BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterxf86AutoConfig: try modesetting on all platforms we build it onAlan Coopersmith12 days
server-1.15-branchBump version to 1.15.2Peter Hutterer8 years
server-1.16-branchBump to 1.16.4Julien Cristau8 years
server-1.17-branchxserver 1.17.4Adam Jackson7 years
server-1.18-branchRevert "randr: Initialize RandR even if there are currently no screens attached"Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia4 months
server-1.19-branchXQuartz: Ensure scroll events are delivered to a single window (not both X11 ...Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia4 months
server-1.20-branchXQuartz: Improve type safety for X11Controller's application menu editorJeremy Huddleston Sequoia3 months
server-21.1-branchxserver 21.1.4Povilas Kanapickas3 months
xwayland-21.1xwayland: Always hook up frame_callback_list in xwl_present_queue_vblankMichel Dänzer2 months
xwayland-22.1xwayland: Prevent Xserver grabs with rootlessOlivier Fourdan3 weeks
xwayland-22.1.3commit 9542cb1abd...Olivier Fourdan3 months
xorg-server-21.1.4commit 6bf62381d0...Povilas Kanapickas3 months
xwayland-22.1.2commit daaa9f0566...Olivier Fourdan4 months
xwayland-22.1.1commit 2bddb5add1...Olivier Fourdan6 months
xwayland-22.1.0commit ef746ca96b...Olivier Fourdan7 months
xwayland- c155a49035...Olivier Fourdan8 months
xwayland- c2c6f66bba...Olivier Fourdan8 months
xorg-server-21.1.3commit 85397cc2ef...Povilas Kanapickas9 months
xorg-server-1.20.14commit 97c5b77774...Matt Turner10 months
xorg-server-21.1.2commit 9852b29380...Povilas Kanapickas10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2004-06-16DRM 20040613 importDRM-20040613Eric Anholt0-0/+0
2004-06-16Initial revisionEric Anholt4-0/+3470
2004-06-14MGA composite support from Damien Ciabrini - thanks!Jaymz Julian3-31/+108
2004-06-13Manual page X(7) does not reference Xprt(1x), xplsprinters(1x), etc.Alan Coopersmith1-1/+19
2004-06-10- Pass the right pixel mask (all ones) in to PrepareSolid in theEric Anholt3-13/+19
2004-06-10Align scratch area offsets to the offscreen byte alignment.Eric Anholt1-2/+14
2004-06-10Oops, testers reported that the last patch actually didn't work (conflictsEric Anholt1-0/+3
2004-06-10Bug #242: Fix setup of R300 cards, by providing R300 CP code fromEric Anholt2-5/+270
2004-06-07Neomagic driver enabledFranco Catrin L1-1/+1
2004-06-07small fixes. README addedFranco Catrin L4-8/+26