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README discusses build issues around libXfont 1.4.
libXfont 1.4 removed Xprint font support, so need built-in fonts: Need ./configure --enable-builtin-fonts However this causes unresolved segfaults in client programs. The default situation (--disable-builtin-fonts) successfully uses external fonts but only builds against libXfont 1.3. Also included suggestion to use libcairo instead of Xprint for those who need the WYSIWYG or print-to-pdf/postscript functionality.
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+Xprint is now deprecated.
+For a WYSIWYG-style printing API giving equivalence between what appears in an
+X windows and what gets printed on paper or to pdf or postscript, you may want
+to consider using libcairo, the Cairo graphics library
+Font support for Xprint was removed from libXfont 1.4. To build Xprt under
+libXfont 1.4 (or later) you will need to use built-in fonts
+ ./configure --enable-builtin-fonts
+(By default built-in fonts are not used, equivalent to --disable-builtin-fonts).
+However built-in fonts may cause a segfault in client programs, which has not
+been debugged since Xprint is deprecated. For an operational Xprt you may want
+to built against libXfont 1.3.