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2004-03-0523. Merged with XFree86 4.4.0. Added changes that went into infected files.XACE-SELINUX-BASEDAMAGE-XFIXES-BASEDAMAGE-XFIXESEgbert Eich153-178/+198
Reverted darwin/bundle/**/Credits.rtf to XFree86 versions to avoid future conflicts on ASCII but not humal readable files. (There should probably be separate CreditsXorg.rtf files) (Egbert Eich).
2004-02-23merge most of XFree86 RC3 ( from vendor branch. bug #214XORG-RELEASE-1-BASEXEVIE-MERGEXINERAMA_2Kaleb Keithley8-38/+123
2003-12-20merge XFree86 RC2 ( from vendor branchXEVIE-BASEKaleb Keithley1-25/+32
2003-12-06merge XFree86 (RC1) from vendor branchKaleb Keithley5-55/+63
2003-11-29xfree86 mergeKaleb Keithley1-3/+0
2003-11-26merge latest ( from XFree86 (vendor) branchKaleb Keithley48-1434/+4019
2003-11-17merge XFree86 to -CURRENTKaleb Keithley109-6097/+10448
2003-11-14Initial revisionKaleb Keithley46-0/+8590
2003-11-14R6.6 is the Xorg base-lineXORG-MAINKaleb Keithley120-0/+46862