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+# X.Org Foundation(XOF) Testing WorkGroup
+## Purpose
+The Testing Group's purpose is to maintain and extend the test suites associated with the X Window System technology and to develop and maintain an infrastructure for regression testing releases. The following goals have been established for the Testing Group:
+* Support and Maintain the existing X Test Suite
+* Extend the existing X Test Suite to cover additional interfaces which have become X.Org standards
+* Support the XOF Release process, and the XOF Release Manager by providing test suites, scripts and tool that can be used for regression and verification testing of each new release
+* Provide input on the testability of new features during the design and development process of those features
+* define and maintain procedures for testing portions of the product not covered by the X Test Suite.
+## Organization
+The Test Group will communicate primarily via IRC and email. Occasional conference calls may be held as needed. IRC meetings shall default to being held weekly at a time that is suitable to the majority of the active participants of the group.
+* IRC on #xorg-test on [[FreeNode|]] with channel logging archive available via the web.
+* email list [[|]] ([[|]])
+* CVS is at [[|]]
+Participation is open to everyone. Membership in X.Org is not required, but is encouraged.
+## Deliverables
+We need to take a look at the exisiting APIs to create a list of tests which are missing (results documented here). Examples include the RENDER extension, RandR, DAMAGE and COMPOSITE.
+Unless there is good reason, new tests shall be in the [[TET|]] framework to facilitate integration into the existing test suite. An additional task to investigate is to provide additional documentation that helps people to understand the TET framework more easily.
+Other frameworks could also be investigated, but we should be cautious to not get bogged down in endless religious debate over testing frameworks.
+## Policies
+* [[TestGroup/CodeManagement|TestGroup/CodeManagement]]
+* [[TestGroup/HowTo|TestGroup/HowTo]]
+## Build the X Test Suite
+Building the X Test Suite requires a few steps, but none of them are terribly difficult. Instructions can be found at [[BuildingXtest|BuildingXtest]].
+Prebuilt tests can be found [[|]]
+## CurrentWork
+* [[TestGroup/EviExt|TestGroup/EviExt]] - 3 interfaces
+* [[TestGroup/DpmsExt|TestGroup/DpmsExt]] - 9 interfaces
+* Xau
+* Xmu(u)
+* Xdbe
+* XShm
+* XSync
+* XShape
+* XMITMisc
+* XSecurity
+* Xcomposite
+* Xcursor
+* Xdamage
+* Xevie
+* Xft
+* Xi
+* Xinerama
+* Xpm
+* Xrender
+* Xss
+* Xv \ No newline at end of file