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-.\" $XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/nv/,v 1.17 2003/02/11 00:00:18 mvojkovi Exp $
+.\" $XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/nv/,v 1.22 2003/10/18 01:14:26 mvojkovi Exp $
.\" shorthand for double quote that works everywhere.
.ds q \N'34'
.TH NV __drivermansuffix__ __vendorversion__
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ nv \- NVIDIA video driver
.B nv
-is an XFree86 driver for NVIDIA video cards. The driver supports full 2D
+is an XFree86 driver for NVIDIA video cards. The driver supports 2D
acceleration and provides support for the following framebuffer depths:
8, 15, 16 (except Riva128) and 24. All
visual types are supported for depth 8, TrueColor and DirectColor
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ NV1A, NV1F
NV17, NV18, NV25, NV28
.TP 22
+NV30, NV31, NV34, NV35, NV36, NV38
Please refer to XF86Config(__filemansuffix__) for general configuration
details. This section only covers configuration details specific to this
@@ -76,7 +76,8 @@ on all OSs). See fbdevhw(__drivermansuffix__) for further information.
Default: off.
.BI "Option \*qCrtcNumber\*q \*q" integer \*q
-nForce2, Quadro4, GeForce4 and NV30 may have two video outputs.
+GeForce2 MX, nForce2, Quadro4, GeForce4, Quadro FX and GeForce FX
+may have two video outputs.
The driver attempts to autodetect
which one the monitor is connected to. In the case that autodetection picks
the wrong one, this option may be used to force usage of a particular output.
@@ -84,17 +85,21 @@ The options are "0" or "1".
Default: autodetected.
.BI "Option \*qFlatPanel\*q \*q" boolean \*q
-The driver usually cannot autodetect the presence of a flat panel so
-this option should be set when used with a flat panel. With this driver
-a flat panel will only work if it was POSTed by the BIOS, that is, the
-machine must have booted to the panel.
+The driver usually can autodetect the presence of a digital flat panel. In
+the case that this fails, this option can be used to force the driver to
+treat the attached device as a digital flat panel. With this
+driver, a digital flat panel will only work if it was POSTed by the BIOS,
+that is, the
+machine must have booted to the panel. If you have a dual head card
+you may also need to set the option CrtcNumber described above.
Default: off.
.BI "Option \*qFPDither\*q \*q" boolean \*q
-Most digital flat panels have only 6 bits per component color resolution.
+Many digital flat panels (particularly ones on laptops) have only 6 bits
+per component color resolution.
This option tells the driver to dither from 8 bits per component to 6 before
-the flat panel truncates it. This is only suported in depth 24 on NV11,
-nForce2, GeForce4, Quadro4 and NV30.
+the flat panel truncates it. This is only supported in depth 24 on GeForce2 MX,
+nForce2, GeForce4, Quadro4, Geforce FX and Quadro FX.
Default: off.
.BI "Option \*qRotate\*q \*qCW\*q"