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@@ -293,6 +293,20 @@ The most used schemes are:
Lock+LevelThree modifiers apply the symbol from the third level
is taken. This also, shift-cancels-caps variant.
+ A four-level keypad scheme where the first two levels are similar
+ to the KEYPAD scheme (NumLock+Shift)
+ LevelThree acts as an override providing access to two Shift-ed
+ levels. When LevelThree is active we totally ignore NumLock state
+ Intended for the digit area of the keypad
+ A four-level scheme where the base level accepts no modifier,
+ LevelThree provides two more Shift-ed levels like in the previous
+ scheme, and Ctrl+Alt controls the fourth level
+ Intended for the operator part of a keypad, though since NumLock
+ plays no part, it is not keypad-specific
Besides that, there are several schemes for special purposes: