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2007-02-12Provide option to report damage after operation is complete.Eric Anholt3-37/+119
2006-07-21Remove RCS tags. Fix Xprint makefile braindamage.Adam Jackson27-29/+0
2006-07-18get rid of XFree86LOADER, XFree86Server, XFree86Module, and IN_MODULEDaniel Stone4-5/+3
2006-06-16Bugzilla #5120, #7246: In CW's GC ops, validate the backing GC against theEric Anholt1-0/+4
2006-04-30Remove NEED_LINEHELPER BC cruft for pre-R6 DDXes.Adam Jackson3-10/+1
2006-03-28Big old pile of warning fixes.Adam Jackson1-0/+8
2006-03-15Coverity #337: Remove useless NULL check.Adam Jackson1-1/+1
2006-03-06render/picture.c Correctly initialize devPrivates variable in source onlyLars Knoll1-1/+2
2006-02-16Forgot to include this file in previous patchKeith Packard1-0/+162
2006-02-16Make more extensions optional in build (for kdrive). Fix kdrive build forKeith Packard5-1/+84
2006-02-15Mark everything in misym.c as _X_EXPORT.Adam Jackson2-2/+2
2006-02-10Remove libcwrapper usage from xorg server modules. The libcwrapper is onlyEric Anholt9-0/+18
2006-01-23Commit slight variation of bug #5460 which is the merge of the new shadowAlan Hourihane7-1437/+135
2006-01-23wrap with if XORG / endifAlan Hourihane1-0/+2
2006-01-23#include "gcstruct.h"Alan Hourihane1-0/+1
2006-01-23add damage.h & damagestr.h to SDK headersAlan Hourihane1-0/+2
2006-01-18Wrap sdk_HEADERS in if XORG as otherwise installing non-xorg serversDave Airlie1-0/+2
2005-12-29Missed oneAdam Jackson1-425/+0
2005-12-25Remove unused layer module.Adam Jackson7-1357/+2
2005-12-09Bug #4935: Fix includes. (Eric Anholt)Adam Jackson1-0/+1
2005-12-02Define XFree86Server only where it is required.Kevin E Martin4-4/+4
2005-11-29Fix usage of XFree86LOADER/XFree86Module/IN_MODULE and update loadableKevin E Martin4-5/+11
2005-10-15Fix typo and add new Makefiles to AC_OUTPUTKevin E Martin2-1/+24
2005-10-06Bug #4699: Correct some memory leaks in EXA and damage related to regionEric Anholt1-8/+10
2005-10-02Bugzilla #4616:Eric Anholt2-0/+15
2005-09-13Tue Sep 13 11:27:05 2005 S%Gï¿¿%@ren Sandmann <>Søren Sandmann Pedersen1-0/+1
2005-08-24Remove use of dix-config and xorg-config.h from public headers.Daniel Stone1-4/+0
2005-08-07Bug #3989: Fix Composite builds, enable Composite build by default. (OlliAdam Jackson1-0/+2
2005-08-03dist fixes for cw and GL (Donnie Berkholz, me)Adam Jackson1-1/+2
2005-07-28Fix distcheck for serverKevin E Martin1-0/+1
2005-07-12Add support for building Xdmx and XvfbKevin E Martin1-1/+1
2005-07-03Fix more include paths; add dix-config.h to XKB code.Daniel Stone1-3/+0
2005-07-03Add Xtrans definitions (FONT_t, TRANS_CLIENT) to clean up warnings.Daniel Stone51-19/+223
2005-07-02Continuing Makefile cleanup; add DIX_CFLAGS and XORG_CFLAGS everywhere.Daniel Stone4-0/+8
2005-07-01Change all misc.h and os.h references to <X11/foo.h>.Daniel Stone3-3/+3
2005-07-01Adding initial build system.Daniel Stone5-0/+50
2005-06-09Bug #2469: More accurate damage reports. (Jonathan Lennox)Adam Jackson1-36/+58
2005-05-18rewrite the rootless compositing code (1) compiles which is already a hugeZack Rusin1-191/+238
2005-04-20Fix includes right throughout the Xserver tree:Daniel Stone9-9/+9
2005-03-22Tue Mar 22 12:47:16 2005 Søren Sandmann <>Søren Sandmann Pedersen1-1/+5
2005-03-16Wed Mar 16 16:17:43 2005 Søren Sandmann <>Søren Sandmann Pedersen1-3/+7
2004-12-09Fix crash with more than one screen reported by John Davidorff Pell.Torrey Lyons1-2/+25
2004-12-04Encoding of numerous files changed to UTF-8Markus Kuhn39-40/+40
2004-12-02// Fix Xserver standaloneRoland Mainz1-1/+3
2004-11-23// Fix X11 test suiteRoland Mainz1-2/+2
2004-11-22Windows does not have ffs() implementation. added oneAlexander Gottwald1-1/+1
2004-10-25Fix rootless Cygwin crash due to acceleration code illegally modifying aTorrey Lyons1-6/+37
2004-10-08Allow rootless implementations to override frame reordering. This is usedTorrey Lyons2-2/+26
2004-09-18Bugzilla #1032: Make rootless acceleration functions compatible withTorrey Lyons4-12/+107
2004-09-03First set of documentation updates.Kevin E Martin1-8/+4