_to_keyboard send_to_keyboard.c */
+#include <stdlib.h>
+#include <unistd.h>
+#include <sys/io.h>
+int main( int argc, char *argv[] )
+ int i;
+ ioperm( 0x60, 3, 1 );
+ for( i = 1; i < argc; i++ ) {
+ int x = strtol( argv[i], 0, 16 );
+ usleep( 300 );
+ outb( x, 0x60 );
+ }
+ return 0;
+As root you can then call this program (in your boot scripts)
+as "send_to_keyboard ea 71" to turn on the extra buttons.
+It's not a good idea to run several instances of this program
+at the same time. It is a hack but it works. If you try to
+send other codes to the keyboard it probably will lock up.
+For other codes see:
+Dennis Björklund <>
+$XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/doc/README.rapidaccess,v 1.1 2001/05/18 23:35:32 dawes Exp $
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/hw/xfree86/doc/changelogs/CHANGELOG
@@ -0,0 +1,16588 @@
+XFree86 (xx May 2003)
+XFree86 (9 May 2003)
+ 987. Fix a FreeBSD/alpha build problem (#5679, Fred Clift).
+ 986. Fix SiliconMotion driver for mode switching and SEGV problem when
+ initializing Xv functionality (Bugzilla #50, Alan Hourihane).
+ 985. Fix a SEGV that can happen with Riva128 cards (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 984. Prevent a SIGFPE with the glint/pm3 driver when attempting to display
+ an XVideo image less than 8 pixels wide (Måns Rullgård).
+ 983. Fix double free bug when a Mac-specific font fails to load with
+ Freetype (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 982. Check for NULL tObj in the i830 3D driver's TexEnv function. This
+ fixes a FlightGear crash (Keith Whitwell).
+ 981. Fix lockup on server reset in radeon driver
+ (Michel Dänzer, Keith Whitwell).
+ 980. Set Mesa hooks to flush vertices on state changes in Radeon 3D drivers
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ 979. Fix to prevent PCI and CardBus resets when switching out of the server's
+ virtual console (Marc La France).
+ 978. Fix infinite loop that occurs on systems whose PCI configuration space
+ doesn't advertise a host bridge (Marc La France).
+ 977. Workaround for broken devices that don't implement the header type field
+ in their PCI configuration space (Marc La France).
+ 976. Fix programming error in ix86 motherboard chipset determination
+ (Marc La France).
+ 975. Fix bug in mode validation that occurs when the XF86Config doesn't
+ specify any mode or virtual resolution information (Marc La France).
+ 974. Another int10 fix. This time for adapters found at PCI:0:0:0. This
+ fix is particularly important for ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
+ 973. int10 fix for all ix86 non-Linux systems (Marc La France).
+ 972. Fix compatibility problem between modules generated without the recent
+ setjmp/longjmp work and a server generated using glibc <= 2.2.*
+ (Marc La France).
+ 971. setjmp/longjmp related fixes for Linux/libc5 systems (Marc La France).
+ 970. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
+ libc5 & glibc systems (Marc La France).
+ 969. Fix setjmp/longjmp emulation for glibc 2.2.[01] systems and remove
+ HasGlibc21Sigsetjmp override (Marc La France).
+ 968. setjmp/longjmp-related compilation fixes for libc5 systems
+ (Marc La France).
+ 967. Fix possible overflow in _XlcLocaleDirName. (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 966. Fix XDarwin build broken by #960 (Shantonu Sen).
+ 965. Fix StaticColor colormap on Darwin/x86 6.x (Rob Braun).
+XFree86 4.3.0 (27 February 2003)
+ 964. Add an imake option to allow the glibc21-style setjmp() behaviour
+ to be forced when auto-detecting it fails (this is needed for RH 7.0).
+ 963. Add missing raise/lower volume key descriptions for the "hpxe3gc"
+ XKB map (#A.1651, Paul Pacheco).
+ 962. Fix some typos in the Syriac XKB map (#5654, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan).
+ 961. Add documentation about using XKB for the XFree86 server's special
+ key sequences and the HandleSpecialKeys config option (#5653, Joe Moss).
+ 960. Move the XF86_DATE definition to a separate file so that bumping it
+ doesn't trigger almost everything to be rebuilt (David Dawes).
+ 959. Xterm patch #174 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 958. Fix a bug that was preventing DGA2 acceleration from being advertised
+ by the i810 driver (David Dawes).
+ 957. Fix an "xtt" font backend module crash that shows up on Linux/PPC,
+ related to an invalid code converter module being loaded because of
+ a broken string comparison in xttconv.c (#A.1647, Chisato Yamauchi,
+ Daisuke MASATSUNA).
+ 956. Fix a NULL dereference that can happen in lcGenConv.c (#A.1646,
+ Anthony Fok Tung-Ling).
+ 955. Bump the libXft minor revision for the UTF-16 APIs that were added
+ after rev 2.0 (#A.1643, A.1644, Keith Packard, 5652, Mike Harris).
+ 954. Fix a typo in the "freetype" font backend that prevents "ttc" fonts
+ from working (#5651, Mike Fabian).
+ 953. Fix atimisc bug in restoring colourmaps after a VT switch
+ (Marc La France).
+ 952. A more complete set of dead accent/space compose sequences, add
+ <Multi_key> <slash> for letters with a "stroke", and add some
+ combos for exponent characters, katakana voiced sounds, etc to
+ the en_US.UTF-8 compose file (#5646, David Monniaux).
+ 951. Reinstate the VBEInit() call in the savage driver's PreInit(). This
+ appears to fix a problem on some Savage MX platforms (#5649,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 950. Restore the radeon driver's unconditional RADEONPreInt10Save() call
+ on Alpha platforms because this is needed for Radeon cards where the
+ BIOS ROM can't be read after it's been run once (by the firmware)
+ without this (#5648, Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 949. Update Newport driver doc (#5647, Guido Guenther).
+ 948. Fix reversed logic for VGA locking/unlocking (Nat Ersoz).
+ 947. Luit fixes:
+ - Fix a bug with --encoding being too strict with the syntax.
+ - Add a -x flag that causes luit to exit as soon as the child does.
+ - Update the man page to synchronise with Tomohiro's work on XTerm.
+ (#5643, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 946. Fix some endianness bugs in the r200 DRI driver, and guard a debugging
+ print message (Michel Dänzer).
+ 945. Fix radeon HW cursor artifacts when switching between 2-color and
+ ARGB cursors by always using the ARGB mode (#A.1639, Michel Dänzer and
+ Fredrik Höglund).
+ 944. Fix rootless XDarwin crash when trying to GetImage with a rectangle
+ bigger then the associated top level window (Apple).
+ 943. Add support for multi-head on ZX1-based Itanium2 systems (Marc La France
+ with documentation and assistance from Hewlett-Packard).
+ 942. Correctly initialize the RE_LINE_PATTERN register in the radeon
+ and r200 DRI drivers (Keith Whitwell).
+ 941. Fix a problem where a malformed Ximage can cause Xcursor to step
+ outside the image data (#A.1636, Keith Packard, reported by
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 940. Allow xf86setjmp/xf86setlongjmp to work with platforms where
+ setjmp() isn't directly available as a function, specifically Linux
+ platforms that use glibc 2.0 and 2.1. (David Dawes, Keith Packard).
+ 939. Check pScrn->vtSema before calling xf86SetCursor() from
+ xf86CursorCloseScreen(). This avoids a segfault at exit with some
+ drivers (Alan Hourihane).
+ 938. Fix adding FP native mode for Radeon (Hui Yu@ATI, Kevin Martin).
+ 937. Initialize I2C when primary head has an invalid DDC type for the
+ Radeon driver (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 936. Video fixes for TV and TVOverscan for the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru).
+ 935. Fix to prevent ShadowComposite() to try to update the framebuffer
+ when server is switched away (Egbert Eich).
+ 934. Fix problems where the ThirdLevel key and Alt modifiers don't work
+ when a map that uses the ThirdLevel virtual modifier is not the first
+ layout in a multi-layout configuration (#5642, Ivan Pascal).
+ 933. Use safe values in the Thai XIM which should work regardless of
+ the signedness of XIMStringConversionPosition (#A.1628,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 932. Replace xf86setjmp/xf86setlongjmp with symbol aliases that resolve
+ directly to the native libc versions so that they can operate in
+ modules, and make xf86jmp_buf much larger so that should be big enough
+ for any reasonable CPU/OS combination. This should fix problems
+ with the Freetype2-based freetype font module (#A.1625, Keith Packard).
+ 931. Change the default base symbols map from pc104 to pc105, which should
+ fix most cases where the <LSGT> key isn't defined. Also change the
+ default XkbModel from pc101 to pc105 (Ivan Pascal).
+ 930. Fix run-time enabling/disabling of VT switching via xf86EnableVTSwitch()
+ (David Dawes).
+ 929. Add a "DontVTSwitch" option to allow VT switching to be disabled
+ (on platforms where the X server initiates VT switches) (#5640,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 928. Fix a memory leak in _XimExtension() (#5638, MINAMI Hirokazu).
+ 927. Fix hard-coded ProjectRoot paths in the proxymngr man page (#5634,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 926. Fix a NULL pointer dereference in the fontenc library (#5633, Debian).
+ 925. Update the neomagic man page to document the OverlayMem option (#5632,
+ Diego Santa Cruz and Branden Robinson).
+ 924. Fix a memory leak in XCloseDisplay, and a potential race condition
+ when multiple threads attempt to initialize the Xcursor library
+ simultaneously (#A.1623, Keith Packard).
+ 923. Fix xvidtune to pop up a info window if mode on chipset is
+ not tuneable (Egbert Eich).
+ 922. Fix a NULL pointer in a var_arg list in xfd which causes problems
+ on 64 bit systems (Egbert Eich).
+ 921. Fix a typo in the nsc Imakefile when installing the linkkit
+ (#A.1624, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 920. Remove a dependency on how Xlib buffers requests internally for
+ xtest's test 2 of XSync (Keith Packard).
+ 919. Fix a bug in the way the bitmap font code calculates mix/max bounds
+ (it was ignoring empty characters), which fixes some xtest fonts
+ bounds check failures (Keith Packard).
+ 918. Check that the HW cursor has been setup before calling
+ xf86ForceHWCursor() in the radeon (and r128) driver. This fixes
+ crashes when using only the SW cursor (#5628, Michel Dänzer).
+ 917. Fix duplicate arguments for xf86MatchPciInstances() in the DESIGN doc
+ (#5627, Guido Guenther).
+ 916. Miscellaneous 64-bit and warning fixes to mfb, xf1bpp and xf4bpp
+ (Marc La France).
+ 915. Fix a bug in beforelight that was preventing it from being restarted
+ and could cause random X clients to be killed. (Matthieu Herrb)
+ 914. Add a means by which a motherboard chipset driver can prevent the common
+ layer's check for mis-configured PCI-to-PCI bridges (Marc La France).
+ 913. Fix bug that would sometimes cause an extra hardware cursor to re-appear
+ on a secondary head after a server reset (Marc La France).
+ 912. Protect "cvl" references in recent changes to _XEventsQueued() with
+ '#ifdef XTHREADS' (reported by Dan Holm).
+XFree86 (17 February 2003)
+ 911. Change the newport driver to use ShadowFBInit2 to fix the broken
+ "switching back from the console" issue, and update the driver's man
+ page (#5625, Guido Guenther).
+ 910. SCO doc update (#5624, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 909. Fix X11.tmpl so that Fontconfig works correctly if an file
+ sets HasFontconfig, and do this in (#5624, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 908. Move the vbe module from xfree86/os-support/ to xfree86/ (David Dawes).
+ 907. Some changes to the os-support kbd driver layer's calling conventions
+ to provide more flexibility (#A.1615, Zephaniah E. Hull).
+ 906. Fix a crash in the "xtt" font module caused by a NULL dereference
+ when the font cache becomes full (#A.1611, Chisato Yamauchi and
+ tokeijikakenoringo).
+ 905. Update the list of DRI-supported Radeon hardware (#A.1610,
+ Knut J Bjuland).
+ 904. Fix a problem in _XEventsQueued() that causes an event reader lock
+ of another thread to be released. This can cause a hang and keyboard
+ lockup in KDE (#5619, Ewald Snel).
+ 903. Fix some bugs with Xft drawing to non-Render enabled servers:
+ - Drawing monochrome glyphs had an infinite loop.
+ - XftGlyphSpecCore failed to render some glyphs, leading to application
+ crashes from uninitialized values.
+ (#A.1608, Keith Packard, reported by Nalin Dahyabhai).
+ 902. Fix the <BKSL> key in the "winkeys" variants of the Russian and
+ Ukrainian XKB maps (#5624, Leon Kanter).
+ 901. Install the XKB README files (#5623, Ivan Pascal).
+ 900. Add the numeric keys row to the pc/us symbols map (#5622, Ivan Pascal).
+ 899. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
+ - Fix DOT3 texture combine env in the r200 driver (Ian Romanick).
+ - Fix SW TCL path in the radeon driver (Felix Kühling).
+ - Don't assert for FLUSH_STORED_VERTICES if a glBegin hasn't been
+ emitted (Alan Hourihane).
+ 898. Another update to the fix for the client-side DRI cleanup code that
+ should fix references to freed data, an fix a potential memory leak
+ (Leif Delgass).
+ 897. Fix the behaviour of XLookupString() when XKB is enabled in Xlib
+ but not the server. This fixes an xtest XRebindKeysym() failure
+ (David Dawes).
+ 896. Added radeon driver options documentation to the Options file
+ (#5621, Michel Dänzer).
+ 895. Fix the return value of SetFontPath() when a font path element is bad
+ (David Dawes).
+ 894. Add some more HP keyboard layouts (Peter Soos).
+ 893. Remove XFree86-specific keysyms that already have generic equivalents
+ (Menu, Redo, Print, Undo).
+ 892. Add keyboard layout information for the HP 5181 Internet/Multimedia
+ keyboard (#A.1603, John Mitchell).
+ 891. Fix a problem where two-color render cursors have extra pixels set
+ (#A.1607, Keith Packard).
+ 890. Fix for corruption when using video modes requiring more than 2MB on
+ S3 968 cards (#A.1602, Justin T. Gibbs).
+ 889. Fix TVoverscan problems on the NSC SC1200 chip (Sarma Kolluru).
+ 888. Cure cursor artifacts by setting HARDWARE_CURSOR_SHOW_TRANSPARENT and
+ HARDWARE_CURSOR_UPDATE_UNHIDDEN in the r128 and radeon drivers. The
+ wait-for-VSync nonsense the Radeon's currently do can, and should, be
+ ripped out later. (Marc La France).
+ 887. Extend HARDWARE_CURSOR_SHOW_TRANSPARENT to make hardware cursors
+ transparent, rather than disabling them, when a switch to a software
+ cursor is needed. This removes recently introduced cursor artifacts
+ in the atimisc driver. (Marc La France).
+ 886. Cancel repeat for switch screen XKB actions, which fixes a VT
+ switching problem that has just become visible (Ivan Pascal).
+ 885. Added reinitialization of screen layout after RandR size change
+ on a multihead setup. This keeps cursor movement beween screens
+ working (Egbert Eich).
+ 884. Remove Xcms.txt entries that have server-side equivalents. It looks
+ like the slightly different resulting colour definitions from the
+ Xcms.txt entries were responsible for an xtest failure.
+ 883. Fix some problems with using pre-existing version of fontconfig,
+ freetype2 and expat (#A.1600, Keith Packard).
+ 882. Add missing zero-sized check to one of Xft's core rendering routines
+ (#A.1599, Keith Packard).
+ 881. Add a missing symbol reference to the radeon driver (#5618, Mike Harris).
+ 880. Fix the Xcursor include path in the man page (#5617, Kevin Brosius).
+ 879. Update ViRGE documentation (#5617, Kevin Brosius).
+ 878. Fix mkfontscale so that it doesn't include characters forbidden in XLFD
+ in the names it generates (#5616, Mike Fabian and Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 877. Fix a rounding problem in the "freetype" module, which fixes the problem
+ worked around in entry 864 below (#5615, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 876. Fix incorrect alias for lv_LV.iso885913, and add some missing lv_LV
+ aliases (#5614, Aivils Stoss).
+ 875. Fix a bug where xauth may write an incomplete authority file and delete
+ the old one if there is insufficient disk space (#5612, Harald Hoyer).
+ 874. DPMSClose() wasn't correctly setting its devPrivate to NULL (based
+ on #A.1594, Denis Zaitsev).
+ 873. Fix scanpci's printing of routing information for PCI-to-PCI bridges
+ (Marc La France).
+ 872. Bring Cygwin/XFree86 up-to-date (#5613)
+ - Multiwindow Window Manager (Kensuke Matsuzaki).
+ - Clipboard integration (Harold Hunt).
+ - Remove unnecessary redefines of fchown/fchmod (Takashi Sawanaka)
+ - Fix some NULL pointer problems on screen changes (Alexander Gottwald).
+ 871. Fix some problems when noaccel is used in the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru).
+ 870. Fix acceleration bugs in the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru).
+ 869. Change initMouseHW() to always return TRUE, which restores the older
+ more graceful behaviour (Egbert Eich).
+ 868. Revert the DestroyContext, GarbageCollectDrawables reording in
+ dri_util.c, and instead check if the drawable is known to the DRI
+ client code before calling XF86DRIGetDrawableInfo (Egbert Eich).
+ 867. Fix some scaling problems with the updated whiteglass cursor icons,
+ fixing some incorrect hotspots (Kevin Puetz).
+ 866. The sunffb driver was treating a function with a void return value
+ as if it had a Bool return value. This causes the driver to fail
+ in some cases (#A.1588, Ferris McCormick).
+ 865. Add private keysyms for the new XKB actions (XFree86 special keys),
+ and move those actions to an XKB compatibility map. This fixes
+ side-effects (loss of auto-repeat and mousekeys functionality) of
+ the way this was implemented previously (#5610, Ivan Pascal).
+ 864. Fix an X server crash with the "freetype" module when displaying
+ kochi-mincho.ttf at a size of 18 pixels or higher (Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 863. Fix segfault in XkbInitKeyboardDeviceStruct() (David Dawes).
+ 862. Add a ServerFlags/ServerLayout option for disabling the RandR extension
+ (David Dawes).
+ 861. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
+ - Correct RADEON_MAX_TCL_VERTSIZE and set MaxArrayLockSize
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Fix EAGAIN handling in radeon_cp_dispatch_texture(), which fixes
+ corruption of large textures (Michel Dänzer).
+ - Fix bufferSize and alphaMask for DRI in several drivers (Brian Paul,
+ Leif Delgass).
+ - Avoid a loop on validating destroyed drawable (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Reorder DestroyContext, GarbageCollectDrawables to avoid error
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ - Remove untested BSD DRM vlank signal code (Eric Anholt).
+ - Update Radeon PCI IDs for BSD drm driver (Eric Anholt).
+ - Uninitialize mutexes on cleanup in the BSD drm driver, which
+ fixes panics with FreeBSD-5.0 with WITNESS (Eric Anholt).
+ - Remove the untested/unused gamma DRM driver for BSD (Eric Anholt).
+ 860. Fix byte swapping of the refresh rate argument to RandR's
+ SetScreenConfig request, and fix a 1.0 client compatibility problem
+ with SetScreenConfig (#A.1574, Keith Packard).
+ 859. The i810 driver wasn't releasing control of the agpgart when VT switching
+ away for the 830M and later (David Dawes).
+ 858. Update Rage 128 and Radeon PCI IDs (Mike Harris).
+ 857. Fix vertical retrace to not interfere with interrupt handling
+ (#5608, Michel Dänzer).
+ 856. Add M9 DRI support (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 855. Update Radeon man page (Michel Dänzer).
+ 854. Add Radeon man page (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 853. Use strtol instead of atoi in xf86cfg 'expert' mode. Make pauses
+ when printing keyboard models in xf86config (#5609, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 852. Xterm patch #173 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 851. Don't use XkbGetKeyboard() in xset, just use XkbAllocKeyboard()
+ (Ivan Pascal).
+ 850. Fixes for the nsc driver for HW cursor hotspots and GX2 video
+ clipping issues (Sarma Kolluru, NSC).
+ 849. Fix HW cursor on CRTC2 for SiS650+301B (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 848. Update the i810/i830 driver to recognise the 865G integrated graphics
+ chipset (David Dawes).
+ 847. Updates for the nsc driver (Sarma Kolluru, NSC).
+ 846. Fixed dual head for 1400x1050 displays (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 845. Initializing clock ranges in several drivers to get rid of the
+ annoying 'scaled from 0.0 MHz' message in xf86PrintModes()
+ (Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 (4 February 2003)
+ 844. Fixing a double free in libXRandr (Egbert Eich).
+ 843. The microsoft-win3.1 encoding file wasn't being installed (#A.1569,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 842. Sync the FIFO in the vmware driver after defining an ARGB cursor
+ (#5607, Nolan Leake).
+ 841. Add missing Num_Lock and Scroll_Lock modifiers to the jp XKB map
+ (Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 840. Change the default cursor theme to "core".
+ 839. Fix some keys in the Slovenian (si) XKB map (David Balazic,
+ Henrik Nordström).
+ 838. Add a check to xset for a NULL return from XkbGetKeyboard()
+ (Tapani Utriainen).
+ 837. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
+ - radeon DRM: only acknowledge interrupts we handle -- others could
+ be used outside the DRM (Michel Dänzer).
+ - Fix PCI and AGP posting problems (based on testing by Chris Ison
+ and suggestions by Benjamin Herrenschmidt and Arjan van de Ven).
+ - Remove radeon_flush_write_combine() which has been unused for a while
+ (Michel Dänzer).
+ - Disable strict aliasing when building the DRM (Michel Dänzer).
+ 836. Fix xfs crash on Darwin by making libXfont a flat namespace image
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 835. Avoid endless loop when initializing an PS/2 mouse behind a
+ repeater (Egbert Eich).
+ 834. Radeon driver: make sure RADEONCPStop() is only called when
+ RADEONCPStart() has been called before. Failing to do so may
+ make the kernel driver oops (Egbert Eich).
+ 833. Disabling MMX, 3DNow and SSE support for x86-64 as the function
+ call sequence is hardcoded to ia32 (Egbert Eich).
+ 832. Fix a hang in multi-thread mode caused by a missing UnlockDisplay() in
+ XkbGetMapChanges() (Jose Luu).
+ 831. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
+ - Don't inflate relative vblank sequence numbers on repeated calls
+ (e.g., when interrupted by a signal) (Michel Dänzer).
+ - Fix size of VERTEX2 ioctl struct (Egbert Eich).
+ 830. SiS driver fixes:
+ - Mode restoration fix.
+ - Xv Hue and Saturation property fixes (310/325 series).
+ - Built-in mode fixes.
+ - Revert wrong bus width assumptions from previous patch.
+ (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 829. R128 build fix on big endian platforms (#A.1565, George Staikos).
+ 828. Updated whiteglass cursor icons that fix the resizing glitches in the
+ existing ones (#A.1563, Kevin Puetz).
+ 827. Include server control definitions in some XKB maps that were missing
+ them (based on #A.1562, Jens Petersen).
+ 826. Define Alt/Meta modifiers for the jp106 XKB layout, and include
+ server control definitions (#A.1562, Jens Petersen).
+ 825. Add some locales required for the OpenI18N compliance test (#A.1550,
+ Leon Ho).
+ 824. s3virge driver updates:
+ - 320x240 doublescan support with mouse adjust.
+ - Power management printouts, DAC error printout fix.
+ - Log XVideo status based on chipset, and preliminary support for
+ disabling XV when a mode doesn't support it.
+ (#A.1550, Kevin Brosius).
+ 823. Add an Ethiopic TTF and OTF font (#A.1549, Daniel Yacob).
+ 822. Add a phonetic layout to the Bengali XKB map (#5606, Taneem Ahmed).
+ 821. Work around an AGP bug in the AlphaServer ES45 by padding each ring
+ buffer packet in the radeon drm with NOPs to cache line boundaries.
+ This is only done for Alpha platforms (#5605, Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 820. Add missing domain decoding to DRM(irq_busid) for Alpha (#5604,
+ Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 819. Build fix for the DRM on FreeBSD 5.0-current (#5603, Eric Anholt).
+ 818. xaaStateChange.c was not calling RestoreAccelState before doing
+ CPUToScreenTexture and CPUToScreenAlphaTexture, which seems to be the
+ reason why RENDER acceleration was broken on some dual-monitor MGA cards
+ (#5602, Nolan Leake).
+ 817. Make the vmware driver a little more conservative about supporting
+ HW RGBA cursors in 8-bit modes (#5606, Nolan Leake).
+ 816. Work around a problem with the vmware driver's interaction with the
+ offscreen memory manager (#5606, Nolan Leake).
+ 815. Fix fb's rotation of tiles and stipples when using non-zero PixOrigin
+ macros (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 814. Fix Radeon native FP mode initializion (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 813. Resync with DRI mesa-4-0-4 branch:
+ - Fix Q3A mode change prolbem in thr r200 driver (Keith Whitwell).
+ - Add a missing break to prevent spurious GL_INVALID_ENUM
+ (Leif Delgass).
+ - Fix __FUNCTION__ usage in the ffb 3D driver (Leif Delgass).
+ - Limit the number of pending vblank signals to 100 to prevent
+ a DoS (Michel Dänzer).
+ - Fix a void * arithmetic warning in the radeon DRM driver
+ (Leif Delgass).
+ 812. Fix a typo in the "pl2" XKB map (#A.1553, Piotr Xurek).
+ 811. Fix a null dereference in Mesa that can cause an X server crash at
+ client exit (#A.1548, Ezra Peisach).
+ 810. Improve the XTT code that prevents unexpected data to be passed to
+ XAA (#5600, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 809. xkbcomp/rules/xfree86.xml wasn't being installed (#5599, Ivan Pascal).
+ 808. Add knowledge about two Korean foundries to mkfontscale (#5598,
+ Jungshik Shin).
+ 807. Disable the INREG fallbackup in the radeon 3D driver on Alpha because
+ it references a function that's not availalbe (#5596, Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 806. Fixed patch 760: VBEInit takes entity index, not screen index
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 805. Card name changes/fixes (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 804. Panel color channel depth fix for Radeons (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 803. Include list_for_each_safe define for kernels that do not have it
+ (Kevin Martin).
+ 802. Fix 2D corruption around 3D window, when 3D window is moving and using
+ Radeon page flipping code (Michel Dänzer).
+ 801. Big endian fixes for Rage 128 and Radeon video and Radeon cursor code
+ (Michel Dänzer).
+ 800. Enable PCI GART for all architectures (still gated by ForcePCIMode, if
+ on an AGP card) (Michel Dänzer).
+ 799. Fix for Radeon's CP accelerated 2D sync routine (Michel Dänzer).
+ 798. SiS driver fixes:
+ - Fix for SiS730+LVDS machines (display modes restricted due to
+ hardware limits; LCD text mode restoration fixed)
+ - Fix for SiS300 bus width detection
+ - Fix for Fn+Fx output device switching on some machines (still
+ does not work on all)
+ - Numerous Dual Head fixes
+ - Added color hardware cursor support on 300/310/325/330 series
+ - Added PAL-M and PAL-N support for Chrontel 701x
+ - Added ModeLine handling for 300/310/325/330 series (CRT1 only)
+ (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 797. Fix for memory fences on PowerPC (Marc La France).
+ 796. Work-around for Radeon int10 problems (Marc La France).
+ 795. Fix XDarwin crash in rootless mode with 16-bit color by ensuring that
+ window pixmap pointers are 32-bit aligned (Apple, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 794. Update the i810 2D driver and i830 3D drivers to recognise and handle
+ the Intel 852GM/855GM integrated graphics chipsets (David Dawes,
+ Keith Whitwell).
+ 793. Force extension-generated mode switches always occur (Marc La France).
+ 792. Fix OS/2 library build problem (Frank Giessler).
+ 791. Fix bug that at times prevented recognition of resources decoded on PCI
+ root busses (Marc La France).
+ 790. Fix XDarwin's spurious transparent regions in rootless windows
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 789. Fix bug in recognition of certain ix86 Host-to-PCI bridges
+ (Marc La France).
+ 788. Fix for breakage in reading the serial PnP mouse ID string (David Dawes).
+ 787. Add "core" theme to Xcursor to force old behaviour (Keith Packard).
+ 786. Increase the default font cache size so that it works better for
+ iso10646 (#A.1541, Hidetoshi Yamanouchi, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 785. Fix an XTT problem where garbage is displayed when there are undefined
+ glyphs for fixed width fonts, and fix some other potential problems
+ (#A.1541, Hidetoshi Yamanouchi, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 784. Resync symbols/fi with symbols/pc/fi (#A.1532, Marko Myllynen,
+ #5589, Linus Torvalds).
+ 783. Resync xkb/rules/xfree86.xml with xfree86.lst (#5595, Ivan Pascal).
+ 782. ISO_Level3_Shift was breaking compose sequences because Xlib wasn't
+ recognising it as a modifier key (#5594, Ivan Pascal).
+ 781. Add a Lao (lo) XKB map (#5592, Anousak Souphavanh).
+ 780. Add a multi-layout version of the Malayalam keymap (#5593, Ivan Pascal).
+ 779. Add some missing entries to the xkb rules $oldlayouts and $nonlatin
+ sets (#5593, Ivan Pascal).
+ 778. Prevent mkfontscale from looking at bitmap fonts, and ensure that it
+ doesn't crash if a font happens to have no head (#5591,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 777. Document that DVI the mga_hal module may be necessary to use the DVI
+ output with the G550 and other cards (#5590, Andrew Aitchison).
+ 776. Fixes for a few "nodeadkeys" XKB maps (David Dawes).
+ 775. Protect magic cookie from short-lived exposure on command line in
+ startx (Christian Biere).
+ 774. Fix ELF loader to ignore -g debugging information
+ (#A.1539, Juergen Keil).
+ 773. Fix artifacts left by XDarwin when reshaping a shaped window (reported
+ by Adrian Umpleby).
+ 772. Fix XDarwin rootless crash when resizing a window (Apple).
+ 771. Fix vbe module to not assume BIOS call results are zero-extended
+ (Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 770. Fix improper initialisation of pciConfigRec's. Reported by Marcel
+ Moolenaar (Marc La France).
+ 769. Fix intermittent XDarwin crash on Mac OS X 10.1.x when changing cursors
+ on dual processor machines (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 768. Correction to 'is' keymap (reported by Richard Allen).
+ 767. Fix GLX library mis-use of LockDisplay()/UnlockDisplay() sequences
+ (reported by Alexis Vartanian).
+XFree86 (20 January 2003)
+ 766. Fix XDarwin's rootless mode with 16-bit color (Apple).
+ 765. Allow UTF8 conversion to work for Japanese locales (#A.1527,
+ Etsushi Kato).
+ 764. Add a method for working around a problem that can show up when
+ running setxkbmap from a machine with a different version of XKB
+ than the X server. The workaround method is documented in
+ the setxkbmap(1) man page (#5588, Ivan Pascal).
+ 763. Add some new keys and key combinations that can be used for switching
+ between XKB groups (#5587, Ivan Pascal).
+ 762. Fix typos in the README.fonts document (#5585, John Himpel,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 761. Fix the pc/fi and pc/il XKB maps after recent changes made them
+ non-compliant with the multi-layout scheme (#5581, Ivan Pascal).
+ 760. Allow the mga driver to fallback to using VBE for DDC when using
+ the native method fails. This allows DDC to work for DVI output
+ on Matrox cards (#5580, Andrew Aitchison).
+ 759. Add block handler for XDarwin's quartz modes to clean up any
+ autoreleased objects in the server thread (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 758. Fix use of uninitliazed variable in xmag/xmag.c (A.1525, Keith Packard).
+ 757. Fix typo in Radeon Mono8x8 code (#A.1526, Juergen Keil).
+ 756. PS/2 mice initialization sequence changed: rerun entire sequence
+ when something goes wrong - this needs to be rewritten completely
+ after 4.3 is out (Egbert Eich).
+ 755. Savage driver: disable HW cursor on stretched LCD displays,
+ let SaveScreen and DGA test if HW cursor is on before
+ disabling/reenabling it (Egbert Eich).
+ 754. Fixed VBE EDID read: due to a missing register setting read
+ ended in endless loop on certain systems (Egbert Eich).
+ 753. Changed the default mouse device for FreeBSD to sysmouse and the
+ protocol to auto when running X -configure (#5584, Eric Anholt).
+ 752. Changed the default mouse device for xf86cfg and xf86config to
+ /dev/sysmouse for FreeBSD (#5582, #5583, Eric Anholt).
+ 751. Fix for Mono8x8 patterns on Radeon (#A.1520, Juergen Keil, Kevin Martin).
+ 750. Fix for Radeon mode validation (#A.1330, #A.1380, #A.1393, #A.1522,
+ #A.1523, Wayne Whitney, Hui Yu@ATI, Juergen Keil).
+ 749. Workaround for flickering problem with switching between ARGB and mono
+ cursors on Radeons (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 748. DDCMode fix for VidMode extension (#A.1380, Kevin Martin, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 747. Panel detection bug fix for Radeon (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 746. Add Xv overlay support for dual headed Radeons (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 745. Fix Radeon driver's 24-bit support for flat panels (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 744. Add Radeon 9500/Pro support (#A.1380, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 743. Disable CGWorkaround for non-A11 rev R300s (Kevin Martin, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 742. Radeon solid/dashed line fix for RV200 and newer card (Kevin Martin).
+ 741. Radeon overlay gamma fix (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 740. Radeon LG panel fix (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 739. Change makedepend to warn about any whitespace it finds in front of
+ pre-processor directives (Marc La France).
+ 738. Missing deadkeys in UTF-8 compose table (Mike Fabian).
+ 737. Build fix for SPARC (Thorsten Kukuk).
+ 736. Fixed integer address value in vesa driver to be large enough
+ to hold a 64 bit memory address (Andreas Schwab).
+ 735. Disabled RENDER accel on Matrox when used in multihead mode
+ (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 734. Added FireGL 8700/8800 to the list of supported cards or RADEON
+ driver (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 733. Added -mcmodel=kernel to DRM Makefile for x86_64 (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 732. Added vesa and fbdev driver to x86_64, removed nsc driver for ia64 build
+ (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 731. Fixing comments in th_TH.UTF-8 (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 730. Fixes from the DRI CVS:
+ - Don't segfault when spec or fog stride is 0.
+ - Don't set RADEON_SURF_TRANSLATION_DIS for framebuffer aperture
+ byte swapping on big endian machines; doesn't work with R200 and
+ later chips.
+ - Improve AGP workaround for pre-R200 chips.
+ (Michel Dänzer).
+ 729. Remove inappropriate __linux__ ifdef in the tdfx client-side DRI driver
+ (#5579, Eric Anholt).
+ 728. Allow makedepend handle whitespace in front of the '#' in preprocessor
+ directives (ISO C permits this) (#A.1516, Alexander Stohr).
+ 727. Add zh_TW.UTF-8 locale support (#A.1514, Leon Ho).
+ 726. Add recognition of wacom "XD-xxxx" models to the wacom input driver,
+ and treat them the same as "GD-xxxx" models (#A.1505, Rene Rask).
+ 725. Fix some missing render extension big-req compatibility (#A.1493,
+ Keith Packard).
+ 724. Fix a missing initialisation in the calcomp input driver that makes
+ the driver unusable and crashes the X server at startup (#A.1492,
+ Martin Kroeker).
+ 723. Work around for a bug in the i740 driver's XVideo support where the
+ video output would sometimes stop updating (#5578, Stephen Blackheath).
+ 722. Make DRM signal-on-vblank request return EINVAL on BSD since it's
+ not been ported yet (#5576, Eric Anholt).
+ 721. Remove the no longer used bsd/drm/kernel/r128/*.[ch] files (#5576,
+ Eric Anholt).
+ 720. drmFreeBufs was missing from the r128 driver's referenced symbols list
+ (#5574, Eric Anholt).
+ 719. Allow all of the extended mouse button bits for the "sysmouse" protocol
+ to be passed through (#5573, Eric Anholt).
+ 718. Update the XFree86 server special key handling so that by default
+ there is a fallback to the the hard-coded keys when there is no
+ Terminate action binding in the XKB map. A new global option is
+ added to allow the fallback mechanism to be used never, when needed,
+ or always, with "when needed" the default (#5572, Joe Moss).
+ 717. Update the README.fonts document (#5570, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 716. Build the loader's libc wrapper with -DHAVE_SYSV_IPC on FreeBSD
+ since NVIDIA's binary driver uses it (#5569, Eric Anholt).
+ 715. Reduce the stack usage from 64k to 8k in imLcPrs.c, which fixes
+ a problem with Java for FreeBSD (#5568, Eric Anholt).
+ 714. Gcc 3 deprecated the #pragma weak method for weak links (#5567,
+ Motoyuki Konno).
+ 713. updates:
+ - Sparc64 support
+ - Recent 5.0-current doesn't need libXThrStub
+ - Disable SharedLibXdmGreet, fixing xdm on alpha
+ (#5566, Eric Anholt).
+ 712. XDarwin now loads GLX support dynamically. Current options are Apple's
+ OpenGL framework or Mesa (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 711. GeForceFX support in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 710. DPMS support in the nv driver. CRTs only at this time (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 709. Fix for recognition of non-existent PCI devices (Marc La France).
+ 708. Fix for when firmware/BIOS initialisation does not enable the extra
+ command FIFO entries available on second-generation integrated Mach64
+ variants (Marc La France).
+ 707. Copying Syriac OTF fonts to directory OTF instead of TTF.
+ The xtt font renderer cannot handle OTF fonts causing the
+ entire directory to be ignored (Egbert Eich).
+ 706. Disabling MIT-SHM extensions for Xnest, fixing pixmap private
+ code in Xnest, thus cleaning out bogus patch 137.
+ NOTE: The MIT-SHM presently *does* *not* work with Xnest.
+ I have code to make it work but it is not well tested therefore
+ MIT-SHM is disabled for now! (Egbert Eich).
+ 705. Fix the misnaming of three of the redglass cursors (#A.1491,
+ Keith Packard).
+ 704. Fix for two problems where the combination of xtt and XAA could result
+ in a crash. The first problem was xtt returning a NULL pointer for
+ the bitmap even though the height was non-zero. The second problem
+ was glyph ascent/descent exceeding the range of maxbounds.ascent/
+ maxbounds.descent (A.1484, Chisato Yamauchi, Masanori Shimada).
+ 703. Eliminate locale-dependent behaviour in fontconfig's setfontdirs
+ script (#A.1483, Markus Kuhn).
+ 702. Fix a bug in previous Thai XIM changes (#5563,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 701. Updates for the Israeli XKB map, including:
+ - Implement parens mirroring.
+ - Add two additional variants: "lyx", replacing shifted Hebrew
+ letters with Hebrew point marks, and "si1452", implementing the
+ Standard of Israel no. 1452 mapping.
+ (#5562, Tzafrir Cohen).
+ 700. BuildServersOnly fix when building on a system with no installed
+ X headers or libraries (#5559, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 699. Add extended symbols for the "Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator"
+ keyboard (#A.1480, Gilbert Fridgen).
+ 698. Fix xdm resource's font references to match actual bitmap fonts (#A.1477,
+ Göran Uddeborg).
+ 697. Update the xcursorgen man page (#A.1475, Keith Packard).
+ 696. Add a Mongolian XKB map (#5557, Sanlig Badral).
+ 695. Fixes for the Turkish XKB map (#5556, Nilgün Belma Bugüner).
+ 694. Thai XIM fixes:
+ - Fix the arguments in calling to StringConversionCallback in Thai XIM
+ filter, according to Hideki Hiura's explanation on the protocol.
+ - Add input sequence correction capability to the Thai XIM by
+ exploiting the XIMStringConversionSubstitution operation.
+ (#5553, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 693. Resync the pc/fi XKB map with the previous map (#5552, Marko Myllynen).
+ 692. Workaround for parsing of Layout sections caused by recent changes
+ (#5558, Andrew Aitchison, Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
+ 691. Fix the enabling of the Glint Gamma for use on an Appian Graphics
+ Jeronimo 2000 board which uses two Permedia3's (#5448, Sven Luther).
+ 690. Fix a problem in the trident driver for older chipsets and using
+ 16bit clock programming, manifested itself on a Thinkpad 760EL,
+ but there are probably lots of others. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 689. On Darwin add Mac font directories to fonts.conf (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 688. Post XDarwin mouse events in Quartz mode where they happen rather than
+ where the cursor currently is (Adrian Umpleby).
+ 687. Enable Freetype Mac FOND support on Mac OS X (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 686. Add an "lswitch" option to the group xkb map, allowing the left Alt
+ key to be used for AltGr (#A.1463, Andreas Tobler).
+ 685. Add some locales for OpenI18N1.2 (LI18NUX2000) level.1 conformance,
+ and change zh_HK to point to zh_HK.big5hkscs which conforms to
+ glibc's default for zh_HK (#A.1457, Leon Ho).
+ 684. Updates for the Irish and Ogham XKB maps (#5549, 5550,
+ Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
+ 683. Xterm patch #172 (Thomas Dickey).
+XFree86 (21 December 2002)
+ 682. Add a request to XFree86-VidModeExtension to get the read/write
+ permissions so that clients can check if they have permission to
+ change parameters (David Dawes).
+ 681. Fix read-only XFree86-VidModeExtension requests for remote connections
+ (David Dawes, reported by Jamie Zawinski).
+ 680. Correct problem when the server prints the name of a 'private
+ xkb action' in a format that xkbcomp cannot understand, and
+ was causing problems when calling XkbGetKeyboard (Ivan Pascal).
+ 679. Fix animated cursor problem with multiple screens (#A.1454,
+ Keith Packard).
+ 678. gtf.c build fix for LynxOS 4.0 (#A.1453, Stuart Lissaman).
+ 677. Fix a segfault in fontconfig (#A.1450, Keith Packard).
+ 676. If some LEDs are lighting when one reloads the XKB keyboard map
+ (using setxkbmap or xf86cfg) the LEDs become 'frozen' and can't
+ be switched off. The patch fixes this bug. (#5544, Ivan Pascal).
+ 675. Fix some problems with the addition of multi-layout scheme to
+ xkb: some keys that aren't 'alphabetic' should be treated as
+ such to allow CapsLock+Shift working as expected; sometimes it
+ is required to load an include file more than once due to
+ multi-layout configuration, also fix some typos
+ (#5545, Ivan Pascal).
+ 674. XKB programable 'special combinations' (such as Ctrl+Alt+<key>)
+ also send usual key evants (press and release). Although the
+ keysym generated in this case is NoSymbol such events can confuse
+ some applications (#5546, Ivan Pascal).
+ 673. Fix some remaining memory leaks in xkb initialization code
+ (Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
+ 672. Temporarily enable the hard-coded Ctrl-Alt-Backspace terminate sequence
+ until a better fallback mechanism is implemented (Egbert Eich).
+ 671. Allow XKB-remappable hot keys to work with the "kbd" driver
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 670. Export xf86inSuspend as needed by the "kbd" driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 669. SiS driver updates, including:
+ - support for SiS 330 Xabre (untested)
+ - Bugfix for boxes with two VGA connectors (tested)
+ - Autodetection of second monitor (tested)
+ - TV detection improved (tested)
+ - fixed error in 1280x1024 panel support (yet untested)
+ - Fixed bug in TV output on SiS30xB/30xLV (PAL still only BW, not
+ even the Windows driver can display PAL in color)
+ - Fixed positioning of TV picture. Works now for all video bridges
+ except Chrontel 7019 (still untested).
+ (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 668. Add an alternative French XKB layout (fr-latin9) (#A.1446, Guylhem Aznar,
+ Rene Cougnenc, Nicolas Mailhot).
+ 667. Add bar and brokenbar to default <LSGT> definition for pc102 and
+ pc105 xkb maps (based on #A.1445, Göran Uddeborg).
+ 666. Change the keypad "decimal" key to KP_Separator in the dk, fi, no, se
+ xkb maps (#A.1440, Robin Rosenberg).
+ 665. Fixes and cleanups for the ISO8859-14 Compose table (#5543,
+ Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
+ 664. Update the Ogham xkb map, including full support for the IS434 standard
+ and laptops (#5542, Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
+ 663. Update the Irish xkb map, including adding support for laptops (#5541,
+ Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
+ 662. Add "Inet" key definitions for the Honeywell Euroboard keyboard (#A.810,
+ Scott Penrose).
+ 661. Add "Inet" key definitions for the Trust Direct Access keyboard (#A.897,
+ Raphaël Poss).
+ 660. Add draglock support to the mouse driver, for aiding trackball use
+ by people with low dexterity (#A.1224, Paul Elliott).
+ 659. Fix bad includes in the xkb "level3" symbols file (A.1444,
+ Göran Uddeborg).
+ 658. Fix atimisc panel support bug that occurs when the mode on server entry
+ is a VGA mode with large horizontal and/or vertical blanking pulses
+ (Marc La France).
+ 657. Fix small documentation error in config/imake/imakemdep.h (#A.1052,
+ Linus Almstrom).
+ 656. Small change to find_mesa_visual() in xf86glx.c to avoid
+ branch misprediction on x86 (#A.1057, lompik at
+ 655. Clear memory allocated in xtWidgetAlloc() to avoid garbage from
+ malloc() being referenced later (#A.1114, Adam J. Richter).
+ 656. Make SysRq generate the same keycode as PrtScrn, and Break the same
+ keycode as Pause (#A.1160, Owen Taylor).
+ 655. Add "Inet" key definitions for some HP and Toshiba laptops (#A.1213,
+ Peter Soos).
+ 654. "Inet" key definitions for the Brother Internet keyboard (#A.1242,
+ Diego Iastrubni).
+ 653. "Inet" key definitions for the Ennyah model DKB-1008 keyboard (#A.1256,
+ Lionel Landwerlin).
+ 652. Apply i830 DRM driver cleanups to the i810 driver (#A.1438,
+ David Airlie).
+ 651. Add XI18NOBJS files for the ko_KR.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8 locales
+ (#5538, 5539, Jungshik Shin).
+ 650. Add FIRSTINDEX to the gb2312.1980-0.enc, gbk-0.enc and jis0212.1990-0.enc
+ encoding files (#5537, Jungshik Shin).
+ 649. Increment shared libraries major revisions on OpenBSD if gcc with
+ stack protector is used (Matthieu Herrb, Todd Fries).
+ 648. Resync with DRI (mesa-4-0-4-branch).
+ 647. Update XDarwin's IOKit mode to work with new event handling code
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 646. Add some more aliases for some German locales (#A.1263, Thomas Koeller).
+ 645. Update kio8-r encoded Cyrillic BDF fonts (#A.1267, Andrey A. Chernov).
+ 644. Fix Xtrans TLI code to handle a port scan and not fill the log file
+ with error messages from _XSERVTransTLIAccept() (#A.1333, Fiel Cabral).
+ 643. Only free when cbs.type is XIMTextType in
+ _XimStatusDrawCallback() (#A.1342, Owen Taylor).
+ 642. Allow mouse pointer movement to be rotated (#A.1346, Joost Buelens).
+ 641. Add xkb layouts for Indian scripts (Kannada, Telugu, and Oriya) (#A.1436,
+ Guntupalli Karunakar).
+ 640. Enable MMX, SSE and 3DNow! for NetBSD 1.6 and later (#5536,
+ Matthias Scheler).
+ 639. Merge the xkb 'lt' layouts into pc/lt (#5535, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 638. Set the default fa_IR character set to UTF-8 instead of
+ ISIRI-3342 (#A.1356, Roozbeh Pournader).
+ 637. Fixes and updates for building under LynxOS/PowerPC 4.0 (#A.1386,
+ Stuart Lissaman).
+ 636. Update the ClearlyU fonts to version 1.9 (#A.1386, Mark Leisher).
+ 635. Fix for drmOpenDevice() ignoring success on its second attempt at
+ opening the drm device (#A.1394, Alexander Stohr).
+ 634. Add support for a "-include" command line option to makedepend, similar
+ to the same GNU C option (#A.1396, Alexander Stohr).
+ 633. Perform country-independent matching for Chinese languages in fontconfig
+ (#A.1406, Keith Packard).
+ 632. Finish off the UTF-16 APIs in Xft, and fix the UTF-16 conversion
+ code in fontconfig (#A.1411, Keith Packard, Jungshik Shin).
+ 631. Make XIM locale checking case-independent (based on #A.1422, Leon Ho).
+ 630. Fix incorrect datatype for the pixmap width in
+ fbCompositeSrcAdd_8000x8000(), and add some small optimisations
+ (#A.1423, Keith Packard).
+ 629. Update the se xkb map to allow the older AltGr+5 method of entering
+ the Euro sign (#A.1433, Christian Rose).
+ 628. Add validation for the screen number parameter received over the wire
+ by the X server's DRI extension code, and fix some similar checks in
+ the GLX code. This fixes X server segfaults when an invalid screen
+ value is provided (#A.1434, Felix Kühling)..
+ 627. Fix some bugs in the Iranian xkb layout (#A.1135, Roozbeh Pournader).
+ 626. Add a Bosnian xkb layout (#A.1398, Amila Akagic).
+ 625. Fix for Hungarian xkb layout (#A.1175, Peter Soos).
+ 624. Update the Maltese xkb layouts (#A.1243, Ramon Casha).
+ 623. Add EuroSign to the xkb "gb" layout (#A.901, Dermot McNally).
+ 622. Various updates for the xkb "xfree86" keymap list (including #A.777,
+ Andriy Rysin).
+ 621. Let kbd driver test if Xserver is in suspend before handling any
+ input events (Egbert Eich).
+ 620. Fixed agp version checking to accept minor versions >= the specified
+ number (Leif Delgass).
+ 619. Update referenced symbols lists for the mga, vesa, i810 and vmware
+ drivers (David Dawes).
+ 618. Add missing symbol to the mga driver's referenced symbols lists
+ (#5534, Mike Harris).
+ 617. Add some utf8 locale aliases (#5533, Mike Harris).
+ 616. Fix some Linux/Alpha (with domain support) build and runtime
+ problems (#5532, Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 615. Add some missing symbols to the radeon driver's referenced symbols
+ lists (#5531, Mike Harris).
+ 614. Restore the Alt/Meta mappings for pc104/pc105 keyboards in the
+ multi-layout maps (David Dawes).
+ 613. Add UTF-8 locale entries for Amharic-Ethiopian, Tigrinya-Eritrean
+ and Tigrinya-Ethiopian (#5529, Daniel Yacob).
+ 612. Restore the "\|" key in the GB multi-layout keyboard layout (#5528,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+ 611. Updates for the auto-generated UTF-8 Compose file (#5527,
+ David Monniaux).
+ 610. Updates/fixes for the Korean font encoding file (#5525, Jungshik Shin).
+ 609. Fix some problems with the multilayout version of the Turkish layout
+ (#5521, Nilgün Belma Bugüner).
+ 608. DRM vertical blank ioctl can send a signal as an alternative to
+ blocking (r200 and radeon only so far) (#5523, Michel Dänzer).
+ 607. Build fix for Linux/Alpha (#5515, Mike Harris).
+ 606. Change CppCmd on Linux to /usr/bin/cpp (#5514, Mike Harris).
+ 605. Fix an incorrect check for the "StrangeLockups" option in the
+ neomagic driver (#5505, Mike Harris).
+ 604. Rename geode driver to nsc and add GX2 support (Sarma Kolluru, NatSemi).
+ 603. Add the missing XKB definition for keysym "ISO_Level3_Lock" (#5526,
+ Séamus Ó Ciardhuáin).
+ 602. XkbSetControls should return True when successful, not False (#A.1385,
+ Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
+ 601. The functions XGetXlibControls and XSetXlibControls must work even if
+ the X server doesn't have the XKB extensions (#5513, Ivan Pascal).
+ 600. Add en_ZA locales (#5512, Berend De Schouwer).
+ 599. Fix shadowfb to not make update callbacks for operations that don't
+ touch offscreen memory, and to not double (or more) update glyph
+ rendering (#5509, Nolan Leake).
+ 598. Change XAA to not sync when it sees RENDER operations that don't
+ touch VRAM, and to try to accelerate Glyphs with Composite if it
+ seems likely that will work (#5509, Nolan Leake).
+ 597. VMware driver updates, including:
+ - Fixed vmwareGetImage to correctly calculate the region to be gotten.
+ - Small cursor bypass optimization.
+ - Fixed race between writing normal registers and writing HWcursor
+ registers.
+ - Fixed small race in the FIFO wrap code that could cause FIFO
+ corruption.
+ - Added temporary offscreen memory manager.
+ - Added compositing (RENDER) acceleration.
+ (#5509, Nolan Leake).
+ 596. Newport driver updates, including:
+ - Add hardware cursor support.
+ - Workaround blank console after VT switch on some newports
+ (based on a patch from Dominik Behr).
+ - Support for the Indigo2 XL (based on a patch from Adrian Schroeter).
+ (#5507, Guido Guenther).
+ 595. Add SGML versions of the XKB config and enhancing docs (#5506,
+ Kamil Toman).
+ 594. Enable SSE, MMX, 3DNow support by default for Linux/x86_64 (#5502,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 593. Replace hard-coded "lib" directory names with LibDirName in Imake.tmpl
+ (#5480, Mike Harris).
+ 592. DRI shouldn't have been enabled for Linux/s390 (#5500, Mike Harris).
+ 591. Numerous bug, stability, and correctness fixes for the Intel 830/845G
+ 3D support (#5517, Keith Whitwell).
+ 590. Numerous bug and stability fixes for the Intel 830/845G 2D and Xv
+ support (#5517, David Dawes).
+ 589. Move IOKit-specific global variables out of generic XDarwin code
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 588. Add a new interface for registration of core font renderers that allows
+ priorities to be assigned. This allows multiple renderers for the
+ same extension to be registered, with the one with the highest priority
+ being the one that gets used (#5435, 5437, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 587. Fix 640x480 modes in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 586. Fix reporting of G400/G450 in MGA driver (Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 585. Don't change the authorization data (and in particular, don't
+ enable local host access) if the X server's authority file
+ is removed or becomes unreadable while the server is running
+ (David Dawes, reported by Dietmar Schröter).
+ 584. Xterm patch #171 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 583. Fix uninitialized buffer-count in luit (Semen A. Ustimenko).
+ 582. Various xdm updates from Debian and Suse (#5358, Branden Robinson,
+ #5511, Sebastian Krahmer).
+ 581. Flesh out suncg6's SaveScreen() function (Moritz Bunkus).
+ 580. lib/Xaw/MultiSrc.c improperly checks open() return value
+ (A.1415, Jaromir Dolecek), Fix provided by Hideo Saito in NetBSD.
+ 579. Add DPMS and screen blanking support in the sunffb driver
+ (Ferris McCormick).
+ 578. Fix SEGV that occurs when Xsun* runs into an unrecognized framebuffer
+ type (Marc La France).
+ 577. When the mode on server entry is found to be using composite sync on a
+ Mach64 variant, turn on the "compositesync" option (Marc La France).
+ 576. Plug SIGIO hole while the server is switching back into its VT
+ (reported by Michel Lespinasse).
+ 575. Use shadowfb in XDarwin fullscreen Quartz mode (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 574. Make RENDER optional for Xvfb. When RENDER is enabled add depth 32
+ pixmap format to list of supported pixmaps (Egbert Eich).
+ 573. Fix va_args glitches for xterm/libfontconfig: 0 == (void*)0 isn't true
+ for all platforms (Egbert Eich).
+ 572. Fix lbxproxy to also build on platforms that don't have snprintf()
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 571. Fix va_args glitches in mkfontscale: arg stack isn't preserved after
+ calling va_arg on all platforms (Egbert Eich).
+ 570. Fixed x11perf aa benchmarks to support non-default visuals/colormaps
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 569. Use -Os to build on Darwin PPC with Gcc 3.x (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 568. XEditResCheckMessages trashed XtMalloced memory on some widget
+ hierarchies, due to using incorrect indexes when removing
+ duplicates (A.1409, Rob Arthan).
+ 567. xprop updates (Mihael Hategan).
+ 566. Fix SEGV in ICE library (Petter Reinholdtsen).
+ 565. Fix interaction between backing store and miext/shadow (adapted from
+ Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
+ 564. Add new key descriptions for XFree86 special keys (i.e. for terminating
+ and VT switching the Xserver) (#5510, Ivan Pascal).
+ 563. #define DEALLOCATE_LOCAL as "do {} while(0)" instead of nothing to
+ eliminate GCC warnings caused by code that does not assume
+ DEALLOCATE_LOCAL can deal with null pointers (suggested by Kevin Martin).
+ 562. -
+ 561. Fix bug in kldload() call on FreeBSD (reported by Joy Ganguly).
+ 560. Adding int10 symbols to the list of possibly unresolved symbols in
+ Rage128 driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 559. Allowing scanpci to be build on Ppc (Egbert Eich).
+ 558. Updating SiS driver. Lots of new features, supported chipsets and
+ LCD panels, bug fixes. For details please check:
+ (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 557. Changed MGA driver to query fb_offset for DRI from kernel instead
+ of taking the driver's FBAddress - this is required by platforms
+ like Alpha (Egbert Eich).
+ 556. Fix Xmu memory leak (reported by Michael Vogt).
+ 555. Deal with Creative SBlive devices that mis-identify themselves as
+ "prehistoric" VGA's (Marc La France).
+ 554. Allow -configure to setup Unknown Vendor/Boards removing the requirement
+ of xf86PciInfo information (Alan Hourihane).
+ 553. Hardware alpha blended cursors in the "nv" driver, new PCI IDs, and
+ a fix for a problem on PowerPC (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 552. "nv" driver workaround needed to let Xv continue to work after a
+ suspend on some laptops (Pierre Lombard).
+ 551. Restore '--assembler-with-cpp' in AsCmd for Linux/mips, fixing the build
+ on that platform (#5499, Guido Guenther).
+ 550. An alternative update for alphabetic four level cz, sk XKB maps.
+ This is compatible with the way MS Windows behaves (#5498, Kamil Toman).
+ 549. Clarify the difference between characters and bytes in xev (#5497,
+ Markus Kuhn).
+ 548. Add an Irish (ie) XKB keyboard map (#5496, Seamus O Ciardhuain).
+ 547. Replace the UTF-8 compose map with one automatically generated from
+ the official Unicode documentation, with the addition of some
+ handwritten rules (#5495, David Monniaux).
+ 546. Document the "nomtrr" option in the XF86Config man page (#5494,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 545. Some fixes for the Icelandic xkb map (#5493, Olafur Osvaldsson).
+ 544. Add French Canadian keyboard description to xfree86.lst (#5492,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 543. Add a new file for descriptions of XkbModel, XkbLayout, XkbVariant
+ and XkbOption names, using an XML format. Includes a DTD file
+ and perl script to convert from the new format to the old (.lst)
+ format (#5491, Ivan Pascal).
+ 542. Add missing "dvorak" single-group XKB layout (#5490, Ivan Pascal).
+ 541. Change the xkbfile library to allow some names to be grouped into
+ a named list, which allows the rules file to be simplified (#5490,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 540. Make the new single-group XKB symbols maps used by default (#5490,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 539. Fix a crash that can happen when some apps are run in CJK locales
+ (#5489, Havoc Pennington).
+ 538. Make xdm check the full password string (on Linux) for locked accounts
+ rather than just the first character (#5485, Mike Harris,
+ Nalin Dahyabhai).
+ 537. Fix a few cases where the transport endpoints would be removed
+ even if NOUNLINK is specified in the flags (#5484, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 536. Attempt to fix bitblt problems when doing offscreen pixmaps in
+ i810 (Egbert Eich).
+ 535. Change Build rule so that x86 assembler code for MESA can be completely
+ disabled on i386 (Egbert Eich).
+ 534. Added IEEE Optimization for x86-64 (Egbert Eich).
+ 533. Initialized fullscreen in DRIscreenPrivate to a vaild value
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 532. Fixed module loader to map memory in the low 32bit address space on
+ x86-64 (Egbert Eich).
+ 531. Shifted Keypad delete: added KP_Separator for de_DE and de_CH keyboard.
+ 530. Added sanity checks to various scripts (Egbert Eich).
+ 529. Fixed Trident RGB16 video playback mode (Alastair Robinsion).
+ 528. i810 only set OVRACT register when TVout isn't enabled
+ (Sebastien BASTARD, Matthew J. Sottek, Egbert Eich).
+ 527. Record changes of BusMaster state so that pciDisable/Enable/Mem/Io
+ don't override these (Egbert Eich).
+ 526. Fixed RAC code: when no resources are shared chips may still need
+ RAC for bus access if both require non overlapping parts of the
+ VGA resources (Egbert Eich).
+ 525. Fix for resource registration of C&T and Tdfx driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 524. Prevent core dumps in Xutf8Reset/Lookup code of Xlib (Masaru Yokoi).
+ 523. Added support for BE systems for C&T driver (Michael Stephen Hanni).
+ 522. Added support for special keys found on many ACPI control, Easy Access
+ Keyboards, Internet keyboards, laptops, notebooks and PDA (via
+ xkb/symbols/inet). Added new key symbols for these keyboards
+ (Stanislav Brabec).
+ 521. Fixed some problems with ininite loops which where introduced
+ with the host bridge specific code (Egbert Eich).
+ 520. AXP domain support (Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 519. Added -m32 flag to c++ when build on ia32 (Egbert Eich).
+ 518. -
+ 517. Added rule to be able to use Numlock key on broken IBM keyboards
+ (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 516. Fixed Xlib build rules so it builds a truly static library again
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 515. When compiled with GCC, force imake to generate Makefile's using GCC's
+ preprocessor rather than a system-provided one (Marc La France).
+ 514. Replace hard-coded "lib" directory names with LibDirName in X11.tmpl
+ (#5480, Mike Harris).
+ 513. Add some README files for XKB and it's configuration files (#5479, 5483,
+ Kamil Toman).
+ 512. Fixes for the "pc" cz and sk XKB maps:
+ - readded cz_qwerty (but new pc/ style) map
+ - added bskl variant missing in cz_qwerty and sk, sk_qwerty
+ - fixed keypad decimal key definition to affect only defined group
+ in cz, cz_qwerty
+ - missing SPCE definition readded to sk, sk_qwerty
+ (#5478, Kamil Toman).
+ 511. Union Reality UR-F98 headtracker input driver (Linux-only) (#5476, 5477,
+ Alan Cox).
+ 510. Palmax PD1100 touch screen driver (#5475, 5477, Alan Cox).
+ 509. Fujitsu Stylistic input driver (#5474, 5477, Rob Tsuk, John Apfelbaum,
+ Richard Miller-Smith, Alan Cox).
+ 508. Initialise ProgramName in xterm's main before referencing it (#5473,
+ Peter Valchev).
+ 507. Add an Ogham XKB keyboard map (#5472, Seamus O Ciardhuain).
+ 506. Handle Alt+Ctrl+Shift+SPECIAL differently from Alt+Ctrl+SPECIAL
+ where SPECIAL is one of the fallback built-in XFree86 hot keys
+ (#5468, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 505. Add Syriac XKB keyboard maps (#5467, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan).
+ 504. Rename HasKatmaiSupport to HasSSESupport (#5461-5463, 5465, Mike Harris).
+ 503. Add mouse wheel support for SCO OpenServer (#5460, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 502. Fix i18n problem in xmessage due to use of the useStringInPlace
+ resource (A.1381, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 501. Fix xnest build on file systems that are not case sensitive
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 500. Use unique local Imake define for fonts.conf dir (#5482, Mike A. Harris)
+ 499. Fix xc/lib/Imakefile to not break HasFontconfig (#5481, Mike A. Harris)
+ 498. Refresh screen after wake from sleep in XDarwin full screen mode
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 497. Fixes and updates for the SCO OpenServer port (#5459, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 496. Add PCI ID defines for some ATI R300 chipsets (#5458,
+ Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 495. Fix error message typo in MakeRootTile() (#5451, Mike Harris).
+ 494. Redirect hostname's stderr in the xon script (#5450, Mike Harris).
+ 493. Add a request to the XFree86-Misc extension for querying the
+ X server's config file, module path, and log file name (#5456, Joe Moss).
+ 492. Add support for using the XKEYBOARD extension's action handlers
+ for the XFree86 X server hot keys. This provides control over
+ the mapping of these hot keys (#A.1334, 5454, Joe Moss).
+ 491. Reinstate the X server -xkbdir option, but only when the X server's
+ real and effective uids are the same (based on #A.1132, Ivan Popov).
+ 490. Fix an xkbcomp bug that prevents a later definition from specifying
+ actions if the previous definition didn't (#5471, Joe Moss).
+ 489. Add a stub handler to xkbcomp for the DeviceValuator action (#A.1341,
+ Joe Moss).
+ 488. Fix broken software cursor with XDarwin's new event handling
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 487. Change imake so that, when compiled with GCC, it invokes the pre-
+ processor through the gcc front-end, passing it imake's -v flag
+ (Marc La France).
+ 486. xf86cfg and xf86config patches, includind 1400x1050 mode, update list
+ of modules, auto inclusion of the xtt module when running X -configure
+ (A.1363, A.1364, A.1365, Chisato Yamauchi).
+ 485. Fix unbalanced paranthesis in linuxPci.c (#5466, Ishikawa Mutsumi).
+ 484. Remove "Option VideoRam" from savage driver, there's no need for it,
+ and utilize the entities given VideoRam size (Alan Hourihane).
+ 483. Fix fontconfig to obey NothingOutsideProjectRoot, so that the directory
+ /usr/share/fonts is ignored in this case (#A.1325, Joe Moss).
+ 482. Fix a segfault when using xkbcomp's -I option, and update the man
+ page to correctly document the way this option works (#5447, Joe Moss).
+ 481. Don't assume mmap returns the pointer hint requested. This is in
+ the DENSE map code for Linux/alpha (#5439, Ray Strode).
+ 480. Build fix for r128_accel on PPC when DRI is disabled (based on
+ #5438, Mike Harris and #5449, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 479. Updates to bdf/misc UCS fonts (#5446, 5453, Markus Kuhn).
+ 478. Fix Thai glyphs in the 6x13 UCS font (#5427, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 477. Add Thai glyphs to 7x13, 7x13B, 7x13O, 7x14, 7x14B UCS fonts
+ (#5445, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 476. Add Thai subfont generation based on the ISO8859-11 map from
+ (#5434, 5445, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 475. Update the multilayout version of the Greek (el) xkb symbols (#5425,
+ Vasilis Vasaitis).
+ 474. On XDarwin startup, do not send events to the X server thread until it
+ is ready to receive them (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 473. Add a utility (called gtf) for calculating VESA GTF mode lines
+ (Andy Ritger).
+ 472. Add an input driver for KB-Gear's Jamstudio pentablet (A.1328,
+ Brian Goines).
+ 471. Add a Tektronix 4957 input driver (#A.1211, Olivier Danet).
+ 470. Fix backing store in Rage 128 and Radeon drivers (Kevin Martin).
+ 469. Fix Mono8x8 code in savage driver, needed ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE, also
+ add NO_PLANEMASK to ScreenToScreen as code doesn't handle that case
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 468. Add a little utility to read and write I/O ports, for those host
+ architectures that have them (Marc La France).
+ 467. Ignore (with messages) any HorizSync and VertRefresh specifications for
+ panels when using ATI LT, LTPro, XL and Mobility M1 (Marc La France).
+ 466. Fix a build failure when BuildServersOnly is defined and XnestServer
+ is not defined, and when /usr/X11R6 is not installed. (#A.1145,
+ Valeriy E. Ushakov).
+ 465. Fix panel support bug for ATI LTPro, XL and Mobility M1 chips
+ (Marc La France).
+ 464. Fix mode validation to deal with video memory sizes 256MB or greater
+ (Marc La France).
+ 463. Add ARGB cursors support to the vmware driver (#5442, Nolan Leake).
+ 462. Add more query options to glxinfo (#5441, Brian Paul).
+ 461. Fix a typo in glxinfo (#5440, D. Hageman).
+ 460. Fix a memory leak in Cygwin/XFree86 server (#5444, Kensuke Matsuzaki).
+ 459. Missing fallback to miPolyArc in fbarc.c (#A.1339, Ralf Klingebiel).
+ 458. Fix the cyrix driver support for the 5510, 5520 and 5530. This driver
+ only works with VSA1 based chips (#A.1260, Alan Cox).
+ 457. When building with gcc >= 2.8, generate Makefiles with `imake -Wundef`
+ (Marc La France).
+ 456. Re-instate changes clobbered by DRI merge (Marc La France).
+ 455. Fix a typo in shadowfb support from #5413 (#5430, Nolan Leake).
+ 454. Fix a bug in vmware's HW cursor support which conditionally hid the
+ cursor (#5430, Nolan Leake).
+ 453. Fix an initialization problem in the calcomp input driver (#A.1056,
+ Josef Walzer).
+ 452. Add command line and XF86Config options to control Render color
+ allocation on dynamic indexed visuals (Olivier Chapuis, Keith Packard)
+ 451. Keep track of whether the 830/845G HW cursor should be visible or
+ hidden so that it doesn't get turned on when it shouldn't (David Dawes).
+ 450. Fix for DGA offset inconsistency in the 830/845G driver (based on
+ a patch from Edgar Toernig).
+ 449. Fix a memory leak when calling _XCloseLC and removing the loadable
+ locales (#A.855 Mark Robinson).
+ 448. Fix input size of character strings used in lib/X11/lcGetConv.c (#A.828,
+ Yong-Jhen Hong).
+ 447. Add Shape extension support to Cygwin/XFree86 rootless mode (#5431,
+ Matsuzaki Kensuke).
+ 446. Fix a typo in the s3 driver which prevented virtual display sizes.
+ (#A.965, Stef Voltz).
+ 445. Fix a server crash that can happen when a DGA client frees its colormap
+ before setting the mode back to the original mode (David Dawes).
+ 444. Modify Type1 font RAM allocation heuristics to allow for larger fonts.
+ (#A.1121, Melchior Franz).
+ 443. Add new relocation entries for Alpha architecture to the loader which
+ are used when compiling with gcc >3.1 (#A.819, Thorsten Kranzkowski).
+ 442. Fix server crash when using Xinerama when application closes.
+ (#A.808, Tsukahara Ken).
+ 441. Import Mesa-4.0.4, and resync with the DRI trunk (DRI Project).
+ 440. Server support for the alpha architecture on OpenBSD 3.2.
+ (Matthieu Herrb, Arthur Grabowski).
+ 439. Workaround for <linux/input.h> conflict (Marc La France).
+XFree86 (21 October 2002)
+ 438. Fix some memory leaks in libX11 i18n code (#A.1314, Olivier Chapuis).
+ 437. Add DGA and Xvideo support to the i740 driver (#A.1307, Kopecek Tomas).
+ 436. Fix the number of beeps when using AccessX and XKB
+ (#A.1302, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 435. Add twelve hour format to xclock's digital format
+ (#A.1285, Brian L. Matthews).
+ 434. Fix application crash when using DPS client libraries
+ (#A.1282, Frank Giessler).
+ 433. Fix pixmap cache corruption on VT switches in mga driver
+ (#A.1279, Ross Mikosh).
+ 432. Add missing Increment option in Summa input driver (#A.1276, G.P.Halkes).
+ 431. Missing semicolon in twm/gram.y (#A.1307, Jim Gifford).
+ 430. Cygwin/XFree86 updates
+ - Add X.ico, an icon for Windows (Harold Hunt, Jehan Bing)
+ - Include a preliminary pseudo-rootless mode (Matsuzaki Kensuke)
+ - XF86Config file support (Alexander Gottwald)
+ - Scrollbars support (Jehan Bing, Harold Hunt)
+ (#5424, Cygwin/XFree86 developers).
+ 429. Add ko_KR.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8 XLC_LOCALE files (#5421, Jungshik Shin).
+ 428. Add TCVN support to luit (#5416, Tomohiro KUBOTA).
+ 427. Expand luit to support several major non-ISO-2022-compliant
+ encodings such as GBK and Shift_JIS (#5416, Tomohiro KUBOTA).
+ 426. Add support for double-buffering to the tdfx driver's XVideo overlay
+ support (#5415, Stephen Davies).
+ 425. Add a -strftime option for xclock's digital mode (#5414, George Belotsky).
+ 424. README.fonts update (#5409, 5410, Khoda Hafez).
+ 423. Major update for VMware driver
+ - recoded to use XAA, offscreen memory support, and color expansion code
+ - Add RENDER support
+ - Optimization of HWcursor
+ - Bug fixes for HWcursor in 8bit mode and VT switching
+ (#5423, Nolan Leake, VMware).
+ 422. Updates for shadowfb code
+ - Add RENDER support
+ - support for pre-fb modifications
+ - support for real framebuffers rather than memory based framebuffer
+ - Removal of old fullscreen update code (when VT switching)
+ - fix bug in FillSpans
+ (#5411, #5413, Nolan Leake, VMware).
+ 421. Clear the list of registered renderers at the start of each new server
+ generation, and only print warnings about suffixes with more than
+ one registered renderer for the first generation (David Dawes).
+ 420. Make xf86PrintModes() show which modes are hot-key switchable
+ (David Dawes).
+ 419. Fix the vesa driver's misuse of virtualX for displayWidth (David Dawes).
+ 418. Fix the VBE module's depth/bpp matching, which fixes some 24/32 problems
+ as well as some 15/16 problems (David Dawes).
+ 417. Fix black cursor images on Mac OS X 10.2.2 (Joseph Maurer).
+ 416. Fix hotkey switching for user-specified modes, and fix hotkey switching
+ between all valid modes when no specific modes are specified in the
+ config file (David Dawes).
+ 415. Trival input drivers Imakefile cleanup (#5299, Mike Harris).
+ 414. Use INSTDATFLAGS when installing X server modules (#5292,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 413. Fix the iso8859-15 Compose map -- there is no diaeresis codepoint
+ in iso8859-15 (#5389, Wolfgang Sourdeau, Rüdiger Kuhlman).
+ 412. Acute/apostrophe fix for nodeadkeys section of XKB German symbols
+ (#5388, Andreas Metzler).
+ 411. Fix Cards file typo (#5387, Branden Robinson).
+ 410. Cleanup the XKB Macinosh US keyboard symbols, and remove those that
+ should be in other country maps (#5386, Branden Robinson).
+ 409. Add a user-configurable throttle on xconsole's number of saved lines
+ (#5379, Branden Robinson).
+ 408. Fix missing declaration of XShmGetEventBase() in XShm.h (#5375,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 407. Remove inconsistencies in the way extension headers are referred to
+ in most extension libraries (David Dawes).
+ 406. Install extension struct/protocol headers that weren't already
+ being installed (#5369, Branden Robinson).
+ 405. Fix long-standing colour map bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 404. Enable imake.c to perform correct C library version detection on hppa
+ machines (#5372, Ben Collins).
+ 403. Add new Imake rules to handle C++ programs that don't have man pages
+ (#5371, Branden Robinson).
+ 402. Add a -color app-defaults file for xmessage that exercises some
+ features of Xaw7, and fix the base app-defaults to not use the no
+ longer supported "whenNeeded" value for the "Scroll" resource (#5370,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 401. Stop the drm module from creating a world-writable directory in /dev.
+ Since dev nodes can only be created by root, there's no need for
+ anyone else to be able to write to /dev/dri (#5367, Brendan O'Dea,
+ #5380, 5422, Mike Harris).
+ 400. Fix a SEGV in lbxproxy because it's ResizeReverseMap() makes assumptions
+ about the atom numbers that can lead to unallocated memory being
+ accessed (#5366, Branden Robinson and Anthony DeRobertis).
+ 399. Increase the wacom driver's timeout for reading data after a request.
+ This is needed for PalmWac (Wacom emulation for PalmOS) (#5364,
+ Mathieu Clabaut).
+ 398. Add Big5-HKSCS to locale.dir, and fix a missing portion in X-TT's
+ Big5HKSCS-Unicode table (#5362, Branden Robinson and ThizLinux
+ Laboratory Ltd).
+ 397. Handle vetoed APM suspend events properly on Linux (#5362,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 396. Handle ARM and HP-PA separately from m68k and PowerPC in,
+ and some cleanups (#5360, Branden Robinson).
+ 395. xfs updates and cleanups (#5359, Branden Robinson).
+ 394. Fix for random crashes when a screen fails to initialise (Marc La France).
+ 393. Update RandR to include refresh rates (v1.1) (Keith Packard)
+ 392. Numerous man pages fixes, add some missing manpages (#5365, #5373,
+ #5376, #5377, #5382-5385, #5390, #5391, #5393, #5295 Branden Robinson
+ #5374, Jonathan Amery, #5378, Jochen Voss)
+ 391. Install bdftruncate and ucs2any without the .pl extension
+ (#5391, Branden Robinson)
+ 390. Rewrite Radeon DDC/DFP mode detection and management (Kevin Martin).
+ 389. Integrate ATI patch:
+ - Add 2D support for Radeon 9000 (RV250), Mobility M9 (RV250 mobile)
+ and Radeon 9700 (R300)
+ - Clone mode fixes and improvements
+ - Dell VE card fixes
+ - Dual-head VT switching fixes
+ - General code clean up
+ (#A.1217, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 388. Rewrite XDarwin's event handling to fix some bugs and to use
+ SetInputCheck() for a performance boost (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 387. Add a little utility to write files through mmap() (Marc La France).
+ 386. Add National Semiconductor Geode driver, support for the 5530, SC1200
+ and SC1400 chipsets (NSC, Alan Hourihane).
+ 385. updates:
+ - Resync the DebianMaintainer #define and the stuff in the
+ corresponding if block to meet Debian's current needs.
+ - Sort long chains of architecture-dependent #if-#elif directives in
+ ASCII order.
+ - Add explicit recongition of several architectures to the #ifndef
+ BuildXF86DRI block.
+ - Define a fallback CplusplusCmd (g++) if we don't recongize the
+ platform we're on.
+ - Turn off the loadable server on MIPS and SuperH platforms, where it
+ doesn't (yet) work.
+ - Trash some unneeded #defines in the Mc68020Architecture compilation
+ environment.
+ - Remove the block that #defines HasXserver NO for the s390 and s390x
+ architectures (things like Xvfb build fine on these platforms).
+ (#5357, Branden Robinson).
+ 384. Fix an error in the Finnish XKB keyboard map (#5356, Marko Myllynen).
+ 383. Add a Malayalam XKB keyboard map (#5355, Baiju M).
+ 382. Add a "kbd" driver module that can eventually replace the built-in
+ "keyboard" driver (#5344, Ivan Pascal).
+ 381. Add os-support level support for a loadable keyboard driver for BSD
+ and Linux (#5344, Ivan Pascal).
+ 380. Add some new common layer functions for supporting a loadable keyboard
+ driver (#5344, Ivan Pascal).
+ 379. Move the XkbDisable option to a global server flag rather than
+ keyboard driver flag, since it really is a global setting (#5344,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 378. Fix RenderCreateCursor's conversion from an ARGB cursor to a 2-color
+ cursor when the cursor is wider than 8 pixels (#5353, Greg Parker).
+ 377. Fix 24bpp displays with the fbdev driver when not using shadowfb
+ (#5351, Michel Lanners).
+ 376. Fixes and improvements for the en_US.UTF8 compose rules (#5346,
+ Alexandre Oliva).
+ 375. Fix compose rules for some dead accents for iso8859-1 and iso8859-15
+ (#5338, 5339, Alexandre Oliva).
+ 374. Add support for th_TH.UTF-8. with XIM (#5336, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 373. Fix some bugs in the Thai XIM:
+ - excessive '(' char when switching XKB keyboard group
+ - ineffective Ctrl-<key> and Alt-<key>
+ (#5335, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 372. Add an X server command line flag (-br) to make the default root window
+ solid black (#5334, Jens Owen).
+ 371. Add support for th_TH.ISO-8859-11 (#5327, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 370. Use pci_alloc_consistent/pci_free_consistent instead of the
+ local page alloc/free functions in the i810 and i830 DRM drivers
+ (#5323, Arjan van de Ven).
+ 369. Fix some non-POSIX usage of tail, expand and sort (#5322, Paul Eggert).
