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+Summary of the 17 August 2022 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/]]
+## Attendees
+Daniel Vetter,
+Lyude Paul,
+Mark Filion,
+Ricardo Garcia
+Alyssa Rosenzweig,
+Emma Anholt,
+Manasi Navare,
+Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez,
+## Summary
+Agenda: XDC2022/XDC2023, COVID requirements for XDC2022
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: XDC2022/XDC2023
+Not many updates here: received one RFP from a potential XDC host who expressed
+interest in hosting
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: COVID Requirements
+Following the lead from other similar conferences, and just the general fact it is a good idea, we discussed the possibility of having vaccination and masking requirements for this XDC.
+ACTIONS: Board approves, the plan will be required proof of vaccination or a negative test result, along with masking being required in conference space.
+STATUS: Pending