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On-going tasks:
-Aramis: adding support for cards with multiple outputs
-Lucas: creating new Live-CD
-Paulo: documenting, TODO editing, small fixes
+Aramis: testing and fixing possible bugs
+Lucas: creating new Live-CD, working with internationalization
+Paulo: documenting, TODO editing, bug fixing.
Easy/small tasks:
@@ -21,17 +21,23 @@ Easy/small tasks:
Do this in a separate commit.
- Should we stop printing useless parts of xorg.conf since everyone has a xorg
server > 1.4 ?
-- read-devices.c: if it accepts nothing as an argument, there is no problem
- (we're just waiting for someone to plug a device). To fix this, we have two
- ways: we can fix read-devices.c OR fix mdm-start-seat (to not call
- read-devices.c).
+- The xrandr_funtions stuff should be moved to inside the modes. Not every mode
+ will want this.
+- Now that xrandr_functions were added, the scripts are not respecting the
+ screen resolution (mode). Fix this.
+- When you start mdm with monoseat, the mdm-bin process never ends. This breaks
+ the init.d file, which runs mdm-bin in "foreground". Maybe the ideal fix would
+ not be to start mdm-bin in background, but do something else.
+- Don't make xephyr-gdm mode open gdm. In Debian, doing this will print some
+ error messages. Make it detect if gdm is open first.
Medium/hard tasks:
-- Change discover_devices:
- - find a better way to detect input devices (HAL?)
- - find a better way to detect video cards (Xorg?)
+- Create a mode to use multiple X servers. To do this we'll need big changes,
+ specially in the configuration process. mdm will have to get a lot more
+ "generic" to do this.
+- Change discover_devices find a better way to detect input devices
- Fix the problem with "mdm stop" (talk to Paulo for more info about this)
- Create a mode that uses VNC!
- Create other useful modes for UFPR informatics department (sibi, provas, boca,
@@ -47,7 +53,6 @@ Medium/hard tasks:
- In mode xephyr-gdm, find a way to allow reconfiguring input when Xephyr dies.
- Release 1.0.0 when everything else is done.
Things you'll need to commit outside your repository (mainly X work):