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2010-10-06Purge cvs tags.Jesse Adkins1-2/+0
Signed-off-by: Jesse Adkins <> Signed-off-by: Alan Coopersmith <>
2010-09-27FreeType: Cleanup MUMBLE and fix printing of XLFD in debug spew.Jeremy Huddleston1-4/+2
Signed-off-by: Jeremy Huddleston <>
2008-12-19libXfont ansification and removal of xf86_ansic.h dependencyPaulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade1-4/+0
Basically the code is now compiled as if FONTMODULE was never defined, but also removed some "magic" defining _XOPEN_SOURCE before including math.h. Also removed some #if 0'ed code instead of fixing prototypes inside the "dead code". Changes to spdo_prv.h were due to defines like: <hash>define foo() sp_foo() that would not compile with the ansification in the format: type foo(void) due to the macro receiving "void" as an argument.
2007-06-07Dead code cull from FreeType.Adam Jackson1-1/+0
2004-08-04Optimization of CJK rendering when using versions of freetype prior torel-0-6-1lg3d-rel-0-7-0lg3d-baseXORG-6_8_1_902XORG-6_8_1_901XORG-6_8_1XORG-6_8_0XORG-6_7_99_904XORG-6_7_99_903XORG-6_7_99_902XORG-6_7_99_901XORG-6_7_99_2XORG-6_7_99_1Egbert Eich1-0/+2
2.1.8 (Chisato Yamauchi). A small backward compatibility fix to make the freetype module build with freetype version < 2.1.7. Fixed/added some debugging code.
2004-04-23Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich1-1/+1
2004-03-14Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_99_1 on Sun Mar 14 00:26:39 PST 2004xf86-4_4_99_1Egbert Eich1-1/+1
2004-03-03Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_0 on Wed Mar 3 04:09:24 PST 2004xf86-4_4_0Egbert Eich1-1/+1
2004-02-26readding XFree86's cvs IDsxf86-4_3_99_903Egbert Eich1-1/+1
2004-02-26Importing vendor version xf86-4_3_99_903 on Wed Feb 26 01:21:00 PST 2004Egbert Eich1-1/+1
2003-11-25XFree86 Bring the tree up to date for the Cygwin folksxf86-4_3_99_16Kaleb Keithley1-2/+7
2003-11-14Initial revisionKaleb Keithley1-0/+89