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+### Ongoing Election
+[[Board of Directors Election 2015 and Approval of the new By Laws|/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2015/]]
+### Procedure
The [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] holds annual elections for its [[Board of Directors|/BoardOfDirectors]]. The full set of election rules is laid out in the [[Bylaws|]]. What follows is a brief unofficial summary.
Normally half of the board, 4 of the 8 members, are up for election each year for a two year term. If additional vacancies are present in the board, additional members will be elected to fill the remaining portion of vacated terms.
@@ -24,3 +29,14 @@ Thus, refusing to rank someone denies them any points at all. Of course each ra
Candidates with the highest point total are elected to the board until all available seats for two-year terms are taken. If any remaining seats are open to fill vacancies, the next highest scoring candidates are elected to those until they are all filled.
There is a limit of no more than two directors affiliated with the same company or institution. Once two seats are filled with affiliates of a given entity, all further candidates from that entity are skipped over in the ranked results list.
+### Recent Elections
+[[BoD Election 2010|/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2010/]]
+[[BoD Election 2011|/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2011/]]
+[[Bod Election 2012|/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2012/]]
+[[BoD Election 2013|/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2013/]]
+[[BoD Election 2014|/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2014/]]