+ 368. Fix bug in PCI code for Solaris/SPARC (Marc La France).
+ 367. When enabling PCI adapters, also enable their bus mastering capability;
+ Consequently, deprecate xf86EnablePciBusMaster() (Marc La France).
+ 366. Fix lndir's handling of relative symbolic links, and update the man page
+ to document the -withrevinfo flag (H. J. Lu, Marc La France).
+ 365. Xdm patches: realloc usage, zero malloc()ated memory, enable
+ /dev/urandom on NetBSD 1.4 and later, OpenBSD patches (#5345,
+ Mike A. Harris, #5401, Matthias Scheler, Matthieu Herrb)
+ 364. Xterm patches #168, #169 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 363. In certain circumstances, allow VGA-rerouting through Simba bridges.
+ This only affects UltraSPARC-IIi systems. This is a small but
+ necessary step in eradicating SparcArchitecture's need to compile the ati
+ dribver with -DAVOID_CPIO (Marc La France).
+ 362. In int10, ignore interrupts whose simulation isn't yet implemented.
+ Previously, such interrupts caused the emulation to stop. (Egbert Eich,
+ Marc La France).
+ 361. Add full support for multi-head on 460GX-based Itanium systems
+ (Marc La France, with documentation loaned by Intel under NDA).
+ 360. Fix Darwin build problems with libXrandr and the new FreeType2 backend
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 359. Savage driver updates.
+ - Support for ProSavage DDR (PCI ID 0x8D04)
+ - TV output fixes
+ - support for -pixmap24 flag
+ - XAA fixes to cure lockups
+ (#5412, Tim Roberts).
+ 358. Enable version controlled .dll's on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alexander Gottwald).
+ 357. Some build fixes for Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 356. Add new FreeType2 backend which fixes a bug with -c- fonts
+ (#5347, #5348, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 355. Add new command line options to glxinfo for more detailed output
+ (#5354, Brian Paul).
+ 354. Support for 24bpp, fix screen blanking and bug fixes for newport driver
+ (#5329, #5349, Guido Guenther).
+ 353. Add RandR support to XFree86 DDX. (Keith Packard)
+ 352. Update RandR extension to 1.0. Eliminate depth switching
+ (Keith Packard, Jim Gettys)
+ 351. Fix XDarwin rootless crash when window resizing with complex bit
+ gravity (Greg Parker).
+ 350. Fix some incorrect mappings in the gbk-0.enc encodings file (#5313,
+ Tomohiro KUBOTA).
+ 349. Fix C precedence bug in mfb (#5309, Tassia St. Germain).
+ 348. Updates to mkfontscale (#5307, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 347. Add SharedXcursorReqs to Cygwin build (#5405, Harold Hunt).
+ 346. Add image transformation and subpixel order to Render (Keith Packard)
+ 345. Add Xcursor-def.cpp to Xcursor library (#5350, Alexander Gottwald).
+ 344. Update to pci.ids to 2002-09-24 snapshot (Marc La France).
+ 343. Add a little utility to read files through mmap() (Marc La France).
+ 342. Implement a means to ignore certain host bridges while determining PCI
+ bus topology (not yet used) (Marc La France).
+ 341. Bridge driver interface fixups for host bridges (Marc La France).
+ 340. Change makedepend to recognise invocations of parameter'ed macros
+ (Marc La France).
+ 339. Major redesign in the Xedit syntax highlight code. Now there isn't
+ anymore the builtin C mode, but a new version using the xedit lisp
+ interpreter, as well as several new modes, including Lisp/Scheme,
+ Imakefile, X Resource files, Makefile, Manpage source, Sgml and
+ Html (Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
+ 338. Print a warning if more than one renderer is registered for a font type
+ (#5305, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 337. Fix a double free() that can cause a crash in XCloseIM() (based one
+ #5303, Mo DeJong).
+ 336. Allow xman's MANCONF definition to be specified in the Imakefile
+ (based on #5302, Mike Harris).
+ 335. Config typo and update for Linux on Hitachi SuperH architecture (#5301,
+ ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 334. Add a "DefaultRefresh" option to the vesa driver (David Dawes).
+ 333. Fix build problem when calling GNU make with "--" prefixed options
+ (#5291, Toomas (toomas at
+ 332. Avoid noise from hostname call in startx (#5270, Mike Harris).
+ 331. xwd ignores the -frame option if the -id option is used (#5251,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 330. Fix problem where DRIUnlock was called when DRI fails to load
+ (Kevin Martin)
+ 329. Fix erroneous warnings about removing DRM signal handler when DRI
+ fails to load (Kevin Martin)
+ 328. Add LINE_LIMIT_COORDS option to XAA to work around limited coordinate
+ space for lines on Radeons (Kevin Martin)
+ 327. Fix Radeon DGA code to use XAA sync function (Michel Dänzer)
+ 326. Major rework of Radeon accel code:
+ - Merge CP and MMIO code (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
+ - Fix indirect buffer CP code (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
+ - Add CP support for scanline color expansion and image writes
+ (Michel Dänzer)
+ - Fix Mono8x8 problems (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
+ - Fix clipping routine to properly set transparency and
+ dp_gui_master_cntl reg (Kevin Martin and Michel Dänzer)
+ - Fix clipping calculation errors (Kevin Martin)
+ - Properly set line bias so that sw rendered solid and dashed lines
+ match the accel TwoPoint lines (Kevin Martin)
+ - Fix drawing last point for solid and dashed lines (Kevin Martin)
+ - Remove NoLineAccel option since two point lines work (Kevin Martin)
+ 325. Export some more Xft symbols (Cygwin) that are needed for qt 3.x
+ (#5285, Ralf Habacker).
+ 324. Don't sleep on Cygwin for ICE directory mode problems (#5284,
+ Ralf Habacker).
+ 323. Fix a bug in XtGetDisplays() with more than 1 open display (#5282,
+ Kip Rugger).
+ 322. Second part of xkb multi-layout keyboard map support (#5321,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 321. Allow the Record extension to report logical coordinated with Xinerama
+ (#5231, Paul Stewart).
+ 320. Allow the XTrap extension to report logical coordinated with Xinerama
+ (#5230, Paul Stewart).
+ 319. Moved LdPreLib define after the vendor/OS specific config files
+ as it may depend on setting done there (Egbert Eich).
+ 318. Several fixes for cross compile environment (Egbert Eich).
+ 317. Added code to allow for building of static only libraries with
+ -fPIC for platforms which require it (Egbert Eich).
+ 316. Added '-m32' to gcc flags as default for ia32 builds when gcc version
+ is >= 3.1. This allows building a 32 bit Version of X on 64bit x86-64
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 315. Changed direct calls of ld to 'gcc -nostdlib' for Linux (Egbert Eich).
+ 314. Changed calls to as to 'gcc -c -x assembler-with-cpp' for Linux
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 313. Added '-fno-strict-aliasing' flag to gcc version >= 3.1 (Egbert Eich).
+ Strict requires that one address must not contain pointers to
+ different types - a feature heavily used by X (Egbert Eich).
+ 312. Fixed a core dump problem in libXtt (?) (Egbert Eich).
+ 311. Removed '#pragma pack' from structures that contain function pointers
+ in x86emu. This causes problems on gcc 3.1 for ia64 (Egbert Eich).
+ 310. Added defines for missing X types to saverproto.h (Egbert Eich).
+ 309. Fixed compiler warings generated by gcc >= 3.1 in mesa drivers
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 308. For platforms that allow both 32 and 64 bit libraries to be executed
+ split Xlib i18n modules path into
+ <libpath>/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/lib/common and
+ <libpath>/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/lib64/common. 'lib64' has been defined
+ to be the default path for 64bit shared libraries on these platforms
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 307. Fixed obvious typo in OMlib (Egbert Eich).
+ 306. Fixed code in cfb that didn't comply with C sequence rules.
+ Modern C compilers tend to be more aggressive on code reordering
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 305. Changed arguments of NoopDDA() from VarArgs to void. Handling
+ of VarArgs by gcc isn't compatible with the way it was used
+ on certain platforms (Egbert Eich).
+ 304. Added support for 32bit pixmaps for 24bit overlay framebuffers in
+ fb overlay code (Egbert Eich).
+ 303. Fixed kdrive to print a meaningful error message instead of just
+ core dump when no matching graphics cards is found (Egbert Eich).
+ 302. fixed portability bug in xwd (Andreas Schwab <>)
+ 301. fixed X Server crash, which happended each time a proportional iso10646
+ font was loaded with xtt backend (Yong Li <>)
+ 300. Added some ARM specific fixes to compiler.h (Uli Hecht).
+ 299. Added a virtual 'dummy' driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 298. Fixed core dump when certain access functions are not set in
+ xf86Bus.c (Egbert Eich).
+ 297. Fixed problem where SIGIO could be disabled after a server reset.
+ 296. Added configurable list of devices the xf86Misc extension is allowed
+ to change the mouse device to (Egbert Eich).
+ 295. Changed default mouse type to 'auto' when generating config file
+ with '-configure' (Egbert Eich).
+ 294. Made sure keyboard modifier settings are consistent after exit
+ from DGA when the xkb extension is used (Egbert Eich).
+ 293. Disabled keyboard processing when Xserver is suspended by power
+ management.
+ This allows effective locking of laptops when stolen (Egbert Eich).
+ 292. Added/improved options for lockfile syncing (Egbert Eich).
+ 291. Added support for backup copy of Xserver logfile (Egbert Eich).
+ 290. Fixed GetTimeInMillis() to use deltas instead of absolute time
+ returend by gettimeofday(). This ensures time is monotonic in X
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 289. Fixed xf86Misc extension to allow modification of Expps2 mice
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 288. Made code in xf86MiscExt.c more readable (Egbert Eich).
+ 287. Fixed PCI CardBus bridge handling (Egbert Eich).
+ 286. Added code to reenable PCI bus mastering after coming back from a
+ VT switch to radeon driver (Charl P. Botha <>)
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 285. Dito for r128 driver (M. Harris).
+ 284. Dito for glint and mga driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 283. Fixed double scan issues for low res modes in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 282. Set rgbBits to 8 for all HiQV chips in chips driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 281. Moved initialization of accel funtions past initialization of
+ offscreen fb manager in chips driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 280. Fixed initialization of video in chips driver (?).
+ 279. Fixed HALlib problem restoring text mode on G550 (Egbert Eich).
+ 278. Restructured and included Matrox's Merged Framebuffer changes
+ to mga driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 277. G450/550 clockchip programming fixes (Matrox).
+ 276. Fixed HW Cursor for HALlib frame granularity (Egbert Eich).
+ 275. Enabling 2D accel in 24-bit for neomagic 2360 and 2380 (Egbert Eich).
+ 274. Added support for builtin 1024x480 mode of Sony subnotebooks for
+ Neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 273. Fixed support for lowRes (320x240) modes in neomagic driver
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 272. Fixed RAC function registration in S3 driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 271. Added some voodoo to screen initialization of S3 driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 270. Fixed vbe/int10 support in SMI driver. It used to core dump
+ when BIOS was not usable (Egbert Eich).
+ 269. Separated BRIGHTNESS and and CAPTURE_BRIGNTESS video attributes
+ in smi driver: CAPTURE_BRIGHTNESS refers to the capture chip
+ (ie. Philips SAA7110) while BRIGHTNESS controls the video overlay
+ of the SMI chip itself (Egbert Eich).
+ 268. Disable automatic loading of DRI when running SUN ffb as this is
+ inconsistent with other drivers (Thorsten Kukuk).
+ 267. Fixed Gamma/Brightness code in trident driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 266. Added FpDelay debugging option (Egbert Eich).
+ 260. Fixed video support for Trident 9397 (Egbert Eich).
+ 265. Fixed Cursor/VT switch support for vmware driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 264. Fixed Blit problems in vmware driver when running KDE (Egbert Eich).
+ 263. Added RENDER support to vmware driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 262. Added C&T 69030 to extrapci.ids (Egbert Eich).
+ 261. Improved mouse autodetection code (Egbert Eich).
+ 260. Restructured int10 code so that vm86 and x86emu support can be loaded
+ as modules. Implemented heuristic to try vm86 first and fall back to
+ x86emu. This allows 32 bit Xservers to run on x86_64 on 64-bit kernel
+ without vm86 support (Egbert Eich).
+ 259. Restructured elf loader: determine which section to load from elfheader
+ flags (Egbert Eich).
+ 258. Adding RENDER Support to RAC (Egbert Eich).
+ 257. Using borderClip instead of borderSize region for redisplay function
+ in miext/shadow code to avoid core dumps when vt switched away
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 256. Replacing sprintf() by snprintf() in lbxproxy to eliminate possible
+ buffer overrun exploits (Egbert Eich).
+ 255. KP_Decimal fixes to Czech and Slovak keybards
+ (Jan Holesovsky <>) (Egbert Eich).
+ 254. Treat PCI-to-MCA and PCI-to_EISA bridges as PCI-to-ISA (Marc La France).
+ 253. Correct the server's understanding of CardBus resource ranges
+ (Marc La France).
+ 252. Ignore unconfigured (and mis-configured) PCI-to-PCI and PCI-to-CardBus
+ bridges (Marc La France).
+ 251. Prevent infinite loops during VGA re-routing (Marc La France).
+ 250. Add a framework for bus bridge drivers and use it to rework the handling
+ of Sun's Simba P2P bridges (Marc La France).
+ 249. Fix bdftopcf memory leak (Marc La France).
+ 248. XVideo support for the i830 and i845G (David Dawes, Alan Hourihane).
+ 247. Fix various bugs in the DRI support for the i830 and i845G
+ (Keith Whitwell).
+ 246. Major rework of the 2D i830/i845G support, including:
+ - Improve VESA mode selection, and fix refresh rate selection.
+ - Don't duplicate functions provided in the vbe modules.
+ - Don't duplicate functions provided in the vgahw module.
+ - Rewrite memory allocation.
+ - Rewrite initialisation and save/restore state handling.
+ - Decouple the i810 support from i830 and later.
+ - Remove various unnecessary hacks and workarounds.
+ - Fix an 845G problem with the ring buffer not in pre-allocated
+ memory.
+ - Fix screen blanking.
+ - Fix some HW cursor glitches, and turn HW cursor off at VT switch
+ and exit.
+ - Don't attempt to use the i830's function 1 entity.
+ - Fix problems with option handling.
+ (David Dawes).
+ 245. A "hammer" approach at ensuring font properties are freed properly
+ (Marc La France).
+ 244. Fix 'su' usage for FreeBSD in the default xdm config (Eric Anholt).
+ 243. Fix a FreeBSD scrollwheel problem that shows up with gcc 3.1
+ (Eric Anholt).
+ 242. Make C++ libraries on FreeBSD get linked with $(CXX), fixing libGLU
+ (Eric Anholt).
+ 241. updates, including enabling SSE/3DNow support (Eric Anholt).
+ 240. Intel 830 and 845G DRI support, including i830 support updated for
+ Mesa 4.x (#5288, Jeff Hartmann, 2D3D).
+ 239. [SECURITY] Fix an Xlib problem that made it possible to load arbitrary
+ code into privileged clients.
+ 238. Add Xcursor library. Make Xlib use it. (Keith Packard)
+ 237. Fix threaded libraries on Mac OS X 10.2 (A.1229, Marko Karppinen).
+ 236. Add hardware accelerated GLX to XDarwin (Greg Parker).
+ 235. Use Imake custom version variables in XDarwin startup message
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 234. Attempt to prevent PCI scans on non-PCI ix86 systems (Marc La France).
+ 233. Allow master aborts on CardBus buses to complete normally during PCI
+ scans (Marc La France).
+ 232. Fix bug that prevented the server from restoring CardBus data properly
+ (Marc La France).
+ 231. Fix DEVID define and make it more generally available (Marc La France).
+ 230. Fix bug in NetBSD PCI code (Marc La France).
+ 229. Add an option to completely disable PCI scans (Marc La France).
+ 228. Xterm patch #167 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 227. Add CreateCursor request to Render extension (Keith Packard)
+ 226. Change scanpci to not disable I/O too early (Marc La France).
+ 225. Better error handling in xfs -ls argument parsing (Mordy Ovits).
+ 224. Make loader ignore ELF objects that don't define any symbols (H. J. Lu)
+ 223. Add a HasGcc3 imake symbol (Marc La France).
+ 222. Enable threaded libraries on Darwin (Jeff Whitaker and Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 221. Xaw documentation fixes (A.1218, Paul Vojta).
+ 220. Add some mode collection/handling interfaces to the vbe module,
+ which makes it easier for drivers to set modes via the video BIOS
+ (David Dawes).
+ 219. I830/845 Workaround for BIOSes which force 1MB stolen memory, and
+ agpgart related fix (#5300, Abraham vd Merwe).
+ 218. Add NetBSD specific PCI access functions for powerpc and alpha
+ platforms (Charles Hannum).
+ 217. Split bsd_video.c into architecture specific files, and merge NetBSD
+ alpha and powerpc support there. (Matthieu Herrb, Simon Burge,
+ Charles Hannum & other NetBSD developers).
+ 216. Define CSRG_BASED for Darwin and fix xman so it works on Darwin
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 215. On Darwin, fix imake to find Gcc and correct config for RawCppCmd
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 214. Add functions to allow modules to query the core X server version
+ and the version of its sub modules (David Dawes).
+ 213. Fix scanpci's printing of 64-bit PCI bases (Marc La France).
+ 212. Add missing dependency and regenerate xf86PciStdIds.h accordingly
+ (Marc La France).
+ 211. A more flexible way of dealing with ix86 motherboard chipsets that can
+ only implement less than the full 256 PCI buses (Marc La France).
+ 210. RAC-related fixups to ATI drivers and xf86SetOperatingState() call
+ cleanups in most drivers (Marc La France).
+ 209. Fix int10 miscompilation glitch on IA-64 (Marc La France).
+ 208. Add support for Permedia3 (rev C) chips that use slightly different
+ clock programming techniques (Jay Estabrook).
+ 207. Fix Finder warnings about XDarwin plist format on Jaguar
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 206. Fix XDarwin build issues on Jaguar (Sean Fagan).
+ 205. Fix Radeon DDC for non-Dell cards, and fix a radeon pci id-related
+ build problem (#5326, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 204. Change the X server (and scanpci) to use the pci.ids file (from
+ for vendor/device descriptions (David Dawes).
+ 203. Change XDarwin to use NSQuickDrawView instead of Carbon windows to
+ get a QuickDraw graphics port for rootless windows (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 202. Add support for some missing 32-bit address modes to x86emu. Some
+ video BIOSes use them, especially those for some of the integrated
+ Intel chipsets, and this fixes int10/vbe support for these on
+ platforms that use the emulator (David Dawes).
+ 201. Add PCI ID for ATI Radeon Mobility M7 'LX' (#5233, Mike Harris).
+ 200. Fix CrossCompile environment for Cygwin/XFree86
+ (#5324, Alexander Gottwald, Harold Hunt).
+ 199. ATI patch to:
+ - Fix Dell OEM VE card support
+ - Add better clone mode support
+ - Fix large panel (>= 1600x1200) detection and initialization problems
+ - Remove "PanelSize" and "CrtScreen" options since they are no longer
+ needed with new CloneMode and improved flat panel support
+ - Add "DDCMode" option to detect and use DDC modes
+ - Add "PanelOff" option to disable panel on laptops
+ - Fix corrupted console problem
+ - Other misc fixes
+ (#A.1043, Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 198. Remove -DNO_TCP_H from for Cygwin/XFree86 (#5320, Harold Hunt).
+ 197. Major updates to Cygwin/XFree86.
+ - fix depth 24 issues.
+ - fix the handling of the DirectDraw module.
+ - disable the use of the LAYER/RANDR extension.
+ - lots of bug fixes.
+ (#5318, #5317, Harold L. Hunt, Alan Hourihane).
+ 196. When using the vesa driver and the DisplaySize option the server
+ would crash with a floating point exception due to a divide by zero
+ in miscreeninit() (#5298, Mike A. Harris).
+ 195. The function MoveLine in lib/Xaw/TextAction.c sometimes attempts to
+ read uninitialized memory when hit ctrl-N in a Text widget to move to
+ the next line (#5245, Johnathan Kamens).
+ 194. Adjust -probe for change in default stderr verbosity (Marc La France).
+ 193. Radeon patch for Xv on all known Radeon devices (James Ralston and
+ Keith Packard).
+ 192. New XDarwin application icon (Michael Oland).
+ 191. Dead strip unneeded code in rootlessValTree.c and other miscellaneous
+ XDarwin code cleanup (Greg Parker and Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 190. Lots of Cygwin/XFree86 cleanups and fixes (#5304, Harold Hunt)
+ 189. Fix rootless XDarwin crash when resizing a window with negative x
+ coordinate (Torrey T. Lyons).
+XFree86 (7 June 2002)
+ 188. Fix some build problems when building with shared libraries disabled
+ (David Dawes).
+ 187. Update the magellan input driver and turn it on in the build process
+ (#A.1024, Christoph Koulen).
+ 186. Add Peritek Borealis support to the I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 185. Modify the r128 and radeon drivers to use fbdev's DPMS support when
+ fbdev is enabled (#5219, Michel Dänzer).
+ 184. Add support for the composite sync mode flag to the radeon driver
+ (#5219, Michel Dänzer).
+ 183. Add a mkfontscale utility for creating fonts.scale files (#5213, 5214,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 182. Add a 1152x768 mode suitable for Titanium PowerBooks to the set of
+ build-in modes (#5212, Michel Dänzer).
+ 181. Add support to xkbcomp and libxkbfile for composing multi-layout
+ keyboard maps from partial "single layout" files. This allows
+ the XkbLayout to be specified as a comma-separated list of single
+ layout names. Note: new "single layout" symbol maps aren't available
+ yet. (#5210, Ivan Pascal).
+ 180. Fix Xv endianess problem with the Radeon driver (#5207, Guido Guenther).
+ 179. Updates to the Finnish xkb map, including:
+ - add ISO-8859-15 missing symbols ([zZsS]caron)
+ - reorganize some special symbols (such as paragraph, cent, division)
+ - map AltGr+SPCE as space, nobreakspace comes way too often by accident
+ - minor white space/comment cleanups
+ (#5197, Marko Myllynen).
+ 178. Add an option to the r128 driver for enabling DMA for Xv image transfers
+ (#5195, Michel Dänzer).
+ 177. Make the 'distclean' target remove depend files (#5194,
+ Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 176. Fix bad usage of "UseInstalled" in (#5192,
+ Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 175. Several xkb layout updates:
+ - Added other Armenian layouts.
+ - Added Swedish dvorak layout.
+ - Fixed typo in "la" file.
+ - Added EuroSign in Dutch keyboard.
+ - Added a "comma" variant for "ro" keyboard allowing to type real comma
+ below Romanian letters.
+ - New file "ro2" with the real Romanian layout (the file "ro" is not a
+ Romanian keyboard, but a modified US one that has been hacked to
+ include Romanian letters).
+ (#5191, Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 174. Fix makedepend so that it can parse a unary '+' operator (#5185,
+ Mark Snitily).
+ 173. Fix a typo in Xvesa's emulation of instructions forbidden in vm86
+ mode (#5184, Juliusz Chroboczek)
+ 172. Fix a bounds check in Xlib's Region code (#5183, Owen Taylor).
+ 171. Fix LIBXML2LIBDIR name clash in lib/Imakefile (#5180, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 170. Avoid a problem with setfontdirs when run in some locales (#5179,
+ ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 169. A little tuning for XtAppPeekEvent() (#5178, Dan McNichol).
+ 168. Add a command line option to luit to specify the encoding (#5177, 5181,
+ Tomohiro Kubota).
+ 167. A fix for luit's command line argument handling (#5173, Tomohiro Kubota).
+ 166. Add support to luit for some more 8-bit encodings (#5171,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 165. Add an option to luit to enable using GL codes instead of GR codes
+ after a single shift for keyboard input (#5170-5172, Tomohiro Kubota
+ and Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 164. Fix an fbdev driver crash when the VT isn't active (#5169,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 163. Fix a bug that resulted in XwcTextPropertyToTextList() storing an
+ incomplete list (#5168, Tassia St. Germain, for X.Org).
+ 162. Add "ISO8859-16" to the registry (#5167, Tassia St. Germain, for X.Org).
+ 161. A revised Greek xkb layout, including a three-level "extended"
+ variant, and a "polytonic" variant (#5165, Vasilis Vasaitis).
+ 160. Add support for an el_GR.UTF-8 locale, including a compose file with
+ support for polytonic Greek text (#5165, Vasilis Vasaitis).
+ 159. Add missing zh_CN XI18N_OBJS file (#5164, Yong Li).
+ 158. Make xfs chdir to "/" before fork()ing (#5162, Mike Harris).
+ 157. Add some reference counting for Xlib's i18n modules, preventing
+ a module getting unloaded while it's still in use (#5160, Owen Taylor).
+ 156. Update for SCO OpenServer support (#5158, Kean Johnston).
+ 155. Add aliases for the Brazilian Portuguese locale as defined on FreeBSD
+ (#5157, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 154. Recognise the en_UK.ISO8859-15 and en_US.ISO8859-15 locales (#5156, 5186,
+ Matthias Scheler).
+ 153. Some cleanups for the UTF-8 Compose file, including:
+ - Better support for Greek
+ - Typo fixes, including incorrect character literals and keysyms.
+ (#5154, Vasilis Vasaitis).
+ 152. Modify Xt's default fallback font pattern to work better in locales
+ where the current one fails to find a useful font (#5152,
+ Tomohiro KUBOTA).
+ 151. Updates to bdf/misc UCS fonts, and generate ISO8859-16 subsets
+ (#5147, Markus Kuhn).
+ 150. Fix some empty delay loops and jiffie wrap bugs in the i830 drm driver
+ (#5149, Arjan Van de Ven).
+ 149. Fix a potential NULL dereference in the drm kernel module (#5148,
+ Andreas Schwab).
+ 148. Major OS/2 support update (#5119, Holger Veit).
+ 147. Fix mode setting in DGA on the Rage128 & Radeon drivers (Alan Hourihane).
+ 146. Build libXt as a flat namespace image on Darwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 145. Install the bitmap file xc/programs/bitmap/Stipple as Stippler on file
+ systems that are not case sensitive (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 144. Fix enabling of MMIO window on BladeXP desktop chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 143. Due to bugs in the CyberBladei7/i1 series that cause offset problems,
+ we're disabling the hardware cursor (for now) (Alan Hourihane).
+ 142. Fix Xft-def.cpp file for Cygwin/XFree86 (#5283, Harold Hunt).
+ 141. Server support for OpenBSD/sparc64 (Jason Wright, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 140. Alignment fixes for Xvideo on the Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 139. lndir fix for paths containing '//' (H. J. Lu).
+ 138. Fix blank display problem in trident driver for older TGUI series
+ chips, and a few Xv cleanups too (Alan Hourihane).
+ 137. Enable MIT-SHM extension in Xnest server (#A.795, Steve Schwarz).
+ 136. Fix typo in Rage128 DGA driver (#5187. Charles M. Hannum).
+ 135. Fix enabling of DRI when XvMC is disabled (#5208, Matthew Sottek, Intel).
+ 134. Fix HW Cursor handling in vmware driver (#5193, Jeremy, VMWare).
+ 133. YUV handling updates for v4l module. Can now handle multiple formats
+ and find common format for both videocard and kernel.(#5196, Gerd Knorr).
+ 132. Savage driver updates (#5203, Tim Roberts).
+ 131. Drop the indirect buffer after ScreenInit, fixes corruption and
+ kernel error messages. (#5199, Michel Dänzer).
+ 130. Add Polygon support to Render extension (Carl Worth, Keith Packard)
+ 129. Add Intel i845G 2D support to the i8x0 driver, DRI is disabled.
+ (#A.1062, Graeme Fisher, 2D3D).
+ 128. Fix RGB/BGR inversion problem and screen blanking in the glint
+ driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 127. Add MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension docs (Alan Coopersmith).
+ 126. Fix problems opening /dev/fb0 in fbdevhw layer (#5229, Michel Dänzer).
+ 125. Update the apm driver (#5227, Loic Grenie).
+ 124. Update the Japanese localization of XDarwin (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 123. Symbol table cleanup, leaving xf86GetPointerScreenFuncs() as the only
+ common/xf86Cursor.c entry available to modules (Marc La France).
+ 122. Fix VidMode-generated mode switches by making them go through (almost)
+ the same code path as keyboard-generated mode switches (Marc La France).
+ 121. Allow AGP apertures to overlap with other BIOS-assigned PCI resources
+ (Marc La France).
+ 120. Indent'd most of xterm's C code (Thomas Dickey).
+ 119. Major Radeon driver code cleanup (Kevin Martin).
+ 118. Radeon Xv fixes and video key support added (Keith Packard).
+ 117. DPMS support for DFP/LCD and second head added for Radeon (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 116. Option to disable line acceleration added since Radeon only has 14 bits
+ for lines and clipping. This will be changed to an XAA option for 14
+ bit support in the future (Hui Yu@ATI, Kevin Martin).
+ 115. Radeon DDC and DFP handling improvements (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 114. Fixes for DRI lockup problems with Radeon 7500/VE and the AMD 761
+ chipset (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 113. Radeon PLL routines rewritten with ATOMIC_UPDATE enabled (Hui Yu@ATI).
+ 112. Clone mode added to Radeon driver (not yet functional and disabled
+ by default) (Hui Yu@ATI, Kevin Martin).
+ 111. Fix usage of BuildBinTop in Cygwin/XFree86 (#5223, Harold Hunt).
+ 110. Implement WarpCursor for Cygwin/XFree86, and use GetProcAddress
+ instead of relying on ddraw.dll (#5220-#5222, Harold Hunt).
+ 109. Fix bug that prevented the vesa driver from accessing VGA CRTC registers
+ (Marc La France).
+ 108. New pre-processor files for expat, fontconfig and rename of
+ OSmesa-def.cpp to OSMesa-def.cpp (#5215-#5218, Alexander Gottwald).
+ 107. Rework ati, atimisc, r128 and radeon module versioning (Marc La France).
+ 106. Code clean up for the original Rage LT (Marc La France).
+ 105. An attempt at disabling display switches while the server is running on
+ an LT Pro or Mobility M1 (Marc La France).
+ 104. Make atimisc, r128 and radeon modules register the symbols they reference
+ at module load time, rather than PreInit() (Marc La France).
+ 103. Fix rounding error in Mach64 DSP calculation (Marc La France).
+ 102. Convert xmh to ANSI C (Thomas Dickey).
+ 101. Xterm patch #166 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 100. Fix keyboard beeps on Cygwin/XFree86 (#5211, Harold Hunt).
+ 99. Fixed i810 crash on vt switch due to call to Sync() while switched away
+ (Andris Pavenis).
+ 98. Fixed MGAG550 HW Cursor (Laure-Amelie Couturie).
+ 97. Added Xv support to neomagic driver (Shigehiro Nomura).
+ 96. Implemented cross compile environment (Egbert Eich).
+ 95. Added AMD x86-64 architecture support (Egbert Eich).
+ 94. Fixed memory leaks in xkb code (Egbert Eich).
+ 93. Fixed several memory leaks in the config file parser and initialization
+ routines (Egbert Eich).
+ 92. Added CardBus bridge support (Egbert Eich).
+ 91. Fixed strdup() define in glx (Egbert Eich).
+ 90. Extended xf86misc extension to support changing the mouse device
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 89. Replaced strdup() in xf86Configure.c with xalloc()/strcpy() to avoid
+ conflicts when using internal malloc (Egbert Eich).
+ 88. Extended memory debugging: Added signal handler to trigger a memory
+ debugger dump on SIGUSR2 when compiled with memleak support
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 87. Set vtSema to FALSE when suspended by APM to catch calls to 2D accel
+ functions (Egbert Eich).
+ 86. Implemented mouse protocol detection by analyzing data stream
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 85. Added PnP mouse detection for PS/2, ImPS/2 and older MS serial mice
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 84. Fixed gamma correction code for Trident 9397 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 83. Fixed C&T driver to avoid initialization of video in non-linear mode
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 82. Changed C&T driver to allow video even if acceleration is disabled
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 81. Attempt to implement a more consistent handling of HW cursor in C&T
+ driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 80. Fixed MGA driver to make HALlib work with VESA framebuffer modes
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 79. Reworked Rendition driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 78. S3 Virge driver: added minimal gap between SyncStart and HDisplay to
+ avoid video lockups (Egbert Eich).
+ 77. Fixed memory leaks in S3 Savage driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 76. Modified several drivers to do int10 initialization using the
+ VBE functions instead of calling int10 directly (Egbert Eich).
+ 75. Fixed video support and mode initialization in Silicon Motion driver,
+ removed wait for v-retrace (Egbert Eich).
+ 74. Misc fixes to SiS driver (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 73. Added support for 1400x1050 screen in Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 72. Fixed several video issues for Trident CyberBladeXP chips (Egbert Eich).
+ 71. Added probe for Tseng ISA chips (Egbert Eich).
+ 70. Added 'KGAUniversal' option to generic vga driver which changes handling
+ left overscan to work also on chips with C&T core (ie all C&T and Intel
+ graphics chips) (Egbert Eich).
+ 69. Modified int10 code to map area between V_BIOS and SYS_BIOS instead of
+ copying it. Copying causes problems if legacy devices map MMIO
+ registers there (Egbert Eich).
+ 68. Implemented an extended int10 init function to allow passing flags
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 67. Implemented optional handling of BIOS video mode scratch area in int10
+ code (Egbert Eich).
+ 66. Again modified MTRR range splitting (Egbert Eich).
+ 65. Added funtions to VBE to save and restore a video mode (Egbert Eich).
+ 64. Added missing commas to symbols/us_intl (Hans Lunsing).
+ 63. Added Ungherese (qwerty) support (Koblinger Egmont).
+ 62. Added Euro symbol for hungarian kbd layout (Koblinger Egmont).
+ 61. Build with libcurses on Darwin for forward compatibility
+ (Jordan Hubbard).
+ 60. Add Trident CyberBladeXP acceleration (Alan Hourihane).
+ 59. Major XDarwin rootless mode rewrite:
+ - Use Carbon to draw directly to windows' backing buffers, rather
+ than "triple" buffering with Core Graphics.
+ - Reorganized Xserver/hw/darwin directory structure to separate out
+ legacy support for Mac OS X 10.0.x.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons and Greg Parker).
+ 58. Fix RGB/BGR inversion problem on Permedia3 chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 57. Fix server link problem that shows up on ppc (#5205, Guido Guenther).
+ 56. Restore effect of option "NoSilkenMouse" (Marc La France).
+ 55. Fix some nForce graphics regressions caused by recent flat panel and
+ Mac updates to the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 54. Recognise the "Absolute" keyword that was documented in the
+ XF86Config man page (David Dawes).
+ 53. Fix the man page information about Absolute screen positioning in
+ the ServerLayout section (David Dawes).
+ 52. SunOS changes to xedit's lisp interpreter (Marc La France).
+ 51. Support the Ti 3026 ramdac with 3DLabs Permedia found on some
+ AccelStar boards (Alan Hourihane).
+ 50. Move int10 softbooting furthur up in the glint driver to post
+ much earlier (Alan Hourihane).
+ 49. Fix bug that sometimes caused makedepend to forget #define'd symbols
+ (Marc La France).
+ 48. MIT-SHM updates (Roberto Zunino, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 47. Import Mesa-4.0.1, and resync with the DRI trunk which is now based
+ on this (Keith Whitwell, Brian Paul, Alan Hourihane, David Dawes).
+ 46. Mga driver updates:
+ - Don't try dual-head mode with the G400 unless the mga_hal module
+ is loaded.
+ - Distinguish between the G400 and G450 when showing the chipset in
+ the log.
+ - Update the mga man page for supported hardware and dual-head
+ support. Futher updates are needed to document all of the
+ drivers's options.
+ (David Dawes).
+ 45. Add -Wundef when compiling the tree with GCC >= 2.8 (Marc La France).
+ 44. Macintosh flat panel fix in the "nv" driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 43. XDarwin fixes and improvements for full screen Quartz mode:
+ - Pull full screen specific code out of generic Quartz support.
+ - Install new colormaps correctly with PseudoColor.
+ - Release the screen immediately when closing down.
+ - Do not try to release the screen when closing down in rootless mode.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 42. Reimplement Xft library on top of new fontconfig library (Keith Packard).
+ 41. Resync with the final Mesa-3.4.x-based DRI trunk.
+ 40. Add support for wscons bell (Jason Wright).
+ 39. Fix IBM-reported bug that could cause PCI bus lockouts with second
+ generation integrated Mach64 controllers (Marc La France).
+ 38. Rework ATI driver's registration of symbols with the loader
+ (Marc La France).
+ 37. In the ATI driver, add option "CrtDisplay" to force CRT display in a
+ dual display situation (Marc La France).
+ 36. In the ATI driver, rename option "CrtScreen" to "NoPanelDisplay", keeping
+ "CrtScreen" as a private option for compatibility (Marc La France).
+ 35. Document X_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (Marc La France).
+ 34. NetBSD teeny OS version handling improvement in imake (#5176,
+ Matthias Scheler).
+ 33. Build I2C support before building drivers (Marc La France).
+ 32. Fix a problem related to reserving the overlay key in the default
+ colormap in 24+8 mode. This caused some clients using the 8-bit
+ visuals to fail (David Dawes).
+ 31. [SECURITY] Zlib error handling fix (Mark Adler).
+ 30. Put back XDarwin's byte-ordering fix for reading keymappings on
+ Darwin x86 that was inadvertently dropped (Rob Braun).
+ 29. Fix Big Endian hardware cursor bug on GeForce3 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 28. Experimental flat panel support in the "nv" driver. GeForce2 Go
+ should work now (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 27. XDarwinStartup improvements:
+ - Auto-detect proper mode to run XDarwin.
+ - Find with Launch Services.
+ - Add XDarwinStartup man page.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 26. Localize XDarwin credits in French (Olivier Verdier) and Portuguese
+ (Fabr’cio L. de Castro).
+ 25. Turn off XFree86-Misc and VidMode extensions for XDarwin
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 24. Localize a few missing strings in XDarwin preferences (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 23. GeForce4 support (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 22. Add IA-64 460GX PCI IDs (Marc La France).
+ 21. Some vesa driver updates:
+ - Use the common layer's mode validation functions, which gives
+ mode selection behaviour more consistent with other drivers.
+ - Don't force the depth 24 framebuffer bpp. Instead check what
+ framebuffer layouts are supported by VBE, and and choose the
+ layout appropriately.
+ - fb handles 24/32 fb/pixmap layout conversion, so don't use
+ the xf24_32bpp module.
+ - shadow + fb at depth 4 needs the bpp set to 8.
+ (David Dawes).
+ 20. Fix some misleading messages about why modes aren't available
+ (David Dawes).
+ 19. Fix for `hostname` issue on Linux (Marc La France).
+ 18. Fix startx script for ksh (Phillip B. Bruce).
+ 17. Fix Emulate3Buttons for wsmouse protocol on NetBSD and OpenBSD
+ (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 16. Add Portuguese localization of XDarwin front end
+ (Fabr’cio L. de Castro).
+ 15. Fix mouse Protocol "Auto" for SunOS (Marc La France).
+ 14. Relocate all driver low memory accesses (atimisc module not yet done)
+ (Marc La France).
+ 13. Make driver I/O relocatable (atimisc, s3, sis and tseng not yet done)
+ (Marc La France).
+ 12. PCI domain changes for SunOS/SPARC64 (Marc La France).
+ 11. PCI domain changes for Linux/SPARC64 (#4653, David S. Miller,
+ Marc La France).
+ 10. Temporary workaround for IA-64 (Marc La France).
+ 9. Fix SIGSEGV when printing modes that have no modifiers (Marc La France).
+ 8. Revert the ATI driver's composite sync default to off (Marc La France).
+ 7. Add a note to the messages that get printed when a signal is caught
+ during initialization (which includes X -configure) that reported
+ unresolved symbols might not be the reason for the server aborting
+ (David Dawes).
+ 6. Fix symbol registration in some drivers, which reduces the number of
+ symbols reported as "unresolved" when 'X -configure' crashes
+ (David Dawes).
+ 5. Fill in names for BIOS modes in the vesa driver's mode pool that weren't
+ otherwise assigned names (David Dawes).
+ 4. Fix an unresolved symbol in that shows up when building it
+ with gcc-3 (David Dawes).
+ 3. Fix invalid code caused by a memcpy() macro being split by a directive
+ (#5150, Sami Farin).
+ 2. Fix incorrect symbol prefixing with Xlib's i18n modules on Solaris
+ (Keith Packard, David Dawes).
+ 1. Don't try to print mode names when the name is NULL (David Dawes).
+XFree86 4.2.0 (18 January 2002)
+ 690. Workaround for hardware bug that prevents older ATI 3D Rage adapters from
+ being assigned to XF86Config device sections (Marc La France).
+XFree86 (17 January 2002)
+ 689. Fix bug introduced in snapshot causing XDarwin's PseudoramiX
+ extension to always be disabled (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 688. Disable the pipe check for stdout/stderr that was added in the previous
+ snapshot because it looks like it might cause too many problems
+ (David Dawes).
+ 687. Update the Arabic (ar) XKB keyboard map (#5145, Arabeyes team).
+ 686. Update the Russian (ru) XKB keyboard map, adding two new variants
+ ("typewriter" and "phonetic") (#5143, Ivan Pascal).
+ 685. Remove the lt_a and lt_p XKB keyboard maps (#5139, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 684. Disable the DRI and print a warning message for Radeon 8500 cards
+ until they are supported (Kevin Martin).
+ 683. Properly detect when no BIOS is present on Radeon cards (#4978,
+ Charles Hannum, Kevin Martin).
+ 682. Delay before restoring VGA registers for Radeons to "fix" VT switch
+ problems (Kevin Martin).
+ 681. Add new PCI IDs from ATI (Kevin Martin).
+ 680. Update the script to create version compatibility links for
+ shared freetype libraries when needed (David Dawes).
+ 679. Update Freetype2 shared library versions to match the versions libtool
+ generates (Keith Packard).
+ 678. Doc updates (lots of people, includes #5142, 5144)
+XFree86 (14 January 2002)
+ 677. Change the default verbosity level for stderr from 1 to 0 (David Dawes).
+ 676. Set the X server's stderr to non-blocking for non-root users
+ (David Dawes).
+ 675. Don't allow the X server to start when stdout or stderr is a pipe for
+ non-root users (David Dawes).
+ 674. Add OpenGL man pages.
+ 673. Avoid duplicate symbol problem with xkbevd on some platform (#A.769,
+ Nicholas Leippe).
+ 672. Updated Ukranian XKB symbols file (#A.764, Andriy Rysin).
+ 671. Fix ELF loader for ARM architecture (#5138, Phil Blundell and
+ Adam C. Powell IV).
+ 670. Fix a race condition in the Linux kernel DRM code (#5136,
+ Arjan van de Ven).
+ 669. Fix DGA support in the s3virge driver (#5135, Kevin Brosius).
+ 668. Add XvBskew, XvRskew to adjust skew values for centering of an
+ Xvideo window for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 667. Fix loader for Motorola 68k machines (Alan Hourihane).
+ 666. Fix very high resolution modes (e.g. 1600x1200@16bpp) in the
+ Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 665. -
+ 664. Quick hack to allow GLX to be included in non-XFree86 servers
+ (Marc La France).
+ 663. More ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE fixes for Savage chipsets (Egbert Eich).
+ 662. Improvements to the SiS driver which should fix a lot of the 630
+ issues (Thomas Winischhofer).
+ 661. In XDarwin IOKit mode, ignore screens sized 1x1 (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 660. Some missing QNX fixes (#5121, Frank Liu).
+ 659. Update XDarwin man page and usage message for XFree86 4.2.0. Add
+ XFree86 man page to XDarwin distribution (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 658. Add bn_BD.UTF-8 to locale.dir (Taneem Ahmed).
+ 657. Fix luit not dropping priviledges when run with the -c flag (#5134,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 656. Fix unresolved symbol and loader symbol registration problems in the
+ i810 driver that were introduced with the i830 support (David Dawes,
+ Abraham vd Merwe).
+ 655. Fix sparklies problem for other Trident *BladeXP chipsets
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 654. In XDarwin IOKit mode, ignore screens that can not provide the requested
+ size, depth, or refresh rate instead of generating a fatal error
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+XFree86 (7 January 2002)
+ 653. Fix some typos in the DRI README (#A.757, Andreas Mohr).
+ 652. path setting from 3.3.6 (#A.756, Marc Herbert).
+ 651. Fix a problem with the Radeon driver that was causing the sync polarity
+ to be ignored (#A.753, Vedran Rodic).
+ 650. Set the max clock correctly for the G550 second head (#5133,
+ Luugi Marsan).
+ 649. Fix a Radeon DRI lockup problem (#5128, Steven Pritchard).
+ 648. Back out some mga_g450pll.c changes that cause problems on at least
+ some G450 configurations (#5122, David Woodhouse).
+ 647. Fix some xterm build warnings on *BSD (David Dawes, Thomas Dickey).
+ 646. Some QNX4 fixes/updates (#5121, 5124, 5130, 5131, Frank Liu).
+ 645. Prefer POSIX O_NONBLOCK to O_NDELAY (when defined) in lib/dps (#5121,
+ Frank Liu).
+ 644. Fix portability problem with XpmI.h (based on #5121, Frank Liu).
+ 643. Only use SA_RESTART in xterm when it's available (#5121, Frank Liu).
+ 642. Work around Watcom compiler bug that shows up when building Mesa's
+ stencil.c (David Dawes, based on #5121, Frank Liu).
+ 641. Handle __inline and __inline__ in compiler.h for non-GNU compilers,
+ which makes it more likely that drivers will build with other compilers
+ (David Dawes, based on #5121, Frank Liu).
+ 640. Build fixes for xedit/lisp. Don't define NEED_SNPRINTF when not needed.
+ Avoid a double recursion into subdirs (#5123, Matthieu Herrb).
+ Added code for systems without getpagesize.
+ 639. Fix the xdm's handling of keys, allowing keypad keys to work (#A.662,
+ Servaas Vandenberghe).
+ 638. Fix hang when quitting XDarwin before starting X server
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 637. Don't add XDarwin's PseudoramiX extension with only one screen
+ (Greg Parker).
+ 636. Add Spanish localization of XDarwin help file (Pablo Di Noto).
+ 635. Improve XDarwinStartup's error reporting (Torrey T. Lyons).
+XFree86 (28 December 2001)
+ 634. Update the ati/radeon driver to recognise the All-in-Wonder 8500's
+ ID (#5117, Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 633. Fix bug where a pointer may be checked without being intialized in xman
+ (#5120, Martin Husemann).
+ 632. Add an informational message to the radeon driver when LCD/DFP mode
+ validation fails (#5118, Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 631. Handle the ATI Rage128 "PP" variant like the "PR" variant (#4982,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 630. Fix a LynxOS on PowerPC build problem (#A.746, Stuart Lissaman).
+ 629. Fix the names of the Northern Saami keyboards (#A.742,
+ Petter Reinholdtsen).
+ 628. Add Xinerama info to xdpyinfo (#A.741, Greg Parker).
+ 627. Fix an xdm problem caused by not handling an interrupted read (#A.728,
+ Darren Marshall).
+ 626. Add functions completing text control for Render. Bump XRender library
+ minor version (Keith Packard).
+ 625. Add XKB layout info for a newer Logitech iTouch keyboard (#A.727,
+ Dimitromanolakis Apostolos).
+ 624. Fix a problem that shows up with the summa tablet driver when using
+ a Genius EasyPen (#A.714, Anders Melchiorsen).
+ 623. Fix for VT switch problem with the S3 driver (based on #A.677,
+ Juergen Lesny).
+ 622. Remove some more spurious entries in the KSC 5601 encoding file (#A.678,
+ Jungshik Shin).
+ 621. Fix for APM problem on devfs-based Linux systems with APM in a kernel
+ module (#A.663, Denis Zaitsev).
+ 620. Update the mga Xv double buffering to match the more recent submission
+ (#4976, Didier Gautheron).
+ 619. Fix a bug in the XKB Slovak (sk) layout (#A.621, Juraj Bednar).
+ 618. Fix a small window when a SIGIO may be received without a handler
+ installed (David Dawes, based on #A.620, Michel Lespinasse).
+ 617. ISO 8859-{1,7,15} Compose file updates and fixes (#5114,
+ Vasilis Vasaitis).
+ 616. In XDarwin multi-monitor IOKit mode, read screen location from the
+ kernel (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 615. Update XDarwin credits file (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 614. Fix various XDarwin crashes in multi-monitor rootless mode by using
+ a new "light" version of PanoramiX/Xinerama called PseudoramiX
+ (Gregory Parker).
+ 613. Fix some typos in the X.Org INSTALL doc (#5113, Chris Pepper).
+ 612. Fix an bug that prevented the releasing of XvMC memory on exit (#5112,
+ Matthew J. Sottek).
+ 611. Some Xprint build warning fixes (David Dawes).
+ 610. Xprt PCL3 support (#5111, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
+ 609. Xprt PostScript bitmap cache (#5110, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 608. Updates for the Romanian (ro) XKB map (#5108, Marius Andreiana).
+ 607. Update s3virge docs (#5107, Kevin Brosius).
+ 606. Disable pixmap24 option for Permedia3/4/R4 as the chip doesn't support
+ this (Alan Hourihane).
+ 605. Fixed a infinite loop in the i2c code.
+ 604. Fixed a Sig11 problem in siliconmotion driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 603. Fixes to silicon motion driver:
+ - gamma correction for 24 bit true color mode.
+ - XAA: clipping rectangle was clipped to visible screen, so offscreen
+ pixmaps could not been drawn at with accelerated drawing functions.
+ - in SMI_ScreenInit frame buffer size calculation for video changed.
+ - smi_video: partly rewritten.
+ - Support for 7111
+ - interlaced video via
+ - XF86Config Option "Interlaced" or
+ - attribute XV_INTERLACED (Corvin Zahn).
+ 602. Add French localization of XDarwin help file (Olivier Verdier).
+XFree86 (19 December 2001)
+ 601. Change the property Xprint uses to identify pmf printer internal fonts
+ to avoid a clash with DPS (#5106, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 600. Fix a C type aliasing bug in xkbcomp (#5104, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 599. Fix a bug in Xprint's PS output code that was over-optimizing out
+ clip change requests (#5102, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 598. Improved error handling for Xprint's -XpFile option (#5101, 5105,
+ Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 597. Add higher resolution options to the Xprint postscript printer support
+ (#5096, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 596. BuildLoadableXlibI18n should be keyed off "SharedLibX11" rather than
+ "BuildX11Lib" (#5095, Ernie Coskrey).
+ 595. Fix a luit inconsistency between the default data used when a
+ locale is unknown and the data used by ISO 8859-1 locales (#5092,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 594. Add eo_EO locale entries, which is what GNU libc 2.2 uses for the
+ Esperanto locale (#5091, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 593. Fix an Xprt page handling problem (#5090, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 592. Update the X.Org release number from 6.5.1 to 6.6 in various
+ documents and header files (#5089, 5100, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 591. Recognise __SVR4 as an alternative for SVR4 in Xosdefs.h (#5087,
+ Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 590. Cleanup some header files to make them more C++ friendly (#5086, 5088,
+ Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 589. Update the driver status document (#5085, Branden Robinson).
+ 588. Fix the SiS drm driver (#5084, Torsten Duwe).
+ 588. Fix Trident driver pitch values when accelerator is in use, applies
+ to Image and Blade series chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 586. Minor bugfix to SiS driver, restructured VT switching code
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 585. Attempt to fix flickering in 24bpp on Trident CyberBladeXPAi1
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 584. Fixed UTF8lib support (Mike Fabian).
+ 583. Re-instate makedepend's recognition of backslash line terminations
+ (Marc La France).
+ 582. Add proper reference counting to the XvMCContext so that destroying
+ the context before destroying associated surfaces is handled correctly
+ (#5083, Matthew J. Sottek).
+ 581. Fix the xtt (X-TrueType) font module so that it will recognise
+ fonts with upper-case suffixes (".TTF" and ".TTC") (#5082,
+ ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 580. Use uname instead of hostname in rstart and xon scripts for portability,
+ plus some other rstart and xon fixes (#5081, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 579. Some newport driver cleanups and fixes (#5080, 5103, Guido Guenther).
+ 578. Fix XagNsingleScreen definition and some related side-effects (#5077,
+ Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 577. Fix some doc typos, and remove references to the non-existent
+ shadowfb(4) man page (#5076, David Krause).
+ 576. Pitch calculation updates for the r128 driver (#5074, Michel Dänzer).
+ 575. Updates for VMware SVGA programming documentation (#5073,
+ Jeremy (VMware)).
+ 574. Fix cases where makedepend reports the wrong line number and file when
+ an error occurs (#5072, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
+ 573. Fix differences in libXt behaviour when using poll() compared with
+ when using select() (#5071, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 572. Some warning cleanups for Tru64 (#5069, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 571. Fix a typo in the mt_us keymap entry (#5067, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 570. Add some missing UNDEFINE lines to the iso8859-11 and tis620-2
+ encoding files (#5065, 5066, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 569. Some Luxi font updates:
+ - update the Type 1 versions to fix a UID-related bug and cover more
+ glyphs
+ - update the TTF fonts.scale file to include ISO 8859-13
+ - update the docs to properly reflect the fonts' glyph coverage
+ (#5064, B&H, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 568. Fix "The Open Group" copyright notices to reflect the change in
+ post R6.4 licensing (#5093, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
+ 567. Added debugging helpers (Egbert Eich).
+ 566. Added support for the Trident CyberBladeXPAi1 (Egbert Eich).
+ 565. Fixed Mono8x8Fill problem in S3 Virge and Savage drivers (Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 (12 December 2001)
+ 564. Fix XDarwin GetImage bug on screens other than 0 in rootless mode
+ (Gregory Parker).
+ 563. Fix acceleration, hw cursor and console restoration in the "nv" driver
+ on PowerPC (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 562. Fix console switching on r128 & radeon drivers using FBDev (#5075,
+ Benjamin Herrenschmidt (radeon), Michel Dänzer (r128) ).
+ 561. Implement double buffering for XVputimage in the mga driver (#A.601,
+ Didier Gautheron).
+ 560. Fix a wheel emulation problem that prevented delivery of button
+ events when the wheel button was the same as one of the emulated
+ button (#A.600, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez).
+ 559. Fix some 'make install.sdk' problems (#A.586, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 558. Fix mga DGA when UseFBDev is enabled (#A.584, Wayne Whitney).
+ 557. Fix dri module build when BuildXinerama is set to NO (David Dawes,
+ based on #A.599, Pontus Lidman).
+ 556. Fix libXext build when BuildLBX is set to NO (based on #A.582,
+ Didier Gautheron).
+ 555. Fix typo in ms_MY locale name (was ms_NY) (Hasbullah Bin Pit).
+ 554. Fix incorrect code in signal handlers in most of the clients,
+ xterm and xdm not done yet (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 553. Add Glint R4 and Gamma2 support to the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 552. Fix rotated display in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 551. By default, validate all available modes rather than only the largest
+ such mode (Marc La France).
+ 550. Various XDarwin improvements:
+ - Use all 8 bits of PseudoColor in full screen Quartz mode.
+ - Write XDarwin version number to console log.
+ - Move Alt/Option key back to Mod1 by default.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons)
+ 549. Fix offscreen memory manager segfault (Jacques Gangloff).
+ 548. XDarwin Quartz mode cursor improvements:
+ - Safely free QuickDraw cursors.
+ - Fix disappearing cursor in rootless mode with multiple monitors.
+ (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons)
+ 547. i810 XvMC fixes (#5078, Matthew J. Sottek).
+ 546. Downgrade DDC-related mode rejections to warnings as some monitors
+ advertise their nominal, rather than actual, tolerances (Marc La France).
+ 545. Add Korean localization of XDarwin front end (Kyunghwan Kim).
+ 544. Allow XDarwin to launch from the Finder even if there are spaces, etc.
+ in the path to its application bundle (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 543. Add XvHsync, XvVsync to adjust skew values for centering of an
+ Xvideo window for the trident driver (Geoffrey Hausheer, Alan Hourihane).
+ 542. Fixed xkb to avoid setting of AccessXTimeout to 0 (Egbert Eich).
+ 541. Added option to sync the logfile after every line written (Egbert Eich).
+ 540. Improved APM handling:
+ - Added disable of Input Handlers.
+ - Added support for undo on failed APM requests.
+ - Set vtSema to false (Egbert Eich).
+ 539. Improved detection of primary device especially for non-PC platforms
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 538. Silicon Motion driver Fixes:
+ - Removed separate loading of int10 code.
+ - Added reset of graphics engine on EnterVT (Egbert Eich).
+ 537. Set flag ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE for CPUToScreenColorExpand for all
+ S3 Savage chips (Egbert Eich).
+ 536. SiS driver:
+ - Added fix to restore fbdev mode properly on VT switch/exit.
+ - Improved LCD handling on SiS 630.
+ - fixed screen blanking in SiS driver to properly blank LCDs
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 535. Trident driver:
+ - Fixed screen centering for 640x480 Modes.
+ - Fixed video playback for BladeAi1.
+ - Fixed hotkey internal/external switching for XPm8/16.
+ - Added support for on-the-fly video recentering.
+ - Attempt to fix contrast settings for video (Egbert Eich).
+ 534. Added reset code for PS/2 mice when replug events occurs
+ (required for later Linux 2.4.x kernels) (Egbert Eich).
+ 533. xf86cfg: start AccessX controls even when started from a running server
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 532. Add support in glint driver for booting secondary cards that have
+ the VGA disable jumper set (so no access to the BIOS) (Jay Estabrook).
+ 531. Add Spanish localization of XDarwin front end (Pablo Di Noto).
+ 530. Set the r128 DRI driver version back to 2.2 so that the major version is
+ the same as for the version in XFree86 4.1.0.
+ 529. Fixes for DGA2.0 support in the radeon driver (#A.585,
+ Shyouzou Sugitani).
+ 528. Fix mkfontdir's scanning of fonts.scale files to detect a bad file
+ resulting from concatenating two fonts.scales files, and to avoid
+ buffer overruns from over-long strings (#A.563, Jonathan Kamens).
+ 527. Avoid i810 VT switching problems on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
+ 526. Fix a possible SIGFPE in the X-TrueType fonts (#A.640, Nam SungHyun).
+ 525. Fix -probe and -configure to not clear the screen on exit on SunOS SPARC.
+ (Marc La France).
+ 524. Fix support for ATI Graphics Pro Turbo 1600 adapters (Marc La France).
+ 523. Newport driver updates, including 24-bit support (#5062, Guido Guenther).
+ 522. Fix pixel info not being returned from the APPGROUP extension (#5061,
+ Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 521. Remove debug message in the calcomp driver (#5060, Martin Kroeker).
+ 520. Replace "X Windows" with "X Window System" or "X" in various places
+ (#5058, David Krause).
+ 519. Fix the size of some lbx struct members on 64-bit architectures
+ (#5053, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 518. Fix the size of some xXagGetAttrReply struct members on 64-bit
+ architectures (#5052, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 517. Add a NULL check that was missing in the CID part of the Type1 code
+ (#5050, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
+ 516. XKB AccessX LED beep feature (#5047, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 515. Fix WriteToClient flushing bug (#5046, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 514. Fix improper freeing of widget translations in libXt when
+ REFCNT_TRANSLATIONS is defined (#5044, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 513. Fix XPrint memory leak (#5042, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 512. Local Authorization Fix (#5041, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 511. Add locale entries for Sami (#5055, Børre Gaup).
+ 510. Fix XProcessInternalConnection man page duplication (#5040, Chris Bare,
+ from X11R6.6).
+ 509. Minor xrx Imakefile fix (#5038, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 508. Remove outdated xc/fonts/encodings/large/README (#5033,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 507. Enable XVideo support for the SuperSavage (#5031, Tim Roberts).
+ 506. Add some missing locale entries (#5026, Mike Harris).
+ 505. s3virge driver updates, including:
+ - cr3a patch (#4884, Adam J. Richter)
+ - ViRGE MX XVideo patch (#4915, Sven Menke)
+ - An option to disable XVideo
+ - Disable solid filled rects for Trio3D because of trouble reports
+ - Some MX fixes
+ - Fix ViRGE MX XVideo so window overlap works
+ - Enable ViRGE GX2 XVideo
+ - Fix low resolution problems on ViRGE MX (&GX2)
+ (#5024, 5030, 5034, Kevin Brosius).
+ 504. Some new/updated xkb files (#5019, Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 503. Add some ATI PCI IDs (#5018, Mike Harris).
+ 502. Implement a hack for the DEC TGA2 cards which maps an extra page
+ before framebuffer start as the acceleration code is slightly
+ broken (Jay Estabrook).
+ 501. Allow secondary MGA boards to be used on Alpha that have the VGA
+ disable switch set (Jay Estabrook).
+ 500. Fix Radeon jerky cursor movement bug (Jay Estabrook, #5054, Mike Harris).
+ 499. Add new Luxi fonts from Bigelow & Holmes (#5010, Charles Bigelow and
+ Kris Holmes, integrated by Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 498. Update the ClearlyU fonts to version 1.8 (#5009, Mark Leisher).
+ 497. Add XKB symbols for Saami (#5006, 5059, Børre Gaup).
+ 496. Change the mapping of the JIS reverse solidus to what most Japanese
+ users expect (#5002, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 495. Fix hiding/showing of mouse cursor under Windows on Cygwin/XFree86
+ (#5056, Harold Hunt).
+ 494. Fix Permedia3 SDRAM based boards planemask problems (Jay Estabrook).
+ 493. Don't use int10 in glint driver when using fbdev interface (#5039,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 492. Fix SlowBCopy for MIPS and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
+ 491. Fix XF86Config overrides for I/O base, framebuffer address and video
+ memory size in cyrix driver (Marc La France).
+ 490. Don't interfere with ATI panel support when using DDC information for
+ monitor tolerance defaults (Marc La France).
+ 489. Add Dutch localization of XDarwin help file (Paul Edens).
+ 488. Add stub functions needed by libGL to libXThrStubs. Link libGL against
+ libXthrStubs on systems that build it. (#4997, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 487. Fix building and loading of I18N modules by Xlib on NetBSD and OpenBSD
+ (#5049, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 486. Fix duplicate loader symbols (#5048, Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 485. Fix problems with clipping in fb when the clip list contains negative
+ coordinates (Gregory Parker).
+ 484. Fix return value of VBEBankSwitch() (Norm Raden).
+ 483. Updates/fixes for the QNX6 (aka Neutrino) port (#4990, Frank Liu).
+ 482. Autodetect when -fno-merge-constants is needed for building modules,
+ and enable its use by default in those cases (Marc La France,
+ David Dawes).
+ 481. Status doc updates (#4991, Branden Robinson).
+ 480. Fix for flickering i815 LCDs (#4968, Poul-Henning Kamp, Harald Koenig).
+ 479. Move much of the I18N code in Xlib into separately loadable
+ modules (#4965, 5043, Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
+ 478. Modify's font5 resource so that xterm can display double
+ width characters using a font distributed with XFree86 (#4962,
+ Tomohiro KUBOTA).
+ 477. Add Dutch localization of XDarwin front end (Paul Edens).
+ 476. Add a quick check to not use as the default mode any internal modes
+ with horizontal timing parameters that aren't CRT-friendly (David Dawes).
+ 475. Add an 832x624 @ 75Hz mode line to the default mode set (#4960,
+ Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 474. Fix Radeon LCD Panel detection and Power Delay (ATI Technologies).
+ 473. Ignore XDarwin full screen switch key combination when in rootless mode
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 472. Xterm patches #163, #164 (Thomas Dickey): mostly bug fixes.
+ 471. Fix race condition in XDarwin causing occasional hangs or crashes when
+ quitting from the menu (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 470. Cygwin/XFree86 updates (#5035, #5036, Harold Hunt).
+ 469. Make sure Cygwin checks ENOBUFS for error test in XlibInt.c, as under
+ Cygwin when the socket is full ENOBUFS is returned (Brian Genisio).
+ 468. Fix SIGFPE in LastLinePel for ATI Radeon, console restoring on dual CRT
+ head on VE, improved panel and ddc line detection (ATI Technologies).
+ 467. Fix bug that caused hardware cursors to disappear on mode switches when
+ silken mouse is disabled (Marc La France).
+ 466. Preliminary changes to keyboard handling for SPARC SunOS
+ (Marc La France).
+ 465. Zero out SPARC SunOS primary framebuffer on exit, like Sun's servers do
+ (Marc La France).
+ 464. More driver name normalisation (Marc La France).
+ 463. Minor speedup for Mach64 acceleration for big-endian architectures
+ (Marc La France).
+ 462. Fix bug that prevented relocation of unassigned PCI I/O bases
+ (Marc La France).
+ 461. Add Swedish localization of the XDarwin help file (Patrik Montgomery).
+ 460. Fix use of gethostbyname and getservbyname to _XGethostbyname and
+ _XGetservbyname for portability (#5017, Mark W. Snitily, from X11R6.6).
+ 459. Fix buffer problems used by xrdb to build command line, noticed on
+ systems with a large amount of visuals (#5016, Alan Coopersmith).
+ 458. Fix bug regarding signal handling in x11perf by inserting an abort
+ test after each run (#5015, Mark W. Snitily, from X11R6.6).
+ 457. Add improved diagnostic messages and error checking to libXfont
+ which is used by bdftopcf command (#5014, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
+ 456. Fix advertised surfaces for the i810 Motion Compensation driver and
+ make use of new XVMC_INTRA_UNSIGNED surface flag (#5003, Matthew Sottek).
+ 455. Fix r128 driver to call wrapped screen functions when using the
+ fbdevhw layer (#5004, Michel Dänzer).
+ 454. Add Rage128 Pro PP detection to ati driver (#5025, Alfred Perlstein,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 453. Add CyberBladeXPAi1 recognition to the trident driver (#A.658,
+ Jani Jaakkola).
+ 452. Fix typo in PCI bus scanning that caused a hang when there was more than
+ one PCI bus (#A.652, Uwe Dannowski).
+ 451. Update Japanese localization of XDarwin help file (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 450. Update XDarwin help file (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 449. Fix XDarwin SHAPE support in rootless mode (Gregory Parker).
+ 448. More corrections to Xaw manpage (#5022, Branden Robinson).
+ 447. Fix XDarwin crash if a NULL mask is passed to Composite in rootless
+ mode (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 446. Fix XDarwin crash if more than one keyboard interface is returned from
+ NXEventSystemInfo (Gregory Parker).
+ 445. Big5 encoding fix (#4957, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 444. Use DDC sync (disabled by default) and DPMS info (#4955,
+ Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 443. Update the i810 XVideo support to double the maximum image width
+ to 1440 (#4933, Philip Pokorny).
+ 442. Fix several memory leaks in x11perf (#4931, Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
+ 441. Bypass startup VT #1 switching hack for FreeBSD/syscons unless running
+ on a pre-3.1 version of FreeBSD (#4926, Huver).
+ 440. Catch bogus flat panel dimensions in the ati/r128 driver (#4907,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 439. Fix Maltese entry in xkbcomp/keymap/xfree86 (#4921, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 438. Fix a locale.alias typo (#4920, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 437. Documents Options for the Matrox and Neomagic drivers, and makes
+ HW/SWcursor generic options (#5021, Dr. Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 436. Corrections and updates to Xaw manpage (#5020, Branden Robinson).
+ 435. Add German localization of XDarwin front end (Andreas Monitzer).
+ 434. Add the DEC-XTRAP extension and sample clients (#4904, 4918,
+ Paul Stewart).
+ 433. Update the us_intl XKB symbols map to include all diacritics used
+ in latin script (#4917, Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 432. Add a Compose file for utf-8 (#4917, 5019, Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 431. Fix radeon and sis GL module Imakefiles (#4916, Bill Nottingham).
+ 430. Bug fixes and updates for Savage driver (#5001, Tim Roberts).
+ 429. Add luit (#4914, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 428. Fix a typo in fontenc that prevents building with no dependency on
+ libfont (#4913, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 427. Add an encoding file for the KSC Johab encoding (#4912, Jungshik Shin).
+ 426. Remove some spurious entries in the KSC 5601 encoding file (#4910,
+ Jungshik Shin).
+ 425. Add Swedish localization of XDarwin front end (Patrik Montgomery).
+ 424. Fill in mode switch characters in XDarwin keymap (Mario Klebsch and
+ Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 423. Linux/PA-RISC portability fixes (#4892, Grant Grundler, Bdale Garbee,
+ and LaMont Jones).
+ 422. Linux/mips portability patch (#4891, 4919, Guido Guenther).
+ 421. Preliminary support for building on Linux/arm32 (#4890,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 420. Make it possible to build the X server on Linux/m68k platforms
+ (#4889, Christian T. Steigies).
+ 419. Fixes for xman's manpath config handling (#4886, Branden Robinson and
+ Colin Watson).
+ 418. Fix some man page aliases (#4882, Branden Robinson).
+ 417. Define __GLX_ALIGN64 for glx on Alpha (based on #4888, Branden Robinson).
+ 416. Remove PEX5 from the lists of specs in doc/specs/Imakefile (#4881,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 415. updates (#4874, Branden Robinson).
+ 414. Updates for zh locale files (#4879, Branden Robinson).
+ 413. xf86config man page update (#4877, Branden Robinson).
+ 412. Startx enhancements and cleanups (#4875, Branden Robinson and
+ Henry T. So).
+ 411. Use DirectDraw2 instead of DirectDraw on Cygwin (#5012, Harold Hunt).
+ 410. Add French localization of XDarwin front end (Olivier Verdier).
+ 409. Fix portability problem in the generation of the man page version string
+ (Marc La France).
+ 408. Fix a NativeGDI problem on Cygwin/XFree86 (#5007, #5008, Harold Hunt).
+ 407. Fix for threaded libraries (Marc La France).
+ 406. Finish removal of SuperProbe (Marc La France).
+ 405. A rather large number of warning fixes throughout (Marc La France).
+ 404. Fix bug in HTML install script (Marc La France).
+ 403. Missing ident lines for some XFree86-modified files (Marc La France).
+ 402. Add default half-width doublescanned modes (Marc La France).
+ 401. Mark all driver-registered resources with ResBus (Marc La France).
+ 400. Fix DPMS-related build problem (Marc La France).
+ 399. Log a message just before calling each ChipProbe() during '-probe'
+ processing (Marc La France).
+ 398. Temporarily disable ISA probing on SPARCs and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
+ 397. Add PCI IDs for Sun hardware (Marc La France).
+ 396. Fix memory leak in resource relocation (Marc La France).
+ 395. Do not relocate resources that only conflict with disabled non-video PCI
+ devices or disabled PCI ROMs (Marc La France).
+ 394. Re-organise SBUS code (Marc La France).
+ 393. Add as-yet-unused definitions for PCI resource types other than I/O and
+ memory (Marc La France).
+ 392. Add doc for Solaris, but don't format it yet (Marc La France).
+ 391. Normalise driver names (Marc La France).
+ 390. For SPARCs, disable DGA support in ATI driver
+ (from #4650, David S. Miller).
+ 389. Clean up some debugging messages (Marc La France).
+ 388. Fix newport driver for when a /proc fs isn't mounted (Marc La France).
+ 387. Fix DAC handling bugs in s3 driver (Marc La France).
+ 386. Fix resource registration bug for PCI Tseng's (Marc La France).
+ 385. Add aperture driver for Solaris (not yet used) (Marc La France).
+ 384. Rework scanpci to fix problems that prevented it from completely
+ displaying non-PCI bridges and Simba bridges (Marc La France).
+ 383. Fix build problems in some input drivers (Marc La France).
+ 382. Fix int10 compile problem for SPARCs and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
+ 381. Ensure master aborts on secondary buses complete normally during PCI
+ scans (Marc La France).
+ 380. Some memory mapping and Solaris cleanups (Marc La France).
+ 379. Fix XDarwin crash on server reset and problem in full screen mode when
+ switching from X to Aqua to X too rapidly (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 378. Add __apploaddir__ definition to imake MANDEFS, to specify location of
+ app-defaults directory, fixes Debian bug report #87611 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 377. Xterm patches #161, #162 (Thomas Dickey): mostly bug fixes.
+ 376. Add new CyberBladeXP Aladdin based chip ID's (#4994, Hubert Feyrer).
+ 375. fix a potential issue where POSIX allows the string returned
+ from getenv to be overwritten (from X11R6.6, Chris Bare).
+ 374. Cygwin/XFree86 cleanups and fixes (#4992, #4993, #4999 Harold Hunt).
+ 373. Fix i830 VT switching problems which hang the ring buffer (#4987,
+ #4989, Abraham vd Merwe).
+ 372. fix a format string problem in lbxproxy, apparently not exploitable
+ (, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 371. Fix disappearing cursor in XDarwin rootless mode by falling back to
+ system cursor for cursors bigger than 16x16 (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 370. Make XDarwin start more robustly from the Finder (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 369. Update XDarwin Japanese localization (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 368. Fix calculation of DPI when Xinerama in use (#4986, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 367. Update XDarwin preferences GUI to match current features
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 366. Xkb fixes for international keyboards (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 365. Add client side sparc64 support for NetBSD and OpenBSD (Eduardo Horvath,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 364. Allow xkbcomp to be used in a cross-compile environment (Alan Hourihane).
+ 363. Update documention for the SiS driver, the Options file
+ (Ademar de Souza Reis Jr.).
+ 362. Xterm patches #157, #158, #159, #160 (Thomas Dickey): mostly bug fixes.
+ 361. Fix high-res modes in the nv driver. Add interlaced support for
+ chips older than NV11 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 360. Cross compilation fixes (#4981, Harold Hunt, Alan Hourihane).
+ 359. Fix cursor artifacts when running XDarwin in full screen Quartz mode
+ with 8 bit depth (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 358. Fix byte ordering issue in XDarwin when loading keymapping files on x86
+ and correctly set ByteOrder for PPC and x86 (Rob Braun).
+ 357. When XDarwin is launched from the Finder, start X clients in an
+ interactive shell if user's shell is Bourne-based (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 356. Add CaseSensitiveFileSystem definition, which defaults to YES, except
+ on Darwin, Cygwin, and OS/2. Fix another case problem spotted by
+ NAKAHASHI Ichiro (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 355. Enable Vendor specific FatalError for Cygwin/XFree86 and create
+ the Xserver as a windows executable (#4967, Harold Hunt).
+ 354. Add i830 2D and DRI driver (#A.604, VA Linux Systems, 2D3D).
+ 353. Use the -no-cpp-precomp compiler option on Darwin, rather than the
+ deprecated -traditional-cpp (Christoph Pfisterer).
+ 352. Reverting patch #340, fixing type (Egbert Eich).
+ 351. Fix rotation in fbdev driver (#4958, #4959, Michel Dänzer).
+ 350. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (DRI Project).
+ 349. Move ati driver out of DevelDrivers on PPC platforms (#4952,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 348. SECURITY: set default value of authComplain resource in xdm to true.
+ This closes a hole where anyone can connect to the X server if
+ the xdm auth dir doesn't exist (Galen Hancock).
+ 347. SECURITY: don't let a non-root user halt the machine by having X
+ send SIGUSR1 to init (Thomas Moestl).
+ 346. Changed int10 module to stub on Sparc (Egbert Eich).
+ 345. Added hyperpen driver (Roland Jansen et. al.).
+ 344. Fixed alignments of x86emu-structures for AXP (Jay Estabrook).
+ 343. Fixed XLoadQueryFont() and XLoadFont() to support locales
+ (required for Euro support) (Markus Kuhn).
+ 342. Modified XtCvtStringToFont() to match any ISO8859 instead of
+ latin1 as fallback. Required for Euro Support (Markus Kuhn).
+ 341. Added acute to compose key list for iso8859-15 (Markus Kuhn).
+ 340. Modified XV Xinerama support to recognize adaptors if screen 0
+ has no adaptor (Egbert Eich).
+ 339. Modified order of disable devices and LeaveVT() to be symetric
+ to the enter case (Egbert Eich).
+ 338. Modified GetTimeInMillis() to handle non monotonous system clocks
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 337. Added comment about a Zeos Meridan 850c Notebook to C&T docs (Alan Cox).
+ 336. Added call to vbeFree() to apm driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 335. C&T driver:
+ - fixed sig11 problem for non-69030 chipsets.
+ - fixed DGA to announce acellerated functions only if accelleration
+ is enabled.
+ - added FP_mode flag to C&T driver which allows to override the detected
+ state of the flat panel (Egbert Eich).
+ - fixed driver to act appropriately if the BIOS switches to the
+ external monitor it detects when doing DDC.
+ - Set IOBase correctly for MMIO when detection 65545 PCI.
+ - fixed text screen restauration on 69030 (Egbert Eich).
+ - reinabled correct KGA handling of C&T chips: unblank before the end
+ of scanline.
+ - added support for composite sync.
+ - when FP is active disallow display sizes greater than panel.
+ - added double buffering to video support.
+ - fixed register settings to prevent flickering during video playback.
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 334. Fixed bug in C&T driver that caused interlaced mode not to work
+ (Claus Hulstrøm).
+ 333. Added full MMIO support for C&T 69030 chips (Gregg H. Burman).
+ 332. Fixed MMIO accel code in Cirrus Alpine driver, got PIO accel code to
+ work (Egbert Eich).
+ 331. Fixed fbdev to obtain 24 bit framebuffer format from the kernel, added
+ more failure messages to fbdev driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 330. Added calls to vbeFree() to rendition, savage, silicon motion,
+ i740 and i810 driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 329. Modified MGA driver for new Sparse allocation sceme (Jay Estabrook).
+ 328. Modified handling of sparse addresses on AXP: The code now no longer
+ maps the entire sparse range. Now the required ranges are mapped
+ relative to a fixed base address (Jay Estabrook).
+ 327. Fixed HW cursor for MGA G100 (Egbert Eich).
+ 326. Fixed MGA drivers to be able to use overlay modes when HAL lib is
+ loaded (Egbert Eich).
+ 325. Disabled accel functions that cause lockups on certain neomagic
+ systems by default. They can be reenabled by setting the option
+ "StrangeLockups" to "no" (Egbert Eich).
+ 324. Did a further fix on ScreenToScreenCopy() for Neomagic 2200
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 323. Added experimental support for Toshiba Libretto. This can be enabled
+ by the option "DisplayHeight480" (Egbert Eich).
+ 322. Fixed clipping in Savage driver, update to version
+ (Tim Roberts).
+ 321. fixed calls to BLTSync() on SiS driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 320. Fixed Mono8x8PatternFill(): Moving SETROPFG behind SETROPBG did the
+ trick (Egbert Eich).
+ 319. Setting 24 bpp pximap flags correctly in SiS driver dependening
+ on chipset (Egbert Eich).
+ 318. Setting depth and bpp of framebuffer correctly for suncg14 and sunleo
+ driver (Thorsten Kukuk).
+ 317. Tseng driver not longer ignores results of TsengDoMemLimit() which
+ tests for certain restrictions on the usable framebuffer size
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 316. Vesa driver: adding calls to vbeFree() before exiting PreInit().
+ Reinit vbe in ScreenInit() (Egbert Eich).
+ 315. Adding int10 initialization to generic vga driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 314. Modified generic vga driver to use shadow fb for vga16 on AXP.
+ This works around the problem that AXP can address memory only 32bit
+ wide which doesn't work on a latched register planar fb (Egbert Eich).
+ 313. Removing 3.3 code from wacom driver. Makes driver hard to read
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 312. Removing message output from xf86WcmPlug() which causes -configure
+ to core dump (Egbert Eich).
+ 311. Modified int10 Pci code to be able to use new version of
+ xf86ReadPciBIOS() (Egbert Eich).
+ 310. Modified int10 int1A handler to return valid when an unimplemented int10
+ call is encountered. This allows fallback to system BIOS (Egbert Eich).
+ 309. Modified xf86ReadPciBIOS() to check for valid i386 PC signature.
