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+[12:00:00] [connected at Wed Aug 31 12:00:00 2022]
+[12:00:01] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[12:00:56] <Lyude> Hey everyone! Time for role call, alyssa, danvet, mfilion, mdnavare, anholt, rg3igalia_
+[12:01:26] * danvet waves
+[12:01:35] <danvet> I'm also concurrently in some intel meeting though :-/
+[12:01:46] <samuelig> hi!
+[12:03:06] <alyssa> `Hello hello!
+[12:03:24] <Lyude> Hey everyone, so the agenda for today: XDC2022/XDC2023, GSoC, covid requirements, and MIPI alliance (unfortunately no updates, so we'll just skip this one :V)
+[12:03:31] <mfilion> o/
+[12:04:46] <Lyude> Not really much to go over this meeting, I guess if I missed anything let me know :)
+[12:05:31] <samuelig> I can start with XDC thingy
+[12:05:47] <Lyude> samuelig: oh ok! sure :)
+[12:05:55] <samuelig> XDC 2022: confirmed all speakers. By the end of the week Ricardo will upload the schedule of the conference. We need to check if there is any speaker who wants to go virtual.
+[12:05:58] * Lyude had forgotten you used to handle that lol
+[12:06:20] <samuelig> Regarding travel sponsorship, we are still waiting for more info about one request. The rest I think they are all managed (I need to confirm with Ricardo)
+[12:06:48] <samuelig> Hard to estimate XDC attendance at this point, but it seems it will be lower than past years. 81 people but for XDC, FOSSXR and WineConf... not only XDC. So it seems we will be fewer than past in-person events... covid perhaps?
+[12:07:12] <samuelig> as a reference, we had ~140 ppl in past in-person XDCs
+[12:07:45] <samuelig> I hope the number increses in the coming weeks, but the trend doesn't look great
+[12:08:00] <samuelig> Regarding organization details, we are helping organizers with things like coffee breaks (because of the attendance estimation) and such. One thing to comment is the usage of mask at the venue and requesting vax certs...
+[12:08:04] <samuelig> Oh, I see a point in the agenda about that, we can discuss it later.
+[12:08:39] <alyssa> (covid being what it is, a smaller event than usual might not be the worst thing)
+[12:08:41] <mfilion> I really doubt we'll be anywhere near 100, quite a few people are planning to watch it online
+[12:08:52] <Lyude> mhm, I'm hoping the trend is mostly just from COVID tbh
+[12:09:05] <danvet> yeah I expect we'll have in-person/virtual split maybe 50/50 in attendance
+[12:09:09] <Lyude> chances are a lot of companies have changed their travel policies as well (I know red hat sure did)
+[12:09:09] <mfilion> danvet did you change your mind about attending in person, or will you be staying home?
+[12:09:19] <danvet> mfilion, still chicken :-)
+[12:09:26] <Lyude> (ironically, for the better for once :)
+[12:09:38] <mfilion> alright
+[12:10:07] <Lyude> siqueira: if there's anything to go over for GSoC feel free, I think we're near/at the end of that?
+[12:10:18] <samuelig> XDC 2023: no Europe based requests. Daniel Vetter will ping usual suspects in Europe to see if somebody can organize it. I am seeing if Igalia can organize it, I will know more in a few days.
+[12:11:05] <samuelig> but we will need to extend the RFP for sure
+[12:11:11] <samuelig> (deadline is September 1st!)
+[12:11:13] <Lyude> ah right, I should ask tpelka about brno again. although it sounded like we might already be hosting a difference conference
+[12:11:24] <samuelig> I would say October 1st? and decide during XDC
+[12:11:42] <danvet> samuelig, I've just done all the pinging and added more people where I had some ideas
+[12:11:50] <samuelig> nice!
+[12:11:55] <danvet> I also asked that we're happy to extend
+[12:12:15] <danvet> Lyude, I think some dramatic notes so phoronix picks it up might be good too :-)
+[12:12:29] <Lyude> danvet: you mean for getting RFPs
+[12:12:31] <Lyude> *?
+[12:12:33] <danvet> Lyude, yeah
+[12:12:36] <Lyude> sgtm
+[12:13:01] <Lyude> samuelig: I assume that's it for XDC?
+[12:13:05] <samuelig> yup
+[12:13:06] <samuelig> that's all
+[12:13:10] <alyssa> \o/
+[12:13:38] <alyssa> it feels weird that we might have 3 north american xdc's in a row, after adjusting for covid
+[12:14:12] <alyssa> but ... if nobody is interested to host on the other side of the pond, I guess our hands are tied
+[12:14:22] <Lyude> So that just leaves the COVID requirements: we definitely caught codeweavers by surprise with the COVID vaccintion requirements, and mainly they were just worried about the logistics regarding being able to enforce it - and also wanted to have more of a chance to provide input
+[12:15:02] <mfilion> re: the RFP, I can look at organizing it in the UK too
+[12:15:13] <mfilion> really don't think it should be in NA again
+[12:15:20] <Lyude> omg i'd be very excited if we had XDC in the UK
+[12:15:21] <samuelig> alyssa, I think if 2023 is in NA, 2024 could be in Europe, so we come back to even years at Europe and odd years in NA that we use to have (the pandemic broke that)
+[12:15:42] <alyssa> samuelig: Fair enough ^^
+[12:16:03] <alyssa> Lyude: Yeah, I've been thinking more about that
+[12:16:07] <mfilion> or we keep going as is samuelig, our turn to keep the even numbers :p
+[12:16:36] <samuelig> lol
+[12:16:50] <Lyude> anyway, regarding the COVID stuff: I guess we want to rescind that requirement, or do we have any ideas on something that would be more reasonable?
