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2004-01-06updates from Ivansvu1-203/+235
2004-01-03new version, thanks to Elrossvu1-13/+11
2003-12-18little cleanup on messagessvu1-0/+1
2003-12-18Slovak translation, thanks to Zdenko Podobnýsvu1-0/+1464
2003-12-18Danish translation, thanks to Ole Laursensvu1-0/+1464
2003-12-05Turkish translation added, thanks to Nilgün Belma Bugünersvu1-0/+1464
2003-11-30Serbian translation added, thanks to Danilo Segansvu1-0/+1465
2003-11-29Chinese simplified translation, thanks to Funda Wangsvu1-0/+1464
2003-11-27NL translation. Thanks to Elros Cyriatansvu1-0/+1467
2003-11-27First non-cyrillic translation. Thanks to Michal Bukovjansvu1-0/+1465
2003-11-25Now the project should be buildable and translatable - but please no ↵svu6-0/+6289
translations till the English version is approved