AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
18 hoursexclude .git files and gitlab CI stuff from the distribution tarballHEADmasterBenno Schulenberg1-0/+5
34 hoursPrereleaseSergey Udaltsov1-1/+1
34 hourssymbols/bqn: Update authorship attributionB. Wilson1-2/+3
47 hourssymbols: move the special Japanese and Korean keys from 'inet' to 'pc'Benno Schulenberg3-22/+11
47 hourssymbols/pc: reshuffle some lines and elide an includeBenno Schulenberg1-16/+10
47 hourssymbols: do not define the standard keys again to their standard valuesBenno Schulenberg3-28/+2
47 hourssymbols/pc: group some keys better, either by proximity or by functionBenno Schulenberg1-25/+18
47 hourssymbols/pc: contract unnecessarily wide whitespaceBenno Schulenberg1-45/+46
47 hourssymbols/in: include the Rupee separately when layout is just two levelsBenno Schulenberg1-1/+2
4 dayssymbols/{ca,in,mv,sy}: drop pointless modifier mappingsBenno Schulenberg4-24/+0
4 dayssymbols/in: drop four definitions of Right Alt key that get overriddenBenno Schulenberg1-20/+0
4 daysAdd US Workman-P layout based on US Workman with top row digits switched onlyVladimir Gorelov3-0/+34
4 daysNew layout: bqnB. Wilson3-1/+94
4 daysadd a .mailmap file, to fold a person's different addresses to just oneBenno Schulenberg1-0/+8
4 daysrules: make a handful of toggle descriptions more grammaticalBenno Schulenberg1-7/+7
4 dayssymbols/kh: replace 0x100nnnn with Unnnn, and "voidsymbol" with "none"Benno Schulenberg1-54/+55
4 dayssymbols/kh: improve comments and remove redundant onesBenno Schulenberg1-38/+13
6 dayssymbols/bd: replace 0x100nnnn with Unnnn, and "voidsymbol" with "none"Benno Schulenberg1-48/+48
6 dayssymbols/bd: improve comments and remove redundant onesBenno Schulenberg1-24/+10
9 daysrules: make the Right-Alt group toggle override any layout's Right AltBenno Schulenberg6-1/+5
10 dayssymbols/group: put two options next to their brother or sistersBenno Schulenberg2-24/+25
10 daysrules: place the +group() options together, for neatnessBenno Schulenberg5-15/+15
10 dayssymbols/mm: reduce whitespace, and tighten the alignmentsBenno Schulenberg1-307/+305
11 dayssymbols/mm: remove unneeded upper-level definitions that copy lower onesBenno Schulenberg1-34/+30
11 dayssymbols/mm: fix the missing AE05 key (digit 5) in the Shan layoutBenno Schulenberg1-1/+2
11 dayssymbols/eu: improve the leading comment, and reduce whitespaceBenno Schulenberg1-50/+51
11 dayssymbols/sun_vndr/be: remove four variants that are no longer availableBenno Schulenberg1-20/+0
11 dayssymbols/id: use an 'include' instead of duplicating the basic US variantBenno Schulenberg1-51/+2
11 dayssymbols/us: reduce some whitespace and tighten the basic variantBenno Schulenberg1-51/+50
13 daysremove pieces that are no longer needed after the previous two commitsBenno Schulenberg4-87/+4
13 daysadd a "Both Alts; AltGr for level 3" option for switching between groupsBenno Schulenberg7-0/+25
13 daysmake the "Both Alts" option for switching between groups work againBenno Schulenberg7-15/+9
2022-05-09symbols/in: condense some whitespace, and trim trailing blanksBenno Schulenberg1-348/+342
2022-05-09symbols/in: harmonize some comments, and harmonize some whitespaceBenno Schulenberg1-534/+465
2022-05-09symbols/in: remove redundant key definitions and pointless commentsBenno Schulenberg1-74/+7
2022-05-09symbols/in: add the Rupee sign directly to layouts with multiple levelsBenno Schulenberg1-5/+3
2022-05-09symbols/pk: consistently use uppercase hexadecimal for Unicode codesBenno Schulenberg1-91/+91
2022-05-08symbols/pk: reduce the amount of whitespace, and improve alignmentBenno Schulenberg1-356/+356
2022-05-08symbols/pk: replace the 0x100nnnn Unicode codes with the shorter UnnnnBenno Schulenberg1-288/+288
2022-05-08symbols/pk: improve two comments, and remove redundant linesBenno Schulenberg1-33/+20
2022-05-08symbols/pk: remove the weird ^C codes from five keys in the Arabic layoutBenno Schulenberg1-5/+5
2022-05-06symbols/group: make the seven comments about 'Mode_switch' more accurateBenno Schulenberg1-12/+10
2022-05-06symbols/ru: make Shift+6 produce ^ (not ‸) in the phonetic Mac LayoutBenno Schulenberg1-1/+1
2022-05-06symbols/group: delete four obsolete comments about keyboard modelsBenno Schulenberg1-8/+0
2022-05-05symbols: change deprecated 'leftcaret'/'rightcaret' to 'less'/'greater'Benno Schulenberg5-9/+7
2022-05-05symbols/my: reduce some whitespace, and improve vertical alignmentsBenno Schulenberg1-94/+93
2022-05-05symbols/my: remove redundant comments, definitions, and trailing blanksBenno Schulenberg1-21/+4
2022-05-05symbols/tr: delete two definitions of BKSL that are overridden by AC12Benno Schulenberg3-4/+1
2022-05-05rules: correct three descriptions to say "second" instead of "last" layoutBenno Schulenberg2-11/+11
2022-05-04rules: make the Rctrl and Caps switches for the fifth level selectableBenno Schulenberg3-0/+25