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# X11R6.9 and X11R7.0 Officially Released

### Landmark version X11R7.0 released today with X11R6.9 by the X.Org Foundation

_Brookline, Massachusetts, December 21 2005._ The first major version release  of the X Window System in more than a decade, X11R7.0 is the first release  of the complete modularized and autotooled source code base for the X Window System. X11R6.9, its companion release, contains identical features, and  uses the exact same source code as X11R7.0, but with the traditional imake  build system. 

These changes in source code management, giving openness and transparency to the source code base and employing current technology, invite a new  generation of developers to contribute, building on the long tradition of  the X Window System. The new modular format offers focused development, and  rapid and independent updates and distribution of tested modular components  as they are ready, freed from the biennial maintenance release timetable.  

X11R6.9 comprises many distinct components bonded in a single tree,  based on imake. X11R7.0 splits that set of components into logically  distinct modules, separately developed, built, and maintained by the  community of X.Org developers. This simulaneous release gives a transition  point for developers, builders, and vendors to adapt their practices to the  new X.Org modular process. X11R7.0 supports Linux and Solaris at this time,  with other support pending. X11R7.1, the first modular roll-up release, is  scheduled mid-2006. While the monolithic tree will continue to be fully  supported and released, new feature development is expected to be  concentrated in the modular code base. 

The X11R7.0 and X11R6.9 releases are the work of more than fifty volunteer  contributors worldwide, working under the release management team of Kevin  Martin (Head), Alan Coopersmith, and Adam Jackson, with the support of Red  Hat, Sun Microsystems, and the unsupported generous contribution of effort  by Adam Jackson.*  

All X Window System Releases are available from [[http://ftp.X.Org|http://ftp.X.Org]] and mirror sites  worldwide (see [[|]]). They are distributed under the  MIT ("X") License by the X.Org Foundation LLC.  Information concerning  organization, activities, and mailing lists can be found at  [[http://www.X.Org|http://www.X.Org]]. Membership is free and open to contributors. Sponsorship  is encouraged to support the global activities of the X.Org Foundation.  Current X.Org Sponsors include Sun Microsystems, HP, IBM, StarNet  Communications, AttachmateWRQ, Hummingbird, and Integrated Computer  Solutions Incorporated [ICS].*  

In continuous use for over 20 years, the X Window System provides the only  standard platform-independent networked graphical window system bridging the heterogeneous platforms in today's enterprise: from network servers to  desktops, thin clients, laptops, and hand-helds, independent of operating  system and hardware.   

* LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. "Solaris" is a tradmark of Sun Microsystems. Company names are trademarks of their registered  owners.