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@@ -365,11 +365,6 @@ pixels within a window geometry obscured by other windows).
axis. Tiles that in both an even numbered row and an even
numbered column are reflected in both axes.
-When GraphicsExposures are selected in the destination picture, a region
-containing at least the union of all destination pixel values affected by
-data replaced as above is delivered after each compositing operation. If
-the resulting region is empty, a NoExpose event is delivered instead.
To construct the source and mask operands, the computed pixels values are
transformed through a homogeneous matrix, filtered and then used in the
fundamental rendering operator described above. Each screen provides a list
@@ -631,16 +626,15 @@ CreatePicture
Transformations, filters and repeat modes do not affect the clip
- For ClipByChildren, destination - but not source - windows are
- additionally clipped by all viewable InputOutput children.
+ When a window is used as a destination, the subwindow_mode
+ determines what happens to pixels obscured by inferior
+ windows. For ClipByChildren the window is clipped by inferiors
+ and siblings. For IncludeInferior, the window is clipped by
+ siblings, but not by inferiors.
- For IncludeInferiors, neither source nor destination windows are
- clipped by inferiors. This will result in including subwindow
- contents in the source and drawing through subwindow boundaries of
- the destination. The use of IncludeInferiors with a source or
- destination window of one depth with mapped inferiors of differing
- depth is not illegal, but the semantics are undefined by this
- extension.
+ When a window is used as source or mask, the subwindow_mode is
+ ignored. Pixels that are obscured by other windows, whether
+ siblings or inferiors, have undefined contents.
The graphics-exposures flag is ignored. GraphicsExposure events are
never generated by this extension.
@@ -778,12 +772,6 @@ Composite
If mask is None, it is replaced by a constant alpha value of 1.
- When dst has graphics-exposures true, a region covering all dst
- pixels affected by substitutions performed on src or mask pixels
- outside their respective geometries is computed. If that region is
- empty, a NoExpose event is sent. Otherwise, a sequence of
- GraphicsExpose events are sent covering that region.