+ Added functions xf86GetAvailablePciBIOSTypes() and
+ xf86ReadPciBIOSByType() to obtain available PCI BIOS types and
+ retrieve a certain BIOS by type (Egbert Eich).
+ 308. Reversed bogus patch 1050 of version 4.0.2. The graphics engine will
+ *never* be called after receiving an APM suspend and before receiving
+ an APM resume. If the neomagic locks up on resume this has a different
+ reason (Egbert Eich).
+ 307. Change real/effective user ID to 0/0 before calling modprobe in
+ xf86LoadKernelModule() on Linux so user can also load drm modules. Fixed
+ PATH environment variable to /sbin (Stefan Dirsch, Egbert Eich).
+ 306. Removed disable/enable interrupt code on ia64 as interrupts cannot
+ be controled from user level (Egbert Eich).
+ 305. Further attempt to fix split algorithm for MTRR regions (Egbert Eich).
+ 304. Fixed problem in XAACopyPlaneNtoNColorExpand() that caused bogus
+ memory accesses when src was not in fb memory (Egbert Eich).
+ 303. Fixed cfb8_32PaintWindow() to use correct cfb32FillBoxTileOdd function
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 302. Fix to xdm PAM support (Werner Fink).
+ 301. Fixed cz and cz_querty keyboard layouts, added support for Slovak
+ keyboard (Jan Holesovsky).
+ 300. Fixed core dump in twm if no locales are present (Egbert Eich).
+ 299. Modified xterm app default to use LFD fontnames instead of old type
+ (Michael Schroeder).
+ 298. Add a f.startwm function to twm to start another manager.
+ (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 297. Disable MIT-SHM in Xnest, caused a segfault (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 296. Update wskbd keyboard protocol handling for OpenBSD/macppc
+ (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 295. Fix problems starting XDarwin from the Finder and pasting with
+ multi-button mouse emulation (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 294. S3 driver updates. Restore console for 964 with Ti3025 and Trio64, and
+ support for Aurora64V+ (#4953, Ani Joshi).
+ 293. Fix USB Keyboard access when no PS/2 controller present
+ (#4948, Pontus Lidman).
+ 292. Add i810 XvMC (Motion Compensation) driver (#4946, #4964, #4966,
+ Matthew Sottek, Intel).
+ 291. When using XKB and LEDs are switched on/off by external application
+ the keyboard module doesn't change phisycal LEDs state immediately
+ (#4951, Ivan Pascal).
+ 290. Clean up Cygwin/XFree86 keyboard files (#4949 Harold Hunt).
+ 289. Add Matrox G550 support (#4947, Luugi Marson, Matrox).
+ 288. Remove definition for manual page
+ (#4944, Ishikawa Mutsumi).
+ 287. Ark driver updates (#4943, Ani Joshi).
+ 286. Fix xterm when XIM is disabled - caused a segfault
+ (#4942, Tomohiro Kubota).
+ 285. Add Big Endian support (PowerPC) to radeon driver (#4934, Ani Joshi).
+ 284. Fix support for legacy Windows TrueType fonts in Big5 encoding
+ (#4938, Joe Man).
+ 283. Support Radeon 7500, 8500 and Rage128ProII (#4941, ATI Technologies).
+ 282. Support Trident TGUI96xx and greater with Xv (Alan Hourihane).
+ 281. XDarwin fixes for Xinerama in Quartz modes:
+ - Turn Xinerama on by default.
+ - Fix warping the cursor.
+ Also load keymapping from file in IOKit mode for Mac OS X 10.1
+ compatibility. (Torrey T. Lyons and Gregory Parker)
+ 280. Fix Trident 96xx high clock setting, acceleration fixes (Alan Hourihane).
+ 279. Fix XDarwin rootless crashing bug when window resizing with the Mac menu
+ bar not on X11 main screen (Gregory Parker).
+ 278. Define X_LOCALE on Darwin as Darwin's setlocale() does not work
+ properly (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 277. Fix problems with XDarwin multi-monitor support for some screen
+ arrangements (Gregory Parker).
+ 276. Preliminary big endian (PowerPC) support for the "nv" driver
+ (Ani Joshi, Mark Vojkovich).
+ 275. Enable ThreadedX for Cygwin/XFree86 using auto import features of
+ newer binutils packages (Alan Hourihane).
+ 274. Exclude the Mac OS X menu bar from the X11 screen while running XDarwin
+ in rootless mode (Yannick Bessette and Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 273. Add support for builtin MTRR and AGP support in NetBSD 1.5Y.
+ (Matthias Drochner and Frank van der Linden).
+ 272. Rework XDarwin front end to start X clients in the user's normal
+ environment and fix issues while quitting (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 271. SECURITY: fix glyph clipping for large origin (Keith Packard).
+ Reported to be remotly exploitable through konqueror or netscape
+ by Georgi Guninski.
+ 270. Fix setting of memPhysBase in a few drivers (#4937, Gerd Knorr).
+ 269. Finish merging freetype-2-0-4 into trunk by resolving conflicts. This
+ also fixes a syntax error on Darwin caused by an out of date version of
+ ttgload.c (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 268. Update VMware driver (#4935, Jeremy (VMware)).
+ 267. Native GDI infrastructure sync with Cygwin/XFree86 (#4936, Harold Hunt).
+ 266. Update Darwin build configuration files including:
+ - Report full OS version and more capabilities.
+ - Fix X server build problem due to libraries in ProjectRoot being
+ listed as dependencies for some targets.
+ - Allow dynamic shared libraries to take advantage of two-level
+ namespace on Darwin 1.4.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons)
+ 265. Disable clipboard viewer, external program xwinclip handles this (fow now)
+ (#4932, Harold Hunt).
+ 264. Add ability to let Aqua and X use different display modes while running
+ XDarwin full screen (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 263. Fix build dependency problem in xedit/lisp/lisp.rules
+ (#4930, Harald Koenig).
+ 262. Fix a fontenc-related problem that can cause the TrueType backend
+ to crash (#4909, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 261. Fix DPMS support for I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 260. Add OSVErrorF for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4923, Harold Hunt).
+ 259. Support Trident Cyber9320, TGUI9440, TVGA8900C, TVGA9000 ISA chips
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 258. Fix banked 24bpp displayWidth calculation (Marc La France).
+ 257. Fix accel initialisation bugs in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 256. Add entry to initialise framebuffer manager by area (allowing for a
+ possible extra partial scanline) and make it print all largest areas
+ (Marc La France).
+ 255. Make xdm use BSD authentification on OpenBSD and use setproctitle()
+ instead of home grown version where available (enabled on
+ OpenBSD and NetBSD only) (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 254. Make -configure generate the DisplaySize from the acquired DDC
+ information (#4897, Andrew C Aitchison).
+XFree86 (20 August 2001)
+ 253. Fix bad xalloc() in the new fontenc code (#4899, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 252. Fix some Xrandr build issues on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4898, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 251. Fix some Cygwin/XFree86 dependencies in cygwin.rules (#4894, Harold Hunt).
+ 250. Add ATI Xpert2000 (Rage 128 SM) (#4896, Mike Harris).
+ 249. Fix '-configure' crash introduced recently (#4895, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 248. Re-write Xvideo support for Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 247. Add Texas Instruments Permedia to Delta attached chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 246. Add Permedia4 support (different clock synth) (Jay Estabrook).
+ 245. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
+ 244. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on a Dell Internet keyboard
+ (#A.533, Ben Liblit).
+ 243. Add a Maltese XKB map and locale support (#A.527, Ramon Casha).
+ 242. Add a new "bksl" variant of the Czech XKB map (#A.515, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 241. Fix the initialization sequence for ExplorerPS/2 (#A.510,
+ Arndt Schoenewald).
+ 240. When xdm is built with PAM support, don't call getpwnam() before
+ calling the various PAM functions associated with authenticating a user
+ (A.504, Ben Harris).
+ 239. Fix ccmakedep to handle source file extensions of more than one
+ character (#A.507, Andy Wiggin).
+ 238. Fix a VT switching crash in the cirrus driver when acceleration is
+ disabled (#A.489, Kirill V. Semenkov, #A.518, B. D. Elliott).
+ 237. Add support for the "PR" variant of the Rage 128 Pro (#A.487,
+ Alfred Perlstein).
+ 236. Make the config file created with 'XFree86 -configure' load the
+ speedo and/or type1 modules if relevant font directory is in
+ the font path (#A.484, Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov).
+ 235. Fix a bug in the nv driver's detection of the crystal frequency (A.481,
+ Leo L. Schwab).
+ 234. Make xfontsel use the same order in its menus as the sort order used
+ by the X server and xfs (#A.480, Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov).
+ 233. Add an input driver for DMC FIT10 touch-panel (#A.477, Mayk Langer).
+ 232. Fix xf86PostMotionEvent() to handle first_valuator values other than
+ zero (#A.468, Joe Krahn).
+ 231. Change the Swedish xkb map to map AltGr+Space to space (#A.467,
+ David Härdeman).
+ 230. Fix the return value information in the Xv library man pages (#A.458,
+ Tommi Vainikainen).
+ 229. Fix the DGA client library so that it can map the video memory on
+ Solaris 8 x86 (#A.454, Juergen Keil).
+ 228. Change {Max,Min}{X,Y}Position options in the elographics and mutouch
+ drivers to {Max,Min}{X,Y} so that it's consistent with the other
+ drivers.
+ 227. Some Bulgarian and Serbian locale updates (#A.444, Anton Zinoviev).
+ 226. Add a usage message to glxinfo (#A.430, Mike Coleman).
+ 225. Set the Alt/Windows key mappings for 104-key keyboards to be
+ compatible with 101-key keyboards by default, and add some new
+ XKB options to set them differently.
+ 224. Add some new XKB options to select third level shift and group
+ switchers/togglers (#A.425, Anton Zinoviev).
+ 223. Fix a bug in the Serbian XKB map (#A.424, Anton Zinoviev).
+ 222. Export from the loader the DIX symbols necessary for a modular version
+ of the DEC-XTRAP extension (#4797, Paul Stewart).
+ 221. Add a workaround for FreeBSD to make programs (like mkfontdir) that
+ are run as part of the build use the shared libraries from the build
+ rather than those that may be installed on the system (David Dawes).
+ 220. Use MAXSOCKS for connection limit in Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 219. Add Render's layer support to Cygwin/XFree86 (#4872, Harold Hunt).
+ 218. Support for OpenBSD/powerpc (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 217. Experimental change to default behaviour of ATI panel support to override
+ the horizontal and vertical porches of all modes to that found in the
+ mode on entry (Marc La France).
+ 216. Fix detection of a panel's mode on entry in the ATI driver
+ (Marc La France).
+ 215. Fix for Option "CRTScreen" in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 214. Patch for the Thai glyphs in Mark Leisher's ClearlyU font (#4846,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 213. Add a font encoding file for tis620-2 (#4845, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 212. Add a font encoding file for ISO8859-16 (#4844, Markus Kuhn).
+ 211. Make the input method framework in Xlib work better in an UTF-8
+ locale (#4843, Yao Zhang and Bruno Haible).
+ 210. Default *sampleText*international to false in xfontsel's app-defaults
+ file, since it breaks if the user has '*international: true' (#4842,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 209. A new version of the fontenc layer. A major difference is that it
+ reads from a "system" encodings directory
+ <ProjectRoot>/lib/fonts/encodings/encodings.dir, which is searched
+ after any encodings.dir file in the font's directory. The font
+ ABI version is bumped to 0.3 and the Xfont shared library's version
+ is bumped to 1.4 (#4839, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 208. Add support to xload for displaying the load of remote hosts by using
+ information in rwhod(1)'s database (#4833, Anders Eriksson).
+ 207. Rename the XVisibilityNotifyEvent man page to XVisibilityEvent,
+ which matches the naming convention for the other X Event man pages
+ (#4830, Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
+ 206. Update the registry to match X.Org's X11R6.6 version (#4829,
+ Ernie Coskrey, from X11R6.6).
+ 205. Fix for the SlowKeys feature of the AccessX portion of XKB not working
+ when the delay is longer than the amount of time between the delivery
+ of key press events to the extension (#4828, Ernie Coskrey,
+ from X11R6.6).
+ 204. Add a locale alias for "th_TH.TIS-620" (#4827,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 203. Some updates (#4825, Branden Robinson).
+ 202. Make the vbe module build like the other modules.
+ 201. -
+ 200. Add a command line options (-show) to xvidtune to print out the current
+ video mode (#4809, Markus Kuhn).
+ 199. A new driver for the "Acecad Flair" tablet (not enabled by default yet)
+ (#4800, Edouard TISSERANT).
+ 198. Fix some typos in the iso8859-2 Compose file (#4799, Kamil Toman).
+ 197. Add some XKB options to allow the CapsLock behaviour to be easily
+ selected (#4794, Ivan Pascal).
+ 196. Don't reference the log file in the FatalError message if it hasn't
+ been opened yet (#4793, Branden Robinson).
+ 195. Add Calcomp input driver (#A.554 Martin Kroeker).
+ 194. Add preliminary 8 bit PseudoColor support to XDarwin full screen Quartz
+ mode and fix IOKit mode PseudoColor that was broken by the multi-monitor
+ patch (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 193. Load XDarwin keymapping from file by default and give more useful error
+ message if getting keymapping from kernel fails. Change keymapping
+ translation so delete key is XK_BackSpace by default (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 192. Create the two sets of locale.alias and locale.dir entries (those with
+ and those without the ':' separator) from a single set of entries in
+ the source files (David Dawes).
+ 191. Add an MS mouse driver for KDrive (#4754, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 190. Improve "true Big5" and "Emacs Big5" support (#4792, Yong Li, #4798,
+ Tomohiro KUBOTA).
+ 189. Fix a non-standard character set bug in Xlib (#4792, Ivan Pascal).
+ 188. Fix for the savage driver on 64-bit platforms (#4788, Jay Estabrook).
+ 187. Xv fix for the r128 driver on big-endian architectures (#4781,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 186. Fix an Xlib bug that affects conversion from CTEXT to multibyte /
+ wide character (#4780, Tomohiro KUBOTA, #4783, Bruno Haible).
+ 185. Release notes (4.1.0) and Status doc fixes (#4778, 4779,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 184. 64-bit fix for lib/X11/ImUtil.c (#4773, Mike Harris).
+ 183. Fix dashed lines for the r128 driver on big-endian architectures
+ (#4769, Michel Dänzer).
+ 182. Fix Xlib's parsing of CTEXT with multi-byte characters in GR (#4761,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 181. Fixes for the Romanian (ro) XKB map (#4746, Marius Andreiana).
+ 180. XDarwin bug fixes:
+ - Stop FatalError re-entry in "no Quartz support" messages.
+ - Synchronize XDarwin serverVisible state with application on rootless
+ startup.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons)
+ 179. Fix an XDarwin bug that broke XWarpPointer in Quartz modes (Gregory
+ Parker).
+ 178. Fix some more mi build warnings (David Dawes).
+ 177. Fix some mi build warnings (#4716-4719,4721-4724, Adam Sulmicki).
+ 176. Port for Linux/SuperH (Jornada680/690 and SEGA Dreamcast) (#4680, 4681,
+ ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 175. Support for mouse wheel emulation (#A.506, Henry T. So).
+ 174. Add support to Cygwin/XFree86 to use CTRL+ALT+BKSPACE as the shutdown
+ signal and fix up command line options to accomodate.
+ (#4838, Alexander Gottwald).
+ 173. In XDarwin, add ability to change modifiers to use when faking multiple
+ mouse buttons (Gregory Parker).
+ 172. Do not build Cygwin/XFree86 with -ansi as Cygwin's library (newlib) lacks
+ some prototype definitions that cause runtime failures (hypot being one
+ of them) (Alan Hourihane).
+ 171. Add extra library flags (commented out for now) for building
+ Cygwin/XFree86's server (#4834, Harold Hunt).
+ 170. Fix a bug in the v4l module which caused multiple TV cards not to work
+ (#4835, Gerd Knorr).
+ 169. Add multi-monitor support to XDarwin for all display modes using
+ Xinerama (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 168. Fix 16bpp colour maps on Mach64's (Marc La France).
+ 167. Fix Mach64 DPMS bug (Marc La France).
+ 166. Fix bug that prevented hardware cursors on Mach64 CT's (Marc La France).
+ 165. Document what a ChipAdjustFrame() function should to to prevent moving
+ of hardware cursors during mode switches (Marc La France).
+ 164. -Wimplicit warning cleanup [`make World` >required<] (Marc La France).
+ 163. Ensure installed headers can find the headers they, in turn, #include
+ (Marc La France).
+ 162. Make imake pass its -W* flags to cpp (Marc La France).
+ 161. More accomodations for newer GCC's (Mike A. Harris).
+ 160. Remove a CYGWIN define from Xserver/include/windowstr.h
+ (#4832, Harold Hunt).
+ 159. Fix a casting problem which causes bdftopcf to write corrupted
+ fonts on buffer boundaries (#A.522, Jakub Bogusz).
+ 158. Cygwin/XFree86 updates (#4824, #4826 Harold Hunt).
+ 157. Fix horizontal stripes problem in Permedia3 driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 156. Remove most X_NOT_STDC_ENV code, and assume that __STDC__ is defined
+ (David Dawes).
+ 155. Remove (stale) support for Amoeba and Minix (David Dawes).
+ 154. Update Cygwin/XFree86 cross-compilation and update to latest
+ source base (#4801, #4802, Harold Hunt).
+ 153. Fix 'make install' for Freetype. (#4812, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 152. Turn on dll style modules for Linux/MIPS. (#4807, Guido Guenther).
+ 151. Add support for ATI's Radeon VE, Mobility M6, All-In-Wonder Radeon
+ and Rage128 Pro Ultra, Digital Flat Panel support. Use DDC2 interface.
+ (#4817, Mike Smith, ATI Technologies).
+ 150. Add IBM S/390 support for building the tree (#4815, Mike A. Harris)
+ 149. Fixes incorrect spelling of "XChangeWindowAttributes" found in
+ XCreateColormap(3X11) and XInstallColormap(3X11)
+ (#4813 Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 148. Fix a serious memory leak in XAA (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 147. Add a DriverPrivate field to I2C devices (Marc La France).
+ 146. In the ATI driver, initialise the fb manager whether or not XAA is also
+ used (Marc La France).
+ 145. Fix typos in radeon and wacom drivers.
+ 144. Don't disable the secondary CRTC on ATI Rage XL adapters (it doesn't
+ exist) (Marc La France).
+ 143. Speed up ix86 block moves in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 142. Temporarily disable hardware cursor support for ATI GX & CX adapters
+ (Marc La France).
+ 141. Make composite sync the default in the ATI driver (David S. Miller).
+ 140. Rework stretching of small DFP modes in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 139. Add an interesting PCI ID (Marc La France).
+ 138. Allow ChipValidMode() functions to pre-calculate a mode's horizontal
+ sync and vertical refresh rates (Marc La France).
+ 137. Another fix for mode switch and cursor interactions (Marc La France).
+ 136. Temporary fix for endianness problems in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 135. Add XGetIMValues() prototype to Xlib.h (Marc La France).
+ 134. Use a more reasonable numbering for recent binutils versions on Linux
+ (Marc La France).
+ 133. Fix dependencies for building drivers in a static server
+ (Marc La France).
+ 132. Update XDarwin Japanese localization to include rootless UI changes
+ (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 131. Fix potential XDarwin bug in translating Darwin keymappings to X11
+ keymaps with unrecognized modifier keys (Gregory Parker).
+ 130. Make XDarwin ignore Caps Lock when checking for VT switch, except when
+ the user's switch key preference includes Caps Lock (Gregory Parker).
+ 129. Update XDarwin Cocoa UI and preferences for rootless mode. Add more
+ explicit error message for users trying to run in Quartz modes without
+ Quartz support. Remove unneeded info.nib files (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 128. Added XDarwin menu bar hiding/showing in rootless mode (Gregory Parker).
+ 127. Fix DDC from reporting misleading information.
+ (#4806 Andrew C Aitchison)
+ 126. Patch to make VBE DDC honour the NoDDC option.
+ Before this, NoDDC disabled only 2 of the 3 ways the server might
+ ask the monitor for DDC infomation.
+ (#4805 Andrew C Aitchison)
+ 125. Stops xf86cfg complaining about non-video chips from Intel.
+ Adds a few PCI card ids for Intel and one for Matrox.
+ (#4804 Andrew C Aitchison)
+ 124. Add support for NVIDIA nForce integrated graphics (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 123. Fix a possible fatal crash in Xv when Xinerama is used (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 122. Corrects typos in output of xf86cfg when checking modules and
+ documents ddc module options (Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 121. On Mac OS X, allow users to disable mouse acceleration changes by
+ XDarwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 120. By default, don't build the MagicTouch input driver until a common layer
+ interface is coded for it (Marc La France).
+ 119. Fix Offscreen Image support for Xv/v4l in tdfx driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 118. Add MagicTouch driver (A.482, Mauro Ziliani)
+ 117. Fix side effect in XFree86 of the recent changes to libxf86config
+ (A.486, Knuts Andy).
+ 116. Define Xutf8LookupString in X11-def.cpp for Cygwin/XFree86
+ (#4790, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 115. Turn on RandR build for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4789, Harold Hunt).
+ 114. Import of Gregory Parker's rootless code for Mac OS X. The code has
+ been cleaned up, reorganized, and modified to use Cocoa and fb
+ (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 113. Freshen SCO port (#4709, J. Kean Johnston).
+ 112. Fix int10 build for GCC 3.0 (Marc La France).
+ 111. An attempt at fixing the i740 driver to not reference options before they
+ are collected (Marc La France).
+ 110. Fix for RandR build (Bill Crawford).
+ 109. Fix 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee boards with timing issues (Alan Hourihane).
+ 108. Allow Cygwin/XFree86 to be cross compiled (#4784-#4786 Harold Hunt).
+ 107. Fix fatal bug in XAA's N-to-N CopyPlane acceleration (Elliot Lee).
+ 106. Add RandR support to the Kdrive PCMCIA driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 105. Fix SharedLibGL to SharedLibGlx in cygwin.rules and some Cygwin/XFree86
+ fixes including enabling backing store. (#4770, #4771 Harold Hunt).
+ 104. xf86UnMapVidMem shows the wrong number of arguments in
+ os-support/README.OS-lib (#4357, Guido Guenther).
+ 103. Some driver loader symbol req/ref registration cleanups (David Dawes).
+ 102. Cygwin/XFree86 fixes.
+ Release pressed modifier keys when server looses focus.
+ Remove declaration in lib/X11/lcGetConv.c (no longer needed).
+ Remove unnecessary #if(n)def __CYGWIN__ in lib/X11/lcGetConv.c, one in
+ lib/dps/csconndi.c and one in lib/font/Type1/regions.h.
+ Add a new SharedDepLibraryTarget rule (#4763-#4768, Harold Hunt).
+ 101. Fix bogus handling of BUS_CNTL Mach64 register (Marc La France).
+ 100. Fix a typo in xc/programs/bitmap/Bitmap.h (#4757, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 99. Add Cygwin/XFree86 manpage and minor tweaks (#4756, Harold Hunt).
+ 98. Ensure PCI master aborts are allowed to complete normally on non-root
+ buses (Marc La France).
+ 97. Allow ChipScreenInit()'s to load modules during the first server
+ generation (Marc La France).
+ 96. Update XvMC header files to match the spec (Matthew Sottek).
+ 95. Darwin build configuration changes:
+ - Turn on building Xv and GLX extensions.
+ - Make GLX and GLU build successfully.
+ - Use Darwin's libz instead of building one for XFree86.
+ - Use XFree86's standard compiler optimization flags per CPU type.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 94. Fix Xserver/Imakefile typo which broke XDarwin build (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 93. Fix Darwin bindist files so that dynamic shared libraries are put in
+ Xbin.tgz instead of Xprog.tgz (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 92. Fix problem in Ib/Xaw/AsciiSrc.c:nitStringOrFile() when descriptor 0
+ is closed, as a zero return value from open(2) is taken as an error
+ (splite at
+ 91. Fix glide driver that causes -configure to fail for all drivers
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 90. Don't define SVR4 on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4751, Suhaib Siddiqi,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+ 89. Don't override system commands specified in host.def on Cygwin/XFree86
+ (#4753, Alexander Gottwald).
+ 88. Fix cursor problem in server respawn's on Cygwin/XFree86
+ (#4750, Harold Hunt).
+ 87. Fix typo definition of CplusplusCmd in
+ (#4752, Alexander Gottwald).
+ 86. Fix makedepend for use on Cygwin/XFree86.
+ Use makedepend on Cygwin/XFree86.
+ Fix SharedDepLibraryTarget so that build dependencies are correct,
+ this fixes libGLU's build problem (Alan Hourihane).
+ 85. Don't define MKSTEMP on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4725, Harold Hunt).
+ 84. Fix memory count function for I128 (Mark Thompson).
+ 83. Use TermcapLibrary as -lncurses instead of -ltermcap, fixes problem
+ building xterm/resize on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4749, Harold Hunt).
+ 82. Fix X server segfault in the GLX code (Brian Paul).
+ 81. PseudoColor fixes for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4745, Harold Hunt).
+ 80. Fix broken TGA driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 79. Fix FIFO reset trouble in tdfx driver by lowering the FIFO size due to
+ suspect code in Glide3. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 78. Fix Xvideo in tdfx driver when using YUY2 or UYVY data (Alan Hourihane).
+ 77. Add two missing symbols to loader reference for the glint driver
+ (#4740, Mike Harris).
+ 76. Make Cygwin/XFree86 work at 8bpp, and re-arrange some command line
+ flags. (#4743, Harold Hunt).
+ 75. Fix some build issues on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4736, #4737, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 74. Some Cygwin/XFree86 cleanups (#4735, Harold Hunt).
+ 73. Fix XAA's incorrect acceleration of X-Render's repeated sources and
+ masks (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 72. Disable PCI resource conflict checking for Linux/Alpha (Jay Estabrook).
+ 71. Fix Linux xf86GetPciSizeFromOS() parsing when the kernel is 64 bit
+ and any base or size is larger than 32 bits in magnitude (#4732,
+ David S. Miller).
+ 70. updates and bug fixes (David Dawes).
+ 69. Make XDarwin ddx pass up proper right and middle mouse button numbers
+ and fix mouse button 5 (Christoph Pfisterer and Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 68. Restore backwards compatibility from 4.0.[2,3] to 4.1.0 for
+ the i810, r128 and radeon DRI drivers (Gareth Hughes).
+ 67. Fix a problem when using patterns of horizontal lines with the mga
+ video overlay (#A.442, Ewald Snel).
+ 66. Remove duplicate XineramaLibrary section in X11.tmpl (#4731,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 65. Enable building DRI for Linux/ppc, and fix a drm-related bug
+ for Linux/ppc (#4728, 4730, Michel Dänzer).
+ 64. Document Options for the r128 and fbdev drivers (#4727, 4729,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 63. Add a BuildBindist switch which causes a file containing the XFree86
+ version number to be installed in ProjectRoot, include this in
+ the Xbin bindist tarballs, and turn on this switch in the bindist
+ host.def files. The purpose is to allow the installer script to
+ easily identify which version the bindist tarballs are (David Dawes).
+ 62. Resync bindist and with changes made for 4.0.3 (David Dawes).
+ 61. Fix the Shape extension's XShapeCombineMask to handle cases where
+ src_mask is None according to the spec. This reportedly fixes an
+ X server crash (#4715, Huver).
+ 60. Exclude the DRI extension when NO_HW_ONLY_EXTS is defined (based on
+ #4714, Frederic Lepied).
+ 59. Fixup Cygwin/XFree86 after recent Xrandr changes (#4726, Harold Hunt).
+ 58. Fix ATI Radeon driver on Alpha. Seems as though the BIOS doesn't
+ like Re-POSTing and memory setup gets confused. (Jay Estabrook, Jeff
+ Weidemeier)
+ 57. Build fixes for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4710,#4711,#4713 Harold Hunt).
+ 56. Fix problem with on Darwin 1.3.x (#A.431, Stefan Pantos).
+ 55. Update and Darwin bindist directories to optionally
+ install Quartz support and to add an x86 distribution (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 54. Install xterm.termcap and xterm.terminfo when installing xterm
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 53. Add missing return value for miSetPixmapDepths() (#4708,
+ ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 52. Fill in the v4l man page template with some useful information (#4707,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+ 51. Fix FFB OpenGL SwapBuffers (#4705, David S. Miller).
+ 50. Fix some mi build warnings (#4695-4701,4704, Adam Sulmicki).
+ 49. Work around a problem building the rstart specs doc with a symlinked
+ build tree (David Dawes).
+ 48. Fix Glint 300SX+Delta support. Add faster 500TX text acceleration
+ based on other code (Alan Hourihane).
+ 47. Remove SPARC-specific byte-swapping code that would not work on older
+ SPARC CPUs (part of #4653, David S. Miller).
+ 46. NULLify mapVidMem() and remove DEV_MEM define for Linux/SPARC
+ (#4651, David S. Miller).
+ 45. Fixing MTRR split code (hopefully) (Egbert Eich).
+ 44. Fixing coredump when doing vbeFree() twice: S3 Virge and C&T
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 43. Fixing HWCursor for mga driver in fbdev mode (Egbert Eich).
+ 42. Make the entire source tree (except GLX) compile under SunOS/SPARC 5.7.
+ Functions that have yet to be ported are FatalError()'s. This is
+ temporarily controlled through a BuildXFree86onSparcSunOS #define in
+ host.def (Marc La France).
+ 41. Merge support for all Solaris/ix86 versions together (Marc La France).
+ 40. Replace Xserver/Imakefile's DDXDIRn scheme with a more general scheme
+ (Marc La France).
+ 39. For GCC on SVR4 variants, use -fPIC rather than -fpic to generate shared
+ objects (Marc La France).
+ 38. Fix xmh's use of XtNewString() with getenv (#4694, Tim Waugh).
+ 37. Xdm/PAM fixes: leave it to PAM to observe whether or not an account
+ is locked, and reinitialize credentials after calling initgroups(),
+ because sometimes the credentials pam_setcred() gives are in the
+ form of group membership (#4693, Mike Harris).
+ 36. Add an encodings file for standard box drawing characters for
+ VT100-compatible terminals (#4691, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 35. Fix warnings when building mieq.c (#4689, Adam Sulmicki).
+ 34. Fix some bugs in the cz and sk entried in XKB's keymap/xfree86 file
+ (#4692, Ivan Pascal).
+ 33. Add 'hr' entries to XKB's keymap/xfree86 and rules/xfree86.lst files
+ (#4687, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 32. Include <X11/Xutil.h> in shape.h to get Region typedef (#4686,
+ Adam Sulmicki).
+ 31. Acceleration bug fixes for GLINT Permedia1 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 30. Ensure glint driver chips don't exceed the specified virtual sizes.
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 29. ATI DGA changes (Patrick Chase and Marc La France):
+ - Add accelerated DGA primitives for Mach64 variants;
+ - Add accelerated DGA transparent blits for Rage128 and Radeon;
+ - Fix setting of DGA_CONCURRENT_ACCESS;
+ - Take XaaNo* options into consideration.
+ 28. Simplify DGAShutdown() (Marc La France).
+ 27. Fix colourmap bug when switching out of a DGA mode (Marc La France).
+ 26. Make it possible, but not required, for a driver to initialise DGA after
+ XAA so that it may factor in any XaaNo* options in determining what DGA
+ drawing primitives to support (Marc La France).
+ 25. Prevent mode switches while DGA modes are set (Marc La France).
+ 24. Remove all VGA'isms from the glint driver, it doesn't need them
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 23. Support the Delta in the glint driver, needed for boards that have
+ the Delta connected to the rasterizer, as it acts as an arbiter for
+ the bus. Resolves acceleration troubles. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 22. Add an lv entry to XKB's keymap/xfree86 file (#4685, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 21. Fix some typos in XKB's xfree86.lst file (#4684, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 20. Add DDXOSVERRORF ifdefs to the XFree86 ddx code that make use of the
+ OsVendorVErrorFProc feature (#4678, Michel Dänzer).
+ 19. Convert the r128 driver's "UseBIOSDisplay" option into a more general
+ "Display" option (#4678, Michel Dänzer).
+ 18. Treat GL_POINT like GL_POINTS and GL_LINE like GL_LINES in the sunffb
+ DRI driver (#4677, David S. Miller).
+ 17. Some doc updates related to cross compiling (#A.413, Scott A McConnell).
+ 16. Fix bsdLib.rules and bsdLib.tmpl problems that show up when
+ X11ProjectRoot is defined (#4676, Johnny C. Lam).
+ 15. Fix Trident XVideo colorkey at depth 15, 24 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 14. Fix some apm driver bugs, including one that prevented acceleration
+ from working (#4674, Loïc Grenié).
+ 13. Fix 555 (depth 15) palette handling in the i810 driver (#4673,
+ Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 12. [SECURITY] Fix authentication issues with mmap() on drm devices
+ (Jeff Hartmann).
+ 11. Add euro locales and some other missing locales to locale.alias and
+ locale.dir (#4662, 4665, 4667, Mike Harris).
+ 10. Fix Romanian XKB map (#4664, Mike Harris).
+ 9. Spell Portuguese correctly in XKB lst files (#4663, Mike Harris).
+ 8. Fix new ioperm calls in lnx_video.c for Alpha that are not needed
+ (Jay Estabrook).
+ 7. Add drivers for PCMCIA cards, HP VGA Out F1252A, and the ColorGraphic
+ Voyager VGA card to the KDrive server. Tested on the Compaq IPAQ.
+ Use -listmodes, to check resolutions supported.
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 6. Add RandR extension (Jim Gettys)
+ 5. Fix int10 option handling and DDC max clock reporting (Marc La France).
+ 4. Fix problems with assembler file dependencies when using gccmakedep
+ with the build (Frederic Lepied).
+ 3. Update Japanese localization of XDarwin help file (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 2. Update XDarwin man pages, help files, and version info. Add option to
+ build bundle for deployment (Torrey Lyons).
+ 1. Finish DRI resync, including tdfx driver updates for textured video
+ support (VA Linux Systems).
+XFree86 (18 May 2001)
+ 561. Add an XKB description for Latvian (lv) keyboards (#A.411, Ilya Ketris).
+ 560. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
+ 559. Savage driver updates, including compiler warning fixes, document
+ the "ShadowStatus" option in the man page, and fix an argument
+ mismatch between ShadowWait and SavageWaitQueue (#4661, Tim Roberts).
+ 558. Update the wacom driver to add a "ScreenNo" option to allow a tablet
+ to be attached to a screen in a multi-head setup, and to add auto-
+ detection of USB line and max parameters of USB tablets (#4640,
+ Frederic Lepied).
+ 557. Add a README file that has information about enabling the extra buttons
+ on the IBM Rapid Access keyboard (#4639, Dennis Bjorklund).
+ 556. Fix some Slovene/Slovak confusion in locale.dir/locale.alias files
+ (#4638, Kamil Toman).
+ 555. New XKB keymaps for cz and sk (#4634, 4637, Kamil Toman).
+ 554. Updates for the iso8859-2 Compose file (#4634, Kamil Toman).
+ 553. Check V_CSYNC in the r128 driver, and fix building with R128_DEBUG
+ enabled (#4631, Michel Dänzer).
+ 552. Mesa 3.4.2 (and later) import.
+ 551. More build & warning fixes (Marc La France).
+ 550. Fix bug that caused hardware cursors to be temporarily moved during mode
+ switches (Marc La France).
+ 549. Optimise HARDWARE_CURSOR_AND_SOURCE_WITH_MASK case (Marc La France).
+ 548. Move xf86CursorScreenRec definition into xf86CursorPriv.h
+ (Marc La France).
+ 547. Fix BIOS retrievals in MGA driver (Marc La France).
+ 546. Fix ATIProbe() for newer Rage128 and Radeon chips (Marc La France).
+ 545. Add temporary workaround in ATI driver for interrupts that occur on
+ PowerPC's upon PCI master-aborts (Marc La France).
+ 544. Update XDarwin to use fb and support Render (Torrey Lyons).
+ 543. Back out sunleo conversion to fb. This driver is too heavily dependent
+ on cfb32 for a simple fb conversion (Marc La France).
+ 542. Miscellaneous build/warning fixes (Marc La France).
+ 541. More prep work for SunOS (Marc La France).
+ 540. Fix libXft build on SunOS (Marc La France).
+ 539. Another makedepend bug fix (Marc La France).
+ 538. Fix use of xftcache utility during !UseInstalled builds (Marc La France).
+ 537. Adds #XFree86LOADER define to wrap ModuleInfo related functions
+ (#4654, Harold Hunt).
+ 536. Add an option to the SiS driver to turn off Xvideo support
+ (Ademar de Souza Reis Jr.)
+ 535. Fix FreeType bug, use MAXFONTNAMELEN (#4652, Janusz Gorycki,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 534. Fix hw/vfb for compilation on Cygwin/XFree86 (#4655, Harold Hunt).
+ 533. Fix some Sparc platform issues with Pci resources and the glint
+ driver (#4641-4641,4644-4648 David S. Miller).
+ 532. Update glide, imstt, newport, rendition, suncg14, suncg3, suncg6,
+ sunleo, suntcx, vga and vmware to use fb and support Render
+ (Keith Packard).
+ 531. XDarwin fixes:
+ - Turn off building non-functional RENDER support.
+ - Reduce disappearing cursor problems when switching with Dock.
+ - Top of X display is no longer occasionally drawn black when
+ switching from Aqua.
+ (Torrey Lyons).
+ 530. Update freetype2 bits to 2.0.2 version (Keith Packard).
+ 529. Re-fix the Trident Video scaler support for Blade series chips
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 528. Fixed lbx to handle endian swapping without core dump (Egbert Eich).
+ 527. Fixed MTRR region splitting (Egbert Eich).
+ 526. Cleaned up option handling in int10 code (Egbert Eich).
+ 525. Added options to specify the Video BIOS to use for POSTing a
+ chipset (Egbert Eich).
+ 524. Trident driver: added call to BIOS to enable unstretched mode when
+ display is stretched. This should make the option "CyberShadow"
+ obsolete. (Egbert Eich).
+ 523. Attempt to fix video Support on Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 522. Added VBE DDC support to SiS driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 521. Fixed Silicon Motion to unblank the display when driver fails
+ in PreInit() (Egbert Eich).
+ 520. Cleaned up handling of 'shadow status' in Savage driver
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 519. Savage driver: fixed lockups for Savage4 when loading colormap,
+ manipulating the HW cursor, doing certain blit operations
+ 518. Cleanded up DDC code in mga driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 517. Fixed KGA handling in i740 driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 516. Converted i740 and Silicon Motion drivers to fb (Egbert Eich).
+ 515. Added calls to vbeFree() or xf86FreeInt10() to C&T, glint,
+ mga, neomagic, nv, s3v, tdfx and trident drivers to clean up
+ shared memory segments (Egbert Eich).
+ 514. Reworked video support in C&T driver, cleaned up block handler
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 513. C&T driver: introduced a delay when setting the cursor image for
+ the first time after a mode change (Egbert Eich).
+ 512. Fixed R128CCE_RESET in r128 driver to do a reset only when dri
+ is enabled (Egbert Eich).
+ 511. Rewrote readPciBIOS() and getValidBIOSBase() (Egbert Eich).
+ 510. Fixed xf86Info structure in xf86Globals.c to match prototype
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 509. -
+ 508. Fix XDarwin install problems with DESTDIR handling and with soft links
+ to the XtAppAddTimeOut manpage (Christoph Pfisterer).
+ 507. Add Error message output in Cygwin/XFree86 (#4632, Harold Hunt).
+ 506. Fix xdm when HasPam defined, and enable Pam support on Solaris 2.6 and
+ later (#A.401, #A.402, #A.403, Rainer Orth).
+ 505. Add Croatian keyboard for xkbcomp from Slovenian keyboard layout
+ (#A.405, Vlatko Kosturjak).
+ 504. Fix XvQueryAdaptors when there is no adaptors found
+ (#A.394, Jamie Strachan).
+ 503. Remove a stray INCLUDES in Xmuu/Imakefile when snprintf isn't used.
+ Set the Permedia2 DAC Mask to 0xFF.
+ PCI ROM space address access patch for LynxOS PPC.
+ Change limit of motoppcBusAddrToHostAddr for LynxOS PPC.
+ Include <sys/wait.h> for LynxOS in os/osinit.c.
+ Define CBAUD, when it's missing in xterm, on LynxOS.
+ (#A.387, Stuart Lissaman).
+ 502. Add SiS 86C204 to xf86PciInfo.h (#A.382, Carlos Manuel Duclos Vergara).
+ 501. Fix mga font corruption problems introduced with the recent addition
+ of big-endian support (#4629, Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 500. Update for the mga driver's man page (#4628, Andy Isaacson).
+ 499. Add more drivers to the default build on Linux/mips (#4623,
+ Guido Guenther).
+ 498. Move the vgahw module load/init after the PROBD_DETECT handling
+ in the i810 driver's PreInit(), which fixes a segv when using
+ the X server's -configure option (#A.378, Leandro Martelli).
+ 497. Fix a problem with Radeon VE cards failing to enable its video output
+ (#A.376, Paul Stewart).
+ 496. Fix some DRI-related build dependency problems (David Dawes).
+ 495. Fix some drivers (including tdfx, r128, radeon, ark, imstt) that weren't
+ respecting the Virtual resolution requested in the config file
+ (David Dawes).
+ 494. Fix some offscreen memory calculation/allocation problems in the
+ tdfx driver (David Dawes).
+ 493. Fix a bug in localResizeOffscreenLinear when checking widths
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 492. Update Japanese localization for XDarwin Dock related fixes
+ (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 491. Fix restoring of text mode fonts on Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 490. Provide workaround for an apparent bug in Mac OS X 10.0.2 that causes
+ XDarwin to lose the cursor when switching to X using the Dock icon.
+ Fix "Application not responding" message in XDarwin's popup Dock menu
+ (Torrey Lyons).
+ 489. Hardware cursor documentation update (Marc La France).
+ 488. XVideo extension support in ATI driver for generic (e.g. v4l) adapters
+ (based on a patch by Ignacio Garcia Etxebarria).
+ 487. Fix ATI driver bug that caused the hardware cursor to move after mode
+ switches (Marc La France).
+ 486. Fix off-by-one error in screen positioning after a mode switch
+ (Marc La France).
+ 485. Backout part of 479 and implement a proper fix in the ATI driver
+ (Marc La France).
+ 484. Fix palette problem on NVIDIA Riva128 in DGA mode (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 483. setxkbmap patch that:
+ - fixes bug in comand line parser
+ - makes debug output more comprehensive
+ - prevent to use 'variant' from previous call if 'layout' name changed.
+ (#4627, Ivan Pascal)
+ 482. Documents Xaa specific options in the XF86Config manual page
+ (#4616, Branden Robinson)
+ 481. Add Mouse 3 Button emulation to Cygwin/XFree86 (#4626, Harold Hunt,
+ Alexander Gottwald).
+ 480. V4L documentation fix (Marc La France).
+ 479. Fix bug in generic hardware cursor RealizeCursor entry
+ (Marc La France).
+ 478. Extend the XFree86-VidModeExtension to accept gamma ramps from the
+ client rather than just rgb gamma values (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 477. More Xv updates for the Permedia3 (#4625, Sven Luther).
+ 476. Build Cygwin/XFree86 with -ansi -pedantic (Alan Hourihane).
+ 475. Limit the number of PCI buses to 128 on ix86 (Marc La France).
+ 474. More fixes for the handling of unassigned PCI bases (Marc La France).
+ 473. Fix option handling in most drivers so that per-screen options work
+ correctly (David Dawes).
+ 472. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
+ 471. Import latest Mesa 3.4.x branch.
+ 470. Add a PIOOffset value plus readEnable and writeEnable function pointers
+ to the vgahw rec. The former allows vgahw to be used for VGA registers
+ that are shadowed in I/O space. The latter allow the VGA_ENABLE
+ register to be accessed in similar way to most other VGA registers.
+ Add vgaHWEnable() and vgaHWDisable() functions (David Dawes).
+ 469. Disable HWcursor for CyberBladeXP chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 468. Fix a Trident Cyber9388 setup issue (Alan Hourihane).
+ 467. Fix man page building and installing on Darwin. To be safe we assume
+ the Darwin file system is case insensitive since one common variety is,
+ ie. HFS+ (Torrey Lyons).
+ 466. Improve interoperability between Aqua pasteboard and X cut buffer with
+ XDarwin (Gregory Parker).
+ 465. Updates for Cygwin/XFree86 (Harold Hunt).
+ 464. Provide more robust default preferences for XDarwin (Torrey Lyons).
+ 463. Remove map84 keyboard map from Cygwin/XFree86 build (#4621, Harold Hunt).
+ 462. Disable xload on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 461. Remove an errorneous i++ from os/xdmcp.c with -class (Alexander Gottwald).
+ 460. Allow Cygwin/XFree86 to build with cygipc support (Alan Hourihane).
+ 459. Small XDarwin fixes:
+ - Don't leak IOService objects when searching for desired screen.
+ - Eliminate chance of SIGPIPE while shutting down.
+ - Revert to Aqua cursor when quit by exiting main client.
+ - Stop console error messages when using mouse button 3.
+ (Torrey Lyons and Christoph Pfisterer).
+ 458. At Linus' request, make linux/int10 module deal with shmat() errors
+ (Marc La France).
+ 457. Fix makedepend's integer value parsing and make it understand GCC's
+ #include_next directive as found in glibc & libc5 (Marc La France).
+ 456. Xterm patch #156 (Thomas Dickey): change preference of types for
+ selection-target between UTF8_STRING and STRING (Juliusz Chroboczek),
+ fixes for configure script and documentation (report by Adam
+ <>).
+ 455. Fix XDarwin so display number preference is followed (Torrey Lyons).
+ 454. Fix Xserver/Imakefile for Cygwin/XFree86 (Harold Hunt, Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 (26 April 2001)
+ 453. Loader fixups for Sparc's (Marc La France).
+ 452. Fix dependencies for libGLU on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 451. Make xdm & xfs compile on Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 450. Update Japanese localization of's Preferences window
+ (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 449. Don't build clients that require extension libraries unless those
+ libraries are being built (#A.386, Scott A McConnell, David Dawes).
+ 448. Fix the BuildXinerama test in Xserver/Imakefile (#4615, Harold Hunt).
+ 447. Ignore MakeDllModules when DoLoadableServer isn't set (#4613,
+ Guido Guenther).
+ 446. Don't define the <Ctrl>T compose sequences in the iso8859-1 compose
+ map by default (#4611, Mike Harris).
+ 445. Allow the nls compose data files to be pre-processed (David Dawes).
+ 444. Fix some problems introduced with the internationalisation of twm
+ (#4607, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 443. Fix dpsinfo so that the correct headers are included (#4606,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 442. Fix mismatches between the way xlsfonts interprets font properties and
+ the way they are defined in the XLFD spec (#4604, Jochen Voss).
+ 441. Add entries for German iso-8859-15 locales (#4603,
+ Philipp Matthias Hahn).
+ 440. Cleanup build in Xserver/GL/mesa, making use of the earlier cleanups in
+ the lib/GL build (David Dawes). #4602 is redundant as a result.
+ 439. [SECURITY] Check for negative reply length/overflow in _XAsyncReply
+ (Xlib) (#4601, Mike Harris).
+ 438. New 'hu' xkb symbols file (#A.364, Peter Soos).
+ 437. Trident driver fixes for PC98 platforms (#4612, Akio Morita).
+ 436. Convert apm driver from cfb to fb (Alan Hourihane).
+ 435. Fix makedepend for '//' comment parsing and symbols that contain
+ expressions (Marc La France).
+ 434. Fix a problem with the mga G400 2nd head going into power saver mode
+ when it should be blanked, and enable DPMS for the 2nd head (#A.358,
+ Craig Leres).
+ 433. Fix a horizontal resolution problem that shows up with mga Xv (#A.365,
+ Ewald Snel).
+ 432. Work around a refresh rate problem when using custom modelines that
+ have a refresh rate > 100Hz with the Matrox HAL library (#A.360,
+ Ewald Snel).
+ 431. XDarwin fixes:
+ - Provide work around for kernel/driver issue on Darwin 1.3 that
+ causes the kernel keymapping to be empty on Mac portables.
+ - Command line -dpi option is no longer ignored.
+ (Torrey Lyons).
+ 430. Ensure that the X-TT module isn't built if the Xserver isn't being
+ built (#4594, Chu-yeon Park).
+ 429. Make xconsole try to reopen the /dev/xconsole pipe when it gets an EOF
+ (#4593, Jeff King).
+ 428. Prevent an infinite loop (or unpredictable behaviour) in xmodmap (#4592,
+ Peter Maydell).
+ 427. Add a font substitute for the zh locale (#4590, submitted by Branden
+ Robinson).
+ 426. Make the backspace key definitions for the xkb macintosh/us and
+ dvorak layouts consistent with the default 'us' layout (#4588, 4589,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 425. Update for the sessreg man page (#4587, Branden Robinson).
+ 424. Add a font substitute for the ko locale (#4586, Changwoo Ryu).
+ 423. Avoid using fileno() in xauth's signal handler, and write messages to
+ stderr rather than stdout (#4585, submitted by Branden Robinson).
+ 422. Fix nested comment warnings in dix/gc.c (#4584, Branden Robinson).
+ 421. Include <stdlib.h> in two lbxutil files to get malloc/free prototypes
+ (#4583, submitted by Branden Robinson).
+ 420. Remove duplicate paragraph in xdm man page (#4582, Branden Robinson).
+ 419. Fix line numbers in error messages when parsing .twmrc files (#4580,
+ Topi Miettinen).
+ 418. Fix backwards font glyphs in the ati/Mach64 driver for big endian
+ platforms (#4579, Michael Dänzer).
+ 417. Add a build-time option to xf86config to make it append the major version
+ number to the config file name (David Dawes, prompted by #4577,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 416. xf86config build fix for non-GNU make (Marc La France).
+ 415. Build fix for Summa driver on SunOS/Sparc (Marc La France).
+ 414. compiler.h cleanup (Marc La France).
+ 413. More DependDefines, OS_DEFINES and EXT_DEFINES build fixes
+ (Marc La France).
+ 412. Fix installation of specs docs (#4575, Branden Robinson).
+ 411. Make Cygwin/XFree86 call miSetPixmapDepth for RENDER extension
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 410. Xterm patch #155 (Thomas Dickey): correct change to return-type of
+ in_put(), which caused problem with UTF-8 (fixed by Bruno Haible).
+ 409. Some unobstrusive preparations for SunOS/Sparc (Marc La France).
+ 408. Remove unnecessary libxf86_os link into Xnest & Xvfb (Marc La France).
+ 407. Disable building of SuperProbe by default (Alan Hourihane).
+ 406. Make OS_DEFINES available to all server Makefiles (Marc La France).
+ 405. Add support to xman for parsing '\" <string> formatting hints.
+ Also cleanup some of the vendor-specific definitions and fix
+ processing of mandoc pages on FreeBSD (based on #4573,
+ Branden Robinson, David Dawes).
+ 404. Fix default mailbox selection in xbiff for Linux, add recognition of
+ $MAIL, and update the man page accordingly (based on #4571,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 403. Remove redundant PCI id definitions in the tdfx driver, and clean up
+ the messages printed when the DRI can't be enabled because the bpp
+ isn't supported (based on #4570, Branden Robinson and #4598,
+ Antti Tapaninen). Also, re-enable soft booting.
+ 402. Install the XftConfig file under $(CONFDIR), with a link from the
+ usual place (based on #4569, Branden Robinson).
+ 401. Update the Debian section on (#4568, Branden Robinson).
+ 400. Startx fixes/enhancements, including:
+ - Fix argument processing.
+ - Don't overwrite existing cookies, and remove ones added for this
+ session when exiting.
+ - Deallocate the VT that X was using.
+ - Update the man page.
+ (based on #4567, Branden Robinson, Henry T. So, Jr).
+ 399. Implement two new driver-provided options in the common cursor code and
+ use them to work around hardware bug that causes flickering Mach64
+ hardware cursors (Marc La France).
+ 398. Integrate SiS driver changes (Ademar De Souza Reis).
+ 397. Initialize Elsa GloriaXXL (GLINT) framebuffer properly (Alan Hourihane).
+ 396. Fix bug where would not hide the X display when it was no
+ longer the active application (Torrey Lyons).
+ 395. Make ignore .xserverrc file when started from the GUI so
+ that it starts correctly (Torrey Lyons).
+ 394. Cygwin updates (#4557, 4558, 4563, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 393. Document the usage of the -server option in the xfsinfo man page (#4562,
+ Mike Harris).
+ 392. Fix xfs man page problem (#4561, Mike Harris).
+ 391. Fix a crash that happens when a font encoding has no aliases and it is
+ invoked using a non-canonical name (#4560, Takeshi Miyasaka).
+ 390. Add imake/config support for distinguising big endian and little endian
+ MipsArchitecture types (#4556, Florian Lohoff).
+ 389. Add support to the mga driver for auto-detecting the display type
+ (#4555, Stephane Duguay (Matrox)).
+ 388. Savage driver updates, including:
+ - Enable the Render extension.
+ - Make the DGA mode setup look more like the other drivers.
+ - First cut at Xvideo for the Savage4.
+ - Add a "ShadowStatus" option, which is a reliable workaround for the
+ scrolling hang that many experience.
+ (#4554, Tim Roberts).
+ 387. Enable wide character support for NetBSD 1.5P and later (#4553,
+ Matthias Scheler).
+ 386. Add offscreen image support to the i810 driver (for Xv), and fix
+ physMemBase (#4552, Matthew Sottek).
+ 385. Fix bad cut&paste update to the sunffb driver (#4551, David S. Miller).
+ 384. Fix "DriDrivers" typo in the sparc section of (#4550,
+ David S. Miller).
+ 383. Update UCS 75dpi and 100dpi fonts, including adding UCS versions of
+ the UTBI and UTB fonts that were in the unnec_75dpi and unnec_100dpi
+ directories. The other "unnec" fonts are also moved over (#4548,
+ Markus Kuhn).
+ 382. Make the v4l driver module keep searching for more devices if the first
+ one can't do overlay (#4545, 4614, Gerd Knorr).
+ 381. Bug fixes for Xv support using a Permedia3 chip (#4564, Sven Luther).
+ 380. Xterm patches #151, #152, #153, #154 (Thomas Dickey):
+ - improve select/paste of COMPOUND_TEXT and UTF8_STRING (Juliusz
+ Chroboczek, Bruno Haible).
+ - fixes for erase operations (Alexander V Lukyanov).
+ - correct ifdef for bold overstriking when built to support UTF-8.
+ - change resource corresponding to "-T" option to match Xt library's
+ "-title", i.e., ".title" rather than "*title" so the command-line
+ options are interchangeable as documented (Debian bug report #68843).
+ - modify "RequestResize()" function to save/restore window manager hints
+ (Debian bug report #79939).
+ - improved error checking for input-method initialization.
+ - minor fixes for terminfo entries.
+ - various build/portability fixes.
+ 379. XDarwin fixes:
+ - Don't SetUID XDarwin X server. (The IOKit doesn't need it.)
+ - Startup message reports correct display mode.
+ - is now installed in /Applications by default.
+ - Update xinit server name list.
+ - "make clean" now works for a non-root user.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons)
+ 378. Make XDarwin correctly handle color hardware cursors in Quartz mode
+ (Gregory Parker).
+ 377. Fixes to the XDarwin application:
+ - Display menubar when started without a splash screen.
+ - Query before quitting from Aqua when started with startx.
+ (Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 376. Update Japanese localization for XDarwin application (Toshimitsu Tanaka).
+ 375. Fix byte ordering and static colormap issues with XDarwin server
+ on x86 hardware (Rob Braun).
+ 374. Fix problems with XDarwin hardware cursor support in Quartz mode
+ (Gregory Parker).
+ 373. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
+ 372. Fix bug in XvMC protocol (Bob Paauwe).
+ 371. Ensure NoInt10 is used for PC98 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 370. Fix PC98 issues with the trident driver (#4547, Akio Morita).
+ 369. Add a NoInt10 option to the int10 module, allowing it to be disabled
+ per entity (Alan Hourihane).
+ 368. Fixes to the XDarwin application:
+ - X clients are now started correctly.
+ - Shuts down cleanly.
+ - Removed erroneous NSString releases in quartzCocoa.m.
+ - Dragging with mouse button 3 or higher depressed produces events.
+ (Christoph Pfisterer and Torrey Lyons)
+ 367. Make the ramdac module for the IBM RGB640 DAC work at depth 15
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 366. Fix interference between acceleration and hardware cursors on Mach64
+ variants (Marc La France).
+ 365. Fix xload so it is functional on Darwin OS (Rob Braun).
+ 364. Mac OS X specific fixes:
+ - Fix typo in XDarwin startup program that could cause crash with
+ many command line options.
+ - Move Show/HideMenuBar() call to main thread so that XDarwin
+ application displays a menu bar on the Mac OS X desktop.
+ (Greg Parker).
+ 363. XDarwin application fixes including:
+ - Fix bugs causing XDarwin preferences to not be saved correctly.
+ - When using system beep, turn off bell when beep volume is set to 0.
+ (Christoph Pfisterer).
+ 362. Fix building of dpsops.h and psops.h in correct order (Alan Hourihane).
+ 361. Change xvmc.h to xvmcext.h to avoid case-(in)sensitive name clash with
+ XvMC.h for Cygwin/XFree86 (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 (6 April 2001)
+ 360. Fbdev driver updates, including:
+ - Switch from shadowfb to mishadow.
+ - Add RENDER extension support.
+ - Add DGA support.
+ - Fix SaveScreen function
+ - Blank screen in ScreenInit so the former framebuffer contents aren't
+ visible
+ (#4544, Michel Dänzer).
+ 359. Remove references to th_TH compose file from compose.dir (#4543,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 358. Fix for improper setting of the maxHValue limit in the tseng driver.
+ This makes modes like 1152x864@24bpp possible (#A.355, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 357. Fix a hw cursor related lockup that shows up with some mga G400
+ 16MB OEM single head cards (#A.351, Ewald Snel).
+ 356. Fix the XKB macintosh/it mapping (the accent-related keys were wrong)
+ (#A.349, Andrea Ghirardini).
+ 355. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on a Chicony internet
+ keyboard (#A.356, John Gladkih).
+ 354. Add support for the internal input device interface to mice on
+ Solaris 8, and make it the default protocol ("VUID") (#A.340,
+ Marcus Comstedt).
+ 353. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on an IBM Rapid Access II
+ keyboard (#A.332, Patrick D'Cruze).
+ 352. Fix a typo in xvidtune (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
+ 351. Fix Linux/libc5 build problem in the bigfont extension code (#A.327,
+ Peter Breitenlohner).
+ 350. Fix typo in (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
+ 349. Big endian and PowerPC support for the mga driver (#4540, Ani Joshi).
+ 348. Big endian support for the tdfx driver (#4539, Ani Joshi,
+ Nicolas Dimitrijevic).
+ 347. Build the tdfx and imstt drivers on PowerPC platforms (#4538, Ani Joshi).
+ 346. Add IMS (Integrated Micro Solutions) PCI data for the TwinTurbo128
+ and TwinTurbo3D (#4537, Ani Joshi).
+ 345. Fix some color and accel glitches in the imstt driver (#4536, Ani Joshi).
+ 344. Add ISA I/O support for PowerPC Linux using the __NR_pciconfig_iobase
+ syscall (#4535, Ani Joshi).
+ 343. New Xwin server code from the Cygwin/XFree86 project. This version
+ is more portable across Win32 platforms. Changes include:
+ - Use fb and shadowfb, and use the faster of GDI blitter,
+ DirectDraw blitter and DirectDraw4 blitter to update damaged
+ regions. The video card's framebuffer is no longer mapped.
+ - Works correctly at depths > 8, but colors are not correct at depth 8.
+ - Uses the standard Win32 API messages for processing keyboard and
+ mouse input rather than using DirectInput. This is more reliable.
+ - Improved internal structure and coding conventions.
+ - Builds completely from the XFree86 tree using gcc (the Visual C++
+ compiled xf_dx.dll is no longer used).
+ - The new server can run on machines that don't have DirectDraw/DirectX
+ installed (or installed but not operable) by falling back to the
+ GDI blitter. The best drawing interface is determined at startup,
+ but this can be overriden with the -engine command line option.
+ - The Xrender extension is now supported.
+ - Command line option is available to run in full screen mode.
+ (#4531, 4532, 4534, Cygwin/XFree86 project including Harold L Hunt II,
+ Suhaib M Siddiqi, Dakshinamurthy Karra, Peter Busch).
+ 342. v4l driver bug fixs: catch xalloc() failures, and set the depth
+ correctly for the VIDIOCSPICT ioctl (#4530, Gerd Knorr).
+ 341. Add a driver for VMware virtual SVGA devices. This is for use
+ by X servers running under a VMware guest OS (#4529, VMware, Inc).
+ 340. Remove Cygwin-specific #ifdef in Xserver/os/Waitfor.c, which fixes
+ a crash (#4528, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 339. Cygwin build fixes (#4527, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 338. Updates to the "citron" input driver. It includes compatibility
+ with the Winbond SIO chip (83977EF), and some new commands to
+ communicate to the touch driver from an application program
+ (via XChangeFeedbackControl) (#4526, Peter Kunzmann, Citron).
+ 337. Updates to the "summa" input driver, including:
+ - "Resolution" replaces "LPI" as option for setting resolution.
+ - Fixed device reporting to give the actual tablet area size and
+ resolution.
+ - Tested and working with: SummaSketch3, Hitachi_1217D, a couple of
+ others emulating the Summa protocol.
+ - Reduce debug message verbosity.
+ - Various cleanups.
+ (#4525, Huver).
+ 336. SunFFB driver bug fixes, including:
+ - Be smarter about restoring Kernel framebuffer state.
+ - Cure build errors when debug defines are enabled.
+ - Do not enable DRI or DGA acceleration if NoAccel option is specified.
+ (#4524, David S. Miller).
+ 335. Mga G450 dual head support, (#4523, Luugi Marsan (Matrox) and
+ David Woodhouse).
+ 334. Fix missing xfree -> Xfree mapping in the Type1 font library code (#4521,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 333. Make sure that an initialization assumption in parse_fontdata() in
+ lib/X11/omGeneric.c is met (#4520, Jonathan Kamens).
+ 332. Add checksum verification to detect monitors that give incorrect EDID
+ data (#4517, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 331. Fix checking of LD_ELFDLOBJECT on big-endian systems (#4514,
+ Guido Guenter).
+ 330. Add an update.fonts target/rule for maintainer use to update
+ the latin1 fonts in the source tree that are derived from the
+ ISO10646-1 masters (David Dawes).
+ 329. Update UCS misc fonts, which includes the addition of the missing
+ 4 DEC VT100 graphics characters from Unicode 3.2 (#4533, Markus Kuhn).
+ 328. Handle build-time generation of 8 bit fonts from the UCS versions,
+ rework the way this is organised, and allow some better control over
+ which fonts are built/installed (David Dawes).
+ 327. Add UCS versions of most of the 75dpi and 100dpi bdf fonts, and generate
+ 8-bit subsets of them. Also, remove the now-redundant latin2
+ bdf font directories (#4512 Markus Kuhn).
+ 326. Add support for Trident CyberBladeXP and CyberBladeXPm (mobile)
+ (Alan Hourihane, Robert V Fleisig).
+ 325. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on an IBM Rapid Access keyboard
+ (#4510, Dennis Bjorklund).
+ 324. Update Status and i810 docs to mention i815 support and FreeBSD support
+ (#4509, Andrew C Aitchison, David Dawes).
+ 323. Xprt fixes to make it closer to version (Danny Backx).
+ 322. Fix for reading PCI resource data on Linux/alpha (#4508,
+ Ivan Kokshaysky).
+ 321. Add XKB descriptions for the extra keys on a "Logitech Internet Keyboard"
+ (#4505, Matthew Hand).
+ 320. Build shared libGL and DRI client modules on Linux without PIC for
+ performance reasons.
+ 319. Updates to glxinfo (Brian Paul).
+ 318. Add glxgears (Brian Paul).
+ 317. glxinfo needs libGLU (Marc La France).
+ 316. Rage128 fix to Cards database (Marc La France).
+ 315. Minor fix to PCI resource overlap handling (Marc La France).
+ 314. Loader code simplification and IA-64 cache flushes (Marc La France).
+ 313. Workaround in the ATI driver for troublesome interaction between loader
+ and compiler optimisation (Marc La France).
+ 312. Warning fixes for `gcc -fno-builtin`, which appears to be the default on
+ some systems (Marc La France).
+ 311. Add glyph transformations to Xft (Tuomas J. Lukka)
+ 310. Add XftCache creation to fonts/Type1 (Keith Packard)
+ 309. Add Xmuu library for non-Xt/Xaw dependent applications (Jim Gettys)
+ 308. Add i810 and Xv support to kdrive (Pontus Lidman)
+ 307. Fix Radeon CPUToScreen acceleration on Alpha platforms (Jay Estabrook).
+ 306. Fix bug in ServerLayout option handling when there's no ServerFlags
+ section present (David Dawes).
+ 305. Allow fb to access 16bit devices (Alan Hourihane).
+ 304. XvImage support for GeForce chips in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 303. XvMC build fix (Marc La France).
+ 302. Fix recently introduced bug in xf86cfg (Marc La France).
+ 301. Re-instate warning fixes clobbered by DRI merge (Marc La France).
+ 300. Ignore disabled non-video PCI ROMs (Marc La France).
+ 299. Hardware cursor implementation for Mach64 variants (William Blew,
+ Ani Joshi, Marc La France).
+ 298. Some endianness fixes in the ATI driver (incomplete) (Marc La France).
+ 297. Fix MMIO ordering problems for Mach64 acceleration (Marc La France).
+ 296. Fix ATI driver behaviour when it finds the LCD panel has been disabled
+ on entry (Marc La France).
+ 295. Fix ECP clock for GATOS (Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 294. Undo part of CHANGELOG 36 (Marc La France).
+ 293. Rework the building of libGL and the DRI drivers (David Dawes).
+ 292. Update greek keyboard layout and compose map.
+ (#4513, Katsaloulis Panagiotis)
+ 291. Fix problems in Xnest when MouseKeys is enabled and patched it to
+ use XKB to allow clients to change keyboard description and
+ configuration whithout interfering with the "real" X server
+ (Paulo César Pereira de Andrade).
+ 290. Dvorak keymap fix (#A.343, J Phillips).
+ 289. Some vesa driver updates, including:
+ - Wrap CloseScreen().
+ - Call xf86PrintModes().
+ - Add error messages for when PreInit bails out for lack of modes.
+ - Rework how the debugging information is printed.
+ _ Avoid some build warnings.
+ (David Dawes)
+ 288. Make it possible to call xf86PrintModes() when there is no hsync or
+ refresh data available, like from the vesa drivers (David Dawes).
+ 287. Add a "cleanlinks" script for cleaning up dangling links in lndir-created
+ shadow trees (David Dawes).
+ 286. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (VA Linux Systems).
+ 285. Make extension headers available when the extension is enabled but the
+ extension's client library is disabled (David Dawes).
+ 284. Make it possible to enable building selected extension libraries
+ when BuildServersOnly is set, and allow independent control of
+ building docs and clients (David Dawes).
+ 283. Import latest Mesa 3.4.x branch.
+ 282. Lower the default fifo threshold for PM3 chips (Alan Hourihane,
+ Rafael Barbalho, 3DLabs).
+ 281. Fix 3DLabs GLINT driver for use the Flat Panels, use the UseFlatPanel
+ option. Tested with the SGI 1600SW and Permedia3 board (Alan Hourihane).
+ 280. Fix glxinfo to query default display (Alan Hourihane).
+ 279. Convert TGA driver to use fb (Alan Hourihane).
+ 278. Fix XTRAP typo in miinitext.c (Damien Touraine).
+ 277. Major updates to the XFree86(1) man page (David Dawes).
+ 276. A new (perl) version of the mkhtmlindex script that works better than
+ the shell version (David Dawes).
+ 275. Fix the `make depend` scripts to accept -U flags and not require a blank
+ in their -f flag (Marc La France).
+ 274. Bump the video and input driver ABI minor numbers.
+ 273. Add xf86SetRealOption() (Huver).
+ 272. Change Xdarwin do that it processes all pending events instead of
+ just the oldest one on ProcessInputEvents() call ,
+ Quit Xdarwin cleanly, wether from the Xserve or from Cocoa front end,
+ Fix a case typp which cases the Xdarwin server not to start if
+ installed on a case sensitive file system like UFS.
+ (#4504, #4507, #45011, Gregory Parker, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 271. Move Section DRI/Endsection into the DRI function to be consistant with
+ all of the other sections. (Quentin Neill)
+ 270. Made xf4bpp code moer 64bit clean (still doesn't work on Alphas)
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 269. Removed disable/enable interrupt call on ia64 platforms.
+ The machine instruction is privileged and not permitted in user space
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 268. Improved mode setting in Trident driver; added code to ValidMode
+ to reject any modes whose size is larger than the physical LCD
+ size if LCD is enabled (Egbert Eich).
+ 267. Modified error message in TDFX driver to give user a clue how
+ to avoid error (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 266. Fixed appearant typo in SMI driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 265. Changed Savage driver to unmap memory when exiting PreInit() and
+ maps it on every call to ScreenInit() (Egbert Eich).
+ 264. Changed handling of failed vbe call in rage 128 driver.
+ No the driver doesn't fail any more (Egbert Eich).
+ 263. Integrate the currently Panix-specific keycodes into atKeynames.h,
+ since they're not really Panix-specific (David Dawes).
+ 262. Fix problem with a NULL pointer in Xv Xineramification (Benjamin Monate).
+ 261. Bug fixes and improvements for mouse 3 button emulation state machine
+ (Andrew Pimlott).
+ 260. Updates for Hurd support (#A.324, Marcus Brinkmann).
+ 259. Add call to setlocale() in xev (#A.322, Eugene B. Byrganov).
+ 258. Add support fo the charset Big5HKSCS to the X-TrueType module, as
+ well as some basic XLocale support for it (#A.321, Roger So).
+ 257. Fix core dump in XqueueMousePreInit (#A.317, Fiel Cabral).
+ 256. Allow the mga driver's "DigitalScreen" option to work for the first
+ head (#A.297, Niels Gram Jeppesen).
+ 255. Add zh_CN.GBK locale support (#A.293, Yong Li).
+ 254. Fix a problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol handling of left
+ movement (#A.292, Ian Remmler). (This has been in 3.3.x since 3.3.4.)
+ 253. Make xdm Xinerama-aware so that it can avoid splitting login and
+ chooser windows across physical screens (#A.276,
+ Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov).
+ 252. Fix a resource allocation bug in the DBE code (#A.271, Bill Rugolsky).
+ 251. Only enable Xv support for the 630 in the sis driver (#A.263, Nick Lamb).
+ 250. Modify the sis driver to prefer 24bpp framebuffer layout. Perhaps not
+ all support 32bpp? (#A.263, Nick Lamb).
+ 249. Add missing byte to Intellimouse init string, which fixes problems
+ that show up with some KVM switches (#A.258, Seung-Hyeon Rhee).
+ 248. Some DRM module fixes for FreeBSD 5-current (#A.242, Andrew Atrens).
+ 247. Fix xterm build on Solaris 2.5.1 (based on #A.282 from mark at
+ 246. Make the Linux/PPC "custom keycodes" choice a run-time option instead
+ of a build-time option (#A.240, Franz Sirl).
+ 245. Add support to splitting WC MTRR regions on Linux when the regions is
+ not aligned on a size boudary (#A.238, _Usul John Obscurant).
+ 244. Add Acecad support to the "summa" input driver (#A.237, Arpad Gereoffy).
+ 243. Don't try to map 64K blit window aperture on older trident chips
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 242. V4L driver cleanups and Xineramification (#4502, Gerd Knorr).
+ 241. Make the X server and the Mac OS X front end run in a single process.
+ Other build fixes for Darwin (#4500, #4501, the XonX team).
+ 240. Don't build xf86config under BuildServersOnly (Marc La France).
+ 239. Potential fix for DGA apps that set colourmaps the normal way rather than
+ through DGA (Mark Vojkovich, Marc La France, Pontus Lidman).
+ 238. Make fstobdf generate correct ATTRIBUTES fields (Ishikawa Mutsumi).
+ 237. Xt man page updates (Paul Vojta).
+ 236. Plug kernel security hole in Linux int10 (Marc La France).
+ 235. Fix Xnest build for newest gcc versions (Marc La France).
+ 234. Fix typo in Xv Xinerama support (Gerd Knorr).
+ 233. Fix a problem with multi-thread support on OpenBSD (released OpenBSD
+ versions don't have getpwuid_r) (Matthieu Herrb)
+ 232. Allow to compile on OpenBSD-current which has completly removed PCVT
+ from its installation. (Matthieu Herrb)
+ 231. Support for ThreadedX on FreeBSD (FreeBSD ports patch-xthread).
+ 230. Updates for console-related FreeBSD system header changes as of 4.1-REL
+ (FreeBSD ports patch-r, patch-s).
+ 229. Don't leave free'd vrotate uninitialised in lib/X11/omGeneric.c
+ (FreeBSD ports patch-q).
+ 228. Protect #define HasPam in (FreeBSD ports patch-d).
+ 227. Fix border garbage for the G400 second head by backing out #4205
+ (David Dawes).
+ 227. Fix a typo in fonts/util/Imakefile (#4499, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 226. Add a document describing the DPS code included in the tree, and
+ pointers to web resources (#4498, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 225. Use VBE to add runtime DDC support to the i810 driver (#4496,
+ Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 224. DRM kernel module updates for FreeBSD (#4493, joe at
+ 223. Add support for the "Internet" keys of the Genius Comfy KB-16M keyboard
+ (#4491, Kamil Toman).
+ 222. Include three DPS sample clients:
+ - dpsinfo: random info about the DPS extension;
+ - dpsexec: interactive DPS ``executive'' (command-line);
+ - texteroids: a demo of font support.
+ (#4489, 4497, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 221. Don't build the GLU library when not building GLX. This fixes
+ a build failure when GLX is disabled (#4488, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 220. Make the stub files that pswrap generates contain the same set of
+ includes as the Adobe version, which fixes problems building
+ standalone DPS clients (#4487, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 219. Fix setxkbmap bugs, including:
+ - Continue working if the appropriate root window property where the
+ current xkb settings are saved can't be read or interpreted.
+ - Make the -keymap option work.
+ - Update the man page to explain how the "-option" option works.
+ - Add primitive sanity checking for 'map name'.
+ (#4482, Ivan Pascal).
+ 218. Fix a server crash while reading DDC data from EDID2 capable monitors
+ (#4481, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 217. Updates to Thai support, including:
+ - Fix a bug combining characterw with Shift keys.
+ - Remove the th_TH Compose file so that Thai XIM is/can be(?) activated
+ without needing XSetLocaleModifiers().
+ - A more precise context-sensitive input sequence check using
+ XNStringConversionCallback added. This has been tested with
+ xiterm+thai-1.04pre2. The implementation detail might be changed
+ if found inconsistent with the X11 specification.
+ (#4478, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
+ 216. Update, and replace the special map-* files with the
+ original mapping files from Changes include:
+ - A bug has been fixed that caused sometimes the FONT property not
+ to be updated correctly.
+ - The FONTBOUNDINGBOX is now recalculated, which makes the script
+ also suitable for proportional fonts.
+ - The mapping table for the DEC VT100 graphic characters is now built
+ into the script. This means the special map-* files are not necessary
+ any more and they could be replaced with the original mapping files
+ found on
+ - Whether the DEC VT100 graphic characters are added can be controlled
+ with options +d/-d. Default is to add them for upright charcell fonts
+ only.
+ - Slightly improved warning messages.
+ (#4472, Markus Kuhn).
+ 215. Fix libGLU build problem on Cygwin (#4467, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+ 214. Fix missing libX11 exported symbols for Cygwin (#4467,
+ Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+ 213. Updates for Hurd support (#A.209, Marcus Brinkmann).
+ 212. Fix some mis-placed mem_barrier's for Alpha platforms (Jay Estabrook).
+ 211. Fix a Index/DAC register access in glint PM2v, PM3 driver.
+ (#A.319, Romain Dolbeau).
+ 210. Add Xv support to Permedia3 driver (#4480, #4486 Sven Luther).
+ 209. Support for NVIDIA GeForce3 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 208. Allow GccWarningFlags overrides on Linux (Marc La France).
+ 207. Fix a problem with xvinfo's listing of image formats
+ (Giridhar Pemmasani).
+ 206. Fix bug in XkbSetNamedDeviceIndicator (XkbSetNamedIndicator). This
+ function can be used both for change state of specified indicator
+ (on/off) and for change description (and so behavior) of indicator.
+ Fix bug (in XkbGetPerClientControls). Typo where subroutine apply bit
+ mask (that consist of bitwise OR of three separate masks) to value
+ that have to be returned (#4474, Ivan Pascal).
+ 205. Setxkbmap can crash X server if one specify some illegal string as
+ 'xkb variant' name (#4471, Ivan Pascal).
+ 204. In Grab mode XKB sends 'state' in key events without 'group info'
+ (keyboard map layout) (#4469-4470, Ivan Pascal).
+ 203. Rewrite the X-Video extension's Xineramification (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 (19 February 2001)
+ 202. Gamma correction and DirectColor visual support for NVIDIA RIVA TNT
+ and newer chipsets (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 201. IA64 fix for generic int10 code (Egbert Eich).
+ 200. Redadding space as delimiter in locale.alias and locale.dir
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 199. Modified memory debugger script to retieve backtrace information
+ with an unmodified version of gdb (Egbert Eich).
+ 198. Modified memory debugger to print out backtrace of call where
+ a referenced freed pointer was once allocated (Egbert Eich).
+ 197. Several more fixes for memory leaks and several "referenced freed"
+ to keep memory debugger quiet (Egbert Eich).
+ 196. Fixed "referenced freed" memory debugger message in xf8_24bpp code
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 195. Add a new rule for building DRI (client) modules, so that only the
+ relevant symbols are exported (#4454, Red Hat).
+ 194. Fixed several memleaks in PCI bus code (Egbert Eich).
+ 193. Added code to disable SIGIO when entering SETUP state and reenable
+ it when leaving SETUP state (Egbert Eich).
+ 192. Add type of option argument as comment to config file.
+ (xf86cfg might need some fixing) (Egbert Eich).
+ (Hopefully) fixed reordering of chips so primary comes first
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 191. Fixed bug that caused server to crash when a DGA private colormap
+ was freed as miSprite still had a pointer to this colormap
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 190. Fixed savage driver for altered vbe functionality (Egbert Eich).
+ 189. Moved bulk of generic VBE functionality from VESA driver into
+ the vbe module (Egbert Eich).
+ 188. Fixed some bugs in vesa driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 187. Fixed memleaks in parser code as well as several referenced freed
+ pointers which pollute output of memory debugger and obsucre debugging
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 186. Fixed ChangeWindowAttributes() in cfb8_16 code (Egbert Eich).
+ 185. Moved Linux specific typedef from shared/xf86AXP.h to linux-specific
+ os-level code (Egbert Eich).
+ 184. Added option to int10 softbooter to POST even primary device.
+ 183. Fixed memory leak in linux int10 code (Egbert Eich).
+ 182. Modified vm86 trap code not to fail on a #LOCK prefix byte
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 181. Fixed memory leak in posix_tty.c (Egbert Eich).
+ 180. Added support to generic driver to POST even primary devices
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 179. Added support for more AXP chipsets that require sparse addressing
+ to bsd os level (Egbert Eich).
+ 178. Added missing symbols to C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 177. Fixed problems with Xv code in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 176. Fixed a vertical and horizontal offsets on HiQV chips due to
+ non-"standard" handling of H/VBlankEnd registers (Egbert Eich).
+ 175. Removed code that sets a chipset into graphics mode when
+ saving/restoring fonts in standard vga code. This causes problems
+ on some trident chipsets (Egbert Eich). [EXPERIMENTAL!]
