BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
CYGWINImport changes from XORG-6.8.2Alexander Gottwald16 years
XACE-SELINUXMerge latest changesEamon Walsh17 years
XORG-6_8-branchxc/lib/font/util/ImakefileRoland Mainz16 years
XORG-CURRENTFix for -Roland Mainz17 years
XPRINTFix for Mainz17 years
libXfont-1.2-branchBump to 1.2.1Matthieu Herrb15 years
libXfont-1.4-branchlibXfont 1.4.9Alan Coopersmith6 years
libXfont-1.5-branchAdd some unit testing utilitiesAlan Coopersmith22 months
masterconfigure: define HAVE_LIBBSD when libbsd was foundBernd Kuhls5 days
sco_port_updateSCO port update for SCO OpenServer 5 and UnixWare 7. A few general cleanupsKean Johnson16 years
libXfont2-2.0.4commit ed8b8e9fe5...Alan Coopersmith21 months
libXfont-1.5.4commit 7d24675162...Matthieu Herrb4 years
libXfont2-2.0.3commit cdb2f99034...Matthieu Herrb4 years
libXfont-1.5.3commit f581c2346d...Matt Turner4 years
libXfont2-2.0.2commit d82dfe2549...Adam Jackson4 years
libXfont-1.5.2commit 8cce9834b2...Adam Jackson5 years
libXfont2-2.0.1commit 14488af033...Keith Packard6 years
libXfont2-2.0.0commit 135fb032e9...Keith Packard6 years
libXfont-1.4.9commit b6ba8ef306...Alan Coopersmith6 years
libXfont-1.5.1commit da4246c98b...Alan Coopersmith6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2006-07-06Bump to 1.2.0libXfont-1.2.0Adam Jackson1-1/+1
2006-07-06Bug #6918: remove dependencies on Freetype internal headers. As of 2.2Jie Luo3-25/+143
2006-06-03Coverity #1541: Double free of pointer "ranges" in call to "Xfree"Alan Coopersmith2-1/+9
2006-06-01For the 20-odd symbols defined both in libXfont and the X server, emit themAdam Jackson23-103/+72
2006-04-01Add ft.h and ftfuncs.h to the install set for Xprint's benefit. Bump to 1.1libxfont-1_1_0XORG-7_1XORG-7_0_99_901Adam Jackson3-2/+12
2006-03-31Change BUILD_* to XFONT_* (Drew Parsons). Remove random #ifndef CRAY.Daniel Stone2-6/+10
2006-03-20Bug #6247: Fix build on Cygwin. (Yaakov Selkowitz)Adam Jackson2-1/+6
2006-02-21Don't crash when we receive an FS_Error from the font server (GuillemDaniel Stone2-2/+8
2005-12-15Update package version number for final X11R7 release candidate.XORG-7_0XORG-6_99_99_904Kevin E Martin2-1/+6
2005-12-09Bug #5175: Make encodingsdir configurable.MODULAR_COPYKevin E Martin3-2/+17