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+Date is 2015-09-04, times are UTC+10.
+[[!format txt """
+06:58 < whot> good morning
+06:58 < danvet> hi all
+06:59 <+egbert> hi danvet! hi all!
+07:00 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:00 < agd5f> hi
+07:01 < marcoz> hey
+07:03 < mupuf-jolla> right on time, marcoz :D
+07:03 < marcoz> hey mupuf-jolla how's it?
+07:04 < mupuf-jolla> pretty good, though i have a ton of work to get my talk ready :p You?
+07:04 < marcoz> work is kicking my a$$.
+07:04 < robclark> hi
+07:05 < marcoz> looking forward to xdc
+07:05 < whot> stukreit: you online?
+07:05 < mupuf-jolla> keithp: ping
+07:05 < mupuf-jolla> marcoz: did you add your name in the list?
+07:06 < whot> agenda for today: evoc payment, XDC, gsoc update, expo
+07:06 < marcoz> not yet. I need to
+07:06 < whot> let's start with gsoc until stukreit pongs - pencils down deadline passed, wasn't it? mupuf-jolla?
+07:06 < mupuf-jolla> yes
+07:07 < mupuf-jolla> i am supposed to make a blog post about it but some students did not write their blog post!
+07:07 < stukreit> hello
+07:07 < mupuf-jolla> i need to ask them again. i gave been too lazy to force them apparently...
+07:08 < whot> mupuf-jolla: anything else that needs to be done for gsoc?
+07:08 < whot> do we get org payments again this year?
+07:08 < keithp> hello
+07:08 < mupuf-jolla> google asked us for something, i forwarded the request to stukreit.
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> no news since then
+07:09 < whot> stukreit: ^^
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> Carol talked about a stipend
+07:09 < stukreit> mupuf: not registering, this must be an old request
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> so i guess we do
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> yeah, around a month ago
+07:09 < whot> ok, mupuf-jolla can I get you to re-send this to stukreit and get this going?
+07:10 < stukreit> drawing a blank
+07:10 < mupuf-jolla> i am almost home, will send it tgen
+07:10 < whot> thanks
+07:10 < whot> anything else re:GSoC?
+07:10 < stukreit> the last I remember, I had updated the bank account info to gsoc, but hadn't gotten an ack from them
+07:10 < mupuf-jolla> well, it seems like only varad will be coming to Xdc
+07:11 < robclark> fwiw, varad is still working on getting visa.. so that might be a bit of a headache..
+07:11 < whot> robclark: does he need some signature/invitation from us?
+07:11 < mupuf-jolla> my student could not get his visa in time, or did not dare too
+07:11 < robclark> <varad> in other news... I've been refused a Canadian visa twice now, on completely absurd grounds :-(
+07:11 < robclark> trying once again
+07:11 < robclark> whot, I'll check
+07:12 < whot> also, for the archives: varad was approved by the board for travel sponsorship
+07:13 < whot> robclark: if he does, please take that over as needed.
+07:13 < robclark> well, 02:45 in New Delhi, so I won't hear back about invite letter until tomorrow..
+07:13 < whot> right
+07:13 < robclark> do we have some 'xorg foundation' letterhead or something like that?
+07:13 < whot> not that I know of
+07:13 < agd5f> robclark, since when do US citizens need a visa to visit Canada?
+07:14 < robclark> agd5f, varad is in India..
+07:14 < agd5f> oh, varad, I missed that part :)
+07:14 < robclark> whot, hmm, ok.. I guess I can invent something..
+07:15 <+egbert> from my experience it would be good if the organizer had some way to invite people.
+07:16 < robclark> agd5f, that said, there have been cases where US citizens needed invite letters.. at old job we had one guy turned away at Canadian immigration ;-)
+07:16 <+egbert> when i did the conference in 2012 i went thru suse. they had experience with what was needed and used exactly the right wording.
+07:17 < robclark> maybe AMD could do invite letters.. I guess that is someone whoever handles visa applications has heard of before..
+07:17 < agd5f> I go up there pretty often for work and never had a problem
+07:17 < agd5f> or Seneca College
+07:18 <+egbert> yeah, or both. it turned out that both suse and hopf's university sent out invitation letters.
+07:18 <+egbert> it may help to show two sponsors.