+ 174. Moved KGA code that handles the H/VBlankEnd code that overscans remain
+ invisible to separate functions. This way drivers have better control
+ over these registers.
+ 173. TGA driver fixes (Jay Estabrook).
+ 172. Moved option processing to allow VGAClock option to be processed
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 171. Added option to swap heads on a matrox G400 dual head (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 170. Added handling of broken planemask support on different models of
+ matrox G100 cards (Egbert Eich).
+ 169. Fixed minor memory leak in ati driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 168. Fixed resource registration in TDFX driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 167. Set new modelines for Trident LCD modes (Egbert Eich).
+ 166. Fixed handling of PreEnd Control register on Trident (Egbert Eich).
+ 165. Fixed problem with Trident Blade Mono8x8Patterns (Egbert Eich).
+ 164. Fixed clock division for CyberBlade E4 (Egbert Eich).
+ 163. Removed last static symbols from Tseng driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 162. Fixed handling of ICS5341 RAMDAC under 24bpp (Egbert Eich).
+ 161. Fixed resource registration in rendition driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 160. Attempt to fix various other issues on rendition - driver remains
+ to be broken though (Egbert Eich)!
+ 159. Fixed false linear size for NeoMagic 2380 (Egbert Eich).
+ 158. Modified calulation of aperture size in NeoMagic driver to use the
+ available video memory instead of the map size (Egbert Eich).
+ 157. Added a delay to prevent rare cases of lockups when starting
+ X on NeoMagic 2160 (Miles Lane).
+ 156. Added DGA to Cirrus driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 155. Missing symbols added to Cirrus driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 154. Fixed acceleration on Alpine (Cirrus) driver. PIO and MMIO versions of
+ the accelerator driver now support the same functionality (Egbert Eich).
+ 153. Removed unneededed call to xfree() in ddc code (Egbert Eich).
+ 152. -
+ 151. Siliconmotion driver updates, including:
+ - Color change/flash at 8bpp when switch back to desktop in rotation
+ mode.
+ - System hangs when enabling rotation in 24-bpp.
+ - Overlay disappear in the virtual desktop when move the window.
+ - Mouse pointer doesn't work properly in panning modes under rotation.
+ - Garbage appears on desktop when click the Basic/Metal for the Theme
+ Selector.
+ - Added ZoomOnLCD option.
+ - Desktop changes color when panning in 24-bpp mode.
+ - CRT is off after exit X on DSTN 800x600.
+ - Screen broken occurs in X when enable Rotation on DSTN 800x600.
+ (#4463, Frido Garritsen).
+ 150. Include <time.h> in Xos.h to get struct tm (based on #4464, Mike Harris,
+ and H.J. Lu).
+ 149. Add 1400x1050 60Hz and 75Hz to the default built-in modes (#4462,
+ Tim Roberts).
+ 148. Create the default modes source file from the mode definitions on
+ systems that have perl (David Dawes).
+ 147. Alias memset and memcpy to xf86memset and xf86memcpy in the loader,
+ which should catch implicit compiler-generated calls to these functions
+ (David Dawes).
+ 146. Fix NV, Glint, ati and mga drivers for Alpha EV56 machines
+ (Jay Estabrook).
+ 145. Work around compiler-generated call to memcpy in the sis driver
+ (David Dawes).
+ 144. Fix the neomagic driver so that it saves/restores the palette (#4452,
+ Ken Hornstein).
+ 143. Fix a palette saving bug in the vgahw module (#4452, Ken Hornstein).
+ 142. Fix a typo in (#4446, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 141. Major updates to the savage driver, including:
+ - DDC support
+ - I2C support
+ - XVideo YUV overlay support for Savage/MX and Savage/IX
+ - DGA support
+ - yanks Ani Joshi's depth/bitsPerPixel patch for searching the BIOS
+ - fixes interactions with frame buffer and SVGATextMode consoles;
+ VT switching now seems quite reliable for almost everyone
+ - yanks unused options
+ - adds new options for hacks to deal with the status register hangs
+ - adds one special case memory configuration for Savage 4
+ - adds support for doublescan modes (320x240 works)
+ - adds LCD panel detection
+ - fixes a panning bug at depth 24 (panning must be to even pixels)
+ - adds a workaround for bugs in the latest ProSavage BIOSes
+ (#4445, 4448, Tim Roberts).
+ 140. Make 'X -configure' use the long monitor name when present in the
+ DDC info (#4444, Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 139. Make glxinfo respect $DISPLAY (#4443, Meelis Roos).
+ 138. Fix TrueType font problems in 4.0.2 (#4439, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 137. Document the "DisplaySize" keyword in the XF86Config man page (#4438,
+ Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 136. Update the i810 driver to set the UV vertical phase for the 4:2:0
+ planar formats to account for the spatial relationship between the
+ chroma and luma samples (#4436, Jonathan Bian).
+ 135. Updates for Cygwin support (#4433, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+ 134. Fix a bug in the fonts.sgml doc (#4432, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 133. Fix the xdpyinfo so that it will build when the XKB extension isn't
+ defined (#4422, Jim Gettys).
+ 132. Fix the xdm greeter so that it will build when the XKB extension isn't
+ defined (#4421, Jim Gettys).
+ 131. Only build setxkbmap when building the XKB lib support (based on #4420,
+ Jim Gettys).
+ 130. Improve the mga driver messages when the HAL module isn't available
+ (#4451, David Woodhouse).
+ 129. Add G450 support to the mga driver (#4416, Luugi Marsan (Matrox),
+ 4449, David Woodhouse).
+ 128. Mga driver updates, including HAL cleanups, add a Crtc2Ram option,
+ and merge with Matrox beta4 source (#4415, Antii Tapaninen, #4423,
+ Simon Hosie).
+ 127. Fix a rounding problem in the wacom driver that was causing some
+ position instability (#4417, Hannes Eriksson).
+ 126. Change Freetype2 compilation to pacify makedepend (Marc La France).
+ 125. Added changes to il (Hebrew) xkb keyboard map (#4459, Tzafrir Cohen).
+ Added new by (Belarusian) xkb keyboard map (#4460, Alexander Mikhailian).
+ Small additions to fixes A.272 to allow autorepeat control of MouseKeys
+ also in 'non-accelerated mode' (#4461, Ivan Pascal).
+ 124. Add ATI Rage 128 PD support (#4455, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+ 123. Make script case-insensitive (#4453, Mike Harris).
+ 122. Change ATI driver to detect panel dimensions of non-PC systems using an
+ LT or LT Pro (Marc La France).
+ 121. Fix misdetection of sparse I/O PCI bases and handling of unassigned PCI
+ bases in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 120. Extend libc wrapper's emulation of gettimeofday() and add emulation of PC
+ and PC98 interval timers to int10 (Marc La France).
+ 119. An attempt at fixing the handling of unassigned PCI resources by
+ improving detection of them and forcing them to be relocated
+ (Marc La France).
+ 118. Make lndir ignore finder data files on Mac OS X (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 117. -
+ 116. -
+ 115. Undo s3virge changes in 4.0.2 for Xv support on ViRGE chipsets since
+ they caused problems with plain ViRGE cards. Xv is still supported
+ for the ViRGE DX (#4414, 4430, Kevin Brosius).
+ 114. Siliconmotion driver fixes:
+ - 24bpp corruption
+ - mouse cursor still showing after X-server shutdown
+ (#4413, Frido Garritsen).
+ 113. Change the Thai charset and locale description to a form agreed to
+ by some Thai developers (#4412, Chanop Silpa-Anan).
+ 112. [SECURITY] Fix temp files vulnerabilites in xman on systems with
+ mkstemp(). (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 111. Major improvement to the Xmaster UI on Mac OS X. (#4447, XonX team).
+ 110. 8 bit DAC support for the NVIDIA Riva-128 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 109. Fix panning on Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 108. Enable wsmouse support on OpenBSD/i386 (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 107. Xdarwin bug fixes and updates (#4440-4442, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 106. ATI driver Sparc compile fix (David S. Miller).
+ 105. Implement BlockFills at 32bpp in the Permedia3 driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 104. Ensure PCI retry is off for Permedia3, and fix an over by 1 error on
+ FIFO usage (Alan Hourihane).
+ 103. Prevent glint driver from Seg faulting if mode pool is empty
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 102. Add FIFOSize to glint driver for overriding of the FIFO depending on
+ the target chip being used (Alan Hourihane).
+ 101. Major updates to the GLINT driver.
+ - Add Dual-Headed Appian Jeronimo 2000 support (dual PM3's), it now
+ shares heads as per MGA driver for G4xx dual head boards.
+ - Faster Permedia3 WriteBitmap/WritePixmap accelerator functions.
+ - Fix Scanline acceleration routines when MAX FIFO is reached.
+ - Improved Gamma support.
+ - Upload cursor and cursor colours for pm2v/pm3 during vertical retrace,
+ which fixes r/b inversion and loss of video problems.
+ - Fix pm2v/pm3 text restoration problems.
+ - Re-arranged structure to accomodate multi-chips per screen.
+ - Removed dualmx files and incorporated changes into standalone versions
+ - Allow -configure to only configure VGA based Glint chips, works
+ around multichip boards (for now).
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 100. Add XaaNoWriteBitmap and XaaNoWritePixmap options to XAA (Alan Hourihane).
+ 99. Improve determination of primary adapter (Marc La France).
+ 98. Fix PPC xf86sym.c compile problems (Marc La France).
+ 97. Fix int10 option handling for drivers that call xf86CollectOptions()
+ before calling int10 (Marc La France).
+ 96. Properly detect unassigned MMIO address in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 95. Fix default compilation on Sparc/Solaris (Marc La France).
+ 94. Fix typo in Linux/Arm configuration (Marc La France).
+ 93. By default, don't build libGLU on libc5 systems (Marc La France).
+ 92. Fix HW cursor colors for pm2v/pm3 in the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 91. Rework the memory detection code for Permedia3, now correctly detects
+ boards which aren't 32MB (Alan Hourihane).
+ 90. Write ScanlineCPUToScreen, ScanlineImageWrite functions for Permedia3
+ which write directly to the FIFO, and remove obsolete functions
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 89. Fix ordering of writes in pm2v/pm3 ramdac functions in the glint driver,
+ thus fixing the R/B inversion problems (Jay Estabrook).
+ 88. Set the version strings in man pages dynamically (David Dawes).
+ 87. Remove the XF86_VERSION string from xf86Version.h, leaving just
+ the numerical values. All the version information is now derived
+ from that single set of values (David Dawes).
+ 86. [SECURITY] Fix temp vulnerabilities in Xaw/MultiSrc.c using the technique
+ in patch #4279 (Branden Robinson). Fix temp file vulnerability in
+ gccmakedep based on report from Alan Cox. Fix temp file vulnerability
+ in Imake.rules, InstallManPageAliases (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 85. Support vertical sub-pixel glyph rasterization in Xft
+ (Keith Packard)
+ 84. Allow xf86ClaimPciSlot to be called with a NULL GDevPtr, as it was
+ previously (Alan Hourihane).
+ 83. Fix clean rule in DRM build (Philip Willoghby).
+ 82. If MouseKeys is switched on, then the mousekeys autorepeat. (fixes
+ #272, Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
+ 81. Ensure Video is unavailable when no acceleration available in the
+ trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 80. Implement a distclean make target (Marc La France).
+ NOTE: To correctly install this change, either `make Everything` or
+ `rm xmakefile; make World`.
+ 79. Preprocess all man pages to make sure that the references to pages
+ in sections that are platform-dependent are correct. Also fixed some
+ misc formatting problems found while doing that (David Dawes).
+ 78. Ensure client side version checking in 3D drivers for Rage128 and
+ Radeon chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
+ 77. Nv driver update to fix the cursor for double scan modes, and to
+ improve double scan mode handling in general (#4408, Csaba Halasz,
+ Jarno Paananen).
+ 76. Fix a twm segfault if it gets events for buttons > 5 (#4407, 4425,
+ Nathan Hand).
+ 75. Update the module subdirectory search list to include "multimedia/"
+ (#4405, Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 74. Small R6.5.1 merge update in Xlib (based on #4403, Bruno Haible).
+ 73. Updates to the xprop utility, including:
+ - Move to ANSI C, use const where possible.
+ - Print WM_NAME and WM_ICON_NAME properties in the locale encoding.
+ - Allow multiple "-remove" commands on the same command line.
+ - Better error message when "-remove" is applied to a font.
+ - New option "-set" that permits the changing of individual window
+ properties.
+ (#4402, Bruno Haible).
+ 72. Remove schumacher-clean compatibility aliases, since the fonts are
+ really ASCII and not iso8859-1 (#4401, Bruno Haible).
+ 71. Allow drivers to provide their own substitute for the xf86I2CWriteRead
+ function (#4399, Vladimir Dergachev).
+ 70. Cirrus driver updates, including:
+ - Add a call to fbPictureInit() in the Laguna driver.
+ - Fix warning (missing a symbol from VBE) when starting the Alpine
+ driver.
+ - Fix MMIO acceleration for the CL-GD5480
+ (#4395, Itai Nahshon).
+ 69. Fix Neomagic 2200 screen corruption (Egbert Eich).
+ 68. Disable RENDER extension support in the ATI(misc) driver when mibank
+ and/or shadowfb is used (Marc La France).
+ 67. Remove cfb & friends from the ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 66. Some additional ATI PCI IDs (Marc La France).
+ 65. Make compilation of drivers produce the same object whether or not
+ DPMS and DGA extensions are being built. Partial changes to do the same
+ for RENDER (Marc La France).
+ 64. Ensure `make depend` goes through the same set of subdirectories as
+ `make all` does. Allows MakefileAdditions to contain depend rule(s)
+ (Marc La France).
+ 63. Move $(EXTRA_DEFINES) to the end of ALLDEFINES. Ditto for
+ $(CXXEXTRA_DEFINES) and CXXDEFINES. Allows easier overrides at the
+ subdirectory level (Marc La France).
+ 62. Add a pre-clean phase to `make World` if xc/xmakefile already exists
+ (Marc La France).
+ 61. Import X.Org's X11R6.5.1 (David Dawes)
+ 60. Change identification of Trident 8400(CyberBlade/i7) so that it is not
+ a Cyber chipset (integrated Desktop version) (Alan Hourihane).
+ 59. Use the wsmouse protocol in XFree86 -configure if wsmouse is available
+ (Matthieu Herrb, lha at
+ 58. Sync Xdarwin with XonX version (#4428 Torrey T. Lyons):
+ - add a working WarpCursor
+ - add 15 bit pixel depth to the Quartz mode.
+ 57. New version of Xmaster, a Mac OS X application that controls the
+ X server (#4427, Torrey T. Lyons, Andreas Monitzer).
+ 56. Add external CRT support for the Rage 128 Mobility (Kevin Martin
+ and ATI).
+ 55. Radeon DRI fixes (VA Linux Systems).
+ - Re-enable freeing resources when the screen is destroyed (Kevin
+ Martin)
+ - Use screen-relative instead of window-relative coordiantes to
+ calculate the tiled depth buffer offset address (Kevin Martin)
+ - Fix texture upload at offset 0 bug. Quake 2 engine games use
+ TexSubImage to update lightmaps and the like, and we were
+ uploading the updates before the image had space in the texture
+ heap allocated to it. (Gareth Hughes)
+ - Add XF86Config file option to enable depth buffer moves (they
+ are disabled by default since they are excuciatingly slow)
+ (Kevin Martin)
+ - Enable bus mastering in PCI config space for those systems that
+ do not automatically have it enabled (Kevin Martin)
+ - Remove AGP_CNTL register programming -- it was a holdover from
+ the Rage 128 driver and is not needed on the Radeon (Kevin
+ Martin)
+ - Fix offscreen memory allocation calculation for textures (Kevin
+ Martin)
+ 54. Allow libGLU to be built (Craig Dunwoody, SGI, David Dawes,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+ 53. Import the GLU parts of ogl-sample.
+ 52. Add an imake control for determining when xload should be installed
+ set-gid (David Dawes).
+ 51. Add some imake controls for installing Xkb and app-defaults files
+ in the traditional location rather than under /etc/X11 (Red Hat does
+ that) (David Dawes).
+ 50. Add compressed man page functionality to the rules in Imake.rules,
+ so it should be usable on most platforms (David Dawes).
+ 49. Make acceleration work on the Trident Cyber9388 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 48. - Various small changes to accomodate Mac OS X support and fix a
+ problem people were having with uninitialized globals in X
+ libraries,
+ - Allow XFree86 to run on Mac OS X as a full screen client of
+ CoreGraphics,
+ - Add a Mac OS X application that controls the X server and feeds it
+ events when running on Mac OS X. Currently must be built by
+ ProjectBuilder (#4409, #4410, #4411, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 47. Fix Mach64 Mono 8x8 Pattern acceleration (Marc La France).
+ 46. Experiment with setting the server's "vendor release" value from
+ the information in xf86Version.h, and modify xdpyinfo to show the
+ server version in an easily readable format (David Dawes).
+ 45. Fix 1bpp colour map in vgaHW (Marc La France).
+ 44. More IA64 loader fixes and make xf86sym.c compile again
+ (Michael Madore, Marc La France).
+ 43. Add missing symbols in vesa driver (Marc La France).
+ 42. Fix multihead pointer problem on Rage 128 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 41. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (Kevin Martin, VA Linux Systems)
+ - Add Radeon 3D driver (Kevin Martin and Gareth Hughes)
+ - Improve Rage 128 3D driver support (Gareth Hughes)
+ - Add fast AGP read/drawpixels support in MGA driver (Keith Whitwell)
+ - Update DRI docs (Kevin Martin, Brian Paul)
+ - Fix various bugs (Keith Whitwell, Brian Paul, Kevin Martin)
+ 40. Rename fsinfo to xfsinfo to avoid a name clash with the fsinfo utility
+ in the Berkeley automounter amd (Matthieu Herrb).
+ 39. Invert NO_COMPILER_H_EXTRAS to prevent unintentional references to inx()/
+ outx() on the likes of SunOS (Marc La France).
+ 38. Change the os-support layer to only claim a bare minimum of I/O resources
+ rather than a larger estimate (Marc La France).
+ 37. Loader work: Fix handling of shared GOTs on IA-64 and Alpha's, and of
+ PLT and OPD entries on IA-64; Cleanup debug messages and #if testing
+ (Marc La France).
+ 36. Extensive int10 rework to address lockups, spontaneous reboots and tight
+ CPU loops on various architectures (Marc La France):
+ - Use intialised BIOS to softboot primary adapters on non-PC's;
+ - Fix endianness problems;
+ - Move stack into its own page to prevent overwritting interrupt vectors;
+ - Prevent (with a message) int10 from interfering with mainboard devices
+ (i.e. RTC, keyboard, speaker, chipset, etc.);
+ - Flesh out int 0x42 emulation on non-PC's;
+ - Emulate BIOS data area on non-PC's;
+ 35. Add missing symbols in i810 and sis drivers (Marc La France).
+ 34. Optionally disable, at compile time, loader bug workarounds in ATI driver
+ (Marc La France).
+ 33. Prevent the Rage 128 and Radeon drivers from initialising an adapter more
+ than once (Marc La France).
+ 32. Move support for >64kB BIOS'es from int10 into the os-support/bus layer
+ (Marc La France).
+ 31. When retrieving PCI BIOS'es, only use another PCI base when a previous
+ retrieval attempt fails (Marc La France).
+ 30. Temporary kludge to not consider any adapter as primary if more than one
+ candidate can be found (Marc La France).
+ 29. Make deleted mode messages less fearsome (Marc La France).
+ 28. Fix -configure to retrieve the correct set of options for ATI, C&T,
+ Cirrus and NeoMagic adapters (Marc La France).
+ 27. When removing PCI resource overlaps, always consider resources whose size
+ can be accurately determined, whether active or not (Marc La France).
+ 26. Real 4:2:0 YUV support for the Rage 128 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 25. Xinerama support for Render extension (Keith Packard).
+ 24. Make some changes to the clock selection for trident driver
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 23. Switch savage driver to fb (+Render), correct maxHValue (Keith Packard).
+ 22. Add font property caching in Xft (Keith Packard).
+ 21. Xterm patch #150 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 20. Fix 24/8 Overlay support on Permedia2v and Permedia3 chipsets
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 19. Add CyberStretch option to the trident driver for Cyber chipsets that
+ allows Graphics modes to stretch to the full display (Alan Hourihane).
+ 18. Xterm patch #149 (#4351, Thomas Dickey).
+ 17. Fix Y offsets passed to pixmap cache when DRI disabled in R128 driver
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 16. Add BlockFills to Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 15. Fix pixmap cache when more than 16MB of memory on Permedia 3
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 14. Fix colourmap problems at depth15/16 on Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 13. Bump xc/programs/Xserver/GL/dri (libdri.a) version to 3.1.0 to
+ correspond with the DRI backbuffer rewrite, and modify drivers accordingly
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 12. Enable ImageWrites on Rage128 and Radeon (Alan Hourihane).
+ 11. Add DRIMoveBuffersHelper function to prevent code duplication in
+ the drivers (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 10. Bug fixes for endianness problems in Permedia3 driver
+ (#4404, Sven Luther).
+ 9. Add Appian Jeronimo 4x8Mb (PM2v) support to the glint driver
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 8. Add render support to i810 driver (Keith Packard with testing
+ by Christien Bunting)
+ 7. Switch misc (non-radeon, non-r128) ATI driver to fb (Keith Packard).
+ 6. 3DFX driver changes (Mark Vojkovich).
+ - fix some DGA issues.
+ - 2D and 3D now share offscreen memory (much faster 2D now).
+ - rewrite Xv support to use the video overlay.
+ - add new Options "VideoKey" and "ShowCache".
+ 5. Change xterm from simple face name to full Xft font name so
+ that options can be provide (like minspace) (Keith Packard)
+ 4. Add UTF-8 support to Xft (Keith Packard)
+ 3. Add font/face sharing and a minumum vertical space option
+ to Xft (Keith Packard)
+ 2. Fix 64 bit DGA bug (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 1. Rewrite DRI back buffer handling to minimize the impact on 2D
+ performance (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 0. Fix incorrect driverName fields in the cyrix, i810 and sis drivers.
+ This was causing 'XFree86 -configure' to get the driver name wrong
+ (David Dawes).
+XFree86 4.0.2 (18 December 2000)
+1211. Fix a problem introduced recently when using the "ps/2" protocol for
+ mice on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
+1210. Disable DRI for tdfx when there's insufficient memory for textures
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+1209. Rename the R6.4 INSTALL and RELNOTES docs at the top level of the source
+ tree, and add a copy of the XFree86 RELNOTES.
+1208. Add Solaris 8/x86 key mappings for some more jp106 keys.
+1207. Fix wacom man page to match the driver (based on #4398, Akio Morita).
+1206. Install the iso8859-13 encoding file (#4397, Nerijus Baliunas).
+1205. Misc doc-related updates.
+XFree86 4.0.1Zc (15 December 2000)
+1204. Fix an Xlib memory overrun when the Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList function
+ is used in a unibyte locale (#4394, Bruno Haible).
+1203. Fix the yen/backslash keys for Solaris 8/x86 with Japanese 106 keyboards
+ (based on #4393, Takaaki Nomura).
+1202. Fix type mismatches in the r128 DRI driver on Alpha platforms (#4392,
+ Gareth Hughes).
+1201. Fix build on Japanized version of Solaris 8 for x86 (#4390,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+1200. Remove some old XtOffset magic for the arm that affects building
+ with gcc (#4388, Keith Packard).
+1199. Release notes updates (David Dawes, Egbert Eich, Mark Vojkovich,
+ Robin Cutshaw, Keith Packard, Alan Hourihane, #4391, Kevin Brosius).
+1198. Revert the tdfx driver to something functionally close to the
+ last known working version (4.0.1g) (David Dawes).
+XFree86 4.0.1Zb (14 December 2000)
+1197. New fonts document (#4386, 4387, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+1196. Status doc update for Trident (Alan Hourihane).
+1195. Update the R6.4 INSTALL and RELNOTES docs to include references at
+ the top to the XFree86-specific docs (David Dawes).
+1194. Make it possible to install platform-specific man pages with most
+ ix86 builds (David Dawes).
+1193. Add a short man page for the newport driver, update it's sample config
+ file, and have the driver check user-supplied parameters (#4385,
+ Guido Guenther).
+1192. Missing part of fix for FreeBSD sysmouse support (#4317, from FreeBSD
+ ports collection).
+1191. Trident driver bug fixes (Alan Hourihane).
+1190. Make it possible to install hardcopy specs docs that we can't generate
+ from source (David Dawes).
+1189. Set the HasPerl default correctly for LynxOS (#4384, Thomas Mueller).
+1188. Lots of Status doc updates (#4383, Branden Robinson).
+1187. Update some DebianMaintainer defaults in (#4380,
+ Branden Robinson).
+1186. Fix a segfault in the font path verification code in xfs (#4379,
+ Charles C. Fu).
+1185. Rework and document the various MatroxHal imake parameters, and
+ build in support for the mga_hal module by default for loadable server
+ builds (David Dawes).
+1184. Fix sis driver corrupt display with more than 8MB of video memory (#4378,
+ Can-Ru Yeou).
+1183. Fix xf86cfg build problem on systems that don't come with snprintf
+ and/or regex (based on #4361, Thomas Mueller).
+1182. Fix siliconmotion driver screen restoration when a graphics vesafb mode
+ is selected during boot up (#4377, Frido Garritsen).
+1181. Install and RELNOTES updates for Darwin (#4375, 4376, Torrey T. Lyons).
+1180. s3virge patch to get Xft/Xrender working (#4374, Kevin Brosius).
+1179. Improve aperture driver related error messages on OpenBSD
+ (Matthieu Herrb).
+1178. Workaround for IA-64 loader bug (Marc La France).
+1177. Fix recognition of valid depth/fbbpp combinations in ATI driver
+ (Marc La France).
+1176. Fix 1bpp in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+1175. Fix ATI DPMS support on panels by mimicking BIOS behaviour more closely
+ (Marc La France).
+XFree86 4.0.1Za (12 December 2000)
+1174. Set defaults for Mesa's x86 CPU-specific asm options, and make it
+ possible to build with MMX disabled for systems with older assemblers
+ (David Dawes).
+1173. Fix some R128 DRI bugs:
+ - Fix depth span functions (was causing rendering errors for windows
+ not at (0,0)).
+ - Don't use 32-bit depth buffers since they're not supported by Mesa.
+ - Use subpixel offsets to fix coordinate rounding errors.
+ (#4373, Gareth Hughes).
+1172. Reinstate the AllTarget for the rule to make html man pages
+ (David Dawes).
+1171. Build all modules on Linux/mips, fixing Xnest build (#4372,
+ Guido Guenther).
+1170. Update Permedia 3 README, Cards file, and glint section in the Status
+ doc (#4371, Sven Luther).
+1169. Fix depth passed to the BIOS in the savage driver (affects depth 15)
+ (#4369, Ani Joshi).
+1168. Update fbdev man page (#4368, Michel Daenzer).
+1167. Fix a problem with 32-bit depth buffers when using indirect rendering,
+ by not advertising them in the mga driver (#4367, Brian Paul).
+1166. Update man page version strings, and convert some server/XFree86 man
+ pages to cpp-processed files to make the references to pages in
+ system-dependent sections correct (David Dawes).
+1165. Update the release notes for the i18n and Unicode support (#4366,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1164. Document most of the environment variables that can influence libX11
+ and libXt in the 'X' man page (#4365, Bruno Haible).
+1163. Update the ICCCM spec document to relfect the selection targets currently
+ used in XFree86 (#4364, Bruno Haible).
+1162. Update the CTEXT spec document to reflect part of the current
+ practice in XFree86 (#4363, Bruno Haible).
+1161. Augment SpecsDocDirs to reflect additional docs that have XFree86 changes
+ (#4362, Bruno Haible).
+1160. Fix Xv library references in the xvinfo Imakefile (#4361,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+1159. Fix a signed/unsigned error in the calculation of 16-bit displacements
+ in x86emu (#4359, Tim Roberts).
+1158. Fix "noaccel" option in the tdfx driver when building without DRI
+ (David Dawes).
+1157. Add Darwin documentation (Torrey T. Lyons).
+1156. Add Darwin bindist files and update (Matthieu Herrb).
+1155. Update bindist files for NetBSD 1.5 ELF (Matthieu Herrb).
+1154. Add DGA support to I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
+XFree86 4.0.1Z (8 December 2000)
+1153. Flesh out the wacom man page (#4358, Frederic Lepied).
+1152. Fix incorrect documentation for xf86UnMapVidMem() in README.OS-lib
+ (#4357, Guido Guenther).
+1151. Update the newport driver to use the map/unmap functions provided by
+ the os-support layer (#4356, Guido Guenther).
+1150. Bugfix to xf86UDelay() (Egbert Eich).
+1149. Added a sanity check to pciConvertRange2Host() (Egbert Eich).
+1148. Added more log messages to Linux APM code (Egbert Eich).
+1147. Added a sanity check to xf86ConfigPciEntity() (Egbert Eich).
+1146. Resync with DRI CVS trunk (tdfx driver updates) (Daryll Strauss).
+1145. Add -textmode mode option for xf86cfg, to run a ncurses interface, and
+ add the "expert" interface, to provide more control over the config file.
+ Updates to vesa driver, removed debug messages and fixed problem with
+ console restoration in some S3 cards.
+1144. Merge tdfx 3D driver code (VA Linux).
+1143. Add support PPC support on Rage 128 and disable Int10 for PPC on
+ Rage 128 (until the bug in PPC Int10 support is fixed) (Kevin Martin).
+1142. Install an alternative fonts.alias file that references the UCS-encoded
+ fonts on systems without Perl (David Dawes).
+1141. Add CyberShadow Option back into Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+1140. Resync with DRI CVS trunk, including:
+ - SSE support updates
+ - DRI-specific full screen mode
+ - Reduce the minimum space required for 3D on the Rage 128
+ (VA Linux).
+1139. Fix a memory leak in the UTF-8 <--> CompoundText converter (#4354,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1138. Add support for the selection target UTF8_STRING to libXaw (#4353,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1137. Make Xlib's CompoundText converter ISO-2022 compliant (#4352,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1136. Fix 2 wacom driver bugs (core dump on VT switching, and USB support)
+ (#4350, Frederic Lepied).
+1135. Update the ClearlyU fonts to 1.8b. Changes include:
+ - Cleaned up the Arabic glyphs so they don't look quite so juvenile.
+ - Squared up the Hebrew glyphs so they match the style of the other
+ scripts better.
+ - Added many of the basic Hangul glyphs.
+ - Brought the Cyrillic block in line with Unicode 3.0 and moved the
+ extra glyphs into the PUA font in the 0xE4XX range.
+ (#4349, Mark Leisher).
+1134. Update the savage driver to all I/O via MMIO, and add DPMS support
+ (4347, Ani Joshi).
+1133. Change xfs to drop privs after daemonising so that the pid file can
+ be written (#4346, Frederic Lepied).
+1132. Miscellaneous fixups to the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+1131. Add Xv support to the trident driver. Works for Blade and Image series
+ chips, but zooming currently doesn't work on Image series.
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+1130. Don't perform a software reset on the Graphics Engine for Trident
+ Blade3D's and CyberBlade's (Alan Hourihane).
+1129. Fix typo in int10 for IA-64's (Marc La France).
+1128. Make PCI bridge information in the log more accurate (Marc La France).
+1127. Update ATI docs (Marc La France).
+1126. Another getValidBIOSBase() fix (Marc La France).
+1125. If the loader server dies from a signal during initialisation, print a
+ list of undefined symbols (Marc La France).
+1124. Move Alpha MMIO definitions from xf86_OSproc.h to compiler.h
+ (Marc La France).
+1123. Change rule for shadow tree friendliness (Marc La France).
+1122. Don't reference libc wrapper names directly in the newport driver
+ (David Dawes).
+1121. Fix the fr_CH xkb Macintosh symbols file (#4345, Olaf Hering).
+1120. Revert the Estonian_Estonia.1257 change in patch #4297 because
+ windows-1257 is a closer match to iso8859-13 than iso8859-15.
+ Also add entries for the et_EE.ISO8859-1 locale (while not perfect for
+ Estonian, it is commonly used) (#4344, Ville Hallik).
+1119. Change name of long Unicode keysyms from 6 to 8 hex digits, which
+ matches conventional usage better (#4343, Ivan Pascal).
+1118. Make XF86VidModeSetViewPort() actually set the viewport to the
+ X and Y coordinates specified as opposed to always setting it to (0,0)
+ (#4342, Joe Moss).
+1117. Work around some build problems on SVR4.0 (#4341, Satoshi Kimura).
+1116. Compose characters for the Macedonian UTF-8 locale (#4338,
+ Damjan Georgievski).
+1115. Fix build problems with the wacom driver on Linux 2.4 when building
+ a static server (Frederic Lepied, David Dawes).
+1114. Changed name of server binary to call by xf86cfg back to "XFree86
+ (Egbert Eich).
+1113. Modified handling of memory alloctaion in TDFX driver (Egbert Eich).
+1112. Attempt to fix the 'UseModes' directive in the Monitor section
+ (Egbert Eich).
+1111. Added debugging output for BIOS base address search (Egbert Eich).
+1110. Changed neomagic driver to treat disable stretching for each mode
+ individually (Egbert Eich).
+1109. Removed '-traditional' from cpp rule for makedpend. Required for
+ new glibc header files (Ruediger Oertel).
+1107. Fix to make SuperProbe build again on ia64 (Andreas Schwab).
+1107. Attempt to fix int10 (Egbert Eich).
+1106. Modified blitter busy test to use the MMIO mapped registers on chips
+ > CT69000 (Egbert Eich).
+1105. Attempt to improve dga support in C&T driver (Egbert Eich).
+1104. Moved ppc_flush_icache to compiler.h - hope this fixes build problems
+ (Egert Eich).
+1103. changed cirrus driver to us fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
+1102. Modularized HALlib for mga driver (Egbert Eich).
+1101. Added DGA support to tseng driver (Rainer Keller).
+1100. Added "framebuffer" bus type allowing resource control to take place
+ outside of the server (Egbert Eich).
+1099. Added turkish keyboard layout (Togan Muftuoglu).
+1098. Fix Cyber9397/DVD acceleration problem (Alan Hourihane).
+1097. Resync with the DRI CVS trunk.
+1096. Fix alot of Rage 128 Xv bugs (Mark Vojkovich).
+1095. Fix XKB symbols for Swedish Macintosh keyboards (#4337, Olaf Hering).
+1094. Disable DRI on PPC (#4337, Olaf Hering).
+1093. Suppress xf86ReadBIOS debugging messages for BSD (#4336, Takaaki Nomura).
+1092. Silicon Motion driver update, includes bug fixes (#4335,
+ Frido Garritsen, Silicon Motion, Inc.).
+1091. Updates to the dumpkeymap utility and its documentation (#4323,
+ Eric Sunshine).
+1090. Enable 3D support for Rage 128 Mobility chips (Kevin Martin).
+1089. Add clip rectangles support to Render extension, Xrender and Xft.
+ Make Xrender and Xft usable from c++.
+ Fix a bunch of compiler warnings in Render extension code
+ (Keith Packard)
+XFree86 4.0.1h (4 December 2000)
+1088. Fix key mapping for the '\' key on GB keyboards in Solaris 8.
+1087. Status doc updates for Neomagic an NVIDIA (#4334, Andrew C. Aitchison,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1086. Updated Rage 128 DRI support from the DRI CVS (Gareth Hughes, VA Linux).
+1085. -
+1084. Bump the minor revisions of libXmu (UTF8_STRING) and libX11
+ (Xutf8LookupString).
+1083. Fixes for all known bugs in the CompoundText parser and generator,
+ including:
+ * While adding a charset:
+ - Adding a charset with two different escape sequences (e.g.
+ ISO-8859-14) led to broken behaviour of the converter. Moreover
+ the second added would have priority over the first added.
+ - If an invalid escape sequence was detected by _XlcParseCharSet, it
+ was still used when generating compound text.
+ - Extended segment charsets with varying number of bytes per character
+ were treated like those with 1 byte per character.
+ - _XlcAddCT failed to copy its ct_sequence argument, thus leading to
+ bugs when this argument was a dynamically allocated string.
+ - Missing detection of different charsets having the same escape
+ sequence.
+ * Parsing Compound Text:
+ - The functions _XlcParseCT and _XlcGetCTInfo did not perform range
+ checks on the strings being parsed. Danger of core dump through
+ out-of-bounds string access if a malicious client provides malformed
+ text.
+ - Builtin extended segment charsets were not recognized because the
+ strncmp in _XlcGetCTInfo was returning false most of the time, due
+ to the embedded length bytes.
+ - Extended segment charsets in general would not be deactivated after
+ the specified number of bytes.
+ - In _XlcCheckCTSequence, extended segments with invalid embedded
+ length bytes would lead to out-of-bounds string accesses as well.
+ - Unrecognized escape sequences did not lead to a return value > 0.
+ - Left-to-right and right-to-left indicators (starting with 0x9b) were
+ just ignored, without leading to a return value > 0.
+ - If the source string was larger than the intermediate buffer,
+ multibyte characters could be split into pieces, leading to
+ conversion errors.
+ * Generating Compound Text:
+ - The length embedded in an extended segment prefix was always wrong.
+ - Long strings could give rise to extended segments with a length that
+ doesn't fit in the allowed 14 bits.
+ - After an extended segment, GL or GR designators would unnecessarily
+ be repeated.
+ - Bytes in the range 0x81..0x88, 0x8b..0x9a, 0x9c..0x9f in multibyte
+ encodings could not be output, would be thrown away.
+ - Byte 0x9b could not be output in the UTF-8 charset.
+ * udcInf.c was generating invalid Compound Text (invalid length in
+ extended segment).
+ * lcConv.c: If in the indirect converter, the first step led to no
+ output, the second step would still be called, possibly leading to
+ out-of-bounds accesses.
+ * lcUTF8.c: had knowledge about JISX0208.1983-0 but not about
+ JISX0208.1990-0.
+ (#4333, Bruno Haible).
+1082. Fix documentation for XSetOMValues() (#4332, Bruno Haible).
+1081. Fix namespace polution in <X11/Xlib.h> introduced with patch #4293
+ (#4331, Bruno Haible).
+1080. Fix a bug in the newly introduced Xutf8LookupString() function that
+ loses input not representable in the locale encoding (#4330,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1079. Avoid four new gcc warnings about const in lcUTF8.c introduced by
+ patch #4293 (#4329, Bruno Haible).
+1078. Fix some additional cases of confusing local typedef for wchar_t
+ (#4328, Bruno Haible).
+1077. Fix some round-trip conversion errors in COMPOUND_TEXT -> UTF8_STRING ->
+ COMPOUND_TEXT due to wrong tables introduced by patches #4214, 4215
+ (#4327, Pablo Saratxaga).
+1076. Cygwin update for building Xrender DLL (#4326, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+1075. Fix an undefined SUBDIRS in xc/lib/GL/mesa/src/drv/Imakefile when
+ compiling on something other than x86, alpha or sparc (#4325,
+ Brian Paul).
+1074. Don't have the neomagic driver disable stretching when a mode that
+ fills the panel is selected (#4324, Andrew C. Aitchison).
+1073. Fix a bug in Xlib's _XimLocalMbLookupString() that causes a crash when
+ a zero keycode keypress event is received (#4322, HIBINO Kei).
+1072. NetBSD doesn't have perl in its default install (Matthieu Herrb).
+1071. Add Xft support to xditview with #ifdefs (Keith Packard)
+1070. Add a MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 generator to startx for NetBSD 1.5 and OpenBSD
+ and FreeBSD and make mkcookie support more generic (Matthieu Herrb).
+1069. Update OpenBSD and NetBSD docs (Matthieu Herrb).
+1068. Clean up r128_video.c again (Marc La France).
+1067. Fix ATI clock generator recognition when an adapter BIOS cannot be
+ retrieved (Linus Torvalds).
+1066. Fix int10 and ATI driver for video BIOSes larger than 64kB
+ (Marc La France).
+1065. Change xf86MatchDevice() to initialise its return pointer and clean up
+ drivers accordingly (Marc La France).
+1064. Fix for bug in new imConv.c (#4318, Ivan Pascal).
+1063. Fix for FreeBSD sysmouse support (#4317, from FreeBSD ports collection).
+1062. Enable the ru_SU local entries for FreeBSD (based on patch from FreeBSD
+ ports collection).
+1061. Driver for the S3 Savage family of chips (#4315, 4316, 4319-4321,
+ Tim Roberts).
+1060. Add xkb definitions for the Logitech cordless keyboard (#4314,
+ Michel Goraczko).
+1059. Add support for "unicode keysym" to XKeysymToString() and
+ XStringToKeysym() (#4313, Ivan Pascal).
+1058. SiS driver updates, including:
+ - Performance tuning for sis630
+ - Support XV extension for sis630
+ - Support Chrontel TV for sis630
+ (#4312, Can-Ru Yeou).
+1057. Fix Xrender library to handle strings > 254 chars long.
+ Change Xrender and Xft interfaces to use 'unsigned int'
+ instead of 'unsigned long' for 32-bit glyph values.
+ (Keith Packard)
+1056. Fix neomagic driver mangled acceleration test (#4309, 4310,
+ Chip Salzenberg).
+1055. Add a rudimentary driver for the SGI Indy's newport cards (only
+ 8-bit and non-accelerated so far) (#4308, Guido Guenther).
+1054. Fix a bug in rman that is provoked by the new dumpkeymap man page
+ (David Dawes).
+1053. Updates to the dumpkeymap utility, and add documentation (including
+ a man page) (#4307, Eric Sunshine).
+1052. Add -version and -showconfig options to the Darwin Xserver, and print
+ the usual "XFree86" banner message (#4306, Torrey T. Lyons).
+1051. Fix i810 crash when running XFree86 -configure (#4305, Ryan Drake).
+1050. Linux APM fix, which fixes a problem that shows up with the neomagic
+ driver after an APM suspend (#4304, 4311, Chip Salzenberg).
+1049. Correct maximum ranges for Wacom IV devices (#4303, Frederic Lepied).
+1048. Add preliminary support for USB input devices under Linux (wacom
+ driver (#4303, MATSUMURA Namihiko).
+1047. Locale fixes/cleanups, including:
+ - Cleanup garbage in XLC_LOCALES.
+ - Add "use_stdc_env' to locales where it was absent.
+ - Move non-standard charset descriptions from the lcCT.c table to
+ the XLC_LOCALE files.
+ (#4302, Ivan Pascal).
+1046. Make sure the correct "driverName" string is used in xf86Configure.c.
+1045. Fix some i810 driver problems when too little videoRam is specified
+ (David Dawes).
+1044. Fix an i810 driver bug that prevents the DRI from being enabled
+ after a server reset (Jeff Hartmann).
+1043. Add a "dri" config file option to the i810 driver that can be used
+ to enable/disable the DRI (no other method works for statically
+ linked servers) (David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
+1042. Update the i810 driver to check the max available GART memory
+ (Jeff Hartmann, David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
+1041. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux). Includes
+ 3dfx driver updates (Daryll Strauss).
+1040. Fix a couple of clipping problems on the Trident CyberBlade/Blade3d
+ chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
+1039. Fix a couple of Alpha related issues (Jay Estabrook).
+1038. Change Xft interface (again) to use new XftColor datatype for
+ colors instead of XRenderColor. xterm and x11perf updated to
+ match. (Keith Packard)
+1037. Fix an i810 init problem that resulted in the fallback to 2D failing
+ for one case where there's insufficient memory to enable the DRI
+ (David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
+1036. Add support for printing a vendor-specific version string in the
+ X server startup messages (David Dawes, from VA's 7.0.1).
+1035. Xwd workaround for a gcc bug (Red Hat's XFree86-4.0.1-xwd-gcc-workaround
+ patch).
+1034. Fixes for sparc drivers, mostly to prevent accessing the hardware
+ when the server doesn't have control of the VT (Red Hat's
+ XFree86-4.0.1-ffb patch).
+1033. Use OS-provided interface for accessing PCI config space on Linux/ia64
+ (based on Red Hat's XFree86-4.0.1-ia64-pci patch).
+1032. Use AsmDefines when processing the Sparc assembler code for cfb
+ (based on Red Hat's XFree86-4.0-sparc-asmflags patch).
+1031. Add PAM authentication to the X server (based on Red Hat's
+ XFree86-4.0-Xwrapper patch).
+1030. Add Slovenian and Romanian entries to XKB's keymap/xfree86 file
+ (Red Hat's XFree86-4.0-si_xkb patch and XFree86-4.0-ro_xkb.patch).
+1029. Fix for PAM support in xdm SessionExit() (Red Hat's
+ XFree86-4.0-pamsession patch).
+1028. XlibInt.c patch to avoid buffer overflow (Red Hat's
+ XFree86-3.3.6-fixemacs patch).
+1027. Updates to xfs from Red Hat and Debian, including:
+ - command line options to make xfs drop it's root privs (-droppriv
+ and -user) - command line options to make xfs start as a daemon,
+ and a build option to make this the default.
+ - don't let a port option in the config file override the -port
+ command line option
+ - cleanup/fix syslogging
+ (based on #4253, Topi Miettinen, Debian, and Red Hat's
+ XFree86-4.0-xfsredhat patch).
+1026. Support for startx to set up the Xauth when starting an X server
+ (based on Red Hat's XFree86-4.0-startx_xauth patch).
+1025. Fix an unaligned access on Alpha with the tdfx driver (Jay Estabrook).
+1024. Add detection for CyberBlade/Ai1 Socket A chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 4.0.1g (29 November 2000)
+1023. Fix small bug in lcGeneric.c (#4301, Ivan Pascal).
+1022. Rewrite Xft library for Render extension/core text and font management
+ Change xterm to use new interface (Keith Packard).
+1021. s3virge driver updates, including Xv fixes for the ViRGE DX, disable
+ GX2 color expansion until it's stable, GX2 Xv code (not enabled or
+ working yet) (#4299, Kevin Brosius).
+1020. Siliconmotion driver (#4298, Frido Garritsen, Silicon Motion, Inc.).
+1019. Fix Estonian_Estonia.1257 entry in locale.alias (#4297, 4300,
+ Nerijus Baliunas).
+1018. New Lithuanian XKB map (#4296, Nerijus Baliunas).
+1017. Fix a problem with the "xtt" font module introduced with recent
+ changes to the "freetype" module (#4295, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
+1016. Fix the return value for the "indirect" converter in Xlib (#4294,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1015. ANSI C cleanup of Xlib locale core code (#4293, Bruno Haible).
+1014. Optimize the i18n support for parsing resource files for the unibyte
+ locales, and clean up pre-ANSI-C-isms and warnings (#4292, Bruno Haible).
+1013. Enhance the CompoundText <-> UTF-8 converter so that it understands
+ the BIG5 encoding scheme used by Emacs (#4291, Bruno Haible).
+1012. Fix documentation and implementation of _XlcCompareISOLatin1 and
+ _XlcNCompareISOLatin1 (#4290, Bruno Haible).
+1011. Add new Unicode-based APIs for internationalized text for Xlib (#4289,
+ Bruno Haible).
+1010. Fix a minor Mesa lighting bug (#4288, Brian Paul).
+1009. Fix the glide driver's resolution of symbols from the glide library
+ (#4281, Pontus Lidman).
+1008. Fix X server stalling forever with local font servers on Linux 2.4
+ kernels (#4280, Branden Robinson).
+1007. Improve temp file handling in the Xaw library (#4279, Branden Robinson).
+1006. Add support for Rage 128 RG (#4277, Michael Mattice).
+1005. Modify XimGetCharCode() to use conversion from keysym to UCS and then
+ from UCS to the appropriate charset specified in the locale description
+ (#4276, Ivan Pascal).
+1004. Allow Unicode fonts to be used as UTF-8 locale native fonts (#4275,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+1003. Fix abnt2/br XKB config (#4274, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1002. Let the Darwin X server build on pure Darwin as well as Mac OS X systems
+ (#4273, Torrey T. Lyons).
+1001. Patch to allow xdm to build on Darwin (#4273, Torrey T. Lyons).
+1000. Fix parser not dup'ing a string (#4272, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 999. Improve direct fifo writes for the glint/permedia3 pixmapwrite hook
+ when using FIFO disconnect (#4271, Sven Luther).
+ 998. Fix a sprite problem with the "xwin" server (#4269, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+ 997. Fix a confusing local typedef for "wchar_t' in xc/lib/X11/lcUTF8.c
+ (#4268, Bruno Haible).
+ 996. Allow ProjectVar to override "/var" when set (based on #4266,
+ Bruno Haible).
+ 995. Rework Trident Blade/CyberBlade acceleration (Alan Hourihane).
+ 994. Make the CyberBlade/e4 (aka 9540) work (Alan Hourihane).
+ 993. Updates to Big5 encodings for the TrueType font backends (#4265,
+ Jacky Bryant).
+ 992. Fixes for Thai (th_TH) locale support in Xlib (#4264,
+ Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
+ 991. Fix a segv in Xnest caused by overflowing the pixmap formats array
+ (based on #4262, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 990. Fix an xdm problem that prevents the chooser from working (#4261,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 989. Update the Cards file (#4260, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 988. Update Macedonian xkb symbols, and add mk_MK.utf8 to locale.alias
+ (#4258, 4259, Damjan Georgievski).
+ 987. Safe tempfile handline for imake's probing of glibc version (based on
+ #4257, Colin Phipps).
+ 986. Fix typo in dvorak xkb symbols file, plus white space cleanup (#4256,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 985. Fix typo in server startup message (#4255, Branden Robinson).
+ 984. Make XOpenDisplay() bail out if the server claims that its vendor
+ string is > 256 in length (#4254).
+ 983. Add some useful default key bindings for the xdm login widget (#4252,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 982. Change the default xdm Xaccess file to not allow any connections
+ (#4252, Branden Robinson).
+ 981. Set the default glyph caching mode to "CACHE_16_BIT_GLYPHS"
+ (#4251, Branden Robinson).
+ 980. Make the X server use the XAUTHORITY environment variable (if set)
+ when the -authfile command line flag isn't given (#4250,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 979. Add Debian-specific settings to (#4249, Branden Robinson).
+ 978. Rename Trident Cyber9540 to CyberBlade/e4 and make appropriate
+ changes in driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 977. Fix Trident Cyber series to only detect SDRAM (Alan Hourihane).
+ 976. Make xf86SoundKbdBell() available to modules (for citron driver)
+ (Marc La France, #4270, Frederic Lepied).
+ 975. Fix glide driver's check for glide library presence (Marc La France).
+ 974. Add missing symbol references in r128 and s3virge drivers
+ (Marc La France).
+ 973. Fix int10 debugging and reading in all segments between 0x0C0000 and
+ 0x0F0000 (Marc La France).
+ 972. Fix typo in imake.c (Marc La France).
+ 971. Turn off SGRAM optimization for Trident Blade chips, causes some
+ problems. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 970. Ignore various ".stab.*" sections for Solaris (Marc La France).
+ 969. Fix ENXIO errors on Linux BIOS retrievals by removing restriction on
+ several OSes that xf86ReadBIOS()'s Base be page-aligned (Marc La France).
+ 968. Disable change 873. It causes device/monitor mismatches
+ (Marc La France).
+ 967. Change linux/int10 to intercept signals generated by the vm86() syscall
+ rather than killing the server (Marc La France).
+ 966. Reinstate DG/UX mmap() bug work-around in int10 (Marc La France).
+ 965. Rage128 and Radeon fix for -configure (Marc La France).
+ 964. Fix int10 woes with retrieving PCI BIOSes (Marc La France).
+ 963. Allow modules to intercept signals that would otherwise kill the server
+ (Marc La France).
+ 962. Fix static Xvfb server build (Marc La France).
+ 961. Some warning fixes (Marc La France).
+ 960. Rage128 and Radeon #include changes to reduce recompilations
+ (Marc La France).
+ 959. Modify item no. 949 - only reset clipping for Cyber9382, Cyber9385 and
+ ProVidia9682 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 958. Added messages about modes rejected on lookup (Egbert Eich).
+ 957. Attempt to fix DDC1 support on Neomagic (Egbert Eich).
+ 956. Added Block/UnblockSIGIO() to DDC1 readout code (Egbert Eich).
+ 955. Enabled virtual depth for a second head on a G400 multihead
+ (this needs to be looked at) (Egbert Eich).
+ 954. Added code to check if the PictureScreen structure was initialized
+ before referencing it (Egbert Eich).
+ 953. Modified xf86UDelay() to use Block/UnblockSIGIO and usleep()
+ instead of gettimeofday() (Egbert Eich).
+ 952. Modified xf86MatchPciInstances() to allow for chipset overrides
+ even when called with no separate vendorID (Egbert Eich).
+ 951. Changed Xvfb to use fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
+ 950. Moved a misplaced xfree() in the generic driver. Now more than
+ one chipset can use this driver in a multihead setup (Egbert Eich).
+ 949. Did some fixes for the Trident driver ie. fixed a LCD modeline,
+ reset clipping register on all non 3D chips (Egbert Eich).
+ 948. Added missing parts for AXP support to lnx_video.c (Egbert Eich).
+ 947. Added bsr/bsf to x86emu (Jeff Wiedemeier).
+XFree86 4.0.1f (16 November 2000)
+ 946. Add a dumpkeymap utility for Darwin (#4248, Eric Sunshine).
+ 945. Fix a Darwin build problem with mkcfm, and get xdm closer to building
+ (#4247, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 944. DDX for the Xdarwin server (#4246, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 943. Enable xdm/PAM support by default for FreeBSD versions with PAM.
+ 942. Fix a problem where the X server thinks it has acquired a VT at startup
+ before it has really been released. This is due to the ioctl()
+ returning prematurely because of a pending signal (Jeff Hartmann).
+ 941. Fix a problem with the PAM support in xdm that prevents
+ pam_start_session() from ever being called (Takanori Saneto).
+ 940. Enable PAM support for xdm on FreeBSD (#A.202, Jean-Marc Zucconi, and
+ Takanori Saneto).
+ 939. Fix xf86cfg build problem when BuildXinerama is set to NO (#A.200,
+ Jean-Marc Zucconi).
+ 938. gccmakedep has a typo which affects handling the -o and -O options
+ (A.192, Ivan Zakharyaschev).
+ 937. Specify the units for the dpms and rate commands in the xset man
+ page (#A.191, John Heidemann).
+ 936. Let makedepend ignore "//" style comments on all platforms, not
+ just Win32, and fix a bug in that code that was causing the line
+ after such comments to also be ignored (#A.189, Guenther Grau).
+ 935. Update GNU/Hurd support (#A.188, Marcus Brinkmann).
+ 934. Initial port of the ark driver to 4.x (#4242, Ani Joshi).
+ 933. Wacom input driver update, including support for 38400 link speed
+ and fix wrong advertisement of min/max values (#4241, Frederic Lepied).
+ 932. Fix some parser problems, including:
+ - parser does not write Modes section and UseModes keyword
+ - the vscan value wasn't being used
+ - make the XF86ConfModesPtr structure accessible from the
+ XF86ConfMonitorPtr structure
+ - allow xf86Parser.h to be included from in a C++ program
+ (#4238, 4243-4245, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 931. Fix the name of the Serbian xkb symbols file (rename from yu to sr)
+ (#4237, Ivan Pascal).
+ 930. Fix mkcfm bug (#4236, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 929. Glint/permedia3 updates (#4235, 4238, Sven Luther).
+ 928. Fix an SVR4 loader build problem introduced in 4.0.1d (#4234,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+ 927. Fix a bug in fontenc that would cause a memory leak whenever an
+ encoding would be declared in encodings.dir but not in the encoding
+ file itself (#4233, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 926. Make the freetype backend use the fontenc matrix encoding support,
+ remove support for the defunct XAnti extension, and bump the version
+ of the freetype backend to 1.1.8 (#4233, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 925. Add proper support for matrix encodings in fontenc (including the
+ new FIRSTINDEX keyword in encoding files), and bump the version of
+ the font module ABI to 0.2 (#4233, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 924. Fix a problem the vesa driver (#4232, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 923. Fix problems building the C&T driver with DEBUG defined (#4231,
+ Taketoshi Sano).
+ 922. Remove lt_LT.ISO8859-1 entry from compose.dir (#4230, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 921. s3virge driver updates, including:
+ - Stabilize GX2 support, reenable silken mouse
+ - Enable MX fixes
+ - Add support for the render extension
+ - Enable BLT_BUG for ViRGE and VX chipsets
+ (#4229, Kevin Brosius).
+ 920. Don't initialize DRI when noaccel is specified in the tdfx driver
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 919. Make module ABI compatibility mismatches fatal by default, and
+ add a command line option for making them non-fatal (David Dawes).
+ 918. Changed SiS driver to use fb instead of cfb (Alan Hourihane).
+ 917. Fix r128 and radeon driver source code formatting that was munged
+ during ATI merge (Kevin Martin).
+ 916. Update Markus Kuhn's UCS fonts, and add his scripts for extracting
+ subsets of them to the build process (David Dawes).
+ 915. Fix visual setting in ATI r128/radeon driver (Jeff Wiedemeier).
+ 914. Alpha fix for xf86cfg (Alan Hourihane).
+ 913. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).
+ 912. Fix tdfx driver to register resources and remove some redundant code
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 4.0.1e (6 November 2000)
+ 911. Fix the ksc5601.1987-0 encoding file (#4226, 4228, Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 910. Update xdm/sessreg to write ":0" type entried in utmp on OpenBSD
+ (#4225, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 909. Fix for Xmu under NetBSD, which doesn't #define "unix" anymore (#4225,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 908. Preliminary support for OpenBSD/powerpc (#4225, Tsubai Masanari,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 907. Support for native WSCONS driver on NetBSD and OpenBSD (#4225,
+ Tsubai Masanari).
+ 906. Support for new OpenBSD 2.8 shared libs scheme (#4225, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 905. Support for the OpenBSD ports tree (#4225, Marc Espie).
+ 904. Update the list of layouts in the xfree86.lst file (#4224, Ivan Pascal).
+ 903. Add an XKB map for Serbian (#4224, Milos Rancic).
+ 903. New revision of the Bulgarian XKB map (#4224, Anton Zinoviev).
+ 902. Change the Alt key definitions in the "group switcher" descriptions
+ to not override the base Alt key mappings (#4223, Ivan Pascal).
+ 901. Change XKB Mode_switch behavior description to not clear "locked
+ group" (#4223, Ivan Pascal).
+ 900. Create a root window property "XFree86_DDC_EDID2_RAWDATA" when
+ suitable data is available (#4222, Andrew C. Aitchison).
+ 899. Fix some typos/errors in the Latvian and Lithuanian entries in
+ the locale.alias and locale.dir files (#4221, Nerijus Baliunas).
+ 898. Fix two more bugs in xkbcomp: handling of 'keycode aliases', and
+ copying of strings when copying structures (#4208, Ivan Pascal).
+ 897. Added render extension support to tseng driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 896. Fixed clock code in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 899. xf86Configure now uses the imake variable xf86ConfigFile (Egbert Eich).
+ 898. xf86cfg has a new option for a server path (Egbert Eich).
+ 897. xf86cfg can now handle more than one command line argument (Egbert Eich).
+ 895. Added a delay to dac code in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 894. Changed shadowfb to use delayed updates in neomagic
+ driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 893. Rewrote ddc code in nv driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 892. Rewrote ddc code in neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 891. Fixed problems with enter/leave/closeScreen in nv
+ driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 890. Fixed a bug in the fixed modelines in trident driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 889. Added reinitialization of blitter on enterVT in trident
+ driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 888. Fixed a typo which caused wrong register to be set in trident
+ driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 887. Added loader symbol handling to tseng driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 886. Changed tseng driver to use fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
+ 885. Changed chips driver to use fb instead of cfb (Egbert Eich).
+ 884. Added render extension support to chips driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 883. Added render extension support to neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 882. Added render extension support to nv driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 881. Modified helper_mem.c to map everything between video bios and
+ system bios on PC-like platforms (Egbert Eich).
+ 880. Modified Linux mapVidMem() to map memory on page boundaries
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 879. Changed BIOS_SIZE (Sys BIOS) from 0x10000 to 0xffff to make
+ int10 work un DGUX (Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
+ 878. Fixed a bug in the argument list of the call to xf86ReadPciBIOS()
+ from int10/pci.c (Egbert Eich).
+ 877. Added simple sanity check to catch situation where DDC reads
+ all 0 and therefore trivially has the correct checksum (Egbert Eich).
+ 876. Changed i2c code to allow for longer rise/fall times on longer
+ cables (Egbert Eich).
+ 875. Removed limit on default visual for 4bpp (Egbert Eich).
+ 874. Added macros to build nv driver on AXP (Jay Estabrook).
+ 873. Changed -configure to use primary card as first card (Egbert Eich).
+ 872. Changed generic vga driver to not unmap memory when switched away.
+ 871. Fixed problem that caused APM support to be disabled on server
+ reset (Egbert Eich).
+ 870. Added support for newer sparse AXP systems (Egbert Eich).
+ 869. Added support for MGA G100 PCI (Egbert Eich).
+ 868. Add missing exported libXext Shm functions to loader (Alan Hourihane).
+ 867. Change Rage 128 DRM driver name to what the r128 kernel module
+ expects (Kevin Martin).
+ 866. Fix newly merged "ati" driver probe to allow "r128" and "radeon"
+ driver names in the XF86Config file for backwards compatibility
+ (Kevin Martin).
+ 865. Use vgaHW module to fix font save/restore in i128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 864. Fixed (hopefully) a Xinerama problem with BE clients (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 863. Modifications to GLw to allow it to build without Motif, and
+ integrate it into the regular build process (#4142,
+ Carlos A. M. dos Santos, David Dawes).
+ 862. Import the GLw parts of SGI's ogl-sample (snapshot from 20001102)
+ under xc/extras/ogl-sample.
+ 861. Add support for SubSection in the Vendor Section of the config file
+ (Stuart Anderson)
+ 860. Fix a typo introduced in a recent update to the 'no' xkb symbols
+ file (#4218, Pablo Saratxaga, 4219, Harald Nordgård-Hansen).
+ 859. Parser symbol update (#4217, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 858. Updates to iso8859-9e, microsoft_cp1251 charset handling, and
+ add real support for microsoft_cp1255 and microsoft_cp1256 (#4214, 4215,
+ Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 857. Fix Sparc build problems linking xf86cfb with libloader that were
+ related to various interdependencies (#4212, David S. Miller).
+ 856. Allow generic XVideo adaptors (like v4l) to be initialised for
+ the G400 crtc2 (#4211, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 855. Update mga driver to check the chipset much earlier to prevent
+ server hang when using g400 dual head + millennium 2, and some
+ G200 PCI/warp cleanups (#4211, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 854. Updates to the Macedonian xkb symbols (#4210, 4220, Damjan Georgievski).
+ 853. Combine the ATI, Rage128 and Radeon drivers into one with multiple
+ sub-modules (Marc La France).
+ 852. Make BIOS accesses in the Rage128 and Radeon drivers independent of
+ endianess and alignment (Marc La France).
+ 851. Fix the claiming of XF86Config device sections by drivers, and change
+ xf86MatchDevices() to only return unclaimed sections (Marc La France).
+ 850. Fixed build problem in s3virge when XvExtension is not set (Stuart
+ Anderson)
+ 849. Add a message at the top of the server/log output for pre-release
+ versions stating that they are unsupported (David Dawes).
+ 848. Fix two problems in Imake.rules: have LinkBuildBinary create the
+ used directory if it doesn't exist, and fix a missing ')' in
+ the LinkConfFileLong (#A.187, Ivan Zakharyaschev).
+ 847. Fix a libXt bug that affects multidisplay applications when Xt is
+ built to use select(2) rather than poll(2) (#A.181, Antony Uspensky).
+ 846. Add a -utime option to xclock that allows the digital clock to
+ display the number of seconds since the Epoch (based on A.173,
+ Kelsey Hudson).
+ 845. Add symbols mappings for extra keys on the BTC 9000 keyboard (#A.167,
+ Stefano Cavallari).
+ 844. Fix twm's icon manager so that it is functional before an EnterNotify
+ event is received in twm's event loop (#A.156, Jason Zwolak).
+ 843. Update comments about standards for Estonian support, and add an
+ entry for the Estonian keyboard layout to the xfree86.lst file
+ (#A.155).
+ 842. Fix for G400 crtc2 blank screen color (#4205, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 841. Modify the mga/HALlib support to allow it to be selected at
+ run-time. This allows a driver built with HALlib to be used with
+ older hardware (like the Millennium, Millennium 2) (#4204,
+ Antii Tapaninen).
+ 840. Add config/imake support for Darwin (#4200, Torrey T. Lyons).
+ 839. Add a driver for the citron touch screen (#4199, Peter Kunzmann).
+ 838. Fix Html man page install problem (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 837. Fix transparency problem with blits, add DDC2 for i128-II chipset
+ in i128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 836. Allow loader to be build if HasShm == NO (Marcus Brinkmann).
+ 835. Allow the log file to be set in the config files (Stuart Anderson).
+ 834. Fix Rage128/Radeon drivers to free correct scratch buffer on LeaveVT
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 833. Xterm patch #148 (#4213, Thomas Dickey).
+ 832. Split ATI driver into two modules in preparation for merging in the
+ r128 and radeon drivers (Marc La France).
+ 831. Update the XFree86 -configure code to put the default font path
+ in the Files section of the config file it generates (#4202,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 830. Add write-combine support for IA-64 (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 4.0.1d (27 October 2000)
+ 829. Add code to the xf86config utility to get the list of XKB selections
+ from the appropriate XKB files rather than having them hard-coded.
+ Also allow XkbOptions to be set (#4209, Ivan Pascal).
+ 828. -
+ 827. Xterm patch #147 (#4207, Thomas Dickey).
+ 826. Move the initialisation of pScrn->EnableDisableFBAccess into
+ InitOutput(), which fixes an infinite loop problem that can show up
+ on server resets (#4206, Joe Moss).
+ 825. Make xf86cfg use the same config file search path as the X server
+ (#4203, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 824. -
+ 823. Fix a bug in the vesa driver when finding the linear address for the
+ card, some compile time warnings, faster code for handling colormap
+ changes, and add DGA support (#4201, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 822. Fix a typo in the mga driver that causes planemask problems with
+ the PCI version of the G100 (#4198, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 821. Add an option to the C&T driver to disable "TMED" (DSTN dithering
+ scheme) (#A.172, Damir Anicic, #4196, 4197, David Bateman).
+ 820. Pablo Saratxaga's i18n updates for XFree86 that are used in Mandrake 7.2.
+ Includes various new and fixed xkb files, locale name additions and
+ updates, and new support for various charset encodings (#4195,
+ Pablo Saratxaga).
+ 819. Improve Xaw 7 compatibility with version 6 in the form widget geometry
+ management code. This should fix some problems seen with ghostview
+ (#4194, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 818. Build fixes for XFree86 on Cygwin (#4193, Suhaib Siddiqi).
+ 817. Fix for missing symbol messages in int10 and cirrus driver
+ (Marc La France).
+ 816. Detect null windows of PCI-to-PCI bridges (Marc La France).
+ 815. Update pciConfigRec's and pciVideoRec's when relocating PCI resources
+ (Marc La France).
+ 814. Fix handling of 64-bit PCI bases (Marc La France).
+ 813. Fix cursor hide on i128 in multi-head mode (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 812. Fix accel on i128 non-primary cards (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 811. locale.alias fix for ko_KR.utf8 (#4190, Won-kyu Park).
+ 810. Fix incorrect vtSema usage in neomagic driver DPMS code (#4184,
+ Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 809. Fix a 1-byte overflow in Xtrans.c (#4182, Aaron Campbell).
+ 808. Enable building the loadable server for BSD/OS.
+ 807. Fix the following xkbcomp bugs:
+ - 'base group' keyword added to 'whichGroup' possible values list
+ - 'groupsWrap' keyword removed from 'controls' possible values list
+ - fix crash in processing files with unnamed sections
+ - now keep 'per key group adjustment mode' in XKM file
+ - now allow an empty 'key' description to be specified in an
+ xkb_symbols file.
+ (#4170, Ivan Pascal).
+ 806. Add a "bcast" flag for mode lines, which is needed to display
+ broadcast resolutions (#4169, Michel Danzer).
+ 805. Fix compiler warnings when building the mga driver with or without
+ the Matrox HALlib, add the digital/tv-out/tvstandard/cabletype
+ options, missing files, and some cleanups (#4166, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 804. Fix spelling from xvinfo (#4166, Antti Tapaninen).
+ 803. Add support to twm for displaying multibyte strings on window titles,
+ and make the twm config file reader 8-bit clean (#4165, 4168, 4180,
+ Tomohiro Kubota).
+ 802. Fix a tseng driver problem related to the usable amount of video memory
+ (#4164, A.182, Randy McCaskill).
+ 801. Add support for the new Render extension to the nv driver, and
+ turn on fb support by default in the nv driver (#4161, Jarno Paananen).
+ 800. Fix a typo that prevents DPS from being built statically (#4160,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 799. Fix some xkbfile bugs in the .xkb files that it writes
+ (two adjacent commas, no xkb_types section in xkb_layout) (#4159,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 798. Fix an xkbcomp bug that causes an infinite loop for some error
+ message output (#4158, Ivan Pascal).
+ 797. Fix XlcNONE usage in charset description (#4153, Ivan Pascal).
+ 796. Fix a bug in XKB group adjustment (#4152, Ivan Pascal).
+ 795. Fix some build problems that show up with the SVR4 C compiler
+ (based on #4139, Takaaki Nomura).
+ 794. Add two new XKB group switches (Alt+Shift and Menu key) (#4151,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 793. Fix HTML man page links when the man page suffix has more than one
+ character (#4150, Bruno Haible, A.149, Serguei Ostrovskii).
+ 792. Remove the old UTF-1 locale (it's not filesystems safe, deprecated
+ for years, withdrawn from ISO standards, and nobody uses it) (#4147,
+ 4149, Bruno Haible).
+ 791. Replace multiple stub functions in libXThrStub by only one (#4141,
+ Carlos A. M. dos Santos).
+ 790. Fix some build problems that show up with glibc 2.1.3 where ctype.h
+ sometimes (always?) depends on stdlib.h being included (#4134,
+ Kevin Brosius).
+ 789. Updates for building on BSD/OS 4.2 on UltraSparc (#4132, Kurt J. Lidl).
+ 788. Default to linking the Xfont library into the X server statically
+ (based on #4127, Kurt J. Lidl).
+ 787. Update apNetBSD.shar for a kernel mmap interface change (#4124,
+ Bernd Ernesti).
+ 786. When the "auto" mouse protocol is specified, do the auto-detection
+ whenever regaining control of the VT (based on #4120, Kazutaka Yokota).
+ 785. Change the usage of the "Xinerama" config file option to be consistent
+ with all the other ServerLayout/ServerFlags options, and document it
+ in the XF86Config man page (#4118, Itai Nahshon).
+ 784. Add I2C/DDC support to i128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 783. Add non-GXcopy raster op support to cirrus driver (#4178, David Monniaux).
+ 782. Use DlLibrary instead of referencing -ldl explicitly in xf86cfg
+ (#4189, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 781. Add S3 Virge XVideo support (preliminary) (#4186, Kevin Brosius).
+ 780. Fix non-DRI build problem in r128 driver (#4188, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 779. Add XLIB for OpenBSD/i386 dependency problem to xvinfo
+ (#4187, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 778. Update C&T driver, remove obsolete acceleration and use fb instead
+ of cfb with USE_FB option (#4185, David Bateman).
+ 777. Experimental XAA Render support in the MGA driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 776. Preliminary XAA support for the Render extension (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 775. Pass depth/bpp correctly, scan all fbdev devices, misc fbdev fixes.
+ (#4179, Michel Danzer).
+ 774. Add generic Vesa driver, fixes for xf86cfg plus changes to parser to
+ reflect xf86cfg changes (#4174,#4175, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 773. Loader fixes for Alpha. (Jay Estabrook).
+ 772. Accelerated TGA2 32bpp for tga driver (Jay Estabrook).
+ 771. Allow use of Compaq's Math Library on Alpha (currently for Mesa)
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 770. Update Tiny-X Xvesa server for standard VGA BIOS modes. (Keith Packard)
+ 769. Added ATI Radeon driver, accelerated 2D only (for now) (VA Linux).
+ 768. Fix depth24/32 issue in i128 driver (#4176, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 767. On IA-64's, build DRI and drm's if they would be built on IA-32's
+ (David Mosberger).
+ 766. Fix xf8_32wid build on Sparc's (Marc La France).
+ 765. Fix MMIO macros for Sparc's (David S. Miller, Jakub Jelinek,
+ Marc La France).
+ 764. Sparc warning fixes (Marc La France).
+ 763. Fix for decoded I/O and memory ranges of certain Sun PCI-to-PCI bridges
+ (David S. Miller, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 762. Force ATIAvoidCPIO to YES on Sparc's (Marc La France).
+ 761. Minor fix for the ATI driver's printing of MMIO registers
+ (Marc La France).
+ 760. Minor fix for sunffb DGA support (Marc La France).
+ 759. Remove unnecessary pointer<->long casts in tseng driver (Marc La France).
+ 758. Re-align Sparc PCI support with that of other architectures
+ (Marc La France).
+ 757. mmap() /dev/fb instead of /dev/mem on Linux/Sparc (Marc La France).
+ 756. Fix OS-reported PCI ranges on Linux/Sparc (David S. Miller,
+ Jakub Jelinek).
+ 755. Remove a dependency on word size in the determination of PCI resource
+ sizes on Linux (Marc La France).
+ 754. Permedia3 updates (#4177, 4183, 4192, Sven Luther).
+ 753. Add Xv support to the r128 driver (Stuart Anderson/Vladmir Dergacheb)
+ 752. Make VBE module log a message when the BIOS doesn't support any VESA
+ extensions (Marc La France).
+ 751. Fix int10 so that it rejects BIOS's that are not aligned on a 512-byte
+ boundary (Marc La France).
+ 750. Fix int10 for ISA adapters on Alpha's (Egbert Eich).
+ 749. Fix for ATI ISA adapters on Alpha's or with -configure (Marc La France).
+ 748. Fix stupid clock probe bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 747. Reorganise ATI driver in preparation for futuure changes
+ (Marc La France).
+ 746. Formatting changes to hsync/vrefresh messages (Marc La France).
+ 745. Fix spurious free() when using an ISA adapter (Marc La France).
+ 744. Preliminary acceleration of the Render extension for Matrox G200/G400
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 743. Fix ordering of drawable destruction in client-side DRI (Brian Paul).
+ 742. Update Trident's text acceleration routines (Alan Hourihane).
+ 741. Destroy unbound window info when a client destroys a context in
+ the client-side DRI driver (Kevin Martin).
+ 740. Make ATI driver's detection of Rage 128's more precise (Marc La France).
+ 739. Reinstate BIOS checksum verification but make it non-fatal
+ (Marc La France).
+ 738. Don't set protection register on older trident chips
+ Fixes Vertical line problem. (Alan Hourihane).
+ 737. Add missing symbols for Solaris (incomplete) (Marc La France).
+ 736. Add primitive support in xterm for Xft based fonts (Keith Packard)
+ 735. Add new Xft library to hook FreeType 2 to Render (Keith Packard)
+ 734. Added support for Number Nine I128 chipsets (Robin Cutshaw).
+ 733. Added support for softbooting BIOSes on ia64 (Egbert Eich).
+ 732. Fixed handling of XtMakeGeometryRequest() to test for parent
+ belonging to subclass of composite class only if the widget
+ itself is managed. This follows the specs more closely.
+ (Keith Packard).
+ 731. Changed handling of DDC read in r128 driver. Driver does not
+ fail any more if vbe DDC reads don't succeed (Egbert Eich).
+ 730. Fixed infinite loop when referencing the same mnitor section
+ twice when using a Mode Section (Egbert Eich).
+ 729. Fixed problem that caused SIGV in xf86GetValidBiosBase() (Egbert Eich).
+ 728. Fixed macintosh us keyboard (Olaf Hering).
+ 727. Added missing symbols to mga driver (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 726. Fixed a ia64 loader problem that caused SIGV when PLT was present
+ (Andreas Schwab).
+ 725. Fixed ia64 build rules (Andreas Schwab).
+ 724. Fix DGA library to only swap events for DGA 2.0 X servers
+ 723. Fix locale parsing code in Xlib and Xt (Matthieu Herrb)
+ 722. Fix X Test Suite to work on 800x600 screens (Keith Packard)
+ 721. PCI chip ID updates to ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 720. Fix i810 driver for -probe and -configure (Marc La France).
+ 719. Change message when default modes are deleted (Marc La France).
+ 718. Fix Xinerama byte swapping bug (Marc La France).
+ 717. IA-64 and Alpha fixes for pswrap, Mesa, DRI, Xpm, libX11, Xt, Xaw, Xmu,
+ dps, Type1 fonts, cfb24, most output drivers, ELF loader, ramdac module,
+ xf4bpp and xf86cfg (Marc La France).
+ 716. Improve IA-64 support by removing a plethora of 32-bit'isms
+ (Marc La France).
+ 715. Default HasLinuxDoc to NO (Marc La France).
+ 714. Lots of Neomagic driver fixes/enhancements (Mark Vojkovich).
+ - Fix logic bug that kept HW cursor from being used.
+ - Added support for gamma correction and DirectColor visuals.
+ - Fixed some depth/bpp confusion (depth 15 works now).
+ - Convert from cfb to fb.
+ - Fix typo that kept the pixmap cache from being used.
+ - Fixed DGA support.
+ - Disable 8x8 pattern fills because they don't work.
+ - Set correct virtual desktop size limits for 2160 and older chips.
+ - Preliminary man page.
+ - Enable burst modes by default.
+ - Accelerate ImageWrite support for 2097/2160.
+ 713. Fix some depth 32 problems in XAA (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 712. Add Silken Mouse to Rage 128 driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 711. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).
+ 710. Add glxinfo to programs list (#4138, Mark Paton).
+ 709. Add LVDS support for SiS and fix copyright messages (#4136, Can-Ru Yeou).
+ 708. Fix support for C&T 69030 (#4137, David Bateman).
+ 707. Support Cirrus Logic 7548 chip (#4146, David Monniaux).
+ 706. Fix typos in Xt man pages (#4156, Carlos Santos).
+ 705. Fix libdps bug (#4154, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 704. Xterm patch #146 (#4144, Thomas Dickey).
+ 703. Xterm patch #145 (#4140, Thomas Dickey).
+ 702. Fix 32bpp on the Permedia3 (Sven Luther).
+ 701. Fix to xterm InsertChar() to handle cases where cur_col + n
+ ends up past the end of the line (Andreas Schwab).
+ 700. Added keyboard layouts for PowerMac (Olaf Hering).
+ 609. Fixed Macintosh keyboard layouts (Olaf Hering).
+ 608. Fixed build when BuildServer defined NO (Egbert Eich).
+ 607. Fixes for C&T 69030 (David Bateman).
+ 606. Fix for locale setting in Xlib and Xt using getlocale()
+ from glibc5 (Egbert Eich).
+ 605. Added handling of i5/686 and k6 compiler defines to
+ (Philipp Thomas).
+ 604. Added support for non-English locales in xload (Egbert Eich).
+ 603. Fixed memory initialization in Xlib (Vladimir Nadvornik).
+ 602. Fixed memory initialization in xdm (Egbert Eich).
+ 601. Rudimentary S390 support (Ruediger Oertel, Bernhard Kaindl).
+ 600. Enabled support for compressed xpm-files (Stefan Dirsch).
+ 599. Added support for Czech querty keyboard (Jan Holesovsky).
+ Some fixes for ia64 ().
+ 598. Added CPU to Screen Color expansion to Neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 597. Added support for hotkey display output switch for Neomagic
+ driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 596. Add "xvinfo" client for querying Xv adaptors (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 595. Fix DGA support in the i810 driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 594. Enlarge the i810 pixmap cache and have the YUV overlay use that memory
+ rather than allocate dedicated memory for overlay data (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 593. Add/fix support for the Rage 128 Mobility chips (M3/M4) (Kevin Martin).
