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+This page briefly documents the issues holding up the 7.2 release.
+# 7.2.0 issues
+* Do a last pass over to the docs to see if they're okay.
+# Proable 7.2.1 issues
+### Server 1.2.1
+* TFP issues: bug #8991 holds a patch required for TFP to work. [[DanielStone|DanielStone]] needs to defer to others on this one, so it's not getting in if someone else doesn't merge it. [[MichelDaenzer|MichelDaenzer]] thinks this or another fix for the TFP regression should go in, unless someone can suggest a reasonable workaround for TFP users.
+* Not exactly specific to 7.2, but a long standing dlloader issue that would be nice to take care of for 7.2: dlloader handles unresolved functions very ungracefully; the X server just aborts on an attempt to call an unresolved function, the symptoms are generally described as a 'freeze'. Handling SIGABRT or whichever signal is involved in that situation might go a long way to deal with this.
+### Other
+* i965 is a non-starter: kem is looking into this. \ No newline at end of file