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xfree86: update man page for special keys handling.
SpecialKeyHandling was removed from the kbd driver with version 1.4.0. Since this is the only version that will build against server 1.7+ it's not reasonable to mention it in the man page. Reword, point to XKB instead and make clear that some key combinations _may_ not be available in any given config. Reported-by: Derek Fawcus Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <> Reviewed-by: Alan Coopersmith <>
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@@ -421,18 +421,12 @@ The
.B __xservername__
server is normally configured to recognize various special combinations
of key presses that instruct the server to perform some action, rather
-than just sending the key press event to a client application. The
-default XKEYBOARD keymap defines the key combinations listed below.
-The kbd (__drivermansuffix__) driver also has these key combinations
-builtin to its event handler
-for cases where the XKEYBOARD extension is not being used. When using
-the XKEYBOARD extension, which key combinations perform which actions
-is completely configurable.
+than just sending the key press event to a client application. These actions
+depend on the XKB keymap loaded by a particular keyboard device and may or
+may not be available on a given configuration.
-The special combinations of key presses recognized directly
-.B __xservername__
+The following key combinations are commonly part of the default XKEYBOARD
.TP 8
.B Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
Immediately kills the server -- no questions asked. It can be disabled by