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authorPeter Hutterer <>2010-10-26 10:16:28 +1000
committerThomas Hellstrom <>2010-11-04 08:48:35 +0100
commit4345af5cacec0501a045a303ff9816098b0d63d0 (patch)
parent8962e5c7c521e6cf28f464a9cdb80bd37f2f4328 (diff)
Replace LocalDevicePtr with InputInfoPtr.
The LocalDevicePtr define was removed from the server with ABI 12, but InputInfoPtr has been an alias for it since the Xfree86/Xorg fork. Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <> Acked-by: Thomas Hellstrom <>
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/src/vmmouse.c b/src/vmmouse.c
index b716f46..59e7be7 100644
--- a/src/vmmouse.c
+++ b/src/vmmouse.c
@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@ static void GetVMMouseMotionEvent(InputInfoPtr pInfo);
static void VMMousePostEvent(InputInfoPtr pInfo, int buttons, int dx, int dy, int dz, int dw);
static void VMMouseDoPostEvent(InputInfoPtr pInfo, int buttons, int dx, int dy);
static Bool VMMouseDeviceControl(DeviceIntPtr device, int mode);
-static void VMMouseCloseProc(LocalDevicePtr local);
-static int VMMouseControlProc(LocalDevicePtr local, xDeviceCtl * control);
+static void VMMouseCloseProc(InputInfoPtr pInfo);
+static int VMMouseControlProc(InputInfoPtr pInfo, xDeviceCtl * control);
static void VMMouseReadInput(InputInfoPtr pInfo);
static int VMMouseSwitchMode(ClientPtr client, DeviceIntPtr dev, int mode);
static Bool VMMouseConvertProc(InputInfoPtr pInfo, int first, int num, int v0, int v1, int v2,
@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@ MouseCommonOptions(InputInfoPtr pInfo)
static void
-VMMouseUnInit(InputDriverPtr drv, LocalDevicePtr local, int flags)
+VMMouseUnInit(InputDriverPtr drv, InputInfoPtr pInfo, int flags)
xf86Msg(X_INFO, "VMWARE(0): VMMouseUnInit\n");
@@ -1033,7 +1033,7 @@ GetVMMouseMotionEvent(InputInfoPtr pInfo){
static int
-VMMouseControlProc(LocalDevicePtr local, xDeviceCtl * control)
+VMMouseControlProc(InputInfoPtr pInfo, xDeviceCtl * control)
xf86Msg(X_INFO, "VMWARE(0): VMMouseControlProc\n");
return (Success);
@@ -1056,7 +1056,7 @@ VMMouseControlProc(LocalDevicePtr local, xDeviceCtl * control)
static void
-VMMouseCloseProc(LocalDevicePtr local)
+VMMouseCloseProc(InputInfoPtr pInfo)
xf86Msg(X_INFO, "VMWARE(0): VMMouseCloseProc\n");