+ 592. Fix RegisterResources for multiple heads in glint driver
+ (#4143, Berend Ozceri).
+ 591. Update Permedia3's hw cursor to match the Permedia2v's they are
+ the same (Alan Hourihane).
+ 590. Fix glint driver to use colorKey rather than fixed value (Alan Hourihane).
+ 589. Add ScreenToScreenCopies for Permedia3 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 588. Add SilkenMouse support to the i810 driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 587. Disable DRI acceleration in depth 15 on the i810 because it doesn't
+ work (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 586. Fix some ordering problems in the I810ScreenInit that broke the
+ software cursor and backing store (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 585. Convert the i810 driver from cfb to fb (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 584. Fix some depth/bpp confusion in the i810 driver. Depth 15 works now
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 583. Turn off visual ID matching in Xv (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 582. Add the IA-64 ELF loader (Jakub Jelinek).
+ 581. Add I420 and UYVY image formats to the i810 driver (#4135, Jonathan Bian).
+ 580. Fix an Xaw problem with illegal aliases (#4133, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 579. Set $(SHELL) to '/bin/sh -e' on Linux to allow builds/installs stop
+ immediately on errors as on other platforms (Brandon Robinson).
+ 578. Update i810 driver for -configure to work (Alan Hourihane).
+ 577. Have Xv silently ignore client requests with zero sized primitives
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 576. Disable gamma correction and DirectColor visuals on the i810 because
+ they don't work (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 575. Fix a bug in XAA's MSBFIRST color expansion support (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 574. Allow the default i810 video overlay key to be changed from the
+ XF86Config file (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 573. Don't build DRM modules with a non-module Linux kernel (Marc La France).
+ 572. Reinstate non-MMIO-only version of ATI driver for Alpha architecture
+ (Marc La France).
+ 571. Fix input event queueuing for 64-bit platforms (Marc La France).
+ 570. IA-64 changes resulting from a source cross-check with Alpha support
+ for 64-bit dependencies (Marc La France).
+ 569. Fix in ATI drivber for DPMS support on panels (Marc La France).
+ 568. I810 bugs fixes and enhancements relating to Xv (#4121, 4117, 4123,
+ 4128, Jonathan Bian).
+XFree86 4.0.1c (28 August 2000)
+ 567. Add support to xset for setting the keyboard repeat rate using XKB
+ (A.119, A.126, Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
+ 566. Various DRI-related 64-bit/IA-64 fixes (#A.134, David Mosberger).
+ 565. Support for multithreaded libraries on NetBSD when used in conjunction
+ with the GNU pth library (#4113, Chris Sekiya).
+ 564. Add /usr/pkg/bin to NetBSD's DefaultUserPath (#4112, Bernd Ernesti).
+ 563. Add a (Linux-specific) VESA driver for Keith's small X server (#4111,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+ 562. Update Hungarian xkb maps (#A.145, Peter Soos).
+ 561. Fix ATI driver bug that prevented the disabling of int10, ddc and vbe
+ through options (Marc La France).
+ 560. Improve libX11 behaviour when a server doesn't have XKB, allowing
+ XKB-aware XLookupString features with servers without XKB (#4108,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 559. Fix a bug in xkbcomp'shandling of 'group compat' data (#4107,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+ 558. Fix an i810 driver problem doing XvImage with clipping (#4106, 4110,
+ Jonathan Bian).
+ 557. Add PCI info for devices found on the G4 Mac (#4105, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 556. New XkbOptions for LED selection (#4101, Ivan Pascal).
+ 555. Changes to XkbGetControls regarding ax_options (#4100, Ivan Pascal,
+ based on A.125, Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
+ 554. Changes to XkbSetControls regarding per_key_repeat (#4099, Ivan Pascal,
+ based on A.124, Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
+ 553. Fix MouseKeys acceleration (#4098, Ivan Pascal, based on A.112,
+ Stephen Montgomery-Smith).
+ 552. -
+ 551. Man page for Xmark (#4097, Richard Braakman).
+ 550. Fixes for Macintosh XKB data files (#4094, Ani Joshi).
+ 549. Change VarDbDirectory to /var/lib on Linux to comply with FHS 2.1
+ (#4093, Branden Robinson).
+ 548. Include <sys/types.h> in agpgart.h (#4091, Branden Robinson).
+ 547. Re-add installation of the micro font (#4090, Branden Robinson).
+ 546. Fix the rstart/server script generation (#4088, 4089, Branden Robinson).
+ 545. Allow to work when the shell's -e flag is used (#4087,
+ Branden Robinson).
+ 544. Xterm patch #144 (#4109, Thomas Dickey).
+ 543. Xterm patch #143 (#4104, Thomas Dickey).
+ 542. Xterm patch #142 (#4102, Thomas Dickey).
+ 541. Xterm patch #141 (#4085, Thomas Dickey).
+ 540. Xterm patch #140 (Thomas Dickey).
+ 539. Xaw bug fix (#4084, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 538. Add support for the NeoMagic NM2230 MagicMedia 256AV+ to the neomagic
+ driver (#4083, Andrew C Aitchison).
+ 537. Fix generic Xom to select the same font for measuring text escapement
+ as is used for drawing (#4082, Owen Taylor).
+ 536. Resync DRI code/drivers with the DRI CVS (VA Linux).
+ 535. Engine polling changes in r128 driver (David Mosberger).
+ 534. Fix linear memory mapping in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 533. Fix endianness problems in the ATI driver when accessing BIOS images
+ (Marc La France).
+ 532. Allow building Xptr, Xnest and Xvfb with MakeDllModules
+ (Bill Nottingham).
+ 531. Build DRI drivers on IA-64 (David Mosberger, Marc La France).
+ 530. Use $(CC) instead of $(LD) when building modules (Bill Nottingham).
+ 529. When building with MakeDllModules, generate both dynamic and static
+ libraries (Bill Nottingham, Marc La France).
+ 528. Fix detection problem with ramdac for Glint Permedia1's
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 527. Fix minor symbol resoltion problem in dlopen() loader (Marc La France).
+ 526. Alpha changes that fell out of RadHat's IA-64 changes (Marc La France).
+ 525. A merge of most of RedHat's IA-64 changes (Keith Fish, Stephane Eranian,
+ Bill Nottingham, Marc La France):
+ - Don't force static server build.
+ - Fix NULL #define'ition for loader server.
+ - Various #if-testing changes.
+ 524. Fix the few problems that showed up with the integration of the cygwin
+ support (Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+ 523. ATI driver changes (Marc La France):
+ - Make ATIProbe() and ATIPreInit() optionally more verbose.
+ - Fix compile problem on Alpha's.
+ - Fix Mach64 hardware clipping bug.
+ - Support transparency during Mach64 screen-to-screen copies.
+ - Disable int10 interface in MMIO-only driver version.
+ - Fix determination of MMIO base address for Mach64 GX, CX, CT, ET,
+ VT and GT.
+ - "Wake" up ATI VGA's before probing for them.
+ - Other cosmetic changes.
+ 522. Workaround for problems with static during palette changes on the
+ MGA G400 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 521. Share common drm files between Linux and FreeBSD. This fixes
+ DRI-related build problems on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
+ 520. Add Romanian xkb symbols definitions (Cristian Gafton).
+ 519. First cut at pushing the AGP GART interface into the os-support
+ layer, with support for Linux and FreeBSD (David Dawes).
+ 518. Fix SHM support in Xv that was broken in 4.0.1b (David Dawes)
+ 517. Change the Solaris8/x86 keyboard handling to map the raw keycodes to
+ the same keycodes that we use on other platforms, and remove the
+ Solaris8/x86-specific XKB definitions (David Dawes).
+ 516. Fix a problem in the fbdev driver where xf86DrvMsg() is called before
+ the necessary pScrn fields have been initialised (Martin Dalecki).
+ 515. Fix mga dri bug that caused some rendering corruption when the dri module
+ was loaded (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 4.0.1b (11 August 2000)
+ 514. Fix the freetype font renderer's handling of True Type Collections
+ (.ttc files) (based on #A.123, timecop at
+ 513. Add PCI IDs for Silicon Motion, Inc (#A.122, Martin Dalecki).
+ 512. Fix a problem with the sequence number not being byte-swapped
+ for the reply to the DPMSCapable request (#A.120, Stephen Tse).
+ 511. Fix input driver PreInit funtions to behave as expected by InitInput()
+ (David Dawes).
+ 510. Port the spaceorb input driver to 4.x (Guido Heumer).
+ 509. Port the Summa input driver to 4.x (#A.116, Peter Schlaile).
+ 508. Add a DigitalEdge input driver (#A.116, Peter Schlaile).
+ 507. Remove obsolete PC98 code (#4081, Takaaki Nomura).
+ 506. Fix PC98 keyboard problems (#4081, Osamu Tomita).
+ 505. Imake support for building on Linux/arm32 (#4080, Andrew E. Mileski).
+ 504. Fix a problem with restoring the PIXCONF register in the i810 driver
+ (#4078, Jonathan Bian).
+ 503. Fix a build problem with the sis dri driver Imakefile (#4076,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+ 502. Add DPMS support to the fbdev driver (#4075, Ani Joshi).
+ 501. Add DPMS support to the fbdevhw module (#4074, Ani Joshi).
+ 500. Fix VGA detection bug with Mach64 integrated controllers
+ (Marc La France).
+ 499. Accelerated line support for the NV driver (Chas Inman, Mark Vojkovich).
+ 498. Add GeForce2 support to the NV driver (Chas Inman).
+ 497. Integrate Cygwin support. To compile, this requires Cygwin 1.0 or
+ later with gcc 2.95.2 and Windows NT (#4073, Suhaib M. Siddiqi).
+ 496. Add en_GB.ISO8859-15 to locale.dir (David Dawes)
+ 495. Build int10 on all platforms and move ATI driver after r128 driver in
+ compiled-in probe lists (Marc La France, Michael Madore).
+ 494. Fix bug in parser code: addNewOption2() trunkates option list
+ when an option is added that already exists (Egbert Eich).
+ 493. Fix tmp file problem with makedepend scripts (based on report from
+ Alan Cox).
+ 492. ATI driver changes (Marc La France):
+ - Fix resource relocation bug.
+ - An attempt at fixing problems reported with Chrontel 8398's.
+ - Workaround for Mobility BIOS bug that affected the driver's ability to
+ restore the mode on server entry.
+ - Fix SEGV that occurs with ATI adapter BIOS'es that do not support some
+ flavour of VBE.
+ - Allow the driver to tolerate the absence of an initialised adapter BIOS
+ image and introduce XF86Config options for the information the driver
+ would otherwise require from it.
+ - Recognise more cases where a DFP panel might be in use.
+ - Fix minor bug that occurred on xf86SetDepthBpp() failures.
+ - Implement a compilation option that produces an MMIO-only version of
+ the driver. Intended for non-Intel architectures. See the driver's
+ Imakefile for details.
+ 491. fixed handling of backwards compatibility in xvmode (Egbert Eich).
+ 490. fixed changing mouse protocol with xf86misc extensions (Egbert Eich).
+ 489. added code to sanitize uninitialized PCI config space
+ base addresses (Egbert Eich).
+ 488. Changed xf86xv.c to call StopVideo(exit=TRUE) even
+ if StopVideo(exit=FALSE) has already been sent (Egbert Eich).
+ 487. fixed core dump in C&T video driver when vt switching
+ Changed C&T video driver to only register a block handler
+ when StopVideo() is called with exit = TRUE (Egbert Eich).
+ 486. Fixed Cirrus driver not segfault when termineated while
+ switched away (Egbert Eich).
+ 485. Neomagic driver: select sw cursor when screen stretching is
+ enabled (Egbert Eich).
+ 484. Neomagic driver: fixed problem with screen to screen copy
+ on 2200 chipsets (Egbert Eich).
+ 483. Neomagic driver: fixed 'white screen problem' by implementing
+ a signal save delay routine (Egbert Eich).
+ 482. r128 driver: Fixed colormap set problem when server is switched
+ away (Egbert Eich).
+ 481. r128 driver Added reinitialization of accel engine after vt switch.
+ 480. fixed a fg/bg color problem in SiS driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 479. attempt to address some problems with Cyber LCD chipsets in
+ Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 478. tseng driver: Implemented correct MMIO handling (Egbert Eich).
+ 477. tseng driver: made accel driver multi screen capable (Egbert Eich).
+ 476. fixed vgaHW driver to use forground color for readability
+ test of pallette registers. This prevents annoying flashing
+ screen on server start (Egbert Eich).
+ 475. added module/font/rgb path parameters to xf86cfg (Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 4.0.1a (2 August 2000)
+ 474. i810 DRI updates (Jeff Hartmann).
+ 473. i810 driver updates (H. J. Lu).
+ 472. Save/restore the text mode colourmap for Solaris, to fix a blank
+ screen problem on Solaris 8 after exiting the X server (#A.104,
+ Richard Coley).
+ 471. Patch for SuperProbe on Linux with devfs (#A.103, Adam J. Richter).
+ 470. Enable BSD/gcc-2.95.2 workaround for BSD/OS 4.2 (#4072, Kurt Lidl).
+ 469. Fix a problem with the header symlinks in Xserver/GL/mesa/include/GL
+ (#4071, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 468. Finish integrating the SiS DRI driver support (Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
+ 467. Change references to the Mesa source directory in Imakefiles to
+ $(MESASRCDIR) (David Dawes).
+ 467. Fix a typo an error in the example code in the XtAppAddInput man page
+ (#4070, Carlos A. M. dos Santos).
+ 466. Imstt driver updates, including moving from cfb to fb, fixing fbdev
+ bugs and an accel blit bug, and a general cleanup (#4068, Ani Joshi).
+ 465. Fix the installation path of the xditview bitmap (#4067,
+ Carlos A. M. dos Santos).
+ 464. Some xf86cfg fixes (#4065, 4068, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 463. Fix some syntax errors in xkb config files and a size mismatch between
+ two xkbcomp structures that were being masked one to another (#4063,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 462. Fix a problem where the xkbcomp would read junk data from the server
+ if SmartScheduleTimer() is called while writing to it (#4063,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 461. Increase MAXVISUALSPERDEPTH further for Xnest so that it will work
+ with GLX (#4062, Harald Koenig).
+ 460. Xv overlay support for the Intel i810 chipset (#4061, Jonathan Bian,
+ Matthew J Sottek, Intel).
+ 459. Penmount touch panel input driver (#4060, Mayk Langer).
+ 458. Fix the r128 SaveScreen function so that it doesn't touch the hardware
+ when switched away (#4056, Benjamin Herrenschmidt).
+ 457. Add support to xman for FreeBSD's /etc/manpath.config (#4055,
+ Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 456. Update to handle the different behaviour of ldconfig
+ 2.1.3 (used on SuSE 6.4) (#4058, Michael Rohleder).
+ 455. Fix incorrect use of xf86{En,Dis}ableInterrupts() for ppc
+ (Marc La France).
+ 454. Add man pages for pcitweak and scanpci (David Dawes).
+ 453. Fix problems with xkb "Internet" keyboard mapping support (David Dawes).
+ 452. A few corrections to PIO and MMIO definitions affecting mips, arm32,
+ powerpc architectures and QNX4 (Marc La France).
+ 451. Minor int10 and VBE fixups (Marc La France).
+ 450. For frequency options, don't clobber the old value before verifying the
+ new one is valid (Marc La France).
+ 449. Ensure xf86_ansic.h is always #include'd before compiler.h in code
+ that can be compiled as a module (even for the static server). Generate
+ an error if not (Marc La France).
+ 448. Make linux/int10 module complain when SystemV IPC isn't configured
+ into the kernel (Marc La France).
+ 447. Add new offscreen frame bufffer manager functions for managing linear
+ offscreen areas (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 446. int10 fixes and remove checksum verification (Marc La France).
+ 445. More message formatting changes for DDC (Marc La France).
+ 444. Add missing xf86write symbol (Marc La France).
+ 443. Fix open(, O_CREAT) emulation (Marc La France).
+ 442. Fix Trident Cyber9320 > 8bpp modes (Alan Hourihane).
+ 441. Allow memory mapping during probe phase (Marc La France).
+ 440. Clean up os-support/dgux/dgux_video.c (Marc La France).
+ 439. Fix int10 bug that prevented recognition of video BIOS'es that are part
+ of the system BIOS (Marc La France).
+ 438. MGA driver warning fix (Marc La France).
+ 437. An update to change 425 (Marc La France).
+ 436. More EDID formatting changes (Marc La France).
+ 435. Fix bug that caused the relocation of PCI I/O bases assigned to multiples
+ of 0x0100 (but not 0x0400) by the system BIOS (Marc La France).
+ 434. Add ATI driver to Alpha, and experimentally, to ppc architectures. ppc
+ support is still known to be incomplete (Marc La France).
+ 433. For IA64, compile everything, except PEX, that is also compiled for IA32
+ (Marc La France).
+ 432. Fix Cyrix driver for -configure (Alan Hourihane).
+ 431. Fix Glint PM3 memory detect when only 1MB of videoram (Alan Hourihane).
+ 430. Fix DAC colour problem and blank out issue in glint driver
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 429. Add missing clock values to the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 428. Fix Glint driver's SaveScreen function (#4057, Michel Danzer).
+ 427. Convert MGA driver to use fb instead of cfb (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 426. Rewrite MGA color expansion routines so that pci retries never occur
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 425. Make ATI driver tolerate relocation of conflicting resources
+ (Marc La France).
+ 424. Make Mach64 FIFO handling available to GATOS (Marc La France).
+ 423. Fix bug in Mach64 scissor handling (Marc La France).
+ 422. Implement Mark Vojkovich's suggestions in the ATI driver
+ (LSB ordering of monochrome data and host transfer burst modes)
+ (Marc La France).
+ 421. More fixes to ATI DSP register calculation (Marc La France).
+ 420. ATI DGA support fixes for VGA Wonder capable adapters and the
+ setting of the DGA_CONCURRENT_ACCESS flag (Marc La France).
+ 419. Change imake to generate symbols for the GCC version used to
+ compile it (Marc La France).
+ 418. Fix xf1bpp/xf4bpp in trident driver and some planemask problems
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 4.0.1 (1 July 2000)
+ 417. Update OpenBSD and NetBSD docs (#4053, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 416. Fix segfault when destroying a GLX context (Kevin Martin).
+ 415. Doc updates (Georgina Economou).
+ 414. Fix some palette and fbdev problems, and add a missing break to the
+ video memory type detection code for the r128 (#4043, Benjamin
+ Herrenschmidt).
+XFree86 4.0Z (30 June 2000)
+ 413. README updates (Georgina Economou).
+ 412. Add some SiS DRI code, but currently disabled because the X server
+ driver level support hasn't been integrated yet (Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
+ 411. Remove the PPC-specific assembly for load/stores from the r128 driver,
+ and use the versions now provided in compiler.h, which are faster (#4051,
+ Ani Joshi).
+ 410. Fix the UTF-8 converters so that cut&paste works better in UTF-8 locales
+ (#4049, Bruno Haible).
+ 409. Complete the move of glx.h to xc/include/GL, and don't include
+ Xmd.h in glx.h (#4048, Brian Paul).
+ 408. Apm driver updates, including fixing 24/32 access, fixing an
+ initialization bug, and some code cleanups (#4047, Loic Grenie).
+ 407. Sparc/sbus updates: put sparcProm* in the correct header file, add
+ xf86SbusSetOsHwCursorCmap sbus layer interface, and export symbols for
+ this new interface and the sparcProm* interfaces in the loader (#4046,
+ Jakub Jelinek).
+ 406. Add cg3/cg14/tcx/bw2 drivers (sparc), and fix a few bugs in leo and
+ cg6 drivers. Build these driver, plus the ati and glint drivers
+ on Linux/sparc (#4046, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 405. Fix Elite3D detection (#4045, David S. Miller).
+ 404. Treat SBUS like ISA when assigning access control records, so now
+ multi-head, Xinerama, etc works with SBUS drivers (#4045,
+ David S. Miller).
+ 403. SDK install updates (#4044, David Bateman).
+ 402. Work around an odd problem with waitpid() in the code for auto-loading
+ DRM kernel modules on Linux (#4042, Brian Paul).
+ 401. Change the imake parameter for BSD/OS from BSD386Architecture to
+ BSDOSArchitecture (#4041, Kurt Lidl).
+ 400. Make the neomagic driver recognise the NM2380 chip, and treat it
+ exactly like a NM2360 (#4041, Kurt Lidl).
+ 399. Updates for compiling cleanly on BSD/OS 4.0.1, and to make the
+ BSD/OS support less i386-centric (#4041, Kurt Lidl).
+ 398. Disable SilkenMouse for the s3virge GX2 to avoid some lockup problems
+ (#4039, Kevin Brosius).
+ 397. Some mga DRI updates to improve stability (Jeff Hartmann).
+ 396. Fix some DRI offscreen memory calculations in the Matrox driver
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 395. IA64 workarounds - should compile and run right out of the box now
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 394. LBX, X-TrueType and Xnest warning fixes (Marc La France).
+ 393. Remove unused xf86MapDisplay() and xf86UnMapDisplay() os-support entry
+ points (Marc La France).
+XFree86 4.0g (26 June 2000)
+ 392. Fix a missing -I in sunffb/Imakefile (#4038, David S. Miller).
+ 391. Some -misc-fixed-* BDF font updates, primarily expanding the 7x13
+ set to include the same 8-bit variants as the 6x13 set, including
+ a new oblique/italic version (#4037, Markus Kuhn).
+ 390. Fix an endless loop in the UTF-8 converters (#4036, Bruno Haible).
+ 389. Straighten out xfindproxy exit codes to match success/failer status;
+ also change one instance where error message was printed to stdout
+ (#4035, Huver).
+ 388. With LBX enabled, the X server wasn't checking the proxy connection,
+ and so fails the connection request without calling InvalidHost()
+ (#4033, Huver).
+ 387. xfwp doProcessWritables() closes connection, but then proceeds
+ to reset client fd via FD_SET() (#4031, Huver).
+ 386. Don't build a non-DRI libOSMesa (#4029, Takaaki Nomura).
+ 385. Add generic DGA support to SiS driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 384. Add more support structure for Alpha/DRI (not enabled yet though)
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 383. Fix glXDestroyContext bug that caused Q3A to use old clip rect info
+ when opening a new window (Kevin Martin).
+ 382. Fix R128 3D driver clear problem which caused R128Pro cards to lock
+ up, and fix dword count on ring-based vertex buffer code for PCI
+ R128 cards (Gareth Hughes).
+ 381. Possible fix for a problem introduced with item 332 that resulted
+ in the first screen's config file data being used for all screens
+ (Mark Vojkovich, David Dawes).
+ 380. Add an imake parameter NothingOutsideProjectRoot that turns off
+ installing links and config files, etc, outside of ProjectRoot
+ (David Dawes).
+ 379. Possible fix a problem with 'make install' on Linux when there is
+ already a /usr/include/GL directory (David Dawes).
+ 378. Fix a DGA-related crash when using multiple input devices with the
+ DGA extension disabled (Matthieu Herrb).
+XFree86 4.0f (23 June 2000)
+ 377. Suppress the use of a temporary directory to build man pages on
+ OpenBSD, which fixes problems with some external programs (#4028,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 376. Allow some linux/mips settings in to be overriden (#4026,
+ Guido Guenther).
+ 375. Synchronize the pointer state before checking it in xf86CheckButton()
+ (Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 374. s3virge driver fixes for noise and console corruptionn on the GX2 and
+ MX (but they're commented out for the MX because it hasn't been tested
+ yet) (#4027, Kevin Brosius).
+ 373. Fixes for lib/GL Imakefiles (Marc La France).
+ 372. Update DRI drivers sunffb,mga,i810,glint,r128,tdfx to check for
+ DRIQueryVersion, overcomes an older libdri issue (Alan Hourihane).
+ 371. Change tdfx driver to use fb instead of cfb (Alan Hourihane).
+ 370. Make using libpthread optional for OpenBSD 2.7.
+ 369. Fix a problem when calling XF86VidModeSwitchMode() when the switched
+ screen is different from the one that has the pointer (#4024,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 368. Bindist files for Linux/mips (#4023, Guido Guenther).
+ 367. Allow XFree86 to compile on NetBSD-current and 1.5_ALPHA, which
+ no longer use the pcvt console, but have a compatibility mode for it
+ in wscons (#4021, Bernd Ernesti).
+ 366. Add support for the iso8859-13 charset to Xlib (#4020, Bruno Haible).
+ 365. Add ISO-8859-13 support to the UTF-8 converters, which is needed for
+ Lithuanian UTF-8 locales (#4019, Bruno Haible).
+ 364. Fix three bugs in the UTF-8 converters:
+ - In an UTF-8 locale, keyboard input coming in as UTF-8 would not be
+ accepted.
+ - Incorrect handling of the "end of string" and "invalid byte sequence"
+ situations.
+ - A bug on platforms with sizeof(wchar_t) != sizeof(int).
+ (#4018, Bruno Haible).
+ 363. Enable building DRI support for FreeBSD 4.1 and higher.
+ 362. Don't try to use kldload() on FreeBSD versions prior to 3.0 (#4016,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+ 361. Some sunffb cleanups (#4015, David S. Miller).
+ 360. Add DRI drawable index callback (#4015, David S. Miller).
+ 359. Fix -configure option to print out fatal message and abort gracefully
+ when pci data isn't entered into xf86PciInfo.h (Alan Hourihane).
+ 358. Add generic DGA support to NeoMagic (not tested) (Alan Hourihane).
+ 357. Add generic DGA support to i810 (not tested) (Alan Hourihane).
+ 356. Fix GCC 2.96 complaints in big font extension and imstt driver
+ (Steven King).
+ 355. Fix remaining DRI III compile glitches (Marc La France).
+ 354. Fix long standing bug with 3Dfx driver when DRI module isn't loaded.
+ It complained about unresolved symbol called after 'Textures memory'
+ output (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 4.0e (20 June 2000)
+ 353. Fix a couple of acceleration problems in glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 352. Don't attempt to build the Sparc DRI drivers on ix86, and vice versa
+ (David Dawes).
+ 351. Fix a lib/GL build problem when the DRI isn't enabled (#4014,
+ Nicholas J Brealey).
+ 350. Fix location of dri module links in the xc/exports directory of the
+ build tree.
+ 349. Replace LoaderSymbol() with xf86LoaderCheckSymbol() in drivers.
+ 348. Disable SmartScheduler on LynxOS 3.1 (#4013, Thomas Mueller).
+ 347. Update Japanese PC98 docs (#4012, Isao Ohishi, Takaaki Nomura).
+ 346. Add some S3/Diamond PCI IDs (#4011, Werner Leeb).
+ 345. Update sbus support for recent bus infrastructure changes
+ (David S. Miller)
+ 344. Check for NULL pointers from item 332 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 343. Xf86cfg updates (#4010, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 342. Fix threads support in OpenBSD 2.7 and above (#4006, 4009,
+ Carlos A M dos Santos).
+ 341. UCS misc BDF fonts updates, including new oblique/italic versions
+ (6x13O, 8x13O), Korean font covering all Hangul symbols (18x18ko)
+ and many additional autogenerated ISO 8859 fonts to cover with
+ 6x13 and 8x13 all the locale encodings suggested by the Li18nux
+ specification (#4007, Markus Kuhn).
+ 340. Add Linux/Sparc support for the DRI, and a DRI driver for Sun
+ Creator3D hardware (#4004).
+ 339. Fix DRI BusIDString length usage (#4003, David S. Miller).
+ 338. Xterm patch #139 (#4002, Thomas Dickey).
+ 337. Make the use of GlxDefines for libGL independent of BuildXF86DRI (#4001,
+ David S. Miller).
+ 336. Fix i810 build warnings (#4000, Jarno Paananen).
+ 335. Fix an i810 build problem (Keith Whitwell, #4000, Jarno Paananen).
+ 334. Fix a multihead problem with the mga driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 333. Add support to the i810 driver for the i815 (Keith Whitwell).
+ 332. Add infrastructure support for cards with multiple CRTCs (screens)
+ per accelerator (PCI entity) (Jeff Hartmann and David Dawes).
+ 331. Fix some Mesa problems (Brian Paul).
+ 330. Rework patch for mapping drmAddMap on Alpha platforms
+ (Bruce Stockwell/Compaq, Alan Hourihane).
+ 329. Don't build Debuggable Library on Linux for the release (Alan Hourihane).
+ 328. Don't build lib/GL/mesa/src/X86 on Alpha systems (Alan Hourihane).
+ 327. xdm warning fix (Marc La France).
+ 326. Make x11perf die gracefully when display cannot be opened
+ (Marc La France).
+ 325. Fix rendition driver compile glitch (Marc La France).
+ 324. #ifdef out glitch in glint driver (Marc La France).
+ 323. Preliminary DGA support in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 322. Minor update to DESIGN and Status documents (Marc La France).
+ 321. Fix DGA's reporting of vertical refresh rates to clients
+ (Marc La France).
+ 320. Make driver-provided Sync(), SetViewport() and GetViewport() DGA
+ callbacks optional (Marc La France).
+ 319. Fix XKB compile glitch (Marc La France).
+ 318. Make imstt driver compile (Marc La France).
+XFree86 4.0d (16 June 2000)
+ 317. Fix a typo in the xfree86 xkb keycodes file (#3999, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 316. Fix some build problems when the DRI is not enabled (#3998,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 315. Add missing Linux/mips config changes (#3997, Guido Guenther).
+ 314. Fix for libICE DOS (Keith Packard).
+ 313. FontInfo.c (lib/X11) needs to be built with the bigfont defines (#3996,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 312. Disable the smart scheduler for SVR4.0 (based on #3916, Takaaki Nomura).
+ 311. Add a check for PS/2 mice on Linux for the X server's -configure
+ option (#3991, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 310. Fix a problem mouse driver button flush was causing with Xaw menus
+ (#3991, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade, David Dawes).
+ 309. Modify scanpci to print out card/subsys information, and add a few
+ more entries to the pci data (David Dawes).
+ 308. Fix r128_cursor.c build problem for big-endian machines (#3989,
+ Thomas Mueller, #3994, Ani Joshi).
+ 307. Update LynxOS docs (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
+ 306. Add a few PPC compiler internal symbols to the loader's export list
+ (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
+ 305. Add crypt support to xdm for LynxOS (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
+ 304. Add preliminary build support for LynxOS 3.1.0 (#3989, Thomas Mueller).
+ 303. Add keysyms to complete the set for the Compaq SK2850 keyboard and
+ the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro (David Dawes).
+ 302. Add new keysyms for PDAs (#3985, 3987, 3988, Jim Gettys).
+ 301. Xterm patch #138 (#3986, Thomas Dickey).
+ 300. DRI megapatch III. This includes DRI enhancements, 3dfx fixes and
+ updates, updates Mesa to the latest version, adds Intel i810, Matrox
+ G200/G400, ATI Rage 128 and 3dfx Voodoo5 3D support, adds ATI Rage
+ Mobility 2D support (disabled by default). (Precision Insight and
+ VA Linux Systems).
+ 299. Add a function to the X server that performs the same checks on
+ command line arguments and environment variables as the Xwrapper
+ from 3.3.x. This function is called very early from main()
+ (David Dawes).
+ 298. Fix for some Xlib problems that can show up when connecting to
+ a rogue server (Keith Packard, with analysis by Chris Evans).
+ 297. Increase MAXVISUALSPERDEPTH to 64 for Xnest so that it can handle
+ GLX's visuals.
+ 296. Add a Macedonian xkb symbols file (#A.96, Zlatko Trajceski).
+ 295. Fix a buffer overflow with the -xkbmap X server flag (#A.91,
+ Trevor Johnson).
+ 294. Fix a rectangle fill problem that shows up with an AGP SiS 6326
+ (A.81, A.83, Milivoj Savin).
+ 293. Fix a problem in xcalc when the current locale uses a character
+ other than "." for the decimal point (#A.63, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 292. Allow some more parameters in and lnxLib.rules to be
+ redefined (#A.60, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 291. Fix a typo in lib/Xss/Imakefile (#A.59, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 290. Fix an xfs crash that shows up when many clients connect (#A.48,
+ Remy Card).
+ 289. Fix some man page build problems (#A.43, Ian Collier).
+ 288. Fix xedit core dump (in Xaw) on Solaris, related to the bsearch()
+ usage (#A.42, Ian Collier).
+ 287. Add xkb mappings for the keycodes generated by the SysRq and Break
+ keys, which are different from the keycodes generated when used as
+ PrtScn and Pause (#A.29, Eric W. Biederman).
+ 286. Fix problems when building on Solaris 2.6/sparc and Irix 6.5.5
+ (#A.21, A.28, Sullivan N. Beck).
+ 285. Fix a core dump in fstobdf when using 16 bit fonts (#A.25,
+ Morten Storgaard Nielsen).
+ 284. Clean up some of the messages printed by the neomagic driver
+ (David Dawes).
+ 283. Add support for the 2360 (256ZX) to the neomagic driver, and enable
+ acceleration at depth 24 for this chip (#A.23, Gregory M Pomerantz).
+ 282. Adjust the bigfont extension to not use SHM segments for fonts with
+ a small glyph metric size, and fix a build problem on systems without
+ shared memory (#3984, Bruno Haible).
+ 281. Status doc updates (#A.9, Chris Smith, A.80, Ferenc Acs).
+ 280. Fix memleak warning when doing realloc(NULL, size) (#A.7,
+ Charles G Waldman).
+ 279. xf86cfg fixes (#3983, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 278. Add SilkenMouse support to the s3virge driver (#3982, Kevin Brosius).
+ 277. Update Xv support in the glint driver and add the XvPutImage function
+ for the Permedia 2 (#3926, Michael Schimek).
+XFree86 4.0c (13 June 2000)
+ 276. Xterm patch #137 (#3976, Thomas Dickey).
+ 275. Doc update for the chips driver (#3981, David Bateman).
+ 274. Fix some problems building with the SDK (#3981, David Bateman).
+ 273. Fix comments for the address matching algorithm in
+ XauGetAuthByAddr() and XauGetBestAuthByAddr() (Keith Packard, based on
+ #3939, Peter Runestig).
+ 272. Handle setting SharedLibXdmGreet in the OS imake config files rather
+ than having a complicated expression in the xdm Imakefile (#3980,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 271. xdm updates from the OpenBSD team, including:
+ - support for Kerberos IV authentication [enabled only in,
+ but could be enabled for other systems by setting HasdKrbIV]
+ - use the arc4random(4) random number generator on OpenBSD
+ - add a new resource "allowRootLogin", which can be used to disable
+ root logins through xdm
+ - log failed logins to syslogd [OpenBSD only, but could be enabled on
+ other systems]
+ - verify that the shell is valid using /etc/shells [OpenBSD only]
+ - verify that the account hasn't expired [OpenBSD only, but could be
+ enabled on other system that use the same passwd aging structure]
+ (#3948, 3980, OpenBSD team, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 270. Big/little endian MMIO_XX macros for ppc, and also PIO macros check
+ that IOBase is mmapped before doing any accesses (#3979,
+ Kostas Gewrgiou).
+ 269. Preliminary driver for Integrated Micro Solutions TwinTurbo128
+ (imstt) (#3978, Ani Joshi).
+ 268. Fix broken czsk keymaps, and let the user directly select either
+ Czech or Slovak keyboard in xf86config (#3975, Kamil Toman).
+ 267. Implement DGA2 support with depth switching for ATI Rage 128 cards
+ (#3974, Ove Kaaven).
+ 266. Recent versions of FreeBSD have the xpg4 library folded into libc.
+ 265. xf86cfg updates (#3973, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 264. Xaw bug fixes (#3973, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 263. Fix M-d and M-h key bindings in the Xaw Text widget (#A.87,
+ Jonathan Kamens).
+ 262. Fix some Xaw memory errors (#A.79, Jonathan Kamens).
+ 261. Xman fixes/updates, including:
+ - Fix a core dump in fclose()
+ - Append the default search path when MANPATH ends in a ':'
+ - Understand man pages that have a single line with a .so directive
+ (#3969, 3973, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 260. Resync nls Compose file with 3.3.6 (#3964, 3973,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 259. Fix moving the pointer between screens when using MouseKeys, and fix
+ some bugs in the xkbfile code (#3963, 3973,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 258. Fix XC-SECURITY security bug (#3954, 3973,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 257. Bigfont bug fix, which stops cvsup crashing (#3954, 3973,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 256. Replace some bitswapping assembler code in XAA with faster C code
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 255. Rendition driver updates, including:
+ - add DirectColor support
+ - add SilkenMouse support
+ - documentation updates
+ - some code cleanups
+ (#3972, Dejan Ilic).
+ 254. For v4l: don't advertise the XV_VOLUME attr if we're only going to
+ return BadMatch on use (#3968, David Woodhouse).
+ 253. Modify the I2C delay routine to use xf86getsecs (gettimeofday) instead
+ of an uncalibrated loop (#3967, Andrew Aitchison).
+ 252. Add some PCI ids to xf86PciInfo.h, and include some instructions
+ about how to add new PCI data (#3966, Kevin Brosius).
+ 251. Update documentation for Japanese PC98 (#3965, Satoshi Kimura,
+ Akio Morita, Takaaki Nomura).
+ 250. XIM patch (imInt.c) (#3962, Fuminori Hirayama).
+ 249. Xterm patch #136 (#3960, Thomas Dickey).
+ 248. Fix Imake.rules for building on Solaris 7 with gcc-2.95.2 (#3958,
+ Nicholas Brealey).
+ 247. Add basic support for the Linux/mips and mipsel architecture (#3957,
+ 3970, Guido Guenther).
+ 246. Disable reading the BIOS in the int10 code for Japanese PC98 (#3959,
+ Isao Ohishi).
+ 245. Add a "NoPciBurst" option to the Trident drive for Japanese PC98
+ cards with the TGUi968x chip (#3955, Akio Morita).
+ 244. Xterm patch #135 (#3951, Thomas Dickey).
+ 243. Fbdev driver fix (#3953, Ani Joshi).
+ 242. Xterm patch #134 (#3949, Thomas Dickey).
+ 241. Import the mktemp() usage fixes for imake from the 3.3.x branch
+ (#3947, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 240. Rman updates, including:
+ - minor reformating (make { and } match)
+ - fix logic for parsing comments in man pages, which allows the
+ copyrights to appear in the output html
+ - a few changes based on weblint and tidy
+ (#3946, Thomas Dickey).
+ 239. Fix incorrect type for vgaIOBase in the neomagic driver (#3944,
+ Ani Joshi).
+ 238. Fix an Xlib build problem when the big-font extension is disabled
+ (#3945, Mutsumi Ishikawa).
+ 237. Xv v4l attribute handling bug fix (#3928, Gerd Knorr).
+ 236. Fix some problems with the locale-dependent input processing in Xlib
+ by:
+ - removing unneeded to/from CTEXT conversion for characters coming
+ from keyboard input
+ - move "locale_code" and "keyboard charset" searching to the
+ initialization step (XIM creation)
+ - Fix some inconsistencies between memory allocation and freeing
+ in XIM objects (imLcIm.c imThaiIm.c)
+ (#3927, Ivan Pascal).
+ 235. Update support for Appian J2000 board with dual PM3 chips, and
+ add partial acceleration (#3977, Sven Luther).
+ 234. Only claim other devices on the same card when gamma chip is used
+ in the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 233. Separate offscreen memory manager API from implementation to facilitate
+ driver replacement of the default manager (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 232. Add Option "TexturedVideo" to have the Matrox driver optionally use
+ YUV textures instead of the video overlay for XvImage support
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 232. Add Xv functions for allocating/freeing XvVideoAdaptorRecs to shield
+ drivers from structure size changes (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 231. Have XDGAQueryModes return no modes as being available instead of an
+ error when DGA is not supported on the particular screen (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 230. Fix xdm when PAM is not available (Marc La France).
+ 229. Fix int10 bug on non-PC platforms (Marc La France).
+ 228. Finish prototyping of DPS libraries. Fix argument promotions in
+ pswrap. Fix yytext portability problem. Fix non-standard format
+ in pswrap (#3941, #3942, Nomura Takaaki, Thomas Dickey).
+ 227. Fixed FP chipset handling in Trident driver. LCD-CRT switching
+ should work now (Egbert Eich).
+ 226. Modified device detection on PCI bus to handle Host-to-PCI bridges
+ better (Egbert Eich).
+ 225. Fix i810 driver so it advertises 32bpp pixmaps in depth 24 like the
+ rest of the drivers do (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 224. Added a call ioperm() to to allow vm86 to execute in/out calls
+ directly to avoid problems with certain notebook bioses (Egbert Eich).
+ 223. Fixed mouse driver to flush pending button press events on
+ protocol change (Egbert Eich).
+ 222. Fixed DDC support and sync flags handling in trident driver
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 221. Added PAM support to xdm, ANSIfied prototypes (Werner Fink).
+ 220. Added ServerFlag to force the use of OS PCI config space
+ support (Egbert Eich).
+ 219. Fix Xv DDX stop overlaid stills/images when XvStopVideo() is called
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 218. Have the Xv DDX send clients exposure events when windows containing
+ overlaid data, which isn't actually in the framebuffer, are moved
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 217. Fix ordering of calling DDC probe in VBE to respect NoDDC options
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 216. Fix VBE initialization in trident driver for DDC (Alan Hourihane).
+ 215. Fix a typo in the glint driver (#3943, Michael Schimek).
+ 214. Fix multithread bug in Xlib big font support (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 213. Fix a window class initialization problem in Xinerama (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 212. Fix some multithreading related problems in the Xv client library
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 4.0b (23 May 2000)
+ 211. Add support to the sunffb driver for multiple visuals on the same screen,
+ overlays, double buffering and some other niceties (#3938,
+ David S. Miller, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 210. Make the modifier setting on Sun keyboards match what XFree86 expects
+ (#3937, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 209. Add unaccelerated support for the Sun CG6 (#3935, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 208. Make the -configure option work with SBUS/UPA drivers, fix some
+ bugs in the sbus layer, add support for ioctl based colormap setting,
+ and fix leds on Sun keyboards (#3934, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 207. Fix a parallel build problem in lib/dps (#3932, H. J. Lu).
+ 206. Fix some build problems that show up with LynxOS x86 and PowerPC (#3929,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+ 205. Fix documentation files for the mutouch and elographics drivers,
+ and build these drivers by default (#3935, Patrick Lecoanet).
+ 204. Make the dga2 library use the device name provide by the driver rather
+ than always using the default (3924, David S. Miller).
+ 203. Fix a problem with the internal xalloc that shows up on Sparc (#3923,
+ David S. Miller).
+ 202. Fix a GLX visual problem that causes a crash at server shutdown
+ (#3922, David S. Miller).
+ 201. 8+32 framebuffer for hardware that uses window IDs (David S. Miller).
+ 200. Fix a memory allocation in lbxproxy that can cause it to crash at
+ startup (#3921, Peter Runestig, #A.46, Rob Clark).
+ 199. Fix a problem with imake's handling of DefaultGccIncludeDir (#3920,
+ Peter Runestig, #A.64, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 198. lib/X11/imInt.c fix from the OpenMotif release notes (#3919).
+ 197. Prototype and fix almost all compiler warnings fot he dps library
+ and the related pswrap program (#3912, Thomas Dickey).
+ 196. Fix for x-tt font cache corruption (#3911, H. J. Lu).
+ 195. Ansi prototypes for the lbxusilt library and Xserver/lbx directory
+ (#3908, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 194. Fix some bugs in the cirrus lg driver (#3900, Itai Nahshon).
+ 193. Accelerated driver for Sun Leo/ZX cards (#3899, 3936, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 192. Fully accelerated driver for Sun FFB and AFB chips (#3898,
+ Jakub Jelinek).
+ 191. Generic SBUS and UPA support for XFree86 (#3897, Jakub Jelinek).
+ 190. Fix building xf86cfg on systems where libxpm isn't linked in
+ implicitly (#3903, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 189. Update the fbdevhw stubs for an interface change (#3902, Matthieu Herrb,
+ #3910, Bernd Ernesti).
+ 188. Simplify the platform defines in servermd.h to make them more hardware
+ dependent than OS dependent (#3913, Kurt Lidl).
+ 187. Fix a bug in the search/replace dialog in the Xaw text widget (#3896,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 186. Xterm patch #133 (#3894, Thomas Dickey).
+ 185. Fixes for the Xaw TipWidget (#3893, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 184. Change CTEXT from/to converters to allow processing of "C1" codes
+ (0x80-0x9f) as ordinary characters for "non-standard" encodings
+ (such as UTF-8) (#3891, Ivan Pascal).
+ 183. Add "software" per-key auto-repeat disabling (#3889, Ivan Pascal).
+ 182. Refix fog.c build problem on Alpha (#3888, Dave Gilbert).
+ 181. Add some new things for the VidMode interface in xf86cfg (#3877,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 180. Rework most of the look and feel of xf86cfg, and fix some bugs (#3877,
+ 3886, 3892, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 179. Add a ProjectRoot to Xaw rather than hard-coding it, so that the
+ pixmap code can find pixmaps and bitmaps on non-standard installations
+ (#3877, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 178. Fix a bug in the DRI section parsing (David Dawes).
+ 177. Add support for building shared libraries on BSD/OS (#3876, Kurt Lidl).
+ 176. Add imake support for automatically determining the version for BSD/OS,
+ and update for the features relevant to the different versions
+ (#3876, 3940, Kurt Lidl).
+ 175. Xterm patch #132 (#3874, Thomas Dickey).
+ 174. Fix rman-related build problems when building external applications
+ (#3869, Matthieu Herrb, #3890, H. J. Lu).
+ 173. Fix a typo in (#3867, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 172. Fix some build warnings (#3864, Ani Joshi).
+ 171. Fix some BSDI typos in hw/sun (#3862, Kurt Lidl).
+ 170. Fix r128 palette save/restore when VT switching (#3861, Ani Joshi).
+ 169. Disable the X server's internal malloc by default (#3860, Keith Packard).
+ 168. Make xdpyinfo and xf86dga fail gracefully when DGA is not enabled
+ in the driver, but the extension is enabled (#3870, Andrew Aitchison).
+ 167. Fix too many xfree calls in lbxproxy (#3907, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 166. Fix uninitialized fd_set mask in lbxproxy (#3906, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 165. Fix typo when printing HSync frequency when not a range
+ (#3895, Andrew Aitchison).
+ 164. Fix a window unmapping bug in the mioverlay code (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 163. Attempt to improve memory detection reliability in the Matrox driver
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 162. Fix possible SEGV in generic int10 module (Marc La France).
+ 161. Fix *BSD aperture driver to allow for int10 (Bernd Ernesti,
+ Marc La France).
+ 160. Fix vesafb restore problem in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 159. Fix a few more compilation glitches (Marc La France).
+ 158. Fix DRM for gamma for single and dual MX chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 157. Fix Mesa for single and dual MX chips (Alan Hourihane).
+ 156. Fix Mesa for multiple screen widths (Alan Hourihane).
+ 155. Add DGA support to the glint driver.
+ - Fix initialization of DRI when using single or dual MX's.
+ - Fix register resources.
+ - Turn on more acceleration for DualMX boards.
+ - Fix DualMX boards displaywidth problems at >640 widths.
+ - Fix depth15/16 for PM2v and PM3 chipsets (Alan Hourihane).
+ 154. Use MMIO_xx macros in glint driver (#3904, Michel Danzer).
+ 153. Fix lib/GL/mesa/src/X86/Imakefile for m4 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 152. Fix m4 rules in Imake.tmpl (Alan Hourihane).
+ 151. ATI documentation update (Marc La France).
+ 150. Disable debugging messages from XF86-Misc extension (Marc La France).
+ 149. Ensure XAA always respects user options that disable subsets of its
+ primitives (Marc La France).
+ 148. Bug fix in XAA's CPU-to-screen colour expansion (Marc La France).
+ 147. Finish off XAA's CPU-to-screen colour expansion for 24bpp
+ (Marc La France).
+ 146. When matching adapters to XF86Config sections, the ATI driver will now
+ look at the primary adapter before any other non-primary PCI adapters
+ (Marc La France).
+ 145. Ensure Mach64 acceleration is disabled when using the VGA CRTC
+ (Marc La France).
+ 144. Set a Mach64's scaler/overlay clock divider in preparation for a GATOS
+ merge (Marc La France).
+ 143. Make VBE use its own option instead of DDC's (a consequence of
+ re-entrancy) (Marc La France).
+ 142. Make option processing re-entrant in DDC, int10, VBE and XAA modules, and
+ in the common layer (Marc La France).
+ 141. Add Permedia3 support to the glint driver (Sven Luther).
+ 140. Fix XvPutImage in the client libs so that it can use the BIG-REQUESTS
+ extension (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 139. Fixed xf4bpp for devPrivates in PixmapRec. (Egbert Eich).
+ 138. Fixed laguna driver to map FB after the video RAM size is known
+ (Egbert Eich).
+ 137. Fixed xdm to give up to respawn Xservers if the server crashes
+ more than once within 60 seconds (Egbert Eich).
+ 136. Added VGA default clock option to generic driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 135. Fixed CyberShadow option in Trident driver (Egbert Eich).
+ 134. Fix bug where the cursor is not put back after a failed DGA mode
+ initialization attempt (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 133. Add a missing symbol "AllocateColormapPrivateIndex" (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 132. Remove Intel 440BX-specific resources from os-support layer
+ (Marc La France).
+ 131. Change ATI driver to mark VGA resources as unused in operating state when
+ appropriate (Marc La France).
+ 130. Fix bug in the generation of default screen layout (Marc La France).
+ 129. Include all resource attributes when printing them (Marc La France).
+ 128. Fix compiled-in input driver list (Marc La France).
+ 127. Allow driver access to resource manipulation functions (Marc La France).
+ 126. Fix a DGA 2.0 crash that happened when bogus mode numbers were sent
+ by the client (Lionel Ulmer).
+ 125. Make a recent shm pixmap fix Xinerama aware (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 124. Fix mode setting bug in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 123. Add int10, DDC & VBE support to ATI driver
+ (Andrew C Aitchison, Marc La France).
+ 122. Allow driver to supply DDC module to VBE (Marc La France).
+ 121. Attempt to fix cyrix driver (untested). (Egbert Eich)
+ 120. Added support for 'inactive' devices. (Egbert Eich)
+ 119. Fixed xf86misc extensions. (Egbert Eich)
+ 118. Fixed design of xf86SetAccessFuncs(). Now all old access funcs
+ are returned if the driver asks for them not only the one
+ that is used in OPERATING state. (Egbert Eich)
+ 117. Added a function LoadDrvSubModule() to allow drivers to load
+ sub modules before a screen is allocated. (Egbert Eich)
+ 116. Fixed lndir to handle trailing '/' on path correctly. (Egbert Eich)
+ 115. Undefined i486/i586/i686 in cpp might predefine
+ them which might cause undesirable results. (Egbert Eich)
+ 114. Updated x86emu. (Egbert Eich)
+ 113. Fixed problems with xf86RegisterResources() if preregistered
+ resources are not marked ResBios. Identical ranges are not considered
+ to conflict with each other. (Egbert Eich)
+ 112. Improved DDC information printout. (Egbert Eich)
+ 111. Added NODDC options to vbe. (Egbert Eich)
+ 110. Added fixes for Lynx OS. (Egbert Eich)
+ Changed int10 code to always map/allocate entire 1Meg. (Egbert Eich)
+ 109. Let int10 code try harder to locate a video bios to work
+ around some system bios bugs. (Holger Veit, Egbert Eich)
+ 108. Modified fbdevProbe() to return the name string representing
+ the chipset. (Egbert Eich)
+ 107. Minor fixes to i810 driver (Egbert Eich)
+ 106. Fixed format of float numbers in C&T driver. (Jens Taprogge)
+ 105. Added support for the NeoMagic 2360. (Gregory Pomerantz)
+ 104. Add an xf86UnloadSubModule() entry (temporarily disabled)
+ (Marc La France).
+ 103. Fix missing symbol "ServerGrabCallback" (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 102. Fix XAA problems with CPU-to-screen colour expansion (Marc La France).
+ 101. For panel support in the ATI driver, add an entry to the monitor
+ section's mode list for the panel's native resolution (Marc La France).
+ 100. Fix depth24 acceleration problems with 300SX (Alan Hourihane).
+ 99. Update glint driver for fb24_32 and ensure memset used in fb is
+ xf86memset when using loader (Alan Hourihane).
+ 98. By default, limit ATI 3DRage LTPro's to 200 MHz, instead of 230 MHz
+ (Marc La France).
+ 97. Remove some leftover INTERNAL_VS_EXTERNAL_PADDING stuff from the
+ extensions (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 96. Fix a NonTE text bug in XAA where zero-height primitives could be passed
+ to the driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 95. Add CPU-to-screen colour expansion acceleration for Mach64's
+ (Kevin Martin, Marc La France).
+XFree86 4.0a (6 April 2000)
+ 94. Major OS/2 resync (#3859, Holger Veit).
+ 93. Fix some 'XFree86 -configure' problems when multiple cards (#3850,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 92. New graphical config tool (xf86cfg) (#3850,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 91. Fix a typo in that prevents moving config files to
+ /etc/X11 from being optional (#3858, Richard Gooch).
+ 90. Add lt_LT.ISO_8859-4 to locale.alias, and update the lt symbols for
+ xkb (#3857, Ricardas Cepas).
+ 89. Fix the return values of some "xkb action" filters (SetControls and
+ RedirectKey) (#3854, Ivan Pascal).
+ 88. Fix problems with using "radio group" number one in XKB keyboard
+ descriptions (#3853, Ivan Pascal).
+ 87. Fix MIT-SHM crash caused by incorrect reference tracking (#3851,
+ Keith Packard).
+ 86. Updates to allow a build on sparc-linux to succeed (#3849,
+ Jakub Jelinek).
+ 85. Fix GetImage in XY format in fb at 32bpp (#3848, Keith Packard).
+ 84. Add support for 24/32 fb/pixmap format conversion to fb (#3847,
+ Keith Packard).
+ 83. Update the r128 driver to use fb and fb24_32, and disable
+ transparency at 24bpp (#3846, Keith Packard).
+ 82. Let the server continue when a font path element in the default path
+ is found to be invalid (#3843, Keith Packard).
+ 81. Fix parsing of the Group keyword in the DRI section of the config file
+ (#3842, Stefan Dirsch, David Dawes).
+ 80. Add support for YUV422, YV12, RGB15 and RGB16 XvImages to the C&T driver
+ (#3840, David Bateman).
+ 79. Change the config file Xkb* option priority. Now, if XkbKeymap is
+ set it will be tried first. If a component is present it will override
+ components computed from ruls/module/layout/etc (#3839, Ivan Pascal).
+ 78. Fix an infinite loop problem that can show up in makedepend (#3838, A.10,
+ Jeremy Buhler).
+ 77. Fix Overlay support in the TI ramdac module (Alan Hourihane).
+ 76. Fix mixup between TVP3026/3030 ramdacs in the ramdac module
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+ 75. Increase usage of ReadPixmap within XAA (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 74. Allow the v4l driver to use offscreen YUV surfaces exported by the
+ chipset drivers (Gerd Knorr).
+ 73. Change xf86LoadModules() so that it doesn't quit at the first module
+ that fails to load (David Dawes).
+ 72. SIGIO doesn't work on Linux pipes, so diasble it for input devices
+ which are pipes (#3835, Keith Packard).
+ 71. Bring the SDK support up to date (#3834, David Bateman).
+ 70. Fix an Xlib problem that causes an application crash when inputting
+ cyrillic symbols with the koi8-r locale (and other locales with
+ long esc-sequences) (#3833, Ivan Pascal, #A.15, Serguei Poliakov, #A.34,
+ Stanislav Meduna, #A.40, Rimantas Plaipa, #A.74, Sergei Laskavy).
+ 69. Fixes for S3 Trio3D/2X:
+ - flickering for some cards (bad FIFO setting from bios).
+ - workaround for 8MB ram (ramdac can access only 4MB).
+ - adjust clock limits which have been too low.
+ (#3832, Harald Koenig).
+ 68. Fix v4l problem with a function being called after the module is
+ unloaded (#3831,
+ 67. Fixes for the PPC icache flushing code (#3830, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+ 66. Fix for /tmp race installing man pages on OpenBSD (#3829,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+ 65. Fix problems building the Xsun and XsunMono servers on
+ NetBSD-current/sparc (#3828, Matthieu Herrb).
+ 64. Add a comment to site.def about how to move the /etc/X11 contents to
+ a directory under ProjectRoot (#3827, R Horn).
+ 63. Fix an Xaw bug that shows up when usingn c-mode with xedit on Linux
+ (#3824, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+ 62. Enable devfs support for the v4l driver (based on #3823,
+ Christopher Sekiya).
+ 61. Update for README.FreeBSD (#3822, Kazutaka Yokota).
+ 60. Bump the video driver ABI minor version because of interface changes
+ (now 0.2).
+ 59. Disable SilkenMouse when IO/MEM resource sharing means that it cannot
+ be reliably used (#382o, Keith Packard and Egbert Eich).
+ 58. Fix DGA 1.0 compatibility for mouse events and SetViewport behaviour
+ (#3820, Keith Packard).
+ 57. Fix the Linux APM code so that the X server doesn't hang the machine
+ on suspend (#3820, Keith Packard and Egbert Eich).
+ 56. Fix problems that break Overlay support in the glint driver (#3818,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+ 55. Possible fix for AvailableOptions function and submodule loading
+ for the cirrus driver (David Dawes).
+ 54. Add an entry for the GeForce to the Cards file (#A.6, Oliver Lau).
+ 53. Fix pswrap build problem when cross compiling (#3815, Jim Gettys).
+ 52. Fix a typo in (#3814, Jim Gettys).
+ 51. SiS driver fixes:
+ - 630/540/300 display abnormal for all modes.
+ - 630/540/300 cannot enter true color modes.
+ - 530/620 1600x1200x8bpp display abnormal.
+ (#3807, Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
+ 50. Fix a -configure crash in the nv driver (#3805, Jarno Paananen).
+ 49. Rendition driver updates:
+ - rename most v_ to verite_ to avoid potential namespace clashes.
+ - add support for VBE DDC and "XFree86 -configure".
+ - fix PROBE_DETECT issues.
+ - Replace a number of ErrorF's with xf86DrvMsg to reduce noise
+ when not requested. A number of debugging messages #ifdef'ed also.
+ - Option "MTRR" reenabled. Was disabled when acceleration was debugged.
+ (#3785, 3808, Dejan Ilic).
+ 48. S3virge driver updates:
+ - Revert WAITIDLE to cleanly abort a segfaulting imagewrite.
+ - Start of GX2 fixes.
+ - Add DDC monitor X -configure code.
+ - Update copyrights
+ (#3783, Kevin Brosius).
+ 47. Update XSetWMProperties() to set the WM_LOCALE_NAME property (#3780,
+ Peter Novodvorsky).
+ 46. Xterm patch #131 (#3777, Thomas Dickey).
+ 45. Add some xtest tests to cover some accelerated cases implemented by
+ XAA, and fix some Linux/glibc build problems (#3767, Rik Faith).
+ 44. Xineramification of XvImage support (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 43. By default, cache writes to selected Mach64 MMIO registers and allow this
+ cache to be disabled (Marc La France).
+ 42. Add detection of Rage128 Mobility to ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 41. Fix a Xinerama GetImage bug that showed up in 24+32 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 40. Fix XAA transparent blits. They are broken in 4.0 (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 39. Fix typo in mioverlay that broke resize gravity (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 38. Fix PCI/AGP bridge I/O and memory window detection (Marc La France).
+ 37. Add Mach64 solid zero-width line acceleration, except for 24bpp
+ (Kevin Martin, Marc La France).
+ 36. Add Mach64 mono 8x8 pattern fill acceleration (Kevin Martin,
+ Marc La France).
+ 35. Fix DDC bug (John McCorquodale).
+ 34. Fix minClock and maxClock determination in ATI driver (Marc La France).
+ 33. A first step at allowing -configure to deal with more than one device per
+ driver (Marc La France).
+ 32. ATI driver changes: Implement Mach64 engine restriction on virtual
+ resolution; Add DPMS support; More DSP calculation fixes; Fix text
+ mode restoration bug; Fix Mach64 screen blanking; Don't probe for
+ previously claimed VGA compatibles; Fix device section matching for
+ Mach64 controllers made by UMC foundry; Miscellaneous cleanups
+ (Marc La France).
+ 31. Add GLINT 300SX support to the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 30. Remove the unused GLINT Delta code (for now) to re-implement as
+ a chipset (like the gamma) from the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
+ 29. Add support for the TVP3026 ramdac to the ramdac module (Alan Hourihane).
+ 28. Add support for building and installing HTML versions of the man
+ pages (David Dawes).
+ 27. Fix some limitation in rman so that it will handle our man pages
+ correctly (David Dawes).
+ 26. Import rman-3.0.8, for generating HTML versions of the man pages
+ (David Dawes).
+ 25. ATI fixes to Cards database (Marc La France).
+ 24. Fix some man page formatting problems that show up on some platforms
+ (David Dawes).
+ 23. Fix an 8+24 bug that occured when shared memory pixmaps were used as
+ tiles (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 22. Support for the Trident CyberBlade/DSTN/i1 (Alan Hourihane).
+ 21. Fix Xinerama problems that occured when screen zero was not at (0,0)
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 20. Add untested support for Matrox SDRAM G400s (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 19. Improve memory probing reliability in the Matrox driver (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 18. Fix DESIGN doc and XF86Config man page information about the Screen
+ entry format in the ServerLayout sections (David Dawes).
+ 17. Add missing file permission flags to xf86shmget (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 16. Workaround in 8+32 for applications that assume changes to window
+ background pixmaps go into effect immediately (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 15. Change loader search order to look in more specific subdirectories first,
+ thereby avoiding loading 3.3.* module versions (Marc La France).
+ 14. Remove the var-* bindist files for platforms that don't use Xvar.tgz
+ (David Dawes).
+ 13. No Xset.tgz, so remove the set-list bindist files (David Dawes).
+ 12. Fix Xinstall's symlink testing for Solaris (/bin/sh's builtin doesn't
+ recognise '-L') (David Dawes).
+ 11. Update to handle the xkb/compiled directory properly in all
+ cases, including when there is no Xvar.tgz tarball (David Dawes).
+ 10. Add missing cs_CZ.ISO_8859-2 entries to locale.alias (#A.20,
+ Cejka Rudolf).
+ 9. Updates to Linux-ix86 bindist host.def file.
+ 8. Fix installation of iso8859-{1,2,3} Compose files, and fix the czech
+ entry in locale.alias (Charles Lopes, #A.62, Stanislav Brabec).
+ 7. Fix some problems with layers forgetting that SwitchMode is an
+ optional function (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 6. Parser bug fix for hexadecimal numbers (Marc La France).
+ 5. Fix scanpci (Marc La France).
+ 4. DPMS #include fix (Marc La France).
+ 3. Fix an event ordering problem in Xinerama (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 2. Fix some clipping bugs in the Xv DDX (Mark Vojkovich).
+ 1. Remove 24bpp shadowfb support from the NV driver since the hardware
+ is not capable of 24bpp (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 4.0 (8 March 2000)
+3972. Possible fix for a cirrus driver crash when using -configure
+ (David Dawes).
+3971. R128 driver doc update (#3813, Ove Kaaven).
+3970. Update Unicode/ISO 10646 information in the release notes (#3812,
+ Markus Kuhn).
+3969. Fix an apm driver crash when using -configure (#3811, Loic Grenie).
+3968. Release notes updates (David Dawes).
+3967. Major updates to the XF86Config man page (David Dawes).
+3966. Update the Cyrix driver documentation (#3810, Richard Hecker).
+3965. Update the APM driver documentation (#3809, Loic Grenie).
+3964. Fix a name clash in XF86OffscreenImageRec (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 3.9.18Za (7 March 2000)
+3963. GCC/egcs bug workaround and other more minor ATI fixes (Marc La France).
+3962. Split HasGlide into HasGlide2 and HasGlide3 (David Dawes).
+3961. Enable known gcc optmisation work arounds by default (David Dawes).
+3960. Fix uninitialized screen function (RestackWindow) (#3806, Keith Packard).
+3959. Added DRI users guide documentation (Brian Paul and Kevin Martin).
+3958. Update the -misc-fixed-* BDF fonts. New glyphs have been added and
+ some old ones fixed. 10x20.bdf and 9x15.bdf now also cover the
+ ISO 8859-6 characters (Arabic), and 18x18ja.bdf covers now all
+ characters necessary to display the full ISO-2022-JP-2 repertoire
+ (#3799, Markus Kuhn).
+3957. Make sure the fbdevhw module is loaded by the glint driver when it
+ is needed, and add some memory barriers to some register access macros
+ (#3804, Michel Dänzer).
+3956. Update the glint driver man page and release notes (#3804,
+ Michel Dänzer).
+3955. Remove some noisy messages from the mga driver (#3803, Mark Vojkovich).
+3954. The last segment in any zero-width polysegment drawing request to
+ a window with more than one clipping rectangle gets dropped in the
+ fb code (#3802, Keith Packard).
+3953. Fix the versions for which HasMTRRSupport is enabled for OpenBSD
+ (#3800, Matthieu Herrb).
+3952. Fix some "ambiguous" else statements in some of the driver Probe()
+ functions (David Dawes).
+3951. Don't make the VBEInit call in the chips driver dependent on the loader
+ server (David Dawes).
+3950. Register vbe symbols as "referenced" with the loader in drivers that
+ use them (David Dawes).
+3949. Fixed the unresolved VBE symbols in the r128 driver and a crash
+ related to referencing vgahw symbols before the module is loaded
+ (Kevin Martin).
+3948. Fix a -configure crash in the tdfx driver (David Dawes).
+3947. Fix a mouse driver bug that prevented the X server from seeing the
+ mouse button 4 and above when three button emulation is enabled
+ (#3773, Yoshihiko Sarumau, Kazutaka Yokota).
+3946. Add NO_GXCOPY to the s3virge driver's imagewrite flags, which fixes
+ a crash (#3783, Kevin Brosius).
+3945. Fix a parser build problem for Interactive Unix, and update the
+ docs (#3796, Michael Rohleder).
+3944. Fix the r128 hw cursor for big endian machines, and enable building
+ the r128 driver for PPC (#3975, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3943. Update lnxResource.c to allow builds to succeed on PPC platforms
+ (#3795, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3942. B&H Lucidux fonts (#3794, donated by Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
+ from Bigelow and Holmes Inc, with hinting donated by Berthold Horn and
+ Blenda Horn from Y&Y, Inc).
+3941. Doc update for the sis driver (#3793, R Horn).
+3940. Fix an xman build problem on LynxOS (#3792, Thomas Mueller).
+3939. Fix some 24-plane problems with the tga driver, and update the docs
+ (#3789, Martin Lucina).
+3938. Rage 128 documentation update (Kevin Martin).
+3937. Fix an unresolved reference to VErrorF from the int10 module
+ (David Dawes).
+3936. Reduce some of the noise in the server startup messages (David Dawes).
+3935. Static library objects don't use THREADS_CFLAGS (#3790, Matthieu Herrb).
+3934. Fix a fatal error related to shared memory pixmaps in Xinerama (#3788,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3933. Fix IA64 build fixes (#3787, Mark Vojkovich).
+3932. Fill out the rendition man page (#3785, Dejan Ilic).
+3931. Update the s3virge man page (#3784, Kevin Brosius).
+3930. Fix the FreeBSD/alpha code to track changes made to the Linux memory
+ mapping code (#3782, Doug Rabson).
+3929. Update email addresses for C&T driver authors (#3781, Nozomi Ytow).
+XFree86 3.9.18Z (3 March 2000)
+3928. Restrict the X server -configure option to root, and fix a crash
+ when the server fails to read the first stage config file that it
+ writes when run with this option (David Dawes).
+3927. Modify the parser's xf86WriteConfigFile() function to write the
+ file using the real user id when the real and effective ids are
+ different (David Dawes).
+3926. Fix a problem with VT switching disabling direct rendering 3D apps
+ (Kevin Martin).
+3925. Add an imake parameter called XFree86Devel that can be set in host.def
+ to enable devel-specific settings (like more verbose compiler warnings),
+ and adjust GccWarningOptions to use this (David Dawes).
+3924. Various doc updates, and don't install out of date docs (David Dawes).
+3923. Fix a thread related problem in the Xv client library (Mark Vojkovich).
+3922. Fix a Xinerama problem with XShapeMask (Mark Vojkovich).
+3921. LynxOS documentation and bindist updates, and an os-support fix (#3779,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+3920. Update the wacom input driver to suppor the PL400 model and the
+ stroking pen on the Intuos model (#3778, Frederic Lepied).
+3919. -
+3918. -
+3917. Add prototypes for xman, and eliminate most of the compiler warnings
+ (#3772, Thomas Dickey).
+3916. Xterm patch #130 (#3771, Thomas Dickey).
+3915. Fix a segfault in XAA caused by reading beyond shared memory bitmaps
+ when hardware clipping is not available (Mark Vojkovich).
+3914. Update the mga man page (Mark Vojkovich).
+3913. A Q&D fix for GLX segment violation in loader server (Marc La France).
+3912. Add Mach64 screen-to-screen copy acceleration (Kevin Martin,
+ Marc La France).
+3911. IA-64 fixes (Mark Vojkovich).
+3910. Add skeleton man pages for the video and input drivers that don't
+ already have one (David Dawes).
+3909. Add man pages for the mouse, keyboard and void input drivers
+ (David Dawes).
+3908. Enable building the "void" input driver by default (David Dawes).
+3907. Keep xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty from freeing data it didn't
+ allocate (Mark Vojkovich).
+3906. Add an extra file name to the server config file search path --
+ XF86Config-M, where M is the major version number (David Dawes).
+3905. DRI megapatch II. This includes DRI enhancements, 3dfx fixes and
+ updates, updates Mesa to version 3.3 beta, adds new GLX dispatch
+ code and adds i810 2D support (Precision Insight).
+3904. Add SERVER_OVERLAY_VISUALS root window property (Mark Vojkovich).
+3903. Remove unnecessary VGA CRTC unlock/relock in cyrix driver
+ (Marc La France).
+3902. Fix ATI driver's 8514/A probe delay when one isn't present
+ (Marc La France).
+3901. Changes to -configure: ATI driver interface; Move default monitor
+ tolerances to xf86ValidateModes(); Let drivers decide on default depth
+ and mode; Don't "special-case" VGA driver. (Marc La France)
+3900. Fix xc/lib/Imakefile for BuildServersOnly (Marc La France).
+XFree86 3.9.18b (29 February 2000)
+3899. Fix a bug in lnx_apm.c that causes fd 0 to be closed instead
+ of the just opened /proc/apm (#3766, Kars de Jong).
+3898. Fix a SuperProbe build problem on UnixWare 7 (#3765, Thanh Ma).
+3897. Mouse doc updates (#3764, Kazutaka Yokota).
+3896. Speed up dashed lines and conic sections in fb, including changing
+ mi to use PolyPoint instead of FillSpans for dashed arcs (#3763,
+ Keith Packard).
+3895. Add shadowfb support to the rendition driver (#3762, Dejan Ilic).
+3894. Allow Rage128 driver to Probe DDC too (Alan Hourihane).
+3893. Allow i740 driver to Probe DDC (using vbe) for -configure, and remove
+ one liner from tdfx driver to enable it too (Alan Hourihane).
+3892. Make GNU make -j workaround separately configurable (Marc La France).
+3891. Replace remaining occurrences of BuildXTT imake symbol with
+ BuildXTrueType (Marc La France).
+3890. Fix some problems using the UTF-8 -locale:
+ - Add proper side (GL/GR) handling to the UTF-8 locale
+ - No more need to define ISO10646-1 in en_US.UTF-8. It is already
+ defined in lcCT.c
+ - The fontset loading routines would access invalid memory when
+ not all fonts for a fontset were found
+ (#3761, Bruno Haible).
+3889. Avoid spurious warnings from the XFree86-Bigfont extension (#3760,
+ Bruno Haible).
+3888. Fix an error in the XtAppMainLoop() man page related to its return
+ behaviour (#3759, Bruno Haible).
+3887. Make it possible for gcc to compile the Linux int10 module with -fPIC
+ (#3758, Bruno Haible).
+3886. Fix typos in fontcacheP.h and RELNOTES (#3757, Bruno Haible).
+3885. Disable stripping programs when they are installed to make it
+ easier to debug problems that may show up within libraries (#3756,
+ Bruno Haible).
+3884. Add support for reading power management events for NetBSD and
+ OpenBSD (#3755, Matthieu Herrb).
+3883. Update for NetBSD-current-ELF (#3754, Matthieu Herrb).
+3882. Update NetBSD and OpenBSD bindist files (#3753, Matthieu Herrb).
+3881. Apm driver update, including extending the Rush extension to allow
+ initialisation of the Rush chip in a legal way (#3752, Loic Grenie).
+3880. Xterm patch #129 (#3751, Thomas Dickey).
+3879. Add DDC support to the tdfx driver via the vbe interface (#3750,
+ Jarno Paananen).
+3878. Enable double scan and interlaced modes for the tdfx and nv drivers
+ (#3750, Jarno Paananen).
+3877. Fix 8bpp initialisation problem with the rendition driver (#3749,
+ Dejan Ilic).
+3876. Update the XThrStub library version with that in the 3.3.x branch,
+ and enable thread-safe libraries for OpenBSD 2.6 and later (#3748,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+3875. Fix some REGION_BROKEN related stuff with the overlays (Mark Vojkovich).
+3874. Fix a bug with unaccelerated pixmap cache uploads when virtualX
+ was larger than the displayWidth (Mark Vojkovich).
+3873. Xinerama changes (Mark Vojkovich).
+ - extend the Xinerama protocol and change the version number to 1.1.
+ - add a new client API in the "Xinerama" namespace with more
+ functionality than the previous "PanoramiX" functions.
+ - move Xinerama functions out of libXext and into libXinerama.a.
+ - some Xinerama bug fixes.
+3872. Add a flags field to the XF86OffscreenImageRec (Mark Vojkovich).
+3871. Fix a malloc/free problem in Xnest on 64-bit platforms (David Dawes).
+3870. Update bindist definition files (David Dawes).
+3869. More installer updates (David Dawes).
+3868. Make -configure generate multihead configs (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9.18a (25 February 2000)
+3867. Add a preliminary Install document (David Dawes).
+3866. Remove obsolete XF98 and XF68 definitions from (David Dawes).
+3865. Fix some rendition driver problems (#3746, Dejan Ilic).
+3864. Add build-time support for using fb instead of cfb with the nv
+ driver (#3744, Jarno Paananen).
+3863. Add missing xf86_ansic.h include for the nv driver, and avoid a
+ gcc 2.96-generated memcpy call in Mesa (#3743, Jarno Paananen).
+3862. Glint driver updates:
+ - removed obsolete NoWriteBitmap option
+ - reworked pm2_accel.c (cleaned up swapping/mirroring, removed
+ obsolete hacks)
+ - fixed setting of mode sync flags
+ - fixed PolySegmentThinSolidWrapper functions
+ (#3742, Michel Dänzer).
+3861. Change the positioning of $(XF86INT10LIB) to fix some static server
+ linking problems (#3741, Kevin Brosius).
+3860. Make xclock's -brief option off by default, and document it in the
+ man page (#3740, Nozomi Ytow).
+3859. Improve the default converters set in libX11, and use it for all
+ "one byte" locales (#3737, Ivan Pascal).
+3858. Some improvements to the generic converters set in libX11, including:
+ - some converter optimization
+ - actions that can be done once at initialization step moved to
+ lcGeneric.c
+ - converters from CharSet to MultiByte/WideChar added
+ (#3731, Ivan Pascal).
+3857. Add a "showCurrent" resource for Xaw, which makes the list widget
+ always show the selected item (#3728, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3856. Use fb for the fbdev driver, and check if the fbdev modes are suitable
+ for the monitor (#3709, Michel Dänzer).
+3855. Add support for finding VT devices for Linux kernels compiled with
+ devfs (#3692, Christopher Sekiya).
+3854. Implmenent the Font Type font properties for the Speedo, Type 1 and
+ TrueType backends (#3688, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3853. Add an installation script ( for installing binary
+ distributions (David Dawes).
+3852. Fix bitmap installation location for xditview (#3724, Harald Koenig).
+3851. Make -probe and -configure deal with vendor-supplied modules again
+ (Marc La France).
+3850. Fix an exposure problem that occured in 8+32 mode when the root
+ window was in depth 24 (Mark Vojkovich).
+3849. The MGA driver now recognizes a "VideoKey" option that sets the
+ default video key for YUV overlays (Mark Vojkovich).
+3848. Add some missing cfbDrawableEnabled checks to the 8+32 and 24+32
+ framebuffers (Mark Vojkovich).
+3847. Fix a segfault introduced by the workaround in 3546 below.
+3846. Fix big endian problems in XAA stipple code (Michel Dänzer).
+3845. Fix xf86MatchPciInstances() to not cause r128 to report detection of
+ other ATI adapters to -probe (Marc La France).
+3844. Fix bug in xf86MatchDevices() with -probe or -configure (Marc La France).
+3843. More compilation fixups (Marc La France).
+3842. Make -probe and -configure use compiled-in driver lists. Make -configure
+ work in the static server (Marc La France).
+3841. A second attempt at fixing DPS compilation (Marc La France).
+3840. Add DDC probing to the -configure option and enable it in the trident
+ driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3839. Bring xditview over from the contrib dist.
+3838. Fix drm free list bug (Jeff Hartmann and Rik Faith, Precision Insight).
+3837. Remove deprecated keywords (Kevin Martin).
+3836. Support for YUV offscreen surfaces in Xv and have the MGA driver
+ offer them (Mark Vojkovich).
+3835. Reorder generic Xv adaptor registration to allow V4L to use
+ driver-managed YUV offscreen surfaces (Gerd Knorr).
+3834. Preliminary IA-64 support (Mark Vojkovich, Johannes Erdfelt).
+XFree86 3.9.18 (21 February 2000)
+3833. Bump the minor version number for libXaw since it has some symbols
+ that are not present in 6.0.
+3832. Add a "xf86LoaderCheckSymbol" function and use this in drivers to
+ check if the vgahw module is loaded before calling vgaHWFreeHWRec()
+ (David Dawes).
+3831. Fix some build problems on Interactive Unix (#3739, Michael Rohleder).
+3830. Disable NetBSD aperture driver support by default (#3736,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+3829. Update OpenBSD and NetBSD docs (#3735, Matthieu Herrb).
+3828. Update the VideoBoard98 file (#3734, Isao Ohishi).
+3827. Fix 'X -scanpci' crash (David Dawes).
+3826. Fix the "ev56" gcc option (#3730, Keith Packard).
+3825. Fix some problems with the MMIO macro use of function pointers on
+ Alpha (#3729, Keith Packard).
+3824. Fix a Mesa bug involving paletted textures and software rendering
+ (#3727, Brian Paul).
+3823. Fix a glx bug involving glFlush() inside glXWaitGL() (#3727, Brian Paul).
+3822. Disable the 3DNow assembler code for now, to avoid problems with
+ assemblers that don't recognise the instructions (Brian Paul).
+3821. Fix some problems with the Cards file (#3726,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3820. Eliminate the double mappings added to the r128 driver work around
+ earlier limitations, and add the fix necessary to make the R128
+ work on an Alpha UP1000 box without hanging the AGP bus during fb
+ rendering (#3720, Keith Packard).
+3819. Fix an int10 crash when the BIOS accessed memory beyond the first
+ 8kbytes (#3722, Keith Packard).
+3818. Fix PCI memory regions on dense alpha (#3720, Keith Packard).
+3817. Fix an int10 module build problem on big endian machines (#3719,
+ Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3816. Remove "lib" from the GLcore module name (David Dawes).
+3815. Set HasPoll to NO for Linux to work around a problem that Netscape
+ has when libXt uses poll() instead of select() (#3718, Keith Packard).
+3814. Disable 24bpp fb rendering on big endian machines because it doesn't
+ work yet (#3717, Keith Packard).
+3813. Fix an Xlib bug that causes freed memory to be accessed. This is
+ exposed by Netscape (#3716, Keith Packard).
+3812. Fix a problem in glxUseXFont() when direct rendering (#3715, Brian Paul).
+3811. A rework of Kevin Martin's Mach64 acceleration. Only solid fills for
+ now (Marc La France).
+3810. ATI Mobility fixes (Marc La France).
+3809. A new clock ordering has been reported for Mach32's. Treated as a
+ different clock chip for now (Marc La France).
+3808. Build fixups (Marc La France).
+3807. Fix a bug in the code that checks for the presence of a core keyboard
+ and pointer (David Dawes).
+3806. Remove unnecessary system headers from Xext/fontcache.c, which were
+ causing unresolved symbols for the extmod module on Solaris
+ (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9.17Z (17 February 2000)
+3805. Fix VT switch problem when using shadowfb with the ati driver
+ (Marc La France).
+3804. Fix some typos in the mouse driver that affect some of the extended
+ PS/2 protocols (Kazutaka Yokota).
+3803. Xterm patch #128 (#3713, Thomas Dickey).
+3802. Fix a crash in the XKB library code (#3712,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3801. Set the right max clock for the Voodoo3 3000 (#3707,
+ Yoann Vandoorselaere).
+3800. Fix various build problems (David Dawes).
+3799. Fix all other SaveScreen() functions, and add a helper xf86IsUnblank()
+ that drivers can use to interpret the SaveScreen mode values
+ (David Dawes).
+3798. Fix GLINTSaveScreen's use of the second argument (#3706, Michel Danzer).
+3797. Glint driver updates: register int10 module's symbols, and add a
+ workaround to set the sync flags in supplied modes to make the HW
+ cursor work with FBDev (#3650, Michel Danzer).
+3796. Indented xfree86 for better readability. (Egbert Eich)
+3795. Fixed int10 build rules (hope they are right now) (Egbert Eich)
+3794. Changed lnxResources.c to know about differences between ev4/5 and ev6.
+ (Egbert Eich).
+3793. xf86pciBus.c restores old registration if attempt fo fix PCI
+ registration fails. (Egbert Eich)
+3792. Removed sparse mapping from vidmem.c. (Egbert Eich)
+3791. Changed memory mapping for linux on Alpha:
+ - removed separate mapping functions for sparse and dense.
+ - allow for 32bit read/write to access memory directly without
+ going thru a function call if Jensen support is not enabled
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3790. Fix for dead keys in XKB Norwegian keyboards (#3702, 3703,
+ Preston Brown).
+3789. Synced with latest Mesa 3.3 sources (Brian Paul, Precision Insight).
+3788. Bug fixes for DRI (Kevin Martin, Precision Insight).
+3787. Bug fixes for tdfx DRI driver (Daryll Strauss, Precision Insight).
+3786. Cleanups for the contrib programs recently moved into the main xc/
+ tree (#3701, Bruno Haible).
+3785. Small fix (#3700, Thomas Mueller).
+3784. Initialise MMIO32 for r128 when using fbdev (#3699, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3783. Avoid most lockups for Trio3D startup (s3virge driver) (#3698,
+ Harald Koenig).
+3782. Fix unresolved and conflicting symbols in X-TT, and fix the broken
+ BIG5 converter (#3697, Takuya Shiozaki).
+3781. Update README.fonts (#3696, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3780. Add dot, line, arc accelerations for 24bpp in fb, and cleanup most
+ warnings (#3695, 3711, Keith Packard).
+3779. Make it possible to build the r128 driver with support for fb
+ (disabled by default) (#3693, Keith Packard).
+3778. Fix a problem with lnx_ev56 (#3693, Keith Packard).
+3777. Fix references to noPanoramiXExtension when Xinerama is not built
+ (#3691, Christopher Sekiya).
+3776. Fix possible races in xauth and libXau (#3690, 3694, Colin Phipps).
+3775. Fix some Xv and PC-98 init bugs in the apm driver (#3689, Loic Grenie).
+3774. Fix SVR4.0 build problem in the cyrix driver (David Dawes).
+3773. Fix SVR4.0 build problems in the sis driver (#3687, Takaaki Nomura).
+3772. Change CppProgram to /usr/bin/cpp for FreeBSD.
+3771. DPS build fixes (#3686, Juliusz Chroboczek, David Dawes).
+3770. Back out the pMga->PointerMoved change.
+3769. Fix DRI/DRM code to build tdfx driver and turn off building MGA DRI
+ support until the next code merge (Kevin Martin).
+3768. Attempt to first read the PLL parameters in the BIOS from PCI space,
+ then fallback to 0xc0000, and then fallback to default PLL parameters
+ in r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
+3767. Fix compiler warnings in r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
+XFree86 3.9.17f (12 February 2000)
+3766. Moved Alpha ev5/56 read dense functions to a separate file.
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3765. Improved RAC support for asynchronous events (not yet enabled).
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3764. Fixed a bug that prevented restoration of PCI registers after
+ a VT switch. (Egbert Eich)
+3763. Fixed support for BIOS reading on multiple chipset cards. (Egbert Eich)
+3762. Separated stub functions from pcitweak. (Egbert Eich)
+3761. Rewrote scanpci to use libxf86_os.a. (Egbert Eich)
+3760. Improved server state notification callback handler to meet the
+ needs of multi-head dri. (Egbert Eich)
+3759. Mga fix for pMga->PointerMoved init (#3684, Isao Ohishi).
+3758. Import FreeType 1.3.1 and X-TrueType 1.3, and incorporate the
+ font cache extension (#3653, Akio Morita, X-TrueType team, Nozomi Ytow).
+3757. Add a stub for xf86OSPMOpen() for OS's that don't have their own
+ (David Dawes).
+3756. Move the other XFree86-supported contrib programs to the main xc/
+ tree (except for xditview) (David Dawes).
+3755. Add a dummylib that provides functions required by libxf86_os. This
+ makes it easier for utilities (like scanpci and pcitweak) to use
+ libxf86_os (Egbert Eich, David Dawes).
+3754. Some bug fixes and PC-98 enhancements for the apm driver (#3685,
+ Loic Grenie).
+3753. GL build fix (#3683, Christopher Sekiya).
+3752. Xterm patch #127 (#3682, Thomas Dickey).
+3751. Cyrix MediaGX driver. Not very usable yet (#3681, Richard Hecker).
+3750. Add DPS libraries. Building these is disabled right now because
+ some more work is needed on the Imakefiles and portability issues
+ (#3645, 3680, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3749. Fix the mga driver to work with the MGA 2064W on Alpha architectures
+ (#3679, Doug Rabson).
+3748. Support for building XFree86 on FreeBSD/alpha (#3678, Doug Rabson).
+3747. Restore viewport correctly on VT switch for the s3virge, and clean
+ up the logging messages (#3676, Kevin Brosius).
+3746. Don't try to program the keyboard repeat rate directly for Linux/98
+ (#3675, Takaaki Nomura).
+3745. Update information about mouse support in 3.9.18 (#3673, 3674,
+ Kazutaka Yokota).
+3744. Remove the "Extended PS/2 mouse protocol" class from the supported
+ interfaces in FreeBSD, since they are already handled at the
+ device driver level (#3672, Kazutaka Yokota).
+3743. Merge Kevin Hendricks fbdev/ppc patches in r128, fix wrong order
+ in cursor init (#3671, Kostas Gewrgiou, Kevin Hendricks).
+3742. Fix a problem building xedit/realpath.c that shows up on Linux
+ (#3670, Andrew Aitcheson).
+3741. Fix a build problem for lcUTF.c on Linux/libc5 (#3668,
+ Andrew Aitcheson).
+3740. Make sure the cursor is positioned correctly after mode changes
+ (#3667, Harald Koenig).
+3739. Add support for the SiS 630/540/300/530/620 to the SiS driver with
+ hw acceleration. Support for the tvout function is included for
+ the 630/540/300 (#3666, Can-Ru Yeou, SiS).
+3738. Fix some build problems with the apm driver on SVR4.0 (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9.17e (11 February 2000)
+3727. Move xman into the main xc/ tree.
+3726. The leak-tracing allocator now works on 64-bit machines, and update
+ the server to allow the use of the leak-tracing allocator (#3665,
+ Keith Packard).
+3725. Fix fb so that it works with 64-bit pointers and works on big-endian
+ machines (#3665, Keith Packard).
+3724. r128 driver updates to work on Alpha UP1000 (ev6). The changes follow
+ recommendations from Kevin Martin and Egbert to try to make them
+ reasonable (#3665, Keith Packard).
+3723. Modify mfb, cfb and mi so that they now do all accesses 32-bits at
+ a time instead of 64 (on 64-bit platforms). This eliminates image
+ repadding in DIX (#3665, Keith Packard).
+3722. Bug fixes, comments and cosmetics for the input method code:
+ - Add prefix "_Xim" to two input specific functions.
+ - Remove buggy function ConvertUCS4toUTF8 (bug: UCS-4 never contains
+ surrogates), and replace with simpler code. Based on a patch by
+ Ivan Pascal.
+ - Fix for _XimLookupMBText and _XimLookupWCText in multibyte locales
+ Patch by Ivan Pascal.
+ (#3664, Bruno Haible, Ivan Pascal).
+3721. Fix ugly code in _XlcCreateDefaultCharSet and add comments (#3663,
+ Bruno Haible).
+3720. Introduce a UTF-8 locale, including conversion from/to compound text.
+ This is not fully functional yet (#3662, Bruno Haible).
+3719. Resturcutre lib/X11/lcCt.c so that it is more understandable. Update
+ the default_ct_data array. Fix bugs in _XlcCheckCTSequence and cstoct,
+ and fix the UTF-8 introducing sequence (#3661, Bruno Haible).
+3718. Fix parsing of resource files so that it works better in multi-byte
+ locales (#3660, Bruno Haible).
+3717. Add commens to the libX11 locale files, declare _XlcInitLoader and
+ XlcConverter and a portability fix for dlopen() (#3659, Bruno Haible).
+3716. Fix an indentation problem in Xlib that was the origin of a malloc/free
+ bug (#3658, Bruno Haible).
+3715. Fix a bug in the locale file parsing routines (#3657, Bruno Haible).
+3714. Create a locale en_US.UTF-8. This isn't fully functional yet, but
+ parts of Xlib work with it (#3657, Bruno Haible).
+3713. Modify xman to search for man pages in a locale-specific directory
+ first (#3652, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3712. Have xedit use the BSD realpath() provided instead of the standard
+ Linux one because the Linux one behaves differently (#3652,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3711. Fix some typos in the Monitors and Cards files (#3652,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3710. Disable SilkenMouse in the C&T driver until the memory transfer
+ sync problem is solved (#3654, Nozomi Ytow).
+3709. -
+3708. Don't "normalise" module names in xf86LoadModules (David Dawes).
+3707. Apm driver updates, including updates to the xf86Rush extension (#3649,
+ 3655, Loic Grenie).
+3706. Small cosmetic patch to glide driver (#3648, Loic Grenie).
+3705. Fix a bug in the way the BIOS mapping size is calculated in
+ in the ReadBIOS functions (#3647, Loic Grenie).
+3704. Add ReputImage function to the Xv DDX to prevent flickering during
+ window moves on some hardware (Loic Grenie).
+3703. Fix a bigfont extension build problem on Interactive UNIX (#3646,
+ Michael Rohleder).
+3702. Fix a bigfont extension build problem on NetBSD and OpenBSD (#3644,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+3701. USB mouse support for *BSD (enabled for OpenBSD) (#3644, 3656,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+3700. Update README.fonts (#3643, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3699. i810 driver and preliminary DRI support for i810 and mga (#3638,
+ Keith Whitwell, Precision Insight).
+3698. 8+24 support upgraded to a non-destructive overlay (Mark Vojkovich).
+3697. Modify XAA to allow image rendering into DMA buffers (Mark Vojkovich).
+3696. Fix some SVR4.0 build problems (#3642, 3653, Satoshi Kimura).
+3695. Add XErrorDB entries for the DPS extension (#3639, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3694. Fix a bigfont extension build problem on Linux/libc5 (#3637,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+3693. Extend the Mouse "ZAxisMapping" option so that it can accept
+ (optionally) four arguments. The additional two are for mice that
+ have two wheels or whose scroll device has two axes) (#3636, 3641,
+ Kazutaka Yokota).
+3692. Add support for some new mice (Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer,
+ Genius NetScroll Mouse Optical, IBM ScrollPoint) and serial PnP
+ IDs (A4 Tech 4D/4D+, MouseSystems SmartScroll, Logitech Cordless
+ MouseMan Wheel, 8D Scroll mouse) to the mouse driver, and update
+ the mouse documentation (#3636, 3640, 3641, Kazutaka Yokota).
+3691. Xterm patch #126 (#3635, Thomas Dickey).
+3690. Fix for the Japanese PC-98 with GA-RUSH/6PCI in the apm driver (#3634,
+ Isao Ohishi).
+3689. Update man pages and server messages for -xf86config usage, and
+ FatalError when an unsafe path is given by a non-root user (#3633,
+ Mark Montague).
+3688. Add support for the Melco WHP-PS8 Permedia2-based card for Japanese
+ PC-98 machines to the glint driver (#3354, Isao Ohishi).
+3687. Avoid segv in new Linux apm support (David Dawes, Michel Danzer).
+3686. Fix unresolved symbols in the linux int10 module and the GLcore module
+ (David Dawes).
+3685. Add xkb support plus new (XFree86-specific) keysym names for the
+ HP and Logitech iTouch "Internet" keyboards (David Dawes).
+3684. Fix a vbe-related build problem on Solaris (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9.17d (9 February 2000)
+3684. XKB could crash with keycodes larger than the range given in the
+ keycodes file (David Dawes).
+3683. Allow the passing of all extended keycodes, which makes it possible
+ to access keys on "Internet" keyboards (David Dawes).
+3682. Added support for saving/restoring access state during
+ asynchronous events. Added code to make xf86EnableAccess()
+ atomic for asynchronous events. (Egbert Eich)
+3681. Modified xf86EnterServerState() to avoid any unnecessary
+ disabling of resources during state transition. (Egbert Eich)
+3680. Added function callback registration. Drivers can register
+ callback functions to be notified of the start/end of a
+ resource transition. (Egbert Eich)
+3679. Added support for OS specific Pci address windows. (Egbert Eich)
+3678. Added more debug traps to xalloc.c. Added support to peek/poke
+ MMIO registers and fb addresses from a debugger. (Egbert Eich)
+3677. Changed resource registration to use CPU space addresses
+ instead of BUS space addresses. Added flag to resource type
+ to mark addresses in bus address space. (Egbert Eich)
+3676. Extended host2bus and bus2host address conversion for PCI
+ addresses to PIO. (Egbert Eich)
+3675. Improved subset and intersect handling for resources ranges.
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3674. Modified mapping of V_RAM in int10/generic.c. (Egbert Eich)
+3673. Updated INT10.HOWTO. (Egbert Eich)
+3672. Added support for VBE DDC read out to s3v driver. (Egbert Eich)
+3671. Added xf86SetDDCProperties() to glint, chips, neomagic, s3v
+ and r128 driver. (Egbert Eich)
+3670. Fixed problems with virtual screen size != real screen size
+ when using shadow fb in mga driver. (Egbert Eich)
+3669. Fixed handling of virtual != real screen in shadowfb. (Egbert Eich)
+3668. Prevent reinitialization of pMga->PointerMoved in mga_driver.c
+ on server reset. (Egbert Eich).
+3667. Added int10 support to r128 driver. (Egbert Eich)
+3666. Attempt to make apm driver 64bit clean. (Egbert Eich)
+3665. Added options to swap x/y coordinates on mice. Useful when
+ using rotate on notebooks. (Egbert Eich)
+3664. Modified memory mapping on AXP to map entire MMIO space
+ at once. (Egbert Eich)
+3663. Fixed handling of sparsely mapped MMIO on AXP increasing
+ performance considerably. (Egbert Eich).
+3662. Added non-barrier versions of MMIO_OUTxx. (Egbert Eich).
+3661. Added support for new AXPs that don't have sparse mapping.
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3660. Separated high and low level handling in ModeInit() and
+ Restore() in cirrus driver. (Egbert Eich)
+3659. Made chipset specific record subrecord of vendor record
+ in cirrus driver. (Egbert Eich).
+3658. Made some improvements to acceleration code of Cirrus Alpine driver.
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3657. Added support for 64-bit cursor for Cirrus Alpine. (Egbert Eich)
+3656. Fixed cirrus driver to handle MMIO access using MMIO_IN/OUTxx
+ (Egbert Eich)
+3655. Fixed xf86HWCurs.c to handle 32-bit cursors on 64-bit machines
+ correctly. (Egbert Eich)
+3654. Added rotate support to neomagic, s3v, chips and cirrus
+ driver (Egbert Eich)
+3653. Added shadow fb support to s3v and cirrus driver (Egbert Eich)
+3652. Fixed sig11 problem after server reset caused by the new
+ extension loading code. (Egbert Eich)
+3651. Attempted to fix build problems with int10 (Egbert Eich)
+3650. Added a baseclass/subclass override to xf86PciInfo.h.
+ This override is evaluated in xf86pciBus.c (Egbert Eich)
+3649. Changed memory mapping in int10 support for Linux to use SYSV
+ IPC shm instead of mapping /proc/self/mem (Egbert Eich)
+3648. Added APM support for portable systems. (Egbert Eich)
+3647. XFree86-Bigfont extension that provides efficient client access to
+ the complete glyph metrics, using shared memory where possible/available
+ or transmitting the data in a compressed format otherwise (#3626,
+ Bruno Haible).
+3646. Update locale support for Celtic languages (Welsh, Irish, Scots, Manx
+ and Cornish), and include a compose file for ISO-8859-14 (#3612,
+ Alastair McKinstry).
+3645. Add a Slovenian xkb symbols file (#3629, Marko Samastur,
+ Primoz Peterlin).
+3644. The new extension init code didn't handle server resets (#3628,
+ Ebgert Eich).
+3643. xf86GetPciSizeFromOS() didn't close the file it opened (#3627,
+ Loic Grenie).
+3642. Export frexp() and ldexp() to modules (#3624, 3631, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3641. Fixes for CTEXT handling in Xlib:
+ - rewrite CTEXT from/to converters for standard compliance
+ - CTEXT parser now understands UTF-8 (and other DOC) sequences and
+ performs only CTEXT sequence recognition
+ - detailed charset information parsing moved to the procedure that
+ adds 'charset object'
+ - Some actions for preparing 'charset object' moved to lcCharSet.c
+ (where it can be done easily)
+ - XlcAddCT call added to XLC_LOCALE file parser to allow recognition
+ of charsets that are described only in those files (ie, not
+ in internal Xlib tables)
+ (#3624, Ivan Pascal).
+3640. Convert the nv driver to use MMIO to access the VGA registers
+ instead of normal I/O ports. Also riva_hw is updated to the
+ same version as is in 3.3.6 (#3620, Jarno Paananen).
+3639. DRI and Mesa update (#3619, Brian Paul, Precision Insight).
+3638. Fix a problem with the tdfx driver that can result in a lockup
+ (#3618, Nicholas Brealey).
+3627. Fix some PPC inline assembler in compiler.h (#3617, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3626. Add support for the S3 Trio3D/2x and Trio3D chips to the s3virge
+ driver (#3616, 3623, Harald Koenig).
+3625. Fix some build problems on Solaris 8 with gcc (#3615, Richard Coley).
+3624. Fix an Xserver core dump that can happen when xdmcp-related command
+ line options have missing arguments (#3614, Harald Koenig).
+3623. Xterm patch #125 (#3611, Thomas Dickey).
+3622. Add a Type1 version of the cursor font (#3610, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3621. Add Trident Cyber9540 detection (not tested) (Alan Hourihane).
+3620. Fix horizontal/vertical line drawing for r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
+3619. Update -probe option for all bus types (Alan Hourihane).
+3618. Fix primary card detection for -configure (Alan Hourihane).
+3617. Modularize the mouse driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3616. Fix Cyber9388 detection in trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3615. Implement some of the (installed) path restructuring that was
+ discussed back in April 1999 (David Dawes).
+3614. Remove duplicated code in XKB and InputMethod processing (#3396,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+XFree86 3.9.17c (30 January 2000)
+3613. Add DDC1 and DDC2 support to the NVIDIA driver (#3608, Jarno Paananen).
+3612. Make -configure multihead aware, add loading of all extension modules,
+ setup Layout sections (Alan Hourihane).
+3611. XTextPropertyToTextList doesn't work if incoming XTextProperty has
+ encoding field other than STRING or COMPOUND_TEXT (#3606, Ivan Pascal).
+3610. Fix a bug in the X11 generic converters that prevents them from
+ converting the last character in a string (#3605, Ivan Pascal).
+3609. Fix a bug in _XOpenLC() that was causing unallocated memory to be
+ freed (#3604, Ivan Pascal).
+3608. Xterm patch #124 (#3603, Thomas Dickey).
+3607. Fixes to the character set conversion tables (#3602, Bruno Haible).
+3606. Reduce the data section of libX11 by 30% by proper use of
+ 'const' for tables (#3601, Bruno Haible).
+3605. Fix a bug in ConvertUCS4toUTF8() in libX11 (#3600, Bruno Haible).
+3604. Fix some fb macros that gcc accepted but which weren't legal ANSI C
+ (#3599, Keith Packard).
+3603. Update micmap to allow the drivers to specify the r/g/b mask values
+ (3598, Keith Packard).
+3602. Disable the cfbCopyPlane functions on big endian machines, and fix
+ a cfb24 bug (#3597, David Bateman).
+3601. Add a CheckExtension() function that can be called to check if an
+ extension has been initialised (David Dawes).
+3600. Allow extensions to specify which other extensions must be
+ initialised first, and sort the initialisation order according to
+ this information (David Dawes).
+3599. Force BIOS to be read from 0xc0000 for r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
+3598. Add a XXXAvailableOptions to DriverRec which allows passing available
+ options back to the -configure option (Alan Hourihane).
+3597. Avoid PCI-PCI bridges with an unexpected header type, which avoids
+ an infinite loop that can show up in the PCI bus enumeration code
+ (Egbert Eich).
+3596. More compilation fixups (Marc La France).
+3595. Add '###' (Comment) line capability to the parser (Alan Hourihane).
+3594. Fix the laguna driver to return MOD_CLASS_NONE (Alan Hourihane).
+3593. Add the 'extmod' module to the -configure option (Alan Hourihane).
+3592. Modify the extension loading code so that he core server no longer
+ needs to be aware of all extensions that can be loaded (David Dawes).
+3591. Remove XExtensionVersion from XPrint headers (Dirk Hohndel, from 3.3.5).
+3590. Fix a build problem with the static server related to the -configure
+ option code (#3596, Takaaki Nomura).
+XFree86 3.9.17b (24 January 2000)
+3589. Add a rule to lnxdoc.rules for maintainers to use to update the
+ formatted docs (David Dawes).
+3588. Add new -configure option to generate a clean XF86Config without the
+ need for a config tool. But hopefully could be used with XF86Setup.
+ (Needs some OS based updates - tested only on linux so far)
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+3587. Fix 64 bit problem in the Xv client header files (Mark Vojkovich).
+3586. Change the default charset for et_EE from ISO8859-4 to ISO8859-15,
+ which conforms with the upcoming standard EVS8:1999
+ ( (#3595, Ville Hallik).
+3585. Fix a bug in XKB's CapsLock handling for some non-Latin1 locales,
+ and add support for ISO8859-15. Without this, CapsLock only affects
+ Latin1 keysyms and has no effect on scaron and zcaron, for example
+ (#3595, Ville Hallik).
+3584. Add Estonian keyboard support to XKB (#3595, Ville Hallik).
+3583. Hack to disable optimisation when building Xext/xf86vmode.c on FreeBSD
+ 4.0 to avoid a compiler bug (David Dawes).
+3582. Disable the hardware cursor in the tdfx driver when the screen is
+ too wide for the hardware to properly position the cursor on the
+ right side of the screen (#3593, Scott Bertin).
+3581. Fix a typo in panoramiXprocs.c that shows up on SVR4.0 (#3592,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+3580. Xterm patch #123 (#3591, Thomas Dickey).
+3579. Add a "Status" document that lists and compares the driver status of
+ 4.0 and 3.3.x (needs a lot more input) (David Dawes, plus contributions
+ from the devel team).
+3578. Fix a problem with the EmulateTimeout line in the file generated
+ by xf86config, and have xf86config create /etc/X11 if it doesn't
+ already exist (David Dawes).
+3577. Put an OS-independent version of the int10 module/library in
+ xfree86/int10, but still allow an OS-specific version to override
+ it (David Dawes).
+3576. Import a minimal subset of the x86emu 0.6 distribution (David Dawes).
+3575. Register the required/referenced int10 symbols in the nv driver
+ so that there are no warnings on platforms that don't have this
+ module (David Dawes).
+3574. Don't probe for PC98 architecture on Solaris (David Dawes).
+3573. Fix some SVR4.0 build problems related to bzero() (David Dawes).
+3572. Rewrite the way Xinerama deals with events (Mark Vojkovich).
+3571. Fix VT switching problem in shadowfb (Marc La France).
+3570. Initialize DST_X_DIR and DST_Y_DIR for solid filled rects and for
+ horizontal and vertical lines to fix line drawing problems, and
+ initialize ScanlineCPUToScreenColorExpandFillFlags to fix font
+ corruption problems in r128 driver (Kevin Martin and Rik Faith).
+3569. Fix BIOS reading problem with r128 driver (Kevin Martin).
+3568. Fix imake failure in Mesa Imakefile (Kevin Martin).
+3567. Change trident driver to use fb instead of cfb and make DDC1 info
+ available to the primary card (Alan Hourihane).
+3566. Fix an XAA text corruption problem introduced by the endian fix
+ in 3.9.17a (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9.17a (21 January 2000)
+3565. Update to use the kernel header files on Debian rather than
+ those packaged with the libc headers (#3544, Simon Richter).
+3564. Add an item to the default twm menu to open an xterm window (#3584,
+ David Brownlee).
+3563. Update Spanish locales in xc/nls (#3583, Fernando Herrera).
+3562. Fix I2C/DDC for S3 ViRGE (#3582, Harald Koenig).
+3561. Update the fbdevhw module for some new cards (#3579, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3560. Fix interpret_vdif.c for big endian machines (#3578, Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3559. Minor fix to DDC to find monitor descriptions in EDID v1.1 (#3576,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+3558. Allow silken mouse to work when building on Linux without DRI (#3574,
+ Keith Packard).
+3557. Only do the kbdrate I/O on architectures that support it (#3573, 3581,
+ Kostas Gewrgiou, Branden Robinson).
+3556. Fix XAA colour expansion for big-endian architectures (#3572,
+ Kostas Gewrgiou).
+3555. Update QNX support (#3570, Frank Guangxin Liu).
+3554. Fix "controlization" in XLookupString for chars > 127 (#3569,
+ Ivan Pascal).
+3553. Take advantage of FB speedups in Tiny-X (#3568, Keith Packard).
+3552. Speed up FB and do 32bit accesses instead of 64bit accesses
+ (#3567, Keith Packard).
+3551. Eliminate saving the contents of the screen durint VT switching
+ (#3562, Keith Packard).
+3550. Make using fb easier for driver writers (#3561, Keith Packard).
+3549. Fix TCP font server connections (#3560, Keith Packard).
+3548. Implement the "OverclockMem" option for the Millennium and Millennium
+ II (#3558, Andrew Aitchison).
+3547. Speed up some FB performance problems (#3557, 3559, 3560, 3588, 3589,
+ Keith Packard).
+3546. Work around a bad code generation bug in gcc that shows up
+ in XAA (#3550, Rik Faith).
+3545. Add a -brief option to xclock to show only hours and minutes when in
+ digital mode (#3549, Keith Packard).
+3544. Fix some dead key problems with xkb symbols for Swiss French and
+ Swiss German keyboards (#3546, Charles Lopes).
+3543. Add drm_poll to fix SIGIO problem in the drm kernel modules, and change
+ drm to use /{proc,dev}/dri to avoid conflicts with /{proc,dev}/graphics
+ (Rik Faith and Daryll Strauss).
+3542. Fix some fb/glint-realted static build problems (Marc La France).
+3541. Add 3.9.17 xterm information to the RELNOTES (#3541, Thomas Dickey).
+3540. Fix some 64-bit problems in the GLX code (#3539, Dave Gilbert).
+3539. Execute the GLINT delta code in the Probe for each instance of
+ hardware found, not just the first one (#3534, Michael Rohleder).
+3538. Allow mesa to build on an Alpha (#3533, Matt Grossman).
+3537. Fix glint/Imakefile so that the correct fb.h is included, and rename
+ the private fb.h file in fbdevhw so that it won't be mistakenly included
+ instead of the one in Xserver/fb (David Dawes).
+3536. Fix some (unused) bad usages of InstallDynamicModule (David Dawes).
+3535. Make the Glint driver use the new fb module and fix correct operation
+ for 24bpp support (Alan Hourihane).
+3534. Fix for various compilation glitches (Marc La France).
+3533. Fix some Segmentation faults with NULL pointers in xf86Config.c
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+3532. Update some drivers to respect the PROBE_DETECT flag and update
+ xf86DoProbe to print out the supported chipset list (Alan Hourihane).
+3531. Update Trident driver to fix Clock source for 9440 chips and allow
+ linear framebuffer mapping for nommio (Alan Hourihane).
+3530. Fix fb for module compiling and ifdef fbcmap for now (Alan Hourihane).
+3529. Add Cyber9397 and Cyber9397DVD PCI ID detection to trident driver
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+3528. Fix Multiple MX RegisterResources with RAC in glint
+ driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3527. Update loader for Xinerama changes (Alan Hourihane).
+3526. Massive Xinerama rewrite (Mark Vojkovich).
+ - Change the way it deals with resources.
+ - Remove broken Xinerama code from the multibuf extension.
+ - Add support for shared memory pixmaps.
+ - Lessen Xinerama's impact on DIX.
+3525. Point and arc acceleration improvements for the NVIDIA driver
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+3524. MGA acceleration modifications to prevent pci retries during
+ color expansions (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 3.9.17 (31 December 1999)
+3523. Clean up bindist directories for the loader server (Robin Cutshaw).
+3522a. Fix return values in PsImageText8() and PsImageText16() (#3535,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+3522. Old-style DGA keyboard input fix (#3536, Keith Packard).
+XFree86 3.9.16Za (29 December 1999)
+3521. Fix HW cursor on rendition V2K (#3532, Dejan Ilic).
+3520. Sync wacom driver with 3.3 (Frederic Lepied).
+3519. Resolve missing symbol in TDFX driver (#3531, Dave Gilbert).
+3518. Allow TDFX driver to build on Linux-axp (#3530, Dave Gilbert).
+3517. Fix Linux-axp compile problem (#3529, Dave Gilbert).
+3516. Jumbo Tiny-X patch with Itsy support (#3527, Keith Packard).
+3515. Turn off debug messages in font client code (#3525, Keith Packard).
+3414. Allow colormap privates to be allocated before default colormap
+ (#3524, Keith Packard).
+3413. Make Xserver/fb work with R6.3 server and with MSB cpu
+ (#3523, Keith Packard).
+3412. Compress built-in fonts (#3522, Keith Packard).
+3411. Fix ct_driver for static server (#3521, Takaaki Nomura).
+3410. Fix the last Xaw user of XtOffset (#3520, Keith Packard).
+3409. FreeBSD-current compile fix (#3519, Eric Anholt).
+3408. Xterm patch #122. (#3517, Thomas Dickey).
+3407. Remove duplicate symbol from loader (#3516/3528,
+ Jarno Paananen/Nicholas Brealey).
+XFree86 3.9.16Z (28 December 1999)
+3406. Temporary fix for building linux platform without glide (Robin Cutshaw).
+3405. Fix unresolved symbols for the loader (#3501, Matthieu Herrb).
+3404. Fix compiles on non-NetBSD systems (#3499, Matthieu Herrb).
+3403. Fix XKB XlookupString usage (#3511, Ivan Pascal).
+3402. Use ForceLatin1Lookup mode after XmbLookupString/XwcLookupString
+ (#3510, Ivan Pascal).
+3401. Export symbols for SGI driver (#3505, Terence Ripperda).
+3400. Fix problem with compilation of static server on SVR4.0
+ (#3497,3514 Takaaki Nomura).
+3399. Fix where using bitsPerPixel from screen pixmap to use drawable,
+ fix default visual class search for fallback visual, fix pixmap
+ privates allocation, change screen init sequence so that the
+ calling function is responsible for init of backing store
+ (#3495, Keith Packard).
+3398. Fix more problems between the X and font servers (#3493, Keith Packard).
+3397. Fix util/memleak to work on linux/x86 (#3492, Keith Packard).
+3396. Add DPS support hooks (#3491, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3395. Add QNX4, Neutrino support (#3489, Frank Guangxin Liu).
+3394. Add ATI Rage 128 Pro PF support to r128 driver (#3488, Rik Faith).
+3393. AutoRepeat fix for xf86config (#3485, Harald Koenig).
+3392. Cirrus driver split for Laguna and Alpine (#3484, Derek Fawcus).
+3391. Mga_dac3026 rev A/B fixes (#3427, Mark Montague).
+3390. Jumbo font patch. This updates the bdf/misc fonts to the
+ latest ISO versions (#3429+updates, Markus Kuhn).
+3389. Fix a problem with no Xv encodings being reported (Mark Vojkovich).
+3388. Update Xv driver interface docs (Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 3.9.16f (15 December 1999)
+3387. Fix posix compliance problem in Xserver/os/utils.c
+ (Robin Cutshaw/Keith Packard).
+3386. Fix for os2_bios (#3483, Holger Veit).
+3385. Enhance DK keyboard support (#3481, Keld Simonsen).
+3384. Xv client library documentation (#3480, Mark Vojkovich).
+3383. Rendition microcode cleanup, accel fix, int10/ddc support,
+ pixmap cache fix, doc update (#3479, Dejan Ilic/Marc Langenbach).
+3382. Reverse kbdrate patch (#3478, Harald Koenig).
+3381. Add Xv support to tga driver (#3473, Matt Grossman).
+3380. Add ViRGE/MX and BIOS probing to the s3virge driver (#3470,
+ Harald Koenig).
+3379. Install NetBSD aperture driver in /usr/local until added to
+ the core O/S (#3466, Matthieu Herrb).
+3378. Add QNX/Neutrino support (#3464, Frank Guangxin Liu).
+3377. DRI megapatch. This moves mesa to xc/extras, updates Mesa to
+ version 3.2, adds full support and fifo code for 3dfx hardware,
+ and updates the device driver to work with Linux 2.3 kernels
+ (#3463, Daryll Strauss).
+3376. Fix dynamic loading on the alpha platform (#3459, Hannes Reinecke).
+3375. Add Xinerama option to the serverlayout section of the config file
+ (#3458, Joe Moss).
+3374. Add accelerated line support, clean up accel code, and other fixes
+ for the tga driver (#3453, Matt Grossman).
+3373. Restore colormap on exit in nv driver (#3452, Thomas Mueller).
+3372. Generalize the SIGIO way of reading input data (#3450, Frederic Lepied).
+3371. Fix missing quotes in Xt docs (#3443, Matthieu Herrb).
+3370. Add request bounds checking for xfs (#3449, Keith Packard).
+3369. Fix problem where font library fails to match bitmap instances
+ (#3448, Keith Packard).
+3368. Change font client code to recover from font server hangs/crashes
+ and reduce memory fragmentation (#3446, Keith Packard).
+3367. Allow MAXCLIENT to be any of 64, 128, 256, or 512 and adjust the
+ resource allocation code as appropriate (#3445, Keith Packard).
+3366. Fix compile problems with Solaris 7 (#3437, Nicholas Brealey).
+3365. Add Riva TNT2 M64 to nv_driver (#3436, Jarno Paananen).
+3364. Add prototypes for Xserver/Xprint and fix various problems with
+ Xprint (#3432, Thomas Dickey).
+3363. Add proper clock checking for VidMode extension, add SDK fixes for
+ missing files, add SilkenMouse for C&T driver (#3424, David Bateman).
+3362. Sync v4l and glint drivers with the new Xv changes (Mark Vojkovich).
+3361. Add XvImage support to the MGA driver - G200/400 only (Mark Vojkovich).
+3360. Xv changes/additions (Mark Vojkovich)
+ - XvImage support in the Xv DDX, DIX, client libs and header files.
+ - Add min and max fields to the XvAttributes.
+ - Reved Xv minor version.
+ - Rewrote some of the way clipping is dealt with in the Xv DDX.
+3359. Fix nv driver rendering bugs (Mark Vojkovich).
+3358. Add MTRR support for LynxOS (#3419, Thomas Mueller).
+3357. Fix bad return in GLINTAdjustFrame (#3418, David Holland).
+3356. Fix some build problems with the rendition driver, including a general
+ problem building the static server, and problems that show up on
+ some OSs (David Dawes, #3418, David Holland).
+XFree86 3.9.16e (5 December 1999)
+3355. Fix a problem with the bitmap font module (#3421, Matthieu Herrb).
+3354. Misc. bug/typo fixes. (Egbert Eich)
+3353. Fixed scanpci to generate better output on Alphas (Harald Koenig,
+ Egbert Eich)
+3352. Added initial VESA VBE support. This includes initialization
+ and DDC. (Egbert Eich)
+3351. Added support for 64bit PCI devices (untested) (Egbert Eich.
+3350. Added support to read PCI memory and io ranges from kernel on
+ Linux 2.3 (untested). (Egbert Eich)
+3349. introduced "#undef" before definitions in xf86_libc.h to keep
+ gcc on Alpha quite. (Egbert Eich)
+3348. Added a function to check if any resource needs to share memory.
+ Required for DGA. (Egbert Eich)
+3347. Added copyright messages to int10 code. Fixed int10 code to
+ run on Alphas.
+3346. Changed some byte and word access to MMIO registers in drivers
+ to use MMIO_READ/WRITE8/16(). Made attempt to make some drivers
+ 64 bit (and Alpha!) clean: s3virge, chips, gling, neomagic.
+ Fixed bugs in compiler.h. (Egbert Eich)
+3345. Made part of the code 64 bit clean. (Egbert Eich)
+3344. Cleanups in the C&T driver. (Egbert Eich)
+3343. Clearified meaning of VIDMEM_MMIO and VIDMEM_MMIO_32BIT. (Egbert Eich)
+3342. Added support for host-PCI bridges. (Egbert Eich)
+3341. Changed policy for removing resource overlaps.
+ Removed a bug in findIntersect() (xf86Bus.c).
+ Added function that enables/disables all resources of a given
+ screen. Added a config file option to set overlap removal
+ aggressiveness.(Egbert Eich)
+3340. Split xf86Bus.c into generic/pci/isa specific parts. (Egbert Eich)
+3339. Faster clocks for the G400 (Mark Vojkovich).
+3338. Fix bug in FB manager's ResizeArea function (Mark Vojkovich).
+3337. Pass positioning information for the obsolete ServerLayout format
+ to the common layer, and update the DESIGN doc for the newer ServerLayout
+ formats (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9.16d (19 November 1999)
+3336. Fx up new MMIO macros (#3337, Matt Grossman).
+3335. Clean up compiler warnings in lib/font/bitmap (#3411, Matt Grossman).
+3334. TGA fixes, add sync on green (#3410, Matt Grossman).
+3333. Fix NULL pointer dereference in libXaw (#3406, Christopher Sekiya).
+3332. Add Rage128 support (#3405, Rik Faith, funded by ATI).
+3331. Add MTRR support for NetBSD and OpenBSD. Add new NetBSD aperture driver
+ (#3404, Matthieu Herrb).
+3330. Xterm patch #121 (#3402, Thomas Dickey).
+3329. Rendition driver bugfixes and alpha related cleanups (#3400,
+ Dejan Ilic, Marc Langenbach, Egbert Eich).
+3328. Add void input device (ä3392, Frederic Lepied).
+3327. Changed the Xon serial option to be able to select xon/xoff for input,
+ output or both. Add support for Graphire models. Change wacom init
+ phase to use new Xoff option (#3391, Frederic Lepied).
+3326. Change the SwapAxes option to SwapXY in elographics/microtouch driver
+ to match an already existing option in the Dynapro driver. Add a Focus
+ class capability to the elographics driver (#3395, Patrick Lecoanet).
+3325. Update mouse rate handling (#3388, Harald Koenig).
+3324. Fix NULL pointer dereference in misprite.c (#3380, Edward Wang).
+3323. Add FBDev and ShadowFB support to glint driver. Add new option
+ "NoWriteBitmap" (#3383, Michel Daenzer).
+3322. Update SuperProbe to handle S3 Savage4, Savage200 and clean up
+ Trio3D/Savage3D detection (#3382,3384 Harald Koenig).
+3321. Add new framebuffer code and tiny X DDX architecture (#3379,
+ Keith Packard).
+3320. Add DGA2 documentation (#3378, Mark Vojkovich).
+3319. Update XFree86 manpage wrt -bpp/-depth/-fbbpp (#3377, Andy Isaacson).
+3318. Make SuperProbe check primary cards, only (#3374, Harald Koenig).
+3317. Add SilkenMouse to *BSD (#3373, Matthieu Herrb).
+3316. Allow SilkenMouse to work if not all drivers of an OS support SIGIO
+ (#3372, Keith Packard).
+3315. Fix a few problems in TGA driver and add support for backing store
+ and SilkenMouse (#3371, Matt Grossman).
+3314. Add smarter scheduler (#3370, Keith Packard).
+3313. Xterm patch #120 (#3369, Thomas Dickey).
+3312. Enable xf86SetKbdRate function on Solaris 8 (#3364, David Holland).
+3311. Fix some bugs and add acceleration to Rendition server (#3360,
+ Dejan Ilic).
+3310. Make raw DDC information available as properties in the root window
+ (#3357, Andrew Aitchison).
+3309. Fix for xf86CreateRootWindow (#3355, Andrew Aitchison).
+3308. Add manpage for the chips driver (#3353, David Bateman).
+3307. Update contact info (#3352, Andrew van der Stock).
+3306. Add kbd rate support for Linux (#3363, Harald Koenig).
+3305. Update Portuguese XKB map (#3351, Joao Esteves, Francisco Colaco).
+3304. Fix text clipping in 3dfx driver (#3349, Henrik Harmsen).
+3303. Fix S3 ViRGE hw cursor (#3348, Harald Koenig).
+3302. Fix clipping in 3dfx driver (#3342, Daryll Strauss).
+3301. Enable SilkenMouse for 3dfx driver (#3341, Henrik Harmsen).
+3300. Enable SIGIO support on LynxOS (#3339, Thomas Mueller).
+3299. Get TRUE defined in sigio.c. Fix xterm compile problem on ISC
+ (#3338, Michael Rohleder).
+3298. Correct DPMS suspend/standby modes for 3dfx driver (#3336,
+ Henrik Harmsen)
+3297. Xterm patch #119 (#3335, Thomas Dickey).
+3296. ATI LCD changes to add interlaced mode support and near-final rework of
+ mode validation (Marc La France).
+3295. Keep track of a mode's hsync and vrefresh rates used for monitor checks
+ so they can be displayed by xf86PrintModes() (Marc La France).
+3294. Add sync polarities to VESA modes (Marc La France).
+3293. Fix VESA mode typos and some warnings (Marc La France).
+3292. Add GeForce/Quadro support to the NVIDIA driver (Chas Inman,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3291. Fix a DGA colormap problem (Mark Vojkovich).
+3290. Disable the Double-Buffer extension in Xinerama mode since it
+ doesn't work (Mark Vojkovich).
+3289. Fix XAA scanline color expansion routines to check the buffer address
+ after the Subsequent function is called. This allows the driver to
+ change buffers on-the-fly (Mark Vojkovich).
+3288. Update PCI device IDs for newer NVIDIA chipsets (Mark Vojkovich).
+3287. Add an 80 Hz sample rate option for PS/2 mice (Mark Vojkovich).
+3286. Remove ATI driver's meddling with LCD power management facilities
+ (Marc La France).
+3285. Ensure miInitializeBanking() fails when a bank clip region cannot be
+ allocated (Marc La France).
+3284. Static server fix for s3virge and nv drivers (Marc La France).
+3283. Map MMIO areas on ATI adapters (Marc La France).
+3282. Disable DirectColor and gamma support for the original ATI integrated
+ controllers (Marc La France).
+3281. Linear aperture fixes for ATI 88800 and CT controllers (Marc La France).
+3280. Make LCD mode validation changes in ATI driver (CHANGELOG #3271)
+ into a development option, restoring the previous behaviour by
+ default (Marc La France).
+3279. When display subsection mode names run out without yeilding a valid mode,
+ continue validation with the largest unvalidated modePool member, rather
+ than the first (Marc La France).
+3278. Allow drivers to specify whether or not sync/refresh rates in monitor
+ sections are optional and use this for ATI LCD support (Marc La France).
+3277. Replace xf86Exiting with its DIX counterpart, dispatchException's
+ DE_TERMINATE bit (Marc La France).
+3276. NVIDIA driver changes (Mark Vojkovich):
+ - Improved shadowfb support (screen rotation).
+ - Improved acceleration (color expansion, lines).
+ - Fixed some rendering correctness issues.
+ - Full DGA 2.0 support including changing depth on the fly.
+3275. Make usage of hardware clipping in XAA more consistent (Mark Vojkovich).
+3274. Limit MGA driver to using 16 Meg of ram to workaround some hardware
+ limitations (Mark Vojkovich).
+3273. Fix DGA event bug (Mark Vojkovich).
+3272. Mode validation changes (Marc La France).
+ - Remove assumption that modes of the same name are also of the same
+ size.
+ - Even if Display subsection mode names include duplicates, no two names
+ will ever match the same mode.
+ - If the supplied mode names do not yield a usable mode (including the
+ case where no names are supplied), scan the mode pool until a usable
+ mode is found. This is a step towards allowing successful server
+ runs with XF86Config's that specify no mode information whatsoever.
+ - Implement minHeight and maxHeight checks.
+ - Call the driver's ValidMode() for a final OK just before accepting a
+ mode.
+ - Free mode pool on xf86PruneDriverModes() calls.
+ - Documentation updates.
+ - Minor fixes to C&T and GLINT drivers.
+3271. ATI driver updates (Marc La France).
+ - Disallow interlaced modes when scanline pitch exceeds hardware limits.
+ - LCD support no longer depends on the mode on server entry.
+ - Fix bug introduced by CHANGELOG entry 3245.
+ - Re-lock adapters on ATIPreInit() failures.
+ - Make default sync polarities consistent.
+3270. Trident updates for ISA cards and DGA support (Alan Hourihane).
+3269. mibank bug fixes (Marc La France).
+3268. Add -withrevinfo flag to lndir to allow shadowing of RCS, SCCS, CVS and
+ CVS.adm directories (Marc La France).
+3267. SIGIO workaround for older Linux kernels (Marc La France).
+3266. Fix xalloc.c compilation failure with -DXALLOC_LOG (Marc La France).
+3265. Change ATIProbe() to use int 10 vector to locate the BIOS of VGA and
+ VGA Wonder non-PCI adapters (Marc La France).
+3264. Make '-probe' work for static server and ATI driver (Marc La France).
+3263. #define _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 2 for Linux libc5 (Marc La France).
+XFree86 3.9.16c (13 October 1999)
+3262. Export SetCriticalEvent from DIX, it was an unresolved external in
+ xf86dga2.c (#3326, Jarno Paananen).
+3261. Removes Alpha-specific MMIO-mappings from NVIDIA driver in the
+ same fashion that was done in MGA-driver (#3326, Jarno Paananen).
+3260. Add SilkenMouse to NVIDIA and Glint drivers (#3326, Jarno Paananen).
+3259. Workaround for problem in xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty() code
+ (Jarno Paananen).
+3258. DGA workaround for recent VTSwitch changes (#3325, Mark Vojkovich).
+3257. Out of memory fixes for the mi region code (#3323, 3324, Keith Packard).
+3256. "Silken Mouse" support (#3323, Keith Packard).
+3255. Modify the ati driver to temporarily ignore Rage 128s (#3322,
+ Marc La France).
+3254. Fix offscreen memory handling for xf4bpp when VT switched away
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+3253. xf4bpp, xf1bpp, ISA additions for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3252. Fix problem with cleanup after XAA offscreen pixmap allocation fails
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+3251. Fix missing USE_MMIO define in trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3250. Blade, image and trident updates for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
+3249. A very preliminary "-probe" mode for the X server (David Dawes).
+3248. Remove __alpha__ ifdefs from the mga and s3virge drivers by changing
+ the way sparse MMIO access is handled (David Dawes).
+3247. Fix a WarpPointer bug introduced when "xineramifying" some dix code
+ (Mark Vojkovich).
+3246. Move the BuildObjectFromLibrary rule into Imake.rules.
+3245. Fix text mode restoration when large modes are used in the ATI driver
+ (#3318, 3321, Marc La France).
+3244. Rendition driver update, including skeleton HW cursor and accelerated
+ support (#3317, Dejan Ilic, Marc Langenbach).
+3243. Change mode validation to allow drivers to modify a mode before it
+ is checked against the monitor's constraints (#3316, Marc La France).
+3242. C&T driver fix (#3314, David Bateman).
+3241. Change the ati mode validation strategy for programmable clocks to best
+ refresh (#3313, Marc La France).
+3240. Fix ATI Rage XL/XC & Mobility support so that it actually works this time
+ (#3313, Marc La France).
+3239. Update the xfsft code to version 1.1.7 (#3310, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+3238. Remaining keyboard support for Solaris 8/x86, including keyboard beep,
+ auto-repeat, keyboard LEDs, modifier keys (#3294, 3309, David Holland).
+3237. Add xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty() - a mechanism for drivers etc
+ to add properties to the root window before the screen is created
+ (#3307, Andrew Aitchison).
+3236. Fix two problems that may occur when some extension allocates a "font
+ private index" while a font is already open (#3305, Bruno Haible).
+3235. Xterm patch #118 (#3303, Thomas Dickey).
+3234. Fix a typo in a dga header file (#3302, Mark Vojkovich).
+3233. Update rendition name info in scanpci (#3301, Dejan Ilic).
+3232. Getuid fix for scanpci (#3300, Marc La France).
+3231. This patch will avoid compilation warnings when GCC 3.0 comes out (#3299,
+ Bruno Haible).
+3230. Fix some build warnings (#3298, Bruno Haible).
+3229. Fix for the DebuggableLibraries support (#3297, Bruno Haible).
+3228. Revert to always using bison instead of yacc on Linux (#3296,
+ Bruno Haible).
+3227. Fix XAA flags checking for the ScanlineImageWrite function (#3293,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+3226. Fix some problems wth the SiS 2x5 chipsets, and disable advertising
+ support for the 201 and 202 chipsets (#3292, Juanjo Santamarta).
+3225. Call SoftReset for MGA cards on PC-98 machines (#3291, Isao Ohishi).
+3224. Use the int10 soft booter to get a non-primary voodoo3 card to work
+ with the tdfx driver (#3290, Henrik Harmsen).
+3223. Fixes for the i740 and neomagic drivers (#3289, Jeff Hartmann).
+3222. Enable compiling ico on systems with pre-standard pthread API (e.g.,
+ LynxOS), and fix a problem where a condition variable is used without
+ holding the corresponding mutex (#3288, Thomas Mueller).
+3221. Add soft-booting capability to the glint and nv drivers (#3287,
+ Jarno Paananen).
+3220. Xterm patch #117 (#3285, Thomas Dickey).
+3219. Fix xf8_32bpp's VT switching by restoring the previous
+ xf86SaveRestoreImage() into it (#3284, Marc La France).
+3218. Remove duplicate symbol in misym.c (#3283, Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9.16b (27 September 1999)
+3217. Xterm patch #116 (#3280, Thomas Dickey).
+3216. Add new flags to the Xv adaptor type to indicate that it can be used
+ to render into window or pixmaps and do video or stills (#3279,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3215. Fix some MGA pci retry related corruption problems (#3278,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3214. Attempt to autoprobe the memory on all MGA cards except the 2164
+ (#3277, Mark Vojkovich).
+3213. APM driver updates, including bug fixes, 24bpp acceleration and
+ improved Rush support (#3276, Loic Grenie).
+3212. Some DGA fixes (3275, Loic Grenie).
+3211. Fix and document the CMAP_LOAD_EVEN_IF_OFFSCREEN option for the common
+ layer cmap code (#3274, Marc La France).
+3210. Some resource management speed improvements in Xinerama (#3273,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3209. Fix an off-by-one error in shadowfb's EnterVT wrapper (#3272,
+ Marc La France).
+3208. Fix ATI driver DAC handling for >8bpp TrueColor and add >8bpp
+ DirectColor support (#3271, Marc La France).
+3207. Add a hardcopy version of the Xv specs (#3270, Mark Vojkovich).
+3206. Integration of a bug fix by David Woodhouse in the Microtouch
+ driver. Correct a possible problem when configuring only one of
+ the two devices supported by the driver (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
+3205. Update to reflect the current state of the input drivers
+ (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
+3204. Add support for the ThruGlass touchscreens to the Microtouch driver
+ (#3269, Andreas Micklei).
+3203. Add SwapAxes and PortraitMode options to the Elographics and
+ Microtouch drivers (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
+3202. Port Microtouch and elographics drivers to the new module loading method
+ (#3269, Patrick Lecoanet).
+3201. Rewrite the way Xinerama handles visibility events. Also fix some
+ problems with CoordModePrevious primitives drawn on the root window
+ (#3267, Mark Vojkovich).
+3200. Some Xaw and xedit updates. The html-mode code is removed from xedit
+ (#3265, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3199. Fix a problem with pScrn->rgbBits not being set in the correct place
+ in the tdfx driver (#3264, Scott Bertin).
+3198. Update ATI info for `XFree86 -scanpci` (#3263, Marc La France).
+3197. ATI driver changes:
+ - Rage XC & Rage XL fixes.
+ - Preliminary Rage Mobility support.
+ - Fix from Christian Lupien to disable TVOUT feature of 3D Rage
+ adapters.
+ - Work around vertical blending limitations with "shallow" modes by
+ doublescanning (accelerator CRTC) or multiscanning (VGA CRTC) them.
+ - Fix bug that did not map the VGA aperture for generic VGA support.
+ (#3260, Marc La France).
+3196. Warning fixes in miscrinit.c (#3260, Marc La France).
+3195. Rework mibank for maintenance reasons (#3260, 3281, Marc La France).
+3194. VT switching changes, implementing a framework for framebuffer layers
+ to be notified when an aperture is remapped at a different virtual
+ address during EnterVT, and improved DDX-independence for mibank,
+ and xf86SaveRestoreImage() no longer cares how the lower framebuffer
+ layers access pixmap pixels (#3260, Marc La France).
+3193. Remove scanpci's redundant check for "root". It get in the way when
+ setting its setuid bit (#3260, Marc La France).
+3192. Add several acceleration functions to the tdfx driver, and fix some
+ compliance problems (#3259, Darryl Strauss).
+3191. i740 driver updates (#3256, Kurt Olsen).
+3190. Enable image writes in the nv driver for the TNT in 32 bit mode
+ (#3255, Jarno Paananen, Neil Burch).
+3189. Remove the last global variables from the nv driver (#3255,
+ Jarno Paananen).
+3188. Turn MGA soft reset stuff back on but modified so that it doesn't
+ poll for fifos in case the PLLs aren't powered up (#3254,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3187. Xterm patch #115 (#3253, Thomas Dickey).
+3186. Comment out some of the CacheBlit tiling code since the logic is not
+ quite correct and it can get stuck in an endless loop in some cases
+ (#3250, Mark Vojkovich).
+3185. Fix tseng 24 bpp mode (#3249, Egbert Eich).
+3184. Fix et4000W32p font corruption with ColorExpandScanline in modes > 8bpp
+ (#3249, Egbert Eich).
+3183. Add Solaris 8 support (#3241, 3247, David Holland).
+3182. Fix some build problems in the Type1 code that show up on Solaris 8
+ (#3241, David Holland).
+3181. Add an ISO8859-1 version of the "micro" font (#3246, Mark Montague).
+3180. Minor DDC code improvement: xf86PrintEDID() now returns pointer to
+ monitor structure (#3245, Egbert Eich).
+3179. Problem with RAC wrapper (hopefully) fixed (#3245, Egbert Eich).
+3178. Neomagic ScreenToScreenCopy bug fix (#3245, Egbert Eich).
+3177. Initial INT10 module (Linux-only so far) (#3245, 3248, 3251, Egbert Eich).
+3176. Update the DRM Linux kernel module to match that in the Linux 2.3.18
+ tree, and update libdrm and the DRI routines that use libdrm to reflect
+ changes in the Linux kernel (#3244, Rik Faith).
+3175. Fix a WarpPointer bug in Xinerama (#3243, 3252, Mark Vojkovich).
+3174. Fix a seg fault when changing DGA mode (#3242, Loic Grenie).
+3173. Xterm patch #114 (#3240, Thomas Dickey).
+3172. Fix an XAA GC validation problem with Polygons for some fillStyles in
+ some situations (#3239, Mark Vojkovich).
+3171. Fix an incorrect method for preallocating a color on the default map
+ (#3237, Mark Vojkovich).
+3170. Fix a bad assumption in the XAA NonTE text rendering code (#3236,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3169. An attempt to autodetect the G400 Max and set the max pixel clock
+ appropriately (#3235, Mark Vojkovich).
+3168. Fix shadowfb problems when drawing is done while switched out (#3234,
+ Marc La France).
+3167. Attempt to autodetect SDRAM in the MGA driver for the primary head
+ (#3233, Mark Vojkovich).
+3166. Make Window->Pixmap copies in Xinerama less broken (#3232,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3165. Fix a bug in the Xinerama ShmGetImage support added in the last alpha
+ (#3230, Mark Vojkovich).
+3164. New cursor warping code. This implements the new way of specifying
+ screen positions in the ServerLayout config file section (#3229,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3163. Add a xf86CheckMTRR function which returns TRUE when changing the
+ MTRR setting is supported and enabled (#3227, Alan Hourihane).
+3162. Resync SuperProbe and scanpci with the 3.3.x version (#3226,
+ Marc La France).
+3161. Make 8+24 work on Matrox 2064w (Millennium I) with >4MB (#3224,
+ Mark Montague).
+3160. Make xdpyinfo -ext XFree86-VidModeExtension print the current mode line
+ (#3223, Andrew Aitchison).
+3159. Minor fix to Xnest Imakefile (#3222, Marc La France).
+3158. Make the wrapping or replacement of ScreenRec region code function
+ pointers reliable when NEED_SCREEN_REGIONS is #define'd (#3221,
+ Marc La France).
+3157. Remove ScreenRec region code function pointers (except BitmapToRegion)
+ when the server is compiled with NEED_SCREEN_REGIONS #undef'ined
+ (#3221, Marc La France).
+3156. Fix memory leak during resource broker initialisation (#3220,
+ Marc La France).
+3155. During broker initialisation, use both system and non-system PCI
+ resources to "trim" OS resources. Among other things, this allows the
+ maximum memory limit to be bumped back up to 2G (#3220, 3282,
+ Marc La France).
+3154. Temporarily allow a driver to register resources that only conflict with
+ resources whose size the common layer has only estimated (#3220,
+ Marc La France).
+3153. ATI driver updates, including:
+ - Add option to display on the CRT interface whether or not a digital
+ flat panel is detected.
+ - Add support for ShadowFB (adapted from Henrik Harmsen).
+ - Always read BIOS from legacy location for adapters found enabled on
+ server entry.
+ - Ensure the primary CRTC is always used for the CRT interface.
+ - Fix determination of panel dimensions with older BIOS's.
+ - Stop driver when panel dimensions cannot be determined.
+ (#3219, Marc La France).
+3152. Thread-related updates to 'ico' (#3217, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+3151. Fix a build problem on 64-bit platforms introduced in 3.9.16a (#3216,
+ Matt Grossman).
+XFree86 3.9.16a (6 September 1999)
+3150. Add support to the parser for a new way of specifying the screen
+ positions (not made use of yet) (David Dawes).
+3149. Remove a spurious #endif in (#3215, Jarno Paananen).
+3148. Add driver option VIDEO_OVERLAID_STILLS for the Xv DDX (untested)
+ (#3214, Mark Vojkovich).
+3147. Comment out the MGASoftReset() call in the mga driver to fix a
+ multi-head problem (#3213, Mark Vojkovich).
+3146. xman updates, including some app-defaults file tuning, change some
+ widget names for better consistency, reformat the help file and
+ update the man page (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos)..
+3145. Add support for DG/ux systems to xload (#3212,
+ Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
+3144. App-defaults file updates for xcalc (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+3143. Fix some prototypes/casts in viewres (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+3142. Add an XtSetLanguageProc() call to all contrib programs except xman
+ (#3212, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+3141. Fix a zero-height bug in the xaa text code (#3211, Mark Vojkovich).
+3140. ScreenToScreenColorExpansion bug fix for the G400 (#3210,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3139. Xineramify ShmGetImage (#3209, Mark Vojkovich).
+3138. Rewrite PanoramiXGetImage so that it passes xtest (#3209,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+3137. Increase IMAGE_BUFSIZE to 64k (#3208, Mark Vojkovich).
+3136. Remove the "old input" code (David Dawes).
+3135. Fix a problem with xman that prevents it form recognising the
+ XM_DELETE_WINDOW message when xman is run with the "topbox" disabled
+ (#3207, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+3134. Prevent xkbcomp from overwriting writing through symlinks (#3206,
+ Branden Robinson).
+3133. Use ncurses instead of termcap for Linux/libc6 (#3204, H.J. Lu).
+3132. Fix a build problem with the tdfx driver (#3203, Takaaki Nomura).
+3131. Add a clean rule to remove the automatically generated
+ doc/sgml/index.sgml file (#3202, Marc La France).
+3130. Fix some build warnings (#3202, Marc La France).
+3129. Add missing files for the Rush extension (#3199, Loic Grenie).
+3128. Export the xf86InitFBManagerRegion symbol.
+XFree86 3.9.16 (31 August 1999)
+3127. Potential fix for a server crash when connecting from a byte-swapped
+ client in Xinerama mode (based on #3196, Attila Fülöp).
+3126. Build xterm/resize with -lncurses on Debian (#3197, Attila Fülöp).
+3125. Allow inclusion of Xvlib.h into C++ code (#3195, Vladimir Dergachev).
+3124. Modify the ISO-8859-{6,7,10} to Unicode tables so that they agree with
+ the tables found on (#3172, Bruno Haible).
+3123. Some minor C&T bug fixes (#3194, David Bateman).
+3122. Xman update (#3174, Carlos A M dos Santos).
+3021. Import some xkb data file updates from 3.3.5.
+3020. Fix a build problem on Alpha platforms (#3191, Matt Grossman).
+3019. Allow driver SDK builds for the i740 driver (#3190, Daryll Strauss).
+3018. Allow driver SDK builds for the tdfx driver, and allow it to be built
+ without DRI support (#3189, Daryll Strauss).
+XFree86 3.9.15d (29 August 1999)
+3017. 3Dfx driver for Banshee and Voodoo3 (#3188,
+ Daryll Strauss/Precision Insight).
+3016. Fix a 24/32 GetImage problem (#3187, Mark Vojkovich).
+3015. Intel i740 driver (#3186, Precision Insight/Daryll Strauss).
+3014. Fix a planemask problem in 24bpp with the recently added MGA point
+ speedups (#3185, Mark Vojkovich).
+3013. Some new and updated ISO 10646-1 fonts, including 5x7, 6x10, 6x13, 6x13B,
+ 7x13, 7x13B, 7x14, 7x14B, 8x13, 8x13B, 9x15, 9x15B, 10x20, 9x18, 12x13ja,
+ 18x18ja (#3184, Markus Kuhn, Robert Brady, Birger Langkjer,
+ Constantine Stathopoulos).
+3012. Update the default xdm config file to disable listening for XDMCP
+ requests (#3183, Matthieu Herrb).
+3011. Reinstate the code to stop DDC1 problems on secondary screens with
+ the MGA driver (#3182, Andrew Aitchison).
+3010. Fix for the option handling in the glide driver (#3181, Henrik Harmsen).
+3009. NVIDIA doc update (#3179, Jarno Paananen).
+3008. Doc update for the C&T driver (#3176, David Bateman).
+3007. Update some of the bindist files (#3175, Michael Rohleder).
+3006. Fix a libXfont build problem that shows up on IUS (#3175,
+ Michael Rohleder).
+3005. Xaw and xedit updates (#3174, 3180, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+3004. Add a new DebuggableLibraries imake parameter to allow libraries to
+ be built with debugging symbols, and enable this by default for Linux
+ (#3173, Bruno Haible).
+3003. Some Driver SDK build fixes (#3172, David Bateman).
+3002. Modify the MGA driver to fall back to DDC1 if DDC2 fails or is
+ disabled (#3171, Andrew Aitchison).
+3001. Allow the -allowMouseOpenFail X server command line option to be
+ recognised independently of the XFree86-Misc extension (#3170, Joe Moss).
+3000. Update NetBSD's and OpenBSD's aperture driver to remove a warning from
+ xf86ReadBIOS() during xf86Config.c's PC98 detection on non-PC98 systems
+ (#3169, Marc La France).
+2999. Disable setting the default gamma from the DDC data (#3168,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+2998. Update the microtouch input driver for "NEW_INPUT", and re-enable
+ building it (#3178, David Woodhouse).
+2997. Back out the change in 3.9.15c that includes "non-system" resources
+ in the RAC "system" resources list (#3167, Marc La France).
+2996. Update the RELNOTES for DDC (#3165, Andrew Aitchison).
+2995. Fix a problem with xf86ReadBIOS() on NetBSD/OpenBSD (#3164,
+ Marc La France).
+2994. Add an XLC_LOCALE file for zh_TW.Big5 (#3163, Pablo Saratxaga).
+2993. Add dummy Compose files for encodings that don't already have them
+ (#3163, Pablo Saratxaga).
+2992. APM driver updates. The Rush extension is now included in the driver
+ (some files missing, so not enabled yet) (#3162, 3159, Loic Grenie).
+2991. Some fixes for the VidMode extension (#3161, Loic Grenie).
+2990. Update SuperProbe to recognise the APM AT3D chipset (#3160, Loic Grenie).
+2989. Some fixes for the nv driver (#3158, Jarno Paananen).
+2988. Fix a typo in ObjectFromAsmSource() in xf86.rules (#3157,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2987. Add some NVIDIA cards to the Cards file (#3155, Jarno Paananen).
+2986. A quick hack to cut down on XAA pixmap cache thrashing that
+ happens with some particular apps (#3154, Mark Vojkovich).
+2985. Update the tabtcvn file to include the full tcvn-5712 encoding, not
+ only lowercase characters (#3153, Pablo Saratxaga).
+2984. Create the doc index list from information in the .sgml files
+ (David Dawes).
+2983. Basic man page for the generic VGA driver (David Dawes).
+2982. Fix for lockup problem with Trident Image 975 (Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9.15c (22 August 1999)
+2981. Update to reflect NetBSD's switch from GNU malloc to FreeBSD's
+ malloc (#3151, Bernd Ernesti).
+2980. Change xf86ReadBIOS() to reuse the fd for /dev/mem or /dev/xf86 from
+ the other bsd_video.c functions in order to avoid the difficulty caused
+ by the NetBSD aperture driver only allowing one open of /dev/xf86 at
+ a time (#3150, Matthieu Herrb).
+2979. Add pre-R6.4 compatible entries to the NLS .dir and .alias files. This
+ should make it possible for them to be used with older versions of Xlib.
+2978. Fix a typo in the MGA arc code that broke some arcs (#3149,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2977. Fix a problem with cfb allocating too much space on the stack when
+ clipping rects (#3148, Mark Vojkovich).
+2976. Add missing sync when uploading into the XAA pixmap cache (#3147,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2975. Change XDGAFlush() to XDGASync() (#3146, Mark Vojkovich).
+2974. Add transparent DGA blits to the MGA driver, and enable the OverclockMem
+ option for the G400 (#3145, Mark Vojkovich).
+2973. Update the common cursor code to keep virtual desktop panning from
+ interfering with screen rotation (#3144, Mark Vojkovich).
+2972. Dynapro driver update: initialise the incoming packet state machine,
+ and add a "SwapXY" option (#3142, David Woodhouse).
+2971. Fix a loader problem that shows up on Alpha/ELF platforms when there
+ is a .sbss section (#3141, Hannes Reinecke).
+2970. Modify DDC for neomagic (#3139, Egbert Eich).
+2969. Add DDC support for the S3 ViRGE (DDC2 untested) (#3139, Egbert Eich).
+2968. Fix DDC2 support for MGA and C&T drivers (#3139, Egbert Eich).
+2967. Add a call to xf86SetPciVideo(NULL,NONE) after each probe (#3139,
+ Egbert Eich).
+2966. Modified registration of the OS access windows (#3139, Egbert Eich).
+2965. Some Xaw and xedit fixes (#3138, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2964. Next round of the font ansification and warning removal (#3135,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2963. Fix ATI 18800-x detection problem (#3133, Marc La France).
+2962. Check for limitations on vertical blending in panel support for the ATI
+ driver (#3133, Marc La France).
+2961. Update ATI driver to complain about bad BIOS data (#3133,
+ Marc La France).
+2960. Man page corrections for the MGA driver (#3132, Mark Vojkovich).
+2959. Limit PCI BIOS apertures to 16MB as per the PCI 2.1 spec (#3131,
+ Marc La France).
+2958. Assume a system has up to 1G of physical memory installed, rather than
+ 2G (#3130, Marc La France).
+2957. Fix a bug in the handling for buggy VGA CRTCs (#3129, Marc La France).
+2956. Fix to build the mga driver with the driver SDK (#3128, David Bateman).
+2955. Xterm patch #113 (#3125, Thomas Dickey).
+2954. Port the XAA cfb copyplane functions, adding them to the cfb code
+ (#3124, 3126, 3127, David Bateman).
+XFree86 3.9.15b (15 August 1999)
+2953. Improved point rendering performance for the MGA driver (#3123,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2952. Xaw and xedit updates (#3122, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2951. Remove the Latin2 Type1 fonts.
+2950. Change the RGB mask names in the DGA structures (#3120, Mark Vojkovich).
+2949. More acceleration and bug fixes for the NV driver (#3119,
+ Jarno Paananen).
+2948. Change some things in the XAA color expansion code to facilitate
+ rendering into DMA buffers (#3118, Mark Vojkovich).
+2947. Fix a 64 bit problem with the xf24_32bpp layer (#3117, Mark Vojkovich).
+2946. Modify XF86FlushInput() to work for non-tty devices, which is required
+ for PS/2 mice with Linux 2.2.x kernels (#3114, Kazutaka Yokota).
+2945. Support for rotating the virtual desktop for the MGA driver using
+ the shadowfb (#3113, 3116, Mark Vojkovich).
+2944. Fix a colormap problem with DGA when initialized from an 8+24 mode with
+ the MGA driver (#3112, Mark Vojkovich).
+2943. Fix multihead on the MGA-2164W (#3111, Mark Vojkovich).
+2942. XAA speedups for planar copies in some cases (#3110, Mark Vojkovich).
+2941. Add a driver SDK which performs a similar function to the old LinkKit,
+ but for the loadable server (#3105, David Bateman).
+2940. C&T doc update and xgamma man page update (#3105, David Bateman).
+2939. Add an option to the C&T driver to allow the user to select the
+ transparency key when using the overlay (#3105, David Bateman).
+2938. Add DGA2 support to the C&T driver (#3105, David Bateman).
+2937. Fix a bug in the bitmap font code introduced in 3.9.15a (#3101,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2936. Some TGA driver cleanups, including a SaveScreen function and code to
+ disallow virtual desktops in a nicer way (#3100, Matt Grossman).
+XFree86 3.9.15a (1 August 1999)
+2935. Fix the RAC usage in the nv driver to allow multi-head to work
+ (#3093, Itai Nahshon).
+2934. Reduce memory consumption of the bitmap font backends when using
+ sparse fonts, which is important when using Unicode-encoded fonts
+ (#3092, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2933. Fix Option register initialisation in multi-head for MGA 2064/2164
+ (#3089, Andrew Aitchison).
+2932. Convert the nv (NVIDIA) driver from 3.3.4 (#3078-3080, 3087,
+ Jarno Paananen).
+2931. Add SuperProbe for NetBSD 1.4 wscons (#3083, Matthias Drochner).
+2930. Fix button and modifier key state problems in DGA (#3082,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2929. Avoid a possible segmentation fault in "xsm" which, for example,
+ occurs local hostname can't be resolved (#3073, Matthias Scheler).
+2928. ATI driver updates, including:
+ - Add preliminary panel support.
+ - Rework RAC interface.
+ - PCI VGA's not on primary bus are now detected.
+ - Fix bug when an adapter's VGA has been disabled.
+ - Fix gamma support.
+ (#3069, Marc La France)
+2927. Fix 8514/A pre-defined resource and pre-define VGA sparse I/O resources
+ (#3069, 3081, Marc La France).
+2926. Fix a bug in the registration of background device BIOS'es (#3069,
+ Marc La France).
+2925. Invert the meaning of ResMinimised bit into ResEstimated (#3069,
+ Marc La France).
+2924. Allow drivers to print resource lists, and allow them to enable/disable
+ adapters before creating bus slots for them (#3069, Marc La France).
+2923. Resync SuperProbe and scanpci with 3.3.x (#3069, Marc La France).
+2922. Add some missing man pages for the DGA and VidMode extensions (#3064,
+ Joe Moss).
+2921. Some changes to the DGA and colormap layers to allow gamma changes
+ during DGA mode (#3060, Mark Vojkovich).
+2920. Fix XIM segv error (#3033, 3051, Manabe Takashi).
+2919. Add a client state callback to the DGA extension so that the server side
+ can be cleaned up when a DGA client exits (#3048, 3049, Mark Vojkovich).
+2918. Update the FreeBSD/mouse documentation (#3047, Kazutaka Yokota).
+2917. Fix an undocumented blitter constraint on the G200 (#3046,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2916. Fix the MGA driver so that it can support changing depth on the fly
+ in DGA mode. All depths are now offered to DGA clients regardless of
+ what the screen's main depth is (#3045, Mark Vojkovich).
+2915. Fix a bug in the InstallGenManPageLong() rule in (#3043,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+2914. Update ATI doc with info about a VGA/RAC problem (#3044,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+XFree86 3.9.15 (19 July 1999)
+2913. -
+2912. Fix a problem with the library spec in xgc/Imakefile (#3042,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+2911. Add native 69030 support to the C&T driver (#3041, David Bateman).
+2910. Update release notes for the apm driver (#3040, Loic Grenie).
+2909. Fix a small bug in the color expands in the TGA driver (#3039,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2908. Updates for the Japanese (PC98) docs (#3038, Takaaki Nomura).
+2907. Some Xaw and xedit updates (#3037, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2906. Fix a problem with the VidMode extension (#3036, David Bateman).
+2905. Sample config file for Japanese PC98 architecture (#3035,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+XFree86 3.9Py (18 July 1999)
+2904. Add a visualClass to the XDGAMode request and a XDGACreateColormap
+ request to DGA 2.0 so Colormaps can be created for XDGADevices
+ without needing a corresponding visual (#3032, Mark Vojkovich).
+2903. Update the mmap versions of xf86ReadBIOS() to use a map size that
+ fits the requested BIOS offset and length rather than using a fixed
+ map size (David Dawes).
+2902. Xterm patch #112 (#3031, Thomas Dickey).
+2901. Change the colormap layer's LoadPalette function to take a Visual as
+ an argument rather than just the Visual class (#3030, Mark Vojkovich).
+2900. Add some code to auto-detect Japanese PC98 systems (#3029,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+2899. Fix a casting problem in DefineSelf() that shows up on FreeBSD/alpha
+ (#3028, Doug Rabson).
+2898. Fix a problem with the GMX2000 DRI support (#3034, Jens Owen).
+2897. Work around a problem in mfb that is caused by an optimiser bug
+ in egcs-1.1.2 for the alpha (#3027, Doug Rabson).
+2896. Fix a problem that shows up in the s3virge driver after the recent
+ vgahw module changes (David Dawes).
+2895. Add missing references to xf86MiscExt.c in common/Imakefile (#3025,
+ Joe Moss).
+2894. Update for the apm driver so that it will work on a Japanese PC-98
+ with GA-RUSH6/PCI(VoodooRUSH based video card) (#3024, Isao Ohishi).
+2893. ISO 10646-1 Japanese font (12x13ja.bdf) that covers a superset of
+ CP1252 and JIS X 208, and which is suitable to be used together with
+ 6x13 for bi-width Japanese text output (#3022, Markus Kuhn).
+2892. Refine the MouseMan+ (PS2++) protocol support (#3020, Kazutaka Yokota).
+2891. Fix problems with the wheels on some mice, including the OEM version of
+ the Logitech FirstMouse+, are not recognized and the mouse cursor jumps
+ around (#3020, Kazutaka Yokota).
+2890. Fix a problem building the X-TT modules on Solaris 7 (based on #3019,
+ David Holland).
+2889. Fix a bug in Xaw/TextAction.c introduced in 3.9Pw (#3018,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2888. ISO 10646-1 version of the 5x7 and 6x13B fonts, and an update for the
+ 6x13 font (#3017, Markus Kuhn).
+2887. First part of the ansification of xc/lib/fonts. So far the bitmap,
+ fc and fontfile directories have been done (#3016, Matthieu Herrb).
+2886. Fix default PC98 XKB setting (#3015, Akio Morita).
+2885. Remove the reference to VGADriverDoc in xfree86/Imakefile (#3015,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+2884. Fix a bug in Xaw/TextPop.c (#3014, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2883. Man page update for xfontsel (#3013, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+XFree86 3.9Px (12 July 1999)
+2882. Updates to get XF86Setup to build again after the NewInput-related
+ changes, and have XF86Setup print a short message stating that it
+ isn't usable before exiting (#3012, Joe Moss).
+2881. Fix some compiler warnings in lib/Xext (#3011, Matt Grossman).
+2880. Fix a bug in the wacom driver that shows up when multiple wacom devices
+ don't report the same valuators (#3010, Frederic Lepied).
+2879. Some updates to the PCI/RAC code (#3008, Egbert Eich).
+2878. Fix the acute and apostrophe mixup in the German xkb layout with the
+ nodeadkey option, and add the EuroSign to AltGr+e (#3006, Markus Kuhn).
+2877. Add code to the mga driver to handle PC98 architecture machines
+ (#3007, Takaaki Nomura).
+2876. Add a global (ServerFlags) "PC98" Option for the Japanese PC98
+ architecture, and add a function xf86IsPc98() that drivers can call
+ to check for this.
+2875. Fix a relocation problem in the ELF loader that shows up on 64-bit
+ platforms when mapping unresolved symbols to LoaderDefaultFunc()
+ (#3005, Doug Rabson).
+2874. Remove the original text version of the DESIGN doc from hw/xfree86.
+2873. Fix a glyph padding problem in XAA's nonTE text code that shows up on
+ 64-bit platforms (Doug Rabson).
+2872. Rework the wacom driver's init phase (#3004, Frederic Lepied).
+2871. Add a 19200 speed option to the wacom driver for Airbrush tablets
+ (#3004, Frederic Lepied).
+2870. Add support for transparent stipples to the tga driver (#3003,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2869. Modify xfontsel to not show scaled fonts by default (#3002,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2868. Some notes about xterm for the release notes (#3001, Thomas Dickey).
+2867. Some Xaw, Xmu and xedit updates (#2999, 3002,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2866. Xterm patch #111 (#2998, Thomas Dickey).
+2865. Fix a "NoAccel" problem with the PM2 video support (#2997,
+ Michael Schimek).
