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+**2012 X.Org Developers Conference (XDC 2012) **
+**19-21 September 2012** **N├╝rnberg (Nuremberg), Germany**
+**Call for Proposals - supplemental **
+On Aug 4, 2012, X.Org released a Call for Proposals (CFP) for the X.Org
+Developers Conference 2012 (XDC2012). This CFP is meant to be
+complementary to the original XDC2012 announcement made on Mar 29[1].
+The original announcement references the submission process for informal
+talks and presentations in which the submitter/presenter signs up for a
+slot on the X.Org wiki page[2]
+The CFP is for more formal proposals and presentations such as academic
+or commercial research, or where the submitter is interested in the
+formal review and publication aspect. Papers submitted via the formal
+CFP have the option to be published (online) by the X.Org Foundation.
+Proposals that have already been submitted do not need to be
+resubmitted. Their place on the event calendar is not affected by the
+CFP nor by any proposals received therefrom.
+The CFP deadline only applies to proposals submitted via the CFP
+process. Informal talks and presentations will still be accepted after
+the CFP deadline until the Friday before the conference, Sept. 14.
+For more information, please contact:
+board at
+eich at