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+Date is 2015-08-21, times are UTC+10.
+[[!format txt """
+--- Day changed Fri Aug 21 2015
+06:57 < stukreit> (I will be delayed 10+ minutes)
+06:59 < whot_> stukreit: np, thanks
+06:59 -!- You're now known as whot
+07:00 -!- mupuf-jolla [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:01 < mupuf-jolla> Hey gentlemen!
+07:01 < whot> i think there will be only 4 of us today. dan and rob are at lpc, I think keith is too. and egbert is sick
+07:02 < mupuf-jolla> oh wow
+07:03 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:03 < marcoz> hi
+07:04 * whot waves at marcoz
+07:05 < whot> agd5f: ping
+07:05 < mupuf-jolla> agd5f, ping?
+07:05 < agd5f> hi
+07:06 < whot> keithp: ping?
+07:06 < mupuf-jolla> good synchro!
+07:06 < whot> ok, as I said, not a lot of us today anyway, but there isn't a lot to do
+07:07 < whot> agenda: xdc coffee, evoc
+07:08 < whot> Tom sent through the costs, I think the brekkie package is fine, but we don't need to order that many
+07:08 < whot> mupuf-jolla: do you remember what you planned for last year?
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> I think we said around $15/person for 3 days
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> I used waaayyyy less in the end
+07:10 < stukreit> I need an email for Tom to get estimates, deposits, and contacts for paying deposits.
+07:11 < whot> mupuf-jolla: but you got it from the bakery, right? tom's is provided by the college
+07:11 < whot> stukreit: see pm
+07:11 < mupuf-jolla> Bakery for the fancy stuff, the rest was from the supermarket
+07:12 < mupuf-jolla> And i had to prepare everything myself. Arrive early to start the coffee, etc...
+07:12 < whot> right, we need to ask Tom if seneca permits that. in portland we had to purchase from the hotel, bringing outside food in was not allowed :)
+07:13 < mupuf-jolla> we still had donuts from voodoo donuts
+07:13 < whot> yeah, on the first day, that's what triggered the hotel's complaints
+07:13 < whot> iirc anyway
+07:14 < whot> anyway, are we happy to give tom some budget for tea/coffee/bikkies. happy to have him sort it out
+07:14 < mupuf-jolla> oops
+07:14 < whot> don't think we need to allocate one per person, something like 2/3 of attendees will be well enough
+07:14 < agd5f> we can confirm with Tom, but I'd imaging you have to use the on site catering
+07:14 < whot> as long as the coffee doesn't run out :)
+07:16 < whot> given that this is money, everyone happy with punting this back to tom? with his estimate of 892CAD as a max?
+07:17 -!- dumbbell- [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:17 < mupuf_> that's a lot of money for 40 people
+07:17 < whot> let's vote on: coffee/breakfast supply for XDC, quoted at 892 CAD for 70 ppl for 3 days.
+07:17 -!- dumbbell [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
+07:17 < agd5f> +1
+07:17 < whot> +1 from me
+07:17 < stukreit> Can you vote with only 4 participants?
+07:18 < mupuf_> oh, if it is for 70, then it is quite good!
+07:18 < mupuf_> +1
+07:18 < whot> stukreit: yes, in case of a 4:4 result, the secretary can decide. so I'll use my superpowers here and vote for it (if the other 3 vote +1) and then hope that everone is fine with it. otherwise I'll have to pick up the bill
+07:19 < mupuf_> AHAH
+07:21 < whot> marcoz: ^^
+07:21 < whot> oh, I forgot: water dispensers are quoted for 54CAD for 3 days, that needs to go on the list too
+07:22 * whot is not sure if withholding water or coffee is more dangerous :)
+07:22 -!- mupuf-jolla [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
+07:23 < whot> ok, while marcoz is contemplating, let's move on to the next item. stukreit, any update on the EVoC payment to juliet?
+07:23 < stukreit> yes.
+07:23 < stukreit> the "payon" (i forgot the name just now) approach is not doable, it is not supported in the US
+07:24 < stukreit> I have been going back and forth with her attempting to setup electronic payment from our corp account. I have some email from her today with more info.
+07:24 < stukreit> I will send her a test amount through the corp account.
+07:25 < stukreit> This business of indirect payment bothers me. I have drafted a short note that I would like to send to the board and have everyone return with an "aye".
