AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2004-05-06Makedonian problem fixed - and BOTH tests are OKsvu3-6/+12
2004-05-06Yahoo! Models test pased ok!svu83-461/+527
2004-05-05Ivan found dots are not good for ussvu114-21/+21
2004-05-03The perl code is a bit structured nowsvu3-133/+157
2004-05-02Russian translation, up2datesvu1-510/+592
2004-05-02new stringssvu1-399/+379
2004-05-02some fixes in rules, more tests pass oksvu2-17/+2
2004-05-02at least variants pass ok with testssvu4-70/+55
2004-05-01Hungarian layout added, thanks to Soóssvu2-2/+429
2004-04-30Add Japanese and Mongolian layouts.pascal4-4/+215
2004-04-27Canadian layout meta-info fixedsvu1-14/+8
2004-04-27fixed syntax typosvu1-1/+1
2004-04-27French layouts are now merged. Thanks to Guylhem for the positive answersvu5-185/+183
2004-04-25trying to test layouts as wellsvu2-5/+75
2004-04-25starting test scriptssvu2-0/+95
2004-04-24fixing includesvu1-1/+1
2004-04-24us_intl is returned as alt-intlsvu3-20/+56
2004-04-24new layouts by Ivan should be included into Makefile.amsvu1-3/+3
2004-04-24Remove 'pc' directory name from includes in Canadian keymap.pascal1-2/+2
2004-04-24Add Azeri, Canadian and Vietnamese keymaps.pascal5-1/+344
2004-04-24Croatian US stuff appendedsvu2-2/+78
2004-04-24second polish layout is mergedsvu5-60/+55
2004-04-24a lot of layouts cleaned up - but way way more to gosvu92-1220/+1053
2004-04-22The 'compiled' directory is really necessary. Even if it is emptysvu5-1/+23
2004-04-21adding Swiss layouts and removing references to pc/ from filessvu83-216/+373
2004-04-20Bosninan layout was forgottensvu3-2/+228
2004-04-19adding all-important option filessvu9-1/+2531
2004-04-15now, the symlinks allow distributors to use their own names for the rules - t...svu3-5/+26
2004-04-14COPYING added - MIT license (thanks to Keithp). Some minor fixes on infrastru...svu20-20/+37
2004-04-11First buildable versionsvu15-26/+124
2004-04-11more automake foo - but still far from building the whole thingsvu43-6163/+7822
2004-04-10more - but still long way to the first buildsvu7-21/+32
2004-04-10first feed-in of the layouts. The revolution is comingsvu275-3866/+33133
2004-04-04Azerbaijani translation, thanks to Metin Amiroffsvu2-1/+1466
2004-04-04Russian translation of the Syriac phoneticsvu1-227/+232
2004-04-04Syriac phonetic was not theresvu1-1/+9
2004-03-19some more translationssvu1-1/+1
2004-03-19Hungarian onesvu1-0/+1568
2004-03-19three new translationssvu14-3437/+9261
2004-01-20corrected tibetian language translationsvu1-1/+1
2004-01-19updated Russian translationsvu1-359/+372
2004-01-19new items from Ivansvu1-0/+24
2004-01-09patch from Ivan - new itemssvu1-8/+86
2004-01-07French translation, thanks to Michel Robitaillesvu2-1/+1465
2004-01-06updates from Ivansvu2-203/+271
2004-01-03new version, thanks to Elrossvu1-13/+11
2003-12-18little cleanup on messagessvu2-0/+2
2003-12-18little things for the latest intltoolsvu2-5/+4