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Xserver(1) man page updates
- Note that -br is now default. - Move -bs after -br for alphabetical ordering. - Remove -config option that's been hidden in "ignore" section, since ajax removed the -config code a couple years back. - Add -nocursor option. - Add xinput & xrandr to list of runtime server control programs - Replace XDarwin with Xquartz in list of Xservers Signed-off-by: Alan Coopersmith <> Reviewed-by: Adam Jackson <> Signed-off-by: Keith Packard <> (cherry picked from commit 7b09335a46f9428141811230c69eef7968531359)
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@@ -100,12 +100,12 @@ specifies a file which contains a collection of authorization records used
to authenticate access. See also the \fIxdm\fP(1) and
\fIXsecurity\fP(__miscmansuffix__) manual pages.
.TP 8
-.B \-bs
-disables backing store support on all screens.
-.TP 8
.B \-br
sets the default root window to solid black instead of the standard root weave
+pattern. This is the default unless -retro or -wr is specified.
+.TP 8
+.B \-bs
+disables backing store support on all screens.
.TP 8
.B \-c
turns off key-click.
@@ -117,17 +117,6 @@ sets key-click volume (allowable range: 0-100).
sets the visual class for the root window of color screens.
The class numbers are as specified in the X protocol.
Not obeyed by all servers.
-.TP 8
-.B \-config \fIfilename\fP
-reads more options from the given file. Options in the file may be separated
-by newlines if desired. If a '#' character appears on a line, all characters
-between it and the next newline are ignored, providing a simple commenting
-facility. The \fB\-config\fP option itself may appear in the file.
-This option is disabled when the Xserver is run with an effective uid
-different from the user's real uid.
.TP 8
.B \-core
causes the server to generate a core dump on fatal errors.
@@ -184,6 +173,9 @@ sets the maximum big request to
.I size
.TP 8
+.B \-nocursor
+disable the display of the pointer cursor.
+.TP 8
.B \-nolisten \fItrans-type\fP
disables a transport type. For example, TCP/IP connections can be disabled
@@ -584,11 +576,11 @@ Security: \fIXsecurity\fP(__miscmansuffix__), \fIxauth\fP(1), \fIXau\fP(1),
Starting the server: \fIstartx\fP(1), \fIxdm\fP(1), \fIxinit\fP(1)
Controlling the server once started: \fIxset\fP(1), \fIxsetroot\fP(1),
+\fIxhost\fP(1), \fIxinput\fP(1), \fIxrandr\fP(1)
Server-specific man pages:
\fIXorg\fP(1), \fIXdmx\fP(1), \fIXephyr\fP(1), \fIXnest\fP(1),
-\fIXvfb\fP(1), \fIXDarwin\fP(1), \fIXWin\fP(1).
+\fIXvfb\fP(1), \fIXquartz\fP(1), \fIXWin\fP(1).
Server internal documentation:
.I "Definition of the Porting Layer for the X v11 Sample Server"