+07:25 < whot> yeah, sounds like something all 8 of us should ack
+07:25 < stukreit> basically standing behind me, saying that the board agrees to have me pay her through her guardian's accouint
+07:25 < stukreit> yes
+07:26 < whot> not happy with how this turned out, we need to sort these things out before we ack the next proposal
+07:26 < stukreit> also, I really want this to be a 1-time thing and be sure we vet all future evoc's carefully. Ideally they should have an online presence we can review
+07:26 < whot> should schedule time at XDC to list all the things that have gone wrong with evoc to redraft the guidelines
+07:27 < stukreit> oh, I see she's on facebook
+07:27 < whot> yeah, that doesn't help much, esp for ppl who don't have facebook (i.e. me :)
+07:28 < stukreit> And I see she graduated in 2013.
+07:28 < mupuf_> maybe she is doing another uni now?
+07:28 < stukreit> Isn't she supposed to be a currently enrolled student?
+07:29 < whot> stukreit: no, not for evoc, specifically says so on the wiki page
+07:30 < whot> oh, wait. says non-students won't be paid
+07:30 < mupuf_> Applicants can show proof of university attendence, either immediately preceeding session, or immediately following session.
+07:30 < stukreit> The school is "GBHS B'da"
+07:31 < stukreit> I'll send a screen shot.
+07:32 < stukreit> says "class of 2000" "left in 2013" hmnn
+07:32 < whot> weird
+07:32 < mupuf_> right
+07:35 < mupuf_> instead of speculating
+07:35 < mupuf_> we can just ask her to proving the necessary documents
+07:35 < mupuf_> should be pretty easy
+07:38 < whot> what's her schedule anyway? when was she supposed to start?
+07:38 < stukreit> behind schedule
+07:39 < whot> has she started yet?
+07:39 < stukreit> who's the mentor?
+07:40 < whot> brian, I think?
+07:41 < whot> so, is there anything we can/should do today about this? if not, we can move it onto the email list
+07:42 < stukreit> still trying to send a test sum and get a response, also the letter. otherwise, I'm done talking.
+07:44 < whot> ok, I'll contact brian and ask him if juliet has started with the work already. if she has, that's a much better reason to pay her anyway through her preferred means
+07:45 < whot> mupuf_: any word from the gsoc students re travel?
+07:46 < mupuf_> whot: let me check again my inbox, but no
+07:46 < mupuf_> that;s actually worrying
+07:46 < mupuf_> no, nothing
+07:47 < mupuf_> weird, and I did not even talk about that with my student
+07:47 < whot> did you contact all of them? can't remember if I saw this float past on the list
+07:47 < mupuf_> GSoC is finish up this week
+07:48 < mupuf_> finishing*
+07:48 < mupuf_> personnally
+07:48 < mupuf_> I spent a lot of time collecting emails
+07:48 < mupuf_> I need to contact them again for them to send me the blog post
+07:48 < mupuf_> their final blog post
+07:49 < mupuf_> I will need to make a big blog post for google
+07:50 < whot> no, I mean did you contact them regarding travel sponsorship?
+07:50 < mupuf_> yes
+07:50 < mupuf_> I was just saying that I need to recontact them again
+07:50 < mupuf_> so I will ask again
+07:50 < mupuf_> because I did not hear from them
+07:51 < whot> ah, ok.
+07:51 < whot> ok, in that case I ran out of agenda items, still waiting for marcoz to +1 the coffee though :)
+07:51 < stukreit> the man wants his coffee ;-)
+07:51 < mupuf_> we did not send any public OK to chanler nor samuel
+07:52 < mupuf_> What are we waiting for?
+07:53 < stukreit> got to go, bye!
+07:53 < agd5f> I gotta run and get my daughter
+07:53 < agd5f> bye!
+07:53 < whot> mupuf_: huh, I sent this last week
+07:54 < mupuf_> whot: ok, very good then!
+07:55 < whot> and it came in through the board list again, so it did get through
+07:55 < whot> oh, and Chandler is piggy-backing onto the redhat team, so no costs there after all
+07:57 < mupuf_> very good!
+07:57 < mupuf_> good day/night guys!
+07:58 < whot> alrighty, have a good week, talk to you all again in 2