+07:18 < whot> huh, even I need a visa for .ca, didn't expect that
+07:18 <+egbert> whot: you are austrian?
+07:19 < whot> yeah, apparently I need an eTA
+07:19 <+egbert> this is this electronic thing?
+07:19 < whot> yeah
+07:19 <+egbert> like the us has?
+07:19 < whot> possibly, I'll let you know when I filed it :)
+07:19 < danvet> I thought that's only required from March 2016
+07:19 <+egbert> that was my thinking as well.
+07:20 < whot> oh, indeed. says so in small print
+07:20 < danvet> yeah they're bastards ;_)
+07:21 <+egbert> danvet: this took care of your visit ;p
+07:21 < whot> ok, sorry for derailing, let's get back to the topic
+07:21 < whot> robclark: let us know if varad needs anything, you can do all the stuff on behalf of the board anyway
+07:22 < robclark> ok.. I guess main thing is how to word it right and make it official/legit..
+07:22 < whot> ftr, I asked varad and sam to bunk together, they're happy with it
+07:22 < robclark> ok, cool, that should cut costs a bit
+07:23 < whot> anything else related to XDC?
+07:24 <+egbert> please get the information quickly. from my wife 20 years ago, the candians require 10 working days to issue a visa.
+07:25 < marcoz> wow, that' cutting it really closely
+07:25 < robclark> ouch..
+07:25 < whot> indeed
+07:26 < agd5f> might be shorter these days. still probably better safe than sorry
+07:26 < mupuf_> agreed!
+07:26 <+egbert> it may, but 20y ago things were less f*** up also
+07:27 < whot> right, let's move on though. EVoC - Brian confirmed Juliet has sent patches to the list, so we approved the first payment
+07:27 < whot> stukreit: has that gone out?
+07:27 < stukreit> not yet. Been meaning to.
+07:28 < stukreit> should I subtract out the ~$10 test amount?
+07:28 < whot> might as well
+07:28 < whot> that way we don't have to think of it anymore :)
+07:28 < stukreit> k. I have to convert $$ to cameroon francs
+07:29 < whot> doesn't the bank do that?
+07:29 < stukreit> At a very favorable rate!
+07:29 < whot> well, how else are you transferring it?
+07:30 < stukreit> i'm dis-remembering a detail: if I send in the local currency, the fee is lower. (I'll just log in now and figure this out. again.)
+07:31 < whot> ah, ok. then go for what costs us less :)
+07:32 <+alanc>
+07:32 < whot> ok, last item on the agenda is expo. robclark?
+07:32 < robclark> no news on expo since last time, everything migrated and seems to be working.. just need to sort out sendmail w/ keithp I guess..
+07:33 < robclark> I guess we could try the import/export exercise again now that wiki is migrated.. might not hurt..
+07:35 < whot> we should really finish that up. the migration is needed because we expect expo to die soon - and that was several moons ago
+07:35 < stukreit> $500US= 294851.90 caf
+07:36 < whot> keithp: can you and robclark sort out the sendmail setup please?
+07:37 < robclark> whot, yeah, I think we are pretty close, maybe we should take regular members and wiki snapshots (since I'll anyways have to re-load latest when we switch over)..
+07:37 < robclark> I probably should have talked to keithp about what needs to be done when I saw him at LPC..
+07:38 < keithp> yeah, we can sort it out
+07:38 < keithp> it seemed 'all done', but there are pieces not connected
+07:38 < whot> thanks. fwiw, I'll be sporadically online only from now until xdc
+07:38 < whot> urgh, grammar fail, but you get the point
+07:38 < robclark> heheh
+07:39 < stukreit> Ok, the payment to Juliet has been invoked.
+07:39 < whot> stukreit: thanks
+07:40 < whot> alrighty, anything else?
+07:41 < stukreit> The fee is $35. Shoulda used bitcoin
+07:41 < whot> ouch
+07:42 < whot> alrighty, guess I'll call this meeting closed then. thanks for attending. next meeting will be at XDC
+07:42 < stukreit> and bofa gave an exchange rate of $1.00 = 553 xaf vs googled amount of $1.00= 589.7.
+07:43 < stukreit> Hooray Banking!
+07:45 < mupuf_> thanks, see you soon!
+07:46 < robclark> cyall in a couple weeks
+07:47 < keithp> ta