+2864. Update for (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
+2863. Fix a LynxOS macro clash with the cirrus driver, and fix a
+ xf86UnmapVidMem() warning in the cirrus driver (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
+2862. Fix a problem on LynxOS where assert is unresolved in the static server
+ (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
+2861. Fix a problme with vsnprintf being unresolved when building Xvfb
+ and Xnest on some platforms (#2995, Thomas Mueller).
+2860. Remove the s3virge fifo_ changes introduced in 3.9Pu, update the
+ DGA2 support and docs (#2994, Kevin Brosius).
+2859. Initial attempt to get the XFree86-Misc again (#2993, Joe Moss).
+2858. Remove XAASync() (#2992, Rik Faith).
+2857. Cleanup the TGA driver's hw cursor code, remove global variables in
+ in the "accel" files, and fix up the RAC support (#2991, Matt Grossman).
+2856. Add partial support for color expands to the 8-bit TGA driver (#2991,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2855. Re-enable DDC2 support in the MGA driver (#2989, Andrew Aitchison).
+2854. Add missing TIOC defines for Interactive Unix to xf86_OSlib.h (#2990,
+ Michael Rohleder).
+2853. Don't register the Xqueue mouse handler for Interactive Unix (#2990,
+ Michael Rohleder).
+2852. Don't include sys/mman.h in cidchar.c when USE_MMAP isn't defined
+ (#2990, Michael Rohleder).
+2851. Disable BuildXF86DRI and BuildXF86DRIDriverSupport for Interactive Unix
+ (#2990, Michael Rohleder).
+2851. Update the apm (Alliance ProMotion) driver (#2987, 2988, Loic Grenie).
+2850. Fix a problem with the xf86config screen configuration that was
+ introduced with the removal of "32bpp" (#2986, Matthieu Herrb).
+2849. Add a DefaultDepth configuration page to xf86config (#2986,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2848. Add the inputDevice examples from to config files
+ generated by xf86config (#2986, Matthieu Herrb).
+2847. Modify the vgahw module to allow it to save/restore more than the
+ standard number VGA CRTC, Sequencer, Graphics and Attribute registers
+ (2985, 2996, Jeff Garzik).
+2846. Add DDC information to the release notes (#2984, Andrew Aitchison).
+2845. Change XDGAChangePixmapMode to return the X-Y position of the pixmap
+ in case the server is not able to place it exactly where requested
+ (#2983, Mark Vojkovich).
+2844. Fix some problems with unfavorable alignment of XAA offscreen pixmap
+ (#2982, Mark Vojkovich).
+2843. Some XAA speedups for NonTE text in certain cases (#2981,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2842. Rename the assembler files that need preprocessing from .s to .S,
+ and adjust the imake rules accordingly.
+2841. A fix for xf86PciReadBios() (#2979, Egbert Eich).
+2840. Fix a problem with false detection of multi-function PCI devices (#2978,
+ Loic Grenie).
+2839. Fix a problem with libXfont.a not being linked into exports/lib during
+ the build phase (#2977, Thomas Mueller, 2990, Michael Rohleder).
+2838. Deal with OSes which don't have TIOCM ioctls in posix_tty.c (#2976,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+2837. Fix the use of TIOCM_ in some calls to xf86SerialModem..() in mouse/pnp.c
+ (#2976, Thomas Mueller).
+2836. Enable NEW_INPUT on LynxOS (#2976, Thomas Mueller).
+XFree86 3.9Pw (6 July 1999)
+2835. Fix for GetBlock() (#2974, Egbert Eich).
+2834. Remove the test for SHAREDIOCLASS when creating a pciAccessInfoRec for
+ a device (#2974, Egbert Eich).
+2833. Modified BIOS ROM handling, doing validation only on demand (#2974,
+ Egbert Eich).
+2832. Add a ChangeGamma function to the ScrnInfoRec, which allows drivers to
+ optionally provide a function to do this instead of the default one
+ provided by the colormap layer (#2972, Mark Vojkovich).
+2831. Sis driver memclock fixes (#2971, Bart Oldeman, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2830. Add snprintf() and vsnprintf() to libc emulation (#2970, Marc La France).
+2829. Increase array size in PciInfo data (#2970, Marc La France).
+2828. Add a LoaderRefSymbols() function (#2970, Marc La France).
+2827. When matching fixed clocks, prefer non-CLKDIV2 modes over CLKDIV2 modes
+ (#2970, Marc La France).
+2826. Reinstate xf86GetPciConfigInfo() and some warning fixes (#2970,
+ Marc La France).
+2825. Build libXext and libX11 client-side libraries when also building
+ GLX, despite BuildServersOnly (#2970, Marc La France).
+2824. Update ATI doc (#2970, Marc La France).
+2823. ATI driver from (rac interface is preliminary, no LCD panel
+ or Rage 128 support yet) (#2970, Marc La France).
+2822. Fix Ukrainian_GHE_with_upturn double definition error (#2969,
+ Peter Novodvorsky).
+2822. Updates to the xf86config utility for the 4.0 config file format
+ (#2968, Matthieu Herrb).
+2821. Add default rules to allow easy compilation of .c files to assembler.
+XFree86 3.9Pv (4 July 1999)
+2820. Add a marked up (SGML) version of the DESIGN doc (David Dawes).
+2819. Remove the Alpha-specific Linux libc6 parts in
+2818. Add a "defs.ent" file for defining SGML entities that can be shared by
+ other docs (David Dawes).
+2817. Import the mouse.sgml doc from 3.3.x, and update it for 4.0.
+2816. Remove support for the very old LinuxDoc tools.
+2815. Use SpecialCObjectRule() in favour of SpecialObjectRule().
+2814. Fix lots of 64-bit problems in XAA (#2967, Mark Vojkovich).
+2813. Add a new DGA request to allow switching the DGA pixmap from one the
+ size of the framebuffer to one the size of the viewport that you
+ can move around (#2966, Mark Vojkovich).
+2812. Make sure that all Xinerama heads have the same root window depth,
+ and don't advertise backing store or save unders as being available
+ unless it's available on all heads (#2965, Mark Vojkovich).
+2811. Some Xaw and xedit updates (#2964, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2810. Some DRI updates (#2962, Rik Faith).
+2809. Fix a double-free problem in the mouse driver (#2959, Egbert Eich).
+2808. Add some debugging code to xalloc.c to detect and allow trapping of
+ double xfree() calls (#2954, Egbert Eich).
+2807. Add Single GLINT MX support for Direct Rendering, which now allows
+ ELSA Gloria XXL to take part in this (#2592, 2955, 2957, 2958,
+ Alan Hourihane and #2960, Rik Faith).
+2806. Add ScanlineCPU function to the glint driver for PM2 when pci
+ retries aren't used (#2952, Alan Hourihane).
+2805. Use mediumraw keyboard mode for LinuxPPC (#2946, Gerd Knorr).
+2804. Xterm patch #110 (#2943, Thomas Dickey).
+2803. Add CyberBlade/i7 (Socket 7), CyberBlade/i7 DSTN (Laptop Socket 7) and
+ CyberBlade/i1 (Slot 1) support to the trident driver (#2940,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2802. Some new PCI ids for Cyberblades and Via MVP4 (#2939, Alan Hourihane).
+2801. Replace `__volatile__' in xf86drm.h with `volatile' (#2938,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+2800. Fix a problem with the umask not being reset in some cases in the
+ xtrans code (#2936, Bill Nottingham).
+2799. Improve the latency associated with writing to the PCI config space,
+ which is important for RAC to work efficiently (Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 3.9Pu (27 June 1999)
+2798. Xterm patch #109 (#2920, Thomas Dickey).
+2797. Xaw and xedit updates (#2932, 2933, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2796. Make the "fifo_conservative" memory settings default for the s3virge
+ accelerator (#2931, Kevin Brosius).
+2795. Preliminary DGA2 code for the s3virge driver (#2931, Kevin Brosius).
+2794. Updates to PI's DRI sample implementation, including:
+ - Dynamic loading of the OpenGL client driver is implemented
+ - 3D client death while holding the drawable lock does not cause deadlock
+ - The kernel module works with Linux 2.2.x [x <= 10] and 2.3.y [y <= 8]
+ - A better authentication mechanism has been implemented
+ - XF86Config options for the DRI are supported
+ (#2929, Precision Insight).
+2793. Add functions to the FBManager to query the largest size available and
+ to purge all areas that aren't nailed down (#2928, Mark Vojkovich).
+2792. Fix some serious performance problems with Xinerama when the number
+ of resource IDs becomes large (#2927, Carsten Haitzler).
+2791. Remove the significant RGB bits check from Xinerama visual eliminations
+ (#2926, Mark Vojkovich).
+2790. Fix a typo in xmodmap and xstdcmap (#2924, Matthieu Herrb).
+2789. Fix the type of the OverclockMem Option in the MGA driver (#2922,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+2788. Fix PCI resource handling problems that were showing up with the
+ glint driver (#2918, Egbert Eich).
+2787. Fix a problem building some Makefiles when JoystickSupport is enabled
+ (#2917, Todd Fries).
+2786. Fix a typo in the RAC support for the glint driver (#2915, Jens Owen).
+2785. Fix a RAC-related build problem on 64-bit machines (#2913,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2784. Some afb-related updates (#2911, Sven Luther).
+2783. Fix race condition in xinit (Nate Eldredge, Mark Montague).
+2782. Documentation for the new RAC code (Egbert Eich).
+2781. Fix some problems with the glide driver that can result in server crashes
+ if there is a problem when it is starting up (David Dawes).
+2780. Install the X server signal handlers before xf86OpenConsole is first
+ called. This makes sure that the VT is returned to text mode if the
+ server crashes in the early stages of InitOutput() (David Dawes).
+2779. Fix xf86vsprintf() and xf86vfprintf().
+2778. Support for the different PLL reference clock used for HP's on-board
+ G200s.
+2777. Disable building the Xanti extension (Mark Vojkovich).
+2776. Update the log file handling to catch most messages that are generated
+ before the log file is actually opened (David Dawes).
+2775. Another fix for PM2 text restoration (Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 3.9Pt (20 June 1999)
+2774. First cut at converting the fbdev, sis, glide, neomagic and rendition
+ drivers for the new RAC code (David Dawes).
+2773. Fix a PM2 lockup problem during GLINTSave, and fix a text mode font
+ corruption problem (#2907, Egbert Eich).
+2772. Xterm patch #108 (#2906, Thomas Dickey).
+2771. Fix a problem with duplicate ShmCompletion events in Xinerama mode
+ (#2905, Mark Vojkovich).
+2770. Add a XDGAKeyEventToXKeyEvent helper function to the DGA client library
+ (#2904, Mark Vojkovich).
+2769. Fix some incorrect XAA GC validation checks (#2903, Mark Vojkovich).
+2768. Fix some XAA caching problems with shared memory pixmaps (#2903,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2767. Wait for the fifo to clear out in the mga driver before returning to
+ the client after any cpu->screen color expansion or image writes (#2901,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2766. Don't use the BIOS info for the MGA G400 since we don't understand
+ the format (#2901, Mark Vojkovich).
+2765. Fix some MGA bitblit problems when more than 16MB of memory is being
+ used (#2901, Mark Vojkovich).
+2764. Set memory clocks to the bios defaults in the MGA driver, and add an
+ Option "OverclockMem" to allow the previous settings to be used (#2901,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2763. Xaw and xedit updates (see lib/Xaw/Changelog) (#2899,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2762. Ansification and warning elimination in lib/xtrans (#2896,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2761. Fix a glint scanline interleave bug introduced by the change in
+ device scaning order in the new RAC code (#2890, Jens Owen).
+2760. Fix a dual head Xinerama crash that happens when running the xv program
+ (#2889, Itai Nahshon).
+2759. Add v4l Xv support to the trident driver (#2877, Alan Hourihane).
+2758. Trident Image series and standard chipset acceleration fixes (#2877,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2757. Add more Blade3D acceleration to the trident driver (#2877,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2756. Fix for DPMS with the new RAC (Itai Nahshon).
+2755. RAC updates, including changing the way PCI resource validation works
+ (Egbert Eich).
+2754. Update the TGA driver for the new RAC (#2886, Matt Grossman).
+2753. Fix a fatal event problem with DGA 2.0 (#2884, Mark Vojkovich).
+2752. Fix some macros in xf86str.h that conflict with system headers on some
+ platforms (#2883, 2888, 2902, Matt Grossman).
+XFree86 3.9Ps (14 June 1999)
+2751. Some small RAC updates (Egbert Eich).
+2750. Direct Rendering Infrastructure from Precision Insight (#2871).
+2749. Fix a problem building xedit on SVR4.0 (missing strcasecmp).
+XFree86 3.9Pr (13 June 1999)
+2748. Xterm patch #107 (#2879, Thomas Dickey).
+2747. Cirrus driver updates, including support for generic (V4L) video
+ adapters, fix depth 15 mode for the laguna chips and turn of the DAC
+ when blanking the screen (#2878, Itai Nahshon).
+2746. Fix problems with the build of the 6.1-compatible Xaw shared library,
+ and some optimizations and bug fixes for the Xaw and xedit (#2877,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2745. Add functions (CreateFontRec and DestroyFontRec) for allocating and
+ freeing FontRecs rather than having the size encoded in all of the
+ renderer modules. Also, change the font private index handling to
+ make all indices show up in all FontRecs (#2873, Mark Vojkovich).
+2744. Add ANSI prototypes for lib/XIE (#2870, Thomas Dickey).
+2743. Some preliminary work on adding afb support to the fbdev driver (#2869,
+ Sven Luther).
+2742. Change the semantics of xf86ReadPciBIOS() to allow it to temporarily
+ map an unmapped BIOS at the address assigned to another of the card's
+ base address registers, and modify the MGA driver to make use of this
+ (David Dawes).
+2741. Add some functions to the common layer to allow drivers to register
+ input handling functions, and modify the pm2_video code to make use of
+ this instead of the XInput code (David Dawes).
+2740. Trap for packed 24bpp on systems with 64-bit scanlines.
+2739. Fix the type of the "set_mckl" option in the s3virge driver (#2865,
+ Harald Koenig).
+2738. Fix some s3virge palette problems in 8bpp mode (#2863, Harald Koenig).
+2737. Avoid clobbering CR55 in the s3virge HW cursor code (#2862,
+ Harald Koenig).
+2736. Xterm patch #106 (#2861, Thomas Dickey).
+2735. Fix an incorrect test in I2CWriteBytes() in the i2c module (#2875,
+ Ben Cahill).
+2734. Don't set YDSTORG for the non-WRAM Matrox cards (#2874, Mark Vojkovich).
+2733. Change the order of text-mode font restoration in the vgahw module
+ (#2872).
+2732. XInput driver for Dynapro touch screens (#2859, 2860, 2867,
+ David Woodhouse).
+2731. Enable support for extended PS/2 protocols on Solaris/x86 (#2857,
+ Nicholas Brealey).
+2730. Fix the ZAxisMapping handling in the mouse driver (#2857,
+ Nicholas Brealey).
+2729. Add a sixth valuator to the wacom driver to support the wheel of
+ the airbrush and of the lens cursor (Frederic Lepied).
+2728. Convert the wacom driver to work with the new input code
+ (Frederic Lepied).
+2727. Increase the MAXSCREENS value from 4 to 16 (Egbert Eich).
+2726. Add support to scanpci for printing out PCI-PCI bridge header
+ information correctly (Egbert Eich).
+2725. New RAC (Resource Access Control) code (Egbert Eich).
+2724. Update the Solaris/x86 version of xf86ReadBIOS() to handle BIOSs located
+ at high physical addresses (David Dawes).
+2723. An attempt at allowing the server to correct the /tmp/.X11-unix
+ directory when it is possible to do so safely (David Dawes).
+2722. Re-enable screen->screen blts for the Trident Image3D, and fix a problem
+ with mapping/unmapping memory with VT switching (David Dawes).
+2721. Fix a problem linking with libXfont when building the shared version
+ is disabled (David Dawes).
+2720. Fix an Xlib problem introduced in 3.9Pq that shows up when X_LOCALE
+ is defined (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9Pq (6 June 1999)
+2719. Change the parser's error message printing so that they will end
+ up in the log file (David Dawes).
+2718. Add support for armscii-8, ibm-cp1133, mulelao-1, viscii1.1-1,
+ tcvn-5712, georgian-academy, georgian-ps (not all complete yet)
+ (#2843, Pablo Saratxaga).
+2717. Some fixes for the v4l driver that make it keep track of the video
+ state correctly (#2854, Gerd Knorr).
+2716. Xterm patch #105 (#2853, Thomas Dickey).
+2715. Add defines to the Xaw code to make it possible to build a version
+ of the shared library that is binary compatible with the standard 6.1
+ version (#2849, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2714. Xedit updates (see the Xaw Changelog for details) (#2849,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2713. Bump the Xaw library major version (now 7.0), and enable the Xpm
+ dependency by default (#2849, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2712. Fix an Xmu build warning (#2849, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2711. Some updates to the XAnti extension (#2851, 2852, Mark Vojkovich).
+2710. Update the scanline width choices used in the MGA driver to better
+ match the capabilities of the different chips (#2850, Mark Vojkovich).
+2709. Add G400 support to the MGA driver (#2850, Mark Vojkovich).
+2708. Resync SuperProbe with, and add ATI Rage XL & XC detection
+ (#2847, Marc La France).
+2707. Fix for drivers/v4l/README (#2846, David Woodhouse).
+2706. Fixes for the big5.eten-0 and gb2312.1980-0 encoding files (#2840, 2841,
+ 2846, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2705. Use 8-bit I/O instead of 16-bit I/O in xf4bpp (better for older
+ adapters), and some cleanups (#2838, Marc La France).
+2704. Fix RGB "masks" for depth <=8, and fix the formatting of the "Clocks"
+ messages (#2838, Marc La France).
+2703. Remove assumption that PCI systems contain PCI video (#2838,
+ Marc La France).
+2702. Add missing parsing of the ZAxisMapping option to the revised mouse
+ driver (David Dawes).
+2701. Add a simple verification check for core-capable input devices
+ (David Dawes).
+2700. Update the serial PnP mouse support for the revised mouse driver
+ (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9Pp (30 May 1999)
+2699. Xterm patch #104 (#2836, Thomas Dickey).
+2698. Doc updates for the s3virge driver, and cleanup register debugging
+ printouts (#2835, Kevin Brosius).
+2697. Rework the config file search algorithm, and allow "safe" relative
+ paths to be specified by non-root users (David Dawes).
+2696. Close input devices while VT switched away (David Dawes).
+2695. Prevent the input device "PreInit" from being called in subsequent
+ server generations (David Dawes).
+2694. Handle the Keyboard config information as an InputDevice section
+ (but the keyboard driver isn't converted yet) (David Dawes).
+2693. Add basic accessEnable calls to the Tseng driver so that it will at
+ least work single head with an ET6000 (David Dawes).
+2692. Fix Xinerama bugs related to the Shape extension (#2832, Mark Vojkovich).
+2691. Separate the pitch and virtual X increments (#2829, Marc La France).
+2690. Add some large encoding files for the `fontenc' layer (#2827,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2689. A rewrite of the way Xinerama handles visuals (#2824, Mark Vojkovich).
+2688. Integrate the pointer acceleration patch from Kevin Brown (#2823,
+ Frederic Lepied).
+2687. Make button mapping work for XInput "AlwaysCore" devices (#2823,
+ Frederic Lepied).
+2686. Fix xtest failure with SiS TwoPointLine (#2821, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2685. Xlib support for KOI8-U (#2820, Aleksey Novodvorsky).
+2684. Fix a problems with the new mouse code looping by adding CLOCAL to
+ the standard termios flags for xf86OpenSerial() (#2819, Matthieu Herrb).
+2683. New font document (#2818, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2682. Fix the reworked "wsmouse" code for NetBSD (#2815, Matthieu Herrb).
+2681. Fix for `resize' on OpenBSD (#2814, Matthieu Herrb).
+2680. Add the `s' flag to ArCmd and ArAddCmd for SVR4 so that empty archives
+ can be created (#2813, Nicholas Brealey).
+XFree86 3.9Po (23 May 1999)
+2679. Enable the new input code (NewInput) by default in
+ (David Dawes).
+2678. Add compatibilty support for interpreting "Pointer" sections as
+ "InputDevice" sections in the reworked input device code (David Dawes).
+2677. Modify mkfontdir to handle duplicate encodings in a reasonable way
+ when generating the encodings.dir file (#2812, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2676. Xaw and xedit updates (see lib/Xaw/Changelog for details) (#2811,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2675. Fix xinerama problems with clipmasks and stipple/tile offsets
+ in GCs used on the root window (#2810, Mark Vojkovich).
+2674. Fix problems uploading to the pixmap cache in 8+32 mode when
+ ImageWrites aren't available (#2809, Mark Vojkovich).
+2673. Ansify the Xv client library (#2808, Mark Vojkovich).
+2672. Add a XvQueryPortAttributes request to the Xv API/protocol and
+ driver interface, with an example in the v4l driver, and update the
+ documentation (#2808, Mark Vojkovich).
+2671. Fix some compiler warnings in the oldX and ICE libraries (#2807,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2670. Fix a problem with the Type1 font handling that was introduced when the
+ CID support was added (#2805, Ivan Bach).
+2669. Wacom driver update, including a fix for initialization problems with
+ Wacom IV devices, and improved Wacom V device support (Lens cursor
+ support) (#2803, Frederic Lepied).
+2668. Fix for some 8+32 xinerama problems (#2802, Mark Vojkovich).
+2667. Xkb fixes for PC98 (#2800, Akio Morita).
+2666. Xkb data files for a Macintosh keyboard (#2798, Sven LUTHER).
+2665. Some preliminary support for the "new" mouse driver for most OSs
+ (David Dawes).
+2664. Prevent xf86LogInit() being called for subsequent server generations.
+XFree86 3.9Pn (16 May 1999)
+2663. Add a SetClientVersion request to the DGA extension (David Dawes).
+2662. Change DGA initialisation ordering in the MGA driver (#2796,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2661. Turn off DGA pixmaps in xinerama since it insists on duplicating
+ the rendering protocol on all heads despite the DGA pixmaps existing
+ only on a single head (#2795, Mark Vojkovich).
+2660. Fix some xinerama problems with 8+32 overlays (#2795, Mark Vojkovich).
+2659. Add XAA acceleration for DGA pixmaps (#2795, Mark Vojkovich).
+2658. Add PCI IDs for new NVIDIA chipsets (#2794, Mark Vojkovich).
+2657. Change the default cursor colour in the app-defaults for editres
+ (#2793, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2656. Xedit updates, including a new file, to show some of
+ the new features of Xaw, and some improvements to the ispell interface
+ (#2793, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2655. Xaw updates, including some fixes, optimizations, and additional
+ documentation (#2793, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2654. Working mouse support with the new input device code (David Dawes).
+2653. Fix for sysv_video.c on Interactive UNIX (#2792, Michael Rohleder).
+2652. Fix handling of xkbcomp's -I flag (Stanislav Meduna).
+2651. CID updates (third submission) (#2769, Ivan Bach, SGI).
+2650. Kludge to allow a server with the glint driver to link without XInput
+ (#2788, Marc La France).
+2649. Remove unused dacSpeeds field from the ScrnInfoRec (#2788,
+ Marc La France).
+2648. Add an option to the colourmap code to allow a driver's LoadPalette()
+ to be called even when switched out (#2788, Marc La France).
+2647. Add more reasons for rejecting a mode (#2788, Marc La France).
+2646. Factor in the log verbosity when reporting the verbosity to a driver
+ (#2788, Marc La France).
+2645. Allow xf86GetClocks() to be called with NULL ProtectRegs() and
+ BlankScreen() functions (#2788, Marc La France).
+2644. When deleting a screen, also free its mode lists and options (#2788,
+ Marc La France).
+2643. Allow a driver to determine if -probeonly was specified (#2788,
+ Marc La France).
+2642. Fix a large jump in changelog numbering that happened a little while
+ ago (#2788, Marc La France).
+2641. Various warning and include fixes (#2788, Marc La France).
+2640. Xterm patch #103 (#2786, Thomas Dickey).
+2639. SiS driver updates, including fixing the SetMClk option, change solid
+ lines from bresenham to two-point, correct a clippling bug, and change
+ the verbose level of some messages (#2784, 2785, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2638. Fix a server loop that can happen when VT switching while a grab is
+ in progress (#2782, Edward Wang).
+2637. Xterm patch #102 (#2778, Thomas Dickey).
+2636. Fix some spelling errors in Xlib.h (#2775, Itai Nahshon).
+2635. Add auto-detection of Debian to imake (#2774, Sven Luther).
+2634. SiS driver updates, including turning on solid line acceleration,
+ remove GXCOPY_ONLY for Mono8x8 patterns, change mmio pointers to
+ volatile to avoid optimization problems, use xaarop.h, fix offscreen
+ memory init to avoid exceeding the accelerator's address range
+ (#2772, Alan Hourihane).
+2633. Fix build problems with the v4l driver on some systems (based on #2771,
+ Gerd Knorr, and a suggestion from David Woodhouse).
+2632. Xterm patch #101 (#2770, Thomas Dickey).
+2631. Fix some more Xinerarma bugs (#2766, 2768, Mark Vojkovich).
+2630. Fix the use of va_lists in the logging code (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9Pm (9 May 1999)
+2629. Clean up the handling of Alphas in the s3virge driver (#2767,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2628. Fix a problem that can show up when a module is unloaded while another
+ module has unaccounted for references to its symbols (Egbert Eich).
+2627. -
+2626. Finish DGA event support (#2765, Mark Vojkovich).
+2625. Xaw updates (including compatibility updates and a man page), xedit
+ and editres updates (#2764, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2624. Disable MIT-SHM in Xnest since it doesn't work (#2763, Wolfram Gloger).
+2623. Add hw clipping for the SiS 6326, and solid lines (disabled) (#2760,
+ Juanjo Santamarta).
+2622. Cirrus driver updates (#2759, Itai Nahshon).
+2621. Fix complier warnings in lib/X11 (#2758, Matt Grossman).
+2620. Fix complier warnings in lib/Xau (#2757, Matt Grossman).
+2619. Update some of the font encoding translation files (#2756,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2618. Fix some bugs in the font encoding support (#2756, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2617. Update the Arabic24 BDF font to version 1.3 (#2754, Mark Leisher).
+2616. Xterm patch #100 (#2753, Thomas Dickey).
+2615. A start at the unification of input devices (David Dawes).
+2614. Change the MGA ImageWrite code to not use the image transfer window
+ for simple cpu->framebuffer copies (#2738, Mark Vojkovich).
+2613. Add lseek and bsearch to the libc wrappers (and fix fseek), as needed
+ by the CID font code.
+2612. Add missing file for CID fonts support, and fix a few module-related
+ thing with it.
+XFree86 3.9Pl (3 May 1999)
+2611. Fix Xinerama bugs in GetImage and PolyRectangle (#2751, Mark Vojkovich).
+2610. Xterm patch #99 (#2750, Thomas Dickey).
+2609. Disable unneccessary C&T message (#2748, Nozomi Ytow).
+2608. Add some DGA event support (not working yet) (#2747, Mark Vojkovich).
+2607. Xaw and xedit updates including some compatibility updates and
+ performance improvements (#2746, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2606. Modify mkfontdir to create "encodings.dir" files (#2745,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2605. Update the DESIGN doc for the new DGA driver interface (#2744,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2604. Update the LynxOS vidmem code to use the new shared vidmem.c (#2743,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+2603. -
+2602. Update TGA docs (#2737, Matt Grossman).
+2601. Fix a zero width problem that shows up in xaaSpans.c when hardware
+ clipping is enabled (#2736, Alan Hourihane).
+2600. Add support for Adobe CID fonts (#2728, Ivan Bach, SGI).
+2599. Quick fix for cirrus driver problem introduced in 3.9Pk.
+2598. Fix a problem with pcitweak that was preventing it from working with
+ buses other than bus 0 (David Dawes).
+2597. Update xfontsel to display appropriate glyphs for ISO10646 fonts
+ (Mark Leisher).
+2596. Add support for building XF86Setup with ncurses on NetBSD and OpenBSD
+ (#2734, Matthieu Herrb).
+2595. Fix vidmem map/unmap mismatch in the TGA driver (#2733, Matt Grossman).
+2594. A minor interlace improvement for the PM2 Xv driver (#2731,
+ Michael Schimek).
+2593. Fix color expansion bug in the SiS driver (#2729, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2592. Major resync for OS/2 (#2727, 2732, 2735, Holger Veit).
+2591. Xterm patch #98 (#2726, 2730, Thomas Dickey).
+2590. Fix a build V4L driver build problem (#2725, David Woodhouse).
+2589. Xterm patch #97 (#2724, Thomas Dickey).
+2588. Move the VTInit and VTSysReq keywords from the Keyboard section to
+ the ServerFlags section (as options) (David Dawes).
+2587. Remove the legacy ServerNumLock and "RightAlt", etc special key mapping
+ support (David Dawes).
+2586. Add a new, more complete version of snprintf, vsnprintf for OSs that
+ don't have it. This one is based on the "SIO" stdio-like package
+ (David Dawes).
+2585. Add log file support, including separate log and stderr streams, and
+ separate verbosity levels for each stream. Changed the -verbose option
+ to accept an optional integer argument that specifies the verbosity
+ level, add a -logverbose option and a root-only -logfile option
+ (David Dawes).
+2584. Unify the "Overlay" options and "SetMclk" options, and remove the
+ SetMClk Device section keyword (David Dawes).
+2583. Add a "frequency" option value type for use with options processed
+ by xf86ProcessOptions(). This value type consists of a floating point
+ number optionally followed by "Hz", "kHz" or "MHz" (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9Pk (25 April 1999)
+2582. Move the SVR4-specific handling of mapping memory areas which have
+ read side-effects out of the drivers and into the os-support layer
+ (David Dawes).
+2581. Fix unmap parameters for the SiS driver (David Dawes).
+2580. Fix unmap parameters for the glint driver (#2722, Alan Hourihane).
+2579. Fix the depth 24 visual initialisation (mask, offset) in the
+ Rendition driver (#2720, Martin Cerveny).
+2578. Rework the use of inb/outb in the trident driver, replacing it with
+ MMIO. Also, don't use the 0xBF000 range for the accelerator registers
+ (#2719, Alan Hourihane).
+2577. Add a -screen option to the xgamma utility so that the gamma of each
+ screen can be changed in Xinerama mode (#2717, Mark Vojkovich).
+2576. Fix all the known problems with the ispell support in xedit (#2716,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2575. Xaw updates, including improved speed for FindPiece in AsciiSrc.c,
+ add submenu support to the SimpleMenuWidget, add support for text
+ justification to the TextWidget, add an overwrite mode to the
+ TextWidget, make the TextWidget understand negative "multiply" values,
+ add an indent action to the TextWidget, fix a bug in the undo code
+ (#2716, 2721, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2574. Pcitweak fix for LynxOS, and define NO_MMAP for pre 2.5.0 LynxOS
+ releases (#2715, Thomas Mueller).
+2573. Fix for cirrus hardware cursor on (big endian) PowerPC platform
+ (#2715, Thomas Mueller).
+2572. Experimental DDC support for the Matrox "G" series cards (#2713,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+2571. Fix a crash in the XAA fill code that happens when
+ Mono8x8PatternFillFlags is set only to HARDWARE_PATTERN_PROGRAMMED_BITS,
+ which affects the TGA driver (#2712, Matt Grossman).
+2570. Replace the default "fixed" (6x13) font with Markus Kuhn's ISO 10646-1
+ version (#2711, Markus Kuhn).
+2569. Import Mark Leisher's ClearlyU BDF fonts (#2707, Mark Leisher).
+2568. Import Mark Leisher's Arabic24 BDF font (#2706, Mark Leisher).
+2567. Initial acceleration for the 24-plane TGA (#2710, Tim Rowley).
+2566. Fix clip bugs in the MGA driver (#2709, Mark Vojkovich).
+2565. Update the `xfsft' TrueType backend to version beta1.1.4. This includes
+ updates to the `fontenc' interfaces (#2708, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2564. Fix some #include problems with the rendition driver (#2704, Dejan Ilic).
+2563. Fix a syntax error in the `ru' symbols file (#2703, Peter Novodvorsky).
+2562. Update the xf86SetGamma and xf86SetDpi helpers to use DDC information
+ when it is available, and update the MGA driver to make the DDC
+ information available earlier in the PreInit phase (#2702,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+2561. Flesh out XF86Setup's config file read and write routines (#2701,
+ Joe Moss).
+2560. Parser fixes (#2700, Joe Moss).
+2559. Remove the out of date references to the sparse map mem functions from
+ the loader (#2699, Matt Grossman).
+2558. Color expansion for the SiS driver, and change the "NoTurboQueue" option
+ to "TurboQueue" (#2696, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2557. Xterm patch #96, including improved logic for bold fonts, improved
+ Unix98 PTY support, and modify initial-erase logic to ensure that the
+ ttyModes resource overrides it (#2695, Thomas Dickey).
+2556. Some #include and warning fixes (#2693, Marc La France).
+2555. On an error, tell user to re-run the server >without< -quiet. This is
+ generalized to allow the production of error messages to specify the
+ minimum verbosity to be used before reporting a problem (#2693,
+ Marc La France).
+2554. Make -depth 24 produce a more appropriate message when the driver
+ doesn't support it (#2693, Marc La France).
+2553. Reinstate black & white colour options for 1bpp (#2693, Marc La France).
+2552. Fix a typo in (#2691, Itai Nahshon).
+2551. Fix the initialisation of some global flags when the config file has
+ no ServerFlags section (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9Pj (18 April 1999)
+2550. Update SiS docs (#2690, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2549. Glide driver and documentation updates. Fix the "EXTERN_MODULE"
+ usage, force the virtual size to be the display size, and add a
+ GlideDevice Option to specify one of multiple cards (#2689,
+ Henrik Harmsen).
+2548. Resync DPMS timeout code with the 3.3.x code, which fixes some problems
+ (#2688, David Wragg).
+2547. Preliminary MTRR support for FreeBSD (3.2 and later) (David Dawes).
+2546. Separate the OS-independent and OS-dependent parts of the MapVidMem
+ functions, and handle sparse mapping with a flag to MapVidMem instead
+ of using a separate function (David Dawes).
+2545. Remove most LinkKit references.
+2544. Disable WC for the framebuffer for the Rendition V1K by default,
+ because it appears to be causing lockups (Dejan Ilic).
+2543. Some fixes for the Rendition driver (Dejan Ilic).
+2542. Add HW cursor using the Bt485 ramdac to the DEC TGA driver (#2687,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2541. More of the DGA 2.0 extension. Most of it is there now except for
+ the events (#2686, Mark Vojkovich).
+2540. Imlement attributes for Audio (mute, volume) and implement
+ QueryBestSize for the v4l driver (#2685, Gerd Knorr).
+2539. Fix hardware cursor code so that it works with the internal 64 bit
+ scanlines used on Alpha platforms (#2679, Matt Grossman).
+2538. Export new DGA symbols from the loader (#2678, Alan Hourihane).
+2537. Update C&T driver to use independent clocks for FP/dual and CRT modes
+ with HiQV chipsets (#2677, Egbert Eich).
+2536. Port of Precision Insight's NeoMagic driver to the new design
+ (#2677, Egbert Eich).
+2535. Add a Linux kernel backbone to the Permedia 2 Xv driver (#2661+revisions,
+ Michael Schimek).
+2534. Port of the rendition driver to the new design (#2674, Marc Langenbach).
+2533. Fix for the parser's printDeviceSection() function (#2673, Joe Moss).
+2532. Fix a bug in the handling of ZAxisMapping in the parser (#2672,
+ Nicholas Brealey).
+2531. Enable mono 8x8 pattern fills for the SiS driver (#2670,
+ Juanjo Santamarta).
+2530. Remove references to ru_SU in locale.alias (#2669, Aleksey Nowodworsky).
+2529. Fix a bug in xf86CollectOptions() that could cause a server crash.
+2528. Fix the problem causing the mouse acceleration to be done twice
+ (#2671, Frederic Lepied).
+2527. Disable clipping in the trident driver for FillRectSolid because the
+ driver gets passed zero values (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
+2526. Add Trident Blade3D support (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
+2525. Add Mono8x8 pattern for the Trident Image series (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
+2524. Fix trident screen glitches when mode switching (#2681, Alan Hourihane).
+2523. Some minor documentation-related cleanups. Doctools version 1.0.2 is
+ now required to format the XFree86 docs.
+XFree86 3.9Pi (11 April 1999)
+2522. Fix a Linux/PPC loader relocation bug, and reenable building the
+ loadable server by default for Linux/PPC (#2668, Gerd Knorr).
+2521. Fix a problem with non-terminated strings in the Xv library (#2665,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+2520. Update the v4l driver -- fix open/close handling and add support for
+ the XV_ENCODING attribute (#2665, Gerd Knorr).
+2519. Implement FBDevSaveScreen() (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
+2518. Enable shadowfb by default for the fbdev driver (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
+2517. Fix fbdev option handling (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
+2516. Fbdev documentation updates (#2664, Gerd Knorr).
+2515. Some more progress on the DGA 2.0 API/protocol (#2663, Mark Vojkovich).
+2514. Add ispell support to xedit (#2662, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2513. Fix -DUSE_XPM handling in Xaw (#2662, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2512. Some updates to the offscreen memory allocator and the i2c code
+ (#2661, Michael Schimek).
+2711. Use the correct version of xf86Xinput.c (the wrong version was
+ included in 3.9Ph) (Frederic Lepied).
+2710. Fix a pcitweak build problem on NetBSD (#2659, Isao Ohishi).
+2509. Add acceleration for the 8+16 mode of the C&T driver (#2658,
+ David Bateman).
+2508. Add compatibility to the client-side of the VidMode extension so that
+ it will work with 3.3.x servers (#2657, David Bateman).
+2507. Update 'ru' xkb symbols file (#2656, Aleksey Nowodworsky).
+2506. Add Trident 9525 ID to PCI info and trident driver (#2655,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2505. Cleanup some compiler warnings in mfb and mi (#2654, Alan Hourihane).
+2504. Added a glide driver. It currently only works with the loadable
+ server (read the manpage before trying it) (#2653, Henrik Harmsen).
+2503. Update the Type1/latin2 fonts.* files to disable reencoding of the
+ fonts while keeping the same XLFD names (#2652, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2502. Fix some pcitweak build problems on Interactive UNIX (#2651,
+ Michael Rohleder).
+2501. Xterm patch #95 (see xterm.log.html for details) (#2649, Thomas Dickey).
+2500. Fix typos in the VidMode extension that causes a protocol problem
+ (#2648, 2657, David Bateman).
+2499. Reorder the visuals to put TrueColor before DirectColor so that broken
+ clients (like Wabi) that assume the default visual is the first visual
+ will work (2647, David Woodhouse).
+2498. Fix a problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol handling of left
+ movement (#2392, Ian Remmler).
+2497. Fix an ISO8859-5 support bug in Xlib (Nikolai Saoukh).
+2496. Rework the GlxInitVisuals hooks with a more general wrapper-based
+ mechanism (David Dawes).
+2495. Fix a XINERAMA bug in dix/events.c (Dirk Hohndel).
+XFree86 3.9Ph (5 April 1999)
+2494. Add code to XF86Setup for mode adjustment (like xvidtune), addition,
+ and removal (#2646, Joe Moss).
+2493. Remove the use of the `dialog' program from XF86Setup, and add
+ various curses routines and the start of a text mode user-interface
+ (both curses & plain text). Also remove some obsolete Tk 4.0-specific
+ code (#2645, Joe Moss).
+2492. Add code to XF86Setup to convert all of the config file sections
+ to/from Tcl variables (#2644, Joe Moss).
+2491. Allow fbdev to handle non-page-aligned framebuffers correctly (#2643,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+2490. Add RAC code to the fbdev driver (if there is a PCI BusID specified
+ in the config file it will "check in" this into access control)
+ (#2643, Gerd Knorr).
+2489. Cleanup in sysv_video.c (#2642, Michael Rohleder).
+2488. Update xedit's realpath.c for IUS (#2642, Michael Rohleder).
+2487. Add support for InputDevice sections to the parser (not used yet)
+ (David Dawes).
+2486. A first cut at cleaning up the handling of memory mapping and client
+ exit/crash in the DGA library (David Dawes).
+2485. Shadowfb support for the generic VGA driver at depths 4 and 1
+ (Dirk Hohndel and Mark Vojkovich).
+2484. Fix the printMonitorSection and printDeviceSection functions in
+ the parser (#2641, Joe Moss).
+2483. Change the s3virge chipset names, removing the slashes (#2640,
+ Kevin Brosius).
+2482. Preliminary s3virge man page (#2640, Kevin Brosius).
+2481. Fix s3virge HW cursor (#2640, Kevin Brosius, Mark Vojkovich).
+2480. Remove some multiply defined variables in the cfb modules to avoid
+ a problem on LynxOS PowerPC (#2639, Thomas Mueller).
+2479. Fix a crash in the new xedit code for listing files and directories
+ (#2638, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2478. Change the kill_ring code in TextAction.c to always end in a text block
+ of zero length (#2638, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2477. Add xpm pixmap support to Xaw (needs to be built with -DUSE_XPM
+ for this), and if the xpm image has a mask, the widget will be
+ automatically reshaped to the pixmap mask (#2638,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2476. Add some PCI IDs for Creative Labs 3D Blaster Banshee PCI (#2637,
+ Nicholas Brealey).
+2475. XAA pixmap->window and window->pixmap copy optimization (#2636,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2474. Implement some attributes for the v4l module, and fix the clipping
+ code (#2635, Gerd Knorr).
+2473. Incorporate 3.3.1 FIFO settings for the SiS driver based on memory
+ bandwidth and pixel clock (#2632, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2472. SetMclk and FastVram options for the SiS driver (#2632,
+ Juanjo Santamarta).
+2471. Fix some SiS mode switch problems (#2632, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2470. Imakefile fix for building the X server with BuildGlxExt=NO (#2631,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+2469. Imakefile fixes for cxpm and sxpm (#2631, Thomas Mueller).
+2468. LynxOS resync, including removing the CrossCompile rule from,
+ LynxOS sparc resync, remove SMEM warning for default verbose level,
+ LynxOS support for chips driver util programs (#2631, Thomas Mueller).
+2467. Add man pages for the fbdevhw and fbdev modules (#2630, Gerd Knorr).
+2466. Add fb.h so that fbdevhw can be built on pre-2.2 Linux (#2630,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+2465. Add support for generic Xv adaptors to the fbdev driver (#2629,
+ David Woodhouse).
+2464. Fix X locale problem for Linux/libc6 introduced in 3.9Pg (#2628,
+ Nozomi Ytow).
+2463. Fix VT switching problems with the 8+16 code (#2627, David Bateman).
+2462. Generic Xv support for the s3virge driver (#2626, David Woodhouse).
+2461. Add a permission notice to videodev.h (#2625, David Woodhouse).
+2460. Resync parts of the XInput DDX code with 3.3.x, including restoring
+ the "Switch" device, RELATIVE_CHECK code, Elographics driver,
+ Wacom driver, and Joystick driver (#2514, 2548, Frederic Lepied
+ and Patrick Lecoanet).
+2459. Fix remaining build issued with the GLX/Mesa integration
+ (Marc La France).
+2458. Some preliminary support code that the new RAC code may use
+ (David Dawes).
+2457. Add a utility called `pcitweak' that can be used to read/write
+ registers in the PCI config space from the command line (David Dawes).
+XFree86 3.9Pg (29 March 1999)
+2456. Fix an off-by-one clipping error in the XAA wide line code (#2624,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2455. Add HW cursor support to the s3virge driver and make it the default
+ (#2623, Kevin Brosius).
+2454. Add OS-specific subdirectories to the loader subdirectory search lists,
+ and install OS-specific modules in such directories (David Dawes).
+2453. Set the screen numbering in multihead configurations based on the
+ ordering of the Screen entries in the ServerLayout section,
+ and allow an optional numerical argument to follow the Screen
+ keyword to indicate a different ordering (David Dawes).
+2452. Fix some signedness discrepancies in the libc_wrapper code.
+2451. Add missing parts to the parser's printKeyboardSection routine (#2621,
+ Joe Moss).
+2450. Finalising the DGA 2.0 driver interface (#2619, Mark Vojkovich).
+2449. Xterm patch #94 (#2618, Thomas Dickey).
+2448. Accelerated support for 8+16 overlays in XAA (untested) (#2617,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2447. Some optimisations for the 8+32 and 24+32 layers (#2616, Mark Vojkovich).
+2446. Updates for IUS (Interactive Unix) (#2614, Michael Rohleder).
+2445. Update xf86config for the 4.0 config file format (#2613,
+ Justin Bradford).
+2444. Update and clean up the Cards file (#2600, 2612, Justin Bradford).
+2443. When probing for a VGA, it's unnecessary to unlock its CRTC registers
+ (#2611, Marc La France).
+2442. Remove xf86FreeBusSlots(), which is redundant, unused and incorrect
+ (#2611, Marc La France).
+2441. Move the claiming of ISA resources from xf86Check???Slot() to
+ xf86Claim???Slot() (#2611, Marc La France).
+2440. On Linux, define _GNU_SOURCE only compiling the xc/ source tree (#2611,
+ Marc La France).
+2439. Remove uneeded s3virge files (#2615, Kevin Brosius).
+2438. "pci_burst" option updates for the s3virge driver (#2615, Kevin Brosius).
+2437. Fix missing accel flags and depth 24 problem with the s3virge driver
+ from the Alpha patch (#2615, Kevin Brosius).
+2436. Make sure the size of offscreen pixmaps don't exceed the address space
+ of the ViRGE (#2610, Mark Vojkovich).
+2435. Add a driver for video4linux frame grabber cards (#2609, Gerd Knorr,
+ David Woodhouse).
+2434. Add support to the MGA driver so that it will use any available
+ generic Xv adaptors (#2609, David Woodhouse).
+2433. Add xf86XVRegisterGenericAdaptor() and xf86XVListGenericAdaptors()
+ functions for maintaining a list of Xv adaptors which are not tied
+ to a particular screen (#2609, David Woodhouse).
+2432. Fix virtual screen panning with the SiS driver (#2608,
+ Juanjo Santamarta).
+2431. Fix security problem with the creation of the /tmp/.X11-unix directory
+ (#2607, Matthieu Herrb).
+2430. Update the 8+16 layer to get the color key from the new field in
+ the ScrnInfoRec (#2605, Mark Vojkovich).
+2429. Complete the Xv config evaluation code in the PM2 Xv driver and the
+ common layer (#2604, Michael Schimek).
+2428. Modify Xv DDX's clipping interface (#2604, Michael Schimek).
+2427. Fix a bug in the handling of Boolean options (#2603, Michael Schimek).
+2426. Have xf86ChangeGamma() update and install the default colormap
+ when the currently installed colormap is not implemented by lookup
+ (#2602, Mark Vojkovich).
+2425. Export StoreColors() (#2601, Mark Vojkovich).
+2424. Replace all Imakefile.obj files with because .obj is
+ a reserved extension for object file on OS/2 (#2599, Holger Veit).
+2423. Update the Cards file parser to accept a new DRIVER line (#2598,
+ Justin Bradford).
+2422. Fix getline clash in proxymngr and xsm (#2595, Dejan Ilic).
+2421. Fix colourmap on Permedia2, and fix GLINT SaveScreen to blank the
+ display (#2594, 2596, Alan Hourihane).
+2420. Make fbdev work on Sparc Linux, and fix a few bugs in fbdevhw and
+ fbdev (#2593, Jakub Jelinek).
+2419. Sparc Linux support for XFree86 (#2593, Jakub Jelinek).
+2418. Add DPMS support to the s3virge driver (#2592, Matt Grossman).
+2417. ppc_flush_icache() for Linux/PPC, required for the loader to work
+ correctly (#2591, Gerd Knorr).
+2416. Linux/PPC loader fix (#2590, Stuart Anderson).
+2415. Modify the ramdac module and glint driver to use the ScrnInfoRec
+ overlay fields (#2589, 2594, Alan Hourihane).
+2414. Add RTL ethernet and VIA APCI PCI devices to the ID list (#2588,
+ Kevin Brosius).
+2413. Fix a problem with $(STD_CPP_DEFINES) that was introduced in 3.9Pf.
+2412. Add VESA default modes, small perl hack to create an initialized data
+ structure from them, and the code to use those modes as default if no
+ other modes with the same name are defined (Dirk Hohndel).
+XFree86 3.9Pf (21 March 1999)
+2411. Fix some malloc problems in xf86xv.c (#2587, Michael Schimek).
+2410. Fix building of Xprt, Xnest and Xvfb when doing a loader build
+ (David Dawes).
+2409. Updates to s3virge driver to get it working under Linux/Alpha
+ (#2586, Matt Grossman).
+2408. Fix getline() clash (#2585, Alan Hourihane).
+2407. Have the s3virge driver use the new XAA rop helper functions (#2584,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2406. Add code to SuperProbe to detect the S3 Trio3D and Savage3D
+ (2583, Eric Molitor).
+2405. Add some XAA helper functions that drivers can call for help
+ converting X rops into MS rops (#2582, Mark Vojkovich).
+2404. Resync the overlay support in the glint driver (#2580, 2581,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2403. Add support for changing the overlay color key to the MGA driver
+ (#2579, Mark Vojkovich).
+2402. Preallocate the color key in the default colormap and set it to
+ something already in the default man (black) so that AllocColor will
+ never allocate it (#2578, Mark Vojkovich).
+2401. Use the color key field in the ScrnInfoRec for the overlay layers
+ (#2578, Mark Vojkovich).
+2400. Preliminary loader support for Linux/PPC ELF objects (#2577 (2570),
+ Stuart Anderson).
+2399. Fix some XAA offscreen pixmap problmes (#2576, Mark Vojkovich).
+2398. DGA fixes. Old apps should now run with the new driver interface,
+ and event handling should work better than before (#2575,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2397. Fix most remaining signed/unsigned and prototype warnings in the
+ following directories: lib/Xaw, lib/Xmu, programs/xclipboard,
+ programs/xconsole, programs/xmag, and programs/xvidtune (#2574,
+ Thomas Dickey).
+2396. Restore the interface of XmuConvertStandardSelection() to use
+ XPointer rather than XtPointer (#2574, Thomas Dickey).
+2395. Fix an malloc size bug in libICE (#2572, Christopher Sekiya).
+2394. Make MIT-SHM resource types non-static so that other extensions
+ (like Xv) can access client shared memory segments (#2571,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2393. First cut at altering the C&T user docs for 4.0 (#2569, David Bateman).
+2392. Fix a C&T problem affecting the colourmap setup for 1bpp modes, and some
+ other minor C&T driver fixes (#2569, David Bateman).
+2391. Fix an buffer overflow in os/connection.c (#2568, Gerd Knorr).
+2390. Add support for Modes sections and the UseModes keyword for Monitor
+ sections to the parser (#2567, Dirk Hohndel).
+2389. Fix for Alpha (#2567, Dirk Hohndel).
+2388. Fix XAAFillPolygonStippled to obey the flag NO_TRANSPARENCY in
+ Mono8x8PatternFill (#2566, Xavier Ducoin).
+2387. Only allow the shadowfb layer in the C&T driver when linear addressing
+ is enabled (#2565 (2561), David Bateman).
+2386. Fix some problems with the xf8_16bpp layer, and allow it to work
+ with depth 15 as well as 16 (#2565 (2561, 2562), David Bateman).
+2385. Implement TrueColor with PseudoColor Overlays (8+16) for the
+ C&T driver for HiQV chipsets (#2565 (2561), David Bateman).
+2384. Add a -quiet option to xgamma (#2565 (2561), David Bateman).
+2383. Add TrueColor Gamma Correction for C&T HiQV chipsets (#2565 (2561),
+ David Bateman).
+2382. Fix Permedia 2 HW cursor lockup (#2563, Alan Hourihane).
+2381. Initial XAA support for SiS530 and SiS620 (#2560, Xavier Ducoin).
+2380. Add SuperProbe for SiS (#2559, Xavier Ducoin).
+2379. Fix the InstalMultipleMan and InstallMultipleManSuffix rules for
+ NetBSD and OpenBSD (#2558 (2557), Matthieu Herrb).
+2378. Add Cards entry for Number Nine FX Reality 772 (#2556, Harald Koenig).
+2377. Make XF86Setup build again (not fully functional yet) (#2555, Joe Moss).
+2376. Update the apm (Alliance Promotion) driver to the 4.0 interface (#2554,
+ Loic Grenie, Henrik Harmsen).
+2375. Add some rules for driver/module man pages, and add a sample driver
+ man page for the mga driver (David Dawes).
+2374. Update the Option Names section of xfree86/Registry (David Dawes).
+2373. Merge the OPTV_BOOLEAN and OPTV_TRI option classes, removing the
+ latter. Update code affected by this (David Dawes).
+2372. Fix the BackingStore option.
+2371. Disable transparency for screen->screen copies for Trident Image for
+ now.
+2370. Trident Image transparency update (#2564, Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9Pe (14 March 1999)
+2369. Fix problems debugging archive library modules on Linux with long
+ member names (Paul Flinders).
+2368. Add new XAA clipping for Trident Image (#2553, Alan Hourihane).
+2367. Fix Trident save screen so that it blanks the display (#2553,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2366. Fix tranparency for the Trident Image cards (#2553, Alan Hourihane).
+2365. Remove the panmi and pandix directories, since they're no longer
+ needed.
+2364. Add gamma correction to the C&T driver, but disabled because it doesn't
+ work yet (David Bateman).
+2363. Add shadow fb support to the C&T driver (David Bateman).
+2362. Finish off the VidMode extension backward compatibility code
+ (David Bateman).
+2361. Add SetGamma/GetGamma requests to the VidMode extension, and a client
+ called 'xgamma' that makes use of them to allow the server's gamma
+ correction to be changed dynamically (David Bateman).
+2360. Make the cursor layer smart enough to remove the cursor itself when
+ DGA is activated (#2552, Mark Vojkovich).
+2359. Add some overlay-related entries to the ScrnInfoRec (#2550,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2358. Some DGA fixes (#2550, 2551, Mark Vojkovich).
+2357. Set X_BYTE_ORDER from the imake config, and use it in place of
+ the system's BYTE_ORDER (David Dawes).
+2356. Update copyright notices in the s3virge driver (#2546, Kevin Brosius).
+2355. Xterm patch #93 (#2546, Thomas Dickey).
+2354. Fix some minor fbdev problems in fbdevhw and the mga driver (#2545,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+2353. Disable the loader for LinuxPPC because it doesn't work (#2545,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+2352. Disable the Linux fbdevhw by default for versions older than 2.2
+ (#2545, Gerd Knorr).
+2351. Xaw and xedit updates, including changes to Xaw to support latin*
+ languages in the text code when not using the "international" resource
+ (#2544, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2350. Add 3D decoration and the ability to display an XPM pixmap in the xdm
+ Login widget. A default pixmap made with the XFree86 logo is included
+ (#2543, Amit Margalit, Caolan McNamara, Ivan Griffin, Matthieu Herrb).
+2349. Improve attribute scaling in the PM2 Xv driver (#2542, Michael Schimek).
+2348. Add an "acecad" mouse protocol so that an acecad tablet can be used
+ with the standard mouse driver (#2541, Jeff Anton).
+2347. Include xf86_ansic.h in module build of xf86vmode.c (#2540,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2346. Fix a server crash when no mode lines are specified in the Monitor
+ section (#2539, Andreas Ehliar).
+2345. Resync SuperProbe with the version (#2538, Marc La France).
+2344. Document -once server commad line option (#2538, Marc La France).
+2343. Add and document a -noreset server command line option to disable server
+ resets when the last client connection is closed. This is useful for
+ xtest'ing a server that is switched out (#2538, Marc La France).
+2342. More compiler warning fixups, including a re-integration of GLX for both
+ static and loader builds (#2538, Marc La France).
+2341. On Linux, compile with _GNU_SOURCE so that declarations for snprintf &
+ friends may be #include'd with <stdio.h> (#2538, Marc La France).
+2340. Fix the glint driver's use of resource control, which fixes problems
+ using MGA/GLINT combinations in multi-head (#2537, Alan Hourihane).
+2339. Fix a problem building xrdb with SVR4.0's cc (#2536, Satoshi Kimura).
+2338. Fix a trident 24bpp bug (#2535, Alan Hourihane).
+2337. Fix Permedia 2V hardware cursor (#2534, Alan Hourihane).
+2336. Add the rest of the known EM_ machine type defines, and Sparc
+ specific relocation defines to loader/elf.h (#2533, David Miller).
+2335. -
+2334. Disable MTRRs when unmapping memory (#2531, David Wragg).
+2333. Avoid the MTRR messages on systems with no MTRR support unless
+ the "mtrr" option is specified or -verbose is used (#2531, David Wragg).
+2332. -
+2331. Fix some offscreen pixmap-related problems with XAA (#2497, 2549,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 3.9Pd (9 March 1999)
+2330. Updates for Hurd port (#2528, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
+2329. Fix some Solaris 7 build problems (#2530, Nicholas Brealey).
+2328. Add some more PCI entries (#2529, Nicholas Brealey).
+2327. Preliminary DGA support for the mga driver (#2527, Mark Vojkovich).
+2326. Fix some DGA bugs and turn on events in the DGA compatibility code
+ (#2526, Mark Vojkovich).
+2325. Fix the memory units in the old DGA (#2525, Mark Vojkovich).
+2324. Allow drivers to limit the size of XAA offscreen pixmaps (#2524,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2323. Fix the problem with XAA pixmap cache messages only being printed
+ for the first screen (#2524, Mark Vojkovich).
+2322. Temporarily disable rops without a source in the s3virge driver,
+ and add the ShowCache option (#2523, Mark Vojkovich).
+2321. Add XF86Config parser for VideoAdaptor configuration (#2521,
+ Michael Schimek).
+2320. Fis Permedia DPMS bug and Permedia 2 hw cursor (#2521, Michael Schimek).
+2319. Move include/Xvlib.h to include/X11/extensions/, add missing
+ XvPortNotify, and fix Xv DDX StopVideo deficiency (#2521,
+ Michael Schimek).
+2318. More ansifications/gcc warning removal for the clients (#2520,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2317. Implement backward compatibility for the server side of the VidMode
+ extension, which relies on the new clients informing the server of
+ their version (David Dawes).
+2316. Initial conversion of the VidMode extension for 4.0 (David Bateman).
+2315. Add DPMS support to the TGA driver (#2518, Matt Grossman).
+2314. Fix a bug in xaaInitAccel.c that affects disabling offscreen pixmaps
+ (#2519, Andrew Aitchison).
+2313. Some SiS driver fixes/updates (#2517, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2312. Fix a server crash when assiging the primary device (#2516,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2311. Don't save/restore the VGA colourmap in the glint driver (#2515,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2310. Fix a problem of using freed data in xgc (#2512, Jeff Anton).
+2309. Make the server fail gracefully when it can't load its base modules
+ (#2511, Alan Hourihane).
+2308. Fix a global declaration clash in panoramiXprocs.c (#2510,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2307. Fix installation of GLX man pages (based on #2509, Matthieu Herrb).
+2306. Update the Linux/ppc section of (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
+2305. Add code to the mga driver for using the fbdevhw module (#2507, 2522,
+ Gerd Knorr).
+2304. Add a fbdev module that provides a simple non-accelerated driver that
+ works on top of fbdevhw (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
+2303. Add a fbdevhw module that provides the functions needed to access
+ Linux framebuffer devices (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
+2302. Add a wrapper for mmap and munmap (#2507, Gerd Knorr).
+2301. Fix an XAA FillPoly problem that shows up with the noblank screen
+ saver (#2513, Mark Vojkovich).
+2300. Fix some problems in XAA's 32->24bpp image conversion (Mark Vojkovich).
+2299. Fix padding in the xf24_32bpp layer (#2508, Mark Vojkovich).
+XFree86 3.9Pc (2 March 1999)
+2298. Preliminary work on new DGA event support (#2506, Mark Vojkovich).
+2297. Add rewrite of s3virge driver's accel code (#2505, Mark Vojkovich,
+ Kevin Brosius).
+2296. Remove typos and inconsistencies between the Xv manual pages and
+ the implementation (#2504, Michael Schimek).,
+2295. Ansification and gcc warning elimnation in xfwp, xhost, xieperf,
+ xinit, xkbevd, xkbprint, xkbutils, xkill, xlogo (#2502, Matthieu Herrb).
+2294. Fix an MGA driver crash that shows up when running xtest (#2501
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2293. Correctly indicate when the MGA driver auto-detects SDRAM cards
+ (#2500, Alan Hourihane).
+2292. Add "noddc1" and "noddc2" options to the DDC layer to allow DDC to
+ be disabled (#2499, Alan Hourihane).
+2291. Change PsAttVal.c (Xprt/PS) so that values other then {PostScript 2}
+ can be put into xp-raw-formats-supported (#2498, Noah Roberts).
+2290. Fix a 'make includes' problem in lib/font that shows up on SVR4.
+2289. Integrate SGI's GLX and the Mesa core rendering library
+ (#2492, Precision Insight, SGI, Mesa).
+2288. -
+2287. New DGA DDX layer (not finished yet) (#2495, Mark Vojkovich).
+2286. Backwards compatibility layer translating DGA 1.0 into the new DDX
+ (#2494, Mark Vojkovich).
+2285. Disable old DGA support in the cirrus driver (#2493, Mark Vojkovich).
+2284. Ansification and gcc warning elimnation in xclipboard, xclock, xcmsdb,
+ xconsole, xdm, xdpyinfo, xedit, xfd and xfindproxy (#2491,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2283. Fix 8 plane TGA 8x8 pattern fill (#2490, Matt Grossman).
+2282. Fix pitch padding in the xf24_32bpp layer (#2489, 2496, Itai Nahshon).
+2281. Add DPMS support for the Cirrus Laguna chips (#2489, 2496, Itai Nahshon).
+2280. Add loader req/ref symbol lists to the cirrus module (#2489, 2496,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+2279. Fix cirrus display corruption with acceleration and SW cursor
+ (#2489, 2496, Itai Nahshon).
+2278. Add minimal 5430 support to the cirrus driver (#2489, 2496,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+2277. Resync LynxOS support (#2486, Thomas Mueller).
+2276. Remove the driver for the never-released P3D chipset (#2285, Dejan Ilic).
+2275. Change xf86XVScreenInit's arguments so that it's easier to initialize
+ the Xv DDX when adaptors come from multiple sources (#2484,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2274. Ansification and gcc warning elimnation in x11perf and xauth
+ (#2483, Matthieu Herrb).
+2273. Fix a backing store bug in the 24/32 layer, and add a local version
+ of a 24->24bpp copy routine since the performance in cfb24 is too
+ poor (#2481, Mark Vojkovich).
+2272. Add support for setting write-combining for the frame buffer memory,
+ and disabling WC for MMIO memory via the PPro/PII MTRR facility
+ provided in Linux 2.2 (#2480, 2503, David Wragg).
+2271. Xaw and xedit updates/fixes (#2479, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2270. Add some more PCI data (#2478, Andrew Aitchison, #2489, 2495,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+2269. Fix a bug in the KIO8-U encoding in fontenc.c (#2477,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2268. Fix most of the warnings that show up when building on Digital Unix 4.0D,
+ with the DEC C compiler.
+2267. Fix for Millennium II hardware cursor-related loss of sync problem
+ that shows up with some revs of the 3026 ramdac (Trey Boudreau).
+2266. Update the setting of the option registers in G-type RAMDAC
+ Matrox cards and add "no_ddc" flag (Dirk Hohndel, Michael
+ Brown).
+XFree86 3.9Pb (20 February 1999)
+2265. Allow YaccCmd to be overridden in host.def (#2474-2476,
+ Christopher Sekiya).
+2264. Implement null overscans in VGA, minor fixups to VGA generic
+ default mode, re-add #ifndef's in VGA generic driver erroneously
+ deleted in 3.9No (#2473, Marc LaFrance).
+2263. More MULTIBUFFER extension fixes (#2471, Marc LaFrance).
+2262. Add support for the Matrox G200 SDRAM cards; G100 SGRAM still
+ doesn't work (Dirk Hohndel).
+2261. Support Linux PowerPC. Add Linux 2.2 PCI config space code
+ (#2470, Gerd Knorr).
+2260. Remove gcc warnings in the clients and lib/FS (#2469, Matthieu Herrb).
+2259. Updates to the PCI database (Dirk Hohndel, David Monro).
+XFree86 3.9Pa (14 February 1999)
+2258. Use /dev/io to enable I/O access on FreeBSD instead of KDENABIO.
+2257. Correct some typos/grammatical problems with the DESIGN doc (Ivan Bach).
+2256. Fix a crash when PciAccInfo isn't initialized (#2468, Alan Hourihane).
+2255. Add SiS530 detection to the SiS driver. Clock programming,
+ acceleration and hw cursor are not implemented, yet (Dirk Hohndel).
+2254. Fix some bugs related to hardware clipping of spans. XAA
+ WideLine speedups when hardware clipping is available (#2467
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2253. Permedia2 clipping fixes, fix WritePixmap for non-GXcopy rasters
+ (#2466, Alan Hourihane).
+2252. Add -scanpci option and a scanpci module to the server. Add tons
+ of PCI2.1 subsystem ids to identify specifc cards; the PCI data
+ base needs more work (Dirk Hohndel).
+2251. Remove obsolete xf86[GS]etDefaultColorVisualClass() and fix some
+ small typos and comments; make type of BIOS, Memory and I/O
+ bases consistent (#2460,2465 Marc LaFrance).
+2250. Add ScanlineCPUToScreen for TX/MX and older Permedia chipsets
+ for when PCI retries are not enabled (#2459,2461,2462,2463
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2249. Add 24/8 overlay support for 3Dlabs chipsets and switch to MMIO
+ for vga access (#2459, Alan Hourihane).
+2248. Add 24/8 overlay support to IBM526 and IBM640 ramdacs, fix IBM640 hw
+ cursor (#2458, Alan Hourihane).
+2247. Fix depth 24 support in TGA driver (#2456, Tim Rowley).
+XFree86 3.9P (7 February 1999)
+2246. Some TGA driver speedups and cleanups (#2454, Matt Grossman).
+2245. Fix a lock_display() prototype problem in Xlibint.h that shows up
+ when building with -DXTHREADS.
+2244. Allow the driver to override XAA's assignment of Screen functions which
+ access the framebuffer (#2453, Mark Vojkovich).
+2243. Fix mga overlay problems related to the software cursor and disable
+ overlays for the G100 since it doesn't support planemasks (#2452,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2242. Rectangle outline performance improvements for the shadow framebuffer
+ (2451, Mark Vojkovich).
+2241. Update the ati driver code to include changes in The driver
+ is not buildable yet (#2450, Marc La France).
+2240. Add support for VT switching to the 8+16 layer (#2449, Mark Vojkovich).
+2239. Export xf86NewSerialNumber() (#2448, Mark Vojkovich).
+2238. Fix XAA pixmap cache in 24bpp when ImageWrites are not available and
+ 32bpp pixmaps are used (#2447, Mark Vojkovich).
+2237. Improve performance for zero width arcs at 24bpp in the mga driver
+ (#2446, Mark Vojkovich).
+2236. Optimise 24->32bpp transfers (#2445, Mark Vojkovich).
+2235. Xterm patch #92 (#2444, Thomas Dickey).
+2234. Fix some compiler warnings in libfont (#2443, Marc La France).
+2233. Make building the Speedo and Type1 font code optional (#2443,
+ Marc La France).
+2232. Add DDC2 and Xv support for Permedia 2 to the glint driver (#2442,
+ Michael Schimek).
+2231. Update the glint driver's clipping for the new XAA clip support
+ (#2440, Alan Hourihane).
+2230. Add support for the ELSA Gloria-XXL with Glint Gamma chip (#2440, 2441,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2229. Fix some ANSI vs non-ANSI prototype mixing in the Speedo code.
+2228. Fix a bug setting the framebuffer pixmap format for depth 4 in
+ xf86SetDepthBpp().
+2227. Fix some misuse of the VGA "Palette" enable/disable functions in the
+ vgahw code, and clarify what they do. This fixes some display artefacts
+ that were showing up when writing to the colourmap.
+XFree86 3.9Nz (1 February 1999)
+2226. Add an 8+16bpp dual framebuffer layer (#2425, Mark Vojkovich).
+2225. Add "ShadowFB" to the mga driver for experimenting with the shadowfb
+ layer (#2439, Mark Vojkovich).
+2224. Some cleanups/fixes for Solaris 7 (#2437, David Holland).
+2223. Ansify (and remove gcc warnings from) the following clients: appres,
+ bdftopcf, beforelight, bitmap and editres (#2436, Matthieu Herrb).
+2222. Eliminate cpp-related warnings about the "unix" symbol on NetBSD-current
+ (#2434, Matthieu Herrb).
+2221. Fix a bug in Xaw's StripChart widget that shows up with xload
+ (#2433, Matthieu Herrb).
+2220. Some initial code for supporting other SiS cards in the SiS driver
+ (#2420, Juanjo Santamarta).
+2219. Allow static Xvfb to compile (#2432, Marc La France).
+2218. Fix ddc and chips Imakefiles (#2432, Marc La France,
+ #2435, Matthieu Herrb).
+2217. Remove redundant BitsPerPixel macro definitions (#2432, Marc La France).
+2216. Remove some redundant rules from Xpm's Imakefile (#2432, Marc La France).
+2215. Fix some compiler warnings (#2432, Marc La France).
+2214. Allow the deprecated MultiBuffer extension to compile (#2432,
+ Marc La France).
+2213. Fix problems building with XInput disabled (#2432, Marc La France).
+2212. Fix 'make clean' to remove lndir and revpath (#2432, Marc La France).
+2211. Add a new "shadowfb" layer that maintains a virtual framebuffer in
+ system memory and tells the driver what parts of the videoram
+ framebuffer need updating. This allows the use of write-only videoram
+ framebuffers (#2431, 2438, Mark Vojkovich).
+2210. Fix some compilation problems on Alpha platforms caused by some
+ inlines in complier.h being declared as extern instead of static
+ (2430, Matt Grossman).
+2209. Remove the inconsistencies with numeric chipset tokens in the s3virge
+ driver (#2428, Kevin Brosius).
+2208. Move the mga DDC code into the PreInit function, add I2C support
+ (disabled and not working so far), and allow the driver to continue
+ without DDC support if the DDC module is missing (#2427,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+2207. Fix a problem with xsm not acknowledging the SaveYourself message it
+ sends clients with a SaveComplete message (#2426, Robert Bihlmeyer).
+2206. Update the mga driver to use the new XAA clipping (#2424,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2205. Some enhancements to XAA's HW clipping handling, allowing clipping
+ to be used for more than just lines (#2423, Mark Vojkovich).
+2204. Fix a problem with the previous cfb screen pixmap access fix (#2242,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2203. Fix SiS 24bpp support (#2421, Alan Hourihane).
+2202. Fix SiS HW cursor, max clock and 16bpp support (#2418, Alan Hourihane).
+2201. Update the ramdac module's HW cursor support to handle hardware that
+ requires nibble swapping (#2417, 2419, Alan Hourihane).
+2200. Make the fact that the XAA TE font rendering assembly code is disabled
+ by default more obvious (#2416, David Bateman).
+2199. Fix VT switches in 8+32 mode (#2415, Mark Vojkovich).
+2198. Add common encoding support for the Speedo, Type1 and FreeType
+ font backends (#2385, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2197. Update lib/font/FreeType to xfsft-1.0.3 (#2385, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+2196. X-TT updates for our loader (X-TT team and Nozomi Ytow).
+2195. Import X-TrueType 1.2pre-19990125 (X-TT team).
+XFree86 3.9Ny (26 January 1999)
+2194. Some improvements to the XAA TE font rendering assembly code (note
+ that this assembly code is disabled by default) (#2413, David Bateman).
+2193. Fix some places in cfb that were accessing the screen pixmap directly
+ from the private (#2412, Mark Vojkovich).
+2192. Fix a FreeType build problem on 64-bit platforms (#2411, Alan Hourihane).
+2191. Fix a cfb24 build problem that shows up with egcs (#2410,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2190. Add DPMS, DDC1 and HW cursor support to the SiS driver, and fix panning
+ in the SiS driver (#2409, Alan Hourihane).
+2189. Put copyright notices from the pandix/panmi code into the merged
+ dix/mi versions (#2408, Alan Hourihane).
+2188. Update drivers to use the 24/32 conversion layer, and to default to
+ a 24bpp framebuffer format when supported.
+2187. Make some refinements to the way the depth 24 pixmap format is set.
+2186. Replace the ModuleInit function with a ModuleData data object. This
+ allows the loader to get the version and entry points from a module
+ without first executing module code.
+2185. Unify the abiclass and abivendor fields of XF86ModuleVersionInfo,
+ and add a moduleclass field.
+2184. Add a SaveRestoreImage field to the ScrnInfoRec to allow drivers to
+ supply an alternative to the default.
+XFree86 3.9Nx (24 January 1999)
+2183. Prevent LoadSubModule() from passing absolute module paths and from
+ providing its own module search path.
+2182. Import FreeType 1.2. This includes the FreeType library specific parts
+ of #2385 from Juliusz Chroboczek.
+2181. Add a root-only -modulepath command line option to the X server.
+2180. Fix the VT switch screen restore bug introduced a few versions ago
+ (#2406, Mark Vojkovich).
+2179. ND version of the SiS driver, currently only for the 6326 chip (#2404,
+ 2405, 2407, Alan Hourihane).
+2178. xterm patch #91 (#2402, Thomas Dickey).
+2177. Add 32/24 support to the MGA driver (#2401, Mark Vojkovich).
+2176. Add 32bpp->24bpp conversion acceleration to XAA (#2400, Mark Vojkovich).
+2175. Add partial acceleration support to the TGA driver (#2399, 2403,
+ Matt Grossman).
+2174. Fix an 8+32 layer bug introduced in 3.9Nw (#2398, Mark Vojkovich).
+2173. Add a 32/24 conversion layer. Pixmaps are still 24bpp internally,
+ but the interfaces visible to clients are all 32bpp (#2397,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2172. Fix trident driver panning at 24bpp (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
+2171. Add DDC1 and DDC2 (the latter not working yet) to the trident driver
+ (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
+2170. Add MCLK override to the trident driver (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
+2169. Enable pixel multiplexing to the trident drive for high resolution
+ 8bpp modes (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
+2168. Add clipping for the Trident 9682 and 9685 and Mono8x8 and CPUToScreen
+ support for the 9685 (#2395, Alan Hourihane).
+2167. Add offscreen pixmap support for the Trident Image series (#2395,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2166. Fix some cfb24 problems that showed up after the previous changes
+ (#2396, Nozomi Ytow).
+2165. Update the C&T HW cursor defaults to only disable them by default when
+ necessary (#2394, David Bateman).
+2164. Add some sanity checking for the subdirs argument to LoadSubModule, etc.
+2163. Fix a bug in the verbose Mode handling in the parser that can result
+ in an infinite loop when the "Mode" keyword is used incorrectly in
+ a config file.
+2162. Add a global default module path to the loader, and a function that
+ the common layer can call to set it.
+2161. LoadModule was ignoring the subdir list argument (Nozomi Ytow).
+2160. Add printing of subsystem ids to scanpci (Dirk Hohndel).
+XFree86 3.9Nw (17 January 1999)
+2159. Add functions for finding the pixmap format and pixmap bpp for a
+ given depth, and fix a crash in xf86ValidateModes() caused by recent
+ changes in this area.
+2158. Add an extra argument to LoadSubModule (and LoadModule) to allow the
+ caller to optionally specify version and/or ABI requirements that
+ the loaded module must meet for the load to complete successfully.
+2158. Add support to the loader for vendor-defined ABI classes. These classes
+ are specified as a string. The main use is for third party modules that
+ themselves load sub-modules (like X-TT).
+2157. Fix the MGA driver's handling of the "MGA_SDRAM" option. SDRAM cards
+ are still not auto-detected though (#2391, Mark Vojkovich).
+2156. Add a screen->screen colour expansion bug workaround to the MGA driver,
+ and enable the faster linear expansions instead of the planar ones
+ (#2390, Mark Vojkovich).
+2155. Fix some depth/bpp issues in the SHM code (#2389, Mark Vojkovich).
+2154. Export some missing symbols for Alpha platforms (#2388, Alan Hourihane).
+2153. Fix a bug in determing the card type in the TGA driver (#2387,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2152. Fix a problem in ramdac/BT.c (#2386, Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9Nv (15 January 1999)
+2151. Fix cfb24 problems that show up with xtest (#2384, Nozomi Ytow).
+2150. Fix 64 pixel rounding of display width in the C&T driver (#2383,
+ David Bateman).
+2149. Add an UnloadSubModule() function that can unload individual sub-modules
+ without unloading sibilings.
+2148. Remove a lot of unnecessary casts of x*alloc().
+2147. Add a pciGetBaseSize() funtion to the PCI code.
+2146. Make our PCI code aware of the following 2.1 type 0 header fields:
+ Cardbus CIS pointer and subsystem ids.
+2145. Remove the KEEP_BPP code, and fix problems with some drivers referencing
+ the unused pixmapBPP ScrnInfoRec field.
+XFree86 3.9Nu (13 January 1999)
+2144. Fix a bug in PANORAMIX_FREE(), which was referencing just freed data.
+2143. Merge the pandix/panmi code into dix and mi, and enable building
+ the Xinerama (panoramiX) extension by default (#2377-2381,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2142. Rework the handling of the depth/bpp/fbbpp options. The -bpp flag and
+ related config file keywords are no longer used. New flags and options
+ have been added to specify the server-wide depth 24 pixmap format.
+ A "standard" set of pixmap formats is always advertised, so drivers
+ using these don't need to worry about explicitly adding them.
+2141. Fix some sun_path overflows in xtrans.
+2140. Some panoramix fixups (#2376, Alan Hourihane).
+2139. Don't allow arbitrarily long display number strings to be passed on
+ to xtrans by _X11TransConnectDisplay().
+2138. Update the parser and xf86Config.c to allow Options to be specified in
+ the config file's ServerLayout section. Options in the ServerLayout
+ section can override those in the ServerFlags section.
+2137. Update the parser and xf86Config.c to allow "Inactive" devices
+ to be specified in the config file's ServerLayout section.
+2136. Import xpm version 3.4k.
+XFree86 3.9Nt (11 January 1999)
+2135. Fix 8+32 rendering bugs (#2374, Mark Vojkovich).
+2134. Update vgaHWddc1SetSpeed() to select the 25 MHz clock (#2373,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2133. Add support for a shared font library (#2364, Takuya SHIOZAKI).
+2132. Add ProfiledDepLibraryTarget, DebuggedDepLibraryTarget and
+ SharedDepLibraryTarget rules to imake (#2364, Takuya SHIOZAKI).
+2131. Fix a typo in xf86Init.c (#2372, Nozomi Ytow).
+2130. Xaw and xedit updates (#2371, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2129. Move the DDC call to before the mode initialisation in the mga driver
+ (#2367, Alan Hourihane).
+2128. Fix a problem with the xkb dvorak layout (#2362, Tabman)
+2127. Fix an xsm crash (NULL dereference) when a client sets an SM property
+ list to a length of zero (#2361, Robert Bihlmeyer).
+2126. Untested support for the Trident 939A/DVD (#2359, 2360, Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9Ns (3 January 1999)
+2125. Allow backing store to be controlled with a per-screen config file
+ option (#2357, Mark Vojkovich).
+2124. Fix XAA so that the offscreen pixmaps are compatible with backing store
+ (#2354, Mark Vojkovich).
+2123. Fix a bug in XAA's stipple to 8x8 pattern reduction code (#2352,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2122. 8+32 overlay support for XAA (#2352, 2356, Mark Vojkovich).
+2121. Add TGUI9440 and Cyber9320 support to the trident driver (#2348,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2120. Fix a typo in xkbcomp/symbols/sun/Imakefile (#2337, Matthieu Herrb).
