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authorLyude Paul <>2020-03-16 12:11:32 -0400
committerPetri Latvala <>2020-03-20 14:25:23 +0200
commit7d2ad0888018ffa6e0acd460a6fad14c08c92c46 (patch)
parent6944f6515a9d2b46b2ec7dfd7bdb5153ea819d63 (diff)
meson: Add -fcommon to cc_flags
Now that we've fixed a bunch of build breakages on systems where -fcommon is the default (gcc 10+), let's start building with -fcommon by default so we can make sure things don't break with this in the future. Supposedly it's supposed to be able to generate better code anyway! Signed-off-by: Lyude Paul <> Acked-by: Petri Latvala <>
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diff --git a/ b/
index bcb69e1c..0d7092bd 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ cc_args = [
# well with longjmp which is heavily used by IGT framework.
+ '-fcommon',
foreach cc_arg : cc_args