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37 hoursXorg BoD minutes 2021-10-14HEADmasterLyude Paul1-0/+62
2021-10-0109-30 minutes: Mention approving XDC2021 organizer dinner budgetLyude Paul1-0/+1
2021-10-0109-30 minutes: Correct Emma's nameLyude Paul1-1/+1
2021-10-0109-30 minutes: Correct attendance listLyude Paul1-2/+2
2021-09-30Xorg BoD minutes 2021-09-30Lyude Paul1-0/+78
2021-09-16Xorg BoD minutes 2021-09-16Lyude Paul1-0/+79
2021-08-26Xorg BoD minutes 2021-08-26Lyude Paul1-0/+70
2021-08-12Xorg BoD minutes 2021-08-12Lyude Paul1-0/+85
2021-07-29Xorg BoD minutes 2021-07-29Lyude Paul1-0/+83
2021-07-15Correct "Sharing of non-redistributable game traces within members" in ↵Lyude Paul1-1/+1
minutes Meant to mark this as done
2021-07-15Xorg BoD minutes 2021-07-15Lyude Paul1-0/+105
2021-07-01Xorg BoD minutes 2021-07-01Lyude Paul1-0/+118
2021-06-17Xorg BoD minutes 2021-06-17Lyude Paul1-0/+82
2021-06-03Xorg BoD minutes 2021-06-03Lyude Paul1-0/+100
2021-05-20Xorg BoD minutes 2021-05-20Lyude Paul1-0/+117
2021-05-06Xorg BoD minutes 2021-05-06Lyude Paul1-0/+100
2021-04-22Xorg BoD minutes 2021-04-22Lyude Paul1-0/+63
2021-04-08Xorg BoD minutes 2021-04-08Lyude Paul1-0/+89
2021-03-26Correct 03-25 minutesLyude Paul1-1/+1
Apparently I typed $30/month instead of $30/day, which is a pretty significant difference oops! Signed-off-by: Lyude Paul <>
2021-03-25Fix cloud hosting status in 2021-03-25Lyude Paul1-1/+1
Got confirmation from the FDO admins that it's fine for us to mark this item as done, so let's do that
2021-03-25Xorg BoD minutes 2021-03-25Lyude Paul1-0/+106
2021-03-25Revert "Xorg BoD minutes 2021-03-25"Lyude Paul1-53/+0
This was completely on accident - we haven't had the meeting yet This reverts commit 5a3e4226e284f0d571f6aa2cd0d8b955cdd236db.
2021-03-25Xorg BoD minutes 2021-03-25Lyude Paul1-0/+53
2021-03-24Correction to the 2021-01-28 meeting minutesLyude Paul1-0/+1
2021-03-11Xorg BoD minutes 2021-03-11Lyude Paul1-0/+82
2021-02-25Xorg BoD minutes 2021-02-25Lyude Paul1-0/+83
2021-02-11Xorg BoD minutes 2021-02-11Lyude Paul1-0/+105
2021-02-09Fix meeting minutes for 2021/01-28Lyude Paul1-1/+1
Danvet pointed this out to me on the mailing list but I completely forgot to do it, replace "I" with Samuel re: XDC2022
2021-01-28Xorg BoD minutes 2021-01-28Lyude Paul1-0/+69
2021-01-14Xorg BoD minutes 2021-01-14Lyude Paul1-0/+64