+[12:16:52] <alyssa> I think I agree that checking proof of vaccination is going to be a logistic nightmare for no real benefit
+[12:17:14] <alyssa> ostensibly, entering the US as a non-US person requires being vaccinated anyway
+[12:17:17] * Lyude also doesn't want codeweavers to think we're trying to usurp them with decisions like this, which is fair
+[12:17:36] <mfilion> Agree, like I said in my last email, I really don't care at this point about checking vax, if someone wants to travel unvaxxed, that's their problem.
+[12:18:11] <samuelig> I agree with alyssa. I think mask enforcing is enough. If codeweaver, who know the venue and such, don't find it feasible to ask for due to the number of entries and such, I prefer to skip it.
+[12:18:19] <Lyude> imo, masks at least would be nice because that should be very easy
+[12:18:43] <mfilion> right, and all other confs arounds XDC have masks too, so I don't think we should be the rebels here
+[12:18:48] <Lyude> anyway, I'm happy to just +1 this. masks should probably be enough,
+[12:18:57] <alyssa> Something I meant to ask--
+[12:19:01] <mfilion> even the Khronos F2F two weeks later has masks
+[12:19:04] <alyssa> (Well, tried to. SMTP was goofing on me.)
+[12:19:21] <alyssa> If we mandate masks, do we exempt speakers while they are actively presenting?
+[12:19:33] <Lyude> I'm fine with that imo
+[12:19:46] <alyssa> On one hand, that has negative public health implications (and maybe defeats the masking given how much of the conf is presenting...)
+[12:19:58] <alyssa> (or maybe it doesn't? maybe that depends on the venue? I ain't a doctor)
+[12:20:06] <mfilion> at OSSummit, speakers could remove them
+[12:20:42] <alyssa> On the other hand, presenting masked will have accessibility implications, particularly if the audio quality isn't great on the stream
+[12:20:52] <alyssa> (it's not like we subtitle talk recordings..)
+[12:21:07] <Lyude> alyssa: tbh though the presenter is basically always going to be at a distance from the conference goers anyway, so
+[12:21:20] <samuelig> I guess so? they have enough distance and the stage should be big enough. If we want to go the safe route, we can place a CO2 sensor in the stage and only request mask if it is not in the safe area... although probably in that moment we want to renovate the air
+[12:21:38] <samuelig> of the whole room
+[12:22:04] <alyssa> Lyude: yeah, that's fair.. I don't know what the venue will be like. It would be a heck of a lot easier to social distance at the XDC2018 auditorium than the little XDC2019 room.
+[12:22:39] <Lyude> samuelig: tbh we could probably do pretty well with some cori-rosenthal boxes
+[12:22:44] <samuelig> but it is a question for codeweavers, we don't know how is the room physically
+[12:22:58] <mfilion> at OSSEU in Dublin: "Masks do not need to be worn when in outdoor spaces and while actively eating food and beverage indoors when socially distanced from others. Speakers are not required to wear masks while presenting talks."
+[12:23:27] <Lyude> well I'm +1 for this policy for what it's worth
+[12:23:33] <samuelig> +1
+[12:23:37] <mfilion> same, +1
+[12:24:15] <Lyude> alyssa: ?
+[12:25:02] <alyssa> +1 contingent on codeweavers agreeing, I think
+[12:25:22] <Lyude> oh yeah - don't want to make the same mistake and make it clear yeah, this is all contingent on them agreeing
+[12:25:38] <Lyude> sgtm then, I think that's actually it for this meeting
+[12:25:42] <alyssa> mfilion: that's an interesting question too
+[12:25:54] <alyssa> are food/beverage allowed in the talk-presenting room?
+[12:26:24] <Lyude> thanks for coming everyone!
+[12:27:13] <mfilion> no clue alyssa, I guess it depends on the university's guidelines
+[12:27:18] <alyssa> fair enough
+[12:27:31] <alyssa> the OSSEU guidelines seem otherwise reasonable I think
+[12:29:10] <danvet> sry distracted by the other meeting, +1 on osseu policy contigent on codeweavers and all
+[13:05:39] <anholt> +1 for that policy
+[13:44:00] <siqueira> Lyude About the GSoC, everything is under control, and we are wrapping out all the final work. This week the students will send a new version of the patchset, and next week they will have a presentation to some AMD folks about the kunit. Everything is on track for their XDC presentation. Finally, one of the students asked me for an extension (I
+[13:44:00] <siqueira> don't think it is necessary), and I'll start a conversation with other mentors and with Trevor. Ps.: Sorry for the delay
+[16:46:08] [disconnected at Wed Aug 31 16:46:08 2022]