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The talk will cover the Android graphics stack and describe the issues faced while getting Freedreno to work with kitkat-x86 on an IFC6410, ranging from platform specific problems to the design decisions made.
Presenter: Varad Gautam
+### libratbag - a generic library to support configurable mice
+We have been working on a generic library to provide an unified way to configure programmable mice. This API is vendor independent and provides a central point to describe the capabilities of a mouse. This way, we can support programmable mice in Gnome, KDE or any other desktop environment without having to introduce a vendor specific API for each mouse in the desktop environments.
+During this talk, we will give an overview of the features and capabilities of libratbag. Hopefully, there will be a demo of its current state.
+Presenters: Peter Hutterer & Benjamin Tissoires
+### How to debug a broken input device?
+Input devices have evolved quite a lot since the one keyboard and one single button mouse per computer. We now have several buttons on the mice, touchpads, touchpads that can report actual touch events, touchscreens, etc...
+Usually, hardware makers tend to complicate our task of supporting their device in very creative ways. This generally leads to users complaining that their device is broken, or that the behavior is not the expected one.
+In this talk, I will try to explain the various tools that the community has developped to be more efficient at spotting the problems. Tools like evemu, evtest, hid-replay or ps2emu will be presented and we will try to show real examples of their use.
+Presenter: Benjamin Tissoires