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The conference will be held in the main conference room at the SUSE headquarters at [[,+Altstadt+und+Engere+Innenstadt+90409+N%C3%BCrnberg,+Bayern&aq=&vps=1&jsv=402e&sll=51.151786,10.415039&sspn=14.100269,34.936523&vpsrc=1&ie=UTF8&oi=georefine&ct=clnk&cd=2&geocode=FT2y8gIdqRupAA&split=0|Maxfeldstrasse 5]]
== Program ==
-If you would like to give a talk during the event, please add it to the [[/Program|program page]].
+There are two ways to submit a presentation for this event:
+ 1. There is a [[|Call for Papers]]. The deadline for submission is August, 15, 2012.
+ 1. For more informal presentations you may add your talk to the [[/Program|program page]]. The deadline for submission here is September 14, 2012.
+For more information please also check [[|here]].
== Registration ==
If you want to attend XDC2012 please add your name to the [[/Attendees|attendees page]]. Additionally please subscribe to the [[| events mailing list]] where we will post regular updates.
@@ -42,7 +45,7 @@ It is unlikely that you will need any public transportation during the time of t
== Local Dining ==
The conference venue is right outside the old city wall, thus in close walking distance from the city center. There are many restaurants close-by as well as towards the city center. Just walk down the street or ask for recommendations on site.
-Also check out the [[|Nuernberg Tourist Information]].
+Also check out the [[|Nuernberg Tourist Information]].
== Remote Participation ==
For those who cannot make it to the conference we are planning to record the sessions. We may even have a live stream, also participation via IRC should be available.