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Support compress files with maxbits < 12
The compress decompression code used by libXfont rejects valid archives with maxbits less than 12 (compress allows values 9 - 16, 16 is the default). This is because maxbits-12 is used as index to hsize_table[]. That looks like an incorrect port of the original compress code, where: - hsize depended on BITS, the maximum maxbits value supported by particular build, rather than on maxbits value from the particular input file - the same hsize was used for all BITS <= 12 The quick way to verify the problem is: compress -b 11 fontfile.bdf bdftopcf -o /dev/null fontfile.bdf.Z which fails, while 12-16 works correctly. This fix removes hsize_table and uses 1 << maxbits (aka maxmaxcode) as tab_prefix size. As decompression code does not use hashing as compression code, there does not seem to be a reason to allocate any extra space. Note: In this fix, maxbits == 9 is still rejected early. AFAICS compress is able to generate such files (unknown how correct such output is), but is unable to uncompress them correctly. Reviewed-by: Jeremy Huddleston <>
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