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authorAlan Coopersmith <>2010-06-19 23:56:20 -0700
committerKeith Packard <>2010-07-23 12:41:52 -0700
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Add name argument to CreateNewResourceType documentation
Reflects API change made in commit 895f40792a during Xorg 1.8 development Signed-off-by: Alan Coopersmith <> Reviewed-by: Patrick E. Kane <>
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/doc/xml/Xserver-spec.xml b/doc/xml/Xserver-spec.xml
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--- a/doc/xml/Xserver-spec.xml
+++ b/doc/xml/Xserver-spec.xml
@@ -357,11 +357,15 @@ Resource types are integer values starting at 1. Get
a resource type by calling
- RESTYPE CreateNewResourceType(deleteFunc)
+ RESTYPE CreateNewResourceType(deleteFunc, char *name)
deleteFunc will be called to destroy all resources with this
+type. name will be used to identify this type of resource
+to clients using the X-Resource extension, to security
+extensions such as SELinux, and to tracing frameworks such as DTrace.
+[The name argument was added in xorg-server 1.8.]
Resource classes are masks starting at 1 &lt;&lt; 31 which can
be or'ed with any resource type to provide attributes for the