+2119. Mga driver updates for the new 8+32 overlay support (#2332, 2353,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2118. New 8+32 overlay support (#2331, 2351, 2358, Mark Vojkovich).
+2117. Fix a bug in the xterm man page (#2333, Thomas Dickey).
+2116. Remove the -fno-strength-reduce option for OpenBSD and NetBSD (#2328,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2115. Import regex for systems that don't have a Posix regex.
+2114. Add a LoaderListDir() function that can be used to list the available
+ modules.
+2113. Modify LoadModule and LoadSubmodule to accept optional subdir and
+ pattern lists, and use regular expressions for the module matching
+ instead of prefix/suffix lists.
+2112. Add a "revpath" utility to xc/config/util to help in dealing with
+ imake's use of relative paths. If this proves to be useful, it could
+ be used more widely in imake's rules.
+2111. Install some classes of modules into subdirectories of the "modules"
+ directory. The imake module install rules have been updated
+ accordingly.
+XFree86 3.9Nr (20 December 1998)
+2110. Add support for the wscons console driver for NetBSD-current (#2326,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2109. Remove cfbPuntCopyPlane from cfb (#2325, Mark Vojkovich).
+2108. Fix a build problem related to Xarch.h on NetBSD (#2322, Isao Ohishi).
+2107. Fix an XAA bug tha can result in a zero height when rendering TE text
+ (#2321, Mark Vojkovich).
+2106. Fix an optimization bug in the new XAA rect and span code (#2319,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2105. Accelerate CopyPlane on offscreen pixmaps (#2318, Mark Vojkovich).
+2104. Fix a 4bpp problem with the C&T driver and the new colourmap code
+ (#2317, David Bateman).
+2103. Enable XAA offscreen pixmaps in the C&T driver (#2317, David Bateman).
+2102. ImageRead functions for some C&T HiQV chipsets (disabled) (#2317,
+ David Bateman).
+2101. MMIO access to the registers for PCI C&T 69000 (#2317, David Bateman).
+2100. Cleanup code in mipushpxl.c (#2313, Thomas Mueller).
+2099. Fix MX/TX clipping bugs in the glint driver (#2312, Alan Hourihane).
+2098. xterm patch #90 (#2311, Thomas Dickey).
+2097. Export missing symbols for panoramiX (#2310, Alan Hourihane).
+2096. Initialise a number of Xlib/Xt data structures, correct a minor linker
+ bug in OS/2 (#2026, Holger Veit).
+2095. Fix some realloc() usages (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
+2094. Support for arc4random() in xdm/genauth.c (#2019, Michael Shalayeff).
+2093. Update mkfontdir to create an appropriate fonts.dir file when no
+ fonts are found rather than doing nothing.
+2092. Replace void main() -> int main() for ANSI conformance (#2019,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2091. Only allow the X server -nolock option when the real uid is root.
+2090. Some sanity checks on DISPLAY name (#2168, Kevin Vajk).
+2089. Fix an Xnest crash with too many visuals (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
+2088. Swedish sun keyboard support in Xsun and xkb (#2019, Magnus Holmberg).
+2087. A quick attempt at neutralising a stack-buffer overflow problem in
+ the Xprt server.
+2086. LP64 compiler warning fixes from the NetBSD xsrc tree (#2019,
+ Ross Harvey).
+2085. Don't install lndir on OpenBSD (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
+2084. Teach imake how to automatically determine the NetBSD architecture
+ (#2180, Jason Thorpe).
+2083. Add local font directory (Dirk Hohndel).
+2082. LynxOS OS version detection for imake (#2039, Thomas Mueller).
+2081. Resync (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
+2080. Fix security problem by creating /tmp/.X11-unix with sticky bit (#2168,
+ Kevin Vajk, David Dawes, Dirk Hohndel).
+2079. Make LinkVarDirectory handle DESTDIR (#2019, Matthieu Herrb).
+2078. Resync
+2077. Some doc and nroff-related updates to the build system.
+2076. Update tk/tcl definitions in and add support for building
+ a.out compatibility libraries on FreeBSD/ELF systems.
+2075. Create host.def with sane defaults when none exists and when a cut-down
+ source tree is detected.
+2074. Resync with 3.3.3 (items 2075-2096 above).
+2073. Fix an xset segfault (#2320, Itai Nahshon).
+XFree86 3.9Nq (13 December 1998)
+2072. Change the modversion field in the XF86ModuleVersionInfo struct into
+ separate major, minor and patchlevel fields.
+2071. Initial DG/ux support (#2299, Takis Psarogiannakopoulos).
+2070. DDC1 support for TVP3026 based Matrox cards (#2309, Andrew Aitchison).
+2069. More rewrites of the way spans and rects are handles in XAA so that
+ it never has to allocate any memory, thereby eliminating potential
+ stack overflow problems (#2308, Mark Vojkovich).
+2068. MGA driver-provided FillCacheBltRects replacement, optimised for fastblt
+ (#2307, Mark Vojkovich).
+2067. Choose MGA planar vs linear screen to screen colour expansion at runtime
+ rather than at compile time (#2307, Mark Vojkovich).
+2066. Fix a build problem related to Xarch.h on OpenBSD (#2306,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+2065. Fix a typo in that affects adding the runtime library
+ search patch for 2.2.x (#2305, Keisuke Inoue).
+2064. Some enhanced XKB files for French-Canadian keyboards (#2204,
+ Eric Moreau).
+2063. Fix an incorrect realloc in xmodmap (#2303, Alexander V. Lukyanov).
+2062. Fix depth 30 for the glint driver (#2297, Alan Hourihane).
+2061. Resync pandix and panmi, and fix some panoramix build problems
+ (#2296, Alan Hourihane).
+2060. Enable offscreen pixmaps for the glint driver (#2295, Alan Hourihane).
+2059. Fix PC98 XKB (#2292, Hirofumi Nishizuka and #2300, Tetsuo Tsukamoto).
+2058. Fix some unresolved symbols (#2293, Michael Rohleder).
+XFree86 3.9Np (6 December 1998)
+2057. Some xedit updates (#2291, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2056. Updates to the Xaw text code (#2291, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+2055. XAA doc updates (#2289, Mark Vojkovich).
+2054. Replace linear screen to screen colour expansions with planar ones
+ in the MGA driver because there seems to be a hardware problem with
+ the linear ones (#2288, Mark Vojkovich).
+2053. Enable offscreen pixmaps for the MGA driver (#2288, Mark Vojkovich).
+2052. Some misc XAA updates (#2287, Mark Vojkovich).
+2051. A non-trival rewrite of the way fills are done in XAA (#2287,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2050. Add a LINEAR_FRAMEBUFFER flag to XAA so that the pixmap cache can
+ be loaded without requiring a driver-supplied ImageWrite function
+ (#2287, Mark Vojkovich).
+2049. Add fully accelerated offscreen pixmaps support to XAA (#2287,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2048. Add a RemoveAreaCallback for the offscreen memory manager. Areas
+ for which this is supplied are considered lower priority than ones
+ that don't, and can be booted out when something of higher priority
+ needs the space (#2286, Mark Vojkovich).
+2047. Remove the ScreenPtr passed to the offscreen memory manager's resize
+ function since it is already available from the FbAreaPtr (#2286,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2046. Change xf86SaveRestoreImage() so that it doesn't create a new
+ screen pixmap but modifies the old one (#2285, Mark Vojkovich).
+2045. Add support to mi for pixmaps with non-zero origins (#2284,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2044. Fix some Alpha compilation problems introduced in 3.9No (#2283,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2043. Fix an Xlib problem with _XimLookupMBText() when using KOI8-R
+ (#2282, Alexander Kabaev).
+2042. Fix the pattern source address mask for the C&T HiQV chips, which
+ was causing 8x8 pattern problems when using more than 2MB of video
+ memory (#2281, Peter Wainwright).
+2041. Update the TGA and Trident drivers for the ramdac/cmap changes (#2277,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2040. Change the Permedia2 to use a direct LoadPalette rather than the
+ ramdac module because of 16bpp difficulty with the TVP3026 (#2277,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2039. Remove the old cmap code from the ramdac module and use the new
+ cmap layer instead (#2277, Alan Hourihane).
+2038. Fix os.h and misc.h so that system headers don't get included when
+ building modules.
+2037. Make the X server read an Xauthority file using the real user id
+ to avoid problems when it is located on an NFS-mounted filesystem.
+ (as suggested by #2276, MIHIRA Sanpei Yoshiro).
+2036. Xdm patch to allow the "Willing to manage" test displayed in the chooser
+ window to be generated from a program run on the target host. This
+ allows information like number of users, load average, etc to be
+ displayed (like CDE does) (#2275, Dick Snippe).
+2035. Fix a core dump problem in xauth when interrupted while attempting
+ to lock the auth file. Also fix a potential problem with calling
+ printf() from within a signal handler (#2274, BSDI/Jeff Polk).
+2034. Add DDC2 probing for Cirrus 5446/5480 and Laguna chipsets (#2273,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+2033. Fix some possible memory corruption and some minor bugs in the new DDC
+ code (#2271, 2272, Itai Nahshon).
+2032. Offscreen memory manager and colormap layer doc updates (#2270, 2290,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2031. Some glint clipping fixes (#2269, Alan Hourihane).
+2030. New XInput code, including new drivers for the SpaceOrb and Magellan
+ (#2243, Metro Link).
+2029. Fix mga YDstOrg start address adjustment after VT switching.
+2028. Fix cfb24 bitblt for non-trivial planemasks (Peter Wainwright).
+2027. Fix bad headers included when compiling cup.c for extmod module.
+2026. Fix a malloc/xfree mismatch in xtrans LocalInitTransports().
+2025. Add some documentation for DDC (#2259, Egbert Eich).
+2024. Fix a problem with recent VT switch changes.
+XFree86 3.9No (29 November 1998)
+2023. Fix the depth vs bpp mixup in miCreateScreenResources().
+2022. Resync the s3virge driver with most of the updates contained in 3.3.3.
+ This includes GX2 and MX+ support and the set_mclk and set_lcdclk
+ options (#2267, Kevin Brosius).
+2021. Update the cirrus, chips and tseng drivers to use the new colourmap
+ layer (via vgaHWHandleColormaps).
+2020. Add support for automatically adjusting the overscan colour index to
+ the new colourmap layer.
+2019. Disable backing store by default, and provide a "+bs" option to enable
+ it from the command line. This may be done in a better way later.
+2018. Remove the per-depth cfb private indices added in 3.9Nn (#2265,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+2017. Build cfb with -DSINLGEDEPTH because we don't need the per-depth
+ cfb Screen privates.
+2016. Fix problems with the allocation of the cfbScreenPrivateIndex
+ parameters.
+2015. Remove the offscreen memory manager functions out of the ScrnInfoRec
+ (#2266, Mark Vojkovich).
+2014. Update the s3virge driver to use the new colormap layer, which fixes
+ the VT switch colormap problem (#2264, Kevin Brosius).
+2013. Disable s3virge trapezoid fills since they don't match cfb (#2264,
+ Kevin Brosius).
+2012. Add an ImageWrite function for the s3virge driver, so the pixmap
+ cache support now works (#2264, Kevin Brosius).
+2011. Turn off PCI_RETRY by default in the glint driver, and various other
+ driver updates (#2263, Alan Hourihane).
+2010. Fix a glint driver bug in WritePixmap for TX/MX chipsets (#2263,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+2009. Update the Alpha unaligned access inlines in compiler.h, based on
+ similar code in the Linux kernel (#2240, Matti Aarnio).
+2008. Fix a typo in the C&T driver (#2262, Nozomi Ytow).
+2007. Enable building libraries and clients for for sparclinux (#2261,
+ Christopher Sekiya).
+2006. Define _XOPEN_SOURCE for Linux (#2261, Christopher Sekiya).
+2005. Add the vga copy plane expansion patch to the vgafb code (#2021,
+ Jens Owen).
+2004. -
+2003. Fix a bug in xaaStipple.c which can cause a blitter lockup.
+2002. Fix a C&T bug that causes memory corruption when not in linear mode
+ (#2260, Egbert Eich).
+2001. Only disable C&T transparency blits for HiQV chips below 65550, and
+ fix the display pitch when acceleration is enabled (#2260,
+ David Bateman).
+2000. Conditionally enable ScreenToScreenColorExpandFills for C&T HiQV
+ chips (#2259, 2260, Nozomi Ytow, Egbert Eich).
+1999. Reduce the timeout period for C&T blitter lockups and reset the reset-bit
+ after blitter timeouts (#2260, Egbert Eich).
+1998. Add DDC1/2 support for the C&T driver (not tested) (#2260, Egbert Eich).
+1997. Add a DDC module with DDC1 and DDC2 support for EDID version 1.x,
+ and untested VDIF support (#2259, 2260, Egbert Eich).
+1996. Fix a problem switching from VT back to X when displayPitch
+ != displayWidth (#2260, Egbert Eich).
+1995. Some colormap layer optimisations (#2258, Mark Vojkovich).
+1994. Add some missing micmap symbols to the loader's export list (#2257,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9Nn (22 November 1998)
+1993. Set the valid gamma range as macros rather than having it hard coded
+ in various places.
+1992. Always refer to and store the gamma values as those of the monitor,
+ not of the correction. This means that the values stored in the
+ ScrnInfoRec are now the same as those entered in the config file and
+ on the command line.
+1991. Fix the colormap layer's handling of static colormaps (#2255,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1990. Add XAA acceleration for pixmap->window N deep planar copies (#2254,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1989. Add an xf86ChangeGamma() function to the colormap layer (#2253,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1988. Have NameCompare() check for NULL pointers (#2252, Rik Faith).
+1987. Port Mark Vojkovich's accelerated line code form Permedia 2 to TX
+ and Permedia 1 chips (#2249, Alan Hourihane).
+1986. Fix mono 8x8 pattern problem for Permedia 1 (#2249, Alan Hourihane).
+1985. Fix glint crash in CloseScreen, and set rgbBits to 8 by default
+ (#2249, Alan Hourihane).
+1984. Fix glint CRTC setting alignment when using 24bpp (#2249,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1983. Give all cfb private indices unique names so that cfb's for multiple
+ depths can be loaded on the same screen (#2248, 2250, 2251,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1982. xterm patch #89, including the completion of double-sized character
+ support (#2247, Thomas Dickey).
+1981. Fix an MGA dashed line clipping bug (#2246, Mark Vojkovich).
+1980. S3virge driver updates, including som acceleration, reinstatement of
+ config options and chip ID changes (#2245, Kevin Brosius).
+1979. Fix some RAC-related problems with the glint driver (#2244,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1978. Fix some 64-bit problems in some unused driver code (for reference)
+ (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
+1977. Fix a 64-bit alignment problem in cfb8line.c (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
+1976. Fix a typo in Pclose() (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
+1975. Update some Linux-related settings (#2242, Matti Aarnio).
+1974. -
+1973. Cirrus 546x memory interleaving (#2235, Corin Anderson).
+1972. XAA and HW cursor support for the Cirrus 546x series (#2235,
+ Corin Anderson).
+1971. Fix a cirrus 546x clock setting problem that was introduced in 3.9Nm
+ and add a few more predefined dot clocks (#2234, #2235, Corin Anderson).
+1970. Move the generic one-installed-colormap colormap handling functions
+ into micmap.c, remove the use of STATIC_COLOR, update other fb
+ layers to use the micmap functions where appropriate and ensure
+ that they initialise InstallColormap, UninstallColormap, StoreColors
+ and ListInstalledColormaps in their ScreenInit functions. Also move
+ the global InstalledMaps array into micmap.c.
+XFree86 3.9Nm (15 November 1998)
+1969. libXv fix (#2233, Michael Schimek).
+1968. Add support for building clients on NetBSD/vax 1.3H (#2231,
+ Chris Sekiya).
+1967. Add an alternate init function for the framebuffer manager. The new
+ one takes a region rather than a box which allows disconnected regions
+ to be managed (#2230, Mark Vojkovich).
+1966. XAA pixmap cache fix (#2229, Mark Vojkovich).
+1965. Add support to XAA for filled rects via ImageWrites (#2227,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1964. Preliminary "XAnti" extension for antialiasing (#2224, Mark Vojkovich).
+1963. Fix glint driver coordinates when offscreen (negative) when using
+ colour expansion and the NEGATIVE_X stuff (#2221, Alan Hourihane).
+1962. Add PCI IDs for S3 Trio3D and Savage chips to scanpci and xf86PciInfo.h
+ (#2220, Harald Koenig).
+1961. Add support to XAA for the caching of planar colour expansion data,
+ including an example of how to use it in the mga driver (#2215,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1960. Xaw and xedit updates (#2205, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1959. Provide code to initialise cirrus memory config registers on non-primary
+ cards using config file options (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
+1958. Initial code for Cirrus Laguna I2C/DDC support (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
+1957. Fix some cirrus initialisation errors and MCLK calculation (#2202,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+1956. Synch the cir.h and lg.h files (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
+1955. For newer Cirrus Alpine chips, replace most I/O operations to calls
+ to the vgahw I/O routines, and configure them for MMIO when available
+ (#2202, Itai Nahshon).
+1954. Fix mga G100/200 planemask problem (#2198, Mark Vojkovich).
+1953. Update the mga driver to use the new colourmap layer (#2198,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1952. A new colourmap layer (#2197, Mark Vojkovich).
+1951. Redo the lbx colourmap fix in a multihead friendly way (#2196,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1950. Make the resource access updates to the glint driver to get it working
+ again (#2177, Alan Hourihane).
+1949. Fix Cirrus 546x big screen modes, 32bpp modes (#2175, Corin Anderson).
+1948. Support for the Cirrus 5464 (5462 remains untested) (#2175,
+ Corin Anderson).
+1947. Fix xf86ValidateModes() to make the maxHeight parameter optional
+ as documented (#2174, Corin Anderson).
+1946. Acceleration for the trident 3DImage/Cyber9388/Cyber9397 chipsets,
+ and accel updates for other trident chips (#2161, Alan Hourihane).
+1945. Implement I2C layer for the trident driver (#2161, Alan Hourihane).
+1944. Add TGUI96xx hardware cursor support (#2161, Alan Hourihane).
+1943. Add some xkb entries for 105 key international PC keyboards (#2157,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+1942. Enable mode switching for the ViRGE driver (#2156, Kevin Brosius,
+ 2200, Joe Moss).
+1941. Add depths 15,16,24 to the preliminary ViRGE driver (#2156,
+ Kevin Brosius).
+1940. Replace __syscall() with syscall() in Linux/Alpha PCI code (#2211,
+ Matti Aarnio).
+XFree86 3.9Nl (1 November 1998)
+1939. xterm patch #88 (#2152, Thomas Dickey).
+1938. Fix some build problems that show up on SunOS 4.1.4.
+1937. Allow the driver to give XAA the definition of a full planemask,
+ with a reasonable default set when it doesn't (#2150, Mark Vojkovich).
+1936. XAA optimisation: when fgPixel == bgPixel draw opaque stipples as
+ solid rects (#2150, Mark Vojkovich).
+1935. Preliminary S3 ViRGE driver conversion (#2148, Kevin Brosius).
+1934. Fix a bug in the LBX extension's colourmap code (#2143, Mark Vojkovich).
+1933. Add base address size and type fields to PciVideoRec (#2141,
+ Egbert Eich).
+1932. Change the PCIInfo entries for NeoMagic chips (#2141, Egbert Eich).
+1931. Some C&T driver updates (#2141, Egbert Eich).
+1930. Add support for the Cirrus 5465 (and 5464, 5462 -- untested)
+ (#2140, Corin Anderson).
+1929. Make the vgahw module a little easier to use by setting its own
+ defaults where appropriate.
+XFree86 3.9Nk (25 October 1998)
+1928. Some XAA GC validation bug fixes and optimisations. This includes
+ wrapping pixmap rendering to determine when pixmap cache invalidation
+ is required (#2126, Mark Vojkovich).
+1927. Backout the dix fb,bg planemask manipulation added in a previous version
+ (#2125, Mark Vojkovich).
+1926. Fix an MGA fastblt bug (#2124, Mark Vojkovich).
+1925. Accelerate zero width arcs on MGA (only use for rops other than
+ GXcopy and when PCI retries are enabled) (#2124, Mark Vojkovich).
+1924. Restore default-promotion to the Xdmcp library (#2103, Thomas Dickey).
+1923. Prototype/ansification cleanup for Xserver/XIE, xfs, fontlib, mkfontdir,
+ and fix some bugs found along the way (#2103, Thomas Dickey).
+1922. Set HasPoll to YES for Linux with glibc2 (#2095, Kars de Jong).
+1921. Fix some MGA modeline problems and change the G200 MCLK to 143MHz
+ (#2088, Radislaw Kapitan).
+1920. Move xedit from the contrib tree to the main tree.
+1919. Xaw and xedit updates (see the changelog in the Xaw directory for
+ details) (#2083, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1918. Add support for BSD 4.4 style long file names in ar archives to
+ the loader (#2066, Matthieu Herrb).
+1917. Some GNU/Hurd config/build updates (#2057, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
+1916. Do a soft reset for secondary MGA cards prior to probing for the
+ video memory size (#2052, Radislaw Kapitan).
+1915. sigset_t isn't an integer type on NetBSD (and some other OSs) so
+ don't try to print it in xdm (#2048, Matthieu Herrb).
+1914. NetBSD's preprocessor emits a warning when it sees '#ifdef unix',
+ which makes imake noisy (#2048, Matthieu Herrb).
+1913. xterm patches 85, 86, 87 (see xterm.log.html for details) (#2043, 2056,
+ 2097, Thomas Dickey).
+1912. Change "fcd8859-15" to "iso8859-15".
+1911. Some updates to the "dacG" mga reset code, and enable it by default
+ since it helps initialising an inactive secondary G200 (#2032,
+ Radoslaw Kapitan).
+XFree86 3.9Nj (11 October 1998)
+1910. Fix the 8+24 overlay's CopyWindow wrapper so that it works properly
+ with "NoAccel" or without hardware planemasks (#2041, Mark Vojkovich).
+1909. Reenable planemasks for SDRAM G200s and disable for all G100 (#2040,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1908. Add mga overlay support for the TVP3026 (#2040, Mark Vojkovich).
+1907. Ansifiy and remove most warnings from the Xdmcp library and xdm
+ (#2038, Thomas Dickey).
+1906. xterm patch 84 (see xterm.log.html for details) (#2036,
+ Thomas Dickey, Bjorn Helgaas).
+1905. Enhancements for xedit (#2028, 2033, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1904. Patch to make editres work properly (#2028,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1903. Xaw updates (see the changelog in the Xaw directory for details)
+ (#2028, 2033, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+XFree86 3.9Ni (6 October 1998)
+1902. Fix miCreateDefColormap() for depth 1.
+1901. Update the "extmod" module of the new extensions.
+1900. Fix some font-related problems introduced by the R6.4 merge.
+1899. Update the cirrus driver for the recent i2c module changes (#2025,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+1898. Initial XAA acceleration for the cirrus driver (#2025, Itai Nahshon).
+1897. Add some option code to do a soft reset when restoring the video state
+ for the "dacG" part of the MGA driver (#2012, Uli Walther).
+1896. Add some TTF encoding files (#2013-2016, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+1895. Resync the FreeType server interface with Xfsft-1.0.2, including
+ code to read encodings from plain text files (#2013-2016,
+ Juliusz Chroboczek).
+1894. Add an "8plus24" option to the MGA driver that turns on overlays when
+ in 32bpp mode. Support is there only for the 1064 and SGRAM G100/G200
+ chips so far (#2024, Mark Vojkovich).
+1893. Fix an MGA dashed line bug (#2024, Mark Vojkovich).
+1892. Add an "mga_sdram" option that turns off block mode and disables
+ planemasks (#2024, Mark Vojkovich).
+1891. Add SGRAM and NonTEText optimisations to the MGA driver (#2024,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1890. Add XYPixmap support to XAA (#2023, Mark Vojkovich).
+1889. Preliminary support for depth 8 + 24 mode. Depth 8 currently uses
+ 32bpp pixmaps. Support is included for destructive and non-destructive
+ overlays and driver-chosen transparency key (#2022, Mark Vojkovich).
+1888. Update imake for cpp changes with egcs-1.1 and gcc-2.8.1 (#2017,
+ David Wragg).
+1887. Fix XvQueryAdaptors() when more than one adaptor is present, and
+ export xf86XVScreenInit() to drivers (#2018, Michael Schimek).
+1886. Updates/improvements to the I2C module (#2008, 2018, Michael Schimek).
+1885. Don't include standard system headers when building XIE as a module.
+1884. Cleanup Xlibint.h, which significantly reduces the level of compiler
+ warnings, and also cleanup XIE's error.h (#2007, Thomas Dickey).
+1883. Add support for built-in driver modes (#2006, Egbert Eich).
+1882. Ansify and remove gcc warnings for imake, makedepend, lndir, makestrs,
+ makekeys and mkg3states) (#2005, Matthieu Herrb).
+1881. Introduce a "generic" PCI device (pseudo vendor/devids) for use with
+ the generic vga driver (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+1880. Fix some bugs in the C&T driver (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+1879. Fix an XAA bug with CPU_TRANSFER_PAD_QWORD handling (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+1878. Sanity fix: if all devices of a screen are of type none assume
+ resource type NONE in xf86AddControlledResource() even if specified
+ otherwise (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+1877. Added more support to the resource code for mono devices (for
+ consistency) (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+1876. Add RAC wrappers to the sprite functions (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+1875. Reset xf86Resetting in xf86Init.c (#1994, Egbert Eich).
+XFree86 3.9Nh (5 October 1998)
+1874. Temporary workaround to avoid static server build problem introduced
+ in 3.9Ng.
+1873. Import and merge in X11R6.4 and its first three public patches.
+XFree86 3.9Ng (27 September 1998)
+1872. Rewrite the XAA NonTE text code, fixing the handling of overlapping
+ characters (#2002, Mark Vojkovich).
+1871. Fix an typo causing a CapNotLast line bug in XAA (#2002, Mark Vojkovich).
+1870. Some updates to the FreeBSD/ELF support, including auto-detection
+ of the binary format.
+1869. Update the Type1 and Speedo fonts.scale files to take advantage
+ of the recent ISO 8859-2 encoding updates (#1995, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+1868. Update drivers to use miCreateDefColormap instead of calling
+ the ones in the fb-specific code, update mfbCreateDefColormap
+ to call the mi version, and remove the xf4bpp version.
+1867. ANSI-related cleanups for the C&T driver, and make use of the
+ LoaderRefSymobols() code to eliminate loader warnings (#1993,
+ David Bateman).
+1866. Fix pixmap cache sizing for C&T DSTN systems (#1993, David Bateman).
+1865. Fix a typo that affected the memory probing for C&T 65550 sysems
+ with 2MB of memory (#1993, David Bateman).
+1864. Let the C&T driver accept '-depth 15' (#1993, David Bateman).
+1863. Reintroduce DirectColor visual support for depth >8 for the
+ Millennium I (#1992, Andrew Aitchison).
+1862. Fixes and cleanups for Linux/Alpha build problems (#1989, 2000,
+ Andrew P. Lentvorski).
+1861. Make some changes to the vgahw MMIO handling for Alpha platforms.
+1860. Cleanup and simply some of the mga driver/dac/clock code (#1991,
+ Radislaw Kapitan).
+1859. Enable mga TVP3026 interlaced cursor (#1991, Radislaw Kapitan).
+1858. Enable the Pseudo-DMA window for the G100 in the mga driver (#1991,
+ Radislaw Kapitan).
+1857. Change some tables in the mga driver to 'const' to help make sure
+ that they are not abused, and fix the code that was abusing them
+ (#1991, Radislaw Kapitan).
+1856. Fix some G200 problems introduced in 3.9Nf (#1988, 1991, Mark Vojkovich,
+ Radislaw Kapitan).
+1855. Fix static server problems caused by item 1851 (based on #1984, 1985,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+1854. xman improvements for NetBSD/OpenBSD (#1983, Matthieu Herrb,
+ Ross Harvey).
+1853. C&T update for SuperProbe (#1981, Taketoshi Sano).
+XFree86 3.9Nf (20 September 1998)
+1852. Update the sample config file to be consistent with the updated format.
+1851. Add a mechanism to allow modules to tell the loader which symbols from
+ from other modules it references, and which of those are essential.
+ This makes it possible to eliminate unnecessary warnings about
+ unresolved symbols, and to trigger a fatal error where appropriate.
+1850. More attempts towards a working G100 server (#1982, Dirk Hohndel).
+1849. Update the mga driver for use with the resource management code.
+1848. Fix some bugs and typos in the resource management code.
+1847. Rework the vgahw module, abstracting the register accesses and split up
+ the save/restore parts.
+1846. Add '\n' to some of the messages in PEXExtensionInit().
+1845. Fix the mga driver's handling of the option register in mga_dac3026.c.
+1844. Trap reentrancy to the FatalError() function and call abort() when
+ this happens.
+1843. Avoid a bug in SunPro C 4.2 (ix86) that shows up when building libPEX5
+ (#1980, David Holland).
+1842. Fix a typo in Xserver/Imakefile (#1979, David Holland).
+1841. Have the Xv DIX layer trap zero size src and/or dest, returning
+ BadValue (#1978, Mark Vojkovich).
+1840. Parially accelerated lines for the Permedia 2 (#1977, Mark Vojkovich).
+1839. Some formatting, bug fix updates to the C&T driver, and reintroduce
+ the screen blanking during initialisation for the C&T drivers
+ (#1976, David Bateman).
+1838. Update the C&T driver to use the RAC wrapper (#1976, Egbert Eich).
+1837. Add a Resource Access Control (RAC) wrapper module which allows
+ colourmap, cursor and fb access to be wrapped when necessary in
+ cases where memory and/or I/O resources are being shared (#1976,
+ Egbert Eich).
+1836. Back out item 1823 (mi bank enable) (#1976, Ebgert Eich).
+XFree86 3.9Ne (13 September 1998)
+1835. Remove the OS dependence in the formatting of docs in xfree86/doc/sgml
+ (which removes the need for the BuildAllDocs setting).
+1834. Update mi and dix cursor handling to avoid displaying empty cursors
+ (#1972, Mark Vojkovich).
+1833. Update Xv docs (#1971, Mark Vojkovich).
+1832. Add return values to the Get/Put driver functions in the Xv DDX
+ (#1970, Mark Vojkovich).
+1831. Some preliminary reorganisation of the MGA driver (#1969,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1830. Update CURSOR.NOTES (#1968, Mark Vojkovich).
+1829. MGA driver should recognise 15 as a valid depth (#1967,
+ Andrew Aitchison).
+1828. Experimental G100 support for the MGA driver, and fix clock PLL
+ programming (#1966, Radislaw Kapitan).
+1827. Add support for the 9660, 9680 and 9682 chips to the new trident driver,
+ and add some initial acceleration (#1963, Alan Hourihane).
+1826. Fix some planemask test problems at 16bpp with the C&T driver (#1962,
+ Taketoshi Sano).
+1825. Fix a problem with QWORD_PAD in XAA (#1961, David Bateman).
+1824. Fix SuperProbe's detection of some C&T HiQV chipsets (#1960,
+ Taketoshi Sano).
+1823. Update the mi banking code to enable resources as required (#1959,
+ Egbert Eich).
+1822. Update the generic VGA driver to use the new resource control code
+ (#1959, Egbert Eich).
+1821. Restructure the C&T driver, and fix the following:
+ - CRT half-screen blanking
+ - 1bpp mode
+ - several SEGV problems
+ - the long standing LCD blank problem
+ (#1959, Egbert Eich).
+1820. Allow a Device section without a BusID be acceptable for the primary
+ vga device when multiple heads are detected (#1959, Egbert Eich).
+1819. New resource management code, which should provide an improved
+ infrastructure for handling multi-head configuration, particularly
+ where resource sharing is required (#1959, Egbert Eich).
+1818. Fix problems with NonTE ImageText in XAA (#1958, Mark Vojkovich).
+1817. Fix the tseng driver's handling of cases when there is insufficient
+ free memory for acceleration to be used (#1957, Koen Gadeyne).
+1816. Change the RELATIVE_CHECK() macro in xf86Xinput.c to fix a multi-head
+ cursor problem (Chris Bare).
+1815. Update xf86ReadPciBIOS to set the decode enable bit while reading,
+ and update the mga driver to use xf86ReadPciBIOS when appropriate.
+1814. Use mmap for reading the BIOS on more platforms because the
+ lseek/read method doesn't work in many cases when the offset is
+ greater than 2G.
+XFree86 3.9Nd (6 September 1998)
+1813. Preliminary port of the trident driver for the ND (the old version
+ has been moved to the olddrivers directory (#1956, Alan Hourihane).
+1812. Document the offscreen memory managers new ResizeArea function
+ (#1955, Mark Vojkovich).
+1810. Allow the FreeType code to be build as an X server font module.
+1809. Add Latin2 support to the Speedo and Type1 font code (#1792,
+ Robert Wilhelm).
+1808. Updates to XFree86 specific parts of FreeType (#1792, 1933,
+ Robert Wilhelm, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+1807. Add the base FreeType 1.1 distribution to /xc/extras/FreeType, and
+ update the build procedure to get the source from there.
+1806. Map the pseudo-DMA transfer window used on newer MGA chips, and use
+ it for solid rects and spans (#1953, Mark Vojkovich).
+1805. Fix C&T HiQV detection (#1952, Taketoshi Sano).
+1804. Add dashed line support to XAA, and update the mga driver to use it
+ (#1951, 1953, 1954, Mark Vojkovich).
+1803. Lots of glint driver updates, including a memclock option to set the
+ mclk, and some more XAA functions for the older Permedia chip (#1950,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1802. Use POSIX macro S_IS* instead of (((m)&S_IFMT)==S_IF*) and replace
+ "u_long" with "unsigned long" (#1949, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
+1801. Fix IBM hw cursor pixel ordering (#1948, Alan Hourihane).
+1800. Remove accel/tga and accel/glint directories that are no longer needed
+ (#1947, Alan Hourihane).
+1799. Build support for FreeBSD/ELF (#1946, Doug Rabson, Joachim Kuebart,
+ Ollivier Robert).
+1798. Xaw and Xmu fixes (#1945, Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1797. HW Bresenham line drawing support for Tseng W32p and ET6000
+ (#1944, Koen Gadeyne).
+1796. Fix depth/bpp issues at depth 16 and depth 15 with the IBM support
+ in the ramdac module (#1943, Alan Hourihane).
+1795. Change messages in xf86PruneMonitorModes() so that they appear at the
+ default verbosity level (#1942, Egbert Eich).
+1794. Print out clock ranges or fixed clocks scaled by the mul/div factors
+ (#1942, Egbert Eich).
+1793. MGA G200 support (#1941, Radislaw Kapitan).
+1792. Preliminary I2C module (#1940, Itai Nahshon).
+1791. Add config support for building XFree86 on Linux with DECnet transport
+ (#1939, Eduardo Serrat).
+XFree86 3.9Nc (29 August 1998)
+1790. 24bpp (high res display problems) and 32bpp (horizontal stripe) fixes
+ for the mga driver (#1715, 1716, Doug Merritt).
+1789. Take the mga driver's YDstOrg parameter into account when it passed the
+ framebuffer start address to the cfbInitScreen functions. This fixes
+ problems that can show up when using more than 4MB.
+1788. Fix an extraneous pixel drawn for some H/V two point lines with
+ a Millennium I (Mark Vojkovich).
+1787. Make the BuildLinuxDoc* symbols default to YES when HasSgmlFmt is YES
+ (Marc La France).
+1786. Add a resize function to the offscreen memory manager (#1937,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1785. Fix C&T 69000 horizontal CRT overflow register settings (#1936,
+ David Bateman).
+1784. Add some missing UnlockDisplay calls to lib/Xv/Xv.c (#1935,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+1783. Fix colourmap save problem (#1935, Thomas Mueller).
+1782. Support for LynxOS 3.0.0 and LynxOS PowerPC fixes (#1935,
+ Thomas Mueller).
+1781. An ND version of the Cirrus driver, currently for 5480 and 5446 chips
+ only. The old driver has been moved to xfree86/olddrivers/cirrus
+ for reference (#1932, 1938, Itai Nahshon).
+1780. Xterm updates:
+ - add configure test to infer if xterm should be installed setuid
+ based on previously installed xterm (reported by Stephen Marley).
+ - integrate/extend patch by Jason Bacon to implement quasi-continuous
+ mouse reporting.
+ - correct control sequences transmitted by function keys F1 to F4
+ when sunFunctionKeys resource is true (it was still using the
+ VT100 control sequences).
+ - modify handling of backarrow key so that the control modifier
+ toggles the backspace/delete interpretation set by the
+ backarrowKey resource.
+ - limit the row and column values used to report mouse position.
+ (#1931, Thomas Dickey).
+1779. Fix clockRanges alloction problem in the tseng driver (#1927,
+ Koen Gadeyne).
+1778. Fix tseng banked accelerated mode, and disable ImageWrite in banked
+ mode if it requires more than 8k (#1927, Koen Gadeyne).
+1777. Some initial ET4000W32p acceleration (#1927, Koen Gadeyne).
+1776. Fix 24 and 32bpp tseng modes for cards with programmable clocks
+ (#1930, Koen Gadeyne).
+1775. Implement the pci_retry and Memclk options for the MGA driver (#1927,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1774. Update the mga driver to use MMIO for everything (making use of the
+ MMIO support in the vgahw module), and do its own colourmap handling
+ (#1927, Mark Vojkovich).
+1773. Add a MMIO version of the vgahw code to the vgahw module (#1926, 1928,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1772. Small Xv DDX udpate (#1925, Mark Vojkovich).
+1771. Update the C&T driver to use the new ClockMulFactor code (#1924, 1936,
+ David Bateman).
+1770. Add a ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE option to XAA, as needed by the C&T driver
+ (#1924, David Bateman).
+1769. Add support to the tga driver for 24 plane cards (#1923, Tim Rowley).
+1768. Resync the scale[] find_scale[] arrays in the bitmap font code, which
+ got out of sync when gzipped font support was added (#1921 Doug Ridgway).
+1767. Fix incorrect #ifdef in sunKeyMap.c for Danish Type 5 Sun keyboards
+ (#1919, Erik Bertelsen).
+1766. Move HW cursor support from the XAA module to the ramdac module,
+ update drivers for this change, move IBM cursor code from the glint
+ driver to the ramdac module, and intergrate the HW cursor code fir
+ the IBM ramdacs using a new helper function in the ramdac module.
+ (#1918, Alan Hourihane).
+1765. Fix some more compiler.h problems for AXP platforms (#1918,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9Nb (20 August 1998)
+1764. Fix some memory leaks in Xlib that happen on realloc failures
+ (#1914, ??)
+1763. Optimise the way C&T acceleration is handled by reorganising
+ some of the graphics primitives, including caching foreground and
+ background colours, and moving some operations from the Subsequent
+ primitives to the Setup primitives (#1915, David Bateman).
+1762. Introduce HW cursor for the Permedia2 (but p2 and p2v dont' work
+ yet), fixup pm2v_dac and pm2_dac register naming, and add reset
+ logic to reset the accelerator (but not used yet) (#1912,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1761. Fix building in xfree86/common when XINPUT is not defined (Egbert Eich).
+1760. Fix problem compiling xf86_IlHack.c on Alpha platforms.
+1759. Add an option "ShowOverscan" to the vgahw module which makes the
+ unblanked area of overscan clearly visible.
+1758. Adjust the builtin mode for the 8bpp generic vga driver to blank as
+ much of the overscan area as possible.
+1757. Adjust the horizontal blank end value in the vgahw module to avoid
+ excessive blanking for most chipsets when running in generic vga mode.
+1756. Tseng driver updates, including:
+ - Add support for chips with a set of discrete clocks instead of a
+ programmable clock.
+ - use the new ClockRanges code to auutomatically select between pixmux
+ and normal modes, and for 24bpp clock scaling.
+ - add a replacement for vgaHWBlankScreen() that doesn't do a
+ sequencer reset.
+ - remove some old, unused code.
+ (#1910, Koen Gadeyne).
+1755. Loader updates required for the updated gdb (#1908, Paul Flinders).
+1754. Add VSTATUS control char support to xterm (#1907, Robert Earl).
+1753. Update the register probing of the chipset for the C&T HiQV chips
+ in SuperProbe and the C&T driver (#1904, David Bateman).
+1752. Add cached screen to screen colour expansion to the C&T driver
+ (1904, David Bateman).
+1751. Add options to XAA to allow acceleration primitives to be disabled
+ individually (#1903, David Bateman).
+1750. Add preliminary solid Bresenham and two point line support for XAA,
+ and code to make use of it for the mga driver (#1900-1902,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1749. Introduce Helper functions for ramdac module, Save/Restore/SetBpp,
+ and update the glint and tga drivers to use them (#1899, 1913,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1748. Move IBM640 code from the glint driver intot he generic ramdac module
+ (#1899, Alan Hourihane).
+1747. Add ClockMulFactor and ClockDivFactor fields to clockRanges to allow
+ for scaling of clocks when doing mode validation (#1898, 1905,
+ Koen Gadeyne, 1906, Itai Nahshon).
+1746. Add recognition of the Voodoo 2 to the PCI list (#1897, Koen Gadeyne).
+1745. Some editres, xedit and xgc updates (#1788, 1842,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1744. Lots of Xaw/Xmu updates (including ansification of Xaw and Xmu) --
+ see the Changelog in xc/lib/Xaw for further details (#1776, 1788, 1842,
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1743. Support for GNU/Hurd (#1895, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
+1742. Remove the implicit assumption in some areas that O_RDONLY is 0
+ (#1894, UCHIYAMA Yasushi).
+1741. Merge in Metro Link's version of the 64 bit select fixes for the
+ X server and lbxproxy (#1893, Stuart Anderson).
+1740. Set DlLibrary to be empty for OpenBSD, and remove formatted man pages
+ on 'make clean' for OpenBSD and NetBSD (#1892, Matthieu Herrb).
+XFree86 3.9Na (14 August 1998)
+1739. Rework the way the maximum number of server client connections
+ is determined, and experimentally increase MAXCLIENTS to 256.
+1738. Enable mmap support in Xvfb for Linux (#1889, Douglas Ridgway).
+1737. Xv DDX layer for XFree86, and add documentation for it to the DESIGN
+ doc (#1883, 1884, Mark Vojkovich).
+1736. Modify AddScreen() and AllocateScreenPrivateIndex() to initialise new
+ screen devPrivates to zero.
+1735. Ansify the Xv server dix code (#1881, Mark Vojkovich).
+1734. XAA doc update (#1880, Mark Vojkovich).
+1733. Cache the fg, bg and planemask values in the MGA driver and only
+ change them when needed (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
+1732. Preliminary ImageRead support for the MGA driver (disabled) (#1879,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1731. Preliminary ImageRead support (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
+1730. Use accelerated ImageWrites for PutImage and BackingStore and SaveUnder
+ pixmap restores (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
+1729. Fix an XAA text rendering bug for rotated text (#1878, Mark Vojkovich).
+1728. Tseng driver updates:
+ - Add DPMS support
+ - Replace some Boolean options with Tristate options
+ - Add ET4000W32p support and the ICS5341 16-bit ramdac support
+ - 1bpp and 4bpp support added (1bpp doesn't work yet)
+ - cleanup mode validation code
+ (#1877, Koen Gadeyne).
+1727. Fix problems using ffs() in the X server on 64bit platforms
+ (specifically Linux/Alpha) (#1876, Raphael Finkel).
+1726. Fix for palette problems with the BT ramdac support in the ramdac
+ module (#1873, Alan Hourihane).
+1725. Export the symbols __remq and __remqu from the loader for Alpha
+ platforms (#1872, Alan Hourihane).
+1724. Fix a 24/32bpp problem with the IBM code in the ramdac module
+ (#1871, Alan Hourihane).
+1723. Change the way the depth/bpp/fbbpp values are selected form the
+ command line and config file to prevent inconsistently mixing values
+ from the two sources (#1868, Alan Hourihane).
+1722. Fix some XAA hw cursor problems:
+ - Apply the HARDWARE_CURSOR_INVERT_MASK flag only after applying
+ - Fix the 1-bit interleaving code
+ (#1867, Koen Gadeyne).
+1721. Remove all the (currently unused) colour expansion code from
+ the old branch that replaced some XAA functions. This should no
+ longer be necessary (#1866, Koen Gadeyne).
+1720. Add XAA hw cursor support for the ET6000 (#1866, Koen Gadeyne).
+1719. Fix some problems that showed up with the glint driver when
+ using a P2 and TX500 card together (#1861, Dirk Hohndel).
+1718. Have the glint driver remove all but one mode since the chipset
+ doesn't support panning (#1859, 1870, Alan Hourihane).
+1717. Update the loader to correctly identify dll ELF modules (#1858,
+ Itai Nahshon).
+1716. Fix an infinite loop in the xf86Config code that can happen with a
+ config file error (#1858, Itai Nahshon).
+1715. Resync the TGA driver with changes elsewhere (#1856, 1874,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1714. Glint driver updates, including:
+ - HW cursor for IBM 526 and 640 ramdacs
+ - Depth 30 support for the IBM 640
+ - GLINT MX (ELSA Gloria XL) support
+ - More acceleration for the TX/MX chipsets
+ - Fixes for Alpha platforms
+ - Major acceleration updates for Permedia, Permedia2, 500TX and MX chips
+ - Permedia 2v cleanups
+ (#1855, 1857, 1860, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1890, Alan Hourihane).
+1713. Add support for depth 30 to xf86SetWeight() (#1854, Alan Hourihane).
+ XAA options (#1853, Alan Hourihane).
+1711. Add support for the IBM 640 ramdac to the ramdac module (#1852,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1710. Add finer grained offscreen memory management for the accelerator
+ to the Tseng driver to allow as many acceleration features to be
+ enabled as can be supported by the available offscreen memory
+ (#1851, Koen Gadeyne).
+1709. Add XAA scanline colour expansion, screen-to-screen colour expansion,
+ 8x8 colour pattern fills, ImageWrite to the Tseng driver (#1851,
+ Koen Gadeyne).
+XFree86 3.9N (2 August 1998)
+1708. Fix some XAA problems (#1850, Mark Vojkovich and Koen Gadeyne).
+1707. Rename some of the XAA colour expansion stuff, and update the XAA docs
+ (#1848, 1849, Mark Vojkovich).
+1706. Tseng driver updates (#1847, Koen Gadeyne):
+ Add Mclk support, replace globals in tseng_bank.c with entries
+ in the TsengRec, remove redundant parameter passing, fix a potential
+ bug in the ET6000 memory detection code, implement memory limit
+ checking, fix a bug in the 555/565 handling, cleanup locking/unlocking
+ code.
+1705. Some fine tuning of the way the extension modules are build.
+1704. Merge in the new design branch. A full changelog for the new design
+ branch can be found in the CHANGELOG.ND file.
+1703. Font-related X server buffer overflow fixes (Robin Cutshaw).
+XFree86 3.9Ak (11 July 1998)
+1702. xterm patches 81 and 82. Fix Linux/Alpha build problems,
+ utmp handling on Solaris, some terminfo nits, and improve
+ cursor colour (#1794, 1797, Thomas Dickey).
+1701. Fix CloseScreen() related problems (#1793, Marc La France).
+1700. Close some sockets that xdm was leaving open when running new
+ sessions (#1704, Matthieu Herrb).
+1699. Fix usleep problems with static servers on SVR4.
+1698. Fix a problem parsing "ModeLine" entries (#1779, Keldon Jones).
+XFree86 3.9Aj (04 July 1998)
+1697. PC98 fix for VT switching, VideoBoard98 update (#1766, Takaaki Nomura).
+1696. xterm patches 79 and 80. Fix for F1-F4 key handling, fg/bg pixel
+ value with -flipPixels, scrollbar color, keypad handling, and
+ various terminfo enhancements (#1758,1762 Thomas Dickey).
+1695. Lots of Xaw work. See xc/lib/Xaw/Changelog for details
+ (#1660, 1673, 1678, 1686, 1701, 1738, 1752, 1755, 1765
+ Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade).
+1694. Add the library security fixes (#1722).
+1693. Fix rendering errors in the generic bit expansion code (#1746,
+ Jens Owen).
+1692. Fix problem in Oak clock setting routines (#1744, Kevin Buhr).
+1691. Clean up vga16 (remove unused code, remove vga16's mfb (vga2 is used
+ instead), clean up vga16's external name space). Minor fix to ATI
+ driver. (#1742, Marc LaFrance).
+1690. Fix macro expansion in xf86Config.c (#1730, Jens Maurer).
+1689. On Linux, default the use of special or internal malloc's to NO
+ (instead of forcing it to NO). Allow CloseScreen to free wrapper
+ private storage in most servers. Push out backing store initialisation
+ to the callers of the various <framebuffer>ScreenInit()'s. Change
+ m68k's XF68_FBDev to use backing store low-level functions to
+ save/restore the screen during VT switches. Minor fixup to loader
+ message. (#1719, Marc La France).
+1688. Fixes for 24bpp and 32bpp on Matrox Millenium II. This fixes the
+ horizontal stripe for modes using > 4MB (#1715,1716, Doug Merritt).
+1687. Fix build problems on LynxOS and enable keyboard LEDs on LynxOS 2.5.1
+ (1712, Thomas Mueller).
+XFree86 3.9Ai (05 June 1998)
+1686. Add rendition directory. This is not included in the build process, yet
+ (#1707, Marc Langenbach).
+1685. Make glint compile on Alpha. Some xtest fixes for Alpha (#1705,
+ Christian Worley).
+1684. xterm patch 77,78, convert to ANSI C (#1702,1706 Thomas Dickey).
+1683. Fix compile problems under OS/2 (#1693, Holger Veit).
+1682. Fix xmag segfault (#1675, Andy Sloane).
+1681. Fix build problem of the static servers on FreeBSD. Fix build problem
+ on SVR4(incomplete). Update PC98 Card Database(#1691, Isao Ohishi,
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+1680. Minor fix to ATI driver clock code. Fix vga16 for xtest-detected
+ problems. Fix up vga16's pixmap printing when enabled by DEBUG. There's
+ no need for XFree86LOADER specifics in mibitblt.c(#1690, Marc La France).
+1679. Fix hw cursor on CT65555 and fix loader problem (#1688,1689 Nozomi Ytow).
+1678. Fix freeing of names when removing modes (#1685, Matthieu Herrb).
+1677. Enable ImageWrite in 24 bpp for C&T HiQV (#1684,1687 Nozomi Ytow).
+1676. Fix unknown symbol type 1e message in a.out loader (#1683,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+1675. xterm patches 75 and 76. Fix for print-window function, minor cleanups,
+ lots of fixes from other people (see xterm.log.html) (#1681,1682,
+ Thomas Dickey).
+1674. Make vga16 use backing store functions to save/restore the screen on VT
+ switches. Don't call xf86InvalidatePixmapCache when bpp is 1 or 4
+ (#1680, Marc La France).
+1673. Change PIC code to print names of ALL devices capable of displaying
+ video. Return pointer to the last card instead of the first (#1662,
+ Dejan Ilic).
+1672. Add skeleton driver for Tritech Pyramid 3D (#1661, Dejan Ilic,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1671. Check additional pci bus in scanpci (Robin Cutshaw).
+XFree86 3.9Ah (28 April 1998)
+1670. Xterm patch 74 fix define conflicts and update print support (#1674,
+ T.E.Dickey).
+1669. Xterm patch 73 added print window facility, terminfo updates,
+ conditional include cleanup, debugging trace enhancements, and
+ HP-UX configure updates (#1672 T.E.Dickey).
+1668. Framebuffer fixes leaving valid GC on exit, fix for opaque types
+ (#1669 Marc Aurele La France).
+1667. Add ELF support for AXP platform (#1666 Stuart Anderson).
+1666. PCI function fixes for AXP platform (#1665 Alan Hourihane).
+1665. SiS updates (#1664 Mike Chapman, Mitani Hiroshi).
+1664. Fix CompressAllFonts define use in X11.tmpl (#1663 Matthieu Herrb).
+1663. Xaw updates including more functions for diaplayLists, fixes
+ for simpleMenuWidget, boxWidget, and panedWidget (#1660 Paulo Cesar
+ Pereira de Andrade).
+1662. Xdm seg fault fix (#1658 Matthieu Herrb).
+1661. Tseng PIXMUX updates (#1656 Krajcsovits Gyorgy).
+1660. Mouse driver loop restructuring and additional packet data
+ checks (#1654, Oyvind Aabling).
+1659. PANIX build fix for PC98 platform (#1653, Satoshi Kimura).
+1658. Sync loss on cursor change fix (#1650, Mark Vojkovich).
+1657. Driver line fix, unresolved symbol fix, remove loading of xaavga256
+ at depths greater than 8, glint 24bpp fix (#1645-1649 Alan Hourihane).
+1656. More XF86Setup patches, P9000 symbol fix, PC98 Imakefile sync (#1644
+ Takaaki Nomura).
+1655. Tseng doc, accel sync with 3.3.2, PIXMUX and misc fixes (#1641,1642
+ Koen Gadeyne).
+1654. ISC fix for usleep and glint probe fix for DELTA (#1639,1640 Michael
+ Rohleder).
+1653. Add FreeType code to lib/font/FreeType, but the build-related
+ things haven't been done yet (David Turner, Robert Wilhelm,
+ Werner Lemberg, Mark Leisher, Juliusz Chroboczek).
+1652. Xterm patch 72 activity notification enhancement (#1659, T.E.Dickey).
+1651. Xterm patch 71 buffer overflow fix (#1651, T.E.Dickey).
+1650. Sync I128 server acceleration with 3.3.2 (Robin Cutshaw).
+XFree86 3.9Ag (05 April 1998)
+1649. AGX ScrnInfoRec fix, fix compiler warnings for Xprt and loader,
+ fix vgaCloseScreen problem, add new ScreenRec functions to
+ set/get pixmaps and wrapper functions, VC switch to use
+ low-level backing store functions (#1635, Marc Aurele La France).
+1648. xfree98/XF86Setup sync with 3.3.2 (#1632, Takaaki Nomura).
+1647. xfree86/XF86Setup sync with 3.3.2 (#1629,1634 Kazutaka Yokota).
+1646. Back out the following R6.4-related changes:
+ #1169, 1170, 1342 -- version numbering changes,
+ #1167 -- CUP extension,
+ #1225, 1282, 1341 -- EVI extension,
+ #1171-1178, 1198, 1246, 1305 -- Xinerama extension,
+ #1165 -- Xt Resource Configuration Management.
+1645. XAA fixes for xf86bpp (#1633, Alan Hourihane).
+1644. More 3.3.2 syncs, PC98 sync, usleep problem with FreeBSD,
+ SVR4.0 build problem fixes (#1631, Takaaki Nomura).
+1643. Kensinngton Thinking and Expert Mouse fix (#1630, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1642. S3 968 fix (#1628, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1641. Add DoImageWrite for Permedia2 and partial 24bpp acceleration to
+ the glint server (#1627, Alan Hourihane).
+1640. ISC sync with 3.3.2 (#1625,1626, Michael Rohleder).
+1639. Xterm patch 70 including Imakefile fix for logging, "ich"
+ restoration, cursor color fix, "-vb" arg fix, character-set
+ rework, SS2/SS3 control fix, terminfo updates (#1624, T.E.Dickey).
+1638. Add loader symbol for miSetZeroLineBias (#1623, Mark Vojkovich).
+1637. Fix duplicate symbols in s3 server (#1621, Takaaki Nomura).
+1636. glint cleanup for XAA autoload modules (#1620, Alan Hourihane).
+1635. xf86Config fixes for svga and accel servers, extmod load for all
+ depths (#1618,1619, Alan Hourihane).
+XFree86 3.9Af (28 March 1998)
+1634. Add 1024x600 to the identified video modes in the chips server
+ (#1617, Nozomi Ytow).
+1633. Resync xfree98 with xfree86 and resync some PC98 files with 3.3.2
+ (#1616, Takaaki Nomura).
+1632. Fix micro typo in chips.sgml (#1615, David Bateman).
+1631. Define defaults for XF86Config file locations. Have make World remove
+ Makefile.bak files. Resync ScrnInfoRec's for the last time (Hope
+ springs eternal). "Externalise" InstalledMaps in all XFree?? servers.
+ Remove reference to DEFAULT_MODULE_PATH in static servers. Deal with
+ some of the warnings produced by gcc by default. Resync ATI driver with
+ the version found in XFree86 3.3.2. Fix loader bug in dealing with XAA.
+ (#1614, Marc La France).
+1630. Don't abort a static server if the Driver statement in the Device
+ section is missing (#1613, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1629. Fix typo in #1606 and improve printing of mouse related messages
+ (#1613, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1628. Build fixes for static S3 and S3V servers (#1613, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1627. Re-add 8x8 trap fill support in XAA (#1612, Mark Vojkovich).
+1626. Add new text replacements to glint server, add packed data modes, tune
+ fifo handling, fix drawing bugs and others (#1609,1611, Mark Vojkovich,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1625. Add mouse related 3.3.2 changes to XF86Setup (which still doesn't
+ compile) (#1608,1610, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1624. Update xdpyinfo to reflect mouse code changes (#1607, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1623. Merge missing mouse code from 3.3.2 (#1606, Kazutaka Yokota).
+1622. Resync xterm, add missing patches from 3.3.2 (#1605, Thomas Dickey).
+XFree86 3.9Ae (22 March 1998)
+1621. Bring over some of the new mouse code from the 3.3.2 tree.
+1620. Link X11 apps against libxpg4 on FreeBSD to get multibyte locale
+ support.
+1619. SVGA/chips. include support for the new 69000 chipset. Fix up the
+ memory probing for the 65554, 65555 and 68554 chips. Add probing for
+ the 64200, 64300 and 69000 chips to SuperProbe. Fix the memory probing
+ for the 65554, etc in SuperProbe. Some docs updates (#1603,1604,
+ David Bateman).
+1618. Fix Mach32 text restoration (#1601, Marc La France).
+1618. Add Rendition V2x00 to vgaPCI.h (#1598, Marc Langenbach).
+1617. xterm patches. improve test for highlightColor so that xterm does not
+ attempt to use that unless it is different from the foreground and
+ background colors. remove ich and ich1 from xterm and xterm-8bit
+ terminfo descriptions. restore 1-pixel overlap of scrollbar border with
+ left edge of window. add a configure option, --enable-logfile-exec.
+ make the ALLOWLOGFILEEXEC code compile & run, if configured. minor
+ documentation nits. correct the problem in xterm with utmp by removing
+ the reset of setuid/setgid before the main event loop (#1525,1571,1599,
+ Thomas Dickey).
+1616. Change s3/svga from using 8x8 pattern fills to 8x8 color expand fills.
+ Add support for S3's type planar 8x8 pattern fills to XAA. Add support
+ for S3's planar 8x8 fills to the XAA stippled trapezoid stuff
+ (#1594,1595,1596,1597, Mark Vojkovich).
+1615. Ensure the correct message for lines at startup (#1591, Alan Hourihane).
+1614. Fix XAA to allow vertical lines using TwoPointLine (#1590,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1613. Change the xf86orect.c code to always use a hardware filled rect rather
+ than a software one when drawing vertical lines (#1589, Mark Vojkovich).
+1612. Add MICROSOFT_ZERO_LINE_BIAS flag to xaa to indicate that the hardware
+ uses MicroSoft's line bias rules rather than X's. Fix the end point
+ sematics for two point lines. Add TiledFilled Rects via image write.
+ Fix a problem with the CopyArea wrapper syncing when it shouldn't. Fix
+ twopoint line problems with XAA dashed lines. Make sure we alway check
+ for one rect situations when using XAA polygon code (#1575,1576,1577,
+ 1578,1579,1580,1581, Mark Vojkovich).
+1611. Add new MGA acceleration, including image writes and 8x8 pattern trap
+ fills. Go back to two point lines. Add solid filled span replacement.
+ Make PCI retries off for mga by default (need Option "pci_retry" to turn
+ them on). Make hardware cursor work better in doublescan modes. And
+ turn hw cursor on by default (#1582,1583,1592 Mark Vojkovich).
+1610. Removes assumption that we have a Trapezoid function (#1573,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1609. Fix ImageWrite code at 15bpp by fixing xaa not to rely on xf86bpp, but
+ use the accel structure (#1572, Alan Hourihane).
+1608. Fix problem building resize on BSDI, update manpages, add log
+ xterm.log.html (#1490, Thomas Dickey).
+1607. Small patch to xterm's 8-bit terminal description (#1481, Thomas Dickey).
+1606. Move framebuffer ModuleInit functions to separate C source files.
+ Another fixup to mono's ScrnInfoRec (#1474. Marc La France).
+1605. Loader updates (#1467, Stuart Anderson).
+1604. Ensure window and GC privates are aligned on a sizeof(long) boundary.
+ Minor bug fix to mfb and afb framebuffers. Reinstate building of Xibm
+ server. Move pRotatedPixmap, pCompositeClip, fExpose, freeCompClip from
+ GC privates to the GC structure proper (in preparation for the banking
+ mi wrapper) (#1442,1443,1444,1445,1588 Marc La France).
+1603. xterm fixes for configuration (#1437, Bjorn Helgaas).
+1602. Lots of SVGA/ATI updates. Enforce architectural limits on panning &
+ scrolling. Duplicate recent XF86_Mach64 changes (Bus detection, Chipset
+ detection adjustments, Support for 16MB linear apertures, maxClock
+ settings). First swipe at supporting adapters whose VGA has been
+ disabled. Save and restore more registers on mode
+ entries/switches/exits. Colour map initialization changes to make use
+ of uninitialized entries more obvious. Bug fix to DSP register
+ calculation. Support 15, 16, 24 and 32bpp on integrated controllers.
+ Remove dependence on TimingTab. Include VGA DAC registers in verbose
+ output. Skip sparse I/O probes when PCI configuration space indicates a
+ device has registered a block I/O base. Virtual X rounding adjustments
+ for packed modes. Documentation updates (#1430, Marc La France).
+1601. Clean up ScrnInfo, make vgaCloseScreen call the framebuffer's
+ CloseScreen() function, determine more pricely whether the virtual
+ resolution fits in video memory, minor optimization of cfb's
+ ImageGlyphBlt entry (#1428,1429, Marc La France).
+1600. Fix typo in mga.h (#1418, Tim Rowley).
+1599. Fix some baserom/_baserom confusion (#1407, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
+1598. More fixes from Metro Link and some updates for clients. Remove
+ all but one copy of sdimple.c (#1405,1406, Craig Groeschel).
+1597. Remove unnecessary byte_reversed arrays (#1400, Craig Groeschel).
+1596. Add missing Xarch.h (#1399, Craig Groeschel).
+1595. Add no-listen keyword to xfs (#1397, Topi Miettinen).
+1594. Build fixes for PC98 static build (#1391,1396 Takaaki Nomura).
+1593. Build fixes to loader directory (#1388, Alan Hourihane).
+1592. Some Link Kit fixes (#1384, David Bateman).
+1591. Add zoom initialization and fix blits on T2R (Robin Cutshaw).
+1590. Add support for several new mice, including Kensington ThinkingMouse,
+ ALPS GlidePoint, Genius NetScroll, Genius NetMouse, Genius NetMouse,
+ ASCII MieMouse, Logitech MouseMan+, Logitech FirstMouse+ (#1380,
+ Kazutaka Yokota).
+XFree86 3.9Ad (25 January 1998)
+1596. Fix two buffer overflow problems in the X server.
+1595. Fix some libXt VSW5 failures (#1347, 1359-1363, 1365, Kaleb Keithley,
+ Arthur Barstow).
+1594. Change server's default vendor string and release (#1342,
+ Kaleb Keithley).
+1593. Fix problem entering mode_shifted characters with xdm and XKB
+ (#1340, Kaleb Keithley).
+1592. Bump SunOS 4.x libXext rev (#1339, Kaleb Keithley).
+1591. Pick up PCI multimedia/video devices and display devices of all
+ subclasses (not just VGA) in vgaGetPCIInfo().
+1590. Reinstate Xserver/hw/ibm for reference purposes.
+1589. Cirrus and vga256 driver changes to support the PowerPC machines.
+ (1357, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
+1588. Organize xf86_ansic.h/xf86_libc.h/xf86_OSlib.h, and de-mangle xf86*
+ libc calls. Move Probe routine to the beginning of the ScrnInfoRec to
+ match the vgaVideoChipRec. Make the mach32, mach64, mach8, i128, and
+ ibm8514 servers loadable. Use one global byte_reversed array. When
+ SetCursor is called with a null CursorPtr, turn the cursor off. Fix
+ CapNotLast lines and segments in mach64 and xaa. Copy some code from
+ Metro-X 3 to handle panning at 24 bpp on Mach64. Mask the correct
+ number of pitch bits when updating the CRTC_OFF_PITCH register. Use
+ xf86scanpci instead of vgaPCIInfo. Fix tseng driver DPMS bug. Declare
+ and initialize xf86PixmapIndex. (#1356, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
+1587. Add xf86Serial functions (#1355, Chris Bare/Metro Link).
+1586. New config file parser, new functions for accessing xf86Info,
+ handle an XQUEUE race condition, make sure XqueQaddr is initialized
+ (1353, Stuart Anderson/Metro Link)
+1585. Build cleanups and fixes to cursor handling for multi screen layout
+ (#1354, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
+1584. Add portable and extensible PCI support framework (#1352,
+ Gary Barton/Concurrent).
+1583. Support PowerMAX_OS on Motorola/Concurrent PowerPC machines
+ (#1351, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
+1582. .cf and Imakefile changes to use PpcArchitecture and PpcSvr4Architecture
+ definitions for consistency (#1350, Gary Barton/Concurrent).
+1581. Fix 9397 detection in Trident driver (#1376, Alan Hourihane).
+1580. Add support for the DacSpeed entry to the Mach64 server (#1375,
+ Kevin Martin).
+1579. Fix 16bpp for the Permedia 2 (#1373, Alan Hourihane).
+1578. Fix DPMS for Trident cards (#1372, Alan Hourihane).
+1577. Add Option "no_pci_retry" to option code and the MGA driver (#1370,1371,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1576. Add back CyberCont that was removed from Trident driver in 3.9Ac by
+ mistake (#1369, Alan Hourihane).
+1575. Fix ImageWrite code to not read beyond the end of the source in cases
+ of bad alignment (#1368, Mark Vojkovich).
+1574. xterm updates (#1366,1378 Thomas Dickey) including:
+ - change the terminfo entry so that rs1 does a hard reset
+ - modify treatment of hard reset by the xterm program to reset the saved
+ lines
+ - correct hard reset by also resetting user-defined keys.
+ - change the way highlihting is implemented
+1573. Fix PutImage to work with Rops other than GXcopy (#1364, Alan Hourihane).
+1572. Fix clipping in 16bpp on tgui chipsets, fix 32bpp and add transparency
+ (#1345,1346,1349 Alan Hourihane).
+1571. Some updates to stub driver to reflect current layout (#1343,
+ Dejan Ilic).
+1570. Change xdm config to explicitly specify the VT used on OpenBSD (#1337,
+ Matthieu Herrb).
+1569. Build fix for P9x00 driver (#1336,1344 Takaaki Nomura).
+1568. Resync xaa/Imakefile for PC98 (#1335, Takaaki Nomura).
+XFree86 3.9Ac (11 January 1998)
+1567. Fix some VSW5 failures in libXt (#1333, Kaleb Keithley).
+1566. xterm updates (#1332, Thomas Dickey) including:
+ - Add xterm support for blinking text. It doesn't actually cause the
+ text to flash, but text with the blink attribute can be displayed in
+ color, using new resources colorBL and colorBLMode.
+ - Corrected a missing save-cursor in the handling of SGR 1048.
+ - Flush the output of the transparent printing after each line.
+ - Correct the modes that are affected by save/restore cursor.
+ - Corrected placement of one of the XSync calls which had the
+ side-effect of writing on the window border when the xterm was
+ resizing from 132 to 80 columns.
+ - Work around an incompatibility of the XKB definition used in xterm
+ versus that symbol from IRIX 6.2's imake definitions (by adjusting
+ the standalone configure script).
+1565. Add detection of Intel TX chips and Pyramid 3D TR25202 to scanpci
+ (#1330, Dejan Ilic).
+1564. Fix xtest related problems on MGA (related to syncing before reading)
+ (#1329, 1334, Mark Vojkovich).
+1563. Possible fix for Millennium II crashing (#1328, Mark Vojkovich).
+1562. Add more careful checking of $HOME/.xsession in the default xdm
+ Xsession script (#1327, Geoff Wing).
+1561. Fix uninitialised variables in decddx (#1326, Kaleb Keithley).
+1560. Fix a typo in the Xlib docs (#1325, Kaleb Keithley).
+1559. Add 8x8 pattern filled 1 rect polygons to XAA. Also included is
+ an 8x8 pattern filled trapezoid function (#1324, 1331, Mark Vojkovich).
+1558. Add more conservative limits for when XAA uses trapezoid fills rather
+ than spans (#1323, Mark Vojkovich).
+1557. Add transparent 8x8 pattern fills to s3/svga (#1322, Mark Vojkovich).
+1556. Xt (VSW5 failures): Xt11/XtCallConverter - Test Purposes 11, 12, 13
+ (#1321, Kaleb Keithley).
+1555. Xt: XtMakeGeometryRequest doesn't emit error if parent != composite
+ (#1320, Kaleb Keithley).
+1554. S3 (svga) ramdac fixes in IBMRGB52x_Init, TI_3020_3025_Init,
+ NORMAL_PreInit, and ATT_409_498_Probe routines, including fixes for
+ the use of the dacSpeeds array (#1319, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
+1553. Fixes for Permedia PM2 support to correct 32bpp, and improve things
+ for 16bpp (#1318, Alan Hourihane).
+1552. P9x00 driver (#1317, Joerg Knura).
+1551. Allow xvidtune to be driven by the keyboard (#1315, via Kaleb Keithley).
+1550. Add missing exported symbols to Win32 DLLs (#1314, Kaleb Keithley).
+1549. Detect an extra Trident Cyber chip (#1313, Alan Hourihane).
+1548. Add timeouts to all Tseng "wait for something" functions (#1312,
+ Koen Gadeyne).
+1547. Tseng driver documentation update (#1311, Koen Gadeyne).
+1546. Update xterm man page, configure script and related things (#1310,
+ Thomas Dickey).
+1545. Add a version number to xterm, and make the -version and -help options
+ used before attempting to open the display (#1310, 1316, Thomas Dickey).
+1544. Implement logic to permit xterm to work with proportional fonts.
+ This is done by rendering the characters on a fixed pitch (#1310,
+ Thomas Dickey).
+1543. Fix missing planemask in XAA function (#1309, Mark Vojkovich).
+1542. Fix XAA syncing inconsistencies (#1308, Mark Vojkovich).
+1541. Allow Trident 9397 and later 3D chipsets to work by not using
+ acceleration (#1307, Alan Hourihane).
+1540. Fixes for older Trident Cyber series (#1307, Arthur Tateshi).
+1539. Fix includes for xfwp (#1306, Craig Groeschel/Metro Link).
+1538. Fix for large pixmaps in XINERAMA extension (#1305, Kaleb Keithley).
+1537. Xlib: XGetICValues fails for {preedit,status}Attributes
+ (#1299, Kaleb Keithley).
+1536. Add locale and xkb files for Lithuanian (#1298, Ricardas Cepas).
+1535. Device updates for scanpci (Robin Cutshaw).
+1534. First cut at cleaning up the parallel make dependencies (Robin Cutshaw).
+XFree86 3.9Ab (29 December 1997)
+1533. Reorganize the acceleration code in the tseng driver. Fix tseng XAA init
+ problem (#1303, Koen Gadeyne).
+1532. Add support for changing the MClk from the XF86Config file for
+ W32p cards with ICS5341 RAMDAC and for the ET6000 family (#1302,
+ Koen Gadeyne).
+1531. Add option to build xterm without tek4014 emulation. Add option to
+ build xterm with default TERM value other than "xterm". Apply some
+ minor bugfixes to OS/2 version. Fix configure help message and missing
+ quotes in memmove/bcopy configure test (#1297, Thomas Dickey, Darren
+ Heibert).
+1530. Add support for clock setting of the new trident chips (#1294,
+ Alan Hourihane).
+1529. XAA vertical line speedup (#1293, Alan Hourihane).
+1528. Add panning for Permedia and Permedia 2 (#1292, Alan Hourihane).
+1527. Add a few more messages to tseng driver and clean up the use of
+ the different bytes-per-pixel variables. Add "showcache" option
+ (#1300,1301, Koen Gadeyne).
+1526. Fix XAA pixmap cache bug with 16bpp and RGB=555 or 32bpp (#1295,
+ Walter Gadeyne).
+1525. Fix ImageWrite for Tseng (and re-enable it) (#1296, Koen Gadeyne).
+1524. Fix horizontal lines in Tseng driver (#1291, George Krajcsovits).
+1523. Support MUSIC MU9C4910 RAMDAC in Tseng driver (#1290, Koen Gadeyne).
+1522. Fix bad color in hardware linedraw for Tseng (#1290, Koen Gadeyne).
+XFree86 3.9Aa (20 December 1997)
+1521. Fix border colours for Trident server (#1289, Alan Hourihane).
+1520. Major update to Mach64 server. Proper identification of the different
+ chips. Support for 16MB boards. Increased max DAC speed settings for
+ newer chips. Support for AGP RagePro cards. Block write mode for
+ RagePro chips. 1600x1200 mode support for VT and newer chips. Use the
+ auxilliary register aperture on chips that support it. Use 16MB memory
+ aperture on PCI Mach64s with integrated controllers.
+ (#1288, Kevin Martin).
+1519. New code for the glint server. Preliminary support for the Permedia 2
+ hardware cursor. Preliminary support for panning the display with
+ multiple modelines for Permedia/Permedia 2. Fix ELSA Permedia 2 boards.
+ Cleanup of glint_init.c. Fix DGA when using software cursor. Addition
+ of code to not save VGA state if the VGA core is disabled.
+ (#1285,1286,1287, Alan Hourihane).
+1518. Fix the "invalid depth" problem with packed 24 (#1284, Andrew Aitchison).
+1517. Fixes to finish keyboard layout (Johan Myreen).
+XFree86 3.9z (14 December 1997)
+1516. Fix loss of sync while panning problem and attempt to fix the occasional
+ crashes of the Millennium II by restricting the MGACountRam function
+ to test the first 8MB, only (#1280, Mark Vojkovich).
+1515. Fix XF86Setup to create a (symbolic) link of /usr/X11R6/bin/X when it
+ doesn't exist (#1279, Matthieu Herrb).
+1514. Fix solid trap/rect fill bugain the mga server for the Millennium II
+ that was hurting performance severely (#1277, Mark Vojkovich).
+1513. Reenable BitBlt accelerations for Millennium II (#1271, Mark Montague).
+1512. Fix mmap memory leak in IGS driver. ARM32/NetBSD specific fix for
+ xf86MapInfoMap (#1265, Katrina Maffey).
+1511. Resync change 1474 for PC98 and fix a reference to usleep on SVR4
+ (#1264, Takaaki Nomura).
+1510. Add BLK opaque color expansion for 2164 and change the mga code to use
+ a lookup table for XFree->mga rop conversions (#1261, Mark Vojkovich).
+1509. Fix XAA hardware cursor support for BT485 ramdacs
+ in the S3/SVGA server (#1260, Mark Vojkovich).
+1508. Fix VT switching hang in FreeBSD (#1259, Joerg Wunsch).
+1507. Enable MMIO / linear FB on Cirrus 7548. Experimental patch for screen
+ expansion (640x480 on 800x600 LCD) which doesn't seem to work, yet
+ (#1258, Achim Oppelt).
+1506. Fix gc validation (#1257,1262 Mark Vojkovich).
+1505. Fix SIGSEGV in xf86setup (Dirk Hohndel).
+1504. Extend XF86Setup to allow selecting the modes and the default color
+ depth (Dirk Hohndel).
+1503. Fix build problem on Solaris 2.6/x86 with gcc
+1502. Fix Solaris 2.x + gcc build problem in xfwp (#1272, Takaaki Nomura).
+1501. Xkb{Get,Set}PerClientControls missing from XKBlib.h (#1283,
+ Kaleb Keithley).
+1500. BSD 4.4 sockets not handled correctly in xfwp/transport.c (#1276, 1281,
+ Kaleb Keithley).
+1499. Local connection doesn't work for lbxproxy on AIX (#1275,
+ Arthur Barstow).
+1498. Get fcntl flags in Xtrans before setting them (#1268, Kaleb Keithley).
+1497. Fix 'Xnest -query' on IBM (#1263, Kaleb Keithley).
+1496. Fix X server core dump after disconnecting from a font server
+ (#1256, Arthur Barstow).
+1495. Xserver:Security Policy parsing code returns bogus value on suceess
+ (#1254, M.S. Ramesh).
+1494. Install app-defaults in /var (#1253, Kaleb Keithley).
+1493. Some xfwp fixes (#1252, Arthur Barstow).
+1492. Fix some Win32 problems (#1251, 1255, Kaleb Keithley).
+1491. DPMS was missing from pandix main.c (#1246, Kaleb Keithley).
+1490. Solaris 2.x LOCALCONN updates (#1269 Kaleb Keithley).
+1489. DPMS updates (#1229, Kaleb Keithley).
+1488. KeyPress event doesn't use XKB state when GrabsUseXKBStateMask is set
+ (#1227, Kaleb Keithley).
+1487. Add EVI (Extended Visual Information) server extension (#1225, 1282,
+ Kaleb Keithley).
+1486. Fix some Xmb man pages and specs docs (#1220, 1270, Kaleb Keithley).
+1485. Plugin fixes (#1219, 1221, 1224, 1226, 1247, 1273, Kaleb Keithley).
+XFree86 3.9y (6 December 1997)
+1484. Fix some initialization problems in the xkb programs (#1233,
+ Andreas Schwab).
+1483. Fix loader to resolve symbols properly in Xext (#1250, Robin Cutshaw).
+1482. Fix loader on Solaris and enable it for SVR4 (#1248,1249, Robin Cutshaw).
+1481. Fix some problems with T2R support (#1245, Robin Cutshaw).
+1480. Fix rfhcnt calculation and VT swithcing in mga driver. Allow DirectColor
+ on Millennium II cards (#1241,1242,1243,1244, Mark Montague).
+1479. Potential fix for s3/svga cursor support for Ti ramdacs. Remove a
+ mistake from the s3/svga acceleration code (#1237, Mark Vojkovich).
+1478. Switch the MGA driver over to XAA Hardware Cursor. Only support for
+ TVP3026 is included (#1236,1239, Mark Vojkovich).
+1477. Add delayed syncing abd faster arcs ub 8bpp to mga driver (#1235,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1476. Fix another SIGSEGV in xterm, where wrong assumptions about the type of
+ widget passed to an action handler were made (#1234, Thomas Dickey,
+ Arfst Ludwig).
+1475. Fix the wraparound problem with the Mach32 cursor and add another seven
+ pixels to the possible width of the cursor (#1232, Bryan Feir).
+1474. Remove vga256/vgainit (#1231, Mark La France).
+1473. Fix a namespace collision in Mach8 server (#1230, Mark La France).
+1472. Fix SIGSEGV when some internal xterm buffers overflowed (#1228,
+ Thomas Dickey).
+1471. Fix HiQV version of ImageWrite in the C&T driver (#1222,1223,
+ David Bateman).
+1470. Yet another attempt to fix packing order for dashed lines (#1217,
+ Mark Vojkovich).
+1469. Build fixes for Xext (#1216,1238 Takaaki Nomura).
+1468. Remove all references to the W32 server (but not the actual server code)
+ (#1215, Koen Gadeyne).
+1467. Complete initial support for Permedia 2 and add some acceleration for it
+ (Alan Hourihane).
+1466. Some more code for supporting the IBM RGB640 in the glint server
+ (Dirk Hohndel).
+XFree86 3.9x (23 November 1997)
+1466. Updates for SCO (#1211, 1212, J. Kean Johnston).