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+Date is 2015-01-09, times are UTC+10.
+[[!format txt """
+--- Day changed Fri Jan 09 2015
+07:59 <+egbert> happy new year to all!
+07:59 < whot> good morning everyone and happy new year
+07:59 < agd5f> hi
+07:59 < stukreit> happy new year!
+07:59 <+alanc> good afternoon
+08:00 < marcoz> Happy New Year!
+08:00 < whot> judging by comments in another channel, keithp is travelling atm
+08:00 < marcoz> whot: is it really warm there lately?
+08:01 < whot> yes, but if you're referring to the bushfires, they're about 2000km away :)
+08:02 < marcoz> thought I read in the news last week it was like 45C down there.
+08:02 < marcoz> like ~110 Fahrenheit
+08:02 -!- marcoz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
+08:03 < whot> so, agenda today is OPW, SPI, XDC and election (no TLA for that, but I'm sure we can find one)
+08:04 <+alanc> XBE? Xorg Board Elections?
+08:04 < whot> there we go, nice one :)
+08:05 < whot> OPW is just a status report, progress is going well, the usual light delays, etc. from what Christian sent me I don't see any red flags yet. I'll fwd that email to the board
+08:07 < whot> main delay seems to be his fdo account request and the patches queueing up. he can't push to xcb yet and the list is a tad too quiet
+08:07 <+alanc> yeah, would be good to get his account made
+08:07 < whot> so if anyone has account creation rights:
+08:08 <+egbert> why is this so hard to get an fd.o account? just unfortunate timing around christmas/new years?
+08:08 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
+08:08 -!- marcoz [] has quit []
+08:08 <+alanc> unfortunate lack of admins to make them
+08:09 <+alanc> the backlog is not just the holidays, but years long
+08:09 < whot> egbert: not enough people processing them. we talked about this over crepes in Bordeaux and I think mupuf_ volunteered as admin
+08:09 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
+08:09 <+egbert> this was something i asked in Bordeaux - if there is anything xorg can do to improve the situyation.
+08:09 < whot> and I vaguely recall him saying he has the permissions now but I'm not sure
+08:09 < marcoz> .
+08:09 <+egbert> ok. so let's see if this will improve.
+08:10 < marcoz> .
+08:11 <+alanc> having connection problems marcoz ?
+08:12 < marcoz> yea, sorry for the lil spam there
+08:14 < whot> ok, just got an SPI email. egbert, want to talk election while I red through it?
+08:15 <+egbert> there is nothing new. sorry, but i took the time off over christmas and new years. i just had to.
+08:15 < whot> egbert: ok no worries
+08:16 <+egbert> i will work on this until next meeting.
+08:16 < whot> thanks
+08:16 < whot> ok, back to SPI:
+08:16 < whot> we've been formally invited to join SPI
+08:16 < whot> jcristau posted the irc log, I just got the email from Martin
+08:17 < stukreit> Great News
+08:17 < whot> which means we have 90 days to get the election done. that makes it what, 9th of April or so?
+08:19 <+alanc> or 8th of April on this side of the date line
+08:19 <+alanc> but yes, that seems to be it
+08:19 <+egbert> ok.
+08:19 < stukreit> I'll be so happy to close out the checking account
+08:19 < whot> stukreit: I'm sure you're great friends with the teller already :)
+08:20 < stukreit> It's a different person every time I go in.
+08:21 <+alanc> calls out an 8 week schedule for an election cycle, so we only have a couple weeks extra to make that date
+08:22 < whot> right. egbert, if you need any help with the election bits, let me know. better timezone coverage this way :)
+08:22 <+egbert> sure
+08:22 <+egbert> thanks!
+08:23 < whot> ok, last point is XDC 2015: I forwarded Tom's answers to our questions. We didn't have any extra for Rob (Boston), if anyone has any now let me know
+08:24 < whot> otherwise, we should schedule a vote for which one we're picking. better to give appropriate heads-up
+08:27 < whot> so how about next meeting?
+08:27 <+egbert> yeah, sounds reasonable.
+08:28 <+alanc> sure
+08:28 < marcoz> yea
+08:29 < whot> alright, that's it from my side. anyone has anything else?
+08:29 <+egbert> not for today.
+08:29 < agd5f> nothing here
+08:29 <+alanc> I don't
+08:29 <+egbert> stukreit, marcoz?
+08:30 < marcoz> nope
+08:30 < stukreit> nope nope
+08:30 <+egbert> ok, good night :)
+08:30 < whot> alright, in that case: thanks for attending, meet again in two weeks