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Support XI 2.1 XIScrollClass
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@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ DESCRIPTION
The type field specifies the type of the input class.
Currently, the following types are defined:
- XIKeyClass, XIButtonClass, XIValuatorClass
+ XIKeyClass, XIButtonClass, XIValuatorClass, XIScrollClass
In the future, additional types may be added. Clients are
required to ignore unknown input classes.
@@ -194,6 +194,43 @@ DESCRIPTION
XIModeAbsolute this axis sends absolute coordinates. If the
mode is XIModeRelative, this device sends relative coordinates.
+ typedef struct
+ {
+ int type;
+ int sourceid;
+ int number;
+ int scroll_type;
+ double increment;
+ int flags;
+ } XIScrollClassInfo;
+ This class describes scrolling capability on a valuator. For
+ each XIScrollClassInfo, an XIValuatorClassInfo with the same
+ number is present on the device.
+ The number field specifies the valuator number on the physical
+ device that this scroll information applies to. See the
+ respective XIValuatorClassInfo for detailed information on this
+ valuator.
+ The scroll_type field specifies the type of scrolling, either
+ XIScrollTypeVertical or XIScrollTypeHorizontal.
+ The increment specifies the value change considered one unit of
+ scrolling down.
+ The flags field specifies flags that apply to this scrolling
+ information:
+ If XIScrollFlagNoEmulation is set, the server will not
+ emulate legacy button events for valuator changes on this
+ valuator.
+ If XIScrollFlagPreferred is set, this axis is the
+ preferred axis for this scroll type and will be used for
+ the emulation of XI_Motion events when the driver submits
+ legacy scroll button events.
XIQueryDevice can generate a BadDevice error.
XIFreeDeviceInfo frees the information returned by